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[#cc6666 Twelve years after the fall of the dark lord, peace has returned to the wizarding world. Now the next generation of Witches and Wizards have come to Hogwarts.The children of past students are now old enough to start their journeys at this magical school. But not is all that it seems as darkness could be lurking around the corner and life can change in the blink of an eye. Its a new year and a new start to many more stories.

[center [i “We've all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That's who we really are.”]]]

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[#366336 [b I.]] Basic ES rules

[#366336 [b II.]] 3,000 characters or more

[#366336 [b III.]] Anime pics only please

[#366336 [b IV.]] PM ALL SKELETONS

[#366336 [b V.]] Romance is welcome.

[#366336 [b VI.]] Also, please don't forget to communicate with me. If an issue arises or you have a question, pm me. My pm box is always open and I am always willing to help. Don't just sit there and suffer in silence.

[#366336 [b VII.]] I just want you guys to have fun and I want to have fun too. Otherwise enjoy

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[b Username:]
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[b Gender:]
[b House:]
[b Year:]
[b Wand Core:]
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[b Broom Type:]
[b Specialty in magic:]
[b Animal:]
[b Patronus:]
[b Favorite subjects:] [http://harrypotter.wikia.com/wiki/Hogwarts_subjects [size10 Classes]]
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|| [b [homemade+apple [#993333 Quidditch Roles:]]] || [b [homemade+apple Members:]]
[b [special+elite [#993333 Captain:]]] | [special+elite Kendra Weasley.]
[b [special+elite [#993333 Chaser:]]] | [special+elite Kendra Weasley.]
[b [special+elite [#993333 Chaser:]]] | [special+elite N/A.]
[b [special+elite [#993333 Chaser:]]] | [special+elite N/A.]
[b [special+elite [#993333 Beater:]]] | [special+elite N/A.]
[b [special+elite [#993333 Beater:]]] | [special+elite N/A.]
[b [special+elite [#993333 Keeper:]]] | [special+elite N/A.]
[b [special+elite [#993333 Seeker:]]] | [special+elite Rose Petal Whispers.]]]
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[b [special+elite [#bf9f40 Captain:]]] | [special+elite N/A.]
[b [special+elite [#bf9f40 Chaser:]]] | [special+elite Victor Colton.]
[b [special+elite [#bf9f40 Chaser:]]] | [special+elite N/A.]
[b [special+elite [#bf9f40 Chaser:]]] | [special+elite N/A.]
[b [special+elite [#bf9f40 Beater:]]] | [special+elite N/A.]
[b [special+elite [#bf9f40 Beater:]]] | [special+elite N/A.]
[b [special+elite [#bf9f40 Keeper:]]] | [special+elite Eric Smith.]
[b [special+elite [#bf9f40 Seeker:]]] | [special+elite Seth Skeeter.]]
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|| [b [homemade+apple [#5c99d6 Quidditch Roles:]]] || [b [homemade+apple [#4b341b Members:]]]
[b [special+elite [#5c99d6 Captain:]]] | [special+elite [#4b341b N/A.]]
[b [special+elite [#5c99d6 Chaser:]]] | [special+elite [#4b341b Ivan Matúš.]]
[b [special+elite [#5c99d6 Chaser:]]] | [special+elite [#4b341b N/A.]]
[b [special+elite [#5c99d6 Chaser:]]] | [special+elite [#4b341b N/A.]]
[b [special+elite [#5c99d6 Beater:]]] | [special+elite [#4b341b N/A.]]
[b [special+elite [#5c99d6 Beater:]]] | [special+elite [#4b341b N/A.]]
[b [special+elite [#5c99d6 Keeper:]]] | [special+elite [#4b341b N/A.]]
[b [special+elite [#5c99d6 Seeker:]]] | [special+elite [#4b341b Elius Thatron.]]]
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|| [b [homemade+apple [#366336 Quidditch Roles]]] || [b [homemade+apple [#a6a6a6 Members:]]]
[b [special+elite [#366336 Captain:]]] | [special+elite [#a6a6a6 Aleksi (Al) Edwin.]]
[b [special+elite [#366336 Chaser:]]] | [special+elite [#a6a6a6 N/A.]]
[b [special+elite [#366336 Chaser:]]] | [special+elite [#a6a6a6 N/A.]]
[b [special+elite [#366336 Chaser:]]] | [special+elite [#a6a6a6 N/A.]]
[b [special+elite [#366336 Beater:]]] | [special+elite [#a6a6a6 Aleksi (Al) Edwin.]]
[b [special+elite [#366336 Beater:]]] | [special+elite [#a6a6a6 Victoria Colton.]]
[b [special+elite [#366336 Keeper:]]] | [special+elite [#a6a6a6 N/A.]]
[b [special+elite [#366336 Seeker:]]] | [special+elite [#a6a6a6 N/A.]]]

