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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/uDaaLru.png]] [google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Josefin+Sans] [josefin+sans [size15 After looking around the city, she decided to go back to the Library. Perhaps the Keeper knew where they were. So without further ado, she gathered her scythe, then tapped it. All you needed was an item from Hell to enter Hell. All of a sudden she was in the library.]]

[josefin+sans [size15 As she saw the other's gathered around the Keeper, she rushed towards them. And wondered what was going on. She was about to ask. but then hesitated.]]
[josefin+sans [size15 All of a sudden, the Keeper walked up to her. And gave her a black envelope “Masked figures will be dazzled with starlight and stones from the earth, but do not be decided even the friendliest of faces can be one of an enemy.” He repeated the riddle to her, since she was in New Orleon's when he said it.]]

[josefin+sans [size15 She frowned, then opened the letter. Seeing that they were invited to a party. Then she thought about the riddle, perhaps this was what the Keeper was talking about? [I "Masked figures will be dazzled with starlight and stones from the Earth"] she didn't know what [I "but do not be decided even the friendliest of faces can be one one of the enemy"] meant. Then she revised [I "even the friendliest of faces can be one one of the enemy"] and thought who would be the enemy.]]

[josefin+sans [size15 When Andras asked about the dresses, Enya disagreed, but she didn't say anything. If they weren't wearing dresses, then it would look odd. After all, it was a ball.]]

[josefin+sans [size15 However, how was she going to get a dress? she didn't have any money.]]
[josefin+sans [size15 "I don't think so." She replied. Besides, how was she going to fight in a dress?]]

[josefin+sans [size15 Whilst she was pondering on whether to get a dress or not. She decided she would first visit her Family. And friend's. She didn't have any Parent's, but she had a Brother and a Sister. However, she hadn't seen them in ages. So perhaps it wasn't such a good idea.]]

[josefin+sans [size15 "I'm ready when you are." she said, as she waited for the other's to head out.]]

[josefin+sans [size15 Whilst she was waiting, she decided to have a look at some of the books. Some of them held a history about the Oldest Magic in New Orleon's. She decided to open it. And found a language she couldn't understand. Latin. She sighed. And put the book back. Wondering what to do next.]]

[josefin+sans [size15 She decided to ask the Keeper about this new found Magic. But he wasn't very helpful.]]
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/EhEYc7D.png]] [google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Josefin+Sans] [josefin+sans [size14 When August had told the news to Daamaris, she didn't seem surprised, and didn't ask question's "Christopher Silvers, huh?" He followed her to the computer. They found a public website 'Oldest Magic in New Orleans', and he's twelve? he would have been impressed if he didn't kill his friend.]]
[josefin+sans [size14 When Damaris suddenly slouched into the chair; he frowned, wondering what was wrong with her.]]
[josefin+sans [size14 Anyway, after looking at the web page, he asked, "What do we do now?"]]
[josefin+sans "[size14 Well it's obvious, isn't it? We have to go." she then showed them the picture of the witch and the address.]
[josefin+sans [size14 When Damaris was finished, he said "but what if it's a trap?" as they were invited. And what were they going to do once they were at the ball? the witch was immortal.]]
[josefin+sans [size14 Then she offered them a smile. He tried to smile back. But it was strained. As he was worried about the ball. The oldest magic of new Orleons against four demigod's. They would have to be careful.]]

[josefin+sans [size14 "Our time zone is only, like, an hour ahead of that one, so if we leave now, we should be able to settle down into the city for a bit before going to crash the party. I definitely don't have anything ball-worthy so I might stick out a little, you know? But what kinda person really keeps extravagant ball gowns hanging around their house?"]

[josefin+sans [size14 August agreed. He knew he didn't keep extravagant ball gowns or suits around the house. But he knew someone who did.]]
[josefin+sans [size14 His Father.]]
[josefin+sans [size14 He once had a Mansion the Mortal world. And still does. But he decided to stay in Mount Olympus and not do anything about the Mansion. Since he is a God.]
[josefin+sans [size14 "Well, I know someone who does. But i'm not sure if it's still there. So I think i'll be going there before New Orleons." he stated. He would have told Damaris. But he wasn't sure about her trust. He didn't want to give her one of his Mother's dresses if she was going to betray them again. Also that place would be where he was staying until the party was over.]]

[center [josefin+sans [size14 Several hours later]]]
[josefin+sans [size14 Luckily one of his Fathers suits fits, and so he made his way to New Orleons, when he had arrived. He saw Christopher standing at the entrance.]]
[josefin+sans [size14 After his introduction. Maximillian walked inside the house. He could barely move. He wondered where the other's were.]]
[josefin+sans [size14 What was he supposed to do until then?]]
[josefin+sans [size14 He decided to look around. If he could. See if he could find James.]]
[josefin+sans [size14 But as soon as he got to the stairs. He saw two pieces of rope attached to the landing. So he didn't.]]
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[font "Times New Roman" Andras' heart started to beat harder out of barely withheld anger as she brought herself back to the library. She dreaded the place because all of her experiences with it were associated with the Keeper trying to assimilate her.]

[font "Times New Roman" When she had first died, Hades let her rot in Punishment. She had an endless amount of suffering every day. The way Punishment worked, it was personally suited to each and every soul, so you'd get what was coming to you. No one was too tough to scream. Sometimes, in the strange almost-not-rotting periods, she could hear the pain of others. In her previous life on earth, she thrived in it. It was her favorite music and only soundtrack. Then it had become the only thing she ever heard and she had become tired of her own voice.]

[font "Times New Roman" Hades rescued her so now she owed him. For eternity. He hadn't offered her any kind of plea regarding her service and working her way into Pleasure. She supposed none of them did.]

[font "Times New Roman" Keeper glanced at her only briefly when she entered. Such fond friends had no need to reintroduce themselves.]

[font "Times New Roman" When she was handed her envelope, she turned it around, upside down, and sniffed it. It wasn't just the ordinary envelope you could buy for a shilling; it was very obvious money was put into this. She already envied the witch and his arrogance.]

[font "Times New Roman" When the Centurion spoke--she practiced his name in her head--she tried to follow, but didn't move to open her envelope first. She waited for him to do it, and then the other woman--Lilian? Lila? L something--before doing it herself. She panicked seeing the English, mumbling under her breath to sound the words out.]

[font "Times New Roman" [+olive Wel...com-e... wait. E silent. Welcome. Och...o-c-c-upant. Welcome occupant or occupants."] She smiled to herself, but the victory was short-lived because The Centurion was done with the invitation at that point. She saw the word [i masquerade] and gave up anyway.]

[font "Times New Roman" The woman looked to Keeper for help, but he was gone. Now it was just them.]

[font "Times New Roman" The L-named woman--[i Lilith!]--grabbed the other female GHOST--[i Onion]?-- and spoke to her, and it took Andras a minute to translate it in her head. Although she grinned at getting to play--she'd certainly play with her assigned demigod--there was something that worried her. [+olive "Dresses?"] Even before she died she wasn't too fond of them. They were uncomfortable and weren't too good at hiding weapons that took the lives of men. [+olive "I will not. Dress are uncom-comfour--I do not like them."] She shook her head in case her words didn't get the point across that she was going for. [+olive "It is needed for mission? Or we can go?"]]

[font "Times New Roman" She had no family to say goodbye to, or at least none she bothered to communicate with after death. She wrote herself little letters before each mission that were kept in her room [i just in case]... but they'd go to no one. Most likely an assistant would find them and feed them to Hades who would hand them off to Keeper. They'd end up in the Underworld's trash. The fact that this did not bother her at all said a lot about her human life alone.]
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[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/rFSxzru.png]]
[center [left [pic http://i.imgur.com/UJXftRN.png]]]
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Josefin+Sans]
[center [size15 [Josefin+Sans Just before Lilith walked through the door to the Library she heard a low chuckle that caused her to stop. Releasing a sigh of annoyance, the dark-haired woman settled a hand on her hip and turned to look to her right, [#6B8E23 [b "Christopher, is there something I can do for you?"]] Lilith asked in a very condescending tone. Leaning against the wall with his arms crossed over his chest was a [i very] attractive man, at least to regular standards. To her, he was just an annoying brat who had nothing better to do than to bug her all day.]]]

