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[center [font "Nyala" Thank you guys :D I'm excited to even get it started. I know it'll take me forever to get posts, but at least I have someone helping me with it.]]

[center [font "Nyala" I kinda miss J's kitty's D:]]
  {loved} / -Butterfly / 56d 7h 49m 27s
I am. Gotta find my cat though to put her up lol.

I will be waiting for it darling. <3

IT is really interesting Em. <3
  / -Ohana / 56d 7h 52m 8s
Haha awes. But you've been having fun for now?

Oooh the idea was cool!

Okies, yay for messages!
  *Harley Quinn* / SheDevil / 56d 7h 53m 46s
Okay guys! I will message you the stuff and how many!!

And I will message you Em. :3
  [Ohana] / SSerendipity- / 56d 7h 57m 8s
[center [font "Nyala" Message me with how many, genders, and what not Jassy and I'll house some.]]

[center [font "Nyala" I'll message you both what it's about.]]
  {loved} / -Butterfly / 56d 8h 2m 31s
Just message me how many and what genders doll. <3

I'll likely give up after long haha.

Haha good!

What Tiff said.
  / -Ohana / 56d 8h 3m 33s
I'm up for housing new babies too :3 Jassy <3
And sorry for work!

Haha love the multitasking! Just had to ask xD

Oooh what the idea about?
  *Harley Quinn* / SheDevil / 56d 8h 4m 37s
And yes. Work is slow!

I'll give you some Megs. Anyone else?

It's a good idea Emmi.

And I'm not going too!
  [Ohana] / SSerendipity- / 56d 8h 6m 6s
[center [font "Nyala" I'll take some Jassy Baby. I'm always willing to house more babies :D and message me with everything that's been going on?]]

[center [font "Nyala" Just one. Jassy's gonna help me write it out.]]
  {loved} / -Butterfly / 56d 8h 9m 12s
Nope I'm multi tasking xD

Haha trying to give away some of your huge demon family?
I mean I'm always open to some more muses. :3

Oh wow. :3
I'm sure that it's really good.

I would Jassy. I wouldn't be the one to go home twice in a row.
  / -Ohana / 56d 8h 9m 25s
Hopefully things liven ups for le Cherry at works.

Stitch done wiff Final Fantasy for nows?

How many ideas has the Elmo been thinking ups?
  *Harley Quinn* / SheDevil / 56d 8h 6m 22s
So. I have a lot of demons over here.
Anyone want some? :3
  [Ohana] / SSerendipity- / 56d 8h 11m 44s
[center [font "Nyala" Hi Buttercup.]]

[center [font "Nyala" I've been sitting on one since Monday last week. I messaged Jassy the main idea of it. I have character's names and shit already.]]
  {loved} / -Butterfly / 56d 8h 16m 35s
Hi Kitty! :3

That's okay love. I totally understand. I just miss you. I kind of got to catch you up on some stuff though.

Hopefully not. I'll probably tell the other person to go home.
  [Ohana] / SSerendipity- / 56d 8h 17m 3s
Hi Lilo!

Snowdrop. <3 Ug that would be boring. Hopefully they don't send you home early.

Haha make stories up that you can't end up writing until you get internet?
  / -Ohana / 56d 8h 18m 56s

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