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[size20 [center Gryffindor:]]
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[pic http://i.imgur.com/nVmlEnj.jpg]
Username: HirokoKyo
Name: Kendra Weasley
Age: 17
Gender: Female
House: Gryffindor
Year: 6
Wand Core: Unicorn tail hair
Parents: Ron and Hermione
Broom Type: Nimbus 2000
Specialty in magic: Charms and Healing magic
Animal: Small Red Fox "Fleur" / Western Screech Owl "Kasper"
Patronus: Silver Fox
Favorite subjects: Charms, Apparition,and Defense Against the Dark Arts
Blood Status: Half-blood
Personality: Intelligent,Thoughtful,Compassionate,Strong Willed,Funny,Clever, Protective, and Sweet
Bio: You’ll see ~
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[pic http://i.imgur.com/tBOOdaa.jpg]
Username: Ikage
Name: Jenson Moore
House: Gryffindor
Year: 6
Wand Core:Tail Hair of a Thestral
Parents: deceased
Broom Type: Firebolt
Specialty in magic:Defense Against the Dark Arts
Animal: Northern white-faced owl
Patronus: Silver Dragon
Favorite subjects: Defense Against the Dark Arts, Charms, Transfiguration and Potions
Blood Status: Half Blood
Personality:Quiet, Observant, Kind, Caring, Thoughtful, Standoffish
Bio: Jenson's parents died at the Battle of Hogwarts. Since then he was raised by his godparents. He spent most of his time reading and studying everything to do with magic that he could get his hands on. Eventually he made it to Hogwarts and started his actual education. He made few friends due to his quest nature but he manged to make a few close friends among the students.
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[pic http://share-fastly.picmonkey.com/prod/photo_posts/BB2d1y4fFb1_14964435.jpg]
Username: LevithianPrinceEnvy
Name: Rose Petal Whispers
Age: 15
Gender: Female
House: Gryffindor
Year: 4
Wand Core: Rougarou hair
Parents: Emilia and Winston
Broom Type: Transylvanian Barb
Specialty in magic: Defense against dark arts and Potions
Animal: Red Fox
Patronus: Fox
Favorite subjects: Defense against dark arts and Potions
Blood Status: Half Blood
Personality: Rose is a kinds and gentle soul who can get quiet the temper within seconds if she or anyone close to her is Disrespected.
Bio: She doesn’t know about her past her memories were blocked the day she was sent to Hogwarts. Maybe this will be the year she is able to find about it.
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[pic https://68.media.tumblr.com/8a16294c41d5e798fd7b5122b6e06ed1/tumblr_ouajkiZg4c1ugma4co3_r1_400.png]
Username: Second_Chances
Name: Suzette Black
Age: 14
Gender: Intersex with female Pronouns {Has the Face & Chest of a female but the Genitals of a Male}
House: Gryffindor
Year: 3
Wand Core: Phoenix Feather
Parents: Claims Sirius Black
Broom Type: Basic Broomstick {She barely uses it due to her wings}
Specialty in magic: Herbology
Animal: White Owl
Patronus: Snow Hare
Favorite subjects: Care of Magical Creatures, Herbology, and Muggle Studies
Blood Status: Unknown
Personality: Shy, Sweet, Kind, Loving, Caring, and Mysterious
Bio: Suzette and her brother Mason Black are by far 2 of the strangest wizards to attend Hogwarts since the war. Both claim to be the decedents of Sirius Black, but since both are only 14 that’s kind of impossible, though they never go back on their claim no matter how many times the fact that he died is pointed out to them. Suzette is very shy and quiet, how she ended up in Gryffindor nobody knows though her friends theorize that it’s due to her brother being a Slytherin. Suzette spends most of her free time studying and she idolizes the stories of Hermione Granger and hopes to one day meet her and be just like her. Suzette is said to have some sort of odd power over her brother that causes him to behave, but she believes he’s good around her because he loves her a little too much.
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[size20 [center Hufflepuff:]]
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[pic http://share-fastly.picmonkey.com/prod/photo_posts/iv52EdXczBx_14959319.jpg]
Username: LeviathanPrinceEnvy
Name: Eric Smith
Gender: Male
House: HufflePuff
Year: 6
Wand Core: Phoenix feather
Parents: Helga Smith And Regolo Smith
Broom Type: Moontrimmer
Specialty in magic: Healer magic and Divination
Animal: kinetic fox
Patronus: Badger
Favorite subjects: Defense of the dark arts and Divination
Blood Status: Pure
Personality: Eric seems a little timid and shy at first but once you get to know him he’s a real go getter he is very quick to adapt to magic specially Healing magic and Divination. He’s quick to make friends and hardly ever shows his bad side.
Bio: Eric is a pure blood born of the Hufflepuff lineage so it suits him to be in his family’s House. Eric lived with his mother and Father in his Grandfathers mansion where he began to learn about wizardry and his family Lineage. Nothing else is really known about Eric because he doesn’t talk very much maybe this year he will trust his friends enough to talk about his past.
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[pic http://i.imgur.com/PYfbyI9.png?2]
Username: KB-TheBearWhoMauls.
Name: Victor.
Age: Seventeen (17) years old.
Gender: Male.
House: Hufflepuff.
Year: Sixth (6th) year.
Wand Core: Unicorn hair.
Parents: Frieda and Sylvester .
Broom Type: The families heirloom broom.
Specialty in magic: Despite Vic’s faulty ability to wield magic, Victor is quite knowledgeable in his history classes.
Animal: Wren.
Patronus: Uncorporeal lycanthrope.
Favorite subjects: History of magic , magical theory , muggle studies , ghoul studies, care of magical creatures, herbology, astronomy , arithmancy , and divination .
Blood Status: Pure-blood.
Personality: N/A.
Bio: Victor is presently admission at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. Previously, before his family’s separation: Victor has attend at Ilvermorny school of witchcraft and wizardry as a Wampus, when registering for his first public schooling. Making- Hogwarts his second institution, that the young man has enrolled to.
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[pic http://i.imgur.com/7VgGQuO.jpg?1]
Username: SupposedlyWitty
Name: Seth Skeeter
Age: 16
Gender: Male
House: Hufflepuff
Year: 5
Wand Core: Dragon Heartstring
Parents: Rita Skeeter, unknown father
Broom Type: Starsweeper XXI
Specialty in magic: Charms, Nonverbal Magic
Animal: a frog named Krory
Patronus: flying squirrel
Favorite subjects: Charms, Astronomy, Care of Magical Creatures
Blood Status: Half-blood
Personality: Behaves immaturely and competitively; secretly shy and unselfish. Surprisingly resourceful with high morals. Jealous of those who don't feel the need to hide who they are. Slow to trust.
