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The current world is full of curiosities. For the passed millennia humans have developed in ways science never could have predicted. These mutations caused vast variances in appearance. One might get something as simple as a previously unnatural shade of hair, but there were times when the alteration was something much more extreme. It was rare at first, but with time it became more extraordinary to appear unaltered.

Then five hundred years ago it came to be that the mutations affected more than physical form. People were being born with abilities. A cult, The Sect, began to arise claiming these individuals to be more than human, to be gods, and they were deemed celestials. The Sect fostered many young celestials abilities until their egos grew out of control. Believing they were meant to inherit the Earth the celestials created factions that gained power until they were truly a threat. War broke out. The battling lasted nearly fifteen years before it was quelled. Humanity had won, and all the members of the opposing side were put to death.

Now in the present day, the celestials are beginning to appear again. With the cultist ideas now outlawed they live their lives out in peace like everyone else. However the ideals held by the factions still survive, hiding in small clusters across the globe. A specialized task force is dedicated to finding the remnants of these groups and snuffing them out.


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Before Epiphany had time to really mull over her choices, Kira jumped in. She dragged the man off. The blonde couldn’t help but smirk. He had gotten in trouble. Somewhat satisfied with that outcome, she meandered back to the TV room. This little outburst had officially put Kira on the list of people that the goddess appreciated. It was not a long list and was of course an honor. She would tell her later when the unwanted guest left. Perhaps after the movie as well, she didn’t want her to think she was that important.

Louis’ eyes widened at this new information, but only for a moment before he narrowed them at his former coworker. [b “You let one of those crazy cultists in your house?!”] The tone was hushed, but urgent. [b “You know she is probably just after some revenge or something, right?”] There was concern in his voice. [b “And why did you lie to me about it? Jesus, I wouldn’t have said all that if I knew she was psycho.”] Years on that force had taught the man one thing, the Sect was bad news. They were conniving and straight up nuts. They kidnapped and brainwashed children for fuck’s sake. The dark haired man pinched the bridge of his nose attempting to process all the information. [b “What do want me to do, apologize to her so she doesn’t sacrifice you to her weird celestial gods in your sleep?”] It might have sounded like more joking, and it was, but only to a certain extent.

Taking in a deep breath, he had pretty much vented all his frustration with the situation. [b “Sorry… I just can’t believe the ops has gotten you wrapped up in something like this. I didn’t mean to be a dick.”] This shady stuff was exactly why he left the force when he did. [b “If I promise to behave can I still get some of that amazing tea of yours?”] Louis put on an apologetic smile, it was sincere. Although it was pretty clear he was trying to dig himself out of the dog house.
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Kira went straight to busy herself with the electric kettle, hoping that Epiphany and Louis could come to some sort of agreement. As she was pouring the water into the electric kettle, she heard Louis introducing himself first, Epiphany was probably still not comfortable with the idea of introducing oneself to a stranger; this was one good experience to make that uncomfortable feeling into a comfortable one.

But as Kira put down the electric kettle back onto its base, she could hear Epiphany's voice, and it did not sound either friendly or cordial; it sounded very angry. Kira felt as if her heart had dropped all the way down to her stomach, and then rebounded with a mighty thump back upwards, she had not expected such an outburst from Epiphany. But what if Epiphany was not pulling a joke, but just saying the words she would've said if it hadn't been for these unusual circumstances?

Louis evidently thought this whole thing was a joke. Kira could hear his loud, booming laughter echo across the kitchen; Kira started to get ticked off by Louis. As Louis proceeded to express his opinions that this whole thing was a joke, Kira felt more and more ticked off. Seeing him air quotes, simply raised her "ticked-off" meter another notch.

Epiphany's crossed arms were the final straw.

