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[center You could you hear loud music coming from the opposite side of the large house. Cassie was in her room getting ready. Her father who was a well known business man had decided to throw a masquerade party. With the help from her of course.]

[center Cassie had asked a month ago if she could have a a masquerade party for her seventh birthday. Her father denied her, as he denied her an actual party with her friends since she was thirteen years-old. Every year she asked, every year he denied her. He didn't want any of her friends at the house and she never understood why.]

[center She strived to be an excellent student, all of her classes were AP classes and she was on track to graduate a year early. She had hoped that she could earn her father's trust that way and even invite some her friends over for a sleepover, or at least attend one of theirs. He only ever allowed her to go to one of her friends houses and that's because her father was one of his close friends and business partners. Lucky for her, they didn't have as much security as her house did and it was very easy for them to sneak out to the different parties that were hosted by their classmates. If her father ever found out, she would surely be dead.]

[center Cassie gave herself one more look over in her large mirror. She stood at 5'2", her small frame perfectly dressed in a dress she had hoped to wear for her birthday three days from now. She fixed her long blonde curls and grabbed her rhinestone headband that was sitting on the table beside her mirror and gently placed it on her head and fluffed her curls.]

[center She walked over to her vanity and put a little more blush on her cheeks before turning to her large walk-in closet. She walked inside and went to her accessories, opening one of the draws. She picked up a delicate mask, the satin straps hanging. This was the mask that her mother sent her a month and a half ago from Europe. It was also what gave her the idea for a masquerade party.]

[center Cassie placed the mask on her face and tied to satin straps. She grabbed her heels and slipped them on. She made her way out of her room and off to meet her father in his office. She started wondering where her sister had wandered off to, their father had made it mandatory but her sister was no where in sight when she got to her fathers office.]

[center [#031296 "You're late."] Her father said in a deep tone. He was always one to be early for an event.]

[center [#6e059e "Sorry, Daddy, I wanted to make sure that I looked my best!"] She said with a sweet smile on her face as her father joined her at the door of his office. He led the way to the party room and immediately confusion took over as she looked up at a banner that said [i [b HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CASSANDRA]] on it and the music stopped.]

[center And then the room erupted.]

[center [b "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CASSIE!"]]

[center Her hands immediately covered her mouth as she looked around the room and noticed some of her closest friends from school. She turned to her father and gave him a big hug. [#6e059e "Oh my gosh, thank you, Daddy!"] She said, overjoyed.]

[center The DJ then started playing again and she released her father and ran to her friends. They moved through the crowd as most people stopped her to wish her a Happy Birthday. She thanked them and continued making her rounds. One of her friends brought her a drink, informing her that they had added a little extra something to it.]

[center Cassie rolled her eyes and turned around and bumped right into someone. [#6e059e "Oh my gosh, I am so sorry!"] She said quickly.]
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