[center [size15 [Josefin+Sans [b "Oh, my sweet sweet sister, must you be so mean to me?"] The males tongue dripped with sarcasm. Pushing himself off the wall, the male walked up to Lilith with a cheesy grin on his face. [b "Your poor younger brother just wants to say hello, is that too much to ask?"] Lilith couldn't help but roll her eyes. This male, also known as Christopher Forte, was her younger twin brother. He had been raised in the Brothel alongside her and had the same.....[i tendencies] as she did. Fortunately for him he happened to live a little longer than she did, though he still ended up in this place.]]]

[center [size15 [Josefin+Sans [#6B8E23 [b "Oh brother, I'm certain that you aren't simply here to say hello. What do you want? I am a busy person, and honestly, I am in no mood to deal with you today."]] The male grabbed his chest and put on a face of pain as if the words she'd spoken had hurt him deeply. The whole act only annoyed Lilith even more, though irritating the woman wasn't hard as most things got on her nerves. [b "Pffft. Your no fun. I actually don't want anything from you today, I just came to wish you good luck. I know that you haven't gotten a mission from [i "Mr. Perfect ~~"] in ages. Also, don't die."] He said, imitating a girly squeal when he said his nickname for Hades. A groan slipped past Lilith's lips as she rubbed her forehead, this boy was too much like her sometimes that it scared her.]]]

[center [size15 [Josefin+Sans [#6B8E23 [b "Whatever, you don't care what happens to me. Go find some harlot to terrorize instead of me, will ya?"]] she snapped, grabbing the handle to the library door and pulling it open. As she began to shut it behind her she could hear Christopher saying something about there being no good girls in hell, that they were all sluts who were too 'willing'. As she shut the door all the way she sighed, [#6B8E23 [b "I haven't even left yet and I have a headache."]] She muttered to herself, walking through one of the aisles and stepping out to join the other Ghosts who had already gathered.]]]

[center [size15 [Josefin+Sans [i [b "Now that everyone is here. I was told to give you this parting piece of information. The witch that you seek is in the mortal realm, and in the Crescent city.” - “Masked figures will be dazzled with starlight and stones from the earth, but do not be decided even the friendliest of faces can be one of an enemy.”]]]]]

[center [size15 [Josefin+Sans Lilith stared at the envelope in her hand, looking up for a moment to look at how her fellow GHOSTs were reacting to what they all had been given. She wasn't sure if she wanted to open it first or not, she typically hated doing things first. As that one saying goes, first is the worst. Thankfully she didn't have to open it, Ethan spoke up and ripped it open, reading what was written on the white letter within.]]]

[center [size15 [Josefin+Sans While she was a demon-of-sorts, when Lilith heard the words Masquerade and ball her eyes lit up. Yes, she knew that they were supposed to be hunting those pesky demi-gods that they'd been assigned, but she was still a girl. What girl didn't love to go to parties while looking fabulous? Plus this was an opportunity. Tossing the letter off to the side, she let out a laugh. [#6B8E23 [b "You guys do know what this means right? How often do we get to leave this dreary place and [i play?]"]] She states, imagining herself in a fantastic dress drenched in the blood of some toy she picked up. Without thinking she grabbed Enya's hands and stared at her with her dark eyes, [#6B8E23 [b "That also means....we need dresses! cause I sure as hell don't have anything fancy enough to wear at a ball."]]]]
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The male was walking down the hallway to the library when he could tell something was wrong. What was it exactly? Not even the ghost could tell, but the feeling was there. Just as he turned the corner a fist met his left knee cap which made him drop down to the floor. What had dropped the Centurion to the floor so easily? Looking up to see the face of a soft skinned child no more than the age of eight with tears in his eyes and a fist pulled back ready to swing at Ethan a second time.

As the child swung Ethan grabbed his hand and instead of having the normal ghost answer he just pulled the boy into a hug. [#5313cd “It will be fine Calipi.”] the little child began balling their eyes out and punching the man in the chest just throwing loose punches into it. [#0bbc23 “You left us, You left us…You died and you left us.”] Ethan picked up the little child still holding him close to his chest. [#5313cd “I am sorry Calipi, it couldn’t be helped.”]

Those words seemed to put a pause to the boy’s crying as he pulled away from him. [#0bbc23 “Mother was so worried about you, and when your shield was brought to her she nearly died of heart ache. I had to take care of her.”] Smiling at the little boy and brushing back the long blonde hair he only kissed the boy’s forehead. [#5315cd “The man of the house now; I’m proud of you Calipi, but I need to get to work. Hades has an important job for me. Once this is done I will come stay with you for a long while.”]

It seemed to make the little boy glow a bright radiant color, but he knew it was a lie. Hades always had use for his ghosts and to release one was unheard of, not unless they were released, and that was by death. Everyone also knew that if you died while already dead there was no going to the Underworld, no going to tartarus, you just vanished, became nothing more than dust in the air, ash in a fire, or air in someone’s lungs. Setting the boy back down Ethan pulled a small horse figurine from his back pocket and handed it to him.

Staying on his knees Ethan with his index finger lifted the little boy’s chin.[#5313cd “Wish mother a happy 30,182nd birthday for me will you. I’m sure she will be happy to know you remembered.”] Wiping away the boy’s tears that were left hanging on his check he kissed him one last time.

Standing up the male went back to his cold stone face and returned on his march back to the library. Eventually making it to the doors he only scolded himself. He was the first one to have left the armory, even the first to probably head this direction, but the last one to arrive out of all the ghosts. It seemed however the keeper was waiting for them all to gather up before speaking.

Coming in through the doors one could see bookshelves floor to ceiling covered in volumes, scrolls in little hideaway cubbies, papyrus wrappings and books neatly placed upon their shelves, and even the newer volumes of books and the audio books all seemed to have a place. It was like the inside of Notre Dame had been converted into one giant vault of knowledge.

Hearing the booming voice of the keeper call out to him Ethan stepped up next to his fellow ghost Andres and nodded. [b “Now that everyone is here. I was told to give you this parting piece of information. The witch that you seek is in the mortal realm, and in the Crescent city.”] handing a blank black envelope to each one of the ghosts he smiled and walked away. [b “Masked figures will be dazzled with starlight and stones from the earth, but do not be decided even the friendliest of faces can be one of an enemy.”]

[I Great more riddles] was all that came from Ethan’s thoughts as he was listening to the keeper; looking down at the little black envelope now in his hands he turned it over several times. Was it a trap? Why was it black? Why was it sealed with a red wax? Upon closer inspection one could tell that the envelope was indeed blank, no return address, nothing was on them. Nothing that was except the small red ribbon bound around the middle of the thing sealed with an even darker red candle wax and press. The seal was that of a pair of swords crossed in an x shape and a moon between the two blades.

Looking up at the other ghosts he just shrugged it off [#5313cd “Who’s going to break into their invitation first?”] seeing no one moved he just pulled out a small knife and broke the seal. Pulling out a small white letter and reading it out loud he read.

[center [size10 [I Welcome Occupant or Occupants]]]
[center [size10 [I You are hereby invited to the masquerade ball at the silvers estate. This will require one mask of your design and choosing. One formal ware, again of your choosing. And one partner in which to accompany you to this ball. The address for this ball is 3600 Loyola Ave, New Orleans, Louisiana 70115]]]
[Center [size10 [I Signed Your's truly]]]
[Center [i Christopher Silvers]]

Shocked by this letter The centurion reread the letter in his head. How could a Witch be so daring to throw a ball at this time knowing that he is being hunted?
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[center [font "Times New Roman" Damaris was resisting a smile that was purely selfish as she looked upon the two men before her. She didn't know James well except for his trespasses against her, so honestly she wanted to spit on his grave, but she convinced herself she was a good enough actress to pull this off.]]

