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Jacob Black and Bella Swan had been inseparable since they were children, Bella only being a year older than Jacob and their father's being best friends might have had something to do with that. But, nonetheless they had been friends forever...Jacob was even extremely jealous of her boyfriend...she spent all her time with him and acted like she forgot Jacob existed.

That was until 2 weeks ago....

Bella had went to visit her mother in Phoenix and had gotten hurt, a broken leg, scrapes and bruises, the whole nine yards. Bella being Bella had fallen through a window, at least that was the cover story that Bella had told her mother to cover for what actually happened.

She had been bitten by a vampire...not her boyfriend who was also a vampire but one that had been hell bent on killing her. Shortly after the fact, in the hospital, her boyfriend had left her...said it was too dangerous for him to be around her so he was leaving for her safety, his entire family was....that would have been great news for the Quileute tribe...if the change hadn't already began..


This role play picks up when Bella comes home and wants to see Jacob...who can't see her until Sam knows that Jacob can control his temper and his phasing, a new wolf wouldn't be safe around Bella. Flash forward two weeks when Billy invites Charlie and Bella over for fish fry and baseball..... and Jacob imprints.

Later on our roleplay will include Jacob and Bella fighting, Bella unexpectedly finding out she is pregnant, Victoria hunting her and Jacob possibly getting hurt.

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Bella kept checking on the guys to make sure they had enough or wanted more food. Ava finished first. She went to go play outside with Sue. Angela and Embry came by to check on Jacob and have him meet baby Liam. Bella took Sue's role since shes playing with Ava in the snow but helping Angela was her sore breast. Bella had to tell her what to do to release the stress. A war towel, massage and to remember to breastfeed or pump. Bella now knows what her friend's boob looks like. Jessica is apparently coming over as well to meet the baby and have a play-date. Her baby boy is five months old. Bella made sure the house was clean and warm for the babies. Jacob was served two plates of lunch since she was busy cleaning and didn't want to neglect him. Embry was in the room with him with the baby.
  Isabella / Simply_Random / 1y 280d 7h 1m 39s
Jake went to the bed room but didn't like it but he also didn't want to lose Bella and Ava so quickly and for days at a time. When it was time for dinner and he got his plate he dug into his food. He was so hungry and Bella was an amazing cook and the entire pack knew it and somehow ended up at their house every time she made something amazing which was everyday that she cooked. Jacob called it their house now....they were dating right? He finished and got seconds of Mac and cheese, it was one of his favorites.
  Jake Black 2.0 / Polkadotrocker / 1y 280d 7h 42m 1s
[#af18ae "I'm going to chain you to the bed Jacob Anthony Black."] Bella washes her hands so she can slick him on the nose. [#af18ae "Go sit outside and breath for a few minutes but after that go to bed. Take your minions with you and talk about whatever. Don't make me call Charlie and tell him he needs to come back to babysit you while Ava and I stay at his place until this semester if over in a few days."] Yup, she playing that card. He won't listen if she told her normally. If she uses Ava and her so make him bend.

For dinner they're having BBQ wings, mac and cheese, biscuits, mash potatoes, vegetables and home made gravy . When it was all done Ava was served first before Sure brought the guys their plates.
  Isabella / Simply_Random / 1y 280d 7h 49m 41s
Jacob started to wake up around dinner time and it seemed his medicine had bene helping. He could get up without much trouble now. He walked slowly into the living room and no one noticed him so he walked into the kitchen. "Bells, need any help?" He sat down at the table and stole a cookie from a plate. "I needed to get out of bed, its really hot in there but I think thats just my body heat and I heard everyone out here." Sue shook her head, "Jacob what happened to resting, I don't care if you think your okay, your not. Go back to bed."
  Jake Black 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 1y 280d 11h 10m 41s
Bella waited for him to fall asleep before taking Ava and leaving him in the room alone. They made a small lunch. Sue came by and helped her around the house since she didn't finish it all a few hours ago. It even gave Bella time to shovel some paths but a wolf saw her and the dig one. Well a few of them. It was a funny scene to see. Only if Ava could see this. She would love it! She thanked whoever it was before going inside. Bella went to go see the baby who still doesn't have a name for almost an hour. He is so small! It reminded her of when Ava was small. During the time there Angela took a nap and the daddy went to go play with the other guys. She was happy to help. She knows first hand how hard it is to take care of a baby. She did it all alone at that.

