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Capua is a rich a bountiful city, bustling with life and harbouring death.

The most upper class homes are built with facilities for human conflict.


Slaves, prisoners or men who volunteer, train to become gladiators. Each win in the arena accumulates coin. Coin can be put towards whores, wine, freedom or rare trinkets.

The Dominus of the Ludis is the Master of the home, joined by his beautiful wife, the Domina served by pure hand maidens dressed simply and bearing a sacred nark, tying them to their Mistress. The Gladiators, upon completion of training, bear the mark of the House Name. Many strive to do the house proud by facing opponents in the arena, others strive for freedom and others for blood.


Fully fledged gladiators live in single accommodation. These stone rooms a single bed with blankets. The Gladiators in these rooms have earned status and approval from the Dominus and Doctori . They may have candles and religious idols in their rooms, nothing else.

Gladiators that please the crowds and their House, are rewarded with more coin and privileges.

They train every day in the sun, some occasionally escort the Dominus around the city and markets as a guard against possible thievery or murder.

Wooden swords are used for practice, real blades are used for events at the House and the arena.

Gladiators are permitted to have whores at celebrations.


The Domina employs three hand maidens. They are pure and innocent, untouched by men. They bathe Domina, serve her and any guests fully and are highly regarded and should they ever be sold on, would fetch a very high price.

Hand maidens are not permitted to sleep with any man unless the Domina selects a suitable man for her to marry, these are usually very high standing men. These women live in the House above the Ludis and often run errands around the house for the Domina.

The House is in high standing, for the moment. A large selection of incredible Gladiators and a Dominus that is highly sought after for social events. The Gladiators have sworn all loyalty to the House and its Dominus but as time goes on, the Houses character falls apart and dark deeds are revealed, talk of mutiny springs from the cracks as the servants and gladiators realize they are all pawns in the Houses game and their Domina and Dominus are nothing but murderers and black hearted demons.

Capua awaits for the games to begin.

Quality over quantity but I despise one liners so try and add some meat to your posts
There will no doubt be graphic content such as violence and sexual references and expletive language, so don't join if you're faint of heart
General ES rules apply of course

I am looking for a male gladiator.
Please PM me with any questions would you have any and to request access.

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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/46lpSX0.jpg]] Caius vowed to protect her for the rest of his life and that was exactly what he intended to do. He would give his life for her if it was something he had to do but now did not seem like the appropriate time to voice such desires. He would be whatever she needed him to be and right now, she simply needed him to hold her. However, their embrace did not last too long since Tasia seemed to rise and dress herself. He watched her carefully, noticing now more than ever, that the light within her and gone out and he wished he knew how to bring it back. Perhaps their relationship was over before it even started.

He watched her leave and then got up to change himself, not wanting to be apart from her for too long. He didn’t trust anyone else now. He quickly made his way out of the compartment and nodded towards Titus in greeting, glancing over Aemilia as he approached and lowered himself next to Tasia. He noticed how the woman did not seem to eat anything but he also remembered how hard it was to stomach food after a trauma so he wouldn’t press her.

He glanced towards Titus, exchanging a worried glance with him before turning his attention back to Tasia. He wrapped an arm around her and pulled her closer to him, not wanting there to be any distance between them.

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/74xz2xk.jpg]] Ameilia was feeling far from refreshed but she knew that she would be feeling worse if she had not managed to gain any sleep that night. The soreness she felt from her training, coupled with that of her altercation made her wonder if her body would ever feel comfort again but she tried not to let it show upon her face. She smiled towards him as he pulled her close and she allowed her head to rest on his shoulder.

She glanced up at Tasia and her heart went out to the woman. She couldn’t imagine what emotions she would be feeling. Aemilia was sure that she would be completely broken if her pursuer had been successful with her, so seeing Tasia like this broke her heart, mostly because she knew that there was very little any of them could do except be patient with her.

Aemila lifted her head from his shoulder and she nodded. “I would.” She was determined, now more than ever, to be able to protect herself because even if they would like to believe Titus and Caius could always be around to protect them, there was no guarantee that they would not be pulled apart in some way. “I won’t stop until I can protect myself.”
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Tasia cast her gaze up to Caius as he held her. It was all she wanted right then, the safety of his embrace and to feel protected with him. She was safe, he said. It didn’t stop the feeling anxious and afraid. She hesitantly pushed herself up to sit amongst the blankets. Her whole body ached from the events before. Harsh bruises had formed on her shoulders from the struggle and the emotional wounds were still raw and fresh. Hiding wouldn’t do her any favours, she knew that. She swallowed back her fears as she pulled on a cloak from nearby, if anything to hide the bruises and hide her form from judging eyes.

