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[center [size12 [font "Palatino Linotype" " What is this feeling? I know it's a sin....But I can't help but feel guilty....I love him."]]]

[center [size12 [font "Palatino Linotype" Dastiel, a bright well brought up young male, holds a secret that no one, who knows him, knows. Being brought up by a strong Catholic family, Dastiel constantly fights with his own feelings towards the same gender. Being gay wasn't the first thing he wanted to show in the open. Especially when his parents strongly opposed, forbid it entirely. Afraid of being shunned, the boy remains quiet about his sexuality to his family, and those around him. Thus refraining himself from getting close to anyone. Until a very odd Swedish boy, moves into the house next door to Dastiel, and begins to attend his school...]]]

[center [size12 [font "Palatino Linotype" Daemien, or Sunny as many had called him when young, had been after Daisy to find her soulmate. Daisy, who so happened to be Dastiel's good friend, introduces the two boys. ]]]

[center [size12 [font "Palatino Linotype" Things begin to to get a little awkward when the boy's are pushed to get to know the each other more.]]]

[center [size12 [font "Palatino Linotype" Let the complications begin....]]]

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[center [b [size11 [font "Palatino Linotype" {Short Bio:}]]]] [center [size10 [font "Palatino Linotype" Daemien grew up in an orphanage, where they never spoke about his parents. Knowing nothing about his past, nor where he came from, Daemien was soon adopted by the Van Dracula family. A rather cold Swedish rich family of three. But despite them being rather emotionally disconnected, Daemien grew up to be a rather warm hearted child. Even though he learned very quickly to bite his tongue and keep his mouth shut at all times. As long as he did not hear, did not speak, and did not see anything, he would survive in the world. Daemien kept his nose buried in books, and his mind in fantasy novels. After all, when nobody is home to greet you, what else matters?]]]
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Quietly, the boy stood, frozen by the simple gesture the other hand given. He hadn't been embraced in since what felt like forever. He took a deep breath. He smirked, shaking his head. The boy was persistent, too persistent, but it was nice to know he had someone he could possible become friends with for once.

Visit a friends house? He, he would love to, but… he couldn’t. Dastiel wasn’t allowed to, but he could always try right? Besides, he was getting older. Dastiel blinked twice at the boys words. As suggestive as it sounded, Dastiel smiled, he did not think anything bad about it.

"Another time." He nodded, waving to the boy. His mind still contemplating on if he should actually go or not.

Daisy reached out her hand as she called for him. "Wait, please Daniel. That's not what I meant..." she spoke softly, waiting until he came back into the room. "Dastiel has been through a lot. If his parents knew that he was being bullied because they believed he was a homosexual... they'd treat him far worse and he possible would no longer have a home."

The thought made her sad. She remembered back when Dastiel was a little younger, the way his parents had reacted when they found out Darse was gay, let alone letting two gay men be around their son. The kid didn't even remember those times anymore...

"Please if you do something... try not to get the parents involved. I will help in any other way I can."
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Damien smirked. How could he accept it so easily? To be bullied was nothing good, and nothing that should've been accepted. It's horrible. Damien did not want to help him get bullied more often, but he would've liked to somehow help it stop. But he knew that was completely impossible.

"Friends?" He questioned under his breath. But why? They had been friends before... A long time ago. Well, not that long ago.

Damien smiled softly. At least he had accomplished a smile out of him. The brunette reached out and hugged him tightly. "Don't think wrong, but from now on, I am still following you. At least until here. So you won't get in trouble. Cause that's what friends are for, right?" The boy looked up at him with a grin, pulling away from the hug. "If... you're not too busy later, want to come over to my place? I mean, my parents are hardly ever home. Maybe we could... get to know each other better?" He scratched the back of his head with a shy smile. It's not like he didn't know Dastiel... It was just that he just didn't know him well...now. "Or another day is good too. I mean. It's fine."

"So we are just going to stay by and watch the kid get bullied? No. You may have made that promise, but I have not. I will make it my determination to help him out. Because no one should be bullied." He said softly before walking over to the door. "I promise I won't get him into too much trouble." He smiled before walking out.
He could sense the brunette behind him, keeping distance, but still behind him, following. Hadn't he told the guy he didn't want to be followed, that he could go home on his own? Dastiel never walked home with anyone and the mere fact that he said no and the kid was still bugging him was really getting on his nerves.

