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[size20 [Sirin+Stencil In the year 5025 there is a fine line between survival and barely scraping it, on a planet that was once souly roamed by humans, earth. Earth has become one of the largest and fast growning planets due to the take off of technology. It wasnt long before others out side of the solar system along with creations so to speak began to inhabit the planet as well. When technology grows so does the idea of pushing boundaries. In prior years there was no restraints on what someone could and could not do. This lead to the first great crisis that began the first up rising between what was humane and what was scientific. The world split in two causing a third party to be born, Royals. Royals were a mix of creatures, Ailens, and Humans who wished to clam the storm. It took ten years and countless deaths in order for the fight to cease. Earth had began its peaceful phase once more but only on the surface, it wasnt long before another split began to rise. It was then when the Royals decided and appointed a hierarchy. Nothing was to be done unless approved upon first by them. This was the only way earth would keep its peace and fights would cease to exist. So the Royals spread across the earth each taking a section to rule.. but there were those who despised this hierarchy and plotted to destroy it at any cost. The very same people who enjoyed the chaos and destruction and wanted to see the world burn. ]]


Basic gist is

Idea I have has to do with the royals rp I have yet to finish fish out but basically takes place in the distance future. Where humans are no longer the sole inhabitants of earth instead there are all sorts including what some would call the xbreed. The xbreed is a fraction of humans that are no longer what one would call human. This is due to illegal experimentations that were done mostly against there will or even volunteered for. They consist of mostly genetically inhance and modified genes and screwed up experiments. This causes an uprising and the need for an hierarchy called the royals. The royals are made up of two of each race- humans, xbreeds, supernatural creatures, aliens and so on. An are scattered across earths plains of course they’re considering royal in the sense they are law of their region and what they say goes in order to keep peace. Tho there is someone out there trying to off the royals to bring back the war.

And that’s all I got for it XD mostly want some sort of killings to start happen cause royals to hide their heirs to the throne’s / cause them to go into hiding or even maybe try to find the people responsible for the killing and kill them public to bring peace again and send a message that evil won’t get what it wants idk theirs a lot I want for this plot XD just not sure how to word it properly.

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Alena eyed the girl as she sniffed at her, she thought she could guess her race based on that action. She reminded her of what she'd heard about the crusniks. It seemed she wasn't the only heir there after all. Alena wondered if she shouldn't have invested in a sort of perfume to cover up her elf scent, based on the way this girl was sniffing at her.

She eyed her for a moment, watching as she circled her. She took a breath, deciding to take a chance that this girl wasn't a threat to her and that the two of them could work together. [#1E90FF "I'm looking to find someone. I have to get out of here in order to do that."] she answered. Of course, she meant that she wanted to find Odium. Finding and destroying them meant saving her people and gaining her freedom back, as well as proving herself to her father. [#1E90FF "My name is Alena. And what's your's?"] she asked as she looked her up and down. She could sense strength coming from her. If she was another heir like Alena believed she was, she thought, she would make a good ally.

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Anders raised an eyebrow to Draven as he just came out and asked him what his goal was. The smoke demon shrugged, [#B22222 "Of course it's not just about money. I'm a demon and I enjoy chaos. Also, the Royals are a pain in any demon's side."] He always answered to power, rather than to bloodline and demons weren't generally trusted among most other races, either.

He sipped his glass of water with a shrug, [#B22222 "Now what's your reason for going after the heirs and working with Odium?"] he asked as he looked over at the notebook Draven placed on the table between them. [#B22222 "We'll have to look into the other places as well if Raula turns into a dead end. As for the old world map, I have a few guesses on who might have it if you wanna break into magically warded dungeons and risk pissing off some secluded race."] he said as he stretched his arms over his head. He'd managed to break into a dark elf fortress, dwarf mountains, and even found some old magical ruins to raid.
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[Bentham Lexy was taken back by the stranger but forgave them since she handed her sweet rolls. The gnawer nodded and explained there was a city though it was to the south it was a very far boat ride at least a three day trip. Lexy sighed a bit before looking over that the stranger observing her. She smelled familiar... Lexy's nose and other senses happened to be a like that of an animal very enhanced. Her brother, Deadty though his senses where on a another level since he was half werewolf. So hide and seek when they were younger wasn't really all that fair to either party since both could find each other without a problem. Though her nose happened to be a problem only when it came to strong smells. So she usually was cautions when it came to when to cover her nose or not. Though the stranger had a similar smell to the earth and trees.

