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[size22 Wren Lee]Dude was right. More than right, honestly. He was probably just overreacting because of the sudden confrontation? Usually, Wren didn't run into much beyond small animals. And it wasn't like animals frightened him much. He [i did] have Banana. Who was a reptile and [i didn't] glow in the dark, but hey. Fuck if he knew how wildlife had changed with all of the shit humanity had put the world through.

Just look at where they were now? Living in antiquated and quickly deteriorating compounds that wouldn't be able to host them forever. Which meant they had two options. Give way to extinction, or forge a new path. Heaving a long sigh at the offer to be accompanied, the ginger attempted to quiet his pride. If it weren't so damned important, he honestly might not have entertained the offer, but at the very least, this bloke also seemed genuine.

[#9f81b1 "That'd be greatly appreciated,"] he began, accepting the smoke as well. Waiting patiently for a light, only once he had taken a drag was he able to calm the slight trembling in his fingers. Of course his fucking pack would be in his bag. [#9f81b1 "I'll stow one for you,"] he gestured, promising to return the kindness in future.

The introduction was one received in initial silence. Barring his fast friendship with Adele, it didn't seem like folk were too keen on getting familiar. 'We'll be dead soon anyway - probably' was the excuse. Yet, he couldn't help but feel that it was all the more reason to forge meaningful connections. Whatever. Maybe he was a romantic.

[#9f81b1 "Wren Lee, it's a pleasure."] An oddity, but a pleasure. [#9f81b1 "I guess I'd be second generation? I don't even know. My granddad, from what my old man says, was some brilliant bastard. He won't talk about him much, though. Too busy being angry. I don't think he ever made it here, though."]

There was no particular sadness in his tone as he regarded the man, fiddling with his spectacles. [#9f81b1 "Guessing you finished off your duties for the day?"] His own varied. It was either a hard day, or he couldn't find shit to do. Which was worse. Always worse. No progress meant no work, and no work meant no progress. Which meant he had nothing to offer in terms of ways to better their living conditions.

If only he could figure out the water. How they were growing now was sufficient, but they were limited. Some crops would die without a certain amount of water, and less crops meant a smaller variety of nutrients. Which meant the land they were using would eventually become void of nutrients. Unusable.

If he could figure out the water that meant larger supply for them to consume and use for crops. Then perhaps they could move onto larger scale factors like how to restore the contaminated soil. Doing that would make no sense if there was no water.

Hell of an engineer he was, huh? He lost sleep over it some nights.

Taking a long drag, Wren shook his head. [#9f81b1 "How many animals you know that talk? And glow?"] Bad time to ask? Should he have mentioned that first? Sheepishly smiling, he allowed the smoke to escape through his nostrils in long, steady streams, the plumes dissipating easily in the space between them.]
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[tab][Share+Tech+Mono [+blue “Ah. Creator, wait, it’s just… me.”]]

[tab]Well, that hadn’t quite been the warm welcome that she’d been expecting, and seeing her creator take a harsh fall like that had worried her immediately. Oh dear. She glanced down at the sorry state of her body, then sighed, knowing that she was going to have to struggle to her feet again...


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[tab] Luci glanced up toward the horizon of the city, noticing one of the scientist in the bunker looking a right mess coming towards him. He briefly wondered what could have gotten him so worked up when he briefly remembered that, duh, the outside world had all kinds of animals that couldn’t wait to scratch or peck your eyes out, so he’d probably had a close call, was all. Luci tried to hide the slight snort of laughter at his appearance, he really, really did.

[tab]The other began to speak to him, beginning about some mysterious dangerous animal he was sure before seeming to immediately switch his tune and stare back in the direction that he’d come from.

[tab]Luci was a little lost, tilting his head and looking at the young man as if he had three heads. Luciano reasoned, somewhat justifiably, that he’d prooooobably put something a little illicit into his body and was starting to bug out. It wouldn’t be the first time it had happened to someone in the bunker .