He though, hoped that maybe Daemien would stop, but no he continued! And so as he reached the corner before his house, the boy stopped instantly turning to face the brunette. "Why do you keep following me?"

Company? No, Dastiel didn't need any company. What he needed was a calm walk home. But, that wasn't going to happen not with Daemien around. Worried, worried when they just met? No being bullied wasn't fun, he knew that very well. And he'd get bullied before seeing it happen to someone else.

He let Daemien talk. His arms crossing over his chest as he kept his eyes away from the boy, shaking his head at his question. Two was not better than one. Dastiel could deal with it on his own.

So... If by any chance the being bullied was because of me, then... I'm sorry. He sighed as the kid walked passed him. "It's not because of you. It happens." Dastiel dropped his arms to his sides. His green eyes locked on the direction of his home.

"I get bullied. It's whatever." He shrugged. "Just figured with you being new, we could become friends. Since it's hard being a new kid." But, he took his kindness the wrong way. "I got in a fight because my girlfriend told everyone I didn't want to touch her, knowing very well it's against the Bible, against god, and school rules. And they know I was babysat by Darse when I was little... until, I don't remember much, but whatever." He shrugged, why did he even try to explain himself? Because Daemien was trying to be nice.

"I live around the corner... parents don't think I should be walking home with anyone, they say it is odd. And could be take the wrong way. All about image." He nodded, his eyes soon trailing to Daemien. A small smile forming onto his lips.

Daisy knew that this couldn't happen. She tried to help the boy out constantly but he was very adamant about keeping it all quiet. He didn't want others to really know what was going on. Or tell his parents some thought he was gay. He confided in her about how much pressure his family would put on him. If others knew he was being bullied because they believed he was gay... there would be trouble. She was to not tell a soul.

The male was kind, full of heart, but... "I would love to Daniel, but I made a promise to Dastiel. I can only do so much without breaking it or letting it get to his parents for that matter."
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Not to follow him? Dastiel shook his head. For not doing anything, he had definitely done something. He was angry, possibly because of what he had said earlier. Then again, maybe it really wasn't. Maybe it was just... Damien wasn't going to let him be. Daniel had told him to follow him home, so he was going to do so.

The brunette walked after him. Keeping a small distance behind him. It was somewhat of a long walk. But Damien didn't mind it one bit. He knew that Dastiel knew he was behind him, but had also chosen to ignore him. Not that it mattered, even though it hurt a bit. BUt Damien figured that maybe it was the best option at the moment, to be ignored. After all, he had been an asshole. And for no good reason... Dastiel was being nice to him, and Damien just had a... moment of assholeness.

A moment later, Damien had simply allowed for his thoughts to soar. THe situation he was placed in simply taking over his mind. So much so that the boy had not even notice when he was getting a little too close to the boy he had been following. Thump! Damien had been brought back to reality when his head collided with Dastiel's chest. The boy instantly shook his head and looked up. What? Following? Why? He sighed. "Because I believe that you needed company in such a time. And...Daniel also told me what happened... And I am worried about you..." The boy fiddled with his hands, and then shoved them into his pockets. "Being... bullied isn't fun. I know I don't like it. So... If by any chance the being bullied was because of me, then... I'm sorry. And I guess I will just follow you home each day to make sure nothing happens. I might not be able to help much but two is better than one, don't you agree?" He smiled kindly as he looked up.

"I mean if you really want me gone, I can go. But... I really don't want to. I want to just... keep you company... Maybe get a little smile from you? Or maybe a smirk. Something, anything... " He blushed softly before glancing up at him. "I... I guess I'll go then." He mumbled softly. Walking by the blonde. Yeah, maybe this hadn't been the best time to have told him anything. Or even try to befriend him. But at least he tried. Right?

