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Sunny, hardly every cloudy. A perfect little town on the coast of a picture perfect lake. Shady Lake a place that posed as a community tolerant of Vampires and humans.

Over 100 years ago, after a very long war between the species Humans and Vampires came to an accord that allowed coexisting between the two to exist. However this was the humans world and rules were set in place to regulate the vampires in the communities.

Drinking blood from a non-willing human was punishable by death.
Infecting a human to turn them into a vampire was punishable by death.
Marriage between the two was highly discouraged.

Though to keep the vampires from rising up in the community they were given two representatives of their own kind to serve in the council of various towns.

Highly Populated cities were operated much differently basically turning each major city into either Human or Vampire controlled city.

Here in Shady Lake, the vampires were well aware of how controlled they were, and began to operate as a mafia behind the facade of councilmen and business owners. It was strange town, one that heavily relied on tradition. Children were expected and pushed into the careers of their parents, holidays were publicly celebrated. But just like any small town everyone knew almost everyone. So when a new person comes into town everyone notices.

Vampires have lived in this realm for nearly 100 years, Other species seemed to have followed suit for various reasons. Finally making the vampires no longer bottom of the totem pole.

With heavy control weighing on the non-humans talks of a new revolution are rising. Those few humans sympathetic to the non-humans cause are eager to join the cause as well.

What happens when these talks reach Shady Lake?

Vampires age slowly than humans by around 2 years meaning they live longer but also take longer to develop in the womb.
There are two sets of vampires.

Pure Vampires who have enhanced abilities such as sight and hearing, also due to the purity of their blood each vampire is born with a unique gift.

Lesser Vampires or those who are not purely of the vampiric race are hidden from society. They feed on energy and auras of those around them. They can be emphatic

There have been accounts of various other species that have migrated to this realm many of which are undocumented and little is known about them.


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There were perks to living close to the East Coast. Shady Lake was tranquil and quite ordinary. There were times, mostly the start of winter, and some summers when there was trouble. A mundane week later, there was a second welcome home present for Freya. A freak storm.

At nine it had been nice, if not a little muggy, at five it had began to become unbearable with a troop of dark gray low hanging clouds. Finally at night it began to rain hard, angry purple clouds gave into loud thunder and bright, flashing lightning.

All night Freya listened to the wind, before deciding to take a seat on the balcony and watched calmly with at least three beers and snacks.

In the morning, the humidity was fading, but the air was at least free. There was damage from the storm all around. Walking with Clara, she watched as the others were cleaning up after that storm.

[b "Huh, it looks like that old theatre finally came down...Remember going to a movie there like...twenty years ago..."] Freya gave a small laugh. Oh, wow, those were memories. From what she knew that theatre had been closed for years now.

Watching the humans she glanced back to Clara. [b "Do you ever wish that you could break that stupid tradition and marry who you want to? I mean...that guy has a great ass."]

That guy, meaning, Xavier only she didn't know any names. [b "Let's invite him to lunch."]
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/vVK5WdR.jpg?1]]
[b “The ceiling fan is lopsided.”] Clara said with a sigh. She rolled over from her back to her side looking at her cousin. She wanted to welcome her to her life but knew that would be childish. [b “I’m sorry Frey, I know it sucks but this town isn’t [I that] bad.”] she paused. From an outsider, they would either see this place as cute or cult-like. [b “I mean it’s bad. Not ideal but not unbearable.”]

Clara shut up, not really knowing what to say. Outside of the family and out in the town she was conditioned to behave with a regal demeanor. Think elegant and long, she could remember her mother instructing, like an empress.

The sound of her father’s car made Clara perk up. Given a few more minutes her father would be away from the house, probably some meeting or something. She waited a few minutes after her father left.
[b “Hey, would you mind covering for me?”] she whispered to her cousin. [b “I just need to go for a walk. I’ll be back ten minutes tops.”]
She didn’t wait for an answer but instead opened her window. Her room was on the second floor of the manor, but this was not her first time out the window. That was the thing about vampires, they lived longer, and matured slower. At times Clara still behaved like a teenager, then again, she was never treated like anything else.

She climbed out the window using the trellis she convinced her father was there for her rose garden, and quickly headed off the property of the manor.

