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"Night time visitors, eh?" The girl murmured. Well that fascinating. It was clear she was a little off.

"Well, I'll take a cup of tea and a bed for the next few days, if that suits?" She remarked.
  Annabelle Tormund / Nullification / 341d 10h 3m 29s
[size12 The Inn was a quiet and mysterious place. At least during the day.

An elven women stepped out of a room in the back, and seemed a little startled at the visitor. But a smile curled her lips soon afterwards and she approached her.

She had long, golden hair that was somewhat a mess.

[b "Sorry,] she began in a calm voice, [b "We aren't used to having visitors during the day."] She said 'we', but no one else seemed to be in the Inn except the two of them.

[b "As the sun falls, the Inn gets livelier."]

She spoke somewhat sternly when she said that last part, as if it were partially a warning of some sort!
  The Great Inn ★ / -jinx- / 1y 73d 19h 20m 7s
This place was strange. It had so many gadgets and gizmos the girl couldn't comprehend but this was her livelihood now so she guessed she would have to cope. She was a delicate young thing, well not young really, but she definitely wasn't from the 21st century. She looked like she was from the Victorian era. Although she had made an effort to make sure she wore a modern dress.

[b "My, oh my... well just how do you get a cup of tea in this place!?"] She muttered before flickering the kettle until it was hot and she practically purred in amusement. She made herself tea after some great effort and she looked out the window, watching the road. She wasn't sure how she got here, quite honestly. She didn't remember much. She had been in her bed and then a flash and she had woken up here.
  Annabelle Tormund / Nullification / 1y 87d 14h 43m 44s

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