[center [font "courier new" [+teal "Christopher Silvers, huh?"]] [font "Times New Roman" She turned the name over in her mouth and considered it, watching the sun begin to peek over the far horizon. On a complete whim, she decided to put his name into a Google search.]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" The blonde didn't bother to ask Max where he'd gotten the name despite the fact that she had searched high and low and personally questioned every fucking witch in her path. They all said they didn't know anything and she believed them--it is very possible to reach a level of pain and fear where you would do anything to stop it. Loyalty is a fucking myth compared to suffering. There is no such thing as dying for another person just on something as stupid as [i honor].]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" At least, not in her head.]]

[center [font "courier new" [+teal "I can't believe the fucker is online. Like, there's a website. 'Oldest Magic in New Orleans', they call him. He's like... twelve. And throwing a ball in New Orleans!"]] [font "times new roman" For the most part, it felt surreal, but also extremely ethereal. This [i ball] was basically taunting them, daring them to show up. Damaris couldn't be stupid enough to go against the 'oldest magic in New Orleans' alone, so now she felt a little better about her decision to contact her new... partners. She scrolled down the page a little, her body slumping into the bench with tiredness she hadn't yet acknowledged. Now her adrenaline was running fast and strong.]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" It terrified her, but she could understand where serial killers got the taste from. Sometimes it terrified her so much she couldn't sleep at night and she'd just lie awake, sobbing, and staring into the darkness, something she'd come to recognize as herself.]]

[center [font "courier new" [+teal "Well it's obvious, isn't it? We have to go."]] [font "times new roman" She reversed her phone to show them. She pointed out the picture of the witch and the address of the ball. [font "courier new" [+teal "He invited almost the whole city and we aren't too far away now. I hope you've told your people you're going on a road trip."]]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" The woman offered them a smile; the grim feel to the air and the awkwardness was almost tangible in the air. It was almost as if sacrificing some of your closest friends was something completely unforgivable.]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" She didn't tell them, but even after it all, she didn't regret it. And given another chance, knowing how everything turned out, she would gladly do it again.]]

[center [font "courier new" [+teal "Our time zone is only, like, an hour ahead of that one, so if we leave now, we should be able to settle down into the city for a bit before going to crash the party. I definitely don't have anything ball-worthy so I might stick out a little, you know? But what kinda person [i really] keeps extravagant ball gowns hanging around their house?"]]]

the next post for the demigods is welcome to timeskip until they're arriving in new orleans if you want
also, the demigods' posts are collectively a few hours ahead of the GHOSTS, who are a few ahead of the witches. the ball is when they really all sync up and are in the same place at the same time
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/EhEYc7D.png]] Max was still in mourning over his friend. He had known Chris had died from his demigod's. Even though they weren't in contact anymore, they knew that Chris had died as the Gods weren't very happy about it. And so the news had spread.

After he had heard the news, Max didn't do anything for a month. He didn't speak to anyone. And he only went out of his room to get food.

He wished he knew how his friend had died. But he didn't. All he knew was that he was dead.

He tried to figure it out during his mourning. But he couldn't. He pondered upon going to Mount Olympus himself. Since sometimes his Father would let him if he asked. And o he did just that.

So Max rose from his seat in the living room and decided to find a good place to speak to his Father. Which was easier said than done. As sometimes his Father wouldn't listen to him.

Five minutes later, he found himself outside in the city. Standing on a roof. He knew this was weird, but since one of his Father's ruling dominance was the sky, he thought that this would get his Father's attention.

"Sorry to disturb you Father. But I would like to visit you in Mount Olympus to talk about one of my friend's. I don't mind waiting for a reply if you're busy."

He waited for a while. Then suddenly a booming voice greeted him.

"[i Max!] it's good to see you. And you may visit me on Mount Olympus, But I may not have time to speak to you. I'll leave the gates open for you. "
Max frowned, wondering why his Father was being so generous. As his Father would usually tell him to visit him tomorrow.
"Alright then Father."

[center --]
When Max had arrived on Mount Olympus, he closed the gates behind him, and saw his Father talking to Hecate. He decided to wait at the back.
When Max was finally seen, he talked to his Father about Christopher who died, and his Father told him that it was a Witch who killed him.
"A Witch, what Witch?" he replied, trying to control his anger.
"A Witch called Christopher Silver's."
On that note, his phone vibrated. Even though he didn't feel like looking at his phone, he did so anyway. It was from Damaris.
"Sorry Father, but I have to go."
Zeus said it was fine, and went back to talk to Hecate.
[center --]

When Max was back in the Mortal world, he traveled inside his car to get to Whitaker Park. He would have traveled by air, but then he would probably get noticed by some mortals.

When he had arrived, he stepped out of his car and walked into the park. It didn't take him long until he saw a silhouetted figure next to a picnic bench.
[#800080 [b "But I agree that they need to pay...severely. I'm willing to use any means necessary to end their lives."]] He saw Kael next to a large tree.

[font "courier new" [center [+teal "Kael, wasn't he--he was your friend, right? The one that died? I didn't know him well but... These two witches, they just decided to kill him. I felt it--we all did. They have to pay. We have to do this."]]]
[b "They did kill him. And I have a name. Christopher Silver's."] Max said.
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/uDaaLru.png]] When Enya was called to meet Hades, she couldn't believe it. She was actually meeting Hades! When she died, she had never met him; she was just made his GHOST by the Keeper.

As an assistant had rushed to her position, she told Enya that Hades was waiting for her in his office. She wondered why Hades needed them since, at least in her experience, they had never been called out before.

Whilst she was thinking, she made her way towards Hades' office, which took her longer than expected as this was her first time in Hades' office. She got a little lost but she made it just in time.

"Well hello, kiddies. Have I got a story for you. Listen--come in, take a seat if it interests you." She decided to take a seat. Not because it interested her--just because she was worn out.

"I'm assigning each of you to a demigod. It's come to my attention that they've taken up the hobby of... Well, killing witches." She wondered why but decided not to ask questions. "The Centurion, aside from wishing you'd choose a name that didn't have two words, I'm giving you Kael. Hecate's kid, looks like a bore. He sometimes hijacks souls from me, so I especially don't like him. Lilith, you have Damaris. Child of Rán who can apparently influence bodily fluids. Shouldn't be much a problem for you since she looks like she's still in her emo stage. Andras, you have XXX. Blah blah blah, work work work. All their information is in their file. If you want to mix and match like Crazy Sock Tuesdays, do that. Just--if you can bring them back alive, that would be best." She didn't see why they had to work as a team instead of finding the demigods themselves.

When he was finished, she stood up and made her way towards the weapons room, waiting until all the other GHOSTS had gathered their Scythes because Scythe room was packed. When they had gathered their Scythes she walked into the weapons room and gathered hers. It was just a simple bow. Now she needed to go to the potions room since she liked to add potions to her arrows.

So without further ado, she made her way towards the potions room. When she had found it, most of he potions were taken already. Who would take this many?

However, there were still some potions left, so she just took those.

When Enya was ready, she decided to find her fellow GHOSTS. She was starting to wonder where they were.


When she had left the building, she found herself in the mortal world. It was dark and cold. An immediate change from the underworld. Still, she was glad she was out of that place, since she hadn't seen much outside Punishment even after agreeing to become a GHOST.

She wished she would have brought a coat, though. At least she had bought a bag to hide her Scythe so she could shrink it.