Bio: In a perfect world, Seth is outgoing, friendly, has no trouble expressing himself, and he has many friends. Unfortunately his own shy, introverted nature directly interferes with this perfect scenario. It should feel inherently "wrong" to contradict one's personality trait, right? Rita is hardly ever home because of her job, always chasing down some scoop; Seth learned from an early age that he needed to become able to raise himself very quickly. The competitive front he puts on is his way of having an outlet. For months at a time, he gets the opportunity to be all the things he could never even dream of growing up. Despite seeming like a troublemaker, he's never once physically hurt anyone or disrupted classes. Causing too much trouble and getting his mother involved is a line he will never cross. She will always be devoted to her job, and Seth is determined not to find out what happens if he were to get in the way.
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[size20 [center Ravenclaw:]]
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[pic http://data.whicdn.com/images/88277558/large.jpg]
Username: Lusami
Name: Lucius Lovegood
Age: 16
Gender: Male
House: Ravenclaw
Year: 5
Wand Core: Dragon Heartstring
Parents: Luna Lovegood and Rolf Scamander
Broom Type: Moontrimmer
Specialty in magic: Transfiguration
Animal: Twin male ferrets, (white) Jumbo and Jamba
Patronus: Weasel
Favorite subjects: Care of Magical Creatures, Advanced Arithmancy, Defense Against the Dark Arts
Blood Status: Pureblood
Personality: Lucius is a lot like his patronus, misunderstood and often suspected of misbehaviors. This, however, could not be further from the truth. Lucius is gentle and honest and soft-spoken, preferring the company of animals and numbers to most other people but is friendly and kindhearted to everyone he comes in contact with. Unfortunately, his style of dress has put him at odds with a number of the professors, and because he's such a curious and intuitive boy, he's often caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, brought there by his own senses or by his own investigations. Lucius is very easygoing and very friendly, though he's coined as a deliquent despite not doing anything wrong. His love for numbers began several years before he began his magical schooling, and he is exceptional with all manner of mathematics and magical fortunes.
Bio: Born the youngest of three sons, Lucius was also born very sick and very frail. Luna and her son have been exceptionally close his entire life, and his father's work brought the three together while his brothers were away, studying, when he was small. His love for magical creatures began before he could even read, and his penchant for math began the year before his admission to Hogwarts. He's a bright boy, and has a bright future. He's also rather short, but makes up for it with his head.
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[pic http://share-fastly.picmonkey.com/prod/photo_posts/Xgk3pUGY95K_14949168.jpg]
[pic http://share-fastly.picmonkey.com/prod/photo_posts/esgUnNcL4MU_14949873.jpg]
Username: Kasaishadowfox
Name: Ivan Matúš
Age: 16
Gender: Male
House: RavenClaw
Year: 6
Wand Core:Thunderbird Tail Feather
Parents: Viktor and Ania
Broom Type: Comet 290
Specialty in magic: Divination, Dark arts and Arithmancy
Animal:screech owl
Patronus: Phoenix
Favorite subjects:Divination and Arithmancy
Blood Status: Half Blood
Personality: Ivan seems to be the quiet type dont let that fool you though he is quiet lazy and mischievous but he can whip up a friendship in an instant. This always makes him very venerable to bullying he doesnt let it get to him though he doesnt look like it but his mind is very strong. but his past has a dark secret which is why he acts the way he does.
Bio:Ivan never really got to know his mother and father they were a very wealthy family his father is a curse-breaker which his job has consumed his life where in the past 7 years he has only seen his father about 4 times. His mother is a Dragon Keeper, tending to dragons and training them and feeding them. Ivan always thought of his family's maid as his big sister she was the one to help him through his years of school at Hogwarts if it wasn't for her he would have drifted more to a dark wizard from the neglect.
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[pic http://68.media.tumblr.com/4506481b789ee31e2c7fbd5c598c550b/tumblr_ouajkiZg4c1ugma4co1_500.png]
Username: Second_Chances
Name: Samantha Longbottom
Age: 10 {her birthday is 3 months into the school year}
Gender: Female
House: Ravenclaw
Year: 1
Wand Core: Dragon Heartstring
Parents: Neville Longbottom {Adopted Father}
Broom Type: Moontrimmer
Specialty in magic: Transfiguration
Animal: Black Cat
Patronus: Russian Blue Cat
Favorite subjects: Astronomy, Transfiguration, and Charms
Blood Status: Unknown
Personality: Smart, Nerdy, Antisocial, and Mysterious
Bio: Not much is known about Samantha except that she was left at the door of Neville when she was 3 with nothing but a wand, a broom, a black kitten, and a note telling whomever found her to raise her to be good and to make sure that when she was accepted into school, that she ends up in the house of the bird. Samantha has many secrets but the only one known is that she is an Animagus and her form is that of a Red Fox.
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[size20 [center Slytherin:]]
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[pic http://i.imgur.com/kGyc3LG.jpg?1]
Username: SupposedlyWitty
Name: Iris Malfoy
Age: 16
Gender: Female
House: Slytherin
Year: 6
Wand Core: Doxy Wings
Parents: deceased, adopted by the Malfoy family
Broom Type: Comet 260
Specialty in magic: Potions and Hexes
Animal: none
Patronus: Orca
Favorite subjects: Potions, Herbology and Divination
Blood Status: Half Blood
Personality: Blunt, honest, respectful and clever; surprisingly stubborn and resourceful. Works hard.
Bio: Iris seems to get along better with animals than with humans, due to both her last name and her tendency to be honest rather than socially sensitive. Iris has no problem telling someone to their face when they're behaving wrongly, especially when someone from her House is making the rest of them look bad. According to rumors she is a distant cousin of the Malfoys and she killed her parents at a young age. Others say that Draco had an affair and to take responsibility, Lucius adopted her as a member of the family.
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[pic http://share-fastly.picmonkey.com/prod/photo_posts/3ZhiF15VWfD_14946742.jpg]
Username: KasaiShadowFox
Name: Aleksi (Al) Edwin
House: Slytherin
Wand Core: Horned Serpent horn
Parents: Edmund and Asahi
Broom Type: Comet 290
Specialty in magic: Healer magic and Potions
Animal: Augurey
Favorite subjects:Potions, Healing magic and Defense against the Dark arts
Blood Status: Pureblood
Personality:Plenty of people will dislike Aleksi the fact he's argumentative and careless That's without even mentioning he's also perverse, deceitful and treacherous, but at the very least they're countered somewhat by being efficient as well.

