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Jacob Black and Bella Swan had been inseparable since they were children, Bella only being a year older than Jacob and their father's being best friends might have had something to do with that. But, nonetheless they had been friends forever...Jacob was even extremely jealous of her boyfriend...she spent all her time with him and acted like she forgot Jacob existed.

That was until 2 weeks ago....

Bella had went to visit her mother in Phoenix and had gotten hurt, a broken leg, scrapes and bruises, the whole nine yards. Bella being Bella had fallen through a window, at least that was the cover story that Bella had told her mother to cover for what actually happened.

She had been bitten by a vampire...not her boyfriend who was also a vampire but one that had been hell bent on killing her. Shortly after the fact, in the hospital, her boyfriend had left her...said it was too dangerous for him to be around her so he was leaving for her safety, his entire family was....that would have been great news for the Quileute tribe...if the change hadn't already began..


This role play picks up when Bella comes home and wants to see Jacob...who can't see her until Sam knows that Jacob can control his temper and his phasing, a new wolf wouldn't be safe around Bella. Flash forward two weeks when Billy invites Charlie and Bella over for fish fry and baseball..... and Jacob imprints.

Later on our roleplay will include Jacob and Bella fighting, Bella unexpectedly finding out she is pregnant, Victoria hunting her and Jacob possibly getting hurt.

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Bella didn't remember what she said before crashing. She was out for about an hour. she felt like she only woke up because she had the urge to vomit. Sitting up, she rubs her chest. She didn't notice what he was doing until her turns around. Her head tilts to the side. What is he doing? He caught her by surprise. [#af18ae "Wha... Jacob..."] She looks at the ring. She can't put her finger on it but it looks familiar. She moves back so her back was pressed against the bed-frame. It didn't take long for her to get up and run to the bathroom to throw up. Five minutes later, she rinsed her mouth with water. [#af18ae "One big even at a time... I don't think I can handle the though of planning a wedding while carrying to babies in my stomach. I'm already getting fat..."] she says showing him her baby bump. Bella goes back onto the bed and lays down. She pats the spot next to her. [#af18ae "I was kidding Jacob. I know you would do it if I was to say lets go sign a marriage certificate now and get married next week. You're that crazy."]
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Jacob got up when she woke up without a word and went to his dresser and pulled out a small box. "Bella... I don't have cold feet, I just didn't want you to rush into something because I know you and I know how you feel about marriage. I want to marry you, I'd marry you today if you'd let me. I love you and I will always love you, I will protect you and make sure that no one will hurt you... Bella will you marry me?"

In his hand was his mother's wedding ring. Billy had worked for 2 years to be able to buy it for her. He always said she deserved the best and when she passed it was one of the few things that Billy kept and when Jacob was 16 he passed it to him... for the woman that he would marry someday... yet Billy had some idea that it would be Bella.

He took the ring out of the box, the diamonds and sapphires shining even in the dimly lit bedroom. It was a beautiful ring, white gold, diamonds, sapphires, and all in the shape of hearts. Jacob couldn't have picked a better ring out.
  Jake Black 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 1h 46m 34s
Bella hugs him and thanks him. [#af18ae “Enjoy the council meeting.”] she says before leaving. Once when they were outside Bella grabs her car keys. [#af18ae “You really enjoy driving my car.”] she says getting in her car. Now that she was a pudge she was to make sure the seat belt isn’t on top of her belly, but under it. The drive was super short. It was disappointing. When they got to the house she waits for him to open the door so she can kick off her shoes and go take a nap. The constant napping is annoying. It’s like these babies are leeches and they feed off her energy. It is exhausting.

[#af18ae “It won’t. Weird how you were on my case about being your girlfriend and having these babies, but once when marriage comes up you get cold feet… suspicious.”] Bella said heading to the bedroom, taking off her shows and pants before laying on the bed. She curls up into a fetal position. Another yawn escapes her when her head hits the pillow. When she wakes up from her nap she is going to text Alice and ask her about the baby shower and if Jacob can go.
  Isabella / Simply_Random / 1h 51m 44s
Jacob got up and grabbed the keys, "Lets head back, dad has a council meeting soon anyway." Billy nodded. "Harry Clearwater should be here to pick me up in a half hour." Jacob nodded and hugged his dad and said, "We will see you soon dad." Billy hugged Bella and muttered, "I'll arrange that fishing trip with your dad, a weekend in La Push and on the water fishing would do him good. He can't work himself into the ground."

