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Jacob nodded and whispered,"It was Embry, he ran a patrol to make sure that scum and none of his friends were around....that was before Charlie arrested him." He said sighing. An hour later Jake had the snow chains on her tires and on his truck. His reasoning was he wanted to make sure his daughter was safe no matter what she rode in. He knew when Charlie saw it that he would approve.

He came in the house cold....not freezing but still cold. "Wind picked up outside, you might want to check and see if your classes are cancelled I heard on the radio things are closing from here to Port Angeles."
  Jake Black 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 1y 313d 2h 57m 21s
Ava was so into her breakfast that she isn't paying attention to their conversations. It came early and in full force. [#af18ae "We'll figure it out. Go do whatever you normally do at this time."] she says sitting down to eat. Maybe movies and games would be good. [#af18ae "So I don't know if it was a dream but... I saw a [i big dog] last night when I was in front of the window naked..."] Ava doesn't know about what her father is. She can't keep a secret. They can tell her when she's older, never or if she turns. Whichever comes first. [#af18ae "I'm hoping it was a dream..."] she says with a small smile. If it wasn't his pack now knows what she looks like naked... well just the upper part of her that is.
  Isabella / Simply_Random / 1y 313d 4h 2m 5s
"Well I'm only putting the chains on and that'll take me a half hour then I am going to start on that spare room unless my girls want a movie day or want to just be lazy and play games...." Jacob said suggesting some things that they could do. He was glad that Ava was liking her breakfast.

"Park is out of the question obviously with all this snow....I hate that it snows this early but that's what we get for living in the Pacific Northwest." He muttered taking the hot chocolate and thanking her for it.
  Jake Black 2.0 / Polkadotrocker / 1y 313d 4h 18m 3s
Bella looks at him. Both of them watched him cut some French toast up for Ava. It made her excited. Ava also has a thing for drowning it in syrup. Bella nods. [#af18ae "Okay..."] she wasn't going to fight him. He could put the chain in her wheels. She made an extra cup of Jacob in case he wanted some. He's already a heater so he doesn't need it to warm up. Ava ate in silence. She made a few sounds of joy eating it. Bella smiles. Their lives are going to change in 4 months. She'll be a graduate and working. It makes everything that happened worth it... [#af18ae "So much for taking her out to the park. What are we going to do now?"] she asks leaning against the counter with her mug of hot coco.
  Isabella / Simply_Random / 1y 313d 4h 21m 19s
"I know I don't have to Bella but it's for my peace of mind....what if that snow button failed?" He said putting the French toast onto plates and sitting the syrup and butter on the table.he cut Ava's French toast up into bite size pieces to make it easier for her to eat it and then carried the plates to the table. Glancing outside he saw Embry patrolling...there had been a car accident caused by the snow and they had found it last night. Jacob was greatful for what they were in that moment in time.
  Jake Black 2.0 / Polkadotrocker / 1y 313d 4h 52m 59s
[#af18ae "You don't have too Jacob. My car has a button near the shift stick. It as a snow option on it. Never used it before though."] she looks st Ava smiling. They both smelled the air and said yummy. It didn't take a genius to know that Ava would love French toast. It's what she ate a lot during her pregnancy. Not that Jacob would know? But hey, he figured it out in his own. Ava sat down at the table. While Bella made them both hot chocolate. Ava would try to drink her coffee and the little one shouldn't even be consuming a lot of caffeine, which is why hot chocolate sounds so good right now. As the milk warms up she went to go get Ava her tablet so she can learn and play. It's better than having her watch TV all day.
  Isabella / Simply_Random / 1y 313d 5h 12s
Jacob was in the kitchen making breakfast and he blankets on the couch so his girls could cuddle up and get warm. He was shirtless but still warm and toasty. "I'm going to put the snow chains on your tires today Bells...I don't want you getting in an accident. It won't take me long." He kissed her cheek gently and smiled. Ava dragged her to the table and said,"Daddy's making French toast mommy." Jacob smirked, Ava loved his French toast and on a cold morning like today it was needed. "I can make you come coffee or hot chocolate Bells..."
  Jake Black 2.0 / Polkadotrocker / 1y 313d 5h 22m 35s
Throwing up in your mouth isn't fun. It happened to Bella. It was nasty. Not only did it burn but it had a acid like taste to it. It wasn't pleasant one bit! It was exciting to go back to bed. Her head could finally stop throbbing! [#af18ae "No, no, I'm okay with a blanket and cuddling up next to you. Until I start sweating..."] Bella got really comfortable on the bed. You could barely see her because she was practically wrapped in the lamer. You could see her hair the most. It didn't take much for her to fall asleep.

