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Bella listened to him as he spoke, she nodded. [b "I know that you're nothing like him Jake, believe me."] She felt bad that she had brought up Edward, but she wanted to be able to talk to Jake about anything, and she felt like she could. [b "Thank you for not getting mad.."] she said softly. [b "I love you."]

She finished eating her food and glanced up at Jake. [b "Maybe one day you'll be able to join me in said shower."] she said, smirking. [b "Are you ready?"] She stood up and slipped on her light weight jacket.

She turned to walk out the door. [b "Where to next? Victoria Secret?"] she asked. [b "Aerie?"]
  Bella / boobear96 / 2y 330d 24m 16s
"He was a bloodsucker Bella.... I'm not like him and the fact he could abandon you like he did, shows his true character... I had trouble letting you go home to shower this morning. I could never leave you somewhere like that, when you go to school its going to be torture for me. I love you so much already, tomorrow when you bring your truck over expect kisses." He said smiling at her but his words had a serious undertone to them.

He finished up his food and wiped his face with his napkin and sipped the rest of his drink as he waited on her to finish her food. This was a great restaurant and Jake would bring Bella here again.
  Jake Black / polkadotrocker / 2y 330d 32m 16s
Bella smiled as she listened to him. She reached over and grabbed his hand. [b "I don't know how I got so lucky to end up with a guy like you. I'm truly thankful."] she said. [b "We can go to the Zoo?!"] She squealed like a little school girl. [b "It would be so much fun! We could ask one of your friends and their imprint to go? A double date? It would give me a chance to get to know your friends better."] she said.

Her face went blank when she listened to him speak about her being safe. [b "I know you'll do anything to protect me.."] she said softy. [b "It's just... I don't want to bring this up. But I'm scared. Edward said the same exact thing and I ended up with a perment scar on my wrist and a broken foot."]
  Bella / boobear96 / 2y 330d 35m 23s
"Yeah a few, I'm backed up on work right now but its good money at the moment and I'm the only mechanic in the area now." He smiled at her and said, "Bells we can have day adventures like that again... I know you always wanted to go to the Port Angeles zoo... we can do that next Saturday if your up for it. I don't have patrols and you own't have school so its a win win." He took a drink of his coke watching her.

"Bells... I want you to know that your safe with me. No one will ever hurt you again. I won't let them even get close enough to try." He said seriously. The waiter brought their bill and Jake put his debit card down to pay.
  Jake Black / polkadotrocker / 2y 330d 55m 6s
Bella smiled softly and nodded. [b "Do you have a lot of regualar customers yet?"] she asked. She nodded once again as he told her she needed to tell Charlie. [b "I already told him."] she said [b "He's fine with it. Just told me to be careful driving home. He doesn't want me out that late.. With everything going on."]

[b "I missed our little day adventures."] she said. Before she and Edward started dating, she and Jake would always take day trips all over Washington State. [b "I was sad when it had to stop..."] She glanced up at him and smiled. She didn't understand how her life had changed so drastically, but she was happy it did.
  Bella / boobear96 / 2y 330d 57m 53s
Jake smirked and said, "Your right and yes bring to truck by tomorrow, I'll be working in the garage so after school just let Charlie know your coming to my place, I'll have pizza waiting so you can eat with me and we can just relax while I tune up that old truck." Jake had been the one to repair the truck for Bella when she moved back to Forks a couple years ago so he knew that truck inside and out. Anything that went wrong with it he would and could probably fix it.

Soon their food arrived and Jacob dug in. He was starving and it looked so good. Bella's looked good too. "This is really good. I love when we come here."
  Jake Black / polkadotrocker / 2y 330d 1h 1m 54s
Bella smiled softly and nodded. [b "I'm glad you can stay tonight. Maybe I can get a good nights sleep again. We just can't let Charlie find out, because he'd flipp."] she said. [b "That's good that the council gives you somewhat of a paycheck... Can I still bring the truck over tomorrow and you look at it?"]

She smirked when he mentioned working together. [b "I would love that, just because I could be with you all the time. But I don't think us working together would be a good thing, because we wouldn't get much work done.."] she said. Still smirking. [b "You couldn't keep your hands away."]
  Bella / boobear96 / 2y 330d 1h 6m 26s
"I can stay tonight.... I patrol three times a week, sometimes 4 or 5 but those are only if theres a threat or if I volunteer and sometimes I do when money is tight.... Sam pays us from the money the pack gets from the tribal council. We shred so many clothes they started giving us an allowance so every time we patrol we're paid and it adds up plus the garage on top of it, I have some money saved for whatever comes up." Jake said after ordering the chicken parmesean.

