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[center [pic]][center Rp - Sky Pirates - Adventure - Conspiracy - Drama - 1x1 - Closed][center [size14 year 75528 RUSHBA]]
[center [size20 "The King has been murdered!" ]][center [font "Times New Roman" On the eve of the crown princes ninth birthday, the king has been murdered. Found cold in his study, the golden jewelled gauntlet tightly in his grasp. Only one word slipped from the lips on every court lord and lady; poison. With the crown prince too young to rule, all eyes turned to his new wife Zahra. Only having been queen for a year, suspension quickly settled throughout the country. However a month later, the crown prince and the knight commander both went missing. Escaping the clutches of the Royal Guards, men and women that they both had considered comrades, the two escaped into the slums. The Ex-Knight had a favour to cash in from a local chop shop; their star ship.]]

[center [size29 Royal Warrents]]

[size19 [u NPC’s]]
[b Uvri, The Chosen.]
[font "Times New Roman" Ex-Knight Commander, was given orders from the king the day of his death to escape with the crown prince before Queen Zahra got her hands on him.]
[b Camim, The Missing Prince]
[font "Times New Roman" Not even having time to mourn the death of his father, the prince found himself a wanted man by the guards within his own castle. Barely escaping with Uvri into the gutters of his town.]
[b Queen Zahra]
[font "Times New Roman"A year after the previous Queen went missing, she appeared. Little is known about her. Those that tend to her always comment in hushed tones about the glassy look in her eyes. A few whispers have begun to circulate that she was also involved with the disappearance with the previous Queen.]

[size19 [b Puppets]]
[b Grizzy]
The owner of the chop shop that the prince and knight run away to. Owes the Knight Commander a favour after he turned away at some business she had been conducting. Babysits Friday.
[b Friday]
Assistant to Grizzy after the shop owner had found her wandering around the streets in a towel, memory fried. Is more of the store mascot than an assistant.

[size9 Plot by Darcy.]


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Various bot parts were strew over any available space in the back of the shop, making it nearly impossible to find anything in the disastrous area. While it seemed that way to any onlooker, the parts belonged to three or four bots at most.

In reality, most of her work was done days ago. She assembled them back together when their owners came to retrieve them. God knows if they actually got a break.

Gizzy held up the thin pipe she was cutting, checking its length. The last service bot had its left arm snapped in half. Probably the result of carrying something past its maximum weight capacity.


People believed since something’s made out of metal it’s invincible. Speaking of people, she could hear a customer speaking with Friday at the front of the shop. The man sounded unhappy. Gizzy sighed, replacing the goggles over her eyes and the pipe under the saw. The buzzing drowned out the rest of their conversation as she continued her work. Sparks from the saw flew danced in her vision, thinking about the best way to go about re-enforcing the arm. She’d have to cut it open again. At this point it’d be better to completely replace the outer layer instead of welding it together a second time. Between the machinery and her racing thoughts, Gizzy didn’t hear the door to the workshop open.


The frequency of Friday’s voice passed through her thoughts over the noise, stopping the work on her current project. Gizzy looked over her shoulder to see Friday at the partially open door.

“We have some special guests today.”

Gizzy frowned, glancing at the list of clients posted in front of her. There weren’t any notes of visitors or important dates. Not the first time she’s had unexpected guests. The occasional angry customer would storm past the counter once in a while or bang at the backdoor until she answered. This wouldn’t be any different. She pulled off her goggles and placed them on the workbench.

“And who has decided to grace us with their presence this day,” Gizzy asked jokingly.

“Good to see one of us in good humor.”

She froze, hands gripping the discarded eyewear. How long has it been since she’s heard this voice. Gizzy swung a leg over the bench to get a look at their “guests.”

Friday opened the door to reveal the imposing man behind her, stepping aside as he entered the cramp room. His cloak and face were weathered from the journey, dark circles colored the bottom of his eyes. Those eyes locked on her, unwavering. How could she forget those eyes.

“Captain Uvri. Ex-captain now, I suppose. Lots of people are looking for you.”

His eyes narrowed, arms reaching into his cloak. Gizzy raise her hands in front of her.

“Easy there big guy. I don’t plan on ratting you out. No point in putting myself in the cold blocks.”

“This is no joking matter,” he said through gritted teeth.

“No. It’s not. And you decided to drag me into it,” she stated, spotting the small boy before he ducked his head behind the larger man. “If anyone else had sent that message-”

“It’s all true. I don’t have proof yet. I have to keep His Majesty safe until then.”