After she had hidden her weapon, she decided to look around the city.
  {GHOST} / constellation / 364d 14h 7m 28s
[center [left [pic http://i.imgur.com/GBjGnog.png]]]
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Josefin+Sans]
[center [size15 [Josefin+Sans [b "Master, we are still unable to locate the [i witches"]]]]

[center [size15 [Josefin+Sans A creature with rotting skin, vibrant yellow eyes and clawed hands shuffled up to Kael, it's voice sounding like it had a sore throat from hell. The creature, which the Demigod had named Dennis, was a pretty ghastly thing, something that any human was scream and run at. Luckily for Kael he was able to use a glamour to make Dennis look like a nerdy accountant, which the ghoul sometimes liked because then he could do things that were, in his opinion, pretty boring. But he was loyal and a hard worker so kael pretty much let him do as he liked. Unfortunately at the moment he was annoyed that hey couldn't find two people, two witches to be precise.]]]

[center [size15 [Josefin+Sans The brunette let out a sigh of frustration as he ran long fingers through his hair, pushing himself off of the brick wall that he'd been leaning against. Dennis nervously shuffled his feet, the poor ghoul could feel the irritation coming off his master. [#800080 [b "I guess there's nothing we can do if you guys can't even find them."]] he said, walking out of the ally that he'd been waiting in and into a crowd of strangers. Kael shoved his hands into the pocket of his jeans, staring intently at the ground as he walked. Dennis followed, not sure on whether he should try to reassure his master or not. The male could be....temperamental at times. More than once Dennis had experience just how scary Kael had been, after all he [i was] his mother's favorite child, the ghoul wondered how the woman would react if she knew her prodigy son was hunting the witches she loved oh so much.]]]

[center [size15 [Josefin+Sans Since Kael wasn't paying attention to where he was walking Dennis has to make sure he wasn't running into random people by walking ahead of him. [i "Would she know? I haven't seen her in so long....I'm not sure if I want to."] The male thought to himself. The [i she] that he was referring to was Damaris Kommissar, someone he used to trust with his life. Now though, not so much. She had done something to him and another one of his friends that had caused them to lose their faith in her, though that story would be saved for a later date.]]]

[center [size15 [Josefin+Sans He probably wouldn't even be giving her a second thought if it wasn't for the face that she'd messaged him a few days ago, something about the witches that he himself was hunting. It really didn't surprise him that she knew about them, after all when the Demigod was killed they all felt it. It was an interesting thing, sort of like someone punching you in the gut with all their strength. It was only natural to find the ones who were responsible, to get revenge. For him it was a little more personal since the Demigod that had been killed was his friend. Not just his friend, but the person that he had a crush pretty much since the day he'd met them. He knew his mother would hate the fact that he was going after the witches but it was just something he had to do.]]]

[center [size15 [Josefin+Sans Kael was actually surprised she hadn't said something to him already. He'd taken care of two that had been [i bragging] about how great they were. They were the best in their field supposedly, experts. Just the thought made him laugh, they had absolutely no idea what real magic was. So he showed them what magic was by turning them into pesky frogs and ripping their limbs off. Slowly. He was surprised that he enjoyed the tortured and wondered if he was crazy. Probably. Most likely.]]]

[center [size15 [Josefin+Sans ~]]]

[center [size15 [Josefin+Sans Soon day turned to night and Kael found himself in his charger, Dennis in the passenger seat. After a lot of thinking and almost running into people, he had come to the decision to go and meet up with Damaris. He had told himself that he would do anything to avenge _, even if that meant working with someone he no longer trusted.]]]

[center [size15 [Josefin+Sans He wasn't sure how long he had been driving, felt like days when it had been hours. He was glad when he finally saw the sign that said [i Whitaker Park.] After driving for so long he was beginning to have butt pains and he was certain that Dennis was beginning to grow tired as well. Kael parked the car next to a jeep, wondering if that was the car Damaris had driven. He hesitated for a moment, wondering if he could look her in the eye, if there was ever a chance he could forgive her. He wasn't sure.]]]

[center [size15 [Josefin+Sans He exited the vehicle and slammed the door shut, Dennis staying so that he and the other two could talk in private. Though he could take souls and put them into rotting bodies he wasn't sure if those souls were completely loyal to him or Hades. He wasn't sure if they would cross him so Kael would normally leave them out of important conversations. Shoving his hands into his pockets, something that he usually did when he was nervous, he began to approached a picnic bench where he could clearly see a silhouetted figure.]]]

[center [size15 [Josefin+Sans [#800080 [b "Damaris, I think you know that I could care less what the gods think."]] He states boldly, leaning up against a large tree that was nearby. What she was saying was obvious and only made him annoyed. Of course the felt it, you always felt when a fellow Demigod was killed. [#800080 [b "But I agree that they need to pay...severely. I'm willing to use any means necessary to end their lives."]] Kael was willing to pull all the stops to get these witches off the face of the earth, and that said volumes considering he'd be going against his mothers wrath.]]]
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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Josefin+Sans]
[center [size15 [Josefin+Sans [b "Lilith you slut! Do you think you can sleep with whoever you want and not gain any backlash?!"]]]

[center [size15 [Josefin+Sans A woman with jet-black hair stopped walking down a dark hall when a squeaky, annoying voice assaulted her ears. The female frowned as she turned around, one hand settled on her hip with one of her eyebrows raised. Standing before her was a slender woman with platinum blonde hair, she stood there like she was the friggin' queen of sheba. [#6B8E23 [b "Excuse me, do I know you?"]] She asked, knowing exactly who this whiny girl was. She just wanted to piss her off a little bit get the blood flowing. The woman's face turned beat red in anger, her fists balling up as she walked towards Lilith. Did this chick really think she could take on [i Lilith]? [b "Your kidding me, right? Well since you can't seem to remember that you slept with my boyfriend, I'll just beat you till you can."]]]]

[center [size14 [Josefin+Sans A laugh slipped from her lips, she couldn't help it. Did this nobody realize who she was talking to? [#6B8E23 [b "Oh honey, I would suggest you back off before you break a fingernail. Besides, I have no time to be playing with you, I have more important things to attend to."]] The dark-haired woman began to turn around to continue walking down the hall. She really had no time to be dawdling about, her beloved Hades was summoning her. Just thinking about that beautiful body of his made her mouth water, god she just wanted to run her fingers down it. As her thoughts began to wander into forbidden territory the woman behind Lilith tried to rush at her, using her fist to try and punch her in the face.]]]

[center [size14 [Josefin+Sans She had to hand it to her, this girl had guts to be attacking someone of her caliber. However it would be futile and unfortunately she would be a little late to her meeting, but that man would get over it. After all, she needed to put those who didn't listen in their place. Easily side-stepping and avoiding the punch, Lilith stuck out her arm to grab the bitches arm. Using her unnatural strength, the woman flipped her over her head. As the other woman landed on her back, the floor beneath her cracked with the amount of force used. [#6B8E23 [b "Oopsie....I broke the floor again."]] Lilith muttered, wiping her hands of the chick, who by the way was now unconscious. Not bothering to keep her favorite person waiting any longer, Lilith continued down the long hallway.]]]

[center [size14 [Josefin+Sans Walking into the room, she noticed that the three others had also been summoned as well, which meant that shit was going down. A grin of excitement slipped slipped across her porcelain face as she stood among them, crossing her arms beneath her breasts. Lifting the file, she flipped the manila folder open to gaze at a picture of a girl. The smile that had been turned into a frown, this girl was her target. [i "She's too pretty...."] she thought to herself, snapping it shut as the dark-skinned male who ruled over them began to speak.]]]

[center [size14 [Josefin+Sans [b [i “The Centurion, aside from wishing you'd choose a name that didn't have two words, I'm giving you Kael. Hecate's kid, looks like a bore. He sometimes hijacks souls from me, so I especially don't like him. Lilith, you have Damaris. Child of Rán who can apparently influence bodily fluids. Shouldn't be much a problem for you since she looks like she's still in her emo stage. Andras, you have XXX. Blah blah blah, work work work. All their information is in their file. If you want to mix and match like Crazy Sock Tuesdays, do that. Just--if you can bring them back alive, that would be best."]]]]]