Where did she smell this before.. elfs... Lexy looked the female up and down before moving closer sniffing her. Yup elf, a nature elf. Lexy thought back to what the twins said all royals heirs where sent heirs here.

[#ED2C63 "You too huh..."] Lexy glanced over the girl. [#ED2C63 "Why are you looking for another village..."] Lexy raised an eyebrow. Maybe there were others who were forced out just like her. It kinda pleased her to see others angry at the situation. Lexy's eyes drifted to a carriage passing by. The trip for Lexy alone if she flew would take 28 hours at most. Depending on weather and the sea conditions.

Lexy popped one of the sweet rolls into her mouth before circling the girl. [#ED2C63 "What's your name.."]

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Draven found himself yanked from his thoughts by the sound of a vaguely familiar voice. Smoke boy was back and not late which was a plus. Draven watched as the waitress took both their orders and left before looking at the red male. [#v102b5 "Look what the cat dragged in."] He looked at his note book.

[#v102b5 "Well I assume you got on the train heading this way because you too thought of Raula."] Draven stated though he really didn't expect to become buddy buddy with a mercenary. Though Draven thought of seven possible places there was the idea of the old world vs the new world. City's and civilizations which went completely missing without a trace. Draven sighed before sipping some water before looking the male over.

[#v102b5 "What's the goal for you.. Why Help Odium? if its just money then you could get offered a better deal and switch sides.. So there has to be another reason for you unless you do just bind follow the money where it takes you."] Draven paused as the waitress came back placing their plates on the table before leaving again. Draven picked up his fork before continuing.

[#v102b5 "Well I guess we should get along for the time being. Up until the jobs done... "] Draven took a bite of his food. [#v102b5 "Well for starters there's seven possible locations on the map and this is only the new world map not the lost old world one where said heirs can be hiding. You know of Raula there's also Dormere, Oldlea, Havenmoor, Falldale, Esterwoods and Morwick. As for the old map no one alive knows it or its whereabouts."]
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Alena watched the city, or what she could see of the city from her post while she thought things over. She had to come up with a plan on how she could escape this place and find Odium.

She stood on the wall, overlooking the city in search of any means of leaving the city. Or even a place where she could possibly find a map before she spotted a stock of white hair heading her way and frowned, realizing suddenly just who was sent as her caretaker for her hiding. Her former teacher. She sighed, of course, they would send one of the few people she couldn't outsmart or overpower as easily. She watched as the elder elvan woman searched before jumping down from the wall and dropping down on the concrete and darting into the scattered buildings.

She heard her shout behind her, obviously having spotted her, [b "Alena! why must you be so difficult!"] she demanded.

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Chasianna chased Alena through the empty alleyways until Alena managed to find a shop on a busy street she could duck into. she pressed her back against the wall until she saw Chasianna pass by without noticing her.

Once she was sure she was safe, she finally took note of what store she'd entered. It was a bakery, the smell of fresh breads and cakes made her stomach rumble in protest. Pulling her hood up over her long braided hair, she walked up to the counter and smiled charmingly to the boy behind the stand. She pointed to a sweet roll and held out a gold coin. The boy blushed but quickly understood her meaning and made the trade.

The boy ended up giving her more than she'd needed for the gold coin she'd given him, refusing to be overpaid so she ended up walking out of the shop with a bag full of sweet rolls.