Which is where she came in. She expected many things but assisting in stealing away royalty wasn’t very high on the list.

“And how long will that take?”

“As long as I need.”

She snorted. So she was stuck in this mess until this proof was found. An entire kingdom against her. She never thought she’d have worst odd since that night. She was wrong.

“Don’t believe you can squeeze your way out of this thief.”

Gizzy stood from the table, waving away the scowl on Uvri’s face. “As much as I’d like to, I never go back on a favor.” If you could call it a favor.

“Friday, close the shop and start packing us up.”

The dainty bot was leaning against the door, watching their conversation unfold. Though she figured Friday was a step ahead of her, it didn’t hurt to be on the same page. Especially with the trouble heading their way. Friday pushed herself from the doorframe.

“The front door’s already barred. Not that it’ll stop an army from barging in.”

Gizzy laughed, already putting away tools and reassembling the service bots. “Fair point.” She returned her attention back to Uvri and Camin. “There’s a spare room you can use to sleep. We’ll be heading out as soon as preparations are done.”

“And I told you we don’t have time to launder about. The enemy could be on top of us if we let our guard down.”

“You’re right. But without rest there isn’t much of a guard left. And the princeling is dead on his feet. You’ve run yourselves ragged.” Gizzy raised her hand to keep the Uvri from speaking. “If you managed to find this busted shop on the outskirts of Teno, then it’s only a matter of time before your pursuers do as well.” She looked at the small boy dozing at the captain’s back. Uvri stared at her. She was sure he had plenty to say. Instead, he exhaled through his nose and ran a hand over his tired face. He kneeled before the dozing boy, gathering him in his arms.

“We leave within the hour,” he stated simply before leaving the room.

“Turn right after you pass the counter,” Gizzy shouted after them. If the man hadn’t heard her, Friday could always show them the way. She took a breath. He was a hard one to read but that’s what made him valuable to the court. People change over time yet Uvri was as stern as that first encounter. She laughed. Guess some things were incapable of change. Grabbing another bag, she went back to packing. An hour was a generous amount of time to grant someone who was thrown into a race against the clock. She tugged on a jacket and picked up the two stuffed bags, placing them by the door. Gizzy walked across the room to her workspace and the service bot that laid there. She hung the last bot on the rack with the rest, careful not to bump them into each other. She patted the repaired arm sofly, the metal much lighter than her own.

“Sorry I didn’t have time to fix you good. I’ll do better next time I’m in.”

She looked at her own hand, the metal dented and discolored from use. A reminder of the past. And now she had the chance to wipe this favor from her log permanently. She grabbed the bags and strolled out the workshop to where Friday was waiting.
  Gizzy Strike / Arsenic / 2y 178d 8h 28m 51s
[b “This is utter bullshit!”]
[#992DE3 [b “You know how this goes.”]] Thumbing another page of the Lovely Chrome Ladies parts magazine, Friday did not even bother looking up at the fuming stocky build man. She had the unfortunate luck to have taken in an eyeful of that dreadful outfit that he was wearing. Neon blue khakis and an equally bright pink shirt that had little lime green birds, she assumed they were birds, all over it. Either he had dressed while wearing a blindfold or that outfit was something he thought was ‘happening’. It was not. Not even close. [#992DE3 [b “If you have a problem with the wait, you shouldn’t have broken him in the first place.”]] Another page turned. Just who breaks their service bot anyway? The things cost an arm and a leg.

[b “I demand to talk to an actual fucking human! Get Griz out here. NOW.”]
Looking up at him from under thick lashes, Friday gave him a small crooked smile. [b [#992DE3 “I would, however, Grizzy is busy with a very important customer right now.”]] Nothing but lies spilled from her rosy pink lips.[b [#992DE3 “However, if you truly want me to go get her, I will. Of course…”]] She slowly twirled a long lock of her chestnut hair around her index finger.[b [#992DE3 “..We all know how bad of a temper she has.”]] Another lie. Not like this awkwardly dressed man would know it.
[b “W-well..”] He stuttered.
[b [#992DE3 “But you want to talk to another human and I’m the only other worker so...”]] She fluttered her eyelashes at him while starting to stand.
[b “N-No. No. It’s fine. I’ll come back tomorrow.” ]
[b [#992DE3 “Are you sure?”]] Friday plucked a long hair off of her teal skin kimono robe, glancing down briefly at the black tank top that she wore underneath it to make sure there were no more stragglers. [b [#992DE3 “You did say it was [i very] important earlier.”]]