[tab][+purple “Hypothetically speaking, I’d have to ask what you’ve smoked and if I could have some. There’s nothing around here that’s going to follow you. The biggest animal anyone’s seen in like ten years is a bear.”] Luciano laughed. [+purple “And they’re harmless so long as you don’t get too close. You look like you’ve see a ghost.”]

[tab]Maybe he had seen a ghost. [i Spooky.]

[tab]Then again, Luciano had been spooked his own fair share of times by things he’d seen in the dark buildings, not to mention that there was still a great deal to be afraid of anyway, even if it wasn’t an animal.

[tab]He looked him over again, and while he looked rather frazzled, he still did look… well, he looked sober for the most part. Maybe he should stop being a smartass, he did certainly seem shaken up.

[tab][+purple “I’m guessing you lost something when you were running and you need it back, huh?”] Luci sighed, reaching up and ruffling the hair at the base of his neck. [+purple “Tell you what, I think you’re probably over reacting, but if it’s that important to you, I can walk with you. I’ve had my fair share of run ins with the wildlife around here because I come out to smoke, so going in a group, there should be no problem with it, yeah? Besides, most animals are more afraid of you than you are of them, so there shouldn’t be too much of an issue with two of us.”] He shrugged, shooting him a causal smile, trying to quell his nerves some. [+purple “Just breathe, you’re still shaken up. I know we’ve seen each other, but I don’t think we’ve ever been introduced. I’m Luciano Caramello, a third generation vault resident.”]

[tab]Luciano tugged his cigarette out of his pocket, noticing that he looked a bit stressed.

[tab][+purple “You smoke? Cause you sure look like you could use one.”] he offered, flipping the pack open as he reached for his lighter. [+purple “Besides, there’s no rush to get back there right away, if something is following you, it’s best to confront it in the open and not in a rickety old building, yeah?”]
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First and foremost, let it be known that Wren Lee had always been a relatively calm man. In the midst of a raging storm? He was the boulder. Tsunami threatening to thrash all to rubble? He had a plan. This, however? This was nothing close to anything he had ever planned for. This was something he never would have honestly [i known] to plan for. And more importantly, how the [i fuck] was it that [i he] just so happened to be the one walking into this mess.

He'd seen a lot of shit over the years, but this was too much. This pretty much topped it. He should've known to get out of there when it sounded like some creature from hell was trying to dig its way through all of the debris, but like the idiot he was, he'd stayed to see the outcome.

Well, curiosity and the cat, right? Same shit, different idiot. The outcome, however, would have to be different. There was no way he was sticking around to see how his life ended before him. Which was pretty much the only motivation he needed to get his legs working again.

Stumbling backward, Wren staggered, his ankle catching on something solid. It instantly throbbed but he was too busy twisting himself to soften the landing. His palms took the brunt of it, scraped and bleeding, but he shook off the harsh sting in favour of scrambling to his feet and booking it.

The sun was already setting on that side of town. How convenient. It wasn't like these were the perfect circumstances for a mysterious murder or anything. He wasn't running for his life. He always moved at this speed when he was taking a nightly stroll.

'Creator'? Whatever that was had said 'creator'. Zombie?? Mutant? Nothing human could have busted through all of that in such a way. It simply [i wasn't] possibly. Unless... could this have been a strain of mutation from the fungicide? What the hell was going on?

The mental imagine of some dead-eyed humanoid creature suddenly came to mind, bending structural steel like it was nobody's business and crawling from the depth of antiquated, time-induced hell.

[i Faster], he had to run faster. It wouldn't be long until he hit the bunker, and then all would be safe and right again. See, this was why he shouldn't have ventured out sans Adele. At the very least, she would have convinced him to get the hell out of there and somewhere safe [i fast]. Instead, he'd been foolish enough to let curiosity get the best of him, and look what had happened.

What if it came after him? Could it scent things? Was there danger in returning to the bunker? He was already so close, so maybe it was already too late?

