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[font "Times New Roman" [http://rp.eliteskills.com/r.php?r=139277 original thread; if you were in it, slide in my DMs]]

[font "Times New Roman" [center [size30 Welcome to the Extent of Ruin.]]]

[font "Times New Roman" "Okay, but you [i do] know you have to [b kill a demigod] first, right?"]

[font "Times New Roman" [right "What the fuck?! [b Why?]"]]

[font "Times New Roman" "You're [b not a real witch.] It's the rules."]

[font "Times New Roman" [right "Fine, fine... Let's [b do it.]"]]

[font "Times New Roman" [center [size20 You Have Angered Hades.]]]

[font "Times New Roman" [center There is a time and place every soul is meant to die. Hades, omniscient ruler of the Underworld, is not very pleased when he finds out that two humans in the Overworld have weaseled their way into immortality--by killing a demigod.]]

[font "Times New Roman" [center The Olympians are furious. They demand Hades do something about this... headache. He determines that he will send his elite, since he has no time to take care of the problem himself.]

[font "Times New Roman" [center [size20 Enter the GHOSTS.]]]

[font "Times New Roman" [center These are older souls that have been trapped in the Underworld for decades, at the very least. While alive, they had skills Hades may have found useful, so they act as a personal army. They are his Grim Reapers, his trusted enforcers, his GHOSTS.]

[font "Times New Roman" [center He sends them to collect the overdue souls of two witches who have managed to escape their death date. Though one witch was born into their craft, and the other is... what? A wannabe? A groupie?]]

[font "Times New Roman" [center [size20 You [i Will] Die This Time.]]]

[font "Times New Roman" [center [size20 Characters]]]

[font "Times New Roman" [center [b GHOSTS:]]]
[font "Times New Roman" [center GHOSTS are a team of elite undead that Hades uses to carry out his personal vendetta. They act as many things. They are highly trained.]]

[font "Times New Roman" [center [b Witch and Co.:]]]
[font "Times New Roman" [center The Witch is a legitimate witch--minus the license--who has been teaching their best friend witchcraft for a long time. The best friend--the Fake--is very excited; perhaps too much for their own good. Following rumors of rumors, the two came across some very untrustworthy lore--that if they kill and drink the blood of a demigod, they will gain the qualities of immortality. This is what they have done. This is what they have received. Now, however, they have given Hades much reason to come after them.]]

[font "Times New Roman" [center [b Hades:]]]
[font "Times New Roman" [center Hades is the ruler of the Underworld. He is the boss of the GHOSTS, overseer of everything. Pretty much everything.]]

[font "Times New Roman" [center [b Head Information Keeper of the Underworld:]]]
[font "Times New Roman" [center The Keeper KNOWS everything. Literally everything. When asked, the Keeper can present any information necessary. They answer only to Hades and is not bound by oath to answer to anyone else.]]

[font "Times New Roman" [center [b Olympians:]]]
[font "Times New Roman" [center The Olympians are the gods that sit on Mount Olympus. They do not interfere with the lives of humans and only interact with Hades when he is sorely needed.]]

[font "Times New Roman" [center [b Demigods:]]]
[font "Times New Roman" [center The Demigods are direct descendants of the Olympians. They have some of the qualities of their parents, including immortality. At the loss of one of their beloved, they are infuriated. There is nothing they can do to the Witch and the Fake now that Hades has them in his scope, but they can still make them pay. They take their revenge by staging a genocide of anyone with witch blood or anyone claiming to have it. This does not sit well with the Olympians or with Hades.]]

[font "Times New Roman" [center [size20 Rules:]]]
[font "Times New Roman" [center 000. Initially, the Witch and the Fake are the bad guys until the Demigods decide to take their revenge.]
[font "Times New Roman" [center 00. I need you to be very chill. I love this idea dearly. This includes interacting with other writers VERY often. You must be open to ideas.]
[font "Times New Roman" [center 01. We all have very busy lives to attend to, and this website doesn't always come first. We will, however, be loyal and do as best we can. We hope to hold you to the same. On that note, there is a 10 day limit in between posts. I'm patient af. There will be no posting order unless you guys insist.]]
[font "Times New Roman" [center 02. I'm not a snob, but there is a 2500+ character limit on each post. It isn't very difficult, to be honest.]]
[font "Times New Roman" [center 03. You are more than welcome to play multiple characters as long as you can keep up with them.]]
[font "Times New Roman" [center 04. Mature themes found here.]]
[font "Times New Roman" [center 05. You know the simple things: don't control anyone else's character unless they give permission, if you want to get down and dirty, take it elsewhere, etc.]]
[font "Times New Roman" [center 06. NO character is INVINCIBLE or IMMORTAL. The Witch and the Fake have conditional immortality that only lasts so long. The GHOSTS are immortal only as long as Hades sees a use in them--and only if they obey his every command. You don't like it? You burn at the stake.]]
[font "Times New Roman" [center 07. We have a lot of talking to do!! I made this roleplay with my boo a long minute ago and we've developed the idea a LOT outside of ES.
[font "Times New Roman" [center 08. Have fun! ]]
[font "Times New Roman" [center 09. This will start with the Witch and the Fake drinking the demigod blood and thus disrupting the death date.]
[font "Times New Roman" [center 010. If there's a bunch of applicants for something but not enough spots, I'll increase the cap. Don't forget to call Hades 'daddy'.]]

[font "Times New Roman" [center [size20 Skeletons:]]]

[font "Times New Roman" [center GHOSTS 4/4]]
[font "Times New Roman" [center [b Name:] [i Real name.] // [b Alias:] [i We need something badass to call you.] // [b Age:] [i You've been in the underworld for quite some time.] // [b Personality:] [i Anything that doesn't make you a sorry sack of Cerberus' chew toys.] // [b Position / Specialty:] [i Strategics, long range combat, heavy artillery, or weapons tech, etc.] // [b Offense:] [i Hades didn't take you for no reason.] // [b Weapon of Choice:] [i What's your Scythe look like? They're personal to all GHOSTS.] // [b Photo:] [i URL here. Real, tasteful photography.]]
[font "Times New Roman" [center 1. [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=393974 The Centurion]]]
[font "Times New Roman" [center 2. [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=393894 Lilith]]]
[font "Times New Roman" [center 3.[http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=393905 Andras]]]
[font "Times New Roman" [center 4. ]]

[font "Times New Roman" [center Witch and Co. 1/2]]
[font "Times New Roman" [center [b Name:] [i Real/Preferred Name.] // [b Age:] [i 19-35, but you're not ancient.] // [b Personality:] [i Don't need any zombies.] // [b Role:] [i Are you the liar?] // [b Affiliation:] [i What interested you in witchcraft in the first place?] // [b Photo:] [i URL here. Real, tasteful photography.]]
[font "times new roman" [center 1. [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=394059 Christopher Silvers, The Silver Eyed Prince]]]
[font "times new roman" [center 2.]]

[font "Times New Roman" [center Olympians are to be used as necessary.]]

[font "Times New Roman" [center Demigods 2/3]]
[font "Times New Roman" [center [b Name:] [i Real/Preferred Name.] // [b Parents:] [i A god and a human.] // [b Inheritance:] [i What power did you get from your parent?] // [b Age:] [i Yeah.] // [b Personality:] [i No Mary Janes pls.] // [b Connection:] [i What made you want to hunt down all those witches?] // [b Photo:] [i URL here. Real, tasteful photography.]]
[font "Times New Roman" [center 1. ]]
[font "Times New Roman" [center 2. [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=365562 Damaris]]]
[font "Times New Roman" [center 3. [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=393894 Kael] ]]

[font "Times New Roman" [center [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=365563 Hades]]]

[font "Times New Roman" [center Keeper]]

[font "Times New Roman" [center Note: Not all roles need to be taken in order for the roleplay to be functional. ]]

[font "Times New Roman" [center [size30 Enjoy your Stay in the Badlands.]]]


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[font "Times New Roman" Listening to the Centurion relay the information about Silvers never aging or eating triggered her to memories way back when she was still living her third life. She had made yet another deal with the Dealer and promised her soul to him. She found this time she didn't find much use for sleep or food. In her fifth life she barely needed water but became a fiercer warrior each time. Each time, she strayed farther and farther from the idea of what it meant to be human. Her people feared her and accused her of black witchcraft. She could not tell them they were wrong, and besides, they could always see through her. She wondered if something like this wasn't also what Christopher sacrificed to be gifted the ability to take down the greatest fighter the Underworld had ever seen.]

[font "Times New Roman" [+olive "This man is demon,"] she declared proudly. Her heart was racing, and had been for several minutes, but she couldn't quite identify what it was that was making it so because it was a feeling she hadn't felt until her last visit to Punishment: fear. It disgusted her. [+olive "I do not... cannot explain. But. He is evil. Imm--immurt... Live forever is evil."]]

[font "Times New Roman" She didn't want to say more than that because some part of her was ashamed of what she'd done to extend her own life. She hoped they could just take her word for it, but seeing as how they were all criminals in one way or the other, it was very likely they wouldn't. She couldn't fault them for that decision.]

[font "Times New Roman" Their little meeting was gathering attention. There was someone that looked like they were working the event that was staying in the vicinity of where they were, pretending to gather car keys over and over.]

[font "Times New Roman" She tilted her chin in the young man's general direction and tapped Lilith lightly. [+olive "Date. They watch. Where is Enya?"]]

[font "Times New Roman" Her instincts were on fire. Something screamed "trouble" in both languages over and over in her head. She tried not to look suspicious as she cast a cautious glance around. [+olive "We let god children kill witch. We will be next."] She felt that her statement was pretty final judging by the showroom scythe alone.]

[font "Times New Roman" The former foreigner rarely contacted Hades in the field so it took a couple moments of struggling to remember how to conjure his presence. The spy went around the corner, likely catching on to the fact that the GHOSTs knew he was there, and for a moment, they were alone.]

[font "Times New Roman" It didn't even come to that. An image, hologram almost, of the God of the Underworld and his Keeper appeared between the triangle the three undead mercenaries had formed to talk strategy.]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/YiTKZHR.gif]]

[font "Times New Roman" [+maroon "Hello my children."] Hades offered a smirk that held absolutely no humor. He looked them all over, acknowledging their welfare and current states. [+maroon "You're all looking the part."]]

[font "Times New Roman" [b "Stop wasting their time; this is important,"] the Keeper said impatiently, sort of shouldering Hades out of the way. [b "Enya is dead. You are all in danger. Max the demigod was killed, too."]]

[font "Times New Roman" [+maroon "Stop coddling them like they can't handle themselves."] The god rolled his eyes. [+maroon "Enya's soul has been returned to the Underworld, yes. She will not be reemployed as a GHOST after being defeated in combat; the same will happen to you if you let this witch best you. Your mission is to bring the demigods back alive."]]