As the electrical kettle started to boil, Kira strode off towards Louis and grabbed him tightly by the wrist. She dragged him towards the stairs, and then up the stairs. Pulling him aside, Kira pinned him to the wall and in a deadly whipser, [+purple "Ok, you got me. The truth is... My previous ops was supposed to be a textbook building infiltration op. Somehow something went wrong, and then this girl, Epiphany shows out of nowhere. The thing is, she wanted to come with us, and we were supposed to say no? We pulled her out with us, and I got stuck with helping her adapt to this world. Herrstein??"]
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Things were just getting good when she heard Kira’s voice call out to her. A pouting expression on her face, she used the remote to pause the show so that she wouldn’t miss anything. She had no particular interest in meeting who she assumed was the man that had been outside, but in order to keep good faith she stood and entered the kitchen with the others.

Just as she thought it was the one from the other side of the door. The dog was also there, taking a wide path around the beagle she stood in front of the stranger and waited for him to speak. After all there was no way she was going to let him get away without introducing himself first. It should have been Kira’s job to do so, but she was busing herself with the kettle.

The dark haired man took the hint and smiled. [b “Hey there, my names Louis, nice to meet you Epiphany, was it? That’s a strange name.”] He extended his hand for her to shake.

Lifting a brow, the blonde stared down at his hand. [b “My name is a description of myself, thank you very much. Insulting it is like insulting me.”] Her gaze snapped up so that their eyes met. She decided she did not like this man and with that being the case she would not be civil. [b “Also, take your hand back, I will not accept it. You may bow or grovel if you wish.”] She was one hundred percent serious.

This reaction being one of the over the top things he had ever seen, Louis began to laugh. It was a loud bellowing sound, Epiphany found it jarring. Her distaste for him only grew. Through his laughing he spoke. [b “Oh man, this chick’s a riot. I bet you’d be a hit back at the office.”] Turning to Kira he directed the rest of the conversation towards her. [b “Holy hell, you finally got me with one of you terrible pranks. I was totally excepting an actual kid. This must be the best ‘babysitting’ gig ever.”] He used his hands to add quotation-al emphasis on the word babysitting.

Epiphany crossed her arms, she was not happy. There was no way be was being babysat. She was a grown woman for goodness sake, not to mention a god! Knowing full well she could end him in a heartbeat, the woman debated whether or not she actually would.
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Kira took her usual loop with her beagle. She wasn't thinking about anything in particular, she used this time to enjoy the sun and the fresh air to clear her mind and refresh it. This was the first day, and it had not ended yet. Would there be more surprises as the day went on? It was possible, but it was no use worrying about them now for surprises were like accidents; they occurred at a randomly unexpected time.

She was walking back towards her house, when her beagle ran up ahead and started tugging on the leash. He did not usually did that, instead he was content with following Kira by her side all the way to her house. Kira looked up as she continued to walk towards her house. Someone was sitting on the porch, and she could smell a lit cigarette. The cigarette smoke irritated her throat just enough to cause her to cough lightly. The person on the porch was looking at her, as if they were expecting her. Kira kept her course towards her own home.

She was close to the porch, [+purple "Louis, is that you? What are you doing?"] This had been one of her friends on the force before he had left. Even though they had separated, they occasionally maintained contact. [b "It's me. As to what I'm doing here, I am just checking up on you. I heard that you were 'forced' to take some time off. Although I did not hear why."] [+purple "Well, I can give you some rest on that topic. Rochester ordered me on leave. Although I am 'officially' still working as I am taking care of one of the department head's children."]

Kira, in a way, was lying to her close friend, but in this situation she thought it was prudent to do so. She didn't tell a complete lie, there was some truth based on it; but she did not feel morally good for telling even such a lie to a close friend.

[+purple "Want to come in and meet her over a cup of tea?"] [b "Sure, I have plenty of time, and it does seem like you make the best tea."] Kira blushed at the last comment, before turning towards the door and unlocking it. Opening the door, both she and Louis were greeted by the sounds of film and dramatic music; that would've been Epiphany watching Epiphany. It would also be a good way for Epiphany to better understand whatever it meant to be 'more human'.