Slowing to catch his breath, he slapped palms to his thighs and glanced behind, eyes wide and pupils dilated from fear. Little scared him, but this... this was just too fucking much. Sure, he was all about discovery. All about moving forward, but what about the risk? Risk of exposure, risk of bringing danger to the others. Risk of getting infected from whatever disease that... whatever it had been might've been carrying. He'd been able to pick up a faint glow, but he couldn't have said what caused it at that distance.

[i Many] things in nature had a natural 'glow'. Dangerous things. Things not meant to be touched or toyed with, and he had been foolish enough to be seen.

Anxiety pushed him to resume his trip, his pace slowed now that he supposed he was in the clear. Wren's heart pounded hard in his chest, his ears hot and each breath shuddering past his lips until he could properly draw breath through his nose.

He rolled up to the bunker, coming upon a figure he'd seen briefly a few times before. They hadn't ever really spoken, but he wasn't like he had taken any issue with the guy. It just seemed like everyone always had something to be doing, and dawdling was more than just frowned upon in hard times.

[#9f81b1 "Hey, it might be time to pack it in, there's some shit back there--"] Wait a second. Wait a goddamned-- second.

[i Where was his knapsack?]

[#9f81b1 "[i Fuck-]"] Wren about-faced to stare in the opposite direction, stomach dropping then coiling into an uncomfortable knot. He must've completely forgotten in the confusion. Going back seemed about the most foolish thing he could have done right then and there, but [i his work]. He [i needed] those notes. It was but one piece, but it was important nevertheless. And his compass was in there.

Setting hands to his hips, he allowed his head to drop forward, already weighing his options. He could go back, maybe with help... but he couldn't bring Adeleide. What if something happened to her? She was too non-confrontational for this sort of thing. Weak? No. Averse to killing? Most definitely. A pacifist by nature. Bringing her into this mess seemed the last thing he should've been doing.

Parting his lips, he sucked in a breath and puffed out cheeks, blinking at cigarette guy for several moments. One of those might've calmed his nerves, but any that he might've had were in that bag. Oh, the injustice.

[#9f81b1 "Hypothetically... if you suspected there was some sort of... thing following you - you know, potentially lurking - but there was something of relative importance back in the same direction, how would you proceed?"] Most logically with a weapon, but even that would take a little digging. ]
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[tab]Sadie couldn’t feel exhaustion, but it was a real labor to have to drag a stiff body. She carefully rolled her arm joints to see if they were faring a little better, but they seemed to be in no better a state than her legs, also creaking loudly with protest.

[tab]She made her approximation of a sigh-- a learned expression that she’d picked up from her creator. He’d laughed when she’d done it the first time, telling her that it made her seem almost human. They both knew better than that.

[tab]She waited for a moment, after that, to see if she could hear a response to her. The sound of movement had stopped, perhaps it had been an animal that she had scared off.

[tab]And then she heard it, softly, a voice. She felt a jolt through herself-- excitement, maybe?-- at the realization that it sounded almost familiar. It sounded like home.

[tab]Unable to stop her urge to move now, she stumbled forward, gaining enough forward momentum to force her creaking joints to move through the danger of breakage. If she was correct about the source of the voice, then she had no need to worry about breaking down-- her creator would surely have the answers for how to care for her decayed body, if nothing else.

[tab]She clamored over some of the rubble the stood in her way, realizing that there was a barrier between the voice and herself caused by the roof caving in. She wondered if it was worth risking her arms to try and move it, though her internal monologue asked her what kind of Emergency Support AI would she be if she couldn’t move some rubble that should have been no problem for her in her prime.

[tab]With the hesitance kicked out of her mind by that thought, she uneasily tilted backwards, entirely unable to bend her knee joints. She folded herself at her hips, bracing a shoulder against the larger slab of concrete, judging how stable it was leave the structure before she anchored her feet against a smaller chunk lower in the pile that she could see light filtering around. She struggled for a moment, her joints feeling unstable in themselves as she began to lever against the rock with her feet and shoved against the larger rock with her shoulders and neck as hard as she could.