But focus on his as this is what he's often despised. Plenty of days have been ruined because of this and his childish nature, much to the annoyance of others.

Al does gave some redeeming qualities. He's caring and cooperative to name a few, that's at least some form of redemption. Aleksi's carelessness is almost ever present and ready to sour the mood.

Bio: Al normally always kept to himself as he was a child when around muggles his mother and father forbid him to talk to them. he became very distant with others becoming more of a troublemaker through out his years at Hogwarts. He is the first in his family to be a Slytherin his mother and father were both Ravenclaw. Other then this little is known about the Slytherin Quidditch player.
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[pic http://i.imgur.com/jXSEC9w.png?3]
Username: KB-TheBearWhoMauls.
Name: Victoria Colton.
Age: Seventeen (17) years old.
Gender: Female.
House: Slytherin.
Year: Sixth (6th) year.
Wand Core: Unicorn hair.
Parents: Frieda and Sylvester .
Broom Type: A homemade traditional witch broom.
Specialty in magic: Victoria Colton specializes in wizardry . Rather the magic is premade, invented, verbal, non verbal, wand, or wandless: Victoria will successfully cast the magic given to her.
Animal: Snake (Adder).
Patronus: Corporeal sea serpent.
Favorite subjects: Dark arts, defense against the dark arts, charms, potions, transfiguration, apparition (teleportation), study of ancient runes (teachings/learning), ancient studies , and alchemy .
Blood Status: Pure-blood.
Personality: N/A.
Bio: Victoria and her sibling were once housed in Wampus at Ilvermorny school of witchcraft and wizardry during their early childhood, until their parent’s break up. Ever since the parent’s divorcement, Victoria has been intermittently homeschooled between public teachings. However, due to her parental guardians living circumstances and work ethics: Victoria has attended several institutions for witchcraft and wizardry over the year’s. She has been accepted into many of the popular schools, such as the Beauxbatons, Castelobruxo, Mahoutokoro, and Uagadou. Though, Toria has also been acquaintance with the least popular institutions...

None than the less, Victoria is admission at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry for this year.
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[pic http://68.media.tumblr.com/f2a579d06a90d63eeda8069181aeb330/tumblr_ouajkiZg4c1ugma4co2_r1_500.png]
Username: Second_Chances
Name: Mason Black
Age: 14
Gender: Intersex with male Pronouns {Has the Face & Chest of a male but the Genitals of a female}
House: Slytherin
Year: 3
Wand Core: Phoenix Feather
Parents: Claims Sirius Black
Broom Type: He refuses to use a Broom, because of his wings
Specialty in magic: Dark Arts
Animal: Harlequin Toad
Patronus: Stag
Favorite subjects: Divination, Charms and Potions
Blood Status: Unknown
Personality: Sneaky, Dark Minded, Mischievous, and Mysterious
Bio: Mason Black and his sister Suzette are by far 2 of the strangest wizards to attend Hogwarts since the war. Both claim to be the decedents of Sirius Black, but since both are only 14 that’s kind of impossible, though they never go back on their claim no matter how many times the fact that he died is pointed out to them. Mason as a Slytherin embraces the stereotype wholeheartedly and spends most of his days bullying the younger kids, and getting into fights. In the back of his mind hopes to become just as evil as his late aunt Bellatrix. Mason loves flying with his wings and causing mischief, but if you ever see him with his sister it’s as though he’s a completely different person, because when with his sister he basically becomes a puppy willing to do anything for his Mistress’s love, including playing a good boy.
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[pic https://i.imgur.com/FXbLoqB_d.jpg]
Username: AmyUmino
Name: Amy Winchester
Age: 12
Gender: female
House: slytherin
Year: 1
Wand Core: Phoenix feather
Parents: Mary and John Winchester
Broom Type: nimbus 2000
Specialty in magic: potions
Animal: black cat
Patronus: Wolf
Favorite subjects: potions, defense against the dark arts
Blood Status: muggleborn
Personality: quiet, reserved and quirky when you get to know her
Bio: Amy was born in Ireland and soon found out that she was a witch by one of her aunts who is also a witch, she is also a metamorphagus
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Jason opened his eyes and looked around. He was ssitting under a tree in his godparents back yard a book laid open on his chest. "I must have fallemn asleep while reading." he said out loud as he rubbed his eyes and fixed his glasses and looked up at the sky to see what time it was.