Kira walked to where she could see Epiphany, and waived a hand. [+purple "Epiphany, a friend of mine has come over. Want to meet him?"]
  Kira / NorthernWolves / 6d 20h 12s
Epiphany watched closely as Kira set up the contraction and displayed the movie cases on the table for her. She looked at the collection greedily, hoping that this might be how she could pass the time in this boring place.

As the other woman announced her departure, Epiphany waved her away. [b “Yes, yes, I won’t answer the door for strangers.”] Although the words were directed at Kira her golden gaze didn’t leave the tabletop.

The goddess heard the click of the door closing and busied herself carefully examining each case. Many of the covers had dark foreboding art on them. She read the descriptions on the back until she came across one she though suited her current fancy. Gently setting the disk in the machine she pushed the tray and watched it retract. The television flashed accordingly and the woman grabbed up the remote to navigate to and around the menu.

Once the film began she took up the middle seat of the couch and stared absorbed into the screen. It was some sort of action flick. Not one she’d ever seen before. Epiphany had seen from the case that it was newer, but she doubted they would have ever let her watch this back home. She smiled as though she was getting away with something she shouldn’t have.

Things were picking up in the plot when she heard the doorbell sound. It confused her at first. Not wanting to be pulled from what she was doing, she was tempted to ignore it. But when it went off a second time she paused the dvd player and got up to take a peak through door’s spyhole. Quietly, she approached still somewhat displeased. Through the small glass hole she saw a man she didn’t recognize. Following Kira’s advice she didn’t open the door. It was back to her movie.

Outside, the stranger, a man named Louis, gave the doorbell a third and final ring. He saw Kira’s car outside, but she wasn’t answering. There was a chance she was out and about somewhere, but he wasn’t too keen on looking for her. Instead he took a seat on the steps and pulled out a cigarette to pass his idle time. He had been friend’s with Kira for some time, used to be on the force himself till he quit to live a less chaotic life.

Somewhere down the grape vine he had heard that his brunette friend was being forced to take some time off. Any details as to why had been lost before making it to him though. Honestly he was just curious and wanted to make sure everything was OK. Obviously it wasn’t that bad if she was getting out of the house.
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Kira went back to washing the dishes, it did not take too long since there was only one plate and a few eating utensils left. The soap did help in letting the hot water wash off most of the stains from the fat, before running cold water over everything that had been soaped and washed. Then all she had to do was to load the dishes and the eating utensils into the dishwater; it wasn’t hard at all, and soon she was drying her hands with a towelette.

Kira heard Epiphany’s footsteps approaching her, so Kira turned around to meet Epiphany while still holding the towelette. So Epiphany wanted to watch a movie. Kira hadn’t watched a movie in some time, but the DVD and the TV monitor should still work. [+purple “Yeah, I do have some movies. If you’ll follow me.”] Kira put down the towelette and walked towards the living room area.

The TV stood on a small wooden table in front of the couch. There was a power chord and an HDMI chord coming out of the back of the TV, one cable to the power outlet and the other to the DVD player itself. Walking up to the table, she grabbed the remote on top and turned the TV on; the monitor blinked on, and then Kira turned on the DVD player by reaching under the table where there was enough space to fit the DVD player. Thinking about it, Kira pulled the DVD player out from its hiding spot and put it on top of the table. To the left of a table was a small cabinet with a collection of various movies. Kira took out the whole collection, and then turned around to face Epiphany, [+purple “These are all the movies I have. Some of them are historical documentaries, some sci-fi movies, a bit of fictional movies, and one or two other types of movies. Now, I’ll be leaving to walk the dog, make sure that you don’t let anyone through the door except me.”]

Kira deposited the movies on the table, and walked off. That was when she felt that she was shivering slightly, not from the cold, but from just explaining something to Epiphany. It was a weird feeling, she didn’t usually feel this way. But then again, this type of situation had never occurred in her life.