[tab]Her knee joints shuddered and buckled slightly before the rubble shuddered loose, rolling forward. She wasn’t too concerned about her knee joints-- she couldn’t move them to begin with, so it wasn’t going to hinder her movement any more than it already had been. She planted her heels on the floor of the other side of the wall, easing herself through the hole-- a somewhat practiced maneuver as it was standard practice for an ESAID to be sent into tunnel systems and other tight places for maintenance. She’d come to understand that the reasoning was that it was easier to replace a Sadie than it was to replace a human, and she was in no place to argue that. ESAIDs were designed with the purpose in mind anyway.

[tab]She managed to slide herself halfway through the wall of collapsed material, and then helped herself the rest of the way through with her slightly more limber arms, and managed after a long moment. Thankfully, her mechanics that mimicked the human spine were encased in a thick layer of silicone, and seemed to have suffered the least damage in comparison with her limbs, so sitting up once she had slid through the wall was easy.

[tab]The room was also fairly dark, though lighter thanks to the sunlight that drifted in through the doorway to the outside. She stared up across the room, making out the shape of a human, though the dark shadows cast over them were dark, and not even her lights were able to reach that far across the room.

[tab]She managed to make out a streak of gingery hair, and a smile quirked up on her face.

[tab][Share+Tech+Mono [+blue “Creator. It is good to see you're still alive.”]]
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[tab]Luciano twisted the cigarette between his fingers, thinking over his life and his work, and wondering how the world would have treated him differently had he been born before the catastrophe that had befallen their world and had nearly wiped out the human race. It was what he thought about a lot-- life was pretty unfulfilling when all he did all day was to help with farming and end his day with coming out for a smoke to watch the sunset.

[tab]He closed his eyes, taking another deep inhale on the cig, closing his eyes for a moment to listen to the world around him as he slowly exhaled. He could hear the distant calling of birds and the shuffling of the animals that had survived the intense poisoning from the fungicides via one method or another. A gentle breeze caught his hair, swaying his ponytail and cooling the side of his face. He could hear the rustle of leaves of the creeping vines and other foliage that was reclaiming the city.

[tab]He could almost imagine it. He had read about it so many times in the books that they’d found over the years, the ones that didn’t hold anything to learn, the pages yellowed and smelling slightly of decay about the bright lights and sounds of the city a hundred years prior, where the ESAIDs worried about making sure there was no crime and where people were able to focus on other things-- things like art and science. It was almost the birth of a renaissance, it probably would have been had the disease not struck at the moment just before the cusp and so quickly killed so many people.

[tab]He would have liked to have learned how to paint, or perhaps how to properly give tattoos. It wasn’t exactly top priority now to be giving tattoos, but he’d always been fond of them, even when they began to fade. There was something beautiful about the nature of the tattoo being attached to an impermanent form. He’d done most of his own, at least, but that was a rare occasion when he knew he’d have the time to care for them properly and wasn’t risking infection with harvesting or digging or planting.

[tab]Or maybe he could have been someone else. Someone even greater. Instead, he was stuck here-- his eye claimed by a disease that he’d contracted while he was young and they had struggled to get rid of-- something that supposedly there had once been a simple remedy for, and it had partially blinded him and meant for extensive surgeries to try and salvage what they could of his sight. He was bound to be working in the soil for the rest of his life, only getting the occasional reprieve to come to the surface and smoke. If he was lucky, very lucky, maybe one day he’d be farming on the above ground-- able to see the sun every day and able to safely feel the grass beneath himself. It was pleasant, from what he’d read, but he’d never been lucky enough to find out with so much wild grass growing.

[tab]Not likely, but he could dream.

[tab]The sun sunk lower in the sky, casting the long purples hues of dusk, and Luciano took note. He made quick work of his cigarette, finishing the rest of the tobacco and stomping it out once he was done. He picked up the butt, he’d been farming long enough to know that it wasn’t going to break down on it’s own, so he made a habit of placing them into one of the many rusted trash cans that managed to still stand.

