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Jacob Black and Bella Swan had been inseparable since they were children, Bella only being a year older than Jacob and their father's being best friends might have had something to do with that. But, nonetheless they had been friends forever...Jacob was even extremely jealous of her boyfriend...she spent all her time with him and acted like she forgot Jacob existed.

That was until 2 weeks ago....

Bella had went to visit her mother in Phoenix and had gotten hurt, a broken leg, scrapes and bruises, the whole nine yards. Bella being Bella had fallen through a window, at least that was the cover story that Bella had told her mother to cover for what actually happened.

She had been bitten by a vampire...not her boyfriend who was also a vampire but one that had been hell bent on killing her. Shortly after the fact, in the hospital, her boyfriend had left her...said it was too dangerous for him to be around her so he was leaving for her safety, his entire family was....that would have been great news for the Quileute tribe...if the change hadn't already began..


This role play picks up when Bella comes home and wants to see Jacob...who can't see her until Sam knows that Jacob can control his temper and his phasing, a new wolf wouldn't be safe around Bella. Flash forward two weeks when Billy invites Charlie and Bella over for fish fry and baseball..... and Jacob imprints.

Later on our roleplay will include Jacob and Bella fighting, Bella unexpectedly finding out she is pregnant, Victoria hunting her and Jacob possibly getting hurt.

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Jacob watched his daughter and then saw Sam come to the door, he was running patrols today. Jacob excused himself for a moment and gave his orders for the night. Sam and Paul would run patrols and Jared would as well tonight, they were in high alert and looking for the missing girl or what took her. Soon Sam was gone and Jacob sat down beside Bella. "Shes right Charlie, don't worry, everything will work itself out and we have plenty of time to figure it out..." Jacob said and Charlie nodded in agreement.
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[#af18ae "Don't worry Charlie. It won't happen anytime soon. I start school in less than a week. I don't want to postpone it any longer. I want to at least finish a semester or two before deciding if I want to move out here or anywhere else in that matter. You still got your girls. Well occasionally come up here and sleep over so Jacobs family can see Ava."] hearing Charlie ask Jacob about alerting the boys made her wonder if he knows what they are. She never told him. She's going to have to ask later. Bella went to go get Ava but the little big girl came running out of Jacobs room and went straight to Charlie. She hugged him for a while and then bam she starts grabbing things out of his plate. Well what was left of it. Knowing her mother is a slow eater she went to Bella to steal some of her food.
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"Are you and Ava going to be staying with Jacob now?" Charlie asked her worried, "I know Ava needs to be around Jacob but I don't want to lose my daughter and grandaughter." Jacob shook his head, "Oh no we are going to make this work so everyone is happy... I mean I don't want my daughter pulled back and forth from house to house but I want her to be able to see everyone who loves her." He kissed Ava's forehead and Charlie nodded, "Jacob can you tell the boys to be on alert... there was a kidnapping in Port Angeles and they haven't found the girl yet... shes 14."
  Jake Black 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 2d 3h 26m 56s
Bella did see them, but she's not happy with Sam. She gave them one rule. One simple rule. Do not take Ava out of the house without consulting her. Bella needs to know where her daughter is at all times. He didn't listen. He made her and Charlie worry. Bella didn't want to say anything so she went to sleep or at least tried too. It was hard to sleep on something that isn't comfortable or Charlie's place. At one point she sat up and played on her phone until she got so tired she just crashed.

The next day Charlie came by to see them. Mostly Ava. He even brought food over and a few things for Ava.
  Isabella / Simply_Random / 2d 3h 35m 46s
Jake nodded, "I wanted to get her one of those castle things for my house but I wanted to ask you first.. and anything that needs put together just let me know... you know her play set here is wood babe and perfectly safe, it was a gift from the pack... they love her you know, you saw that today yourself... I've never seen Sam actually smile...until today... shes a special girl." He kissed her and pulled her close to him as they slept. The next morning Jake was up early and checked on Ava, she was still sleeping, he left the door open to his old room so if she did wake up she would see him. He started making breakfast.
  Jake Black 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 2d 4h 5m 22s
[#af18ae "Charlie ordered a play house. One of those plastic ones since wood ones can hurt her."] she says yawning. Bella disappeared to go get ready for bed. Ava most likely got the falling asleep anywhere she goes from her because Bella was so tired she almost fell asleep in the shower. Her head and right elbow got banged up from falling asleep. It made her quickly finish her shower. [#af18ae "I called work and told them what happened. I have a week off. They send their condolences."] she may also told them they're secretly engaged which helped her get a week off. She isn't a fan of the sofa bed. It's not comfortable at all. But since Ava is already on his old bed and the couch is pulled out might as well stay and call it a night.
  Isabella / Simply_Random / 2d 4h 19m 48s
"We can stay here or go back to my place... its up to you... its really our place because well I fixed it up for us... but Ava's playset is here for tomorrow... and since your going to be busy and I'll have her for two whole days I think it might be better to be here with her where she can play and theres TV." He kissed Bella gently and said, "My old room works for the princess for tonight... I will set up the couch bed for us." He didn't dare go into Billy's room yet.... he wasn't ready for that. Everything in there reminded him of his dad...
  Jake Black 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 2d 4h 33m 54s
Cleaning up wasn't fun. Emily and Sam helped a lot but they left because Emily was exhausted. Another night the girls go to bed super late. Sigh she crashes in the couch. Ava getting on top of her. She looks at Jacob. [#af18ae "Well after the miscarriage you never left."] she said chuckling, but she nods. [#af18ae "But I'll think about it."] she gets up taking Ava to get her ready for bed. Ava was so exhausted that she fell asleep during her bath. It was a mission to get her ready for bed. Once when Ava was on Jacob's old bed surrounded by pillows she went to the car to grab her gym bag so she can shower and change. [#af18ae "So are we staying here for the night or going to your place or back to Charlie's..."]
  Isabella / Simply_Random / 2d 4h 39m 34s
When everyone had left and it was just Bella, Ava, and Jacob he sighed, "Bells I wanted to talk to you about somethings... I know since dad passed this is mine now and the house that you haven't even seen is ours and I just don't know what to do... I want you to move in with me wherever that may be and I know its a big step but I practically live with you now... at least think about it for me Bells?" He asked hopefully. He picked up Ava who was looking like she was beginning to get sleepy. "Sleepy princess?" He asked kissing her forehead.
  Jake Black 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 2d 4h 50m 35s
Ava tried to feed herself. She would grab the spoon and try to put it in her mouth but she would drop what was on it. Eventually she would just hold it and then grab whats on it with her hands. She loves everything on it. Brown rice, black beans, BBQ chicken, and baked macaroni cheese that's breaded. There was a lot more. However, Bella kept to the things she likes. Not that Ava caress because she is enjoying everything.

