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she squeaked and giggled. "genji!" she squealed and wiggled slightly.
He looked at her and picked her up flinging her over hsi back.
  Genji Shimada / ganondorf / 4h 10m 19s
she nodded and smiled. "you still owe me some snow fun too you know."
Genji nodded. "yes zenyattas greatest lesson is have fun. "
  Genji Shimada / ganondorf / 4h 23m 32s
she smiled and hugged him. "did you have fun though?"
Genji chuckled as he held her close. "I love you too. "
  Genji Shimada / ganondorf / 4h 36m 4s
"i forgot." she said and giggled. "i love you though."
He heated up his metal melting the snow and snickered. "you realize im mostly robot." he said.
  Genji Shimada / ganondorf / 4h 47m 42s
she smiled up at him and giggled. "hi my yeti." she teased and kissed his cheek getting stuck.
Genji soon returned covered in snow and sat down..
  Genji Shimada / ganondorf / 5h 12m 54s
she smiled and pet her some more. "you're so cute."
She squeeked lightly making a small roar at arianna.
  Genji Shimada / ganondorf / 15h 14m 26s
ari giggled and pet soba gently. "dorky dragon..."
soba stayed a noodle with her tongue stickign out goofily.
  Genji Shimada / ganondorf / 15h 21m 19s
the baby dragon and quetzal cuddled her and squeaked at her.

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