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It really was like the first kiss, and it was, the first kiss of their marriage. Hopefully there would be long, happy years ahead of them. In Keira's mind there was no doubt considering they had been inseparable since they first met when he was born. From what she was told, she would crawl over to him when he was crying and he'd stop. She never stopped wearing the ring he gave her- as far as she was concerned.

Changing into flat shoes, she kept the dress on, the most annoying part was the fact that it was a little poofy and the lace itched a tad bit. Still it was a beautiful, light dress that showed it's age. It was now going through it's second wedding that she knew of.

Seeing him come out, after talking to Billy she walked over wrapping her arms around his neck. "How are you feeling, Mr. Black?"
  Breakeven / Faust / 1h 35m 29s
Jacob pulled her into a passionate kiss and the wolf pack cheered when everyone clapped. Jacob took her hand in his and scooped her up into his arms and carried her back down the aisle. They would be having a reception soon but Jacob knew she would have to change into a more comfortable dress and he wanted to change as well.
  Jake Black 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 3h 15m 58s
There wasn't as much space as it would be back in La Push. Still, the waterfall made for a great background noise, there was scenic cliffs and the waterfall. They had done a beautiful alter of wood carvings wrapped in white flowers and what looked like vines.

Stepping out from where she had been preparing, a very chokeful Frank walked her down the aisile. She had done most of the tradition for the others even if she didn't want to. Seeing Jake there made her both tearful and scared. There were too many ifs but where would there be another man like this.

Finally, there, she focused on getting through this without bursting into tears. Saying 'I do' was both a relief and emotional.
  Breakeven / Faust / 3h 48m 23s
Jacob stood at the altar nervously. Old Quil had agreed to officiate the ceremony...bringing some of his heritage into the ceremony any way they could. Jacob wasn't nervous about marrying her... he was nervous about her running. He knew she didn't picture getting married but it was one thing he wanted more than anything else... he needed to call her his.
  Jake Black 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 1d 43m 1s
[ the wedding dress]

The lace had been the most difficult part, for the most part it was replaced. Still it fit her perfectly, since it wasn't full length she found some white same time period shoes. The red hair was done up in two braids that met. Only some strands of the hair escaped from the hold. Skipping the veil she just did a flower tiara.

"Oh, you weren't suppsed to grow up," Jane hugged her tightly. "Okay, let's go. Your dad is waiting."

Keira gave an amused but touched smile. "I know," she kissed her cheek before stepping out. Her dad gave her a tight hug too, she swore he was close to tears. Today would be the day she'd marry Jake. She was honestly surprised about that.
  Breakeven / Faust / 1d 46m 26s
Jacob stood in his suit, his dad watching him. Jacob was getting married today. "Your mother would have been so proud of you Jacob and she would love Kiera." Jacob nodded, he was already holding back tears about his mother not being there.
  Jake Black 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 1d 1h 10m 17s
"No, but I need to do those classes," she sighed. It was rough. She worked three days of the week, and had be in a classroom two days a week, while had an online class one of the days she worked. Either way she was getting the experience she needed in, and she was still doing her schoolwork.

The finals the next week killed her, it was best to leave her alone most of the time with that. With it all out of the way she felt better. The week after getting out of first year of school.

The drive there was more than most people cared for but she was beyond happy to be getting married at those waterfalls. Her mom fretted with the dress, trying to get it perfect.
  Breakeven / Faust / 2d 12m 38s
Jacob smiled,"I'll make your hot dogs and they'll be ready when you come out." He was pouring some sweet tea into a glass when she was done. "That was you work tomorrow?"
  Jake Black 2.0 / Polkadotrocker / 2d 1h 1m 40s
"Oh, you are a sexy man," Keira gave a wide smile wrapping her arms around her waist. It was perfect for her like that, just then Winnie came up rubbing against her leg. The steaks would not be what she would eats, naturally, but she always went for some good vegtable. "There's some tofu hot dogs in the fridge. Yeah, I know it smells weird but your soon to be wife is weird."

She teased him naturally about that. "I'm going to shower and change, I'll see you boys in a few minutes."
  Breakeven / Faust / 2d 1h 12m 52s
"Hes doing well, eating a ton and he chased Seth around the yard earlier but other than that hes good." Jacob said smiling, "We also grilled steaks and cauliflower on the grill for dinner... he might have gotten some steak."
  Jake Black 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 2d 1h 37m 52s
Sending Bruno home with a leash, food, and some shampoo they used, she gave the dog one last love before kissing Jake. "Our family keeps getting bigger," She gave a wide smile before returning back to work.

COming home made her happy knowing that Bruno would be there as would Jake. It was good hearing that big woof when she entered, before Bruno ran to her. The cats didn't care. The only one that did was scared to death of the cat. There was only two, anyway. She wasn't the crazy cat lady yet.

"Hey sweetheart," she kissed Jake. "How's Bruno doing?"
  Breakeven / Faust / 2d 1h 42m 52s
Jacob nodded, "Thats for sure, I can stop and get some dog things on the way home with him and get him a bath... by the time you get back to the house, he will look like a new dog."
  Jake Black 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 2d 2h 58m 56s
Bruno was a shy dog, Keira was sure that he had been abused before. Of course, Bruno came up and gave stinky, sloppy kisses to Jake and then licked her hand. It was like their own little family. Saving animals from being killed was the highlight of her day.

"Great, I'll do the paperwork then. Thanks Jake. See we have a new addition to our family..." Keira kissed Jake. "Though he will need a very good bath."

Feeling much better about the situation she gave a happy smile.
  Breakeven / Faust / 2d 3h 1m 30s
Jacob smiled, "Bruno sit." The dog immediatley sat on command. "Roll over." Jacob commanded and the dog did just that. He smiled at Kiera... "Alpha perks... he knows I'm an alpha and he listens...I think we should get him... I can take him home with me after lunch or you can bring him home, its up to you but it will be nice having a dog."
  Jake Black 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 2d 3h 11m 9s
"How about lunch? It's been a while. We've been too busy being a grown up," Keira gave an amused chuckle. Feeling a little better about the situation she was still anxious about the children situation for him. "I'd be happy to give you the grand tour."

The grand tour was an vet office, another close building that served as the shelter. After some alone time with him the next day she met him for lunch, glad for it too, it was the season when everyone spayed or neutered and it was packed.

"He's this way," Keira said. The dog was a big mutt with long brown and black fur and big eyes. "He's seven years old. He needs a lot of training which is why he was dropped off. No one really seems to want him...what do you think."

Opening the door she let Bruno out who approached cautiously, sniffing the floor and then the pair before giving a small wag of his tail. Still uncertain of them.
  Faust / 2d 3h 27m 27s

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