Daniel sighed. "We cannot possibly just allow this to happen. Let these things simply happen. Something must be done. I guess I will just have to take the matters into my own hands." He looked over at the young woman at the desk. "Mind helping me out as well, Ms. Daisy?"
Not to follow him? Dastiel shook his head. For not doing anything, he had definitely done something. He was angry, possibly because of what he had said earlier. Then again, maybe it really wasn't. Maybe it was just... Damien wasn't going to let him be. Daniel had told him to follow him home, so he was going to do so.

The brunette walked after him. Keeping a small distance behind him. Of course after a few minutes of Dastiel basically ignoring him, Damien found himself day dreaming. And being brought back to reality when his head collided with Dastiel's chest. The male shook his head and looked up. Following? Why? He sighed. "Because I believe that you needed company in such a time. And...Daniel also told me what happened... And I am worried about you..." The boy fiddled with his hands, and then shoved them into his pockets.

"I mean if you really want me gone, I can go. But... I really don't want to. I want to just... keep you company... Maybe get a little smile from you? Or maybe a smirk. Something, anything... " He blushed softly before smiling up at him. "I... I guess I'll go then."

Daniel sighed. "We cannot possibly just allow this to happen. Let these things simply happen. Something must be done. I guess I will just have to take the matters into my own hands." He looked over at the young woman at the desk. "Mind helping me out as well, Ms. Daisy?"
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Daisy took a deep sigh. That wasn't entirely true. Dastiel had been buckled for a while now, the same way. Almost everyday. And Dastiel, just took the beating, fighting back every once in a while. She knew the boy was tired of all the beatings, even the mental beatings his parents gave him.

She wasn't entirely sure how he could help out, other than... "just be there for him Daemien. And he... he's been buckled like so... for a while now." She sighed softly. "It's hard to see him this way." She smiled as the boy soon rushed off. He reminded her of Noel when he was on a mission to make Darse happy and annoying after he was down.

Dastiel shook his head. He didn't really want to tell Daniel what happened. The only person who really knew he was getting bullied, a lot was Daisy. And he wanted to keep it that way. It was best to not make a scene. Dastiel kept his head low, feeling a hand press upon his shoulder.

Daemien, ah right... he was supposed to be showing him around. Though, soon he heard the guy's voice behind him. Dastiel shook his head. Walk him home? Daemien was funny. Dastiel could walk himself home.

He soon heard Pastor Daniel's words. A heavy sigh escaping Dastiel's lips. He wasn't being stubborn. Dastiel just didn't need a baby sitter. He could go home on his own. Besides his parents would only wonder why he was being walked home. And then they'd see his face... no Dastiel didn't need all of that attention.

Dastiel shook his head. "You didn't do anything." He shrugged. Dastiel knew what Daemien said, the words were repeating over in his head, making him question why he was even there trying to apologize. Dastiel was an overprotective dick... that may have been true, but he was only that way with certain people. With this new kid he hardly knew, that wasn't the case. "I was just doing as told. And... I always get beat up, it's nothing new."

Dastiel crossed his arms, glancing towards the door. "Don't follow me." Dastiel stuffed his hands into his pockets and headed out the school.

Daisy sat at her desk, Dastiel's file in front of her. She jotted down a few notes, little things about his behavior... the sluggishness, the sadness... all the stress. Daisy sighed heavily, placing her hands over her face, unsure of what to do for him. Maybe... Darse could get through to him?

"Yes?" She called upon hearing a knock st the door. Daisy lifted her head, her eyes shifting to the man who walked in. She gave a soft smile in return. She could see the worry in his eyes. "Pastor Daniel, he... it's been going on a for a while now... a few months. But, Dastiel... he doesn't want anyone to get involved with it. He wants it left alone. We... we are unsure why they pick on him..."
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Yeah he was pissed off at him, and it was all his fault. He didn't know Dastiel was being bullied now. Then again, he hadn't known about him since he had turned 8 years old, when the Van Draculas had adopted him and removed him from the Crowe/Kreiss house hold... When he livedd there, everything was alrigh. Dastiel always used to bothr him, they always fought. But at the end of the day, they still used to look for eachother for comfort. For friendship. They had a bond, a wierd one at that, but now...