[font "Times New Roman" [b "He's always trying to be so damn cryptic. That means [i do not let the witch kill them]. Because he will. I am gathering information on him as you all interact with him; unfortunately the Underworld doesn't have much information on him for some reason. I guess he's remained under the radar."]]

[font "Times New Roman" [+maroon "Letting the demigods die is a mission failure. Carry on."]]

[font "Times New Roman" And like that, they were gone.]

[font "Times New Roman" Andras was speechless looking at where the two men had both appeared and disappeared. She feared getting thrown back into Punishment. It was no way to spend eternity. She refused to go back. She'd never had a mission failure before and imagined it would be treated near the same as being defeated in combat. It would be an embarrassment she couldn't afford to try her hand at.]

[font "Times New Roman" [+olive "Now it is rescue mission."] She rolled her eyes. She wasn't any kind of damn paramedic, not a police officer, not a firefighter. The whole thing was growing to be rather annoying as the minutes went by.]
  ғoreιgner / cmdr / 2y 164d 13h 1m 6s
With his words finished Christopher stepped down once again from the stage as the crowed whispered about him. Some good others bad. He could tell you exactly how many guests were in his house, and how many of them had come in vehicles, but to go beyond that would require some patience especially if he meant to locate everyone's keys. Would he do such a thing? no of course not he wouldn't force people to stay if they did not wish to, and he was only obeying state laws by putting it out there, if people left the party and drove it was of their own volition to violate the law and be put into jail.

Returning to the crowed He had come into contact with a few people who thanked him, the police commissioner, the mayor, a few city high rollers. Some even mob members that were well known across the city as mob. Many would question how was it a man who looked early to mid twenties had such high connections and so many of them already. It was of course all within his own weaving he had done over time.
He had amassed his family's fortune by buying out alcohol distilleries across the world in places such as Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, even Spain when he visits there once or twice. His biggest known however was the small vineyard he had in California, and an even larger Estate within the amazon in Brazil. Perhaps it was the constant flow of income that had allowed him to become a very successful man in New Orleans, however the rest of his life was a private matter. The silvers family had originally owned part of the Russian countryside, and even Poland, and Germany perhaps a land called Prussia would be better suited to call it.

The Silver family was the Royal family to Prussia until world war two when Germany took over its neighbors and absorbed Prussia into its being. Prussia to be exact was most of the German land mass, including lands from Austria, Poland, Russia, and Denmark. It also included all of the Czech republic and Slovenia land masses. Christopher's family name would originally have been Hohenzollern, but to try and say that in English is killer, so his ancestor changed their name to Silber, which translated over to silver in English, however before they were apart of the Prussian Royalty, they were nothing more then nobility that could be traced all the way back to the Roman empire.

The roman times their last name was unknown to the family for quite a wile, however Christopher dug into his family tree and found that their last name was Blind. A well known family for servicing in the Traiana legion, the second legion in Alexandria, Egypt. They tended to be leaders, however one known Blind family member had come very close to gaining the title of Emperor, before he was executed for killing his commanding officer and Imperator. Ethan Blind, The man was an idol to Christopher, however he guessed by the man's history he didn't make it to the title of Emperor, otherwise he would have been allowed to kill any imperator he wanted to.

Christopher had it seemed idolized this specific ancestor, why? because he reached for heights none of his other family members did. Ethan's father had reached for Imperator, and succeeded, but that was as far as he wished to go. His other family members served in the army, some served as commanders, others common soldiers. Some made officials of themselves in the senate, but none so ambitious enough to get close to ruling the whole of an empire, even if it was falling around the emperor and the senate. The witch had sometimes wondered where the world would be now if his family had indeed taken over ruling the Roman Empire. Would the empire still be around today? No not likely, to many rebellions happening within the borders, to many people fighting for freedom from it, but would the empire have fallen so soon? Would Rome have destroyed itself or would it have carved itself a piece of history other then being known as Italy?

Christopher had seen a painting of this man, but something felt off about it, like this isn't what he would look like. Instead Christopher pictured him with tattoos all over his body in the ancient ways done up with needle, ink and a hammering paddle and fire. Christopher had in fact run into Ethan at his party, but quickly gave his apology as he walked off into the garden. Something had tripped an alarm at the Mausoleum he had on the other side of the garden and he did not like the idea of someone being so close to his dead ancestors, let alone the valuables he had placed in the giant pyramid tomb with them. Least of all the knowledge he had kept in there as well.

Christopher had turned a corner to come face to face with a male who was peering around some bushes at a girl who had just run down the pathway from his family Mausoleum, a book in her hand which the male recognized instantly. It was his private records he had been keeping sense he been given the gift of immortality from his ancestor. It was something he wrote in daily, that way if he ever did actually pass away his family would know who he was and how the life he had was. As he turned the corner Christopher seemed to spook the male, but before he could run away the young witch snapped his fingers and had the man chained to the ground. [#d73209 "You have Violated the rules, and while normally you would be thrown out because of this. I feel a far more sever punishment is in order due to the severity of the rule you have broken."] pointing at the pyramid Christopher's eyes went from a violet purple to a bright Ice tone.

[#d73209 "Speak of Punishment for rule breaking."] The male snapped his fingers again and drew the girl that had the book away from the pathway and to him and the male as well. [#d73209 "Breaking the rules would normally get the both of you kicked out and not allowed back to the party, however because of what you hold. You will need to be dealt with in a far more strict way."] with that the female broke her chains and had from the smoke appear a scythe that glowed somewhat like the one hanging on the wall inside, the difference was the design the thing had. [b "I...will...kill you."] cutting the male free The women stood ready for a fight.

As the women saw the chains disappear Christopher took a more defensive stance. His hands still folded in front of him and clasped together, however his body was angled to where his left shoulder was closer to the pair. [b "Get out of here, get everyone at the party out of here."] The women said to the man in a very thick accent, where it was from he could place it right away, what surprised Christopher however was that the male just stood his ground instead. Drawing out his own sort of weaponry from thin air. Christopher nodded and just held up his right hand. [#d73209 "Very well. If you wish to fight dirty, then so be it."]

Snapping his fingers again a women came out from no where. [#d73209 "Julia, I need these two removed. They have broken into the family grounds."] The women looked at the two and nodded. [b "Yes sir."] Diving at the pair it seemed she had nothing on her, until she went and moved her hands to the pin placed in her hair and grabbed two needle like knives. Driving the first two intentionally into the female's feet, however it seemed her attack was blocked, and so they went into the male's hand instead forcing him to drop his weapon. As Julia went to grab another set of needles from her hair the women ran at her.

Julia saw this coming and moved to the side Digging into the girl's spine the next two needles. The first was placed just below the skull the second was about mid back, This had made the girl drop down to the ground stunned and puzzled. Christopher strolled over to the paralyzed women and put blankly [#d73209 "You must be one of those creature's Hades sends out. I'm sure seeing the scythe of that one person already hanging on my wall made you angry, however now your weapon will add to my collection. What name should I put with the weapon?"] the girl coughed a little bit and only spat at Christopher, the male sighed heavily as a name came out of the girl in whispers. [b "I am Enya, The strongest Ghost to Hades you will face."] Christopher laughed as he stepped backwards. Julia sat on Enya, however he attention was drawn to the male as he was up and charging now at the pair. Julia drew a knife across the girl's throat and released her back to the ground to face the charging boy. A normal person would have blood spilling out, however this girl had black dust coming out instead. Eventually she disappeared and the male was all that was left. Julia and the male did battle for quite a while yet as he had anticipated her moves and even threw magic at her using his own powers.

Christopher had guessed this male was a demi-god to the God Zeus with the fact he was summoning lightning blades from no where. Christopher stepped up next to Julia and just struck his fingernails across her neck, allowing her blood to flow freely over the gardens and grass, even spraying all over Max's front. [#d73209 "Useless, Couldn't even take care of a single demi-god."] Looking from Julia's body that now laid flat on the ground to the blood covered blonde in front of him the witch just spoke in a blunt tone. [#d73209 "You must be Max, Demi-god to Zeus. My guess is you came here tonight to kill me, or find out a way to kill me. Well here I am."] holding up his arms to look like he was hanging from a cross.

Max didn't fall for the bait however and he drew another weapon from the air, this time fire. Throwing it at Christopher the male swatted it away and right to the zombie that Max had summoned to attack the male. [#d73209 "Your zombies won't do much against me."] snapping his fingers again the zombies that started to pop up around Christopher all disappeared it seemed. [#d73209 "Necromancer magic won't help you much."] Max seemed to growl and charged at Christopher this time, only to have his blade gone, disarmed he looked down at the small pain to see he had lost his arm.

Staggering back Max grabbed his arm and was about to scream in pain, however Christopher stepped up and silenced the male by taking his fingernails across his throat as well. The blood drew out of his cut throat, but Christopher bent down as max fell to his knees. [#d73209 "Shhh, it'll be over soon."] patting the blonde on his head Christopher stood back up and snapped his fingers again, only this time he also waved his glowing green hand over max. The male's body went down into the ground and so did Juila's body. both disappeared to make more fertilizer, and the grass turned back to its natural green color.

Christopher stepped back into the parlor both scythe from Enya the ghost and the sword from Max the demi-god. It seemed they would make a fine addition to his weaponry arsinal.
  Ruin Witch / Colorful_insanity / 2y 227d 6h 43m 27s
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Barlow]

[center [size15 [Barlow Lilith was just about to take her weapon out and gut the person who had knocked her down, however before she could really take any action Andras appeared behind her and spoke. The other GHOST sounded concerned as she helped her off the floor, asking if she was alright. Lilith couldn't help but calm down as she watched Andras, she was like a worried child who simply wanted to make sure her mother was okay. She found it endearing. She laid a gentle hand on Andras' arm, [#6B8E23 "I am fine Andras, thank you for your concern."] She said. She was about to go after the woman who had walked away, but Andras mentioning a scythe made her stop. [i 'What scythe?"] She asked, turning to look at what the other woman was pointing at.]]]

[center [size15 [Barlow Displayed like a fucking trophy was the scythe of a woman all GHOSTS knew very well. Malia Winters. She was a prodigy amongst them all, one of Hades best. She felt hatred and anger rise up in her, all of it directed at the sketchy witch hosting the party. Beside her, Andras was trying to get something out but the words were just becoming a jumbled mess, Lilith though knew exactly what the other woman was trying to say. [#6B8E23 "Yes Andras, kill we will. But not yet. You must wait, you promise to wait?"] She did her best to speak simply.]]]

[center [size15 [Barlow They couldn't go after the silver-haired witch just yet, no matter how she wanted to rip the eyes out of his skull and feed them to Cerberus as a snack. Before she could say anything else to Andras she ran off, saying something about finding the other two GHOSTS. She grabbed Enya and ushered her over to where Andras and Ethan were. As they two made they're way over someone came up to them jingling a basket with keys, not saying a word she dropped hers into the basket and continued on her way. She was on a mission.]]]

