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Capua is a rich a bountiful city, bustling with life and harbouring death.

The most upper class homes are built with facilities for human conflict.


Slaves, prisoners or men who volunteer, train to become gladiators. Each win in the arena accumulates coin. Coin can be put towards whores, wine, freedom or rare trinkets.

The Dominus of the Ludis is the Master of the home, joined by his beautiful wife, the Domina served by pure hand maidens dressed simply and bearing a sacred nark, tying them to their Mistress. The Gladiators, upon completion of training, bear the mark of the House Name. Many strive to do the house proud by facing opponents in the arena, others strive for freedom and others for blood.


Fully fledged gladiators live in single accommodation. These stone rooms a single bed with blankets. The Gladiators in these rooms have earned status and approval from the Dominus and Doctori . They may have candles and religious idols in their rooms, nothing else.

Gladiators that please the crowds and their House, are rewarded with more coin and privileges.

They train every day in the sun, some occasionally escort the Dominus around the city and markets as a guard against possible thievery or murder.

Wooden swords are used for practice, real blades are used for events at the House and the arena.

Gladiators are permitted to have whores at celebrations.


The Domina employs three hand maidens. They are pure and innocent, untouched by men. They bathe Domina, serve her and any guests fully and are highly regarded and should they ever be sold on, would fetch a very high price.

Hand maidens are not permitted to sleep with any man unless the Domina selects a suitable man for her to marry, these are usually very high standing men. These women live in the House above the Ludis and often run errands around the house for the Domina.

The House is in high standing, for the moment. A large selection of incredible Gladiators and a Dominus that is highly sought after for social events. The Gladiators have sworn all loyalty to the House and its Dominus but as time goes on, the Houses character falls apart and dark deeds are revealed, talk of mutiny springs from the cracks as the servants and gladiators realize they are all pawns in the Houses game and their Domina and Dominus are nothing but murderers and black hearted demons.

Capua awaits for the games to begin.

Quality over quantity but I despise one liners so try and add some meat to your posts
There will no doubt be graphic content such as violence and sexual references and expletive language, so don't join if you're faint of heart
General ES rules apply of course

I am looking for a male gladiator.
Please PM me with any questions would you have any and to request access.

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Caius had hoped that he might be able to get some alone time with Tasia but it seemed that as they started to pack away the equipment they had been using to train, date had other plans for the two of them. They were being beckoned to eat in company and while he didn’t want anything less than this, is was only polite to dine with those who they would fight alongside when the time came. He glanced towards Tasia momentarily and followed her, leading into a building that seemed to house many around this time of day.

He allowed his eyes to travel around the room and noticed how much food and beverages had been laid out for everyone and it was only then that he was beginning to realise what freedom meant to some people. To Caius it meant that he had a choice with whom to fight, for others it was simply the freedom to eat and enjoy the company of others whenever they wanted to. As they sat down he noticed that Tasia was being pulled into a conversation and it seemed that Caius wouldn’t get away with a quiet dinner.

“Thank you.” He said as he took the bread from Gladius. “My heritage is Hispania but I was brought her from a very young age. I was given a Roman name and was trained as a Roman gladiator. I have known no other life, no other family.”
  Caius / d1gn17y / 35d 6h 39m 26s
Tasia lowered her bow as the man retreated and looked to Caius when he spoke, she could see from the look on his face he found it funny and she raised an eyebrow.
“I suppose your right. I could definitely eat.” She said as she placed the bow and arrows back safely before rubbing her face slightly. It felt so strange to not have to worry about not being allowed to eat or having to cater to someone else before herself all the time.

[b “Tasia! Caius!”] Gladius interrupted and Tasia looked to him,
[b “Come eat and drink.”] He gestured into one of the many buildings. It was filled with Celts like Tasia and there partners of different countries. It was also filled with meats and cheeses and breads. Wine and water was being passed around freely and even music from Tasia’s homeland was being played, much softer and gentler to the ear than the Romans music. Gladius lead them in and sat them down and as Tasia was being spoken to by a woman on her left, Gladius turned to Caius, passing him some bread.
[b “Where is your homeland? You sound like a Roman but I suppose that could be years with them.”] he asked Caius. Of course he was curious about who this man was that had gotten the affections of Tasia.
  Tasia / Nullification / 35d 7h 39m 37s
It was amazing to him that Tasia did not see the boldness that he saw. It was one of the things that made her so attractive to him and he would not change any aspect of her for anything, even her boldness. From the very first moment that she went against the wishes of their masters he knew that she was capable of so much more. Fighting was in her blood whether she knew that or not. He was sure that her brother would be proud of her if ge were still here. A part of him wondered if his feelings for her would still be there if her brother was still alive. He shook his head and smiled knowing that his feelings would be there. Tasia was the reason he felt this way, it was not because of the absence of a friend. Even now as she stood to continue to train through her injuries he held nothing but admiration for her.