After putting a pair of shoes on and putting the beagle on his leash, Kira walked out the door and locked it from the outside, before going dog walking.
  Kira / NorthernWolves / 10d 20h 24m 52s
The small chore of feeding the dog had her raising a brow at the woman. Sure it was better than doing nothing, and it was infinitely better than washing dishes, but it still wasn’t all that appealing. [b “Very well, I shall feed the beast.”] Announcing her intentions she headed to the back of the room as Kira instructed. There was a doorway that led to another area. It looked as though it was used for storage and the likes. True to the operative’s words there was a box with food.

Taking the lid from the plastic box made a distinct popping noise. No sooner than it let out, she heard something else. The clip-clop of feet and scratching of nails across the linoleum floor sounded. Within seconds the hound was jumping all over her, excitedly expecting his breakfast. The goddess glared at him. Going as far to push him away she chided him telling him to stay down. Her stern expression and harsh words were lost on him as he continued to do as he pleased. Letting out a frustrated noise, she went ahead and turned her focus back to the task at hand.

Reaching into the tub, she obtained the scoop and filled it with kibble. Using one of her feet, she pushed the beagle back. It worked to keep him back as she dropped his breakfast into the metal bowl. The pieces clamored as they hit the container. A sound that caused him to gain determination, he jumped about excitedly. Once she had resealed the box, she released him. The dog’s entire attention now on the silver bowl she sneaked around him and back to the kitchen where Kira was just finishing up with the cleaning.

Almost afraid to let the other woman pick out her next activity for the day, Epiphany took her hand at making her own suggestion. [b “I saw your television. May I watch a film?”] She enjoyed movies. The woman hadn’t been allowed regular TV back at home. The golden haired girl was told it was filth. While she was unaware of it, all media was heavily scrutinized before she was allowable to see it. [b “You do have movies, correct?”] The goddess asked to be certain. While she had seen the large screen in the other room, she had not seen any cases. Perhaps the officer hid them elsewhere.
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She could understand Epiphany’s distaste of Rochester, Kira had had those moments of distaste herself during the years of working under her. Although to be fair, what Kira had experienced was nothing compared to what Epiphany had experienced, having one’s own home being pulled right out under one’s feet.

Even though Rochester had told her over the phone about the classes, Kira didn’t really understand what or why those classes were even needed. Wasn’t it just easier to have Epiphany live life with as little reminder as possible to her ex-self? The best way to live life like a human was to simply live everyday, and nothing else was required. Kira felt herself agreeing to Epiphany’s thoughts on this matter of classes, it did sound like a colossal waste of time.

There were a few moments of silence, barefoot interrupted by a deep sigh. Kira knew what that sigh signifies, Epiphany was attempting to calm herself down, and not let the rage flow out.

But the question that came out, which sounded less questioning and more demanding, it just sounded like an effort to not think about infuriating things. But evidently it wasn’t enough as Epiphany stood up and sighed.

At that moment, Kira put her right hand over her face and took a deep and collective breath. She did not know what to say in case it provoked Epiphany into even more of an infuriated state. The start of the first day had not started of well, and this did not bode too well for the rest of the day. Kira sat in this pose for a minute or two, before dropping her arms back down to the table and looking at Epiphany.

[+purple “You might as well feed the dog. There’s a box with a lid in the back part of the kitchen, and on the floor near it is a metal bowl. In the box there’s a plastic scoop on top of all the dog food. One plastic scoop of the dog food into the metal bowl should be enough.”] Kira then stood up, grabbed all the plates, forks, and knives, and walked to the kitchen sink to wash them.

As she was washing the dishes, Kira felt stressed for some reason. This didn’t look like a situation that needed stress, but still Kira felt it. At one point she even took a wet hand and rubbed it against her forehead to clear her own head. Hopefully there wouldn’t be any more stressful moments, although hoping for that in a situation like this was the same as hoping to win a goddamn jackpot.
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The look of curiosity on the blonde’s face instantly melted to one of distaste. “I do not like that woman.” Epiphany had a very hard time understanding how anyone could come into the paradise that had been her home and tear it all to pieces. “She is an absolute snake.” Narrowing her eyes, she looked across the table to the phone that Kira had set onto the table as though she was glaring at the woman herself.

