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[center [font "Segoe Print" [size15 This is a chat for my friends and myself. No drama is allowed in this chat, that is the rule.]]]


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Miss and love le Elmo too! Sorry that the internet sucks for you. And hopefully we'll catch you on when you be.
  ☆Imperium / SheDevil / 21d 22h 3m 3s
I miss you too, dear. <3
I hope everything is going good for you, thoough. c:
  [MyForever] / SSerendipity- / 21d 22h 15m 14s
[Center [font "Nyala" Can I just say how much I miss you guys? Internet sucks... But I will be on whenever I can. Love you guys.]]
  {loved} / -Butterfly / 22d 23h 37m 17s
I'm here. Except I don't use this part very often.
  [σнαиα] / SSerendipity- / 35d 9h 53m 30s
Good morning to anyone here. How are you doing this morning?
  / -Ohana / 35d 11h 49m 19s
*pokes head in*
Hi hi to anyone who be here tonight :3
  Icy / SheDevil / 35d 22h 19m 44s
[center [font "Nyala" The new Fear Factor is interesting to say the least.]]
  {loved} / -Butterfly / 35d 22h 38m 56s
Hey hey hey everyone.
How are you guys doing?

  / -Ohana / 36d 1h 50m 56s
[center [font "Nyala" Love you too babes :D I'll hopefully be back later on tonight.]]
  {loved} / -Butterfly / 36d 6h 48m 14s
Here be hoping that you can! Loves chu hon!

  Kit / SheDevil / 36d 6h 48m 57s
[center [font "Nyala" It's all good. I'm gonna try and get some sleep though.]]
  {loved} / -Butterfly / 36d 6h 50m 19s
Alright for the most part is good to hear. I'm sorry that you be tired as all fuck though. And I be good
  Kit / SheDevil / 36d 6h 53m 4s
[center [font "Nyala" I'm doing alright for the most part. Tired as all fuck though. How are you?]]
  {loved} / -Butterfly / 36d 6h 54m 59s
Hi hi Elmo, how be you today?

  Kit / SheDevil / 36d 6h 57m 15s
[center [font "Nyala" Hey, hey, hey. Well to whomever is here anyway.]]
  {loved} / -Butterfly / 36d 7h 24m 59s

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