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"Why would they be scared of me?" Jake asked as he pushed the cart around following her. He put a package of really bright highlighters in the cart and said,"I want you to do amazing your senior year and highlighters are something you need." He was just being cute," I said I'll put another ring on you soon enough Charlie won't have to wait long for that." Jake came up behind her and grabbed her ass gently. He planted a kiss on her lips when she looked up at him. One of the perks of Bella being short and Jacob being tall. They had been dating one day and were already so in love that Jacob didn't think it could get much better than this.
  Jake Black / polkadotrocker / 2y 333d 3h 25m 42s
Bella looked at Jake and just nodded. [b "How about instead of my couch? You just sneak into my room?"] she asked. [b "It's not like you can't jump into my window."] She grinned when she felt the kiss. [b "Charlie is super stoked that I'm dating you."] she said. [b "I know he's already hoping that he'll have you as a son in law."]

Once they were parked, she got out and took Jake's hand. [b "Notebooks, binders, loose leaf paper, pencils, pens, highlighters and a calculator."] she said [b "Probably a bunch of other things. But I haven't gotten the full list. So I'll have to come back."]

She watched as everyone stared at Jacob. She just laughed. [b "I think people are scared of you."]
  Bella / boobear96 / 2y 333d 3h 29m 6s
Jake nodded, "Yeah I can handle it, but if you wake up tomorrow and find me passed out on your couch don't worry about me, I'll be tired but I don't patrol for 2 days then." He leaned over and kissed her in the car. The drive to Port Angeles was about an hour but Jake tried to make it seem less by talking about her school and their future and pack business. He loved having someone to talk to about everything. He loved Bella.

Soon they arrived at the first store and Jacob found a fairly close parking space. "So what do you need to get here?" It was a Staples store they were walking into and people stared at jacob, he was a large man.
  Jake Black / polkadotrocker / 2y 333d 3h 41m 38s
Bella smiled when she heard Jake. She nodded quickly. [b "I'm ready."] she said. She wrapped an arm around his shoulder when he lefted her up. [b "Thank you."] she said. She looked down at her boot and just sighed. [b "I go back to the doctor in a week to make sure it's healing properly. I can't wait until I can get it off."]

She grabbed her purse and made sure her key was inside. [b "It's in there."] she said. She hugged her Father goodbye and looked at Jake. [b "Lets go."] she said, smiling.

She was excited to the day with Jake, but she was also worried about him. She knew now that he was patrolling tonight, so he wouldn't get much sleep. [b "Are you sure you're up for tonight?"]
  Bella / boobear96 / 2y 333d 3h 47m 41s
Jake saw Bella on the stairs and smiled, "Ready to go Bells? I hear that notebooks and calculators can't buy themselves." He wrapped her arm around her waist to help her down the last step. Charlie was right that damn boot would hurt her more than help her. Bella was already clumbsy and adding a boot on top of that spelled trouble. Charlie nodded and said,"Bella take your key I'll be working late at the station." Jake nodded and said," I'll be patrolling tonight chief so I'll let you know if we pick up on anything, out there." Charlie just nodded. He was doing particularly well with the fact his daughter was dating anshape shifter.
  Jake Black / polkadotrocker / 2y 333d 5h 8m 6s
Bella looked at Charlie and shook her head. [b "Daddy, trust me."] she said [b "You don't have to worry about anything like that. Jake is very respectful."] She listened to him talk about calling her Mother, and then Sarah. [b "I wish I remembered her. The only thing I remember is her smell.. She always smelled like Lavender and Vanilla."]

Once Charlie had left, she straightened her hair and applied a light amount of makeup. Once again, she slipped into shorts, but this time, she'd stolen one of Charlie's Forks Police Department tee shirts.

She heard Jacob's car outside, she slipped into her converse and then wobbled down the stairs.
  Bella / boobear96 / 2y 333d 5h 11m 51s
"No problem Bella but no funny business...since Jake is your boyfriend now so I have to give him the talk? I don't want any little Jacobs or Baby bellas running around here anytime soon." Charlie said but was chuckling as he said it. He was very happy that Jacob and Bella were finally together.

"Tell your mom that too by the way, Renee and Sarah used to take bets on when you and Jacob would start dating, looks like Sarah won the bets after all these years." Charlie said leaving the room.

Jake showed up in his red rabbit car that he had built about an hour later. The door was open with only the screen so Jacob let himself in. Charlie nodded and said,"Before you leave Jacob promise me you'll take care of my baby girl, your her boyfriend now that's your job...don't screw up. Cullen is the reason she's in that damn boot." Jake nodded,"I'll protect her with my life sir."
  Jake Black / polkadotrocker / 2y 333d 5h 19m 3s
Bella looked back at Charlie when she heard him walk in her room. [b "Thank you. I was just about to come get it."] she said [b "It was a lot of fun. I missed Jake.. The bonfire was really cool. I loved listening to all the stories and legends."]