The stance that she had learnt was adopted quickly and she got to work at focusing on the target. He could see the determination in her eyes and he watched her with adoration until a Gaul approached them. He looked at the man and grimaced at the way he spoke to her but Tasia retaliated quickly, showing that she had the situation in hand. As she spat her final words towards him he really had to try to hold back a laugh as the man sulked away.

“Well I think you told him. Come Tasia I think it’s time that we are done training for the day. You should get some rest and those wounds will heal quicker. Besides the weather looks like it’s turning, and today is not the day to train in bad weather. One day we will need to as the weather can really affect your stance and aim but for now we have done enough.”
  Caius / d1gn17y / 35d 19h 43m 44s
Tasia watched Gladius for a moment.
“I’m bold?” She remarked to him with a slight hint of humour in her voice. She didn’t really think of herself as bold but she did suppose she gave that impression when going against her masters previously by lighting candles in memory of fallen souls. That had been the first time she has really communicated with Caius. She took a deep breath and thought over his question.

“I think I can train for a little while longer.” She said confidently as she stood up and lifted the bow once more, remembering Caius’ instructions as she brought it level and focused on the target rather than watching the arrow. It had been a lot too take in for a first day and her archery skills remained something to be desired for the most part and she was a long way from being able to defend herself in a battle setting but she was getting better as she let loose the arrow.

[i “A pretty girl with a bow. That’s something uncommon.”] Tasia recognised the accent of the approaching man as a Gaul. She had met Gauls throughout her time and for the most part they were alright but they were fiery and full of boldness. She eyed him over, clearly a place with so many men there was bound to be issues. She had to assert herself as not interest but these were gladiators.
“Not as uncommon as you would make it seem.” She stated without shifting her gaze from the arrow tip pointed at the target.
[i “You lack form.”] the man drew closer and Tasia knew she would have to stand up for herself rather than have Caius do it because Caius could not be around all the time. She took a deep breath and turned the bow to the man, eyeing him over,
“And you will be lacking something else if you do not watch your step, Gaul.” She muttered and tried to look as fierce as possible which wasn’t that much but it seemed the man got the hint as he retreated with dented pride.
  Tasia / Nullification / 35d 20h 49m 29s
It was such a small world it seemed. Even in the most unlikely of places Tasia still seemed to have some form of family around her and for that he was glad. He nodded and retracted his hand and observed the gladiators around him as he gave him his warning.

“I made a promise and I think that Tasia is more than capable of looking after herself if I were not here to protect her.” He said with a smile as he glanced over at her. He admired her more than he admired most and he was sure that her cousin understood where that admiration came from without the need for verbalising it. Soon enough he was dismissing himself from their company leaving Caius almost laughing when she commented on the man’s demeanour.

“I see where you get it from now.” He said as he took hold of her hand and squeezed it affectionately. “Do you want to take a longer break or are you happy to continue?”
  Caius / d1gn17y / 36d 4h 10m 49s
Gladius took Caius hand boldly and eyed him over,
[b “Cousin, but we grew up like siblings I suppose. We were a close little clan.”] he stated and he sort of guessed there was more to caius and Tasia than Tasia wanted to let on but he figured they had been through enough.
[b “Not many of us left. A few from neighboring clans but most of us are either still slaves or dead.”] He commented and looked to Tasia.
[b “I thank you for looking out for her.”] He said to Caius with a brief nod and offered a small smile.
[b “Keep your wits about you. Spartacus’ men enjoying challenging new gladiators to see who is more able than others. It helps them prepare for raids on nearby settlements to free whatever slaves are left.”] he murmured before being called over to a game of dice by some men.

Tasia watched him go and raised an eyebrow.
“As you can see my people tend to be bolder than most.” She said to Caius quietly but it was good to know she was not totally alone and some of her family yet lived.
  Tasia / Nullification / 36d 4h 17m 9s
Caius followed Tasia’s gaze and his eyes rested upon Tiberius. He had found him this morning and was glad to find that he had survived the natives of the forest but his heart aches for him also. He could not even begin to imagine what I must feel like to have a loved one ripped away from them so soon and in such a horrific way. He had conversed with him for a little while that morning but it was clear that he needed alone time so that he could grieve and process.