"Hmm its starting to get late I should probably head back in and finishing getting ready." he thought and started to stand up. It was the last day before the start of the new school year anf he was looking forward to seeing his friends again. "It will be nice to be back at Hogwarts, the summers breaks always seem to go so slow." he muttered as he walked back inside the house. His godparents were working late tonight so he was alone in the house. "I better get dinner started, I wonder what I should make?" he thought as he walked into the kitchen. In the end he decided just to heat up some leftovers from the previous day.

After dinner he wanted up to his room and started packing his books in his trunk. His owl watching him from his cage, occasionaly scratching the bars. "Iknow I know you want to be free, Don't worry I will let you out once it is dark and soon you will be abel to fly as much as you want." he said as he walked over to the cage and stroked the owls beak. "Just hold on one more day, ok?" he said with a smile as he poked an owl treat through the bars which was quickly gobbled up. "Now lets finish packing. "he said as he clapped his hands together and got back to work.

After an a few hours of work he finsihed packing his trucked and he had moved it next to his door. "Well all thats left to do is wait I guess." he said as he laid down on his bed and went to sleep.

The next morning was a ruch of activity. Jason woke up and hurridly got a shower before getting dressed. "He then went down to have breakfest with his godparents. Afterhaving a nice breakfest of bacon and eggs Jason took his truck out back and waited for his godfather to come out. After a few moment he did and put his hand on Jason shoulder. "OK you ready? he asked looking at his god son. Jason nodded knowing what was going to happen and grabbed his trunk. As soon as he did he felt his body get pulled through a thin tube before they appeared in an alley way. "I don't know if I will ever get used to that feeling." Jason thought having taveled via Apparition with his godfather before.

Jason shook his head and started walking out of the alley. They had Disapperated nclose to Kings Cross station so it was a quick walk there. "I wonder if anyone ever seen someone enter the platform before." Jason thought as he walked towards the barrier of platform 9 3/4.

Upon entering the platform he saw the farmilier train that he had been taking for the last six years. "Well better get onboard, maybe I can find Kendra." he thought as he said a hurried good bye to his godfather and got onboard. just as the final warnign whistle blew. "Just in time." he said as he beagin to search the tain cars for somewhere to sit. After a few moments he found a good cabin and in it was his close friend and from what he coudl guess her younger brother. He knocked on the glass door before opening it. "Hey Kendra long time no see." he said with a smile as he entered the cabin and gestured to the younger kid. "Is this your brother?" he asked before proceeding to put up his trunk.
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[center [pic http://data.whicdn.com/images/88277558/large.jpg]]
[b "Mum, the 'griffs are tipping."]
Even at his age, his eyes were bright as he shared this news, almost glowing with pride as his parents looked up from their breakfasts. He'd been tasked with the care of four of the hippogriffs in his father's possession, testing his mettle as a breeding apprentice over his break from school. His hard work had paid off, resulting in two [i stunning] eggs, for which he'd been wholly responsible since their having been laid the previous day. Hippogriff breeding was a highly prestigious line of work, and his father bred other beasts as well, not to mention he and Luna and all their sons had made a habit of adopting and rehabilitating wild beasts who were worse for wear, and posing as veterinary physicians for all manner of creatures.

Lucius Lovegood could feel his heart flying, leading his parents out to the smaller pen, reserved for isolation for sick, pregnant, or nursing creatures. Inside, two pairs of mated couples kept close to a single, large, fragile egg each, watching intently as they tottered and emitting whines from within. The males noticed him first and huffed their warnings, but Lucius had raised them, too, alongside his father, and the three wizards dipped into a very theatrical bow and curtsey. Hippogriffs were very proud, dramatic creatures, they loved this. They bowed similarly in return, their mates inclining their heads from the ground as they lay coiled around their new children. Lucius knelt beside one and began to help things along, removing bits of the shell as they cracked so as to better free up the chick.

