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[center [I [size25 Ÿàńdï]]]

[center A tournament that takes place every three thousand years, a tournament in which ensures the safety of your country... Of your planet]

[center [size25 ☀❇☀]]

[size16 [i The year is 3155...]]

[center [I 2000 years before Christ died on the cross, and orchestrating the building of the new world, an Emperor of an alternate reality had leaked into our world, having conquered his own. The rules were simple:]]

[center •There are no rules•]

[center •You are allowed five battles and five challenges•]

[center •If you win your first tournament, you make your planet immune for the next three thousand years of any invasion from other universes•]

[center •lose your second tournament, you revoke your immunity and other universes are allowed to conquer •]

[center •If you win your second tournament, you are allowed passage to defeat the three levels of Ÿàńdï... If you defeat them, your universe will be protected by Ÿàńdï and will no longer be allowed to conquer… if you lose, however, Ÿàńdï enslaves your universe and the only way for your universe is set free... Is for Ÿàńdï to be defeated by a challenger, a diamond in the rough, a pure soul•]

[center [size25 ☀❇☀]]

[I The people chosen for each realm has come in a group of fours. For each group, they are chosen a team to defeat. Each team member must surrender before considering a win. For every team that challenges, you will be able to pick a terrain to battle. The point can go either way... But, if the challenged beat you in a challenge you've constructed, you will forfeit your battle, putting yourself in the negative. Three fails, you forfeit your universe, and the winner is allowed to invade your universe if they see fit.]

[I In the rules of Ÿàńdï, the rules are simple... Choose two most worthy to fight and defeat the floors... Lose both fighters, you forfeit your universe]

[center [size25 ☀❇☀]]
[center [size30 Storyline]]
[center [size25 ☀❇☀]]


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