Jacob opened her door for her and helped her inside, the sun was starting to set. "Lets head home." He hadn't realized it that he had called it home... meaning her home. Did she want to move in with him? Was it too soon? They had just became official boyfriend and girlfriend today and yet here he was thinking about things like that. God this was complicated.

"Lets her you back for your nap... I could use a good cuddle myself." He held her hand as he drove. "Bells... don't let all the marriage talk get to you... I don't want to push it on tell me when your ready for it, okay Bells?"
  Jake Black 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 2h 10m 9s
Bella sighs. Charlie has been working a lot lately. It was as if things kept happening one thing after another. First vampires and now kidnapping... unless it's more vampires... she looks at Jacob. He looks offended that she removed his hand from her belly. They're going to talk about it later. [#af18ae "I don't think Charlie would want me to get married this young. Especially with his history, but who knows what can happen in the future."] she said sitting up. One thing she always loved about her dad is that he never hovers. He doesn't try to control her decisions or make any for her. He is the best. [#af18ae "I think we need to plan him a fishing getaway. He loves fishes. Think you can arrange that Billy?"] she knows Charlie needs to start taking better of himself. He needs to be healthy to keep up with his grandkids. They're going to be a handful. She was when she was a kid. Jacob was too. Bella shrugs when he asks if they would let him cross. [#af18ae "I'll ask. I don't see why not though."] Bella says yawning. [#af18ae "I think it's time for my pregnancy nap."] she said grinning a little. She could go home and leave him there. They can talk or whatever. She wouldn't mind going back to Jacob's place alone.
  Isabella / Simply_Random / 2h 16m 25s
Billy sighed and said, "Hes been working way too much lately but he asked about you two getting married and got drunk with me, we hadn't gotten that drunk since we were kids. " Jacob sighed, "Dad I haven't asked her yes and I'm not sure Bells here would say yes." Jacob looked sad when she removed his hand... those were his kids too and he wanted to protect her. It was a wolf thing to be crazy over protective and with being the alpha... it was worse. The thing about it was the entire pack was that way with her now and it wasn't an alpha order... she was carrying the future of the tribe and everyone knew it... the pack, Billy, the council...everyone.

He turned to her and sighed saying, "So two baby showers but I'm allowed at the one in Forks?... I mean I can talk to Carlisle and he can let me slide for a couple hours." He knew the doctor wouldn't have a problem with it after Jacob let Esme and Rose break the treaty for Bella and allowed Alice in La Push for an extended amount of time to help him.
  Jake Black 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 2h 35m 59s
Sarah? Her mom would feel a type of way. Happy and possibly jealous. She doesn't want her mother to feel left out or anything. Bella doesn't want to say yes or no just yet. [#af18ae "Stop rambling. I'll think about out."] Bella remorse his hand from her belly. The baby bump makes her feel self conscious. She hasn't told anyone. Besides what is every desire on touching a pregnant belly? It's weird. [#af18ae "My parents feel the same way. Especially Phil."] despite not being married her mom is definitely over the moon about this. Twins and all. [#af18ae "I believe he did. Plus no offense it's more of a closet than a room."] she said smiling. [#af18ae "and if you want. Babies get hurt all the time."] she says covering her belly. Bella began thinking about the first day she moved here. She was supposed to stay for a few months not years. [#af18ae "I'm surprise you aren't over at Charlie's for his flatscreen she teases."] Remembering they used to do it all the time. For Billy it was for the tv, but for Jacob it was to see her according to Billy. She chuckles to herself remembering the past.
  Isabella / Simply_Random / 2h 46m 33s
Jacob smiled, pulling her close to him on the small couch... "Well Mariner's are winning and I want to run something past you... I know it might be too early to start thinking of names but... maybe... kinda... if we have a girl can her name be Sarah?" Sarah had been his mother's name and he missed her dearly. Billy was a bit surprised by the question but left Bella to answer it in her own time. Jacob was still rambling, "I mean if you don't want to its okay... I just keep thinking how excited my mom would be to have grandchildren... I mean dads over the moon." Billy huffed and said, "I wouldn't say over the moon, your having kids out of wedlock and your still young but yes I am very happy and I will spoil them... Bella did Jacob tell you that his old room is going to be a play room for your kids?"