[center [size15 [Barlow As the pair stepped up to Ethan and Andras and began to provide some interesting information. Missing people and a guy who never aged was just more than a mere coincidence. That combined with the fact that Malia's scythe was just hanging on the wall assured Lilith that this witch was indeed a dangerous one. She tapped her chin as she thought then spoke up. [#6B8E23 "There's a valid reason why these Demi-gods are after this witch, though in my opinion, he's too much for them to handle. Hell, he was able to take out one of our best. He hung up her fucking scythe like it's some kind of decoration, he's boasting about it. I think since he's too much for the kids."] She stated. They were supposed to capture the demi-gods, not the witch.]]]

[center [size15 [Barlow In a funny way they were protecting the witch, Hades wanted them to take the demi-gods alive so that they wouldn't kill any more witches. Lilith settled a hand on her hip as she breathed a sigh. [#6B8E23 "It's obvious that we want this silver-haired bastard dead, so why not let the witches do it for us? Let them kill him, then take them alive right after. Two birds with one stone."] She suggested. While she would like nothing more than to end the guy herself, she didn't want to do anything that would upset Hades.]]]
  [ʀᴜɪɴ] / Tsumu / 2y 228d 9h 10m 10s
[font "Times New Roman" [center Damaris eyed Kael and noted his frustration with her state, which only made her giggle a little bit. She was still in a perfectly good head and her mood was spectacular; in fact, if she wasn't high, she would probably be splitting skulls.]]

[font "courier new" [center [+teal "We have to get him alone,"] [font "times new roman" she whispered to her two partners. Her mouth was extremely dry from the drugs but she tried to ignore it for the sake of appearances. [font "courier new" [+teal "He's hosting the party and he's obviously super popular around here. He doesn't care if he shows off his magic so I guess he doesn't think anyone has the balls to stand up to him. I don't want anyone being a hero and trying to save him if we try something in front of people. Also, I don't know if you guys saw it, but there's, like, three [i real] suspicious-looking people walking around."]] [font "times new roman" Her eyes narrowed and her nose scrunched up at the thought of them. She'd noticed them skulking around--like them, those three didn't quite fit in. They were six sore thumbs. [font "courier new" [+teal "I was walking by one of the girls and she was, like, threatening to fight someone, but also kill Silvers. She wasn't even quiet about it and her accent was really weird. But I say that to say this: someone else is already here for him, so be careful."]]]

[font "Times New Roman" [center The blonde demigod looked up as Christopher made his announcement, pretending to look enthused as someone came around carrying champagne glasses. She happily took one, drank it, and grabbed another when the next person came by. She grimaced at the mention of Silvers collecting car keys. She considered her Jeep, the love of her life, and also the fact that it was her getaway vehicle.]]

[font "courier new" [center [+teal "I caught a cab,"] [font "times new roman" she said easily to the attendant that approached their group. [font "courier new" [+teal "It would be completely irresponsible to drive while under the influence."]]]

[font "Times New Roman" [center It was all she could do not to laugh. She drove high all the time.]]

[font "Times New Roman" [center The attendant didn't necessarily look like he believed her, but then again, it wasn't really his job to believe her. He just moved on to Kael, gesturing the jar insistently.]]

[font "Times New Roman" [center Once the man had left, Damaris turned her icy eyes to one of the three shady figures she'd noted earlier. It was a tall man with tattoos and slick black hair. He looked like a mercenary straight out of a movie, so she told herself that was exactly what he was and here was there for: to kill her target. She couldn't allow him to do that even though it would make her life easier because then Kael and Max would never look at her the same way. They would never follow her lead again if she let this one get away. Hell, if the positions were switched, she would treat them the exact same way.]]

[font "courier new" [center [+teal "Max, follow him and text us; tell us what he's doing. He looks like he might be in charge of the three of them. Be safe."] [font "times new roman" It felt like the right choice to have them split up like this. They could learn more and it would be less suspicious if they didn't go everywhere as a group.]]

[font "Times New Roman" [center At least, in her head, it made sense like that.]]

[font "courier new" [center [+teal "Dance with me, pretty boy,"] [font "times new roman" she said with a grin to the remaining boy, grabbing his hand before waiting for an answer. She led him over to the dancefloor, right in the middle of the fray, and placed her empty champagne glass on a passing attendant's tray. [font "courier new" [+teal "Look. Up there."]] [font "times new roman" She gestured up with her chin to a strange weapon Silvers had hanging on the wall. It glowed a little and she found it incredibly weird that no one else was marveling at it.] [font "courier new" [+teal "It glows and it honestly looks fucking terrifying. What is a guy like this doing with something that looks straight out of a damn myth? And listen, I've been looking at it for a while, and I know I'm high, but... The glow ebbs and flows. Like it'll fade a little and come back and get stronger and everything. It's kinda scary. But this guy, Kael... There's no way his moisturized ass is really as young as he looks. Like [i no one] else from the Silvers family has come to greet anyone or claim the Silvers name or [i anything]. Isn't that suspicious to you that in this small-country-sized-mansion, he's the only one that seems to live here?"]] [font "times new roman" She let him spin her around a little, sighing as she contemplated their situation. It was an amazing mystery. It was even better because her mind went into every crack and crevice allowed by being in an altered state.]]

[font "Times New Roman" [center She adjusted her dress a little, glad to not hear the jangling of her keys but still able to feel them in one of the small pockets the dress allowed. She wasn't going to allow Silvers to trap and kill them.]]

[font "courier new" [center [+teal "I'll be honest, Kael: I'm not feeling super confident about this..."] [font "times new roman" She avoided the male's eyes as she admitted her lack of drive at the moment. She was just... nervous, which wasn't something she was used to and definitely wasn't something she liked. ] [font "courier new" [+teal "He's not like the others. There's too much we don't know about him and there's too many people here. I'm not abandoning the mission or anything, just... I'm trying to be more careful."]]

[font "Times New Roman" [center She didn't know if she was scared or if it was just the paranoia associated with being high.]]
  ιrredeeмaвle / cmdr / 2y 231d 11h 14m 17s
Centurion had gotten an Alright from his partner, but she had gone to the bar instead, so he decided he would start in the kitchen perhaps. An uneasy feeling however followed him, like he was being watched by more than just other guests. Perhaps there was something at work here that allowed the witch Christopher to keep all his guests from going into areas of the house they weren’t allowed? Not knowing what it was Ethan had turned to his left to head out towards the kitchen area, perhaps they were gathering food, but that meant going close to Malia’s scythe which seemed to give off a very visible fog that glowed even to the human eye.
Having a person tap on him as he was counting his steps to the garden to be prepared for a fight the male spun around to see it was Andras. Dressed in a fine red silk gown he took a step back and smiled to her. He would have commented how the dress suited her, but she had said something about what he had just told Enya before dipping into the crowd of party goers. She had even made a comment about the fact that Christopher had Malia’s scythe on his wall.
Gripping her shoulders he nodded his approval, but put a finger to his lips so she knew to not talk as of just yet, there was still the funny feeling Ethan got while he was in the house. The male knew Malia winter, anyone who was a Ghost, no anyone who lived in the underworld knew who Malia winters was. She was the first Ghost hades had made, The girl came from Ancient Egypt before its unity. She had hunted down hundreds of targets for hades in her years. Many were souls who had gotten out of the underworld some even being ghosts themselves.
Malia had been the only known Ghost to also earn her freedom from Hades’s thumb. He had released her from the bonds of being a Ghost on the condition that she would still accept the missions that he thought no one else could handle. She would also teach the other ghosts her skills when they weren’t on missions or busy with other things such as lessons from the keeper or running around for Hades.
Ethan recalled her last words to him. To keep looking to the stars, It was the one thing he had kept with him sense her disappearance. Ethan and the other ghosts felt Malia’s life force disappear when she had become a part of the dust in the air. She had told those close to her that she was going on a mission and the target was a highly valuable person to the big man. Ethan couldn’t however have guessed the person was the witch he would now have to fight.
Grabbing ahold of Andras’s left hand and lead her towards the bar to find both Enya and Lilith taking a few drinks. Seeing the girls together made Ethan’s face light up just a bit. They all had on dresses so it was a curious thing to him how would they fight if it came to it? Before he could even think of anything else the music had stopped playing for a moment and the all too familiar booming voice of Christopher silver came across to his ears. Spinning on his heels to see the stage as Christopher cleared his throat a bit and spoke.
[b “"I must inform you folks, that while this party is going to last well into the night. I still follow the law of the state, and all driving while intoxicated is illegal, even if you are a police officer. I must ask that as you see my helpful staff come around with jars you give up the keys to your vehicles. I promise your keys will be returned to you upon sobering up, and I assure you they will be locked in my office, so no one can go through your vehicles while you are asleep."] As the speech finished the doors on the side of the ballroom opened up to show a dozen men and women dressed in white with red lace. The girls had it as a ribbon tied into their hair where the males had it as bowties.

Giving up the keys to his vehicle as a glass jar passed by Ethan heard the music once again begin to play he turned back to his group and once again pushed his finger to his lips and nodded towards the garden.
He was a silent one, Ethan was his steps it seemed didn't make a sound almost like he was floating on the air as he made his way to the garden itself. Once far enough down the pathway that no one else was going to be around for a while did the male start talking. [b "There is news you need to know about our Friendly witch."] He had pulled out a small piece of paper he had jotted down a few notes on. [b "It seems that he has saved New Orleans several times from hurricanes and damage and stuff. The city people praise him, but they are worried about some smaller things."]

Destroying the paper Ethan spoke with a monotone kind of voice. [b "This Christopher silvers is older then he lets on, but the citizens of New Orleans are worried about the random disappearing people as of lately. Just earlier tonight a women reported her husband never came home from work and he was just down the street."] Pausing for a moment before continuing. [b "Before you ask how I got the information, some of the police here are very talkative people. His so called Co-host of this ball was much more of a blast. The reason Hades is so pressured about killing this kid is because he has killed a Demi-god. He also said something about how he has never seen his friend age a day, or has ever seen him eat."]
  Ruin Witch / Colorful_insanity / 2y 290d 13h 42s
[Center [size10 Christopher was watchful of his party guests, keeping an eye on guests left and right as they dipped in and out of the rooms and garden. Even the kitchen seemed to be bustling with life as guests weaved in an orderly single line file through it grabbing plates of food and glasses of random drinks such as water, tea, sodas, some kool-aid and other things leaving the alcohol to the open bar out in the ball room. Almost running into someone Christopher only smiled as the man apologized, he could tell something was amiss with the man, perhaps it was the slight discontent in the way he spoke, or even the posture he held. The straight face gave away nothing, but something was indeed off about the man. Hearing the man apologize once again this time for running off so soon the two bowed together.]]