“Also, what sort of classes?” She turned her nose up to the idea. Did they think she stared out the window everyday of her life? No, she had been formally educated in all the classic subjects. Epiphany very much doubted that they were going to be teaching her much of anything. “This was all going to be a colossal waste of time.” Her tone oozed with her irritation.

The woman wondered how long she would be subjected to this tediousness. She hoped that her followers would get there shit together and find her soon. If not she was going to have to find a way to show them where she was, and that sounded even more monotonous than what was already happening.

Taking in a deep breath, she tried to calm down some. The amber-eyed woman knew that if she continued to linger on this insanity, she would only stress herself out even more. “What is there to do in this place?” The words came out more like a demand than a question. It was a poor, but last ditch effort to find something to distract herself from all the infuriating problems that kept popping up.

Standing from her seat at the table, Epiphany sighed. There her guise went. She had intended on continuing to play nice with this Kira lady since she was going to be stuck with her, but the mere mentioning of Rochester sent her into a fit and ruined it. If the brunette was anything like many of the other people she had met since being torn from her home, things would go downhill fast from here.
  Epiphany / Loxi / 49d 6h 54m 29s
She did not know what to make of those words, it felt like Epiphany was trying to have a friendly and normal conversation; it couldn't be friendly as Epiphany obviously didn't feel herself at ease in a brand new environment and that the two of them were not friends at all.

And then it was quiet, an extreme quiet where not even the sounds from the outside were heard inside the house. It was an extremely awkward and uncomfortable silence in which neither she nor Epiphany could end. It was a type of silence that had started on an awkward note, and needed some outside distraction to dispel.

The outwards distraction came in the form of a phone ringing, and that phone was her own phone. She reached down to pick up her phone, and brought it to her right ear. A very familiar voice, that of Rochester, spoke her name with a questioning tone, responding with an affirmative "yes".

Kira put away the phone into the right pocket of her pants and leaned back in the chair. She was deep in her own thoughts about what Rochester had just said. The first part of the conversation, keeping an eye on Epiphany and about the classes, wasn't that big of a deal. But she did not like what Rochester had said in the second part, using family members as a weapon. Maybe it would help, but to Kira it felt morally wrong.

She looked back up at Epiphany. [+purple "Who that was? That, was my boss from work. The same one who infiltrated and became your servant for awhile. She was just calling about some sort of class for you, other than that I have no idea about anything else."]
  Kira / NorthernWolves / 49d 7h 48m 14s
Epiphany listened contently to the woman’s words. She hadn’t really expected anything too interesting. The mundane story that mainly stayed focused on her education, but she didn’t mind. After all, Kira was only human.

“So we are similar that we spent most of our lives in one place.” It was a hollow attempt at camaraderie, but an attempt all the same. The blonde would be stuck here for at least a year, and pissing of the lady who feeds her was not a good plan.

After that there was silence. It was not a comfortable quiet. Epiphany delved into herself to try and find something, anything to talk about. However small talk was not her forte. Well, unless it was about her. Then she excelled, but she had the feeling that was a habit she would need to break. The longer the still lasted the worse she felt. Eventually her eyes dropped down to her hands on the table, awkwardly.

An end to her toiling came when a phone rang out. The high-pitched notes were coming from across the table, if she had to guess, Kira’s pocket. Attention snapping automatically to the outburst, the woman watched as the brunette pulled the thin device from her pants and answered it.

From where she was sitting, Epiphany had entirely no idea who might be on the other end of the phone. It was back to sitting in her own silence, but at least not she didn’t feel the pressure to speak.


The voice of Captain Rochester was clear though the receiver. “Kira?” She paused a moment for confirmation, then proceeded. “I wanted to elaborate on the plan from here out.” The day before she had been too irritated to actually articulate any of this to Kira, but she didn’t think it would be a problem. “As of right now, you just need to keep an eye on her. I really don’t think she will make any moves without any of her followers. It should be easy, but starting next week I want you to escort her to classes and appointments. We’ve got one of the best shrinks in the country coming in to work with her. The rest of the engagements will probably just be how to teach her how to live and act like a normal human being.” It seemed pretty simple. The only hang up was whether or not this so called goddess would absorb any of the things she was going to have shoved down her throat. The woman sighed thinking about it.