She stuck close to the shadows and buildings. She didn’t know who else was lurking out, and if it was one of her father’s men she knew she would never hear the end of it. Clara knew where she wanted to go, it was the docks. Something about the water always called to her.
The air had a chill to it, and it felt like the beginning of autumn, it was uncommon for a night in the middle of summer to lack the heat and humidity from the water. But still she kept heading towards the docks. The breeze began to pick up and she regretted not wearing a sweater or long sleeves.

The docks were empty, she took a deep breath in reveling in desolate feeling of the water and night time. Clara crawled the edge of the dock taking her shoes off and kicking her feet back and forth allowing the soles of her feet to skim across the cold water. She sat there for a while, loosing track of time just listening to the waves and kicking her feet. Although she sat alone, she never felt as free as she did at the docks.
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If possible, the earliest years of her life could be compared to fragments of a movie. Each had a different story, tone, and undercurrent. Some spoke of Magnus of a hero with free will, a man who left and lived a free life, he came back ten years later with a child. Mostly it was Uncle Alister that spoke of her father, the others refused to talk about it. The other story was from years ago from a council member named Rachelle that said he broke tradition. He ran out to cause trouble for others, and found a woman that wasn't a good woman. Killed her but kept the baby and then later found himself in trouble and got himself killed.

It was entirely possible that Rachelle had been burned by Magnus. Somehow Freya had thought that if she followed his path she might find her own answers.

[b "Won't the other council members find that offensive, sir? I'm just a spawn from a succubus and a renegade,"] Freya answered without any maliciousness. The idea of a threat towards half breeds like herself was unsettling and not surprising.

Opening her mouth, she then closed it, knowing it was useless. Picking her battles would be best. [b "So, I'm stuck here again...great. Well, thank you."]

Back at the room, she glanced around with frustration looking to Clara with great annoyance. It wasn't towards her, it was about the situation. [b "Your dad says I can't say anything. Basically, I'm grounded here until the situation cools off. What's been going on here?"]

What has been going on everywhere? There was undercurrents of hate, love, and change everywhere. It was becoming nervewrecking for those dragged into the in between like herself.
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/vVK5WdR.jpg?1]] It wasn’t long before they were back at the manor. Alistair waited impatiently on the balcony that over looked the foyer of the home. He stood there regal and powerful. His pale skin highlighted by the now setting sun.
[+crimson “Leave us.”] he ordered his daughter as he turned to go down stairs. For a moment Clara stood unmoving in quiet protest of her father’s orders, until his sharp gaze caught her. She bowed her head knowing that this was just the customs of their life. Orders are given and orders are obeyed.
Alistair descended the stair case and stood before his niece and smiled. [+crimson “Look at how you’ve grown…”] he said gently caressing her face. She reminded him of his brother. [+crimson “You were so young when Magnus died. I doubt you have many memories of him if any at all.”] he cleared his throat and took a step back.
[+crimson “My brother, your father was strong, and loyal but he listened to his heart more often than he should. My point being is that you are not safe being what you are and all. There have been whispers of revolution in the cities. Pure blood vampires killing those who are not like them, and those sympathetic to the humans. Before your father left us, I promised to keep you safe in the event of something like this happening. That is what I intend to do. “] Alistair began to pace.
[+crimson “I expect you to keep this between us, but I fear I will be gone soon too. I have been slowly trying to show how she will be expected to act in my stead, and I would be honored if you took the place your father held, by my side. If you would I will train you in the ways of the second in command. You will attend council meetings alongside my daughter, and when the time comes you will fight beside her and her beside you, this is your choice but it will offer you protection and a place for you to belong. Either way, you must stay in the town whether you accept my offer or not. You will not leave this town.”] He cleared his throat once again, then turned away from her. [+crimson “I will have Derick show you to Clara’s room, you will share with her until your room is ready. I was expecting your trip to take much longer than it did.”]
The man waved his hand, and Derick vampire emerged from a shadowed covered corner of the room. [+darkred “This way if you would Miss Freya.”] he said as he led the way toward the room.

