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Bella smiled softly. [b "It was very cute, so don't worry about it.."] she said. She blushed when she heard him speak about how she looked in his shirt. She looked up at him. [b "I figurd you would think so. That's why I didn't put on any pants."] she said softly. She looked up and kisse his cheek. [b "I love you so much... But Jake."] she mumbled [b "I'm just not ready for sex yet."]

She spent the night in Jacob's arm, sleeping soundly. She giggled when she heard Billy knocking on the bedroom door. [b "I was supposed to sleep on the couch, remember."] she said. [b "If Charlie finds out, he'll flip."]
  Bella / boobear96 / 2y 302d 18h 3m 5s
"You weren't supposed to hear that." Jake said leaning against his door frame... "If I haven't told you this before... you look good in my shirt... girlfriend." He kissed her gently, holding her hips. She was only wearing his t shirt to cover her. "God Bella your beautiful." He was careful not to push her, he let her take the lead with everything.

The next day Jacob woke up to his dad knocking on his door and telling him that he had made breakfast and there was enough for Bella too. Jake laughed to himself, his dad knew Bella had stayed the night and not on the couch like Charlie had thought.
  Jake Black / polkadotrocker / 2y 302d 18h 11m 5s
Bella laughed when she heard him. [b "Freezing would be a very bad thing."] she said, she took ahold of his hand and grinned. [b "This means I'm your girlfriend."] she said with a huge smile on her face. [b "I love you."] she said.

She walked inside and instantly loved the warmth. [b "I'm gonna go find something to change into, if thats okay? I'm all about watching the movies, but I'm not hungry."] she said.

She turned to walk to his bedroom, but stopped when she heard him mumble. She grinned when it registered with her mind of what he'd said. [b "I have no doubt in my mind that you will."]
  Bella / boobear96 / 2y 302d 18h 15m 4s
"Eh freezing to death is not allowed, lets get you inside and get cuddling." Jake said smiling. "Does this mean your my girlfriend now?" Jake was silently praying to God that Bella would say yes and not think twice about it. Jake needed her like he needed air to breathe.

He opened the door ushering her inside the small but warm house. "We can order more pizza or make popcorn and cuddle and watch some more movies... dad won't be home until really late and he will show himself to his room so we don't have to wait up for him." He said smiling at her wide.

"Don't worry about that plastic ring, I'll replace it someday." He mumbled under his breath.
  Jake Black / polkadotrocker / 2y 302d 18h 22m 51s
Bella listened to Jake as he went on and on, and she just grinned. Jake was truly the best thing that had ever happened to her. [b "I love you."]she mumbled as she stepped closer to him. [b "I'll never forget that plastic ring. I cried for days after it broke."] she said. [b "That dance is my favorite memory to date of us. We had such a good time."]

She shivered slightly. La Push weather was cooling down. A big storm was supposed to roll in, in a couple of days. [b "Can we go inside before I freeze to death? I'm not trying to ruin the moment, but freezing isn't my idea of romance."] she said, giggling.
  Bella / boobear96 / 2y 302d 18h 28m 22s
Jake nodded and chuckled, "it is good dad has a girlfriend now and I think Emily would appreciate you helping her." He stopped for a second and got a serious look on his face. "Bella, I have loved you since we were 2 years old making mud pies on the beach, when I was five years old I asked you to marry me and you said someday and then kissed me on my nose, when we were 12 I took you as my date to my first dance and ended up falling flat on my face tripping over your dress... .Bella I have always loved you and none of that has changed now... except I turn into a giant hairy wolf now and again but thats it."
  Jake Black / polkadotrocker / 2y 302d 18h 32m 34s
Bella smiled softly as she listened to Jake. [b "I think it's good that Billy has a girlfriend."] she said [b "All he used do to is come over and hangout with my dad. It's good for him to get out, Jake."] She tucked her arm through his as they walked back. [b "I think I'm gonna go over to her house tomorrow afternoon to see if she needs any help with the cooking or the wedding planning."] she said, smiling. [b "I had a really good time. I completely loved it."] she said. [b "I want nothing more than to be with you..."]

She stopped walking, and glanced up at him. [b "Would you still want me if I was the same old Bella as before? Had everything about me not changed, would you still want me?"]
  Bella / boobear96 / 2y 302d 18h 40m 27s
"No hes going home with Sue and she will bring him home later on tonight.... dads got a girlfriend..." Jake said chuckling. He nodded, "Yeah Emily is the best, she feeds all of us and puts up with Sam and God knows that has to be a nightmare." Jake held her hand as they walked.... "I'm glad you had a good time, I was worried that you would hate it and never want to go back. I mean that is my heritage and I am a wolf... if your open to dating a wolf that is."