[Center [size10 Taking a paused moment to follow his guest return to the bar, only to see he had stopped in front of the women he had just danced with and another male he guessed was a part of the little group they made up. They gave off a strange sense of power to them, unlike most mortals who had aruras of blues, greens, yellows, even sometimes orange. These three gave off a purple color almost like they weren’t mortal at all. Christopher silvers was a strange one he knew that, his arura would be a vibrant bright pink in color to any other witch, as they could sense power from other things, including the supernatural, however Christopher was a special case, he didn’t sense aruras he saw them. Just like a fog floating above a person in a halo, almost like a mood ring, which would tell him what sort of person he was speaking to.]]

[Center [size10 Malia Winters the one creature he had killed besides the demi-god his best friend killed and had hanging in the basement had been a creature with no halo, no instead it was an almost crystal clear sort of arura which had confused him at first, but he later adapted it to the dead. Perhaps a spirit sent to hunt him down by hades in recent years. He had spotted a few people who seemed to have the same colorless arura as Malia did, however what drew his eye to them was as they drew closer to the scythe above the doorway it gave off a tealish color glow. The closer they got the brighter and more noticeable the glow was, the farther they got the glow faded. Continuing on his little adventure the male’s bright purple eyes had set onto an unexpected encounter. His bright purple eyes met those of an ice cold white eyd male with the same color hair.]]

[left [pic https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/2b/df/b2/2bdfb23c8cba87919a4e32e4f5d03b2e.jpg]]

[Center [size10 [#d73209 “Oh Darius, Hello I haven’t seen you in New Orleans in a while.”] the other male only nodded. His voice came across with a very thick Italian accent [#0a6b32 “Oh Christopher, You have attracted too much attention to yourself.”] the male held up his hand. The gold band on his ring finger glistened like it was freshly off the shelf new, but of course anyone who knew Darius also knew the golden ring he had on his ring was older then even Christopher. It had belonged to the first of his family. Holding his hand out Darius expected something of it, only to look down at his hand to see nothing happening to it. Looking up to Christopher his eyes folded into an angry look. [#0a6b32 “Remember boy those who gave you the knowledge to become immortal.”]
Christopher only joined the laughter of his guests. [#d73209 “I remember quite well Darius, but I am almost certain the same person gave it to your coven of witches and you all have yet to use it.”] The male only withdrew his hand and seemed to have a growl to his voice [#0a6b32 “You have been warned. The witch coven of Germany, even the one of Greece, England, Russia have taken notice of your little power trip here in America. They are collectively thinking of sending a hunter here to come after you again.”]]]

[Center [size10 Cutting his laughter short Christopher only shrugged like it was nothing more then amusement to him. [#d73209 “The covens feel threatened by my family, and always have. Them sending another would be a waste of time and energy I and the covens could be using to do better things with.”] Another low growl came from Darius with the low tone [#0a6b32 “They feel the silvers have exposed the witch world. You and your ancestors have settled in Louisiana sense the French founded it. We have records leading all the way back to at least then, but your family’s estate has always been passed down to the next in line, Only it seems to have stopped when the French revolution. It seems the property came to you Christopher, but that would mean you turned legal age of twenty one back in eighteen oh three, but that would mean your two hundred and fourteen years old. But that isn’t possible as none of our covens had the power or the knowledge of immortality at the time, in fact we just recently discovered it about five years ago.”]]]

[Center [size10 Christopher picked up a glass of red wine that seemed to swing by him on one of the waiting staff’s trays and took a sip. [#d73209 “Yes, this is all good and everything, but what does the history lesion give me? It tells me nothing of why you choose now to visit me? It doesn’t tell me why you have chosen tonight knowing I throw a ball this day every year to approach me with anything at all. Hell you mostly write to me anyway unless its urgent enough to be delivered in person. And from what I have gathered of your rambling on the covens are confused as to how the silver’s estate has stayed just that an estate of seventy thousand square feet of property has stayed within a family that has come to America with nothing more than a penny to its name and made it big time? On top if it the covens have or are all mind boggling over if they want to try an assassination attempt on my life, a second time at that.”]]]

[Center [size10 Taking another sip Christopher looked at Darius with his purple eyes and spoke with a simple tone that demanded no questioning. [#d73209 “Tell me what you have come and crashed my party for and leave sir. I have guests to attend to and more important matters which require my attention.”] However with that Darius just gave a sickly sweet smile. Pulling a black letter out from his inner coat pocket he held it out. [#0a6b32 “All the information you need is here.”] before Christopher could take it however Darius lifted it just barely out of his grip. [#0a6b32 “I give this to you in confidents, no one can know I am working with you.”] Nodding Christopher took the piece of paper and hid it away in his own inner coat pocket.]]

[Center [size10 With that Darius vanished just like he had appeared. Christopher however kept a minor track on the fellow witch as he left. Placing the now empty glass on the next tray that came by him. The male put his hand into his pocket once again to have his hand touch the piece of paper Darius had just given him. Taking to the edge of the room the man disappeared into the grand entry room and right up to the door to the basement. His party would be noise enough to cover up the somewhat painful screams that would be coming from the dungeons, even if it was sound proof.]]

[Center [size10 Standing in front of the door Christopher looked around to make sure no one was around taking a quick look around the small doorway. Waving his left hand which gave off a dark green color he stepped through the door and shut it quickly. Christopher replaced the spell which he had upon the door by waving his right hand once the door was closed. Taking the steps down and counting them on his way the male knew exactly how many there were it was the one thing that never changed. Twenty steps made of solid marble and made to look like a chessboard. It was the exact amount of living members of his family there were. Not just those with the last name of Silver, or those who could use magic, but in the entire world who came from his very own seed.]]

[Center [size10 Taking the last step and seeing the stone change from marble to the ever present Soapstone walls around the basement. Taking several lefts and even more rights the male stopped at what seemed like another wall. Looking at it however the male walked into the room through the wall. It was instead one of those hidden doorways one had to really look for or be shown that it was there. Lighting one of the lights to the room all it showed was soapstone walls, at first in the middle of the floor was a small bowl shape however full of a dark liquid that seemed to only reflect the light back to it, just above the liquid however hung the body of another human being. That person seemed to be alive, but barely breathing his blood veins could be seen even on his light skin which seemed to have faded to an almost pasty color. His blood however was slowly dripping from his finger tips, to be more precise his fingernails which had needles drawn into them the blood fell into the bowl below him. A shallow cracked voice came across the hollow space. [b “Please, Christopher let me go.”]]]

[Center [size10 Crossing the little distance of five feet to the man he just took his hand and placed it upon the man’s stomach which seemed to bulge out from the man’s bad habit of drinking and fast food joints from working so late.[#d73209 “Oh but my dearest friend you have betrayed me for the last time. I asked you for but a single favor. I even saved your little dress shop from the floods like I had done for all of Orleans. All I asked in return was to be told when people from out of town showed up. No instead I am told not only did you sell one a fine black dress, but even gave her information about me.”] Bending down to come face to face with the man Christopher had on a very serious face on as he kept going [#d73209 “Do not worry your family will be well kept after. I will make sure your children grow up wanting nothing, your wife of course want revenge on the person who killed you, but I am sure the Russian mafia that seem to believe they can come into New Orleans will do enough to sedate her for it.”]]]

[Center [size10 Tapping on the man’s forehead Christopher just looked at the man. [#d73209 “Did you happen to even get the little blonde’s name? No? Well what good is that to me if I do not know who the guests in my city are? Yes I am a wonderful guy, but I can always be the scariest of nightmares.”] Standing up and removing his mask Christopher stepped another five feet to stand in front of a wooden table, which had been placed on the other side of the room from the doorway, next to what seemed like an endless set of knives, needles, saws, and other devices is where he had placed his mask and coat. Pulling up his sleeves Christopher stepped along the table. The man’s eyes grew wide as Christopher agonizingly went over each knife picking them up and inspecting them. Finally deciding on a six inch Jagdkommando Tri-edge knife. Christopher stepped towards the man and quickly moved Plunging the knife into the man’s Left Carotid Artery and watched as the little shop keeper bled to death. having his blood spill onto the floor the more he tried to stop the bleeding, or speak out.]]

[Center [size10 Christopher had stepped back to the table and placed the knife back onto the thing. Normally he would have taken longer to kill a person, but he had other things to attend to. He would let the little shop keeper be missing for a few days before returning him to the streets found dead in the streets around the Mafia’s unknown abandoned warehouse. It was the Silver family’s signature to lay blame off like someone else had killed their victims. They had become ruthless killers, and Christopher was no different. However it wasn’t the human life he was taking that is what fueled their magical power.]]

[Center [size10 Bending down and letting every last bit of blood drip into the bowl he collected it and took out the bronze bowl from its little whole on the ground. Taking the bowl with him out of the room and into another one Christopher took the bronze bowl and tipped it over onto yet another dead body, only this one was the body of the dead demi-god James. He was alive, at least for now. Placing the bowl at just above James's head Christopher took the same knife from before and stuck it into James's heart. The demi-god would live as long as the blood source was there. It was his magic necromancery magic it required him to take a life to bring one back. The demi-god had however the same reaction as before when he was stabbed. Screaming at the top of his longs for as long as he could in hopes someone would come and save him. Taking several deep breaths before looking around his eyes stopped on Christopher who was looking at papers on the desk.]]

[Center [size10 As James got up however the witch called out [#d73209 “I wouldn’t move. The blood source I’ve given you this time is close to you, but its close enough if you move you’ll knock it over.”] lifting his face just barely over his shoulder the male’s purple eyes seemed to change to a black color. [#d73209 “I know it’s not as strong as the last blood source I gave you, but it will have to do.”] Christopher returned to the papers he was shuffling through. It was mostly family history that he kept records of. He had given it to James as reading material. It wasn’t a lot, but it would do. The demi-god had indeed learned a lot about his captor Christopher. The man had learned immortality from his ancestor even far before the other covens had learned what a demi-god could do. Specifically those of Aion’s descendant. It was like he had found the fountain of youth and didn’t have to kill anyone.]]

[Center [size10 He had learned Christopher was indeed old. No he was very old, much older then he would let on. He was five hundred and twenty four years old. He was born to Anoki and Atepa, both natives to America before Europe had taken over. His born name wasn’t Christopher, no that was just an alias he had been using recently and would likely be killing soon in an accident of some kind like he had done so with many other aliases. Sebastian Silver. Dorian Silvers, Alexander Argento, Mattieu Silber, Xavier Solv, Christian Arian. It all lead to an accident usually caused by a house fire at a party where bodies were unburied, a fatal car accident, or something of the sort where two bodies were found. Of course none of them were ever actually Christopher himself, but dead bodies he had collected over the years and needed to get rid of. It had helped to ‘clear out his closet of skeletons’ or so to speak.]]

[Center [size10 James had also learned that Christopher’s nice domineer was nothing. He was indeed a very gentle person, but when it came to protecting himself he could be ruthless. He could be even worse if his secrets were threatened. Returning to the current James’s harsh voice only [b “Why do you keep this going?”] Christopher didn’t seem to answer at first, but put the paper down and turned around. [#d73209 “Because my friend believes you kill a demi-god and drink the blood of the dead demi-god means that you’ll be immortal forever, however it’s a lie.”]]]