"How can I even help him when I am the main reason to his own hell with others? I am pretty sure he has gotten bullied before, but nothing like this.." He said softly as he looked over at Daisy, "I need to make it upp to him... But he doesn't remember me... WHat can I do? I can't just tell him that I am me. The kid that was...not like other little boys... Who doesn't like girls..." He sighed, shaking his head. "You and I both know I can't just tell him that. He's hate me even more. I just have to ddeal wiith the bullies then. Yeah, the bullies!" He said a bit cheerful before rushing off.

"WHat happened to you?" Daniel questiond, a concerned look in his eyes. Reaching up, Daniel placed a hand on his shoulder. "I am just glad you are alright...But you need to tell me who did this to you. And..." Daniel looked around before looking back at him. "Where's brother Daemien?"

"Here sir!" Daemien said, running over to them, trying to cath his breath. "Dastiel walks too fast for me... I was actually going to walk him home... He got in a fight with Frenson...And other kids... Dastiel was... only defending. He did nothing wrong.." Daemien explained, making Daniel smirk. "Oh I am going to have a ittle word with his parents and the principal. Someone is getting---" Daniel sighed before shaking his head. "Go, taking him home, make sure he is alright when he gets there." Daniel looked over at Dastiel. "And you, stop being stubborn and let him help. At least for today... Then you can keep being stubborn, alright?" Daniel smiled before looking back at Daemien. "Take good care of him. He's a good kid." With hat, Daniel walked off.

Daemien turned to Dastiel, Soon looking down at the floor. "It's alright if you don't want me to walk you home. I don't mind. I know you need your space. But... I do want to really thank you... and apologize again.. You meant well, and I did wrong... or well made things worse. That's... that's all I have to say. But I will make it up to you... hoewver you want me to."

Knocking upon the door, Daniel opened the door to the office, his eyes staring at the young woman who was by her desk. A small smile formed on his lips, but his eyes told another story of worry. "Dastiel... Got in a fight... did he say why? How... How long has this been going on?"
Dastiel felt a pair of arms wrap around him.. Similar to the ones that wrapped around him back when he was younger, smaller… a different kid. His friend. Or well, someone Dastiel considered a friend. And that little friend of his was…

Dastiel could hear the voice of he new kid behind him. Daemien. Dastiel stood there for a moment. His hands still gripping against the sink. He didn’t need a hug, didn’t want a hug. He barely even liked hugs, but he also didn’t want to just shove Daemien off of him.

“Don’t really care.” He murmured slightly. Dastiel turned on the water, cleaning the rest of the blood of is face. Any one would think he’d be used to it now, all the bullying, the fights, but it took a toll on him. His parents would wonder about his again. His father would ask if he fought back in defense. His mother would want another conference. But those, they never helped. It only made things worse.

Dastiel shrugged from Daemien’s grip. “I can take care of myself.” Dastiel snatched the ice from Daisy. “Thank you.” He glanced to her before walking out. There was no need to stay there for any other classes. They would just send him home anyway.

It was then as he was heading to the doors that he felt a pair of hands grab him by the arm. Dragging him, talking to him about going to class. “Pastor Daniel, I can’t go to class.” He stopped as he was soon facing him. Dastiel’s eyes to the ground. He knew Daniel would see the bruises, they were still forming especially since Dastiel hadn’t yet placed the ice over them.

Back in the office, Daisy sighed softly. “He’s stubborn when things like this happen. He still… tries to live up to everyone’s expectations of him…” Daisy glanced over to Daemien. “Maybe.. maybe you can help him? Somehow…”
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[i Thud!]

Daemien felt as his body had finally collapsed upon the floor. Bitter feeling he had not felt since the last school he had been in. He could hear the laughter, he could hear the teacher mocking him. Yes he was weak, physically, but by courage he was not. Daemien slipped his hands beneath him, pushing himself up again. He could hear a crowd near him yelling something about a fight.

The boy's eyes instantly looked over to the benches were Dastiel was. Was... was he in a fight? He noticed as the coach ran towards the fight. Pulling them apart. Daemien quietly walked up behind Dastiel, placing a hand upon his shoulder, but it had been shrugged off. He wanted to help... But maybe he should not have tried... After all, Dez had offered him help before... He was nasty to him before, why should he have... Daemien placed a hand over his face with a deep sigh.