He looked back towards Caius and could not help but feel his heart swell out the sight of Tasia. He wanted nothing more than to protect her with his life and he promised himself that he would make sure she knew just how he felt about her. His lips parted to speak but the sound of a voice from behind them interrupted them and he turned to be greeted by a younger man. He watched the exchange between to two and when he was brought into the conversation he offered his hand to greet him.

“And how do you know Tasia?” He asked, taking note of the way he was introduced to the stranger and not wanting to go against Tasia on this.
  Caius / d1gn17y / 36d 8h 57m 20s
Tasia could understand why he had trained in secret. It was fairly common for gladiators from the same house to fight against one another in the arena until the death. She couldn’t imagine what it would be like to have to kill someone who had been close in one way or another like that. A lot of men were guarded and had haunted eyes that would probably never quite be the same again because of all the deeds they had been forced to commit. She supposed a lot of women were the same. Tasia has only ever had to keep her mouth closed about a lot she saw within the house.

Her face felt warmed by the sun and she smiled to Caius,
“I suppose you’re right. Your logic is true to its mark.” She murmured and looked around. She spotted Tiberius who didn’t train but instead sat with a cup of wine and her heart broke for him. He had given up, it seemed. No one really bothered him, letting the man grieve by himself in whatever way he wanted to. Tasia couldn’t imagine coming all this way to have love snatched from you in such a morbid way.

She wondered how many others had lost their loved ones to such a cruel twist of fate. Rome would pay.

[b “Tasia!”] An unfamiliar man approached, young in years and Tasia looked at him, as if confused slightly.
[b “You do not remember me! Well I suppose you were too young! I heard there was a young woman, a Celt, who was free now.”] Tasia was still slightly lost but he was starting to look remarkably similliar to her brother.
“Gladius?!” She barely believed it. Gladius had been her brothers best friend before they were taken to Rome, and also a cousin.
[b “So she does remember. You look.... well.”] He didn’t finish that sentence because although he was glad she was alive, she was also in bad shape. He turned his gaze to Caius,
[b “And who is this?”] He asked. Tasia smiled,
“Caius. He was a close friend of my brothers and protects me in his honour.” She didn’t want to quite expose their relationship yet as Celts had a funny way of showing affection.
  Tasia / Nullification / 36d 9h 19m 54s
Caius nodded momentarily as she observed how uncomfortable he was. “I’m just used to being alone when I train. There are far too many men and women around. I will grow used to it but I had trained alone so no one could observe me and get an advantage over my in the ring but this is different. I have to remember that here we are all fighting for freedom and there shouldn’t be a situation that we ever turn against each other.” He shook his head and begun to help her get the right stance with the bow so that she could protect herself should the situation arise.

He didn’t take notice of how much time had passed as the two trained together and she observed how much she improved the more than she practiced until she needed to take a break. He was glad that she knew where he limits were and he neared her so that he could place a kiss upon her cheek.

“It comes with practice. When your back heals more, the stance will be easier for you to master and once you can master the stance your aim will improve that’s all.” He said softly. “You are making more progress that most in your condition would.”
  Caius / d1gn17y / 37d 6h 31m 45s
Tasia looked to Caius,
“You seem uncomfortable.” She said to him as he aided in showing her how to hold the bow and she had to admit that it was more complex than it looked. Her back stretched slightly but not enough to cause her to flinch or shy away from training. It seemed her will power far outweighed any pain she had right then. Still, she found it tricky to master the contraption and when she did fire, although she hit the makeshift target, it was only barely. On a real enemy it wouldn’t have struck true at all.

The more she practiced, the better she got although she was far from perfect and far from being lethal in the field but at least she could defend herself from afar, if only barely. It was still better than nothing. Tasia paised, the pain in her back returning and she lowered her bow,
“Just a moment.” She said to Caius quietly so only he could hear her momentary weakness, not wanting anyone within the walls to know that she was struggling to keep up with others. Enemies would not care if she was weakened or not, and she had to keep thinking of coming situations. She took a drink and wiped her mouth,
“You make training look so easy.” She said to Caius.
  Tasia / Nullification / 37d 6h 43m 57s
Caius worked hard to try and block out the movements of those around him so that he could focus on his own training, at least until Tasia returned to start training with a bow. While he knew his way around a bow and arrow, it had been a long time since he had been permitted to use one so it would take him some time to get used to it himself.