[Center [size10 Christopher sat down next to James on the floor. [#d73209 “You see a demi-god has an unnatural life span yes, however they are not immortal, not unless they are given the immortality from their god parent, which is why Aion has very few children, and even they do not have his gift of immortality.”] taking a breath Christopher pushed his hands through his spiked hair. [#d73209 “So I order to keep my friend believing he has immortality I use my magic to bring a single demi-god back to life and with the blood that flows through your wound it’s blessed in a sense with the same unnatural life as the blood that was originally in your body.”]]]

[Center [size10 It seemed to confuse James at first, but a question formed at his lips. [b “If this is true, then why not tell him how you really got immortality?”] Christopher seemed to perk up at the thought, but his mood seemed to darken. [#d73209 “That would require him to do an act of such Impiety that I doubt he would do it.”] James seemed to understand what the man meant as he laid his head back down and fell silent. This had been the fourth time he drew life into his lungs and body. Perhaps Christopher was stocking up on his blood, or doing something far worse. Christopher’s thoughts however turned something far more sour. Did he truly love this guy he was basically torturing the town and this demi-god to keep him tamed. As James seemed to start falling back into the draw of darkness of death he could hear the faint voice of Christopher saying he would return later. Christopher had returned upstairs to his guests and the ball; that was of course after returning to the first room to collect his mask and jacket.]]

[Center [size10 Putting a pause to the music for a moment with a single hand being held up to the musicians he smiled to his guests as they looked up. [#d73209 "I must inform you folks, that while this party is going to last well into the night. I still follow the law of the state, and all driving while intoxicated is illegal, even if you are a police officer. I must ask that as you see my helpful staff come around with jars you give up the keys to your vehicles. I promise your keys will be returned to you upon sobering up, and I assure you they will be locked in my office, so no one can go through your vehicles while you are asleep."] as he finished a dozen people dressed in white suits and dresses with red lace came around with glass jars to collect keys.]]
  Ruin Witch / Colorful_insanity / 2y 294d 1h 26m 39s
[center [left [pic http://i.imgur.com/GBjGnog.png]]]
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Josefin+Sans]
[center [size14 [Josefin+Sans Everything was so....over-the-top. Everything from the way the mansion was decorated to the obviously fabricated story Mr. Witch was telling. The furniture and lights were much too bright, and the floor had a ghastly pattern to it, like someone had tried to fix it and picked something out in a hurry. At least that was the way it seemed to him, fake, though the people gathered around him were lapping up everything. Kael let out a sigh as he reached up to run his fingers through his hair, he had to mentally stop himself though, it would be a shame to ruin his hair after he'd spent so much time on it.]]]

[center [size14 [Josefin+Sans The male was glad when the story was done and everyone was left to do their own thing. While some danced and others ate, Kael decided to look for a drink. He needed something to get him through the night, something strong. There was luckily a bar that was serving alcohol. Kael made a bee-line for it, asking for the strongest thing they had which, unfortunately for him, wasn't very good. He downed what they gave him in two seconds, grumbling as he set the glass down on the tray of a passing waiter. He would need a lot more than that, he needed something to take off the edge. His muscles felt tense, like a spring that was ready to pop. [i "I'm so close to getting revenge.....he is only a few feet from me."] He literally was. Without realizing it Kael had been wandering around among the crowd and had come upon the sly-tongued witch.]]]

[center [size14 [Josefin+Sans [i "Time to play nice...."] Kael offered an apologetic smile to the male he had practically run into. [i "Can I please just like...choke him now?"] [#800080 [b "Ah, how terrible I am to almost run over the oh-so-wonderful Christopher silvers."]] He said, trying his absolute best to sound sincere. It was hard though, how could you be nice to someone your so determined to kill? [#800080 [b "forgive me for leaving so soon after almost hitting you, but I am very interested in talking with you, perhaps another time."]] Just as the witch had been playing nice, he was as well. He even did a little bow which made him want to cringe on the inside. He turned and left and one he was out of sight he let out a breath of relief. He would not have been able to hold a straight face for much longer.]]]

[center [size14 [Josefin+Sans He looked around and around until he finally came across Damaris and Max. As he approached he saw how....desheveled the blonde female looked. He couldn't help but frown in disappointment, it seemed she had not broken old habits. [#800080 [b "Fucking great..."]] He muttered, pinching the bridge of his nose. He could feel a headache beginning to form. How the hell were they supposed to pull off this plan when the one who had pretty much devised the plan was as high as a fucking kite and could barely think straight?]]]
  [гยเภ] / Dao / 2y 294d 7h 57m 34s
[font "Times New Roman" Andras was displeased, to say the very least. She was confused by the grand architecture of the mansion--how was it possible for it to be so big? How could so many people be in one place, peacefully, for the same purpose?]

[font "Times New Roman" She'd been in the modern word, but not so extensively. She'd never had to go undercover for it. The dress made her skin itch and it exposed all the wrong parts. How was she supposed to protect herself wearing so close to nothing? Lilith had even managed to convince her to take her gauntlets off and hide them under her skirts, which made various tinkering and clanking noises.]

[font "Times New Roman" The people were careless in jostling her about--if they knew who she was in her past life they would cower in fear. Their blood would boil and they'd be paralyzed, throats dry and hands trembling--]

[font "Times New Roman" [+olive "I will rip tendons--!"] She exclaimed the threat angrily with flamed cheeks as she turned around wildly when someone bumped her shoulder in an effort to rush past her. They didn't even turn around at the sound of her voice.]

[font "Times New Roman" [+olive "Date, Andras wants..."] The GHOST trailed off as she turned around to find her stunning date was nowhere to be found. She spun herself in circles looking for the woman, on the verge of panic at having lost her. She dreaded conversations trying to explain what her partner looked like and there were [i way] too many people to try to come up with words for.]

[font "Times New Roman" As she was preparing to give up and just start killing people, she spotted it. The Scythe. Malia Winters' Scythe.]

[font "Times New Roman" Her mouth went dry. Her hands trembled. Her already-dead body started to get goosebumps and shiver.]

[font "Times New Roman" [b Malia Winters] taught Andras everything she knew about being a GHOST. Hades had opted to make the former Viking rot in Punishment forever after she went on a rampage in the Overworld, but Malia insisted she could reform her. And she did. Andras owed her freedom to the GHOST, and maybe had a little more than affection for her. Winters had vowed to come back. She didn't.]

[font "Times New Roman" [b "Hush now ladies and gents, hush now. For I shall tell you a fairytale of old."]]

[font "Times New Roman" Andras whirled around to face the voice, her heart as heavy as twenty bricks in her chest. She wanted to scream, cry, kill, and disappear all at once. It was [i his] house. His fault. And his stupid, color-changing eyes...]

[font "Times New Roman" She suffered through the story, partially mesmerized and partially imagining herself flaying the skin from his body, exposing his veins and playing with them like harp strings.]

[font "Times New Roman" The speech ended and so did her trance. The foreigner could feel the rage in her veins as she began to surge towards what she had come to recognize as the [i witch]. Scum. Parasite. Liar.]

[font "Times New Roman" Something in the back of her mind nagged her to turn around, making her slightly turn just to shake the feeling, when she saw Lilith getting knocked to the ground. She considered just leaving her there--she was a GHOST, she could handle herself--and going to handle what she thought was an extremely personal manner. The word [i date] kept running through her head and reminding her that that dark-haired killer was her [i partner] and the overwhelming feeling of camaraderie made her turn around.]

[font "Times New Roman" Andras saw the look on Lilith's face and, even though she didn't know her well, already knew what it meant. [+olive "Date, why are you on floor? Do you... Okay? I fight for you?"] She carefully picked the other woman up, looking at the retreating figure of the woman who had knocked her down, fully intending to separate her spine from her body, but the girl had gotten too far away. [+olive "Look. Scythe."] She pointed up at the weapon hung for decoration on the witch's wall. [+olive "We kill him. Must to kill him, date. Must."]]

[font "Times New Roman" Andras was angry with herself now more than ever that she couldn't fully articulate the English language. There were so many colorful words she wanted to call him, and so many ways to kill him she wanted to explain, but she couldn't find the words. While she had never been a scholar even in her time, she was still brilliant in her own way. She could still get her point across, even in graphic detail if she wanted to, back in those days. Sometimes she missed them.]

[font "Times New Roman" The woman tried, at least three more times, to explain [i why] they had to kill him and exactly [i what] the Scythe meant, but her sentences were mostly gibberish. The Keeper would be put to shame to hear it; it was hard for her to get it together when she felt the urgency to speak.]

[font "Times New Roman" Mid-struggle, she spotted them. [+olive "Cen-cen-cent-oo-ron. Enya."] Andras maneuvered Lilith around to see the two dark-haired GHOSTs splitting up. [+olive "I will get him. You get her."]]

[font "Times New Roman" She didn't say anything else as she peeled off after the man. His step was calculated and cautious, head on the swivel--most likely he was looking for the two of them. She tapped him carefully so as not to alarm him and gestured towards where Lilith had gone. [+olive "My date and your date. We need talk. [i [b Now.]] This witch shows Malia Winters' Scythe. He must die."]]

[font "Times New Roman" It took all of her strength not to retrieve her gauntlets and try to rip the witch's head off. Her blood was hot and suddenly being surrounded by pincushion humans was a trial of her self-discipline.]
  ғoreιgner / cmdr / 2y 295d 7h 19m 4s
[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/uDaaLru.png]] [google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Quicksand] [quicksand It seemed that they had all left at different times. However, even though she was aware that she was the only person left standing in the room. She wondered how she was going to get to the Mansion. She didn't have any money.]

[quicksand She thought about asking the Keeper, and concluded upon doing so. Then went to New Orleans.]

[quicksand When had arrived at New Orleans, she decided to book a motel. Since the Keeper had only given her one hundred dollars. So she couldn't get a dress.]

[quicksand When she had booked a motel, she had decided to unpack all of her belonging's. Such as her clothes. When she had unpacked her clothes. She decided to make her way to the mansion.]

[quicksand So without further ado, she had left the ropm.]

[quicksand Several minutes later, she had arrived. And she was surrounded by many people. She hoped that she wasn't interrupting anything. As she heard Christopher Silver's introduce himself.]

[quicksand When she walked inside the Mansion, she hesitated. As she has never been inside a mansion this big before. However, as she hesitated. Someone bumped into her.]

[quicksand She decided to apologise immediately. As it was busy]

[quicksand All of a sudden, there was a speech. Something about heroes. She wasn't listening. As she had just seen a Scythe on the wall.]

[quicksand So the witch had killed a ghost?]

[quicksand [i Perhaps it wasn't overconfidence then.]]