She glanced around curiously until she spotted two girls speaking amongst themselves. But she knew the language they were speaking at least and couldn't help but eavesdrop. After a moment, she approached them. [#1E90FF "Excuse me, but did you say there was a place more known, near here?"] she asked, offering them some of the extra bread she'd accidentally acquired. She looked from one girl with brown hair and interesting eyes to the gnawer.

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Anders dosed off on the train for a while until he was woken up by the train jolting to a stop suddenly, almost tossing him from his seat. He frowned as he listened to the commotion about something blocking the tracks. With a sigh, he moved to investigate what was in the way.

Once realizing what it was and that this could take some time, he decided to explore the train more. Technically he wasn't even supposed to be on board since he sort of just hitched a ride so he avoided anyone who might be suspicious of him for the most part. He found some sleeper cars that weren't necessary as he'd just snapped, a bar car that he'd definitely have to explore later and ended up in the dining car, or one of. He stopped when he found food and spotted the raven who he'd been paired up with sitting in the dining cart.

Anders grinned to himself as he walked over to Draven and took a seat across from him, crossing his arms over his chest, [#B22222 "What have you got on our targets?"] he asked curiously as he ordered food when a waitress walked up to them. Once she was gone he glanced out the window curiously.

He supposed that he could fly on a smoke cloud on to Raula but then again, he could send smoke doubles there and search for him if he needed. He yawned as he thought it over and looked back to Draven.
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[Bentham Lexy sighed as she walked the streets of the unknown town pretty much in hopes anyone she walked by and ran across spoke any langues she knew. Even still nothing other then what seemed to be other royals among the crowds with their attendants or butlers who tagged along. Which would be no help to Lexy who was sure as hell getting out of there and finding odium. Lexy paused as her stomach gave a gentle growl. Well one thing was certain hunger had snuck up on Lexy possibly due to all the excitement earlier she hadn't realized it how much time had passed since she last ate.

[#ED2C63 "Stupid needs.."] Lexy slightly rolled her eyes. Why of course the moment she left the room and ran off she would get hungry and no one here spoke any language she knew.
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[Nova+Script "Hungry?"] Lexy turned at the sound of the voice which happened to belong to a small mouse child.

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/lopcHGQ.jpg]]
[#ED2C63 "You can understand me?"]

[Nova+Script "Yes.."] She paused and smiled lightly. [Nova+Script "You see we gnawer's know all the languages. Since we happened to spreed through out the world in many different environments."]

[#ED2C63 "That makes sense do you know where we are?"]

[Nova+Script "Not really I've lived only here my whole life never left the place but I heard south of here on a long boat right is one of the more known villages."]

[#ED2C63 "More known village would there possibly be more known languages?"]

[Nova+Script "Probably? I don't know but it would make sense."]

After the talk with the Gnawer who had helped Lexy get some food, Lexy had a new direction to go one that would help with finding her barrings. Find away out and back to her brother.. no to the Odium in order to bring them down. Lexy had to figure out her next move a ride out of the village and to the nearest port to hop on a ship. Lexy glanced around as she watched a few locals were closing up shops and loading carriages. This gave Lexy a good idea.

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/yjL55hn.jpg]
Draven had fallen asleep only to wake up to the sound of the train stopping and communication taking place. Apparently some one or something had blocked the tracks.

[#v102b5 "Just great..."] Now Draven really didn't want to fly all the way to Raula that was too much of a pain. He rather save his energy and use it toward his hunt and finding out clues. Though the idea of something blocking the tracks was interesting. In fact he was so interested he found himself leaving his cabin and going up to the first cabins before the conductors dwelling. Peeking his head out Draven sighed heavily at the sight of course it had to be a small group of [https://i.imgur.com/Womp25K.jpg kotuka's] on the trails asleep.

[#v102b5 "Of course..."] Kotuka's were known mostly on in this part of the vast lands for napping in places where they weren't supposed to be. Of course with Draven's luck they would be on the tracks of the train he boarded.