Sue was making dinner by the time Bella returned. Ava was helping. Two of the guys were watching TV and another was apparently blowing up the bathroom. Bella shakes her head and helps sue sookbb
  Isabella / Simply_Random / 1y 280d 12h 49m 1s
"Take advantage of me please." Jake said kissing her and watched her inject the liquid into his arm. "Anyone else and I wouldn't trust them doing that but I know you would never hurt me.... we can keep her in the dark but if she ends up with a brother with the gene we won't be able to hide it from her." Jacob muttered as he started to fall asleep form the medication but it was a good sleep, a painless sleep. Sue stopped by while Jacob was asleep with more medication and a princess coloring book for Ava.
  Jake Black 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 1y 280d 13h 27m 42s
Bella rolls her eyes. Why would he kid around like that in front of their daughter? Yes, she probably didn't hear it and won't know what it means but still. It's really inappropriate. Bella split Ava's hair into two, braided the back part of her hair isn't a Dutch braid and gave her two cute buns. It is something new and oddly cute in her opinion. [#af18ae "Well you were in the dark about it. We could do the same for her until she gets another sibling and that one has the gene. If he or she doesn't then we can keep them in the dark into it's a life and death situation."] Bella gets up to go check out the bag of medicine Sue left behind. She smiled seeing a liquid form of morphine. The dosage is high as well. Bella sets up the needle give him the Lexie's lowest mL since the dosage is extremely high. She walks over to him [#af18ae "This may put you to sleep. How Sue got a hold of this I have no idea, but it should help with the pain."] she moves closer to his ear to whisper in it. [#af18ae "Don't worry I want take advantage of you while you sleep."] she gently bits his earlobe before rolling up his sleeves, cup his upper arm and poked him with the needles. She made sure she didn't hit a vein and when no blood came up when pulling the screw up she injected the pain killer in his arm. It won't work instantly but maybe in a few minutes.
  Isabella / Simply_Random / 1y 280d 13h 33m 15s
Jake sat down beside her defeated and laid back in the bed, "You can cuff me but wait until I'm better." Jacob muttered smirking, even injured he was coming onto her. Jacob loved Bella. He told her what hurt and where and then asked, "Can you rebandage my shoulder, its bloody and starting to itch.... and if I have anything to do with it Bella, our daughter will never know what I am." He muttered the last part too low for Ava to hear him. He loved her so much and didn't want her dragged into the wolf world.
  Jake Black 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 1y 280d 14h 27m 20s
Bella relaxes. Once when she did Ava for more comfortable. [#af18ae "Am I going to have to cuff you to the bed? You should be getting up and the heat doesn't do anything. It's probably night high enough."] if her eyes could throw dagger he would've been injured even more. He really needs to stay in bed. [#af18ae "Well you can't. Your father wouldn't want you to step down and if she,"] she points to Ava [#af18ae "Knew should wouldn't allow you either. Nor would I."] Ava was so focused that she didn't butt in their conversation. Bella pats the spot next to her in a way of telling him that he better get his butt in bed.
  Isabella / Simply_Random / 1y 280d 14h 42m 40s
Jake shook his head, " I didn't want to worry you or Ava but I think my body heat is burning off the meds as fast as I can get them in my system." He pulled himself up and winced once more. "Maybe I need a higher dose... maybe I should stop phasing... I don't want to lose you two and the look on your face and Ava's seeing me like this... I don't want to go through that again."

He took a drink of his water and thought about what it would be like to be a normal person again and not change into a giant wolf and then he shook the thought from his mind.
  Jake Black 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 1y 280d 15h 2m 47s
Bell nods. The girls stayed in bed. Ava was. Enteren Bella's legs watching a kiddie show on her tablet. Bella played with her hair to come up with something new or different to do on her hair. Ava always has braids on so this time something different should be nice.

[#af18ae "So how are you really feeling? If the meds aren't working I can see if you're even getting the proper dosage."] one of the perks of becoming a registered nurse is that she has to learn dosage calculations. It would come in handy for moments like these. Ava spoke alone with the show whenever they asked a question.
  Isabella / Simply_Random / 1y 280d 15h 7m 4s
Jake nodded, "Tell Embry thank you for everything." He muttered and took a bite of his breakfast. "Thank you babe for everything as have taken care of me and Ava and the house and I can't thank you enough. I love you Bella." His sides and back along with his stomach still hurt but he tried to hide the pain when Bella and Ava were around as long as possible. He never wanted to hurt his girls. He finished his burrito quickly and laid back on the pillows. Seth was acting alpha while he was injured and he knew the boy would do a good job.
  polkadotrocker / 1y 280d 15h 26m 27s
[#af18ae "Go back robbed Jacob. You need to rest. Don't worry about us. I'll bring you your breakfast."] she lowers the flames to help him go back to bed. Her stubbornness always wins. The breakfast burrito has hash browns, scrambled eggs, bacon, cheese, and syrup as a sauce. Ava actually started the weird trend. Like mother, like daughter!

Jacob was also given a hearty smoothie to help him feel better. Ava wanted to put syrup in it for flavor. She was mad that she couldn't put some in. Although she did offer some to him when she helped deliver his food after drinking some of his mixed fruits and vegetables smoothie.

[#af18se "So Sue is coming over around one. I'm going to be away for an hour to see the new addition to the pack to cure my baby fever for a little while. Ava doesn't want to go because she enjoys the attention and now she won't have it because of the baby. Is that okay? I'll even take pictures so you can see him."]
  Isabella / Simply_Random / 1y 280d 22h 12m 8s
Jacob pulled himself up to stand and walked out into the living room slowly. He took his meds and drank some water. He managed to make it to the couch before he winced. "Bells, sorry if I'm a nusiance... I didn't mean for it to happen like that." He leaned back and Ava cuddled up to him and he pulled her blanket over her, "Hey princess daddys okay, do you want to watch the princess and the frog after breakfast?"
He knew she would say yes, she loved that movie. Oddly Dr. Facilier was her favorite character.
  polkadotrocker / 1y 281d 4h 18m 20s
[#af18ae "You can eat afterwards. Don't need you throwing up on me."] Bella says getting up to go get two wraps. She had Jacob lift his arms pointing straight so she can wrap him. It wasn't right yet it wasn't loose either. [#af18ae "They haven't figured it out yet. They're actually fighting about the name. She asked if I had the same problem but then I reminded her that Ava was a secret and all I thought about was if she should even have your last name or not..."] Bella shrugs. When she was done she tosses him a shirt. If Ava saw the wraps she would ask if something is wrong with daddy. She takes a deep breath before getting up to go make something to eat. [#af18ae "Go take your pain meds. I'll go start on our breakfast burrito."] she says giving him a kiss before going to the kitchen. Ava was now laying on the couch. It was still snowing pretty hard. Charlie called her so while she cooked she spoke to him for a few minutes.
  Isabella / Simply_Random / 1y 281d 4h 32m 54s

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