Jacob smiled, "You know that foam floor type stuff that looks like puzzle pieces? I'm going to get that for the room so its safer for them." He gently put his hand on her small bump. "I love you Bella."
  Jake Black 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 3h 17m 52s
Bella doesn’t think that would be a clever idea. Him only allowing Alice. Everyone needs to attend. Well minus Edward after the shit he pulled. She is okay with having two baby showers. When Billy asked about the babies she told him they’re fine. Always hungry. Always making her hungry. It drives her insane. Bella looks at Jacob and told him she’s fine and not hungry, for once. She didn’t even correct Jacob when he said his babies. It’s their babies. It is like now that she is keeping it, it is his. It’s theirs and he better remember that.

[#af18ae “You would think he would’ve asked me to marry him before knocking me up.”] Bella said jokingly, [#af18ae “And don’t you dare use the alpha tone on your dad. Your voice has a demonic warlord pitch to it.”] she said giving him a quick playful glare. She couldn’t put her finger on it. There is something about his voice when he speaks a certain way, the alpha way. A demonic warlord was the first thing that came into mind. Clearing her throat, she decided to change the subject. [#af18ae “I think my mom is in the bet. She thinks they will both be girls. I think otherwise. I’m feeling like I’ll be having one of each… that is my guess.”] she excused herself to go to the bathroom. She took her time in it. It took longer simply because she was looking at the bump she has. It is too early for her to be showing. From what she researched it’s because of the placenta or something like that. More space for the babies… assuming they both don’t weigh like nine pounds each. Bella sighs before going back out to join Jacob and his father. [#af18ae “What did I miss?”] she asks cuddling up next to Jacob.
  Isabella / Simply_Random / 7h 20m 8s
"I think I could make an exception for Alice and a baby shower to be allowed in La Push... I mean she is one of your best friends and its not like she wouldn't be in a houseful of wolves the entire time." Jacob said as they drove. When they reached his dads house he smiled, "Hey dad."

Billy hugged Bella and said, "How are my grandchildren doing? You know Charlie and I have a bet if they're boys or girls..." Jacob rolled his eyes, "Your already betting on my children." Billy just smiled and said, "What else is an old man to do around here?"

When Bella gave him food he thanked her and Jacob thanked her as well. He finished his food quickly and went to sit by her. "Bells are you feeling okay? Sure you don't want anything to eat right now." He always worried about her....

Billy finished his plate and put it in the dishwasher with the rest of them and started it. "Have you kids thought about names? or marriage?" Jacob stopped, his dad didn't need to be talking about this now. "Dad now is not the time." Jacob said in his alpha tone.
  Jake Black 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 1d 1h 2m 38s
[#af18ae “After taking a pregnant girl’s chocolate you may become single. Me being your girlfriend only lasted a minute. You messed up Jacob.”] Jacob must be in love with her car. He drove her car. [#af18ae “A baby shower means free gifts for the babies. I think I may allow it. Knowing Alice, she’s going to want to throw one of her own since vampires aren’t allowed here.”] Bella says before getting out of the car.

Bella was wearing a short that used to be loose on her. however, it’s like her belly grows either half or a full inch every day because of the pregnancy. Unless it’s because of her constantly munching on things now. It is weird seeing her gain weight. She could eat two boxes of pizza by herself for a good amount during the week and she won’t gain weight. [#af18ae “Hello grandpa Billy Black.”] She says going to give him a hug before going inside to warm up the food to feed them. She gives Billy a plate. Jacob’s plate was staked considering he eats a lot. Bella on the couch after serving the Black’s their food.

She already knows that they're going to talk about the babies. She wouldn't be surprise if they talk about the [i spirits] and the tribe. The pregnant girl only wants chocolate right now, so they can talk about anything. As long as it's not name planning or anything like that.
  Isabella / Simply_Random / 2d 1h 20m 8s
Jacob stole one of her Reese's cups and said ,"I have a girlfriend." He smiled at the thought. "God I love you Bella, and these munchkins." He said touching her stomach. "Oh God your probably right, I forgot how much Renee will spoil them and I know the pack wants to do something for us I'm just not sure what... Emily was hinting around at a baby shower but I told her that you didn't like parties." He grabbed her around the waist and mutted, "I love you so much and dad is going to love you even more... your feeding him and I'm not really good at that and I'm going to eat everything you brought for me... I haven't exactly eaten today unless you count tasting grapes at the grocery store. Theres fresh fruit for your smoothies too."