[center [size14 [Josefin+Sans Oh ho, so they couldn't kill their targets? Where was the fun in that. But perhaps....he never said she couldn't [i play] with her food. Bodily fluids against poisons, what an interesting combination. Thoughts of possible torture began to circulate through Lilith's head, she definitely try to get all the fun she could out of this mission. As the other's began to leave to prepare, Lilith stayed behind for a moment, leaning over the oak-wood desk to stare at Hades.[#6B8E23 [b "Your always so abrupt, can't even say hi to me. I get lonely, ya know..."]] She said with a pout. She would often tease him, in several ways. More than half the time though her efforts were in vain and she was left with nothing.]]]

[center [size14 [Josefin+Sans She was dismissed, and with a little shake of her hips Lilith waltzed out of the room, folder in hand. She made her way back to her room, walking in and tossing the file onto her vanity. She made sure that she needed everything that would come in handy. Various poisons mostly, one could never be too prepared.]]]

[center [size14 [Josefin+Sans Once satisfied, Lilith left the room and headed towards the place where they held most of the Scythes. They were weapons that were specially made and reserved for the GHOSTS. They were powerful items that had no equal, each one being unique in it's own way. She entered the room and a tiny creature with scaly skin and large green eyes came up to her. [b "Mi'Lady, did you need your Scythe?"] His voice was deep and gravely, but she thought that he was adorable. Patting his head, she reached into her pocket and produced something that looked like a graham cracker. [#6B8E23 [b "Of course, Charlie. I also came to bring you some cookies."]] As the tiny little monster got it, he nibbled away at it. He said some words that were muffled since their was food in his mouth but Lilith was certain that he said something about getting it for her.]]]

[center [size14 [Josefin+Sans A few minutes later Lilith was leaving the room. It looked like she hadn't grabbed anything, though if you looked closely you could see a tiny charm that was strapped to her hip. She hated carrying around something bulky like a Scythe so she got hers altered to grow and shrink at her will so that it didn't attract attention. Now that she was prepared and ready to go out, Lilith headed towards the Library.]]]
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[font "Times New Roman" The everyday lessons in the Library with Keeper grated Andras' nerves constantly. She hated the skinny man with all his damn books and the looks he gave her whenever she refused to participate. It didn't help that Hades himself had brought this upon her--and told Keeper he was allowed to punish her if she wasn't learning at a constant pace.]

[font "Times New Roman" English was a bastard language. It was the piss and shit of a thousand better languages and the former Viking had put off becoming proficient at it for years upon years.]

[font "consolas" [+olive "Do you not hate me?!"]] [font "times new roman" She threw the book she was using across the room, frustrated now with it trying to teach her how to identify root words in the English language. All of it, useless, tedious, and pretentious!]

[font "Times New Roman" [b "While I understand 'hate' is your favorite word, didn't we talk about throwing my books?"] He sighed, going over to pick up the tossed volume. He had given it to her so he didn't bother to look at it before placing it gently before her again. She scowled at him openly but he didn't react. He couldn't remember what it was like to have to try to learn a new language.]

[font "consolas" [+olive "I do not understand! These words do not add up! They are same--they say same thing!!"] [font "Times New Roman" She could almost tear her heart out, and was about ready to go on a broken tangent when the door opened and one of Hades' baby birds came in, introducing herself to the Keeper and addressing him while Andras continued to talk to no one.]

[font "Times New Roman" [b "Andras, I guess that's it for today. Summons from Hades."]]

[font "Times New Roman" The woman got up immediately and didn't say anything to the Keeper as she exited. The nervousness of the young spirit did not escape her, though. She was going to comment that fear was weakness and Vikings would use a girl like this for target practice, but--she couldn't formulate the words in entire English in her head. Sometimes the souls acted like they couldn't hear through her accent, on top of everything.]

[font "Times New Roman" She entered Hades' office wordlessly, giving a nod of acknowledgment to her fellow warriors. Being a GHOST was both a solo and a team effort; it depended all on what Hades had in mind. Sometimes she'd tracked down souls herself and sometimes she had to have a little help. Once she'd been sent to assist another GHOST who'd somehow been captured and wasn't able to return to the Underworld. While Andras [i had] seen the modern world, she didn't like it. The metal horses screamed at each other, people talked to their boxes, no one had swords anymore. What was exciting or [i good] these days?]

[font "Times New Roman" When the god slid a folder her way, internally she screamed, anticipating it to be in that hell language. Upon opening it and finding that her intuition was, of course, true, she blew like an overdue kettle.]

[font "consolas" [+olive "HADES! For last f-f--I c--"] [font "times new roman" She struggled to get the words out, her cheeks getting more and more red. Now she was becoming embarrassed because she was struggling this much in front of her... partners.]

[font "arial" [+maroon "Andras. Honey. Breathe. Do it with me now: in, out."]]

[font "Times New Roman" She grudgingly obeyed and didn't try to confront him again. Her English reading skills were better than speaking--by a [i lot]--and she could speak pretty well, so it was more inconvenient than completely impossible.]

[font "Times New Roman" When Hades had first brought Andras from Punishment to present the idea of becoming a GHOST, he'd spoken Old Norse to her, so she knew he could do it. When she was training, Keeper translated anything she had to say using Old Norse as well. Why they'd decided, suddenly, to assimilate the woman honestly eluded and infuriated her, but if she didn't bend to Hades, he'd throw her back in Punishment. Defiant no.]

[font "Times New Roman" She skimmed her folder and studied the photo. While Hades continued to talk, she went through her arsenal in her head to try to determine which weapon she'd take to hurt them.]

[font "Times New Roman" Hurt. Not kill. Sad. Boring.]

[font "Times New Roman" Did shotguns maim? Not really...]

[font "Times New Roman" The former Viking left Hades' office without saying anything else to the god, and he let her walk. Lilith, Enya, and The Centurion... she rehearsed the names in her head so she might say them aloud without garbling the letters. Centurion would undoubtedly be tricky.]

[font "Times New Roman" Andras started towards Holding where they kept her beautiful weapons. The more she thought about it, the more she realized she had heard the names of all of her new partners before. They had to be [i something] for Hades to torture her with making her work in a group. That better be the case.]

[font "Times New Roman" On her way, Andras passed The Centurion, and unabashedly looked him over as she did--mostly she looked at his Scythe. Hades had given her permission to work on it, but its design was so ingenious that there wasn't much for her to do other than sharpen and polish the blades. The skulls were cool and she admired them to an extent, but they were also quite useless. They served for no other use than flair in her opinion.]

[font "Times New Roman" In fact, she'd probably seen and worked on all the GHOST's weapons. She just had to put faces to names and she was sure she'd recognize them.]

[font "Times New Roman" She couldn't be satisfied with just one Scythe so Hades granted her with a wall just full of her creations and dumb stuff she tinkered with. She was happiest surrounded by it. ]

[font "Times New Roman" Her halberd was almost done, but not completely, and completely out of the question anyway because it was too big to try to fit into the modern world with. The sword was boring, and so was her spear--even though she'd redone custom grips and reforged a new blade. She was fitting her rifle with a new magazine so that wasn't usable either. Fuck. So few options.]

[font "Times New Roman" Sighing, she removed her gauntlets from the wall. They were made from a mix of titanium and chromium because she had [i [b begged]] Hephaestus to forge her some but he refused because of the atrocities she had committed while alive. She couldn't blame him, of course, but she shed an angry tear or three.]

[font "Times New Roman" They were practical enough. She'd made them while practicing making a Scythe. They were easily hidden behind long sleeves if one so desired, and fashion in the Overworld proved ever-changing anyhow. She had attempted to outfit them with a shotgun-like feature on the top so while making a fist you could also cheat and shoot your enemy, and they'd come out fairly okay, but could only hold three bullets at a time on each hand and were quite painful while firing. Still, it would be her best option and, quite frankly, she kinda loved them.]

[font "Times New Roman" Andras smiled at them. She could just tinker a little before the team left.]

[font "Times New Roman" On her way out, she chuckled seeing the soul tasked with looking over Holding cradling a bleeding nose. The guy looked unaffected and honestly disinterested, just sadder than anything.]