[quicksand Several minutes later, Ethan was speaking to her. But she wasn't paying attention.]
[quicksand “We need a plan, Everyone should meet in the garden. We should spread out and find Andras and Lilith.”]

[quicksand "Alright." She knew they weren't here yet, so she went to get a drink.]

[quicksand However, as soon as she saw the brown colour, she saw the demigod's. She turned back. And instead waited for Andras and Lilith to show up.] [+white white white white]
  Enya / Infinity- / 2y 303d 9h 5m 31s
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Josefin+Sans]
[center [size14 [Josefin+Sans After everyone started to split up to prepare for the mission they had been given, Lilith decided to have a little fun with the language-impaired female of the group. Before Andras could leave, Lilith stepped in her path and gave the other woman a cheeky grin. [#6B8E23 [b "Oh Andras...I'm sorry to say dear, but you [i must] wear a dress. If you don't, we can't do our job."]] She said. Andras looked at the woman, confused at first, before lowering her eyebrows in dismay. [b "You not sorry. You are... Smile. Smiley? Sm... Happy.]" She chose to give up on the word instead of pressing the point further, crossing her arms in a universal pout. As Lilith was talking with Andras, a minion walked to them and handed each a tiny black envelope. Curious as to what was inside, Lilith used one of her manicured nails to rip the seal. [i [b "Andras"]] was printed in script on a single paper.]]]

[center [size14 [Josefin+Sans Not bothering to look at the other side since she knew what it meant, Lilith crushed the paper and envelope between her fingers and tossed the bunch over her shoulder. As if waiting for it to happen, another lowly minion scurried over to clean it up. [#6B8E23 [b "Well I guess that means you and me get to have ourselves a date."]]. With that Lilith managed to usher the woman out of the room and practically dragged her down the hall, all the while mumbling to herself. [#6B8E23 [b "What would be better....Green or yellow? Maybe even red?"]] she was trying to decide what color would look best with Andras' skin tone. The foreign GHOST trailed behind Lilith, considering the word [i "date"]. [b "You are my... Date? We will dance and... Fight....? Together? Date?"]]]]

[center [b ~]]

[center [size14 [Josefin+Sans Lilith stood close to Andras as they waited in the crowd, her gloved arm crossed beneath her breasts. As her dark eyes gazed over the work she had done on her friend, she couldn't help but let out a satisfied laugh. [#6B8E23 [b "I know you don't like it, but just bare with it for a few hours. I'll give you anything you like, okay?"]] After spending hours shopping among the shabby stores of New Orleans, Lilith had finally found the two perfect dresses. For Andras, a beautiful deep red ballgown. It was a long-sleeved one, though the sleeves and top half of the gown were transparent with red lace covering the important parts. Not wanting to make the girl too uncomfortable, she had simply done her hair with some waves and had given her some simple make-up. It was stunning though and she was surprised Andras could clean up so well. For herself, she had picked out a white and gold gown with a sweetheart bodice. Something yet dazzling. Unlike Andras she had curls and rhinestones throughout her hair, with dark/bold make-up. Both of the women were truly magnificent in their own way.]]]

[center [size14 [Josefin+Sans Not long after they arrived did a man step out of the mansion, giving a speech. He led them inside and told a story about some heroes. She sort of tuned it out, she was paying more attention to the crowd around her to spot out a certain someone. Since her attention was so divided she hardly noticed that she had been walking away from Andras and slammed right into someone. She was knocked down to the ground, her dress sprawling out around her. As she fell she could practically hear one of her perfect nails snapping. Rage filled her eyes as she looked up to see some puny red-head who didn't even bother to say sorry. Lilith let out a low growl as she slowly got to her feet, she was ready to gut this child in front of all these people.]]]

[center [https://i.imgur.com/oaBNV2u.jpg Lilith's Dress]]
[center [https://i.imgur.com/Rf01r14.jpg Andras' Dress]]
  [гยเภ] / Dao / 2y 315d 11h 20m 16s
[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/EhEYc7D.png]] [google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Quicksand] [quicksand [size15 As soon as he turned back from the stairs, he decided to wait at the bar. Whilst he was there, he got a beer. Since he was going to be here for quite a while.]]
[quicksand [size15 Several minutes later, he saw Kael.]]
[quicksand [size15 "Any word from Damaris?" He asked, as soon as he put his phone away.]]
[quicksand [size15 Several minutes later, Damaris walked in. "Aw, you look so cute, the suit fits you, wallflower." As she said the word [I wallflower], he thought. [I Wallflower? I've been too busy going around gathering information] perhaps he was being more quite than usual. But the only reason why that was was because he still didn't trust Damaris as his friend.]]

[quicksand [size15 Even though many people had noticed that his hair was on fire, he tried not to look like his hair was on fire.]]

[quicksand [size15 "I forgot about the other one--where's Kael? The walls talk here and there are ears everywhere. We need to regroup."]]

[quicksand [size15 "Kael? He should be-" When he looked to his left, Kael was gone.]]

[quicksand [size15 Even though he was surprised, his mind was somewhere else. As he was thinking about the basement.]]

[quicksand [size15 He was thinking of a way to get into the basement without Christopher noticing him. Someone could cause a distraction, but that wouldn't work.]]

[quicksand [size15 When he couldn't think of a way to get into the basement, he replied to Damaris saying [I we need to regroup]]].

[quicksand [size15 He then decided to text Kael, saying "Hey Kael, where are you? Damaris is saying we need to meet up,"]]
  ᗰαχιmιlιαπ / lumos / 2y 323d 16h 1m 59s
[center [font "Times New Roman" They were on board but the blonde demigod kept her elation to herself. Max was still quiet and reserved like he couldn't see that she was a different woman than the one that had sold him out to her sisters years ago. She had, of course, [i barely] changed, but that was beside the point.]]

[center [font "courier new" [+teal "We're all decided, then: we're going. I suppose I'll see you both there in your Sunday best."] [font "times new roman" She put her phone away and waved to them briefly before climbing back into her Jeep, starting it up and pulling away. She put the address in while she was driving and barely missed another car because she was drifting into the middle of the road. She chalked it up to [i 'if you see me drifting why wouldn't you honk or move???'] and brushed the blame off onto the other driver.]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" When she arrived in the great city of New Orleans, she chose a little motel because she didn't want to sink all of her money into a nice hotel. She told herself that if she ended up staying longer she'd just find an inn somewhere where the keepers were nice but minded their own business.]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" It took [i hours] of combing through the city before she could find a suitable dress. One out of seven people were talking or thinking about the ball and every time she went into one of the fancy dress stores they asked her if she was looking for attire for that specific event. It wasn't cheap, either--her dress ended up being a bit over two hundred dollars and she fully intended to wear and resell it or wear and return it. She didn't anticipate having a use in it ever again.]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" While checking out, she made casual conversation with the cashier along the lines of [font "courier new" [+teal "Are you going to the ball tonight?"]]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" [b "No, no, no,"] the man replied bashfully, smiling a bit as if he were embarrassed to be talking about it. [b "I can't make it."]]]

[center [font "courier new" [+teal "Oh no? Why not? Were you not invited?"]]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" [b "Everyone was invited, I just have to work. He loves New Orleans, so, you know... He invited the whole city. You're not from here?"]]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" She offered a friendly smile that barely reached her eyes. [font "courier new" [+teal "No. I came down for the party; I hope it's worth it. I heard he's magical or something."]]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" The man put her dress in a bag, taking care to make sure it didn't wrinkle and was properly covered. He considered his next words for a moment before saying them. [b "It's true. I've seen it. When the floods destroyed the city, he pretty much helped rebuild it. He rescued people without lifting a finger. Put buildings back together. It was amazing."]]]

[center [font "courier new" [+teal "Sounds like he's pretty amazing then, huh?"] [font "times new roman" The demigod thanked him for his help and exited the store wondering what the hell kind of magic could save a whole city from a hurricane and its floods.]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" [size24 - xxx -]]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" Damaris Kommissar showed up to the ball positively high. She had smoked before getting dressed so figuring out how to put on the dress and do her hair and makeup was absolutely hilarious. She wasn't so high that she was off doing crazy stunts, but she was pretty up there.]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" She'd pinned her hair up in flowing curls after watching about 10 YouTube videos and failing to do what she really wanted to do. Her makeup was simple because she wasn't really makeup-inclined, just some eyeliner, eyeshadow, and highlighter to make her eyes and cheekbones pop. Overall, her look was simple and meant to blend in more than anything.]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" Once she was accepted into the household, Damaris was initially amazed at the huge structure. It was spacious and beautifully decorated--this wasn't the kind of decorating you could do in a couple of months or probably even years. Everything looked like it had a backstory.]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" Her mind wandered as her body carried her through the crowds of laughing and drinking people. They all looked absolutely extravagant and some part of her wished she could be here on her leisure and enjoy the company, maybe even find someone she could spend the night with.]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" Sometimes the loneliness could creep up on you. It caught you when you weren't looking, like a spider venturing from its web, and strangled you.]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" She came to an area roped off by velvet ropes like a VIP club. No one seemed to be too close to them and there were no security guards in sight. There was a door, closed, with a label that said [b BASEMENT]. She was intrigued. Why would it be roped off--what was there to hide if you didn't mind inviting an entire city onto your estate?]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" The woman looked around briefly before trying the door. The handle turned and the door cracked about three inches open before refusing to go anymore. She tried to shoulder it open without being too obvious but it was literally resisting all of her effort. Eventually she gave up, snapping finger guns at the door for a job well done on its end at refusing to open.]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" Damaris felt her phone vibrate as she approached the open bar. She drummed her fingers on the fine wood as she opened it, seeing a dozen missed calls from numbers she routinely ignored and even more text messages. The one that she did open was from Kael, asking her if she was nearby. She grinned a little, squinting at the brightness of the phone through the haze of her drugs, typing out a reply: [b 'i'm already here at the bar, you better look good'] and putting her phone away. The bartender nodded to her and sat her drink before her on a coaster; she gratefully offered him a smile and picked it up, turning around in time to see a young man gather the attention of all the guests to tell a story.]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" Honestly, she was amazed. She couldn't tell if it was because she had smoked two blunts alone or if it was because his story was honestly that riveting. [i That] was Christopher Silvers, who she was supposed to be here to kill. He, very obviously, did not fear people finding out about his avid and probably careless magic use. He advertised it and used it in front of who-knew-how-many people. She sipped on her drink continuously throughout his performance, but her eyes were glued to him.]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" Damaris was surprised to make eye contact with him--her heart fluttered for a moment out of fear and excitement. Fear she'd been found out so quickly but also the excitement that it would be over and there would be no more wondering. She managed to keep the eye contact constant as he weaved through the crowd and over to her. When he was close enough, she could see that his eyes were purple, which was pretty interesting to her. It wasn't natural and none of the witches she'd killed had purple eyes.]]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" She knocked back the rest of her drink and let him lead her to the dancefloor. There were no words exchanged--there was no need for them. His eyes said it all and she was smart enough to understand. Once they had chosen a spot on the floor, she still hadn't spoken, just studied him. He was a handsome man and young--too young for this house just to be his even though she hadn't seen anyone else who claimed to live there or at all be related to him. All of it didn't add up and she was a little fearful of trying to do this with so little actual information on the Oldest Magic in New Orleans.]]