Tasia rose to her feet, feeling somewhat off balance and weakened. She exited the compartment and looked to Aemillia and Titus. She gave a small nod of greetings and sank down by the fire, watching the flames. She had no appetite for food, so water seemed to best option right then as she took a drink. It was as if a light had gone out within her, the flame that had made her confident and herself, had been extinguished. She didn’t mean to distance herself from Caius but she didn’t know how to look at him properly anymore. She felt like she had betrayed him, all the actions from the night before had somehow shamed them both.

Tasia wasn’t sure how to fix it and she wasn’t sure she ever could fix it. She looked to the water in her cup and watched it swirl and move about. At Titus’ words, she only nodded. She couldn’t bring herself to say she was alright or that she wasn’t. She could only be silent and become lost in her thoughts.

[right [pic http://oi63.tinypic.com/9amexi.jpg]]

Titus looked to Aemillia and smiled a little. She had slept and he was grateful for that because after yesterday sleep would be the only thing that would give the women respite from their events.
“Morning.” He murmured and pulled the woman close to him. He was of course worried sick about them both and how they were coping but Caius has become Tasia’s lover. He worried how last night affected both of them. He wrapped his arms around Aemillia and looked up as Tasia exited the compartment her and Caius shared.

He wasn’t good at dealing with woman’s emotions, let alone his sisters. Being a gladiator trained empathy out of them so rediscovering emotions was foreign to him.
“Are you alright?” He poses the question towards Tasia and sighed softly at her nod, knowing full well she was not and he looked to Aemillia.
“Would you like to train today, perhaps a little?” He asked her as he looked her over. He wouldn’t train hard with her, she needed to rest and recoup after yesterday. But both women needed to learn to protect themselves. Perhaps if he had taught them better, they wouldn’t have had such awful events transpire.

He knew blaming himself would do nothing to help the situation but he couldn’t help it. He didn’t know how else to cope with it all. If they could learn to fight then they would protect themselves. But he wouldn’t be leaving them alone any time soon either, regardless of what Spartacus demanded of them.
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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/46lpSX0.jpg]] Hearing her say that she was sorry broke his heart. He was the one who was sorry. Sorry for leaving her alone, sorry that he couldn’t protect her from the evils of other men, sorry that he had not been able to keep her safe. None of that mattered now, neither of them could change what had happened, they could simply adapt and hope that they could both find a way to live with what had happened. Tasia would be a changed woman now and he knew he would have to tread lightly around her, not wanting to make her feel uncomfortable after everything that happened.

He stayed awake for a long while, watching her when she eventually allowed the slumber to claim her and when he was satisfied that she was asleep he would drift off himself. It wasn’t until morning when he felt the tight embrace of the woman beside him that he awoke from his sleep. Almost instantly he cradled the woman in his arms, allowing a hand to rest on the back of her head. “It’s okay. You are safe.” He could feel the tension in her body and wished he could take it away from her. He kissed her forehead and simply held her. He would not make her leave the tent today if he could help it. If he had to he would stay here with her all day long.

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/74xz2xk.jpg]] She fell asleep quickly after he kissed her head, feeling safe within his arms. While her dreams were filled with memories of her attacker and her father’s face, she remained fast asleep, even after Titus wrapped her in blankets and left the compartment within the tent. She had been exhausted by the events of the night before and she needed the rest.

When she finally awoke, everything seemed quiet. She couldn’t hear Caius or Tasia talking, nor could she see Titus beside her anymore. His absence made her heart beat a little faster than normal, but she knew he would be nearby. After last night, he would not leave her alone entirely. Aemilia stretched her body and out gasped in pain as her muscles chastised her for trying to move. She couldn’t remember a time when she felt this sore. She wished that she had the luxuries of the hot baths, but she was sure that no such luxury existed out here.

Within a matter of minutes, she decided to work through the pain and she made her way out of the compartment where she found Titus near the fire. “Morning.”
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Tasia flickered her gaze to Caius. He was a marvel as he spoke and she fell silent as he listened to his heartbeat. She didn’t understand why he loved her. After everything, it seemed logical he would give up on her more than anything. She closed her eyes and buried herself in the blankets, hiding the tears that threatened the corners of her eyes.
“I’m sorry.” She whispered quietly.
“I love you, Caius.” She would never be the woman he wanted anymore. She had been violated.

Her body wasn’t up to staying awake though as she fought with herself. Soon enough, she was thrust into the darkness as she allowed her body the rest it so desperately needed.