[i "Let's hope for girls, then?"] his father jested from his side, earning a look on Luna's part.
[i "[b Anything] that comes out of that egg will be a wonderful addition to the flock, sweetness."]
She said this as she knelt with him, resting her head on her youngest son's shoulder as a beautiful roan chick spilled out from the last of the shell, gangly and chubby all at once. Lucius smirked. [b " There's one for you, then. Blunt, chubby feathers like these wouldn't be on any self-respecting tom."]
Luna pretended to be upset for a moment, suppressing her own amusement. [i "No son of mine needs to find himself telling ANY woman her feathers are chubby, I'd like grandchildren, if you don't mind?"]
[b "Honestly I'd quite like to find a woman with feathers and have a nice nest in the trees. What do you think, mother, would you climb up and visit for Sunday dinner?"]
Luna, no stranger to the bizarre mischief in her son's eyes, simply cocked her head. [i "Well do tell me when you find one, the worms take a while to pluck up and fry, you know."]
Rolf ran a hand through his peppery hair, shaking his head.
[i "You two are both about the strangest and most bizarre creatures on this entire ranch."]
Lucius snorted, handing off a towel to his mother as he slid over to the other egg.
Luna, drying the chick, raised her brows. [i "Leave it to a Scamander to find something strange and [b fantastic] then, right, love?"]
Rolf tossed his hands in the air. This woman had more puns than any other human he'd ever met, and almost more than even house elves. He left her, her sunny smirk of victory prompting a grumble as he watched his son hatch another chick. Were these... Pink, feathers? So soft, and sleek, this one, even newly hatched-
His father whistled.
[i "He'll be the envy of the flock, I'll tell you that. Mares are gonna get in line for that one next year, I'll swear it if y'want."]
Lucius brought a towel around the squeaking tom, drying him carefully, gently. [b "So sorry his feathers aren't chubby enough for you."]
Rolf chuffed. [i "Hah! ForGET the mares, my boy, this one is going to sire me my weight in galleons, those feathers alone are worth more than my boots."]
[b "Split it with me, and I'll let you look at him."]
His father pulled him into a hug as he rose from settling the chicks, noticeably proud. [i "You're a cheeky little bastard and I love you for it, Lu. Well [b done], son, excellent work."]
Luna joined in, the same height at her son but much more intense about her hugs. Lucius looked like her, and was certainly just as peculiar. The three closed up the pen after tossing in a few dead weasels, and headed back in to wash up. Lucius had some packing to do.
[center [ b ---- Three Days Later ----]]
Lucius ignored the typical looks of distaste from the older folks as they eyed his attire, casting a transfiguration spell ever so quickly on a pair of rocks in the cage in his arms. They became a pair of white bodies, furred and soft, intertwined and seemingly asleep. The REAL brothers were camped out in his clothes until he gave the word, kissing his mother and hugging his father goodbye as he turned to board. His mother, sharper than she let on, winked. [i "Keep an eye on them, I hate talking to the school about theft."]
Rolf seemed not to catch on.

Lucius stepped into the train car and found a seat, snapping his fingers to allow his boys some freetime. They burst from his jacket, each holding either side of his wand as they scuffled and chirped and fought for it at his feet. [b "D'you know the chances of either of you winning is incredibly slim due to your identical physiques?"]
They weren't listening.
He clucked his tongue and pulled a harmonica from his breastpocket, pushing open the window as he played a number of tunes while watching the passing scenery to kill time. He loved the harmonica, his grandfather had taught him to play. Even Jumbo and Jamba had been taken in by it, setting the wand down at his side and scooting onto his shoulders to sniff the instrument as he played it. He would miss the ranch, but he had missed school, too. Learning was almost a drug for Lucius, he'd do anything for his next fix. New knowledge outweighed all dangers.
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She was sitting in the back of Her uncle's junkyard on a rusty and dented up 1978 Corvette that had seen better days and was staring at the field that was starting to sprout bright yellow and blue flowers and heard a distant cry of what sounded like an owl Then used her hand to shelf her eyes from the sun as she glanced up at the sky. She was wearing a black Metallica sorry with a red plaid shirt over it, ripped and written on jeans and red Converse, purple Thin rimmed glasses on her face and a black beanie on her head hiding her short hair, the owl screeched again As it circled where she was sitting at and glared at it slightly "I swear If this bird thinks its going to drop its droppings on me, im going to get livid", she mumbled to herself in her thick Irish accent.

The owl dropped an envelope by her feet which slightly startled her and picked it up and examined it as he uncle called her name for dinner and hopped over the junk car and jumped on the ground and petted her uncle's old junkyard dog Rumsfeild as she walked into the house which was kinda crowded with books and sat at the table "I got a letter today", she says as she showed her aunt and Uncle the envelope, who took it and read it aloud, leaving Amy in shock at the words "I..im a witch...but I thought witches were bad and cursed people and killed them?", she asks as she looked at her uncle Bobby and Aunt Ellen [b "we should have told you sooner, you got the gift from your aunt on your momma's side and you momma was a witch too, your dad didnt want to tell you cause he was scared of how you would react"], her uncle Bobby explained to her as she nodded and went up to her room to pack her things.

A few weeks have passed and she was in Diagon Alley and had her school supply list in her hand and looked around confused and sighed as she itched the side of her neck, wearing a ACDC shirt with a blue plaid shirt over it, blue jeans and brown boots, her red beanie on her head as she walked into the ollivanders to get her wand and slightly pushed her way through the crowd and finally made it way to the counter, her wand being a 7 inch oak wood with Phoenix feather. She finally got all her supplies and made her way to platform 9 3/2, looking around in confusion when she couldnt find it, her hair going dark red, bright orange and bright yellow and closed her eyes in annoyance "are you kidding me, theres no platform 9 3/2.either that or im going even more blond than I already am", she mumbled as she seen some kids that looked like other students and started to make her way to them, being slightly taller than the kids her age due to her genetics in her family, standing 5'10" at only 12 years old.