“Just go ahead and think of this week as a paid vacation with a guest, and we will meet up next Monday to go over the new schedule.” It seemed like a fair trade for baby-sitting. “And while you are on that end making sure she doesn’t freak out, I will be digging for more information on her. Something we can use to ground her. Like, if I can find her original family, I think the transition will be smoother.” Rochester was mainly thinking aloud at that point. So she went ahead and bid her farewell and let Kira get back to her morning.


Now that Kira wasn’t on the telephone anymore, Epiphany stared at her expectantly. She was curious as to who had been calling so early in the morning.
  Epiphany / Loxi / 52d 15h 56m 27s
Epiphany, that was quite an interesting name. The word itself had a couple of definitions: a manifestation of the Christ of the Gentiles, a festival commemorating the manifestation, a manifestation of a divine being, and it also meant a moment of sudden revelation or insight. Was it possible that Epiphany might Kira an epiphany? There was a possibility of that, as Kira was wondering if the third definition applied to Epiphany.

Kira tracked Epiphany's hand as it rose up, but then quickly averted her own gaze as a bright light suddenly blossomed from the palm of Epiphany's hand. The light itself was small, but it was bright as the sun and there was a slight warmth as well; as bright as the sun, but as warm as a nice fire.

The light suddenly turned off, as if Albus Dumbledore used his deluminator. It was a short time before the glare left Kira's eyes, but she continued to listen to Epiphany.

What Epiphany said next surprised Kira, what Epiphany was saying couldn't be true. But then how else one could explain the light and warmth? If it was only the light, that could've been put off as a an illusionary trick, but the warmth was impossible to fake. Kira internally was struggling to take that information in, and some of that struggling reflected on her face. She heard the rest of Epiphany said, but Kira lowered her head while crossing her arms and leaning back in the chair thinking about what she had previously thought only existed in mythology.

Epiphany brought Kira out of et musing with a question; it was only fare that if Kira asked Epiphany her story, that Kira would do the same to Epiphany. Kira unfolded her and laid them on the table together and leaning forward.

[+purple "My story..."] Kira was still having afterthoughts about the goddess stuff; she shook her head to mentally clear her head before moving out.

[+purple "There's not much to my own story. I was born in this city, grew up my entire life here. Went to elementary, middle, and high school. After high school, I went to college and after that signed up with the military to help pay for college. Participated in a war, after that war I quit the military. Then somehow joined this anti-Sect organization. And now, and now we are here."] Kira shrugged her shoulders, hopefully that was good enough.
  Kira / NorthernWolves / 73d 9h 29m 39s
Having exactly zero better things to do, Epiphany stood about and watched as Kira cooked the eggs. It was a skill that she did not have. And while she thought it didn’t look very difficult, she was not about to embarrass herself with trying in front of a stranger. She was just glad that the other woman hadn’t forced her to try it. That would have been catastrophic. No breakfast and a terribly cold shower. It was just about the worst way she could imagine this day to start.

When it was all through, the decent sized kitchen was filled with the aroma of fried egg. While that wasn’t necessarily good or bad, she felt her stomach grumble at her. Epiphany was glad it hadn’t been loud enough to hear. It would have been absolutely unseemly.

Following the shorthaired woman to the table, she didn’t take a seat until she announced that the food was ready. The blonde ate daintily with the fork and knife laid out for her. Even though this place was a hovel she wouldn’t discard her table manners. Her attention was quickly pulled from her eggs to the woman across the dining table.

“My name is Epiphany.” Her words were spoken in a matter of fact sort of tone. And while she wasn’t entirely sure what she meant by story, the woman ha a good idea of what she would say, but first there would be a little showing off. Bringing her hand up, a small ball of light appeared in her palm. It was so brilliantly bright one could not look at it directly, and while it was small, it gave off a noticeable wave of warmth. Epiphany only held it there for a few moments before closing her hand and extinguishing it.