[font "Times New Roman" [i "Miss Andras--!"]]

[font "consolas" [+olive "I am taking this,"]] [font "times new roman" she told him dismissively, and stepped back into the hallway to proceed to her room.]
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[Center [size10 Christopher Silvers, the strangest, and gayest Witch in New Orleans. He had become one of the top witches in the City sense moving here to take over his family's estate back in 1845. He had been given an elixir for Immortality at the age of Twenty-three by his ancestor as so they could forever keep magic alive in the world, even more so the family name. Christopher didn’t fear much for his life until a few decades into his Immortality he had met the one person he never thought he would his ancestor's former betrothed, for she was hell bent on bringing him out of the world for betraying her. Christopher however didn't believe she knew exactly how far his seed had spread from the man she was to be married to.]]

[Center [size10 He had created the Silvers family which now spanned in the hundreds in numbers and their coven or what use to be the family coven. They were expressionists, Dark magic users, even Spirit witches. Because of this the family had a short life expectancy of only reaching mid forties. The family has had their estate sense the French settled in the area with Plantations which would forever be passed down in the family at least that was the plan until Christopher took it over. The Silvers family had always felt safe in their home, for their combined magic of the dead family members that were buried in the graveyard on the eastern edge. Christopher had often visited the grave and made offerings to the dead.]]

[Center [size10 He always called on the ancestors to help him with magic he knew he couldn’t do himself and normally they gave him magic from beyond death’s door. It had given him a few visits from The creatures that Hades had sent to hunt down his ancestors that returned from the underworld. One had come very close to killing him as he had gotten in the way, but instead Christopher had ended the thing and kept the scythe on his wall as a constant reminder to be careful as he would always be watched.]]

[Center [size10 The male had placed his on the Scythe it had brought back old memories indeed. The handle curved into the spine of a human being which also held still on it the ribcage and skull. The skull had Thorns coming from the crown and the blade came from the back end and curved like anyone thing was a scythe, only it seemed to glow a faint blue when other creatures or beings of supernatural affinity were around. Hearing a loud Cough from the side of the room where the door would be Christopher looked up. [#d73209 “Ah Julia what can I do for you darling?”]]]

[Center [size10 Julia’s face seemed to go from a solid form of marble and unreadable to a mark of discontent. [b “Sir, Your Ball is today. You know the one you had me send out Invitations to months ago so everyone knew exactly when it was and to dress almost as extravagant as possible.”] This had brought a twinkle to the male’s eyes. [#d73209 “That is tonight isn’t it. Well it is a good thing I have many a suits to choose from.”] Julia’s eyes seemed to grow even more angry. [b “No…no…no You may have suits as you ware one everyday it seems, but you do not have a mask to your own ball and its starts at ten. Which,”] the women looked down at her watch and back up. [b “ Is in two hours to be exact.”]]]

[Center [size10 [#d73209 “Well this does indeed present a problem doesn’t it.”] Ethan looked over to the glass which instantly gave him an idea. [#d73209 “I have my mask my dear.”] Standing up the male went to the window and tapped on it a couple of times. [#d73209 “Tseso Anii.”] With that a small mask of starlight. [b “Christopher you know better than to use magic for everything. You will become too reliant on it then what happens when you can no longer use it? Nothing, that is what you will have to learn how to do things if not everything for yourself.”]]]

[Center [size10 Christopher only laughed as he removed the mask of porcelain. [#d73209 “Perhaps, but until that time comes, I will use my magic for whatever I wish as long as I obey the rules to my immortality. Life is precious which is why not many known of the potential for immortality, even less the supernatural. Humanity fears what it can’t explain Julia. I am surprised that your family has served me faithfully for this long.”] Julia’s face returned to its stone cold expression. [b “Sir, Guests will be arriving shortly and we will have a Demi-God body in the cellar.”] This had brought the twinkle back to Christopher’s eyes.]]

[Center [size10 [#d73209 “Ah yes, what was his name, James I do believe, he was what demi-god child to Aion?”] Julia didn’t say a word as another person appeared next to her. [b “Yes sir, James was the Demi-God to Aion the God of Eternity. He was twenty-seven.”] Christopher only nodded. [#d73209 “Just cut him up into bite size pieces, and thrown him into the garden, perhaps my plants will last longer that way.”] the man just nodded and left in the same state he came in, Silence.]]

[Center [size10 [b “Sir, we must get you ready Your guest is soon to arrive.”] Christopher knew who she was referring to. His pupil, his best friend; no the secret he could never show to anyone including those he trusted most of all. The male placed the mask down on the table and nodded letting his face turn to the same stone cold state as Julia’s. [#d73209 “I believe I am ready. He should have everything he needs before he gets here. I told him to also be ready for the ball before he gets here, that way things can be worked on until then.”] Julia nodded and walked off.]]

[Center [size10 Several minutes went by before a knock came at the door with a deep voice came from the a second doorway, this one on the northern side of the room. [#0e951a “Christopher Am I early?”] Christopher could tell that his friend was joking; however he also knew he wanted a serious answer. Waving his hand to the chair he had just previously occupied without saying a word. [#0e951a “Someone is in a serious mood today. Everything ok.”] Christopher had stayed silent as Julia returned to the room. [b “Sir. Its half an hour tell guests for the ball will start arriving.”]]]

[Center [size10 That is what had set Christopher into motion. [#d73209 “You are late, very late.”] Christopher looked at his friend. [#d73209 “I feel as if you don’t have any interest in this anymore. If not say so and I’m sure Julia would take up where you stopped.”] The friend stood up shocked. [#0e951a “No, no, not at all I am still interested, just its tedious cause this seems like class. We started this because it sounded like fun. Now we are all into this witchy stuff it’s all fine and dandy, but I didn’t expect there to be so many rules. Magic is suppose to be fun and its suppose to be all fun and carefree.”]]]

[Center [size10 Christopher just took in a deep breath. [#d73209 “Well, because you were so late we can’t do anything today other then get ready for the Ball which is now in half an hour.”] Christopher just waved snapped his fingers and people came out of the woodwork of the house and start putting things into place. And just as the last servant disappeared back into the woodwork the door opened up to the first guests to arrive. As they had done so Christopher was there to greet them.]]

[Center [size10 [#d73209 “Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to the Silvers’ Estate, my name is Christopher Silvers I am your host. Please I hope you enjoy the night. There are refreshments and drinks being served in the dancing hall. You also have access to the gardens, the dance hall, obviously the Entry way. The bathrooms on the main floor which are located just down the hall. There are also sitting arrangements for guests in another room away from the music to speak and catch up as well. “] Stepping down and joining the guests Christopher put his mask on and blended in well.]]
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[Center [size10 [#0bbc23 "Ethan. You have been found wanted in killing your own kind, and for this the council has found no better punishment then to put you to slavery for the very family you sought to destroy. May the Gods take kindness upon you!”]]]

[Center [size10 A young male stood with his eyes drowning in tears, his body covered in nothing but rags. He would never forget this moment. It had been War that had destroyed His family; it had been War that had turned his people on him. It had been war that had put the shackles of torment and pain upon him. Slavery it was the one thing no young boy should have to go through, but he would endure for many years to come and even surprise even his slavers.]]

[Center [size10 Clap, clap, clap a sound of metal clad boots hitting the stone stairs could be heard when the guards were taking the body of the now passed Imperator to the fire Pyre. The first male on the left, tall, brown short hair stood out over all of them. His armor decorated in Silver and Gold. The male didn't seem to have even a single tear in his eye; in fact a smile was on his face like he was happy that he was carrying the dead man, almost like he was happy to see the man pass away. The male stepped across the side of the pyre to lay the dead man, along with the wooden platform they had carried him on into the pyre. Still the male stood near the wooden pile as the youngest child and his new commanding officer stepped up and lit the pyre. The brown haired male started coming to stand next to the boy with a clap of his boots on the courtyard marble. [#0f68f0 “My Lord, may I give my deepest apologies for your loss. The Imperator was the greatest man I had ever known, and to lose Rulian your brother along with him was an even greater loss to our ranks.”] Ethan's hand clasps the shoulders of the now crying man as he said nothing and watched the fire burn.]]