Jake never wanted this night to end, it was becoming the best night of his life easily and it was just a normal night with Bella. He was in love with this girl.
  Jake Black / polkadotrocker / 2y 302d 18h 45m 50s
[b "You two look completely perfect for one another."] she said. [b "If you ever need help planning, just let me know. I'd be more than happy to help."] she said. Bella leaned closer to Jake once Billy started talking. It was getting closer and it was a little chilly, at least for her. She listened to him, giving him her undivided attention.

Once it was over, she and Jake said their goodbyes and then headed back to his house. [b "Don't you think we should help get Billy back home?"] she asked. She looked back, Billy was still talking to Sue. She smiled and just shook her head. [b "I had a lot of fun. Emily seems really cool."]
  Bella / boobear96 / 2y 302d 19h 53m 40s
"3 years last month." Emily said with a smile, "Engaged for 2... still haven't finished planning the wedding." Jake snaked his arm around Bella's waist as his father began telling the stories and legends. It wasn't a long night. It was around 9 when they put the bonfire out and Jake walked back to his house with Bella.

"Did you have fun?" He asked holding her hand as they walked. "I liked having you there and I think dad did too... the first time in a long time hes seen me happy I think...I really wasn't happy before and now I know why... you were missing... always gone or pushing me away. I never gave up."
  Jake Black / polkadotrocker / 2y 302d 20h 3m 28s
Bella shook her head as she listened to Emily. [b "I have no idea what that means."] she said. [b "But I don't want Jake to feel bad or anything. I'm staying with him tonight, so I'll talk to him about it later."] she said. [b "So how long have you and Sam been together? You're really cute together. It's like you two click."]

She looked up when Jake walked over. [b "Thank you."] she said, taking the lemonade. [b "So thoughtful."] She laughed when she looked at the Cheetos. [b "The hotdog filled me up, thank you though."] She looked ahead when she heard Billy start to speak. She had never heard all of the stories and legends, so she was very interested.
  Bella / boobear96 / 2y 302d 20h 7m 14s
"So you have accepted the imprint? Or did he not tell you that yet?" Emily asked curious. "You have to tell him you accept or his wolf will feel rejected. I didn't know because Sam didn't know and he got really sick and once we found out that was the problem, everything was better. So you have to accept the imprint, a wolves imprint has never not accepted one... it would just be weird to reject your soul mate like that."

Jake walked over and sat down on the log on the other side of Bella. "Hey Bells." He handed her a lemonade and said, "I thought you might be thirsty and I got us these." He held up a small bag of cheetos smiling. Emily shook her head, "Oh and the wolves love to eat."
  Jake Black / polkadotrocker / 2y 302d 21h 2m 10s
Bella nodded as she listened to him. [b "Jake had been nothing but a gentlemen... in the couple of hours that I've been his imprint."] she said. [b "But Jake is the best. Even before I found out that I was an imprint. He's always done anything that he ever could for me."]

[b "We aren't excatly dating yet. But I can see it in the future."] she said. [b "Jake is the best."] She giggled as she listened to Emiy talk about how everyone else would love to be with Jake, she nodded. [b "Oh trust me. I've seen how the girls act when they're around him. But don't think that I won't set a girl straight. Jake is all mine."]
  Bella / boobear96 / 2y 302d 21h 6m 7s
"The wolves don't age until they find their imprints, you see Sam was first with me and that's why he looks the oldest and Jake found his quickly so he will be okay but Quil's imprint is four so he has to wait on her to grow up. She's my neice...they will do anything or be anything for their imprints, boyfriend, brother, lover, friend. Anything their imprint wants. I'm marrying Sam and when their imprints are old enough they will too. It's just natural." Emily said not realizing that jacob and Bella weren't together yet.

"Your lucky, Jake is a nice guy and I think half the girls on the reservation would kill to be with him but he's only ever had eyes for you. Now we know why, you were his imprint all along. Billy said you two used to be inseparable when you were kids. There's a strong bond there."
  Jake Black / Polkadotrocker / 2y 303d 3h 45m 41s
She nodded as she listened to him. Soon enough they were sitting down on one of the huge tree logs. She grinned when Jake handed her a plate of food. [b "Thank you."] she said softly. She took a bite of the hotdog and just moaned. [b "This is the best hotdog I've seriously ever had."] She looked around, the staring had kind of calmed down, which was good.

She looked up when another girl walked over and sat beside her. She smiled softly. [b "I'm Bella."] she said. She listened to the girl and nodded. [b "I'll definitely come over sometime. It'll be nice to have a friend in all this craziness... Wait, did you just say some of the imprints at fifteen and four?"]
  Bella / boobear96 / 2y 303d 4h 54m 47s

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