“I am the goddess of Sun and light.” The tenor of her voice stayed the same as before. Stating everything as fact because it was what she truly believed. “Until recently I lived with my followers in the compound that you and your friends raided. It is all that I’ve ever known, so I can’t say I appreciate being shanghaied.” Ever since she had left her home people had been attempting to convince her she was something she most certainly was not. It was vexing, but nothing more. She would stand fast in her convictions.

“And you, what is your story?” Her golden eyes stayed trained on Kira. expecting an honest answer, just as she had given.
  Epiphany / Loxi / 52d 15h 56m 12s
Kira hadn't heard any noise coming from upstairs, which mean that the girl had probably had went to bed right away. Of course, she could be wrong. Maybe the girl was just simply sitting on the chair. There was a somewhat more sinister alternative; sneaking noiselessly across the top floor, but Kira, for some unknown to her reason, didn't think that that was the case.

Kira stood up and pushed in the chair, before heading upstairs and into her room. Kira took a quick shower, quick enough that the steam caused by the hot water had only managed to cover a small part of the rectangular looking glass which was 8 feet in length and 5 feet in height. The quick shower was followed by a prompt dry off with a towel; the short hair did help in shortening the time as short hair was less able to retain moisture than longer hair. Kira then dressed for bed: blue sports pants with three red stripes running down the side of each leg pant and a black synthetic t-shirt; Kira usually slept in regular clothes. Before hitting the bed, Kira brushed her teeth.

The bed wasn't that big, it could comfortably fit one person. The bed was tucked tight enough that one could take a penny and drop it, and the penny would bounce a short distance back into the air. This was one of the many habits she had picked up with her time in the military before she had gone on to work with the anti-Sect group. Slipping under the covers, her last thought before falling asleep was how tomorrow would play out.

She woke up. As usual her head felt as if there was a fog in it, but there was a quick cure for that. Kira peeled the bed cover off her and walked to the bathroom, where she splashed and rubbed her eyes with cold water from the tap; instantly cleared the fog. That was followed by the morning brushing of the teeth, and after that Kira tucked her bed.

Walking out her room, she noted the time on the bedside clock; 0740, all her digital clocks were using military time. There was only one analog clock in the entire house, and it was in a box which was inside the garage on one of the shelves.

Kira went down the stairs and into the kitchen. Taking the electric kettle of its stand, she walked over to the tap in the kitchen and poured tap water into the kettle until it was 3/4 full. Walking back over to where the base was, Kira set the electric kettle back on the base and flipped a lever on the kettle to start the water boiling. Kira went to sit at the table in the kitchen to wait for the water to finish boiling.

The water had finished boiling, and Kira easily noticed the click as the lever snapped back up. But before she could stand up, she heard a question being asked in a harsh tone; that had taken her by complete surprise, and there followed a few seconds as Kira recovered from the surprise.

Kira stood up, somewhat shakily, and turned around to look at the girl. It was evident that she had taken a shower, and something about the shower hadn't gone too well. [+purple "Let me check."] Kira walked back to the kitchen, still shaking off the surprise, and looked in the refrigerator. Kira didn't know why she had to go look into the refrigerator as she knew that she had fried eggs for breakfast. Looking back around the corner at the girl, [+purple "Fried eggs, take about 10 minutes."]

Well, now she had to make two portions of fried eggs. It wasn't difficult, just meant that Kira had to do everything twice. Turn on two of the electrical plates, put down two iron pans, crack two eggs in each pan, sprinkle salt and pepper and some other herbs into each pan, shut off the electrical plates under the pans, and cover the pans with the pan lids. While the fried eggs were nearing completion, Kira took out two plates, two forks, two knives, and a spatula. Using the spatula, Kira moved each fried egg from the pan and onto one of the plates, and finally Kira walked over with the two plates to the table and set them down. [+purple "Breakfast is server."]