"Ok folks its going to be a while before he can move all the kotuka's off the tracks so make yourselves conformable we will be moving shortly."

[#v102b5 "Doubt that...."] Draven growled as he made his way to the food cart. It was stupid because he knew it would at least take two hours before they would be moving again. Draven found himself angry eating in the dinning cart. An hour had already passed and still no movement.

[#v102b5 "This is ridiculous..."] Draven sighed as he opened up his notes looking over the possible places the royals could be hiding.
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Alena looked around the city. Currently she was looking for any sign of the other heirs but of course, she couldn't be sure if she even came across one of them. She'd never met any of the others before. She also made sure to avoid anyone of elf decent or any elves who might be in this city, where ever it was.

When she was sure no one recognized her, she let her hood fall from her head. This city was huge and every time she attempted to speak to one of the people she passed, they couldn't understand her. Of course, she tested other languages she knew, it was required of most royals to practice the languages of other lands since they would be working along with them. She was careful not to speak her native language though, the last she wanted was to give away what she was, as of now her pointed ears were hidden under her hair so no one noticed her.

She sighed and eventually found a place alone in the city. It was a wall on the edge of the city just outside the forest. A river ran down the outside of it and there was ivy growing up the wall, it was at least a peaceful place to rest for a bit. She enjoyed high places so she climbed the wall and sat on the edge as she scanned the city. In order to earn her freedom and return to her home, she'd have to find Odium and get rid of them. They were bent against the Royals so she tried to think of where they might hide. Probably in the black markets and underworld and slums of cities. Only if she tried to walk into any of those places, she'd be spotted as an outsider right away. They knew their own.

[pic http://i.imgur.com/RMRL3kP.jpg?1]

Anders quickly found that there was nothing even close to what he was looking for in this city. He had hoped he'd gotten lucky but it didn't seem to be the case. With a curse under his breath, he summoned a cloud of smoke around his feet, carrying him into the sky. He needed a higher vantage point and a clear head.

Odium was in this city, the heirs hadn't been hidden here, he could tell that much already. No one stuck out like a sore thumb. That meant they were hidden somewhere else. He let his cloud of smoke carry him as his mind wondered over the possibilities. Eventually, he spotted a train beneath him, heading toward Raula.

He frowned a bit to himself as he thought. A lot of the races the heirs came from were used to mountains and forests, it would be obvious to send them to places like the ones they knew but anyone with sense could guess that. He let himself drop on top of the train before sneaking into a window. He reclined back into a seat, staring out the window as he thought. Not paying attention to his surroundings otherwise.

He'd spent time with ancient demons, learned from a lot of them in fact, he tried to think of obscure places he's heard mentioned before. There were the separate realms for various royals that were hard to enter but they were easy enough to find.

He knew there were cities guarded against demons, that forced demons to develop special items to protect themselves from the barrier. He still doubted that that place would be it either.
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[Bentham Lexy flew a bit over looking the town somewhat curious and well trying to figure out her way home. Even from her vantage point she couldn't tell where exactly this place was and if west was the right direction to go or east for that matter. Lexy sighed landing in the forest at the edge of the town as she watched as some locals walked about. She found it strange she knew not what they were speaking it was definitely some foreign language. One unknown even to her which meant Deadty lesson hadn't gotten to the region she was in yet or he deliberately left it out. Lexy lightly growled as her tail lightly hit the ground in frustration.

[#ED2C63 "Stupid brother..."] Lexy mumbled continuing her thoughts. Stupid organizations trying to ruin peace and her life. Stupid cats who kidnapped her and brought her here against her will. Stupid everything! Lexy's tail the the floor a bit hard this time breaking the surface. This caused a few of the locals to look her way to which Lexy quickly looked away as she began to walk off.