[center [font "courier new" [+teal "I wonder who's telling you these things about me,"] [font "times new roman" she casually interjected. Her heart fluttered like a hummingbird when he mentioned she'd tried to get into the basement. She hadn't seen any kind of security or cameras, and he certainly hadn't been in the vicinity, so who the hell told him? The door? [font "courier new" [+teal "Following rules has never really been interesting, has it?"]] Damaris returned his bow in the form of a nod of acknowledgement and watched him disappear off into the crowd.]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" Her lungs were tight from holding her breath.]]

[center [font "Times New Roman" The blonde looked around at all the dancing couples before rushing off of the dancefloor. Her first thought was to go back to the bar to get something to calm her nerves, which was where she was headed when she caught sight of Max. She altered her path to approach him, and upon seeing him, her mind emptied of the present danger and she beamed, a smile extra wide under the influence. [font "courier new" [+teal "Aw, you look so cute. The suit fits you, wallflower."]] She looked him over in approval before remembering they were missing one. [font "courier new" [+teal "I forgot about the other one--where's Kael? The walls talk here and there are ears [i everywhere]. We need to regroup."]]]
  ιrredeeмaвle / cmdr / 2y 340d 4h 37m 20s
[size10 Ethan had but one option. He had to listen to what the invitation had said, but it was something he did not wish to do so soon. Stepping away from group he held his hand up as members of the underworld had stepped up to offer the ghost assistance in his needs of finding whatever he was looking for in the library. Silence that was all he gave them as an answer. Slowly, almost agonizingly slow he left the library and returned to the halls of the underworld.]

[size10 While among the Halls Ethan had been given a black letter. A small piece of paper with but a name on the paper, Enya. What is it that the Hades wanted from the ghost? Flipping it over again another single word appeared, paired, Perhaps it was a message meant for the ball invitation it had after all said that they would need a partner to go with them. It was only but a moment of peace he had while remaining in the underworld. Continuing to walk to halls the Centurion had found the one place he had hoped not to see for quite some time. The residential part of the underworld, found within the Palace of Hades as was most of the souls whom did nothing big in their lives. Outside the walls however seemed a different place, while Hades ran it like an office building it still did operate the same as myth held. The field of strife wasn’t a field at all and it had been where Ethan and his family had been plucked from to serve Hades.]

[size10 Ethan would serve the big man while his family remained within the walls. If he failed to do any task Hades had desired the male would simply put his younger sibling back in the field of strife, or even his mother. The few times Ethan had heard what was happening he vowed he would never miss another target, for even his memory of the place long ago still drew as if it was yesterday. The skin on your body was peeled away slowly by hands of others to try and cover their own bodies. The memories of your death in the mortal realm haunted your every moment and even worse you felt it over and over and over. That however was the light punishment. If hades had wished it so much worse things could happen.]

[size10 Taking a deep breath to settle his nerves and stop the shaking in his hands the bright eyed male stepped into the residential halls. Passing several people as he walked with purpose they seemed to move out of the way. While normally Ghost didn’t come here, they radiated power off them, it was because they had been elevated by Hades and so received a slight portion of what Ethan called perdition. They were forever under Hade’s hand until he disposed of them or they were killed in the mortal realm. It was this power the male pushed out, he knew while he could be hurt none of these ghosts would risk the wrath of Hades for touching a servant of his, even if it was just a loyal dog.]

[size10 Stopping at the second floor’s seventh door Ethan knocked twice before taking a key out and putting it into the lock and unlocking the front door. Stepping inside the room it wasn’t exactly a room at all, or even a small apartment, but more a dream like state. Those inside resided inside their last home in the mortal realm. Ethan was greeted with a scream from a child, however before he could see even a little boy running out a plate flew from the kitchen at his head which he easily moved away from.]

[size10 [b “NOW YOU RETURN, NOW YOU SEE FIT TO COME SEE YOUR FAMIL!!!!”] A loud screeching voice came from the kitchen as did the smell of cinnamon and apples. Oh how he missed his mother, but he knew she would answer him coming home in such a manner she greeted his father in the same way every time he would go to market and not return for a few days. [b “YOU CHOOSE NOW, MY BIRTHDAY TO MAKE AN APPERIANCE!?!?!?”] The women kept ranting and raving, but no more dishes came flying from the kitchen.]

[size10 Eventually however the women’s screams became that of sobs. Another fact he would point out that while his mother would rage, it would only last but a few minutes and then turn to apologetic sympathy and tears. Slowly stepping away from the door he had come in and into the bedroom just off the living room he could smell it. The smell hit home and had almost made him once again tear up, but instead he started shaking again. The smell was of an earthy smell mix with vanilla, cinnamon, and a freshly fallen snow. Stepping up to a small wardrobe he opened it up to see a man’s finery clothing kept in pristine condition. Stepping inside for but a moment he withdrew after pulling one of the clothing pieces off. Hearing the voice of his mother behind him he spun around. [b “It suits you, and your father would be so glad to see you wear it, even if it is for that man.”] The man his mother was speaking of was none more than Hades, but it didn’t matter Ethan would obey his command even if it meant destroying his family in the process.]

[size10 Stepping over to the mirror the man drew up the clothing to his chest and held it for but a moment. Slipping out of his normal street clothing he now held he slipped into the suit. Drawing first the white shirt across his chest it was fine cotton, but it was somewhat past what it should have been on his wrists, but it didn’t hide his hands. Next he drew up the pants and tucked in the shirt with it. [b “Oh you missed the back here.”] Feeling his mother help him straighten up the shirt in the pants he turned and smiled at his mother. Kissing her forehead as she handed him the next piece of clothing a simple vest, made with Ivory buttons, but the cloth itself was made of golden silk, the time itself even matched the vest. Last the jacket was put on with a fine black coloration almost as dark as the man’s heart.]

[size10 Turning to once again face his mother the male only found his younger sibling whom had a glow in their eye of admiration. [b “I was hoping you’d come by. Momma said you were here, but I couldn’t believe it, I thought you were papa for a moment.”] Hearing those words struck home, Ethan had after all strived to be like his father. A successful businessman, a Senator of Rome, and even more importantly Imperator and Emperor, but his dreams were crushed upon his death and even worse the murder of his family because of it.]

[size10 The small boy smiled and started a bit of tears in his eyes wiping them away. [b “Please don’t leave at least stay for dinner, Mother would be so happy to have you stay for her birthday.”] Ethan just smiled and patted the boy on the head his blonde hair flowed like a ray of sunshine. [b “I must go, Hades has need of me.”] stepping out of the room and back into the hallway the centurion found the one person he was looking for again. Enya, a girl of Envy and bloodlust it seemed. Without fail she capped her marks with poison and arrows. [b “It seems my dear Hades wishes for us to go to this Ball together.”] holding up his black letter with his index and forefinger he just shrugged letting the thing catch on fire as he dropped to the floor.]

[size10 Crushing a blue pearl in his hand and tossing it to his partner he smiled. Taking another from his pocket and crushing it and keeping it himself. Both seemed to be in New Orleans. [b “Perhaps the address on our invitations is where we should start. This is after all why we are dressed up.”] Pulling it out of the inside pocket he held it just like he did with the black letter. Taking out his phone as well he snapped the photo and called up a taxi for them. Arriving on the doorstep just in time for the doors to open and the grand speech was given. Perhaps it was a ruse a show of absence.]

[size10 As the music played Ethan had danced in the middle of the room. In his mind close enough to this Christopher as he wanted, however to his surprise he disappeared a few times out of sight. However his eyes once again caught sight of the man as he came view this time upon the stage. His voice enthralled the guests and weaved a power of mystery. Ethan didn’t even realize he was drawn to the music, or even to his story until it was over. This boy, no this witch, had more power then he let on, and even more then he seemed to show. He could sense something was amiss when he came down from the stage, His eyes went up instead of staying level.]

[size10 Following his eyes Ethan’s eyes fixed upon the Scythe held above the door. Damn this witch, not only did he kill a Demi-god, but a Ghost as well. He knew the Scythe well, even from this far angle. It was the one Ghost that had disappeared decades ago. Malia Winters, the teacher to them all. Malia was the first Ghost ever made by Hades, and she outlasted many of her kind, even to the extent of having killed a few rogue ghosts who tried to live a second mortal life. She had been sent to New Orleans for a mark, but did not return. The great Malia Winters didn’t have a nickname others called her by, but instead her name had its prestige, and even its Reputation.]

[size10 Anger was all that followed after he returned his gaze to Christopher. He didn’t expect Malia was sent to hunt Christopher, and to have died to a boy so young in age, but that wasn’t the case. She was sent two decades ago, which made this boy at least forty years in age, so why did he look yet so young.? How was it possible? Even with magic on his side one could not live forever at least no one known could do so.]

[size10 Catching the eyes of the crowd as Christopher danced his way around with his choice of partner Ethan returned to Enya. [b “We need a plan, Everyone should meet in the garden. We should spread out and find Andras and Lilith.”]]

[center [http://img11.deviantart.net/1442/i/2016/012/a/1/wow_artifact__balance___scythe_of_elune_by_chewiebaka-d9nru3e.jpg Malia's scythe]]
  Roman Ghost / Colorful_insanity / 2y 344d 4h 13m 57s
[center [size10 The ball had started at least to the guests that had arrived, and as it continued more arrived by the minute. Mostly in pairs or in small groups of four or six usually, the largest group he had seen step through the door was a party of twelve people he had guessed they were all friends who had decided they would sit at a table all to themselves. Finding himself partner less at his own ball Christopher just sighed perhaps it was time to find his partner in crime. As he walked the open rooms Christopher had spotted a few people trying to disappear into places of his home they weren’t suppose to go. Casual waving his hand however they seemed to be turned all around. The first doorway they went through however would take them right back outside without them even knowing it.]]

[Center [size10 The bright stary eyed male kept his guests happy of course he was always glad to, he could hear the laughter coming from the rooms and the chit chatter about how extravagant the ball was this year, or how it seemed odd he would open up even more rooms then usual as well. Christopher knew beyond that he wanted to be able to keep an eye on the guests while making sure things went smashing. He would give them freedom to a degree while in his home, But that degree was only a match comparatively to the inside of his home which was more immaculate then the outside let on.]]