As she ate, Kira occasionally looked over at the girl. It did occur to her that she didn't know the girl's name, nor her story really. Putting down her fork and knife, Kira looked at the girl. [+purple "What's your name and your story?"]
  Kira / NorthernWolves / 90d 5h 25m 13s
The drive to wherever they would be keeping her from now on was longer than Epiphany expected. There wasn’t much to do besides look out the window and watch, as the urban city sort of melted away into something homier, not that she had an idea of what that meant. Sure it was still very much in the metropolis limits, but the impossibly tall buildings were now just a backdrop in the distance. The woman was sure she could have spoken up at any moment to keep the boredom at bay. She just didn’t feel like it and that made for a very quiet ride.

Perking a brow, the blonde watched as her keeper fiddled with her phone for a bit. They had stopped in front of one of the many houses in the area. There were people walking along the road and children running about in the yards. To Epiphany it was a lot of people; at least she thought it a lot since they were not gathered for a purpose. Was this normal?

Following along they entered the house after Kira completed some menial tasks. Inside was different from what she was used to. Dull was one word she would use to describe it, however it was leagues better than the room she had previously been confined to. Still in fear that she might be sent back she opted to keep her mouth shut for the time being.

At the door she removed her shoes, copying Kira’s actions. The dog had caught her off guard. An animal was going to take some getting used to… As long as it understood that she was in charge it wouldn’t’ be a problem though. Dogs were supposed to be loyal servants, right? Either way she would not be bested by it. There was a bit of a ‘tour’ around the place. It was bigger than it looked on the outside, but that wasn’t too much considering what she was used to. Her new room was… quaint. She wondered if this is what it was like staying in a motel. Epiphany chose to think of it that way than this being her permanent residence for the next twelve months.

Off of the top of her head, there wasn’t anything that Epiphany needed. At least not that could be attended to in this place. Somehow she doubted she would be able to convince Kira to put her things away. While she was slightly naïve to the world, she was not an idiot. When the other woman dismissed herself, Epiphany was left alone again. Until recently, loneliness had been a stranger to her. However, it was now becoming commonplace.

She set the small bag of her things next to the bed and collapsed on it. It was soft and reminded her of the one back home. While the bed dressing smelled different, this was negligible. After sleeping on a cot in that interrogation room, this was like heaven. Just letting herself relax there, after a few minutes she fell asleep. Epiphany wouldn’t wake until she heard footsteps coming down the hall.

Looking to the window he sun was on the other side of the house. Somehow she had slept through the night without blankets or anything. She felt dirty having slept in her clothes. Her first mission was to change, the woman who had posed as her attendant had been useful enough to grab some of her clothes. Much to the blonde’s dismay none of her favorite outfits had made the cut. The aggressive woman insisted they were too outlandish. Now Epiphany felt entirely too bland in the common things she’d been allowed to take. Sighing she looked into the sliding mirror doors of her new closet. It just didn’t display her grandeur properly.

Leaving her room, she was hungry and in need of a shower. She came across the bathroom first, so that took precedence. Not feeling all that shy about it, she tore through the drawers and cabinets to find towels. Of course they were in the last place she looked. Sighing again, she stared at the handles of the faucet. Her attendants always drew her baths/showers and while she had seen them do it this set up was completely different. Debating between figuring it out herself, because it really couldn’t be that hard, and commanding Kira to come do for her, Epiphany stood feet against the cool tiled floor for nearly five minutes. In the end she took a shot at it.

It was simple enough to twist the silver handles, however she couldn’t get the right temperature. With only the smallest of twists it fluctuated wildly between devils piss hot and ice cold. In the end she released a disgruntled sound and took an entirely too cold shower. She was just lucky all the things she needed were on display in the shower or else this would have been even more disastrous.

Once that trial was overcome she swiftly dried herself off and redressed. She left the towel on the floor and nearly stormed downstairs, still shivering. Finding Kira she spoke in an abrasive tone due to her foul mood. “What is for breakfast?”
  Epiphany / Loxi / 52d 15h 55m 49s

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