Meanwhile Clara had been in her room watching the light from the sun recede with night falls encroachment. She hated that still at her age she was treated as a child and she hated it even more that she was practically conditioned to listen. She couldn’t wait until Freya was in the room with her alone, perhaps she would be able to get some information out of her of what exactly was going on.
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It was like this in every town. Whatever she stopped at a town there was humans and vampires, the vampires investigated Freya every time, and she moved on until she had found a city. The city was another story. That had been fun. Freya lamented leaving the city yet she was hunted for whatever reason. The name of family was a laugh. If they weren't old wet blankets than they would have tap danced when she decided to leave fifteen years ago.

[b "Oh, I was just looking for you, too. Good job Sheriff,"] Freya flashed a bright smile towards him. Inwardly, she was groaning, this was hopefully going to take longer than the first few minutes back.

Looking towards Clara, she couldn't help but feel some sort of regret. She looked nearly the same. Nearly the same except a little more age. It really didn't help that they aged slower than humans which made it a pain in the ass when it came to bars.

[b "I much rather have my teeth pulled, but sure...That explains being hunted down and dragged back,"] Freya couldn't hide that tone. Straightening, as if preparing for battle she nodded to the sheriff before approaching Clara.

Oh, this would be awful. Hopefully there would be a few quick words. Then he would let her go and she'd run off to the happy city where she actually had been happy.

Giving a sideways look, amber eyes looking curious. [b "So, uh, any idea why I was followed over two hundred miles and gently coerced into coming back?"]
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/vVK5WdR.jpg?1]]
Find her, bring her back to the manor, there is a danger bubbling to the surface in the cities. Those were her orders. Her father suspected some traitors in the group and trusted her to bring home his brother’s daughter. She asked about the danger he spoke of, but she could not get even a cryptic answer. Just silence. She was not a councilwoman yet, and it was not her place to ask questions. For many vampires, especially those who were from old families they were set in their ways. They had traditions of their own and seemed to like the segregation in place between the humans and vampires. Clara had always assumed that the old families, the ones with power and born into a privileged state, has an agenda all their own. A plan that had been in the works for years. She knew better than ask about it, or even let anyone know she suspected something.

The fair was as busy as expected, even though finding the odd girl out seemed easy the crowd was much too large for her to comb through effectively. Clara past the beer tent as Jonah Whales the top detective in the town came out from it. She called out for him, but it didn’t seem like he had heard her. She tried again but still no response. She tried to follow him through the crowd but couldn’t keep up.

Finally she caught up to him, and as luck would have it he was already talking to Freya; her cousin.
[b “Detective, are you psychic? I was just going to ask you help me find Freya here.”] she said jokingly. These things sort have happened to him, he was very good at finding things and people even if by accident.

She looked over to the young woman. She wasn’t a pure blood, that could be sensed, but still she was family. [b “Hello Freya, ready to head back to the manor? There is some important matters my father needs to speak with you about.”] elegant as she should be in public. Curiosity was very unbecoming for a woman of her stature but she wanted so desperately to ask if Freya knew what was going on, if she had the answers her father refused to give.
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It seemed unfeasible to Freya that there was places that did not change. The scenery was the same, the brown stone buildings the same, and it almost looked as if the people was. Of course, Freya didn't remember most of them. Oh, there was that new coffee place, Starbucks. That was new at least.

Freya picked this day to arrive mostly for the sake of avoiding attention. The woman was slender, had the leather jacket, and some gracefully aged brown boots on that buckled. To add to the image, she even had a motorcycle.

Where was Clara? That was the woman that Freya was here to see. Her uncle had been most insistent on seeing her, even sent someone to track her down across the coast. If he wanted her that bad now, she couldn't imagine what he'd do across the seas. Glancing around, she smoothed down the frazzled helmet hair.

That was when she was bulldozed to the ground on her search for her cousin. About to ask what was wrong with that person- she looked over to the male. Not too shabby. [b "That's a wonderful apology,"] Freya commented dryly, taking his hand. Though she pushed herself up, brushing the grass off of her pants. [b "Eh, you could say that. I'm looking for Clara. Have you seen her?"]

The aura was perpetually lazy, yet more, it was curious. She tilted her head towards him before giving a smile. [b "I'm Freya."]

Shady Lake loved to celebrate a person, there was vampires they celebrated, there was humans. Xavier knew that was Jonah. He had been lucky enough to been born into a more high profile career.