She woke from a nightmare in the morning, sitting bolt upright as she pushed away from Caius, clutching at the blankets with a wild look in her eyes. It took her a long time to realise she was safe and the man beside her was Caius. She sank into the blankets beside him once more, heart hammering as she watched him. Her eyes felt heavy still and she didn’t want to face the world. News would travel quickly of what had happened and she couldn’t bare to see the looks in people’s eyes.

Tasia cling to Caius, not wanting him to leave her side, just for a little while longer. All the confidence she had mustered up was vanquished.

[right [pic http://oi63.tinypic.com/9amexi.jpg]]

Titus listened to Aemillia, how did she know what to say? He pulled her closer to him, as if scared that she might disappear from him on the breath of wind. He kissed the top of her head and let her sleep. It angered him that the men who had come had once been his brothers. He had never imagined being betrayed by one of their own.

He must have eventually fallen into the embrace of sleep as he opened his eyes and looked to Aemillia. He was going to show her today how to end a man. Even if it was just in private. He knew she was sore from yesterday and still had injuries so maybe a day in the tent would do them all some good. He looked out to the fire and got up, the rain had eased slightly but it still came down. He wrapped Aemillia in blankets before sitting by the fire.

His eyes turned to Tasia and Caius’ tent and he wondered if they were alright. Probably not. And it didn’t surprise him either. He exhaled and watched as Spartacus approached.
[b “I heard the news. Are your women alright?”] He asked and Titus nodded, silently and with a look of grief that Spartacus knew well.
[b “Take the time you need. Our focus is defending the camp.”] He muttered before moving on and Titus looked back to the tent.
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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/46lpSX0.jpg]] He was even cautious about touching her, wondering if the woman would shy away from him now that she had experienced such a terrible fate. He would not blame her if he did. A part of him expected her to banish him from the compartment they had shared, not wanting to be near another man after the events had passed. He nodded when she asked if they could rest but he still didn’t lower himself to the floor in case she did not want him there.

Hearing her words, he felt a heavy sadness cloud him. She shouldn’t [I have] to take anything and she should not be the one feeling guilty about any of this. He nodded his head. “I will not be going anywhere, so long as you will have me.” He would never dream of pushing her away because something so terrible happened to her. After she watched her at least [I try] to make herself comfortable, he followed suit, lowering himself to the ground next to her, taking her in his arms in the most protective way he could.

“I love you.”

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/74xz2xk.jpg]] Aemilia enjoyed having Titus nearby but tonight it seemed tainted with a sadness that she could not part with. She could see the anger working its way over her face and she could barely stand it, knowing that he had been hurt just as much as she had, only in a very different manner.

She sighed softly upon hearing his words and she shook her head. “You won’t lose me. Not if I have a say in the matter.” She said quietly, reaching out with her hand so that she could rest it upon his cheek. “You should not apologise for this. It was not your fault. You kept your promise to me, that’s all that matters right now. I love you Titus. I do know what might life would look like without you in it.” With that, she curled her body next to his, wanting to feel every inch of him against her. It made her feel warm and safe. She sighed heavily and closed her eyes as she allowed her head to rest on his chest.
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Tasia watched as Titus and Aemillia left and she could tell the silence was stifling. She heard Caius’ voice and felt his arm around her. His words hurt her worse than a sword. She didn’t want him to blame himself and she knew she couldn’t take that from him.
“Can we rest?” She asked him, quietly. She wasn’t sure if he would even want to share a bed with her after everything. She hoped he did but she would understand if he needed time.

“Please, Caius… don’t blame yourself. I can take everything but I cannot take you blaming yourself.” She murmured quietly as she looked to him, properly. She could see the guilt on his face and the emotions that welled on his features. It destroyed her to know the act had crushed them both. She wanted to take all his guilt, tuck it away and lift everything from his heart. But she couldn’t. No matter what Gods she prayed to, she couldn’t make this go away.

“You don’t have to stay, all night, if you do not wish to. But please- just until I fall asleep.” Had anything happened to Aemillia? Had they gotten her too? She wouldn’t forgive herself if she had faltered in protecting the other woman as well. She stood, shakily and headed to the compartment. She kept her shirt on and wrapped the blankets around herself. She wasn’t sure if sleep would even come to her. She felt cold and it was probably the adrenaline leaving her body that made her whole body ache.

[right [pic http://oi63.tinypic.com/9amexi.jpg]]

Titus looked to Aemillia and sighed softly as he lay beside her. It was bad enough that Tasia had been violated but to know that Aemillia could have had the same fate, was destroying him. He was angry and confused and in some form of shock as well.
“I could have lost you.” He said quietly as he gazed upon her. It shook him to the core so deeply that it hurt him in a way he couldn’t quite express.
“We are free, there is always a choice, Aemillia.” He murmured as he brushed some hair back from her face.

