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Capua is a rich a bountiful city, bustling with life and harbouring death.

The most upper class homes are built with facilities for human conflict.


Slaves, prisoners or men who volunteer, train to become gladiators. Each win in the arena accumulates coin. Coin can be put towards whores, wine, freedom or rare trinkets.

The Dominus of the Ludis is the Master of the home, joined by his beautiful wife, the Domina served by pure hand maidens dressed simply and bearing a sacred nark, tying them to their Mistress. The Gladiators, upon completion of training, bear the mark of the House Name. Many strive to do the house proud by facing opponents in the arena, others strive for freedom and others for blood.


Fully fledged gladiators live in single accommodation. These stone rooms a single bed with blankets. The Gladiators in these rooms have earned status and approval from the Dominus and Doctori . They may have candles and religious idols in their rooms, nothing else.

Gladiators that please the crowds and their House, are rewarded with more coin and privileges.

They train every day in the sun, some occasionally escort the Dominus around the city and markets as a guard against possible thievery or murder.

Wooden swords are used for practice, real blades are used for events at the House and the arena.

Gladiators are permitted to have whores at celebrations.


The Domina employs three hand maidens. They are pure and innocent, untouched by men. They bathe Domina, serve her and any guests fully and are highly regarded and should they ever be sold on, would fetch a very high price.

Hand maidens are not permitted to sleep with any man unless the Domina selects a suitable man for her to marry, these are usually very high standing men. These women live in the House above the Ludis and often run errands around the house for the Domina.

The House is in high standing, for the moment. A large selection of incredible Gladiators and a Dominus that is highly sought after for social events. The Gladiators have sworn all loyalty to the House and its Dominus but as time goes on, the Houses character falls apart and dark deeds are revealed, talk of mutiny springs from the cracks as the servants and gladiators realize they are all pawns in the Houses game and their Domina and Dominus are nothing but murderers and black hearted demons.

Capua awaits for the games to begin.

Quality over quantity but I despise one liners so try and add some meat to your posts
There will no doubt be graphic content such as violence and sexual references and expletive language, so don't join if you're faint of heart
General ES rules apply of course

I am looking for a male gladiator.
Please PM me with any questions would you have any and to request access.

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