Xavier watched the conversation between the new woman and Jonah, then as the vampire, Clara walked was trying to get Jonah's attention. He had a mission...just how did he go about doing it?
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/nqQsY9r.jpg?1]]

It was exhausting. Well at least for Jonah it was. People had gathered around and he was on duty. Making sure nothing were to go wrong. Keeping tabs on the beer tent mainly. Holidays always seemed to give people an excuse to drink. Jonah hated it. Not the drinking, in fact drinking was one of his favorite hobbies. It was the people he hated. He hated the crowd, he hated the fact that he swore an oath to protect them. In this town it was mainly to make sure they didn’t get too drunk and caused a scene.

Shady Lakes was a rather well behaved town compared to some of the stories he heard from newly transferred officers and detectives. Of course there was crime in the town as any place. The occasional robbery and murder but nothing compared to the cities. As much as he hated the town and as hard as worked to prove that he was the most incompetent detective to have ever lived on in the town still fate seemed to have want him there.

Jonah stood close to the opening of the beer tent. As drinking usually encouraged an argument sparked. “Hit him.” Jonah called out hoping to fuel the brawl, simply to defy his position as a detective. Although as fate usually did, it seemed to backfire.

“You’re right.” said the one drunk man. “Hitting him would solve nothing. Thank you Detective Whales.” The man said before apologizing to his adversary, and returned to drinking with the man.

Jonah rolled his eyes and grumbled before leaving the tent, to wander around the fair. He didn’t care to pay attention to those around him.

“Good Evening Detective Whales.” a familiar voice called from behind him.

He pretended not to hear Clara, the councilman’s daughter. He had spent many meetings with the council, and had met Clara through them. She was a vampire. Which he didn’t mind. In fact he didn’t dislike vampires like many of the officers and police force

“Jonah.” She called out again as he continued to pretend to not hear her. He was going to head home, maybe grab some of the greasy grub the town tried to pass for food during event like these.

He could hear the click of her shoes against the pavement, prompting him to move faster and to weave through the crowd and to evade her.

The town hero, it was something many would describe him as, although he wasn’t sure why. No, he did know why; he just didn’t know how. Everything he did was a rebellion against the police force. They wanted him to go left, he would go right and just happen to bump into the criminal they were after. He encouraged a fight but somehow stop it before it began. It seemed like it was a running joke for fate to do this to him. It knew he hated everything about his job, and yet it was determined to make him the best.

He had accomplished in evading the Clara, but in his accomplishment he had not been fully paying attention accidently bumping into a young woman knocking her over and falling back himself. “You’re new.” he said dryly as he got up from the ground. He brushed himself off, and promptly offered a hand to help her up.

He studied the young woman. She was indeed new, but he couldn’t for sure group her into either vampire or human. He looked at her as he tried to make up his mind whether she was human or not.
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It was a strange thing to celebrate a hundred years of an invasion. It was almost as if the nation was saying 'hey, we tried, have some fireworks, anyway'. It was exactly a hundred years ago on this day. They had came, the humans had fought, and instead of facing genocide they compromised. That was why there was vampire only businesses and buildings. There were jobs, such as his, just ten minutes outside of town, where humans worked.

Xavier was supposed to be cheery. People here loved this holiday. There was a faire, fireworks, and reminders that they had lost the battle. His family was cheery and loved anything that involved getting along. Pacifist to a new level.

He couldn't help but take a bite of the cotton candy, glancing around, knowing who was who. In a population it wasn't entirely difficult to not that.

"Hey, Xavier! I thought you were going to bring that date with," Michael clapped him on the lap. Michael, the annoying co worker, and wife on his arm.

As it went in a small town, most of those he had went to high school with was now married, working the same jobs as their father and did everything that their fathers did. Once, Xavier hadn't minded but coming back from Philadelphia changed it all.

"Nah, she bailed at the last minute," Xavier gave an empty laugh and smile. He was a cheerful person, except on this holiday. "It just makes it easier to go home with someone with a visitor, right?"

"Right on," Michael laughed before patting his back again and walked off.

"Yeah, that's never happened, never will," Xavier shook his head. Glancing around he spotted someone new. She was petite, pretty, wearing jeans with holes in it, a jacket on, with a helmet in hand. Darting and weaving gracefully.

She was new, that he knew of, but was very familiar moving to where some of the vampires would be. Was more coming to this town? That thought wasn't pleasing.
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