Ava was up around 10. Bella slept till 11:30, and only because Ava woke her up. Bella had to go vomit the minute she woke up. [#af18ae "Im freezing..."] she says pulling on her long sleeves to cover her hands. She walks into the kitchen with Ava latched to her leg.
  Simply_Random / 1y 313d 5h 25m 36s
Jacob nodded and picked her up bridle style and carried her to his bedroom. "I'm just happy your okay and that scum bag will pay for what he did to you." He held her close as he sat her down on the bed. "I got you an extra pillow out and there's extra blankets if you need them but remember I'm a toasty 109 degrees all the time....your own personal space heater.....I have the heat turned up and Ava has her big princess blanket on her bed." He had thought of everything and he was picking up Bella's pieces and holding her together.
  Jake Black 2.0 / Polkadotrocker / 1y 313d 6h 8m 39s
Bella ended up having two slices since it has her favorite toppings. She even chugged half the Gatorade as well. She chuckles hearing what Jacob said and cough a little because the small chunk she swallowed went down the wrong pipe. She gets up to go look out thev indie. Because she's drunk she didn't move away seeing a wolf there. She waved high instead. What made her look down was feeling the coldness hitting her. She holds the pizza with her mouth to get dressed. Her toned body that she worked so hard for to get after giving birth to Ava went down the drain. Maybe she does need help. She's too stubborn to ask for help. [#af18ae "I hate snow.."] she says washing her hands. [#af18ae "I need help... lets go to bed... please."]
  Isabella / Simply_Random / 1y 313d 16h 58m 35s
Jake shrugged, "I was hungry and with all that was going on, it was easier to order a pizza... its your favorite." he said kissing her forehead again. He went in his room and found her a pair of sweats and a t shirt from her things. "As much as I'd love to see you naked all day... I think you'll want these... not to mention it started snowing last night and hasn't stopped yet."

He handed her a bottle of gatorade and said, "Drink this, it'll help I promise." He was tired himself but he wasn't going to mention it. She was important.
  Jake Black 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 1y 313d 17h 9m 6s
Bella couldn't stop thinking about a big slice of a pepperoni and bacon pizza. Although sleeping also sounds amazing right now. She needs clothes right now she's beginning to get cold. [#af18ae "I'm going to get a slice. What kind of pizza do you have? You need to stop ordering pizza before you become one.."] she said with half a chuckle. She pulls herself up with the help of the sink. She did a a single tight French braid so her hair won't drip everywhere and hopefully her curly hair won't be so curly but more of a wave. Halfway through her towel falls. It didn't stop her from getting a slice and heating it.
  Isabella / Simply_Random / 1y 313d 17h 12m 27s
Jacob nodded and knelt down so he was eye level with her.. "its okay... what you went through last night... I just.. I understand why you don't feel good... and we can have a family day here watching movies and relaxing... my number one priority today is you Bella." He kissed her forehead gently and said, "Theres some gatorade and alkaseltzer on the counter and like I said theres pizza from last night if you want it but I can make breakfast for you, Ava will have me make eggs for her when she wakes up anyway."
  Jake Black 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 1y 313d 17h 27m 10s
Bella groans. He sounds so loud. [#af18ae "I don't remember much... I need to shower though ."] she says hold a chunk of her hair showing him that there were vomit on it. Without thinking about it, Bella stripped. She's going to shower or at least try too. Her head still feels like it's in the clouds. Bella had trouble standing still. The shower was long but nice. She stepped out in a towel. Her hair still dripping. [#af18ae "So happy in off tomorrow... sad part is we can't have a family day because my head is killing me..."] Bella thought she was walking but she was sitting on the toilet. She runs a hand through her wet hair. The sun looks like it's about to start rising soon. Should she eat not or later? [#af18ae "I don't feel good..."] she mutters groaning.
  Isabella / Simply_Random / 1y 313d 17h 30m 53s
Jacob stood in the doorway... "You feeling a little better Bells?" He asked kneeling down to her level... "You had a hell of a night." He helped her up and said, "Theres pizza in the kitchen and I told your dad what happened... you told me he was in your class and his name while you were drunk... your dad arrested him... Ava is in her room asleep. She didn't wake up the whole time.... I carried her to her room... Bells your safe here."

He wasn't pushing her and he didn't know if she would be happy that he had told her dad but rape was something he didn't mess with. It was illegal and that scum deserved to rot in jail. Death would be too easy for him.
  Jake Black 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 1y 313d 17h 47m 15s

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