She pushed her trolley towards the kids and yelped when it caught a crack in the concrete almost sending her stuff flying to the ground but her fast reflexes helped her catch everything then sighed as she continued walking towards them, acting as if nothing happened. She somehow found how to get to the platform and boarded the train and sat in one of the empty compartment and sighed as she sat down and mumbled something in Latin and pulled out her dad's journal.
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[h3 [center Samantha Longbottom]]
[center [pic http://68.media.tumblr.com/18d1db6582502ee3b7ed00d66e205559/tumblr_ouajkiZg4c1ugma4co5_r1_500.png]]
Darkness was starting to fall as a small child wandered out of a forest with a broom tied to it’s back and a wand in hand, the child wore no clothing but had a long vail of bright red hair that covered most of it’s body and the small thing made it’s way into the nearest town with no idea where they were headed, though a powerful force compelled it to continue. [#FF0000 “Hahaha what a stupid animal!” [b “RUN! RUN YA LITTLE BASTARD HAHAHAHA!”]] several boys yelled as they chased a tiny black kitten, and the kitten noticed the red haired child and altered it’s direction towards it before running up the child’s leg and burying itself in the child’s hair, and the child didn’t seem to notice as it continued it’s walk but the boys confronted the child demanding it hand over the kitten, but the child ignored them until they grabbed it’s arm and at that point the child turned a low growl in it’s throat then it raised the wand and the boy who grabbed the child screamed and collapsed onto the ground his body turning paler and paler as the life seemed to leave it’s body, but just before he died the kitten leaped onto the child’s wand arm causing the wand to jolt and the spell to break and the child glanced at the kitten who looked back and meowed then the child just turned and continued on it’s way and the kitten returned to it’s perch on the child’s shoulder, only sparing one glace back at it’s tormenters to see them both staring wide eyed after them.
The child walked for several more miles until it came upon a simple little home and it stopped in front of it and stared at it for a moment before going up to the door and knocking lightly before sitting down with it’s back against the wall and instantly fell asleep, whatever spell that had guided it vanishing.
[#0062FF “...s just a child, look at him something brought him here for a reason how do you know we’re not supposed to take care of him, and this note...”] [#FF0095 “I don’t care what brought him here or what that note says I don’t trust him, that boy belongs in an orphanage!”] the child’s eyes blinked open at the sound of a man and woman fighting and it slowly came to recognize that it was now inside and it slowly sat up and looked around before getting out of the bed it was laying in and walking towards the sound of voices until it came upon the kitchen where a blonde haired woman stood with a brown haired man who was holding a piece of paper that had once been wrapped around the child’s broom and the child also noticed a few other children standing around also eavesdropping and when they noticed the child they glared at it. [#FF0095 “Neville please don’t try to be a hero again and take him to the Ministry in the morning, we already have enough to deal with without adding another child to our home.”] the woman said and the man’s face dropped and he sighed the paper crinkling in his fist as he nodded, but then he turned and noticed the child and as the two’s eyes met the child knew it was here for a reason, and the man walked over to it kneeled down and smiled before picking it up and bringing it to the bathroom where he helped the child bathe for what seemed the first time in it’s life.
The next morning the child and the man went out, the man told his wife he was going to take the child to the Ministry, but he didn’t and instead took it shopping in some kind of weird ally behind a pub and at the clothing store the man told the child to pick out whatever it wanted and immediately the child went over to the girl’s section and picked out several dresses smiling happily and giggling as she tried them on and the man smiled happily realizing quickly that the little boy that had been dropped at his door wasn’t a boy at all. Laughing lightly Neville spent the next several hours picking out en entire wardrobe for his new daughter as well as some furniture as he was going to turn his attic into a princess paradise for his newest princess, not caring how pissed his wife was going to get.
Once they got home Neville spent the next several hours ignoring and avoiding his wife as he and his little girl put together her room and the little girl was nothing but smiles, though whenever she passed the woman or one of her children she couldn’t help but smirk at them earning glares and the occasional curse word. Once they were done Neville helped the girl get comfortable by showing her around the house and he explained to her the rules of the house as well as a bit of rules about magic since he noticed she was pretty skilled at using her wand already and once he did the two cuddled up together in her room and Neville read her a book looking forward to finally having a daddy’s girl.
[center ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~{7 Years Later: Summer}~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~]
[#FF0095 “[i ‘SLAP’] You little shit I swear I should have destroyed you the moment Neville wasn’t looking!”] Hannah Abbott hissed as she tore up the Hogwarts Acceptance letter addressed to Samantha Longbottom. [#FF0095 “You can forget about going to this school you little cretin I won’t have you learning to be anything but how to be a Muggle you may have the ability to use magic, but as long as I’m here your NEVER going to be anything more than a muggle house elf now GET BACK TO WORK and change out of that dress YOU ARE A BOY ACT LIKE IT!!”] she screeched and Samantha glared hard at the woman but turned and did as she was told knowing her father would be home from the Ministry tomorrow night and she would tell him about the letter then. Samantha changed into some sweats, grabbed her cleaning supplies and went back down to the pub where she had been scrubbing beer and food off the walls when the mail had come in. Samantha continued to clean and let her mind wander not even noticing someone behind her until she was suddenly picked up and spun around. [#0062FF “There’s my beautiful little girl, oh I’m so glad to be home.”] the person said and Samantha smiled recognizing the voice. [#9D00FF “DADDY! Your home early!”] she cried whirling around to hug him when he put her down. [#9D00FF “Daddy, Daddy I got my letter for Hogwarts!”] Samantha said excitedly looking up at Neville and his eyes widened and he smiled but it didn’t last long as he raised his hand and folded it over Sammy’s cheek and she flinched remembering that she probably now had a large hand shaped bruise on her cheek. Dropping her head Samantha stepped out of her father’s arms and wrapped her arms around her body and she saw her father’s hands fist as he turned and stormed to the stairs and ran up them to go yell at his wife, Samantha hated being the cause of all their fights, but Hannah has never liked her and it makes Samantha wonder why she was guided to come here when she was 3, but then she looks at her daddy and feels how much he loves her and she can’t help but hope that he’ll one day divorce the bitch.