"Go clean up." Daemien heard the coach said, but as the crowd walked away, Daemien remained standing there, staring down at the blood that was left behind. He.. he had to make it up to him.

Maybe... maybe they weren't so different after all... And Dastiel had change somehow... From when he was a kid. They both had...

Daemien made his way towards Daisy, and not to his suprise he had found Dastiel and Daisy. He couldn't help but overhear the conversation. But Daemien made no sound, no movement to be made known that he was standing outside the door. Just like when they were kids, Dastiel was always doing his best to be the perfect child. And he just had badluck... Really bad luck.

Daemien finally walked in, walking up behind Dastiel and wrapping his arms around him tightly. A hug, like when they were children. Something Dastiel was never ok with, but Damien never cared about. HE was his friend then, and he still loved his friend... in a way... Dez might have been a bully to him then, but he certainly was not it now... "I'm sorry for have been an asshole..."
Dastiel glanced down at the guy. Scolding him, for what? For Dastiel actually being nice and doing something? That sounded about right. Dastiel always got in trouble for doing anything, sometimes even nothing. Overprotective like Darse? Blondie? Who the hell did this kid think he was? Dastiel shook his head. So much for trying to do what was right.

“He’s a little prideful.” Daisy spoke apologetically, but she didn’t need to apologize for Daemien’s actions. Neither of them were kids, he didn’t even think he remembered this guy during his childhood. Dastiel shook his head.

“I’m.. gonna head to class.” He murmured leaving the office.

Minutes later…

Dastiel sat alone over at the far off benches from where class was being held. He wasn’t following Daemien, they just seemed to have the same class. But his eyes were glued to the wooden bench below his feet. “Brother Dastiel, why are you all the way over here?” A kind voice questioned him. Dastiel smiled glancing up to see Dexter, probably his only friend in the school.

“Don’t feel like it today Dex.”
“But, you always help me during this class. I always get beat.”
“Why not take him on? Maybe he can help you out today.”

Dastiel glanced over to where the coach stood, probably also wondering why he wasn’t getting in on the class. Dastiel was one for all sports. “Ok Dastiel, feel better ok?” With a wave and a kind smile, Dastiel watched as Dexter ran off.

“Hey Dez.”

Dastiel narrowed his eyes upon hearing his nickname, one he usually didn’t mind if those who said it were people he was actually fond of. “Heard you were in Daisy’s office again, stealing her for yourself?”

“If that’s what you really want to call it.” Dastiel shrugged, he was about to stand, but was kicked right down the benches to the floor.

“You know, I got in a lot of trouble today. And you, never get into any trouble at all. Yet, you’re the worst of us all. Spending hours with nurse Daisy.” Dastiel gritted his teeth at the feeling of heels against his hands, stoping him from getting up. Ferguson’s face getting closer to him.

“I guess I’ll teach you a lesson if no one else will.” It was then Dasiel felt a fist crash against his nose. The warm blood oozing out instantly. He was hit repeatedly, over and over across his face. “We also heard a little tip from your girl, Abby? Says you won’t touch her. What are you Gay?”

Dastiel managed to wiggle his hands from underneath those feet that held him down. He pushed Ferguson off, taking this moment to climb over him and bash his knuckles into his face, but he only got one hit, he was pulled off by Ferguson’s friends. And soon the teacher yelling, making everyone step away from him.

He could feel a hand against his shoulder, but Dastiel shrugged it off instantly, and stormed off pushing his way out of the gym and into the nurses office. He slammed open the door and headed over to the sink. His face in pain. He’d bruise up soon.

Daisy, who noticed the blood as he rushed in, kept silent. She grabbed a cloth and walked over to him. Daisy was truly worried about the kid. He somehow managed to get into these situations, getting beat up and bullied. It wasn’t ok. Maybe… maybe if she spoke to his teacher, Brother Daniel about it… maybe he could offer some advise.