[tab]He wasn’t about to stay out after dark, and so he began his trek back to the bunker, wondering if there had been any good news to trickle down to the others from the researchers that were out exploring and looking for salvageable information.

[tab]His mind wandered back to the thought of getting to lay on the grass someday, and he silently vowed to himself that he would make it happen himself, if he had to, with a wistful smile. He could hardly believe himself, nostalgic for something he’d never even had.
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[#ee64b7 "Ah-"] Wait, what time was it? Adeleide rolled over in place, feeling the soft rustle of paper. [#ee64b7 "Wren?"] Where had he gotten off to? Pulling the scraps of a technological text from beneath herself, she carefully organised the sheets before binding them with a makeshift clip. Office supplies, of all things, were in short stock. But then, she supposed, it had always been that way.

She wasn't much for many skills, but she helped where she could. Helping to keep things running smoothly where she could, she tended to see where she could be of help when it came to keeping basic functions on line. The only issue was, short of scavenging for remnants of the past or helping out with the agricultural front, there wasn't a whole lot to be done. Making rounds quietly, she searched for any signs of help needed. Seemed like for the most part, folk just wanted to be left alone. Working your ass off all day only to come to the conclusion that you had advanced so little if anything at all was a difficult thing to accept.

Still, Adele couldn't shake the feeling that she didn't pull her weight enough. Typically, her work consisted of aiding Wren in his work, but when her assistance was no longer a necessity, it was difficult to justify just loafing about on the premises.

Where the hell was that man, anyway?

[#ee64b7 [i Probably skulking around out there in the world.]] She'd track him down when the time came, but until then, it couldn't hurt to try salvaging some of these texts and turning them into coherent pieces of literature. Everyone else was hard at work trying to provide sustenance. The least she could do was ensure that all of their progress didn't go unaccounted for.

[pic http://i.imgur.com/Uu02gye.png]

[pic http://i.imgur.com/zicfl3G.jpg?1]

[pic http://i.imgur.com/vhSLU7N.png]

Head dropping into his hands, Wren contemplated his next move. One of his largest concerns was their water sources. They needed a way to safely filter what they could find, or they were looking at an eventual shortage and potentially running out of the stuff altogether. It wasn't like they were living on indefinite terms here. Even rain water could be dangerous being that whatever lingered in the atmosphere could potentially be brought down along with it.

Frustration left him fuming in his crouch, long fingers laced atop his head as puzzled out his latest obsession. Save for the soft breeze, there was barely a stir. Most were just about bringing their day to a close, so it wasn't likely anyone would be wandering beyond the safety of the bunker at such an hour. Well... not far, anyway.

Inhaling slowly, he began to run through his dilemma again, gradually falling into his silent obsession when something reached his ears. It was faint, but he picked up on it nevertheless. An animal, perhaps? Then the sound of grating echoed from somewhere nearby; it was unmistakable. Reminded him much of the sound the hinges of a weathered gate made when it got a little momentum going.

[#9f81b1 "The fuck...?"] Suspicion immediately brought him to his feet. It didn't sound like an animal, but humans were just about as dangerous as it got. It wasn't like just because they were 'nearly extinct', everyone suddenly had a golden heart and would 'do a brother no harm'. Certain things were valuable, and as far as he was concerned, what he was carrying? It was crucial when pretty much everything was in such low supply.

[#9f81b1 "Hullo?"] raising his voice a little, he allowed it to carry, knowing damned well that sort of thing could backfire. Not that he couldn't defend himself if it came down to it, but he wasn't in the mood to be scrapping this time around. Today was just [i not] the day.]
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[tab]Sadie felt something hit her face and roll down her cheek, and she thought, for a moment, that there was something wrong with that. Her thoughts were still dulled with sleep as she opened her eyes, it was like she hadn’t quite fully booted up yet. She wondered how long she’d been in sleep mode for it to be taking this long to warm up and begin to react. Her memory was hazy, she needed to get back on track quickly so that she could get up and begin to help her master, she was sure he needed her to help him with his research bright and early this morning.