He opened the door to her truck and helped her in before getting in himself and driving the short distance to Billy's house. Billy rolled himself onto the porch, "Hey kids, its nice to see you Bella." Jacob was beaming. He helped her out of the truck and planted a kiss on her lips in front of his father. When he shut the door Bella's baby bump was visible.
  Jake Black 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 2d 2h 3m 44s
[#af18ae “Define perfect.”] she said smiling. Bella was kidding out the car seat. They have all the time in the world to get it. She even expressed it to him as she got up to go get the spare food she brought with her for Billy and him. [#af18ae “Well, I cooked for Charlie and thought you and Billy would like some. Should we go now?”] by now the food is a little towards the cold side and she doesn’t want to get any colder. Bella reaches for a bag of mini Reeses. She leans on the counter to open it, unwrap one and pop one in her mouth. [#af18ae “Today must be a good day for you.”] she says waiting for him to say yes because she’s keeping the babies. But because of what she’s about to say. [#af18ae “You find out you’re keeping the babies and got a girlfriend who is feeding you and your dad. What else do you need?”] She waited for his reaction, grinning. [#af18ae “But for the record I don’t want you cashing in on taking days off. I think you should save it. Plus knowing Alice or my mom we already have the car seats.”] Bella grabs the bag of food again so they can start heading out. Bella is happy that he allowed Alice to come and fix the nursery. It was really nice of him. It shows her how much he’s willing to do for her out of love.
  Isabella / Simply_Random / 2d 2h 10m 27s
Jacob smirked, "Yeah we are... and I already have the perfect name for a baby girl." He kissed her gently.. "Car seats can wait until tomorrow... no work for me and I'm getting a full day off from the pack so we can go find car seats.... get out of Forks and La Push for awhile... even if its just a few hours and if you'd like you can invite Alice."

He had his hands on her waist, and he let his hand rub over her small bump. "and dad asked if I was going to bring you by... I told him I'd ask you first." Jacob smiled again. He was going to be a father. Him and Bella were having twins.

"I'm not great at decorating and I knew she would know what to do... oh and I went to the grocery store too before she came over so theres about anything you could want... we have toilet paper now... and paper towels... you know things that you need to survive and Sue, Seth and Leah's mom brought you some tea to help with morning sickness... its up in the cupboard by the other teas that Alice brought, she really went for it."
  Jake Black 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 2d 2h 38m 13s
Bella laughs. From what she read you can become pregnant even if you're already pregnant. It is super rare though. Then again she did date a vampire and had sex with a wolf hybrid. Anything is possible. Not to mention she's knocked up. She's forever a part of the supernatural world now. Bella ate snacks majority of the time. The smell of the lasagna wasn't appealing to her.

When it was time to sleep she was cuddled up against him. It was comfortable and for some reason she absorbed the heat. Bella left that morning because Charlie was off. She has a feeling it wouldn't last so she went back home to go spend time with him, talk and have him eat something. Eventually their talk included Renee. Her mother now knows. By 4pm, Charlie was called into work. Bella saved the left overs and they both left at the same time. The talk she had with her parents helped her. More than any of them would've known.

When she got there Jacob just blind folded her. She didn't like it. She doesn't like surprises. He didn't even say hi or allow her to get the food she brought for him and Billy. [#af18ae "Jacob you're scaring me and why does the room smell funny?"] Bella has her hands out so she doesn't walk into anything. Despite Jacob guiding her. When he unfolds the blindfold she still didn't open her eyes. With her eyes closed she looked for him. [#af18ae "Before I open my eyes I want to tell you something..."] she takes a deep breath, [#af18ae "We're going to need car seats and pick baby names."] it was her way on telling him she's keeping them. One eye opens and she spots Alice. She just had to open both of them. A smile grew on her face.

"Surprise!" Alice hugs her.
[#af18ae "What are you doing here?"]
"Rearranging the baby's room. Jacob called me. I knew you were going to keep them. You just needed to figure it out yourself." Bella looks around. "Rose, Esme and jasper helped me move the things here. The cribs Jacob had is at his fathers for when you visit the babies will have a place to sleep. I even brought you food. Real food and restocked your snacks. You kept changing your mind on what snack to eat. You had me talking to myself saying just eat something." They both laugh. "I should go... if I stay any longer I may become a wolf. I already smell like one." She said playing around.

She hugs Bella before leaving. Bella turns to face Jacob. Placing a hand on his shirt she pulls him down for a kiss. [#af18ae "You're the best. Thank you."] she walks around the nursery. Alice put a different bed sheets for the cribs. She loves the octopus nightlight that's on top of the dresser. [#af18ae "We're going to be parents."] she whispers sitting on the rocking chair her made.
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