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Jake pulled the brunette girl into a big hug. "I missed you Bells." He whispered as he held her. This hug was different than before and he felt it and he silently hoped that she felt it too.
Billy smiled," Kids there's fish fry and pizza inside and Jake rented some scary movies for you two while we watch the game, you kids go have fun." Jake smirked and asked Bella.."Want to go to a bonfire tonight? Kind of like an end of summer thing since you start your senior year next week and I kinda got my GED already..."

Jake was a year younger than her but was always the one with more sense and now with the pack he didn't have time for school.
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The past three weeks had been the worst weeks of her entire exsistence, She gotten in a fight with a vampire, and survived it. Even though she really couldn't defend herself. He was literalt going to kill her, and he would've, had Edward and Emmett not gotten there in time. She had been hunted, and he lured her there. It was her own stupidity. But that was over now. She ended up having to stay in Arizona for about a week, the doctors wanted to keep her for observation and to make sure she didn't have any brain injury's that werent showing up right away.

But now she was home. She'd been back in Forks for about nine days. Charlie had ended up taking vacation time so he could be home with her, and the two of them had grown a lot closer. That made her happy, before she left Arizona, Renee made her promise to come visit her in Florida, though she didn't know when she would be able.

Charlie asked her if she would like to go over to the Black's for a fish fry and to watch the game, she wasn't much for watching the game, but she was getting tired of microwave meals. She hadn't felt like cooking much. So she agreed. It took her awhile to get ready, due to her foot. Something changed when she was in Arizona, she changed completley. Her hair was a different color, and her clothes style had changed as well. She loved the new her.

She curled her hair and slipped into a pair of blue jean shorts, with a black tank top. She still had to wear the boot, which bummed her out. But she could take it off in two weeks, which she was looking forward too. [b "I'm ready dad!"] she said, hobbling out the front door.

She couldn't help but be excited as they were on their way to La Push, she hadn't seen Jake in such a long time. She was hoping that he would come visit her once she got home, and he learned she wasn't with Edward anymore, but he didn't. Once they were there, she opened her door, and there he was. Helping her out of the car. [b "Hey Jake."] she grinned.
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JACOB! JACOB LISTEN TO ME YOU NEED TO CALM DOWN!" Billy said to his shaking son, he knew what was happening but Jacob did not. Jacob had just heard the news that Bella had fallen out a window and was hurt, his Bella... he wanted to protect her, he had to protect her. He couldn't stop shaking. He didn't know what was happening. He bolted for the door and as soon as his feet hit the ground outside he exploded into a giant wolf. Jacob was losing his mind, he was 17... 17 year olds didn't change into giant monsters!

2 Weeks Later-

Jacob stood in the small kitchen of the house him and his father shared, he was helping his dad with the fish for the fish fry he was making, Charlie and Bella were coming over tonight and it would be the first time he would see Bella since her accident, her breakup, and his change. He had been practicing keeping his wold and anger in check for the last two weeks, Sam, his alpha, had said that he had the most control over his emotions and his wolf than any of the other members of the pack but that was probably because he was destined to be the future alpha when he was ready. He hadn't cut his hair yet, Bella loved his hair and he knew when he cut it, it would upset her. They weren't even dating and he was worried about upsetting her, but he had gotten the Quileute tattoo, it adorned his shoulder.

Billy looked up at his son, "Are you sure your ready to see Bella?" At the mention of her name Jacob perked up, "Of course dad." Under his breath he mumbled, "Ready to rip her bloodsucker to pieces too." Billy held back a chuckle and continued, "Jacob..she doesn't know what you are yet...and you can't tell her unless..." Jacob stopped him. "Yeah I know dad, Unless I imprint..." It had only been two weeks and the fact he hadn't imprinted was already hanging over his head.

Everyone else in the pack had imprinted, Sam had Emily, Jared had Kim, and Paul had Jacob's older sister Rachel, and Jacob had no one...there were more boys ready to phase but hadn't yet so Jacob was still the odd one out. Billy sighed," Jacob theres no guarantee that you will imprint." Jacob nodded, "I know, I know...but Bella.." Billy stopped him this time, "If the spirits will it, it will happen."

At that moment Charlie and Bella pulled up to the Black's small red house in his police cruiser. Jacob headed out of the door to help Bella out of the cruiser with her broken leg only to see she was wearing a boot on her leg and could walk with it. That was the first thing he saw, then he locked eyes with Bella Swan and his whole world shifted.

Billy looked to his son, a look of peace and pain on his face at the same time. Billy knew that look and feeling well, Nearly 30 years ago he had had that same look on his face seeing Jacob's mother, Sarah. Billy only hoped his son never lost his imprint like he had. Jacob had imprinted on Bella Swan. Jacob's heart was beating so fast, he felt like his world was crashing down, he just wanted to protect her. It was like a magnet, he loved her and would protect her with his dying breath, she was his imprint, his perfect match, his soul mate. He hadn't taken his eyes off of the 18 year old girl yet. "Bells...." he muttered, unable to say anything else.
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