After a while he saw Tasia coming towards him and he stopped what he was doing, a little breathless and a little sweaty but he still smiled towards her. “Medicus won’t be the only one. I expect you to know your limits. I know how to use a bow, I can teach you the correct stance and how to shoot it but it has been a while. I will train along side you and improve my own abilities with it too. Swords might not be available to us at all times.”

He smiled towards her. “The bow suits you.” He said softly as he moved towards her to adjust her grip on the handle so that she was holding it in the correct place to shoot it.
  Caius / d1gn17y / 38d 3h 19m 8s
Tasia waited for another woman to pass her a bow with a few arrows, not many given it was only training and the woman even did her a service of making sure her hair was out of her face. She looked around and it was still an intimidating thought how many spaces were in this one area. She spotted Caius who looked slight uncomfortable as well, he was used to training alone, she knew that. She walked up to him.
“Bandaged and Medicus has said he will personally crucify me if I overdo it.” She remarked with a small glimmer of humour. She did winder what came after the war with Rome. She looked to the bow in her grip and then to Caius,
“Do you know the bow?” She asked him quietly.

She had never seen Gladiators fight much so it was entirely possible they practiced in range weapons. Or perhaps Caius had learned in his homeland. She could only wonder for now. Of course she was worried what Rome’s Legion would bring and although they had numbers and the security of a large wall to keep Rome out, Rome had trained soldiers and a heightened sense of cruelty.
  Tasia / Nullification / 38d 6h 48m 34s
Caius held her close for moment of the night, waking up every now and then just so that he could keep an eye on her and when first light came he encouraged her to go and see Medicus to ensure her wounds were dressed properly if he was to train her. Perhaps he might be able to convince her that it wasn’t a good idea but he could tell that Tasia had already made up her mind.

When she left, Caius took his leave from the chambers and began to head out to started training. It was part of his routine now and he was expected to be alone out there but it seemed that those who fought for this cause trained harder than any gladiator of their house. He watched some of the women train and found himself impressed. Of course he knew that women were more than capable of some of the same things as men and he was sure that Tasia would help prove that when she started her training.

For now, he started to train, warming his body up and getting himself prepared for the day and the contribution he would make to this growing army.
  Caius / d1gn17y / 39d 7h 34m 31s
Tasia looked to Caius as she felt his arms around her and she felt safe, for the first time since everything, she felt secure and safe. She felt like nothing could touch her and she was relieved that Caius agreed to train her. She got close to him and closed her eyes.
"Neither will I, Caius. I won't let anything or anyone harm you." She whispered softly and slipped into blackness as she slept.

The next morning Tasia woke and went to find Medicus, she had changed out of the fine silks and into something more movable with Medicus'help as he washed and re-bandaged her injuries.
[b "No sign of infection but keep hydrated and rest. I will tell Caius if I think you are overdoing it but Caius knows about injuries, being a gladiator he has had his fair share of wounds. Listen to him, you're no good to anyone if you're dead."] The Medicus said before helping Tasia to tie her hair back from her face. She wore leather breeches, thick on her legs , made by the other women and a thick leather like corset with tough leather wraps around her forearm to keep her vital parts protected. She stepped out into the main training area where gladiators taught each other new moves and challenged each other in spars. Some of the women were just as impressive as the men in their abilities.
  Tasia / Nullification / 40d 4h 38m 36s
Tasia was certainly determined and it was something he loved about her and he laughed gently as he brought his hand to hers and resting it on hers. “The bow is certainly easier than the blade, but you will be surprised how much pressure it can put on your back. Your posture has to be perfect.” He shook he head and squeezed her hand. “However, I understand how you are feeling and I will start training you tomorrow. As long as your promise to take regular breaks and make sure that you do not out too much strain on your back. The second I think you are doing too much we stop.”

He wrapped his arms around her gently and pulled her into him. “I know you don’t want to be protected but you have to understand that we are going to protect each other now. We do that and we won’t lose each other. I don’t plan on letting that happen.” Caius closes his eyes as he rested his head upon hers and breathed in the scent of her. “I’m never going to let anything separate us now. I promise.”
  Caius / d1gn17y / 40d 8h 48m 53s

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