[tab]It was dark, and it was surprisingly silent for the laboratory. She stared at the ceiling for a long moment, struggling to get control of her limbs again, the sinking suspicion that there was something wrong settled into her, though she couldn’t really identify why.

[tab]She sat up slowly, her joints whining loudly with the creak of rusted metal and she was surprised-- or at least, the closest approximation that she had to surprise, and she stared around the room, trying to place herself. This certainly wasn’t the laboratory, where was she?

[tab]The lights in her body flickered to life, casting a blue glow that reflected off the dust she’d kicked up when she moved-- it was clear this room hadn’t seen movement in a very long time, and it was about then that the memories began rearranging themselves in order.

[tab][i Oh. Right.] She wasn’t supposed to be awake at all, she was almost sure to die of poisoning from the fungicides-- and immediately a sense of urgency filled her. Had something gone wrong? Had the fungicides failed to work? Or was everyone still down in the vaults. She felt the urgency to move, but her rusted joints slowed her movements. It took her a moment to actually shift to her side and find the ground with her feet. She felt another little [i plop] on her head, and she realized that the ceiling must have been leaking in water and making her joints rust. It had to have been a little while, then. The building had been in top shape-- so unless there had been seismic activity the structure should still have been sound.

[tab]Her joints protested as she got to her feet and began to walk, and it made a horrible, tremendous noise, but she needed to see how things were. Just because she’d lucky enough to survive didn’t mean that she had the time to be still and stop working for the human race. It was her duty, and it was her passion. Not to mention that the prospect of seeing her creator, the person she cared for the most, again was an exciting prospect.

[tab]Sadie managed to make it to the opposite door before she had to rest, she doubted that she would make it to the bunker with any sort of speed with her joints this rusted. She was almost afraid to snap apart her hip joints at this rate, just how long had rust been eating away at the integrity of her machinery?

[tab]While she was still for a moment, she heard distant noise, and she glanced up through the crumbling bits of roof that had collapse to try and see if there was, indeed someone there. There were soft noises, but no one in sight. She could hope that someone would hear if she spoke-- provided she could still speak. It was worth a shot.

[tab][+blue [share+tech+mono “Is anyone there?”]]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/QXiV3AS.png?1]]

[tab]Luciano had his hair pulled back out of his eye into a tight ponytail, but that didn’t stop him from swearing under the searing heat of the grow-lights above him as he carefully sifted through the leaves of the plants, looking for ripe fruits and checking to make sure that there was no blight. You’d think with as much fungicide as had began to seep into the soil they’d harvested that there was no way that blight had survived, though it seemed that the fungi had only just managed to get stronger in the long run after the strains of the weak ones died off. Thankfully, none of their food had tested positive for the virus that had first put them into this situation, but it was still better safe than sorry to be really careful for any fungus that grows-- especially blight because it was so close to their food sources.

[tab]Luciano had never wanted to be a farmer, exactly, but it wasn’t like he had much of a choice. They needed food, and it wasn’t like anyone else who was a farmer really wanted to be one either. God he hated having to dig around in the dirt, he got it underneath his fingernails and made him feel scummy and gross for the whole fucking day. He repeated to himself that he didn’t have any choice if he wanted to eat, and it was true.

[tab]He finished the row of crops that he was focused on and then glanced at the other people who were checking the plants for harvest and tending to them. He hoisted the large bucket of food that he had gathered up and propped it under his arm against his hip, carrying it carefully through the facility and into the next rooms over, where the other staffed caretakers would sort through the vegetables and fruit to see which ones could be used for replanting and which would be used for food. Thankfully, his job was done for right now, which meant that he could move on to bigger and better things for the rest of the night.

[tab]He adjusted his clothes, too exhausted to bother with a shower and change right now when he knew that he was just going to wind up getting dirty again anyway, considering he planned on going outside the facility.

