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[center [size20 [#adb9d0 "hello"]]][center [font "Times New Roman" [#7f6e70 [size12 An out of character chat for those that are
wary of private messages and for the amazing
writers looking for some like minded keyboard artists.
This will also serve as an ooc for the group role-play V є x.
All that apply are welcome to come here and plot/ask questions.
[i {This will be locked after the application period has ended.}]
[u There are only a few rules that you need to follow while in here;]
[#adb9d0 {1}] Be nice to each other, you have no idea what goes on in RL.
[#adb9d0 {2}] If you are going to be weird; take it out of here.

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[Kurale [size19 [#9f70ad Annoucements]]
[size10 -IT IS GOLDEN WEEK! The day just before Childs day. The town is continuing the week's celebrations in their own way with various businesses holding special deals and a small festival area set up in a field on the eastern edge of town. Surely, it seems like a nice, peaceful day to enjoy your life in Ohira! Of course, however, something lurks in the shadows of the town; The Avatars have been called once more by the mysterious voice that guides them... This time it's calling for preparations, That the blood of their enemies will spill tomorrow night. For now, however, life continues on.]
[Kurale [size19 [#9f70ad Needs to post::]]
[size10 Ryouichiro - Botan - Maeda - Kitagawa - Nao - Naho - Tosho]
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[size10 Ayame - Akihiko - Mori - Sora -]
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[font "Times New Roman" [#b80202 [b [s ●Taking applications until 6/26/17 -10-11pm eastern time (us)]]]]
[font "Times New Roman" [#b80202 [b ●Story started 6/27/2017]]]
[font "Times New Roman" [#b80202 [b ●On 5th Round]]]
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[size10 [#b80202 [b YU - TAKA - LIN - RAIDEN]]]
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[size10 [#b80202 [b TASHI- HIMEKO - QIN - JUN - EN - CHIKUSA]]]
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