“I can’t stand this place.” Dastiel finally murmured as he took the cloth from Daisy. He wet it, cleaning his face off with it.

“I’ll get you an icepack.”

“For what? For the swelling to go down and then for it to just happen again? I’ve done nothing. Absolutely nothing. I follow the book. Do as my parents say. For this… for all of this… this fucked up shit.” He closed his eyes tightly. He wasn’t going to cry, even if he was in a lot of pain.
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Ok, so maybe he was right. Not everyone appeared to be what they really were. Like he was not always shy, and he was not some demonic spawn of satan! But still, he could tell that Dastiel wasn't one who liked to be around people. Daemien wanted to leave, but was held back and introduced to the dirty blonde.

Daemien smirked and shook his head. That couldn't be the kid that they used to babysit... Could it?

Yes, Noel was the person he wanted to see right now. But no, he did not want to stay here with her. If it meant staying beside the kid who used to bully him a bit when a child. Well mostly because of his eyes... he could still remember the late nights they had together, camping outdoors with Noel and Darse... He had missed those days...

But that couldn't be him... He looked too grown up.. Too...manly? Daemien narrowed his eyes at him. So what if he 'defended' him. Didn't mean he had to stick around with him. He would rather be next to the other assholes than him. Daemien slipped his hand out gently from Daisy's and walked up to the boy. He...was much taller than him now... It was funny, because before he used to be taller than him. He did not care. He stared up at him. "I am not some child. I can take care of myself. Wether I look like a girl or not, it is fine. Because even if I look like a girl I am still a guy! And I do not, I repeat, DO NOT need to prove to anyone what I am or what I like!" He shook his head before looking away. "But of course you are still an overprotective dick like Darse, right blondie?" He looked over at Daisy and smiled. "I am going to class. Wrestling is next. Wish me luck. I think I will be bruised to death!" He said before looking back at Dez. "Don't follow me." He threatened before walking off, his nose basically in the air.

Minutes later...

"You're out!" The coash shouted as Damien was flat faced upon the floor. Bloody nose, busted lip. Daemien still managed to get up as his match had gotten off of him and walked off. "You are weaker than paper, my boy you need to stregnthen up." Daemien spat out the blood and shrugged his shoulders. He could feel his eye swelling up, but it was no biggy. "I can survive. At least I did not run away." He said softly, wipping his nose on the hem of his shirt. "Next! Who will take on this poor kid? He has got guts but still needs to man up. Who will take him on next?"
Following? Dastiel follow the new kid, not at— yeah that’s exactly what he was doing, but from what Dastiel saw in the classroom and the way Daemien was speaking, about leaving the school, clearly meant he couldn’t handle himself. “You know, not everyone is what they seem to be. ” He crossed his arms looking over to Daisy. “Who is he anyways?”

“Dastiel, Daemien, Daemien, Dastiel. I’m surprised you two don’t know each other.” Daisy looked at the two, taking Daemien’s hand so he would not leave, she had him take a seat. “Noel used to take care of Daemien and… Dastiel, me and Darse used to babysit him.” She smiled kindly at Daemien.

She really hoped he would not leave, maybe a friend would help him out. Even if it could have possibly ben Dastiel with all of his terrible annoying tendencies that were very similar to Darse. If it was not for the blonde hair he may as well have been a Crowe. Though.. he was also similar to Noel.

“Please try Daemien, I’m sure Noel would say the same. And if you stay, we could see him after the day if over.. but you have to go to class.” Her eyes soon turned to Dastiel.

“You, stop causing trouble.”

“Hey, if it wasn’t for me actually speaking out everyone would still be making fun of him.” He rolled his eyes. “You don’t even look like a girl. You just look like…” Like what? A guy, someone Dastiel could maybe talk to.. become friends with. “Yourself. Just like how I look like… apparently, like a guy who doesn’t like to be bothered.” He smirked at the dark haired guy.
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"So I'm the new student? What do you mean by that?" He asked as he smiled at the thought of Noel knowing her was back. He missed him so much. Noel had been that only person who had understood him through and through. Knowing what he was going to say what he was going to do.. The boy always had a thing to knowing him better than anyone. Which was a big plus for him. It only made Daemien feel safe and secure when he was a child... Now well.. He only hoped to get to see him again. His.. real foster father...