"I meant maybe in the future you could be the receptionist for the shop? I mean I couldn't pay much but I'd love to have you there all the time."
  Jake Black / polkadotrocker / 2y 330d 1h 21m 58s
Bella nodded as she listened to him. [b "I would say I could help you, but I'm litteraly stupid when it comes to cars. So that wouldn't be the best mix in the world.."] she said. She ordered the triple cheese and mariana pasta ravilloi. It was her favorite thing in the world. [b "How many day's a week do you have to patrol?"] She was happy that he basically owned his own business, because then she could go over there and see him whenever she wanted. [b "Are you gonna stay with me tonight? I have to get up early for school, which I'm not looking forward to. But I understand if you wanna stay in your own house and sleep later."]
  Bella / BooBear96 / 2y 330d 1h 26m 58s
Jake nodded, "Makes sense... I might need some help in the garage once I get it fully up and running, I'll work on it while your at school, I'm backed up on cars, I have at least a months work and its good money and honest work and since Dowling's closed in Forks I'm the only mechanic for miles."

He was a great mechanic and had never went to school for it, he just had a natural knack for fixing things and if people were willing to pay him for that, then why not. It worked with the pack schedule and he could make his own hours so it all worked out. Now with dating Bella he knew the hours would come in handy, he could work while she was at school. The shop would be up and running in no time. Black's Repair.
  Jake Black / polkadotrocker / 2y 330d 1h 47m 44s
[b "You're so cute."] she said. She watched as he eyed her entire body for a few minutes. His gaze sent shivers down her spine. All this was so new to her. She and Edward had hardly even kissed, much less made out. He was so weird when it came to stuff like that. He'd never seen her with her clothes off. [b "I just might suprise you."] she mumbled.

Her stomach was crowling when they finally got to the resturant. [b "May I have a Coke please?"] she asked the waitress, smiling to her. [b "So I think I'm gonna try and find a job after school... Charlie said Cora is needing help at the diner in Forks. It's close to school and my house."] she told Jacob. She wanted his opinion on the subject.
  Sofia Morgan / BooBear96 / 2y 330d 1h 51m 9s
Jake smirked once again,"Your personal space heater, a toasty 109 all the time." He kissed her as he drove, "lingerie sounds good to me." He eyed her up and down obviously. "I know your not ready for that but.....when your ready we will have it."

He pulled up to the restaurant and it wasn't very crowded. They were seated in a booth in the corner. Jake ordered a Coke to drink and let Bella order her own even though he knew exactly what she would order. They had been coming here as friends for years, this was just their first time here as boyfriend and girlfriend. This as kind of life their first official date.
  Jake Black / polkadotrocker / 2y 331d 7h 16m 50s
Bella smiled up and Jake. [b "Don't laugh at me. I want what I want."] she said. She grabbed the ones that she wanted, mainly consiting of aqua blue, pink, and purple sparkle binders. She listened to him talk about Forks Community. [b "I've heard it's a good school. I'd just always imagined going out of state. But I couldn't imagine leaving you for four years."]

She listened to him talk about getting food and then going to Mall. [b "Oh, Does Mr. Black want his girlfriend to get some lingerie?"] she asked. [b "Maybe I will."] she said, leaning up , she kissed his jaw. [b "Lets go get some food."]

[b "I like the fact that I never have to worry about being cold again."] she said, grinning up at him.
  Bella / boobear96 / 2y 331d 7h 25m 50s
"Only your binders have to sparkle." He said watching her put them into the cart. When they were done he loaded everything into the trunk and said,"You know forks Comminity College isn't a bad school and it's not far from La Push." His stomach growled and he smiled,"Let's go to that pasta place you love, my tread and then we can go to the mall and you'll maybe let your boyfriend spoil you and buy you some things to wear to school....and maybe only in your bed room."

He got into the drivers seat smirking. "I may be 6 foot 7 but it helps me protect have the one kind of boyfriend in the world that can kill vampires in a matter of seconds Bells."
  Jake Black / polkadotrocker / 2y 331d 8h 55m 21s
Bella smiled softly and just shook her head. [b "You're like six foot seven, they probably haven't seen anyone as tall and musucalr as you before."] she said. [b "I'm really excited because I only have one more year till I'm done, at least for a summer. Then I start college. But I don't wanna go back, because that's more time away from you."] she said softly.

She watched as he put all the stuff in the cart, gasping when she felt his hand on her ass. [b "Jacob Black!"] she said smirking. She just blushed and shook her head. [b "Sparkly binders, next."] she said.

It only took an hour to get all of the supplies that she needed, and by that time she was starving.
  Bella / boobear96 / 2y 331d 8h 59m 2s

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