[Center [size10 They had to have known, otherwise they would have arrested him only moments after he walked away from the now dying embers of the Imperator, but how was it they could have known he made sure to leave no witnesses or at least so he thought. Perhaps his soft heart had been his down fall, perhaps it was the sense of Honor the Roman’s had beaten into him as he was training to become a Centurion of the legion. He had left but a single child alive. As the chains were once again placed upon him, only this time he knew his life wouldn’t be spared like his people had done so. So long ago The Centurion had been sold to another family while his people still claimed their freedom he was once a Proud Egyptian, then he became a slave to them sold back and forth between his people and families and such.]]

[Center [size10 That was until one day he became a slave to the Spartans. He had watched the soldiers train and even pushed himself to become one of them, but they would never allow it. They had then taken him to the Romans as yet another slave to their people. Eventually he had become a part of the legion, only to be betrayed by his Imperator, and used as a slave under his commander, He was tired of the punishment from his childhood and so he had killed his commanding officer. And to make it worse even put the man on the Pyre he was now talking about. He had a meeting with his Imperator and murdered the man as well. Shortly after that however he had joined the enemy Carthage to reap the reward for his traitorous decision it had cost him his life. Games to Honor the dead man had been held for almost an entire month before they burnt the man's body.]]

[Center [size10 First he thought nothing was worse than being put into slavery; however his body had found something much worse. Crucifixion Nailed to an x and hosted to face downward the body would scream in pain as the blood would slowly run down the wounds that you wouldn’t bleed to death only start hallucinating and wishing you were.]]

[Center [size10 Hearing the pounding on the door to his chambers, A very soft voice called in a shaky tone [b “Hades is calling for you.”] Removing the sheet from his side Ethan sat up he couldn't tell which covered more of him sweat or Tattoos he had gotten recently to fit more into the modern world, especially sense Hades relied on his ghosts a lot to hunt down the dead who were past due. Ethan, otherwise known to everyone else as The Centurion was thought to be the oldest of them, but if that was the case was questionable. He however heard the words of Hades, and he listened obediently like a dog. Instead of sitting the male stayed standing; it hadn’t been but moments before Hades went on as folders came across the desk which Hades sat behind.]]

[Center [size10 [b “The Centurion, aside from wishing you'd choose a name that didn't have two words, I'm giving you Kael. Hecate's kid, looks like a bore. He sometimes hijacks souls from me, so I especially don't like him. Lilith, you have Damaris. Child of Rán who can apparently influence bodily fluids. Shouldn't be much a problem for you since she looks like she's still in her emo stage. Andras, you have XXX. Blah blah blah, work work work. All their information is in their file. If you want to mix and match like Crazy Sock Tuesdays, do that. Just--if you can bring them back alive, that would be best."]]

[Center [size10 Hearing his master’s knuckles crack the male knew that he meant business which was always the case, however the fact he was shooing them off so quickly just meant this was important to more than just him. Opening the folder he had been given it only showed minor details about the person. Kael Harrow, Demi-God to Hecate. Twenty four years of age. Thief of souls; not much else came with it besides a photo of the person. As he walked out of the office he had only given a gaze to the other two ghosts that had been summoned and was off.]]

[Center [size10 Oh, but where to start his hunt? Perhaps making a visit to the library, or at least the Keeper would do him some good, at least it could point him in the correct direction. Stepping down the hallways of the underworld Ethan would hear people shuffle out of his way or some give warnings that he was coming so people could move out of his way. Turning left unexpectedly however he had caught several of the secretaries off guard and made them tumble to the ground. Ethan just kept walking as they seemed to glare at his back. Eventually stopping at a doorway that had a half doorway in it and a person behind it. [b "Welcome to holdings how can I help you?"] Came a voice that seemed to lulled into sadness that even Hades couldn't have picked a better spot for the person.]]

[Center [size10 Before he had time to answer however the person behind the counter looked up and a grief struck appeared on his face. [b "Need your Scythe I take it sir Centurion?"] the reaction he got however was a quick fist to the face and a lift of a scythe from the wall. [#5313cd "If I was here for anything else you would have been told."] was all Ethan called as he went farther into the holdings area. It had the design like a police station or an armory which would have been a better name, but this was an office for the underworld. Digging out his own Scythe and several other items such as Water from the Rivers within the underworld. Acheron, Styx, and the Phlegeton.]]

[Center [size10 Returning to the hallway Ethan started heading in the direction of the Library.]]
  Ethan Blind / Colorful_insanity / 1y 17d 15h 53m 15s
[font "Times New Roman" [center Damaris never learned how to swim.]]

[font "Times New Roman" [center She knew her father had died in the water and was therefore too afraid when she was a kid. As she grew and the decision not to learn became more absurd, she attempted to try. It didn't last for long--the news that her [i mother] was the one that drowned her father brought on a fear of water that was white-hot until extinguished at the age of fifteen.]]

[font "Times New Roman" [center [i Aquaphobia.]]]

[font "Times New Roman" [center At age twenty-five, she still didn't know how to swim. The ocean had swallowed her up and spit her back out enough times to make her believe that her mother was not ready to see her yet. When she was 20, she'd attempted to summon the woman. She almost drowned and hasn't tried since.]]

[font "Times New Roman" [center Damaris didn't want to keep wondering, didn't want to keep returning to a life that hardly wanted her in the first place. She was the trash you threw out on the side of the road when you didn't want to waste time putting it in its proper place or keeping it in your car. The kind of thing other people pick up only out of force.]]

[font "Times New Roman" [center But the idiot witches provided the perfect opportunity. Sure, the dead demigod was a tragedy, but it wasn't anyone Damaris had been too close with. When she made her mistake three years ago--they branded her a traitor and dragged her name through the dirt--that newly-dead-demigod spearheaded the whole thing. Damaris didn't hate the kid, but was ultimately unfazed by the loss. Was it a loss at all if she didn't care?]]

[font "Times New Roman" [center The city passed her as she sped out of it. It was around four in the morning, but she had somewhere to be that wasn't at home. She was careful to keep under the thickness of darkness, more out of a necessity for her safety than a preference--gambling for money and then speeding away on your only form of transportation could be especially dangerous. Especially when you frequently won.]]

[font "Times New Roman" [center [i Kael. XXX.]]]

[font "Times New Roman" [center It had been so long since she showed her face to either of them. Out of shame, out of regret, out of [i hate]. She wasn't sure if she hated herself more or them. She wasn't sure who she was allowed to blame.]]

[font "Times New Roman" [center And plus, she was older than the two of those glorified children. Twenty-five years of age. Can't swim. Untrustworthy. Afraid of dogs and birds. Traitor. Liar. Fraud. Synonyms for Damaris Kommissar.]]

[font "Times New Roman" [center Her Jeep blew through the dark streets, an ache growing in her neck and shoulders, but she ignored it for the time being. It would keep her alert. She'd been up all day. She cleaned out her shitty apartment, put all her savings into the bank, erased the traces of her existence because the men she gambled with would come looking. They always did. She had scars to prove that sometimes they'd found her.]]

[font "Times New Roman" [center Her day started early because it was quite a ride she had to make--there was a witch that lived three hours away that did tarot cards, midnight magic, whatever they called their creepy shit. She did it. Webpage, Instagram, the whole nine to broadcast her "magic". Damaris's money was betting that the woman had no idea what real magic was, but that was besides the point. She would pay with her life.]]
[font "times new roman" [center And she did.]]
[font "times new roman" [center Damaris showed up at her place of work and choked her to death on her own stomach acid. It was simple, just raising her hand, just cocking her head to the side, just willing the liquid to move from its natural, harmless place.]]