“You should rest.” Her body would need it.
“And tomorrow I will show you how to kill a man.” He murmured. He would never see her so helpless again and he knew him and Caius couldn’t be around all the time. There would come other days where they would face trials and they had to be ready. The worst was yet to come. He wouldn’t lose her though, not Aemillia. He couldn’t dream of a life without her.
“I promised you I would come back, and I’m just sorry I was too late.” He said as he watched her, listening to the rain outside fall against the tents. He didn’t know if Tasia would be alright and he doubted Tasia would open up to him, she had Caius now. But he so badly wanted her to be herself. Aemillia too.

“I love you, more than life itself, Aemillia.” He said as he pulled her close and held her close, just wanting to feel her warmth and her skin and be reassured that she was alright. She was his only weakness.
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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/46lpSX0.jpg]] Caius wasn’t sure how long he had been holding her like that. It felt as though his entire world had come crashing down around him. The woman he loved had been raped by not one, but two men and they were [I supposed] to be their brothers. The thought made him feel sick to his stomach and he worried for her wellbeing, knowing that experiencing such a thing could change a person. He did not want to lose the Tasia he had grown to love over the years.

He looked up at Titus and nodded, letting him know that he could handle Tasia while he went to check on Aemilia, while she had not suffered the same fate, she had still suffered and it was their job to take care of their women. The fact that Titus left them was enough to tell him that he trusted Caius with his sister.

Caius whispered into Tasia’s hair then. “I’m never leaving you again.” With that, Titus and Aemilia returned and almost instantly, Tasia seemed to revert back to the medicus that she was and started to fuss over Aemilia. That worried him more than anything but he bit his tongue and decided not to say anything just yet. What could he possibly say to her?

When she finished seeing to Aemilia he asked about them and he shook his head, watching as Aemila and Titus retired to their compartment. “Tasia…” He said softly, wrapping her arm around her. “I am so sorry. I never…I will never forgive myself for this.”

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/74xz2xk.jpg]] Aemilia felt sick to her stomach. She did not know what had happened to Tasia but she could guess. If she had been quicker with the dagger she could have helped her, tried to fight off the men but she was weak and she had not been able to fight. For now, she was only alone for a matter of moments before the men overpowered the two strangers and Titus returned to her, pulling her into his arms. Their walk back to the tent was slow and she found herself weak as she did so, having expended all her energy trying to fight against the man who had taken her.

She looked towards Tasia, guilt flooding her eyes as she helped treat the cut upon her cheek. Her face would likely bruise overnight but that hardly matter compared to what could have happened…what [I did] happen to Tasia. She was sat by the fire after that and Titus wrapped the blankets around her so that she could warm up after being dragged out into the rain.

She looked up at Titus and nodded, standing so they could go to their own compartment. Aemilia sighed as he looked her over and she shook her head. “You didn’t have a choice. We knew what we were signing up for in staying here.”
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Tasia figures as soon as they got their desire, she would be dead. And Aemillia- where was she? Where had they taken her? She closed her eyes tightly, attempting to block it all out. If she couldn’t see it then it wasn’t happening. But it was. She was easily overpowered by the two men.

She could hear shouting and before she could properly come to terms with what was happened, Caius was there and Titus. She saw one man cut down and another as she scrambled back, pulling on her shirt and grabbing the blankets close to her chest, in some form of shock. She couldn’t hide any of this from Caius, either. He had found her. She was absolutely terrified as he put his arms around her. Her body was shaking, her colour drained as she stared at Caius, not hearing his words. It took a little while for everything to sink and she stared at Caius.

Her arms wrapped around him, tightly as if letting go would mean death as she clung to him for a few minutes but she didn’t speak. If she opened up then it would come crashing down and she couldn’t handle that. Her eyes found Titus as he left and went to see Aemillia.

Tasia seemed to revert to some sort of robotic state, her mind pulling her to her feet as she dressed and tied her hair back, leaving the compartment as she stared around. She looked to Aemillia and Titus,
“Let me.” She said quietly as she pulled out bandages and clothes, her hands shaking. She was convinced if she kept busy, stayed to her duties then it would all go away and she could pretend it didn’t happen. Because it couldn’t have happened, not to her. Not to them. She looked Aemillia in silence as she wrapped her injury in a bandage and looked to Titus and then to Caius,
“Are you hurt?” She asked and watched them. She didn’t want pity.