[b "So.. I was gonna wait to tell you. But Jake asked me out last night, to be his girlfriend. And I said yes.."] she said softly. [b "He makes me really happy, Dad."]

She smiled when she listened to him speak about the younger days. [b "I haven't called Mom in a couple of days. I'll call her tonight or tomorrow after school. Jake said he would make sure everything was stellar with my truck, so I'm going over there tomorrow. If that's okay."]
  Bella / boobear96 / 2y 333d 5h 23m 19s
Charlie brought her laundry up to her room after her shower and asked,"Did you have fun at the Black's and at the bonfire? It's nice to see you out and socializing makes your old man happy....have you called your mother this week? You know she misses you."

He looked around her room and said,"It's crazy your going to be a senior tomorrow. I remember when you fit in my arms, you were so little and I was Jacob's age and your mom was your's insane we were that young but you turned out better than I could have ever expected...your a beautiful smart girl and I'm proud of you bella."
  Jake Black / polkadotrocker / 2y 333d 5h 30m 38s
Bella just listened to Charlie and nodded. She looked over at Jake and just grinned. [b "That would be cool. It'll be nice to get to hangout again."] she said softly. She hugged Billy goodbye, and told Jake goodbye. She longed to touch him, but she didn't want Charlie to find out anything. [b "I'll see you later, Jake."]

As soon as they got back to Forks, she went straight to the shower. She didn't want to be out that late tonight. Even though it was only nine in the morning, and they had plenty of time. She wanted to be back by six. She always had a hard time falling asleep, so she wanted to give her self plenty of time, the night before her first day back to school.
  Bella / boobear96 / 2y 333d 5h 37m 9s
"I have to go into the station tonight Bella and I don't think you should be in Port Angels alone...maybe Jacob would take you?" Charlie asked hopeful. Jake nodded, "I'd love to, I'll be over in a couple hours, give you time to get ready and have a list of what you need, we can even go to that pasta place in Port Angeles you like Bells." Billy nodded, "Then it's settled."

Jake watched Bella leave with Charlie and his heart ached. Billy watched Jacob, "Son I always knew it would be Bella and she loves you like I've never seen before, I have no doubts about you two, now take her to Port Angeles and spoil her on her last day of summer."
  Jake Black / polkadotrocker / 2y 333d 5h 45m 5s
Bella looked at Jake and she just shook her head. [b "It takes time to plan a wedding. I'd love to be out of high school for at least a year. But I have to get asked first."] she said, grinning. [b "I'll tell him. He'll be happy about it. But I want to get him home before I tell him, just in case."]

She groaned when Jake mentioned she started her Senior Year tomorrow. [b "Yay me."] she said. [b "I haven't even bought anything yet. I guess I should go to Port Angeles.. I don't want to go back. Everyone is going to stare and ask questions."]

She looked up when Charlie walked in. [b "Hey Dad."] she said. [b "Yeah, I have to get home and shower. School starts tomorrow and I haven't bought anything that I need."]
  Sofia Morgan / boobear96 / 2y 333d 5h 48m 10s
Jake smirked.... "You graduate in a year... I'm already graduated.... I like where this plan is going." He held her close to him and said, "So whos going to tell Charlie that we're together?" Jake knew Charlie would be relieved that she wouldn't be going back to Cullen.

"You start your senior year tomorrow Bells....I'll be working in the shop if you want to drive your truck over tomorrow and let me tune it up." Jake said picking up some bacon and shoving it in his mouth. He was hungry... but again, the wolves were always hungry.

Charlie showed up and asked ,"Bells you ready to head home." Jake let out a low whimper. He didn't want her to go home.
  Jake Black / polkadotrocker / 2y 333d 5h 55m 55s
Bella just blushed as she listened to Billy and Jacob. [b "If you play your cards right, he won't have a reason to shoot you."] she said. She was shocked when Jake kissed her, right in front of Billy. [b "Jake!"] she said. She gently pushed him away, she was still blushing. [b "Jake.."]

She looked over at Billy and smiled. [b "He asked be to be his girlfriend last night."] she said, wrapped her arms around Jake's waist. [b "You'll never have to be alone ever again."]

She listened to Billy speak about Sarah, and she just smiled. [b "While I don't think it'll be within the year, I'm just going to say I'd be open to becoming a Black, when the time is right... After I graduate."] she said.
  Bella / boobear96 / 2y 333d 5h 58m 53s
"Hey we did nothing but cuddle so I don't think your dad will shoot me just yet." Jake said smirking, "He might shoot me later on in the future but I'm in the clear for today." He kissed her lips passionatley and BIlly cleared his throat. "I take it you kids are together now?" Jake nodded and said, "Dad shes my imprint... I can't be without her now." Billy nodded, "I know son. your mother was mine...." Billy's thoughts trailed off and his eyes filled with tears but he dare not cry. "Your mother was my imprint, theres no stronger love, you'll both learn that, and if I had to bet you'll be married within the year."
  Jake Black / polkadotrocker / 2y 333d 16h 55m 53s

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