Daemien looked over at the door as he heard Daisy's name. Soon noticing the dirty blonde haired boy from before entering the room. Was he following him? The answer was yes. And his sarcastic face only made Daemien realize that maybe he had completely misjudged him. He might not be the person he would want to have as a friend... Or even a person to have close to him 3 feet away...

Daemien smirked. Soon looking back at Daisy with a smile. "Maybe I should go back home. skip school. Get expelled. It beats living in this wolf infested school." Daemien said softly before looking over at Dastiel. "Why are you following me? I know Daniel said to show me around and keep an eye on me but I can handle myself... And you don't seem like the kind of guy that likes to be bothered by anyone..."
Dastiel could feel pairs of eyes on him from every direction. Yes, he was probably one of the most disliked students in the classroom. The boy got away with a lot, but he stuck to the book, studies, and outdoor activities. He didn't care about getting girls and gossip like the guys around here did. His eyes soon glanced up at the sound of a soft voice. He looked over to Daemien and nodded. "Anytime." He murmured as the kid looked away.

Maybe... he wouldn't mind this too much.

After the bell rung, Dastiel watched as the boy sprinted off in a hurry. He sighed, following far behind. He was meant to keep an eye on him no? What a better excuse to be late than to show the new kid around.

Daisy stepped out as she heard the door open, her eyes falling onto a dark haired male, not someone she was expecting... a bright smile came to her lips. "It's nice to see a familiar face." She placed her arm around his shoulder and lead him to the seat beside her desk. "I don't believe skipping class is an option especially on your first day, but... I suppose I wouldn't mind." She shrugged her shoulders. It wouldn't have been the first time one of the students stayed for an entire day.

Though, it was mainly just Dastiel.

"You're the new student then." Daisy smiled, Noel will be so happy to know you're in town."

Dastiel, listened in against the door. He was unsure how Daemien knew Noel, which meant he knew Darse and Daisy as well. Why didn't he know this kid if that was the case? Dastiel glanced around, no one in the halls. A smirk across his face as he pushed the nurses door open. "Sister Daisy," Dastiel called out as he walked in further, his hands over his mouth as he looked at Daemien and Daisy.

"Sister Daisy! You alone with a boy who is not sick, why... why that's unheard of! To the cleansing room with you!" He smirked, Daisy merely rolling her eyes.

"Please ignore him, he used to be afraid of the dark until just three years ago."

"I was not!" He crossed his arms. Soon leaning against the wall. "Trying to find a place to his out too?"
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Daemien flinched in his seat at the loud sound of hands on the desk. His eyes soon looking over at the dark blonde next to him. Literally next to him. Had he really said what he thought he had said to them? He had heard right. But why would he even bother to deffend somekne he barely knew? Was if because He was told to care for him? To look after him? Daemien felt a bit uneasy. This maybe was't a good idea. And Daemien knew it as soon as he realized he had been staring at the dirty blonde for longer than two minute without a reaction or reason to do so. The boy snaped out of it and smiled kindly at him. "Thanks." he said softly before looking away.

After the bell rung, Daemien instantly sprinted out the door. He wanted to leave that place. Never get back. Gym was next, but he wasn't looking forward to being mocked yet again for his apearance. And possibly the lack of stregnth he had. Or lack of any skill at any sport. He was nevee big pro at anything. Apart from reading, writting and taking long hikes in the woods, he knew nothing. And was bad at everything... Oh wait he was also very good at being awkward!

Instead of heading straight to his next class, whereever that was, the boy quickly found his way to the nurses office which he had luckily found after roaming the hallways for a bit. And to his relief, his eyes had set on the familiar honey colored eyes he had known from a while back. Or well from when he was a tiny child. Well maybe he did not rmember her enterily, but he would never forget her twin brother and his blonde fianceè... Noel. The blonde male who always took care of him when he had been in the orphanage.

"Daisy!" He called out with great joy. "I need to get out of here before I die! I am meat for these wolves! Please tell me I can stay here for the rest of the day? At least for today..."

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