She wasn't really all that angry at the idea of her brother trying to protect her and the cats only did what they had to and what they we're told. But even still she hated being treated like a child. Like a pet or a precocious bird who needed to be consistently monitored and cared for. That more then anything made her angrier then anyone could. She was not some doll to be dressed up and placed on a shelf far from anything and everyone. She was a royal and a heir to the throne hell did that mean nothing in the eyes of their society!

Lexy sighed lightly and looked up at the sky. Well then she would show them! She wasn't some doll that needed to be treated like it was made from glass no! In fact she would get rid of this Odium problem herself. If it meant more respect and freedom to do what she want no more sneaking out she would do as she pleased including if she got rid of the problem the world called Odium. Though first she had to figure out where she was and how to find the problem.

Lexy hid her tail under her dress and her wings where no longer out but instead back inside of her. Lexy straighten her outfit and fix her clock over her face as she walked back into the towns square. Someone had to know one of the many languages she knew.

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/yjL55hn.jpg]

Draven watched as Anders just took off to search the very city they were in which in Draven's head was meaningless and pointless. If they were to hide the Heir's to the thrones it wouldn't be in a city that Odium knew everything about. Hell Odium ran this place yet This hired help didn't seem to know that which only made Anders all that more of a pain in his ass.

[#v102b5 "Idiots."] He scoffed walking off in the direction of the port. Draven was going to actually go and search an actual city they could be hiding while the idiot his boss hired did what ever. After all this Anders didn't seem all that bright to begin with. That of he had no common sense.

Draven after walking the port Glanced a a map of the world. [#v102b5 "If I were the Royals were would I hide my heirs?"] Slowly looking over the small towns and even the dense forest terrain Draven settles on seven possibilities that were close but not to far and far and well hidden. each place had advantages and others had not practicability. Draven then when over to the station and booked a ticket for the closest spot to his location Raula the city hidden in the mountains.

Draven sighed a bit at the idea of the idiot he left doing god knows what. Glancing at the teller against his better judgement he gave the teller a copy of his list and instructions for Anders. That was if he ever figured it out his search was a lost cause and wanted to actually help The teller would give him the list. After which Draven booked his train and boarded not long after.

[#v102b5 "off to the hunt."] He smiled lightly leaning back in his first class cabin as the train began to start up and take off. Next stop Raula. city in the mountains and first destination on his hunting trip.
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Alena slammed her hand down on the large table in her father's office. She'd busted in on a meeting between the King and Queen, nobles, and advisors of the elf realm. Her green eyes stared into her fathers, [#1E90FF "What is the meaning of this? Why do you intend to send me into hiding rather than allowing me to fight? Instead of fighting back against these murderous bandits! They're a small group, they'll be simple enough to dispatch!"] she demanded.

Her father raised his hand to silence her, [i "That is enough Alena, all royals have ordered to send their heirs into hiding, as the only heir for the elves, that includes you. You will hide and be safe. I will not have you recklessly risking your life for your pride."] he snapped.

Alena knew better than to argue with her father but she was convinced that this was a mistake, [#1E90FF "I don't care what the other royals have decided, I refuse to go into hiding like some coward! No one will dare harm the--"] she began but was cut off when she felt a prick in her side. One of the advisers near her had injected her with something, she glared up at him before her body slumped to the floor from the drug.

When she woke up, she quickly realized she was no longer in her forested country but in a large bustling city. Scowling she crawled out of the bed she'd been placed in and glanced around the room. It was nice enough but it wasn't her home. Luckily, whoever had been sent to keep track of her wasn't around, and they hadn't forgotten her sword. Alena snatched the weapon off of the table before bounding out the window. It was a good distance drop to the ground but she landed gracefully in a cat-like stance. She pulled the hood of her dress over her head and began walking through the street. The first thing she needed to do was find out just where she was and then find her way home.

[pic http://i.imgur.com/RMRL3kP.jpg?1]

Anders grinned as he leaned against the wall in the 'boss' office. He'd been sought out and commissioned for this hunting job. Hunting down the royals seemed like a pretty good gig to him. Anders was one of the ones who couldn't care less what the rest of the world was like as long as things were okay for him. The Royals could always be replaced or could create more heirs if they really wanted anyway.