[b “I’ll be back in the morning.”] He stated firmly with a curt nod, turning away before she got another jab at his prior complaints. Rubbing her temple with her thumb and forefinger, Friday let out a heavy sigh once the door closed, filling the small front of the store with the silvery melody of chimes. They had been a ‘[i gift]’ from Grizzy, however, Friday was suspecting that it was more of a curse. At first, it had been cute. After the hundredth time, it triggered her anger in a silly manner. Why get mad at some small bells?

With another sigh, Friday crossed her arms over the cold steel desk in front of her, laying her forehead against her arm. Pissy people always wore her out. He hadn’t been in the store office for less than ten minutes and it almost completely drained her. Even in a time when the world was covered in more metal than earth people still had a large distaste for others that had traded in their warm flesh for cold steel. She had been asked plenty of times why she had done that to herself, so many times that she had stopped keeping track long ago.

[b [#992DE3 “We are closed.”]] Her words were muffled as the cyborg barely lifted her head. Gizzy needed to stop making promises to people. Or stop working altogether, no more chimes and no more fuck faces.

[b “I need your ship.”] The gruff voice snapped Friday out of her stupor, causing her to sit straight up, eyes locked onto the target in front of her. Commander of the guard. Or the Ex-Commander and wanted kidnapper. Her orange hues met his dark brown for a brief second. [b “Now sex bot.”]

[b [#992DE3 “Ex-sex bot. Also, language. There's a child.”]] She pointed a dainty finger at the small figure standing behind the brute's legs. [#992DE3 [b “Pretty sure prince-nappers don’t get to demand things.”]] The last part was said in humor though, from the look on his face, she could tell it went over his head. Better had stick in the mud to his personality chart. With a ‘tsk’, the little cyborg moved through the shop, turning off all the gas lanterns until there was nothing but shadows cast from the flickering streetlight outside. [b [#992DE3 “I can’t [i give] you our ship. You’ll have to take that up with Grizzy.”]] She stated, clicking the deadbolt into place. Not that it would stop a crowd of soldiers from busting it down. [b [#992DE3 “I would start with a ‘please’, might work better.”]] The tiny figure that had remained hidden, peered out from behind the Ex-commander and Friday could make out a quizzical look upon his charming little face before darting back into hiding. [b [#992DE3 “She is in the back”]] Waving a hand towards the open door that held a faint glow of light, Friday made her way towards the grinding sounds of a buzzsaw. The last thing that they need was to help these two out, of course, the little cyborg could feel that even if they did nothing, doom would be upon the duo.
  Friday / Darcy / 2y 343d 23h 19m 23s
A widowed queen sits on the throne. A kingdom trying to adapt to its new ruler. Whispers among the castle servants of unsettling rumours. And two dark figures weaving through a sleeping town, careful not to encounter anyone.
The figures darted into an alley to catch their breath. The bigger of the two looked back at the direction they just came from, certain they weren't being followed. Word must have gotten out by now. The guards had been observant during the day, causing them to lay low to avoid suspicion. But staying any longer would make leaving almost impossible if the town guard decided on a complete lockdown. The thought made him clench his fist.
There was a tug on the man's coat.
He glanced at the small figure pressed against the wall behind him.
"I'm tired."
"I know," the man stated, guiding them both further into the alley. Moments later two soldiers went by, muttering angrily as the trotted past their hiding spot. As the footsteps faded, the boy released a shaky breath.
He didn't say it as often as he did when they first fled the castle but Uvri knew the boy was scared. Footsteps lost to the night, Uvri bent down and tightened the cloak around the boy, lowering the hood to hide his face.
"We only have a bit of walking ahead of us."
"How much walking?"
"Two days."
The boy's hand fell to his side, eyes downcast. They seemed weary and aged in the dim streetlight, a look not suited for a child. There wasn't much he could offer Camim. Not while they were being hunted. Not until they found her.
With that in mind, Uvri stood to his full height, lifting Camim along with him. Small arms wrapped around his neck as he searched the road for any more guards. All clear. Uvri's grip tightened around Camim.
"Keep your head down, your highness."
There was a muffled reply. Uvri took another look around them before jogging down the street, sticking to the shadows. Even as tired as he was Uvri didn't slow, thinking of their next move. Until they made it to Teno there was no one he could trust. All he had was Camim, the words of a dead king and a narrow path to salvation.
  Gizzy Strike / Arsenic / 3y 17d 4h 31m 3s

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