It was evident she wasn’t processing things correctly but she didn’t want to open to the floodgates right that moment. Weakness was not something she could show to any of them, not even herself because that meant admitting she’d been violated.

[right [pic http://oi63.tinypic.com/9amexi.jpg]]

Titus was beyond curious as he struck the second man down and stared for a long time, not quite sure how to approach this situation. He clutched his blade so tightly his knuckles were white with the effort and he turned and left them as he gave one of the bodies a swift kick. He stared at Aemillia before gathering her in his arms and pulling her close. If he hadn’t come back in time then God’s only knew what would happen to them.

Eventually he surrendered her to Tasia’a care as Tasia came to look after her injuries. He shook his head when she asked if he was hurt and retreated to find blankets, wrapping one around Aemillia as he guided her to the fire. He had no idea what to say or do. He was in shock as well and he was deeply angered as he stared at the fire. He would end every last man on earth for what they had done to the two today. He ran a hand through his hair and let out a shaky breath.

He turned his gaze to Aemillia once more,
“I’ll kill every last one of them.” He promised quietly as he looked to the rain still pouring down outside. He meant each word as he saw Spartacus and his men retreating to their own tents and he looked to Tasia. He didn’t know what else to say as Tasia seemed to avoid even sitting down in the quiet, instead putting away her things and retreating to her own compartment. He looked to Caius and shook his head. They didn’t deserve this.

“Come. Let’s give them peace.” He whispered to Aemillia and kissed the side of her head, as he helped her up and guided her to their compartment. He eyed her injury and hissed in annoyance.
“I should have been here. Me or Caius should have stayed behind. We shouldn’t have left you alone.” He said, his voice full of regret. He knew it hadn’t been an option but he should have fought it.
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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/46lpSX0.jpg]] Titus had always been his best friend and even with the conflict between then with regards to his sister, that did not change how he felt about the man. He was family to him and seeing him made him feel relief like no other. Now all he wanted to do was get back to the camp so that he could return to Tasia as promised. He laughed towards Caius and shook his head. “My age? If my age has an effect on my ability to fight, it must have an effect on yours too old man. We are the same age.” He shook his head as they made their way back to the camp.

“I think we should definitely return to our ladies.” He said with a smile, hoping that his words meant Titus was accustomed to the fact that Tasia and Caius shared a deep love. There was an air of comradery as they moved back to the camp but that all changed the moment they arrive back, seeing the scene before him. He did not hesitate to join Titus in raising his blade, cutting down any man that got in his way. Titus got to Varro before he did and cut him down quickly. He joined him and looked around to see where Tasia was because she certainly wasn’t with Aemilia. His eyes widened at her words and his grabbed hold of Titus’ arm and pulled him towards the tent with him. He would need his help if there were two of them. The anger he felt upon seeing them was unlike anything he ever felt and without a second thought, a roar of rage escaped his as he run his blade into the back of one of Tasia’s perpetrators. He quickly moved to the next, wanting to rip apart every part of their body.

“You bastards.” He shouted as he moved to Tasia, taking the woman in his arms. “I’m so sorry.”

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/74xz2xk.jpg]] Aemilia nodded towards Tasia as she spoke. It was true that they were not exactly trained to fight against soldiers but she just hoped that the fact they had spent most of their lives fighting to survive, that it would prevail above everything else. After all, even as free men they were still fighting for their lives and that was something that they would never lose with their new found freedom. Now, more so than ever, it was important to remain alive.

“I would like to think that they can overpower a Roman solider because they want to come home to us. It’s the only thing I can do to stop my mind from racing to the worst of thoughts.” She said sadly, glancing out towards the crowd people shifting past but as her gaze started to focus she saw a figure standing in the doorway and she instantly rose to her feet upon hearing his words. She didn’t recognise them but apparently Tasia did and she told her instantly to go and get help. That would not happen. She was not going to leave Tasia to fend for herself.
Aemila shook her head. “I won’t leave you.” She said confidently, however, regardless of her willingness to fight she wasn’t given much of a chance to do so, as a third man appeared in the tent, dragging her out into the rain so that they separated the two women. This plan was about getting Aemilia back to her father and in doing do, Tasia would be damaged in the protest.

A scream escaped her lips and she struggled against the man as he pushed her to the floor, slamming a fist into her face as she tried to get back up. The impact slowed her thoughts for a moment but when she could finally think she reached for the dagger that Titus had told her to keep on her person. He was quicker that her, taking her arm in his hand, squeezing it hard until she heard a crack of bone and her fingers released the blade.