He held a cigarette between his lips as he watched the raven boy walk into the room. His hands in his pockets he stifled a laugh. It was obvious that the kid didn't think highly of him, though he didn't really care all that much what he thought of him.

Once the two of them were sent out, Anders strolled out of the office and headed out with Dreven, [#B22222 "Let's get hunting. Given how confident any given royal is, chances are we'll find at least a few trying to make an escape from their captivity. That's the best time to grab them."] he said as he glanced around.

He turned to walk down an alley, glancing around as he did. He then jumped to the top of one of the buildings nearby and started taking off on a search of the city. He needed to be sure there wasn't any hiding under their nose, Opium was hidden from the world, so it was possible that the Royals would hide their children in obvious overcrowded areas. The city was an obvious jump to that.
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[Bentham Lexy woke in the middle of the night to commotion and panic among the staff. Not before long her usual twin maid and butler bursted into her room both holding suit cases and a change of clothing for her.

“Young mistress you must get up we have to go.” They said in the same panic tone.

[#ED2C63 “Go?”] Lexy sat up in confusion as she rubbed her eyes to adjust to the light pouring into her room front the hallway.

[b “Yes”] Shadow pulled the covers from her bed and tossed the change of clothing on the bed next to Lexy. Ghost only turned his back and he stood in the door away to obstruct the view of anyone running by in the halls. Lexy glanced at the clothing and then at shadow who insisted with a look to get dressed. Lexy nodded a bit before grabbing her clothes and changing out of her night gown. Once dressed Shadow grabbed her hand and lead her it with ghost following closely behind. Though Lexy couldn’t really see due to the giant hood she had on. Though hat she could see where the feet of those running through the halls maids and butlers the staff all in a panic it seemed.

[#ED2C63 “Where’s Deadty...”] Lexy bit her lip confused looking about trying to see the expressions on Shadow and Ghost faces.

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/iYUfkAw.jpg]]

[i “Your brother is fine, we need to get you out as directed by him.”] Ghost’s voice chimed in as he took her other hand and they speed up more. Before Lexy could say or do anything she found herself flying down the front stairs and out the front door with both Ghost and Shadow into a carriage. Lexy took a second to reorganize herself in the carriage throwing off her hood. Only for seconds later either Ghost or Shadow to toss it back on as the carriage pulled off suddenly jerking her backward into her seat with a light thud.

[#ED2C63 “What is going on!”] Lexy nearly roared frustrated and confused about the whole situation. She could hear both twins sigh as shadow began.

[b “There is a problem all heirs to the Royal thrones must be taken into hiding.”]

[i “There seems to be a group killing off heirs and Royals alike.”] Ghost finished.

[#ED2C63 “Why do I have to be hidden... I’m not weak, I’m not a little girl.”]

[b “Your brother has instructed so as has all Royals it’s not a choice.”]

[i “Only until they get rid of the problem then you may return to your brother and the manor but until then you have to go.”]

Lexy just stood in shock they were treating her as I’d she were five! She was top in combat how the hell could they treat her like this! Lexy began to growl to which both twins both glanced at each other and nodded. Before Lexy could do anything to well break out of this carriage and go back home like she planed Ghost pinned her as Shadow injected her with something.

[#ED2C63 “What the hel-“] Lexy mumbled as her vision became blurry and she could only her the sounds of what seemed like an apology followed by this is for your own good statement before everything went black.

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/625Fukm.jpg]]

Ghost sighed looking at his sister who nodded in relief. [b “At least it was before she broke anything...”] Ghost couldn’t disagree it was better early before it was to late. Deadty had made sure to give them the sedative just encase or more likely he knew she would try breaking out and go back home. After all Lexy produced the most ridiculous strength at times and this was much needed. Though the down side was once she woke up how pissed she be then but by then she couldn’t simply just fly home like she usually did. No by then she be well over the sea and country’s away to do anything so reckless without knowing the way.