Since Charlie wasn't talking to her she talked to Ava. Telling her how to eat, what they're eating, singing songs. Of course, in a whisper. She didn't want to sound stupid. When it got quiet she looked up. All she did was shrug because she didn't know what they were talking about.
  Isabella / simply_random / 2d 5h 1m 54s
Jacob nodded making himself a plate and sitting down beside her. "Thank you for everything Bella... I love you." He kissed her cheek and ate his food as people continued to talk. Charlie sat down on the other side of Bella and asked Jacob, "What are you going to do with your inheiritance?" Jacob looked at him confused, "What inheritance?" Charlie smiled, "Your mother's life insurance and your fathers.... he never spent a penny of your mothers after her funeral and after your fathers... theres alot left." Jake looked to Bella... "It depends on how much it is... I want Ava to have her college paid for if theres enough for that."
  Jake Black 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 2d 8h 26m 46s
If Bella could growl she would. She mutters under her breath. [#af18ae [ii 'so much for listening to me...']] she mutters. Sighing she continues to help out. The girl kept moving and listening to Jacob. [#af18ae "Not true. You got the pack. They're family. They have the same wolf blood as you. Emily is family because she engaged or whatever she is to Sam. I'm out of date with what's going on with them... "] Bella stops to relax. A smile grew on her face seeing her dad with her baby. Ava was talking Charlie's ear off. It made her laugh. Ava stretched out her tiny arms so bell can hold her. [#af18ae "You need to eat Jacob and before everything is gone or before people start leaving and they pull you to the side to share stories about your dad."] Bella said serving herself a little something to share with Ava. Charlie was at the table serving himself. Emily was already eating.
  Isabella / Simply_Random / 2d 8h 30m 3s
Jake sighed and said,"I've been better but you and Ava are holding me together...Ava is with Seth playing on the swings outside babe...wolf hearing...she's safe, always will be." He took a deep breath and leaned against the counter after opening the small window in the kitchen to let some of the fresh air and breeze in. "It's just surreal that my dad is gone Bells....You know other than my sisters who refuse to talk to me he was the only family I had left...besides you and Ava of course. He saw Charlie come in carrying Ava.... no one said it but Jacob and Ava both had Billy's eyes and for those helped.
  Jake Black 2.0 / Polkadotrocker / 2d 10h 39m 52s
[#af18ae "Who doesn't? She's like a toy that everyone wants to hold right now. Have you seen here?"] she asks covering an extra tray of rice. Bella carefully ties up her hair. It was starting to get hot. Billy's place isn't the best place to have a bunch of people in.
"Hey, where's my grand baby?"
[#af18se "I honestly don't know. I just asked jac if he seen her. I don't even hear her loud chatter mouth."] Bella said a little worried. Everyone knew it to take her outside without telling her. No one spoke to her about Ava. Her heart began to race a little. Charlie quickly left to go look for the baby. [#af18ae "How are you holding up?"] she asks him.
  Isabella / Simply_Random / 2d 10h 56m 26s
Jacob came in with everyone else. He snaked his arms around Bella's waist from behind. He wasn't crying now...he had accepted that his father was gone. Yes they were having this get together af his house but Jacob hadn't went into his father's room yet. He smiled at Ava and looked at the pictures his father had on the wall. Some were from his parents wedding and some were newer like Jacob's graduation and Jacob and Bella, and Jacob's favorite. Ava on Billy's lap at her first birthday party. Jacob smiled seeing it. "Dad loved her so much."
  Jake Black 2.0 / Polkadotrocker / 2d 12h 7m 30s

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