[tab]He walked slowly through the vaulted doors to the bunker, ascending the stairwell towards the outside world, stepping towards the outside world, rather than remaining inside. He knew that the outside world was still pretty dangerous, even though now it was more the risk of something falling over on you rather than the risk of getting infected with a virus anymore, the point stood. Not to mention the fact that there were some less than savory wild plants that had begun to move in.

[tab]Mostly, he just wanted to see the outside. Living under fluorescent lights got depressing after a while. He dug in his pockets, tugging out a pair of sunglasses and putting those on, knowing that it was going to strain his eyes going outside otherwise because the sun was brighter than it could ever be underground.
[tab]He also tugged out a cigarette-- a bad habit he’d picked up from his mom of all people, and lit that as well, taking a drag on it. He knew that he’d need to kick it soon-- cigarettes weren’t exactly top priority now, and they’d stopped growing tobacco a long time ago-- he was living off their stockpile.

[tab]He blew the smoke out through his mouth as he walked, leaning against a building down the street, where through the gaps in the collapsed buildings, he could see the sun setting. It was a pleasant end to a long day.
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[pic http://i.imgur.com/vhSLU7N.png]
Life often came in many shades. Sometimes very [i ugly] ones, if you weren't all that lucky. It was easy to imagine that at some point in time, society had carried on completely unawares to the dangers underfoot - lurking. What must that have been like? Was it so different from life as they knew it now? Wasn't it just the same? Drifting through each day, never suspecting that anything so horrendous would ever happen. Never imagining that life would virtually grind to a halt - that all would simply... fall apart.

[i [#9f81b1 It isn't so different now...]] At the very least, so Wren suspected. Each day now was just as tentative as it must have been then. At any given moment, everything could simply disintegrate - degrade into less than what they'd managed to salvage of society since all had practically gone to hell.

Even then, though, Wren was operating purely on lore. He wasn't [i there]. It was before his time. Before everything had gotten all screwed up and the world had gone sideways.

Beating feet down cracked pavement, he scanned the nearby alleys, avoiding broken glass and discarded piles of decaying junk where he could. Anything that looked like it might be of use, he salvaged, but there wasn't a lot to be salvaged these days.

On his back was a knapsack. He kept only necessities and what he managed to rescue in there. These days, the redhead felt more like an explorer than anything. He told himself it was simply 'field work'. This was all going to amount to something. He was going to, at the very least, make something useful somehow.

The problem was, when it came to scavenging, there was little to find. Their agricultural system had been so efficient back then, that apparently nobody had ever thought to have a damned backup plan. Why bother storing up seeds, eh, when you could engineer nearly anything you wanted by simply cloning them?

Great. Swell. Wonderful. Except, how did you establish a food source when everything went to hell and more or less the entirety of the lands were contaminated? Not so easy a task, all considered, but there had to be a way. Knowledge was power, so this whole expedition was mostly just an attempt to find some answers. It was all anyone seemed to search for these days.

Disappointed and a little beyond the stage of exhausted, he made aimless rounds. Movement tended to give Wren inspiration, so maybe this would spark a little something? He navigated thoughtfully about the bounds of the bunker, unsure of what he was really searching for but hopeful that something would come to him. An idea, an answer? Anything more than the unrealistic expectations he'd set for himself when he'd first ventured beyond the 'safety' of the bunkers walls in search of resources.

posting up against one of the far walls, he dropped his knapsack at his feet and sank to a crouch, fingers pushing through length red locks. It was getting long again. Maybe he'd just braid some of it back to keep it out of the way. It'd be easier than struggling to cut it again.

Gaze falling to the ground beneath his boots, he completely zoned out, disappearing up into his head again as he so frequently did lately. He was at a loss. The most he'd been able to come up with in a week had been a few parts that [i might] just be good for some sort of small-scale production of energy. The sort that could power something very small and relatively basic, but... for all of that, it was difficult enough finding anything that wasn't too far gone already. Especially when he wasn't the only one snatching it up where they could.

[#9f81b1 "Could really use a win right about now,"] That was for damned sure.]
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