Lexy came to few times and each time they tried to reason with her it hadn’t worked so they sedated her. By the last time Lexy had came too she found herself in a nice room. Lexy sat up feeling sick mostly probably due to all the traveling she had unground without really knowing it. Carriage to ship to air craft to carriage to boat. Though she had no clue. Lexy sat up and looked around the room it was of a decent size and reminded her of some of the rooms in her manor. Though she could tell by the scent in the air they were no longer in her home town let alone country. Lexy got up shaky at first but thankfully her tail was a good crutch to help her regain her posture and balance as she walked toward he large window.

Pulling the curtain slightly out of the way lexy was treated by a array of greens, pinks and yellows.

[#ED2C63 “Where....”] Was the only word that came to mind from the looks of it she was nowhere in the middle of a forest but then again in a small town. Houses looking like they blended into the background like nature over took them but if you looked close enough you can see distinguishing stones that told you other wise. Lexy had never seen anything like it before than again she had never been outside her own country. Deadty believe it was best to keep her close enough to watch and protect but now she was no longer with in that reach. Lexy bit her lip and look up at the sky.

[#ED2C63 “Stupid big brother...”] She mumbled walking away from the window and the view. Her tail slightly swayed back and forth annoyed and slightly sad at the whole situation. ’Stupid cats...’ She thought. Lexy sat back on the bed only to look up as the door open and there stood the twins. One white and one black but both smiled the same cat like smile.

[#ED2C63 “So is either of you going to tell me where here is?”] Lexy’s bone tail swayed back and forth as she glared at the two twins. Neither spoke or what seemed like and hour before looking at each other and then at lexy.

“We have no clue.” The purred innocently.

[#ED2C63 “What do you mean you dot know...”]

“Like we said no clue. Your brother instructed us to be blind folded for the last half of the trip after Lavita we had no clues to where we were headed.” Lexy clicked her tongue and shook her head before rolling her eyes.

[#ED2C63 “What do you two know.”] She sat there quite over the whole situation.

[b “Your not the only Royal heir here.”]

[i “Your also not the only one to be drugged to be bought here becasue they might fight back.”] Ghost chimed in.

Lexy sat there a bit pissy at this point. [#ED2C63 “So then are you two my keepers?”] Both Ghost and Shadow raised and eyebrow staring at each other before glancing back at lexy who was now no longer on the bed but instead already on her way out the window. Both quickly tried to scatter after her in a failed attempt to stop her. Lexy had already took to the sky and neither could stop her at this point. When both cats looked at each other Lexy sprinted to the window throwing it open and sprouting wings and taking off. She knew she had to be fast other wise the two cats would have caught her before she could make her escape.

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/yjL55hn.jpg]

Draven awoke to another annoying sound of a new broadcast. This was mostly becasue in the city he lived the streets where lined with giant tv screens. The city of electronics. Busy as a hive of bees and brighter then the sun in the dead of night. That was bright in the city but on the outskirts in the slums it was pitch black and well those who lived there were basically bottom feeders, lower than the ants that walked the earth.

Draven once lived there long along with his parents and after they both passed from the diseases that infected that area he ran off to join a cause. The cause promised a better future one where Royal’s deserved to eat dirt and death for how they treated them. A under ground organization called Odium. They promised to ruin the royals rampage and bring the world back to what it used to be. They spoke like Draven’s dead parents used to probably why he choose to join the organization.

Draven used to hear stories of the world back in the day and from what he remember it was great. His parents glorified the past and painted the worse picture of the Royal’s. This was probably due to the diseases that influence their minds and on top of their choices that landed them there in the slums. They cursed what ever they old taking no blame and blaming others their minds rooted and so did their out look on life and the people in charge. Draven on the other hand being raised by them and only heard their basis believe every ounce to be true and believed in Odium.

