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Chu be welcomes!

Yucky that it be three hours.

Ugh sooo need a hog right now!
  *Harley Quinn* / SheDevil / 56d 6h 59m 29s
Omg. I just realized I messaged your other account! Lmao.

It's okay. I only have three more hours and then Food.
  [Ohana] / SSerendipity- / 56d 7h 3m 15s
[center [font "Nyala" I thought you would have messaged me on this one lol XD]]

[center [font "Nyala" Thank you Buttercup :D]]
  {loved} / -Butterfly / 56d 7h 4m 56s
Poor kitty not being a happy baby!

Sorry would gives le Jassy foods if could!

Love the chras Emmi!
  *Harley Quinn* / SheDevil / 56d 7h 7m 36s
I messaged you back! I totally thought I did.

Ugh. I want food too!
  [Ohana] / SSerendipity- / 56d 7h 11m 29s
[center [font "Nyala" Yeah, they can be found [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=393950 [font "Nyala" Here]] if you wanna see them.]]

[center [font "Nyala" I should get some food in me too. But I'm lazy.]]
  {loved} / -Butterfly / 56d 7h 14m 8s
I did she was not happy. I smell dinner though. My brother needs to hurry his ass up so we can eat. <3
  / -Ohana / 56d 7h 15m 32s
Sorry I got a snack :3

Chu finded kitty?

Ooh piccys for charas?
  *Harley Quinn* / SheDevil / 56d 7h 20m 7s
[center [font "Nyala" I'm still waiting for your PM XD]]
  {loved} / -Butterfly / 56d 7h 20m 33s
Oh gotcha. I just got bored because it's so dead at work.
  [Ohana] / SSerendipity- / 56d 7h 23m 2s
[center [font "Nyala" I'm here. Kinda. Working on pictures.]]
  {loved} / -Butterfly / 56d 7h 27m 57s
I'm sure it'll turn out great.

Nope. :P I had to hunt my cat down and put her up.

Yeah pretty much haha.
  / -Ohana / 56d 7h 28m 18s
Did everyone disappear? I'm a sad panda now! :(

  [Ohana] / SSerendipity- / 56d 7h 29m 41s
Stormy ish hiding from you because she doesn't want to be put up?

You're welcome! And that be goods :3

I sorry Jassy misses her doggy ):
  *Harley Quinn* / SheDevil / 56d 7h 37m 54s
I'm glad I can help! :)

I miss my doggy. :(

  [Ohana] / SSerendipity- / 56d 7h 39m 41s

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