[Center [size10 The outside of the Silver’s Mansion stayed the same a grand view of the city of Orleans below, a grand entryway which had six doors leading off it. The first door was on the left which lead right into the Giant ball room which was now full of guests and musicians. A stag set against the northeastern corner with a window facing outside and set away from the rest of the house. The second door on the right lead to the kitchen which was medium in size and could hold the entire kitchen staff which seemed to be buzzing around preparing the food for guests and making sure drinks and such were always filled. The third and final door in the bottom level lead to the basement which had a small maze at the bottom of the stairs and on the other side of the maze was several cells made of solid stone in one said room hung James’s body.]]

[Center [size10 Up the flight of stairs from the front door it lead both left and right, a door at the end of the landing the door on the right lead into a small private sleeping area in which Christopher called his own off it was also the master bathroom and walk in closet. It is also called the upper west wing. To the center lead into a hallway which seemed to hold enough rooms to house up the entire staff of the household. At the end of the hall lead to another set of stairs leading up to the roof. The left doorway lead to an office space and giant library, which even gave the library of the underworld a run for its money.]]

[Center [size10 The inside of the house however was much bigger in design. The building could house the entire population of Orleans and London combined, and it seemed it was growing ever so slowly. The grand ball room lead out into the garden which was also maintained by staff of the house. Somewhere in the house if you explored far enough you would even find an indoor pool that seemed to it could hold even the Caspian sea in the room. Spanning almost six hundred feet in width and nearly twice that in length and standing fifteen feet from floor to ceiling. The east wall however was made entirely of glass to overlook the beautiful view of the Lake Pontchartrain.]]

[Center [size10 One thing people weren’t allowed in however was the separate building from off the mansion. Not even Christopher would go in there unless he needed to. It was one giant Monument and mausoleum. The thing was designed to look like the great pyramids of Giza, only much larger and more self affective. It was covered in Ivory and lined with gold. On the inside laid the entire Silver line going all the way back to the very first member ever born in the United states the entrance to the mausoleum was just on the other side of the garden lined with solar power lights and surrounded by water so the only way to get to it was across a walkway that had the lights on it as well.]]

[Center [size10 Christopher had watched his guests with close eyes as the music had but paused a moment he smiled and held up his hands. [b “For now ladies and gentleman We are going to give our Musicians a rest and let them get some refreshments and some food in their bellies. While we wait I will tell you a story.”] as he tapped the microphone the room went dark. The instruments that were left started playing themselves. Playing a somewhat darker music theme. When the music started a few voices seemed to also come out of thin air. [b “Hush now ladies and gents, hush now. For I shall tell you a fairytale of old. “]]]

[Center [size10 Once again waving his hands in mid air they seemed to glow a light blue in color. A small light came next to him. [b “In the time of the ancient gods, dragons ruled the skies and kingdoms rose and fell at the end of a sword. Legendary quests beckoned with the promise of danger and glory, and only a brave few dared to answer the call. For honor and vengeance they ventured forth with steel and sorcery to combat the merciless legions of darkness. For it was said that those who answered the call were possessed of the warrior spirit, and the blood of the dragon flowed through their veins.”]]]

[Center [size10 As he told his story a giant figure appeared in the light. At first it was nothing more than a man, but it grew six arms horns, eyes, even wings. It had become a dragon. Slowly shifting again it became a castle which crumbled away into yet another figure of a human, only this one was fighting someone else with a sword in one hand and a ball of magic in the other. As the words were finished the figure it seemed grew closer and close, however it was just the magic Christopher was working. The figure changed to be once again a dragon.]]

[Center [size10 The music lightening up slightly. [b “As the heroes fell to the legions and even become a part of it. It seemed all hope was lost especially when creatures from the earth itself started fighting them. The light of hope was rekindled when but one hero stood among them all. Covered in stars and blessed by the gods with unnatural powers. He pushed back the tide of darkness and even reclaimed the brave few that fell to his side. Eventually pushing the legion back into the places they had come.”]]]

[Center [size10 With his words the room once again turned black, however a single bright light appeared from the black dust that hung in the air. The dust shifted to once again take on the figure of a human, only this one was a female who held a bow and arrows in her hands. A clock fell behind her and the battle continued to rage in the magical light. Seeing as many guests seemed not only startled but entertained and almost drawn into the story he smiled. [b “With the day won the realm turned back to normal for a time. Heroes still claimed glory in adventures of their own.”] Christopher snapped his fingers and the light died away, but the music continued for just a few more moments. Looking out over the crowd his eyes hovered on their eyes.]]

[Center [size10 Smiling and clapping his hands the lights slowly grew back to their normal glow. As he stepped down from the stage his eyes however caught a glimpse of the scythe he held above the doorway. It seemed to be giving off an ice blue glow which must have meant that whatever that creature was there was more of them here at his ball. It also however must mean he was on Osiris’s bad side, but he guessed it was more Hades now as many of the Greeks would call the god of the underworld. It must also mean then that more of the Demi-gods had to be around to, hades wouldn’t send just his underdogs to hunt down a Witch who had after all killed a child of the god of eternity and time.]]

[Center [size10 Catching a few eyes Christopher once again stepped into the crowd, however this time he swooned a lady with snowflake blonde hair all pinned and curled up. Her dress was that of black silk dazzled with black glitter giving off a shinny look to it. Her natural Ice blue eyes seemed to draw in Christopher’s bright purple ones. To the dance floor he lead her away from the bar at which she sat drinking God knows what kind of alcohol. Starting into the waltz as the music once again started up he smiled to his new partner while speaking in a plain tone. [b “I am told you didn’t come here with anyone.”]]]

[Center [size10 He kept his movements fluid like as his words came out so only his guest he had with him could hear. [b “I am also told that you tried to go into the basement, which is off limits. I would think the red ropes would have done the job.”] Stopping the waltz as the music seemed to die down to sign the end of the song. Christopher bowed to his guest and smiled. [b “I would hope to not see you disobey the guidelines of the ball so soon.”] As he stepped away Christopher once again seemed to disappear into the crowd.]]

[Center [size10 [http://www.dreamhomedesignusa.com/images/fantasy%20dream%20castle.jpg Mansion Outside]]]
[Center [size10 [http://hgtvhome.sndimg.com/content/dam/images/hgtv/fullset/2013/8/1/0/RS_Dahlia-Mahmood-white-black-classical-enteryway-stairs_3x4.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.1280.1707.jpeg The front door entrance]]]
[center [size10 [http://farm2.staticflickr.com/1438/5116458522_8c3c1b27b6_z.jpg Ballroom]]]
[center [size10 [http://www.blogcdn.com/realestate.aol.com/blog/media/2012/02/62-atlanta.jpg Kitchen]]]
[Center [size10 [http://manual17.biz/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/elegant-big-master-bedroom-decoration-with-false-ceiling-light-pertaining-to-the-most-brilliant-big-master-bedroom-with-regard-to-existing-home.jpg Master bedroom]]]
[Center [size10 [https://s3.amazonaws.com/PhenomHome/Images/Luxury+Bathrooms/shutterstock_32038777.jpg Master bathroom]]]
[Center [size10 [http://www.newscientist.com/blogs/shortsharpscience/2010/12/17/library600.jpg Giant Study/Library]]]
[center [size10 [http://cdn.bootsnall.com/articles/files/images/pools-3-byhotel.jpg Indoor pool]]]
[Center [size10 [http://bolligerlandscapes.com/images/background/bg02.jpg Garden]]]
[Center [size10 [https://images5.alphacoders.com/302/302927.jpg Mausoleum]]]
[Center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hRTjLd3iQ8]]
  Ruin Witch / Colorful_insanity / 2y 345d 5h 14m 36s
[center [left [pic http://i.imgur.com/GBjGnog.png]]]
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Josefin+Sans]
[center [size15 [Josefin+Sans Kael lifted a brow when the other male spoke, revealing the name of the wicked witch. He wondered briefly on how Max had gotten the name in the first place but past experiences had taught Kael that Demigods, like himself, has special ways in obtaining information. He himself would often summon souls from below to use as scouts, he had no doubt that he was on Hades shit-list.]]]

[center [size15 [Josefin+Sans A cold chill blew past as the trio stood there, Kael was glad that he happened to put on a thick sweater before coming. When Damaris mentioned a website something ticked in him, a swell of rage began to build within him as he instantly grabbed his cell phone from his pocket and typed [i "The Oldest Magic In New Orleans"] into the Google Search bar. His lips turned into a frown, he had to stop himself from grinding his teeth. [#800080 [b "You have got to be kidding me, he's literally advertising himself."]] He said in astonishment, shoving the electronic device back to where it belonged.]]]

[center [size15 [Josefin+Sans He was officially pissed, this [i Witch] was inviting all of New Orleans to a ball, it was almost too perfect of an opportunity to get close to the guy. As Damaris continued to look at the website, he backed up against the tree and leaned against it, crossing his arms over his chest. As he stood there quietly, letting the other two talk, a sudden stab of pain in his head caused him to flinch. It was a familiar feeling, one that made him cringe. [i [#E9967A "My son, what are you doing?"]] His mother, the great and powerful Hecate. She was also a pain in his side.]]]

[center [size15 [Josefin+Sans He decided to ignore her for now, looking to Damaris. [#800080 [b "This smells like the perfect trap, in my opinion, he's obviously a well-known witch and I have no doubt that he has heard of our....recent activities. Though I agree....we've got no choice but to go."]] He stated, looking to the car where Dennis was still waiting, probably listening to The Backstreet Boys CD Kael Had given him for Christmas. [i [#E9967A "Are you ignoring me? You're ignoring me, aren't you? How ware you ignore your mother?"]] This woman just needed to leave him alone, he knew what she wanted him to do and it was something that he couldn't do.]]]

[center [size15 [Josefin+Sans With a sort of chuckle, Kael turned his back and began to walk to his car, stopping though to give the pair behind him a grin. [#800080 [b "Well ladies, let's go party. I'll see ya there."]] Kael had gotten into the car without a word, Dennis knew better than to ask questions so simply looked at the window as they pulled away from the park. [i "This is it...this is my Revenge for you"] The male thought, gripping the steering wheel tightly. This was something he was going to have to do, something he needed to do. He was certain that Kael and Max also wanted to get their revenge, but he wanted to be the one to end this Christopher Silvers life.]]]

[center [b ~~~]]

[center [size15 [Josefin+Sans Kael walked next to Max, straightening the flaps of his coat as grumbled about how much he hated looking like a penguin. The damn thing had been expensive to rent and he had a strong feeling that the darn thing wouldn't survive the night. As the group of ready partiers stood there waiting, the doors to the mansion opened wide and a man stepped out. He gave a speech of this and that and then blended into the crowd. Letting out a sigh, he pulled down his own mask and then took out his cell phone, shooting a quick text to Damaris.]]]

[center [size15 [Josefin+Sans [b "Are you nearby?"] Was all he sent, he hadn't seen her since she hadn't shown up with them. He wondered if she had really put on some sparkly dress and heels or if she had just grabbed something shabby and was wearing sneakers underneath. Both made him snicker.]]]
  [гยเภ] / Kaiser / 2y 345d 23h 10m 23s

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