Draven yawned looking at eh giant screen across the street from his tiny apartment.

[P Breaking news all Royal’s heirs to their thrones have been put into a remote place and into hiding due to the recent three Royals being murder and the credit being taken by an organization called Odium. Odium claims they will wipe the earth of Royals to bring back the dark ages. Our sources don’t know why but they believe there are few darker and sadder souls out there who wish for war to break out again. This of course is only a small fraction of the society and is not the majority. In fact after the three murders people have raised up to call out the organization. They even formed retaliation groups in order to protect the remaining Royals and their heirs. The people do not want to go back to the dark ages but this Odium wants the down fall of all societies. Odium is the evil that needs to be stoped before earth falls and is destroyed and we as many species will die out.]

[#v102b5 “Horse shit. The media is all lies! we’re trying to free you guys and set the world right agin!”] Draven shut his blinds angrily. [#v102b5 “The world has become stupid and follows the lead of anything the Royals say even to their death. Only the smart will survive and those idiots out there will either die for their stupidity or get smart and join us.”] He growled grabbing his coat though now the problem was the heirs were hidden and out of reach. Which meant the Royals will survive unless they could flush them out.

Draven made his way down the familiar alley ways and before coming to a stop in-front of a red door. Knocking on it the door it cracked open slightly as a set of eyes peered out looking him over before opening the door to him.

[b “Welcome back Draven. Boss has been asking for you something about a hunting trip with some hired hand.”] The small hunched over man spoke.

[#v102b5 “A hunting trip...”] Draven raised an eye brow as he walked down the hall way of doors. Stoping a the end door he knocked once and announced his name before the door opened to show the boss and a red headed fellow with a look that Draven did not like. Looking the guy over he seemed to be trouble but then again most of the sort that joined the Odium where. Though the boss only claimed they were there for the extra hands and once they took back the world they would not longer be needed. So along with the rotten they would go and the world will be cleansed.

[#v102b5 “What’s this about a hunting trip?”] Draven question as his eyes slowly left the red head and now focused on the boss.

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/VuiAcfK.jpg]]

The boss was a relic from the old world and wars. His face read like a book to the pained past and the battles he won at prices. His eyes no longer had the light one would see in young children no but he did seem to have hope even if it didn’t show through his eyes. He hoped they would win and things would go back to the old days as he put it. Though the boss had lived longer then Draven he also had a face that seem like he could be his younger brother. It was quite off putting actually. The boss on the other hand hated when other tried to referee to him as younger male including when they first met him. At times if he were in a bad mood he might just kill you on spot for referring to him as young blood.

Draven had made the mistake but was thankful he wasn’t to much in a bad mood other wise he just might have clipped his wings. And though it seemed like he was a terrible person they way he spoke of the old days reminded Draven of his parents and how they talked. This was probably why Draven was easily caught in his web of lies.

[b “Yes a hunting trip to hunt for the heirs that have been hidden. You and my newly made friend here Anders will be doing the hunting. While the rest of us get ready for another attack.”]

[#v102b5 “Anders...”] Draven glanced back the red haired male. He was off putting and the most unsettling thing to Draven though were his eyes. A solid black but then the red pupils just felt icky.

[b “Yes well Anders here is a gun for hire and a great tracker and you are then best when it comes to blending in with crowds so the two of you would be a great mix for the trip. Hopefully you can expose the hiding place of these heirs and well take care of them.”]

Draven nodded still slightly looking at the Anders male before looking to his boss. [#v102b5 “And can we trust your Anders...”]

[b “Anders here is the best and we have come to an agreement that suits us best. But enough talk Draven you and Anders are to leave immediately and I expect results.”] his voice grew slightly darker. Draven nodded before looking to Anders.

[#v102b5 “Lets go.”] He said as he turned leaving the room not caring really if the other male followed or not. He just knew boss wanted results and results he would get other wise Draven and Anders would no longer be of this earth.
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