[font "Times New Roman" [center How strange. Taking a life almost felt too easy. The blonde demigod expected much more guilt and heartache over it even though it wasn't the first life she'd taken. It definitely wasn't the last.]]

[font "Times New Roman" [center It almost felt like a joke. Damaris didn't like what kind of twisted person that could possibly implicate her being, but there wasn't a way to get around it: staging what would ultimately be considered a genocide had its cons, including becoming a monster. That is, assuming one wasn't already an abomination beforehand.]]

[font "Times New Roman" [center 5:13 a.m. That was the time when she arrived in the dark, abandoned park. Not even the ridiculous early morning joggers would be around at this time; it wasn't that great of a neighborhood and you could almost hear the inhale and exhale of the city sleeping. Damaris parked her Jeep and entered, sitting on top of one of the tables as her tired eyes kept open to scour the darkness for shadows coming her way.]]

[font "Times New Roman" [center [i Kael. XXX.]]]

[font "Times New Roman" [center [b I have missed you.]]]

[font "Times New Roman" [center She rose to greet one silhohuette, then the second. A tired, slightly loopy smile quirked the edges of her lips up in a virtually humorless situation. [font "Courier New" [+teal "It's nice to see you two again. I'm glad you got my message. Obviously, we have some things to discuss. The gods are becoming angry with us."]]]

[font "Times New Roman" [center Sometimes she got scared that something was over her shoulder. Mostly she just told herself that it was possible. Considering all the people she'd scammed, and the witches she'd killed, anything was possible.]]
[font "Times New Roman" [center Still, the only thing she was afraid of was water.]]

[font "courier new" [center [+teal "Kael, wasn't he--he was your friend, right? The one that died? I didn't know him well but... These two witches, they just decided to kill him. I felt it--we all did. They have to pay. We have to do this."]]]

damaris did something to betray the other demigods like a couple years ago and they never really made up
also there isn't another demigod and i'm sad
  ιrredeeмaвle / cmdr / 1y 18d 18h 16m 2s
[font "Times New Roman" [center [b "Really, Hades. You have to do something about this."]]]

[font "Times New Roman" Why the other gods decided they were too high and mighty to take care of the problem themselves honestly eluded him. His domain wasn't even slightly involved with the world of the living; he sort of despised the Overworld. He was much more comfortable with death.]

[font "Times New Roman" [center [b "They're killing our children."]]]

[font "Times New Roman" One would think of that as a call to action, but no. What was the point in taking care of something yourself when you could just send your dog to take care of it? None of these ungrateful assholes even really cared about their kids--they left them to rot in the Overworld with disease, famine, and war. They could bring them up to Olympus but just... didn't allow it.]

[font "Times New Roman" [center [b "They're breaking rules that shouldn't be broken."]]]

[font "Times New Roman" Hades cocked an eyebrow at that. [+maroon [font "Arial" "They wouldn't know the rules [i could] be broken if you didn't insist on writing everything down and scattering it on the ends of the earth. While I agree that humans aren't... the highest forms of intelligence, they are becoming more in tune with their world."]]]

[font "Times New Roman" He didn't want to give humans too much credit by saying they weren't stupid, because they were, but he needed the other gods and goddesses to know the gravity of this situation--that it was their fault and this was yet another mess he'd have to clean up.]

[font "Times New Roman" No one had anything to say. The books were a crucial part to their history and understanding. Hades had a library of his own, but he had the common sense not to just leave the keys to it laying around.]

[font "Times New Roman" They offered him nothing but stares. The suspense hung like a clock that had stopped ticking at just the right moment--they were waiting for him to accept because they knew he didn't really have much of a choice.]

[font "Arial" [+maroon "Aren't you all so glad you invested in my GHOSTS?"]]

[font "Times New Roman" [center [size20 - x -]]]

[font "Times New Roman" Hades' skin had grown numb to the heat and cold of the underworld. Watching souls both shiver and sweat as he re-entered his home always brought the sliver of a smile to his face because it was ironic how that worked. How hell was so personal.]

[font "Times New Roman" The Headquarters section of the Underworld was set up much like an office in the Overworld. Hades had assistants and interns out the ass--newer souls that seemed promising and older souls that had worked their way up out of Punishment or Pleasure. There was the Library, overseen by the Keeper, Processing, overseen by Hades and a different person every few days, Punishment, overseen by someone who was probably a sadist, and Pleasure, overseen by someone who was probably so nice it made Hades want to vomit. The Underworld wasn't hell; it was just where you went when you died. Good people died, too. The main sections of the Underworld were run like a business, including paperwork, meetings, and staples. It was a headache.]

[font "Times New Roman" His heels scraped along the floors as he walked with purpose. It always confused him how the Underworld had a tinge like dark red, like blood, something reminiscent of pain, but he didn't question it when the other gods assigned it to him.]

[font "Times New Roman" One of his many clueless assistants came skittering up to him as he approached the doors of his personal space.]

[font "Times New Roman" [i "How was your meeting, Hades?"]]

[font "Times New Roman" The male considered the question for a moment. [font "Arial" [+maroon "It reminds me of getting your fingernails ripped out."]] At the horrified look he received, he rolled his eyes and gestured down the hallway. [font "Arial" [+maroon "I need you to get my GHOSTS for me. The Centurion, Andras, and Lilith. Tell them I have work for them in my office."]]]

[font "Times New Roman" [i "Yes sir, but... They scare me."]]

[font "Times New Roman" Hades stared at her until she rushed off to face her literal fear: meeting the GHOSTS. While the god of the Underworld could admit that they could be a little intimidating to weak souls, he didn't find them frightening. He made them. Without him, they'd be rotting in Punishment.]

[font "Times New Roman" He'd have to send them after the witches--or maybe the demigods. While he'd like to commend the two for their dual bravery and idiocy, such would not be tolerated by the other gods. And besides, missing a Death Date was a no-no. It disrupted the entire system he had going in the Underworld; someone else would have a premature Death Date in their place to even it out. It had to be fixed--he had to send GHOSTS after people whose time wasn't supposed to come yet. It was an expense he couldn't keep affording to risk.]

[font "Times New Roman" So they had to die. For real this time. Permanently.]

[font "Times New Roman" A knock on his door sounded within a few minutes and his favorite--a loaded word--GHOSTS entered the room. He turned to face them with a smile on his face that barely scratched the word [i genuine].]

[font "Arial" [+maroon "Well hello, kiddies. Have I got a story for you. Listen--come in, take a seat if it interests you."]] [font "Times New Roman" He eased himself into the chair behind his desk. His office felt appropriate--boring. There was a bookshelf filled with books originating in various ancient or otherwise dead languages. His paperweights were made to look like the hands of dead bodies. His floor was carpeted, depicting his reign over the Underworld with Persephone, oddly, by his side. Two chairs sat in front of his wooden desk, where there were three folders spelling out each name of offending demigods. At one point he'd had a deer's head on his back wall because he liked the idea of it, but Artemis wouldn't allow it. Figures.]

[font "Arial" [+maroon "I'm assigning each of you to a demigod. It's come to my attention that they've taken up the hobby of... Well, killing witches."][font "Times New Roman" He slid the folders across his desk. [font "Arial" [+maroon "[b The Centurion], aside from wishing you'd choose a name that didn't have two words, I'm giving you [b Kael]. Hecate's kid, looks like a bore. He sometimes hijacks souls from me, so I especially don't like him. [b Lilith], you have [b Damaris]. Child of Rán who can apparently influence bodily fluids. Shouldn't be much a problem for you since she looks like she's still in her emo stage. [b Andras,] you have [b XXX]. Blah blah blah, work work work. All their information is in their file. If you want to mix and match like Crazy Sock Tuesdays, do that. Just--if you can bring them back alive, that would be best."]]

[font "Times New Roman" He cracked his knuckles and leveled a gaze at them.] [+maroon [font "Arial" "I don't think I have anything left to say. Do not let yourselves be discovered. Get your Scythes and get out."]]
  overlord / cmdr / 1y 19d 2h 20m 36s

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