[b “I should punish you for that whore.”] With that he planned on showing her who was in charge, adjusting himself so that he could take her in the same way Tasia had. As she screamed and braced herself for the impact, it never came. Titus had returned just in time and cut the man where he stood before he had the chance to have his way with her. The tears filled her eyes and she moved to throw her arms around Titus, trying to ignore the pain she felt. She glanced at Caius and pushed back from Titus. “Tasia…two men. You need to go...tent!"
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Tasia looked to Aemillia and smiled a little as she sorted through the small satchels. Her fingers were shaking somewhat as she did so.
“The arena was better. At least I knew they were against men of equal skill. Romans are soldiers, trained for years.” She murmured quietly and sighed quietly. She glanced up as new slaves began to make their way through the camp in the rain. Evidently the mission had been successful. But that didn’t mean Caius or Titus had been.

Tasia looked to Aemillia, about to speak when a figure appeared at the door. She didn’t recognise this man but he was a former slave.
[b “Caius and Titus leave their bitches unguarded.”] He grumbled as a second man appeared with them. She looked to Aemillia and realised who these men were. She reached for her bow and aimed it at them both.
“Aemillia. Run to the mountain path. Find Spartacus and the others. Tell them to come swiftly. We have traitors in our midst. Go!” Tasia said. Tiberius and Dracon. From their own house. She could see the Roman pure on their hips. However, neither made to follow Aemillia and that made Tasia more concerned. She stepped back slightly and when Dracon made to move towards her, she fired. The close proximity made a shot through his throat easy but before she could knock another arrow, Tiberius had grabbed her.

She screamed but the rain drowned out her sounds as she kicked, bit and scratched where she could. Tiberius was drunk. That much was obvious.

However, as he slammed her already injured body down to the blankets and committed an act so violent and so beyond forgiveness, Tasia felt sick.

A third man moved in on Aemillia and dragged her out into the rain,
[b “Dominus wants his daughter back!”] He chuckled.


It was a relief to see Caius alive and well and he sighed out as he wiped blood from his face. They had no idea Tiberius and Dracon had betrayed them and had lead a band of Romans to the mountain pass and this was a distraction.
“Oh, you get live. I thought you were losing your touch in your age.” Titus joked and was relieved they could go home to Aemillia and Tasia, unscathed for the most part.

Titus smirked at Caius,
“Looks like you haven’t lost your touch!” He chuckled and glanced towards the camp.
“Let’s put them both out of their worries, shall we?” He remarked as he mounted his horse. He knew the two girls would be utterly terrified of them as he rode back, wiping rain out his eyes. It was a good atmosphere as the men laughed and joked about times gone by and it was only when they got to camp they realised something was off.

“Is that Varro?” He muttered seeing a shape outside there tent. And Aemillia?
“What-“ He dismounted and unsheathed his blade, looking to Varro.
“We are betrayed.” He called above the rain as he entered into a fight with Varro, the two men lashing at each other before finally Titus cut him down and he looked to Aemillia,
“What happened?! Are you alright?”
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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/46lpSX0.jpg]] He didn’t want to leave her. He would have given anything for one more night with her before they were parted but he knew that if he had one more night he would want another and another. It broke his heart to see Tasia so saddened by this and he wanted nothing more than to take that worry away. Now, the only way to do that would be to come home to her safely. He would. He had promised such.

With one last kiss and an affirmative nod towards Titus, the two were making their way out to their horses and were on their way to the village. It was easier to attack in the dead of night. With the element of surprise on their side they were quick to overrun the village, leaving the Romans unable to protect themselves or keep the slaves imprisoned. It certainly felt different to fight for a cause rather than simply to save their own lives and entertain the rich. This gave him purpose and as he directed some of the slaves to the mountains, he cut down another two Romans and his lips were turned up into a smile by the end of the raid.

His eyes looked for Titus and when he saw that he had come out of the battle with nothing more than a few cuts and scratches, he finally let himself relax.

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/74xz2xk.jpg]] Regardless of the fact that Titus seemed to use his humour to distract from his emotions, she could tell that he felt anxious about leaving her and she only hope that he would return as he promised. His confidence should have been reassuring but it wouldn’t stop her from spending the rest of the evening worrying. At least she wouldn’t be worrying alone. Tasia would be with her and she could use this as an opportunity to get to know her, since they would be in relatively close quarters for the foreseeable future, and since she was in love with her brother.

She smiled towards him softly as he wrapped the blanket around her and she followed him out, bidding them goodbye as they left in the rain to fight to free slaves from a Roman village. She let out a sigh and lowered herself next to Tasia so that she could warm next to the fire. Aemilia shook her head at her question. “I imagine this will be the same as waiting to see who might return from the Arena. I know that they are both capable fighters. I just need to have faith in the Gods that they will aid them in bringing them home to us.”
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Tasia watched the goings on, looking severely disappointed she couldn’t go with them all. She looked to Caius and wrapped her arms around him tightly, she didn’t want him to go. She had just promised that she would go wherever he goes! And now he was leaving her. She cupped his face and looked at him,
“Please don’t stay away.” She said to him softly and her words were more of a beg than they were anything else. The thought of him no returning was terrifying, and so real that she could feel her blood run cold at the mere thought of it. She wouldn’t sleep for worrying and she would have injured to care for, by Spartacus’ request.

Tasia pressed her lips to his, savouring the sensation, the taste and the feeling of it. Who knew if they would get it again! She parted and looked him over, drawing in a deep breath. They couldn’t be weak. They had known this would happen eventually. She just didn’t expect it so soon. She picked up his sword and handed it to him. He would come back, he had promised and Caius never broke a promise.

She looked to Titus and then back to Caius.
“Please.” She said quietly, more of a prayer to the gods if they were still listening. She watched them go out into the rain to join the others and drew in a shaky breath as she started digging around the bags of things for the herbs and medicines they might need. The fire was keeping the tent warm and she was keeping busy. She had become accustom to keeping very busy when the men went off to the Arena and she looked to Aemillia.
“Are you accustom to this? The waiting?” She asked, if only to make conversation because this was the worst part, the waiting.

[right [pic http://oi63.tinypic.com/9amexi.jpg]]

Titus watched her and smiled a little. If he did fall in battle then it would be for her safety and he knew he would return to her.
“We will return. A few Romans have never been a problem for me.” He chuckled, keeping positive although it killed him to part from her. Romans were smart and he knew better than to underestimate them. He kissed her forehead softly and trailed down to her lips, capturing them once more before picking up a blanket and wrapping it around her.
“I love you.” He spoke quietly before heading out the compartment and looking to his sister.

“Do not look so worried, I’ll make sure we make it home to you both.” He grinned and looked to Caius before heading out into the rain. He mounted a horse and rode off with Spartacus and his men. The rain was endless as they neared the little village, lit up with torches and he narrowed his eyes. It was guarded but not so heavily as the big houses in the cities.

[b “No slaves are to be harmed. Free them and tell them to head for the mountains. There are men gathered to take in any slaves. Kill the Romans. Take good and anything of use when we finish.”] Spartacus said. They had the element of surprise as Caius spurred his horse into action, the men yelling through the darkness as they clashed with the Roman soldiers.

Spartacus’ men worked to free the slaves as sword clashed and men fell. Romans yelled and tried to sound the alarm but the little village was soon overrun. Slaves ran for the hills and Titus was swift. It had been a long time since he had gotten a hard battle and he had missed it, if he was honest. He cut down some Romans who dared to chase the slaves towards the hills with a triumph yell as the battle began to slow and he looked around. It had been hours and he was exhausted but mostly unscathed.
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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/46lpSX0.jpg]] The silence had not been one full on tension but Caius was about to break it before Spartacus walked into their tent. Instantly he rose to his feet so that he could show him the respect he deserved and listened to his words carefully. He knew that they would be called upon sooner or later and this was what they had signed up for in coming here.
A part of him of him was glad that Spartacus stopped Tasia from coming with them because at least then it did not look like he was the one trying to restrict her. He was right, she had an injury and she had not exactly mastered working through one of those yet. The last thing he wanted was for her life to be risked because she had not had the proper time to heal. He would never forgive himself if he lost her to this. At least Spartacus was prepared to see the woman’s worth because he expected her to be ready to treat injuries when they returned. At they [I would] return. This he was confident of. He had something to live for now.

When Spartacus left he instantly looked around to see Tasia’s concerned gaze and he closed the distance between them and took her in his arms. “I will be back before you know it. We both will.”

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/74xz2xk.jpg]] It was a relief to remove the wet material from her. She was getting cold and the last thing she wanted was to get sick. As she pulled on fresh clothes she noticed shadows moving past the tent and then she could hear voices coming from outside of her compartment but she wasn’t completely dressed yet and she was not about to go out of the compartment while she exposed herself. She stopped, holding onto the shirt that she held in her hand and listened.

This was what she had feared. Titus was already going off battle and he might not return to her and there were some many things that had been left unsaid between them. When she was sure that Spartacus was gone she pulled the shirt over her head with the intention of going out to Titus but it seemed he had the same idea and he moved inside her compartment. Aemilia tried to smile back at him, although it echoed her sadness as she did. “I won’t be able to sleep until I know that you are safe and back in my arms.” Her voice was a whisper and tears threatened the corner of her eyes as he claimed her lips with his own and held her tightly.

Her heart started to hammer against her chest when he voiced his feelings and she looked up at him. “I love you.” She echoed his words, glad that she had the chance to tell him. “Return to me.”
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Tasia looked to the other couple and then to Caius, grateful that her brother hadn’t caught him exiting their compartment. She sat by Caius as she ate a little and looked to the rain outside. It would be cold tonight and she watched Aemillia leave. Her eyes looked to Caius and Titus.

Before she could speak, Spartacus entered the tent with a small group of his men in tow.
[b “We are riding for the nearest village, a clutch of new slaves has been transported there. Our aim is to free them.”] He said and Tasia nodded, standing and going to fetch her things but Spartacus stopped her with a hand on her shoulder.
[b “Not you, these two. Caius and Titus.”] He said and Tasia watched them. She wasn’t about to just wait for them to come back, or not.

[b “You’re injured after the last battle. And the other woman is a recognisable face. The place is heavily guarded.”] He explained and looked to Titus and Caius,
[b “We are leaving soon, using nightfall as our cover and the rain. You were medicus in your masters home, be prepared to treat any injuries.”] He said to them and gestured they were to meet him at the camps entrance as he signalled his men to leave them to get prepared.

Tasia looked to Caius, concerned because there was nothing worse than waiting behind while everyone else left. What if he didn’t come back? What if he got hurt?
“Caius…” she started but she knew it was futile to attempt to stop him. And she didn’t want to stop him, she just wanted to be at his side. Spartacus was right, her injury from the day previous could prove a fatal one if she was downed but that didn’t seem to matter.

[right [pic http://oi63.tinypic.com/9amexi.jpg ]]

Titus watched Aemillia go and he was about to follow but Spartacus and his men interrupted his thoughts. He glanced to them and nodded. It was what they came here to do, after all, to fight the Romans and he was quietly relieved his sister and his loved one were staying at home and out of danger. He looked to Tasia and Caius and gave them a moment as he went to his and Aemillia’s compartment.

He slid in and smiled at her. He supposed she had heard everything. He watched her and he knew Tasia would look after her and it would be a long night until they returned. He leant in and kissed her forehead softly.
“Try to sleep, tonight.” He would be back, he wouldn’t leave her alone ever. He fought for her, for her freedom and he knew how dangerous these skirmishes could be. He stood before the woman as he latched his sword and got himself ready.

“I’ll come back.” He promised her quietly and let his eyes drink in her features. He leant down and kissed her lips softly, his arms sneaking around her and he could have stayed with her like that for an eternity but he knew Spartacus was expecting them and he didn’t want to keep the man waiting. He pulled back and watched Aemillia carefully.
“I love you, stay safe.” He said to her softly.
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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/46lpSX0.jpg]] As the beautiful woman lay in his arms he could not begin to imagine a life without her. She was so much more than just a woman and he wanted to show her that every day. Show her that she was worth more than their masters had allowed her to believe before not. Caius could only hope that one day they would not be living in tents in the mountains, waiting for the Romans to attack whenever they had the chance, although it was the fate that they had chosen for themselves when they decided to escape their prison.

He would not have made a different decision for a second and he smiled down at the woman as she pressed a kiss to his lips. It was a feeling he would never be able to describe but it made him happy to know that she was just as happy as he was. When it started to rain he let a chuckle escape him and watched as she rose to get dressed. When she left, he did the same, knowing that the rain would mean Aemilia and Titus would return to them soon.

Perhaps things between them would distract from what happened between Caius and Tasia. He could only hope. He was already sitting in the middle of the tent when the two walked in, not wanting to anger Titus by being caught walking out of her compartment again.

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/74xz2xk.jpg]] Aemilia happened to love the rain and the moment the heavens opened to pour upon them she couldn’t help but smile. It was symbolic of the fact that the rain could wash away everything and leave things feeling fresh again when it finally subsided. She knew all too well how long the rains could last but that did not matter to her. She could have remained lying out there in the rain but Titus helped her to her feet, leaving her stood in the rain for a minute before kissing her. It was a romantic gesture, one that many women dreamed of – to be kissed in the rain in such a way.

She laughed and followed him back to the tent and by the time they arrived she was already wet through, but she was accept Tasia’s offer of hot food before she started to change. “Thank you.” She said with a smiled as she lowered herself down to eat. When she was done she glanced over towards Titus. “I am going to change.” With that Aemilia disappeared into the compartment that had become hers, removing the wet material from her skin.
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