[center ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~{1 Month Before School}~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~]
Neville and Samantha walked the streets of Diagon Ally collecting school supplies for Samantha laughing and smiling as they went from store to store and Sammy scratched Shadow’s head as the cat perched on her shoulder, it had been 7 years since Samantha had rescued the black cat and the cat had never left her side since earning her the name Shadow. [#020014 [i ‘Sammy why do we have to go to school all of this takes so long why don’t we go home and take a nap?’]] a small voice asked. Samantha had learned last year that she could speak and understand cats and so Shadow loved to complain whenever Samantha didn’t act like her. [#9D00FF “Shadow I’ve explained this to you 1000 times I have to go to Hogwarts because I’m a witch if I don’t learn how to control my magic I’m going to end up just how Hannah and my siblings want me to. A no good washed up witch who can only act as a muggle. We’ll go home after we finish shopping then we can take a nap for as long as you want.”] Samantha said rolling her eyes and Shadow huffed lightly before moving her position so she was laying on Samantha’s shoulder as though she was going to sleep, but Samantha knew she was keeping an eye out for danger, for she was a very over-protective cat.
Once they got home Samantha went straight to her room to start packing and she could hear her father and Hannah fighting again and she sighed clenching her teeth only one more month and then she would be safe at school… well as relative as the term was seeing as her older siblings all went to hogwarts, but they were all older and in different houses so she hoped they would forget she exists while they were at school. Samantha sat down on her bed and looked around her attic room smiling lightly but then she spotted the two things she absolutely needed and got up grabbing them, the first and most important being her mother’s note. The note that had convinced her father to take her in in the first place. The other item was her bow and arrows, Samantha had been doing archery since she was 5 and she had no intention of stopping even if Hogwarts didn’t offer the class.
[center ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~{Heading to School}~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~]
The morning was dark when Samantha got up, it was 3am and her train didn’t leave until 10am, but her father had been at the school for several weeks now and Hannah had made her life a living hell since so if she wanted to actually get to the station on time she had to leave now. Samantha got dressed, slipped a sleeping Shadow into her hoodie pocket, gathered her bags, grabbed her broom and climbed out of her window into her backyard where she tied her bags to her broom and mounted it closing her eyes to concentrate, and taking a deep breath she jumped and took off using her memory of the roads to guide her to the station. When the sun stated to rise Samantha came down from the sky and walked the rest of the way to the station getting there just as it was opening, and she quickly snatched up a cart to load her stuff onto and made her way to the Platforms glancing around before going up to the pedestal and placing her hand against it to see if the Platform had opened it smiling when her hand phased through the wall and she quickly grabbed her cart and pushed it through heading over to a waiting area to wait for the train to come in and she grabbed one of her books and started reading wishing she had grabbed a bite to eat before she had left. About half an hour later Sam heard the train come in and she sighed putting her book away and she started towards the loading zone a bit surprised by how full the place had gotten and she held her stuff as close to her body as possible and found a line with other children her age, got her ticket out and waited looking around lightly at the other students hoping her older siblings weren’t around. Once Samantha got on the train she found the fullest first year car she could and settled down doing her best to look as small as possible as she waited for the train to get on it’s way.
[h3 [center The Black Twins]]
[center [pic http://68.media.tumblr.com/53bf97773c6dc5481b36a8c7acd7dd16/tumblr_ouajkiZg4c1ugma4co4_r1_500.jpg]]
The morning was still dark when Mason startled awake from the blackness that was his subconscious ever since he woke up with his sister in a dark ally when they were ten with no memories of their life except for 3 {1. Mason and his sister are Identical Twins, 2. Their biological father is Sirius Black, and 3. They were to attend Hogwarts School for Witches and Wizards in the fall} and since then both Mason and his sister have lost the ability to dream and only sleep in darkness. Mason turned his head and looked at his sister still in slumber and he smiled lightly before reaching over and lightly moving some hair out of her face and he sighed lightly Mason loved his sister more than his own life, but over the past couple years she started pulling away from him and he didn’t know why, but of course her distancing herself only fueled his need to have her and at school when they were in different houses, and electives the separation causes him to act out and has made him one of the worst bullies there, so much so that Mason claims to want to follow in his dead aunt’s footsteps and become the evil minion to whatever dark lord rises next. Leaning up onto his arm Mason lightly rolled his sister onto her back and leaned over her then kissed her lightly and petted her wings lightly with the tips of his fingers. When she didn’t wake Mason opened his sisters mouth and deepened the kiss wondering just how long it would take for her to wake up. Mason was starting to pet her outside of her nightgown when suddenly he found himself air bound flying across the room until he was against the was with his sister’s wand in his face and she glared at him. [#009914 “Morning sis.”] Mason smirked and she backed off still glaring at him. [#D36FF7 “Seriously Mason? Your lucky I don’t fucking blow out your brains, what the hell are you doing up at this hour?”] Suzette said putting her wand back in her nightgown’s pocket and looking out the window seeing that it was still dark. [#009914 “What if I want you to blow my brains out?”] he said his voice slick with seduction and Suze glared at him again before shooting a small spell at his head which he dodged easily, [#009914 “Anyway I couldn’t sleep the darkness woke me, and then I saw the most beautiful girl sleeping next to me and I had to kiss her.”] Mason said walking over to her and though their room was dark he could see her blush and he chuckled grabbing one of her hands and stroked it likely and Suze watched him she couldn’t understand his obsession with her, but to say she didn’t sometimes appreciate his advances would be a lie, with everything that happened in their lives it was nice to have something that’s consistent even if it made them look weird to others, he was all she had after all. Moving her hand so it held Mason’s she walked back to the double bed they shared and sat down pulling her brother to sit down to and he did and she leaned her head on his shoulder and sighed school was starting today and it would be nine months of different rooms, different classes and pretending she didn’t care that she was separated from her brother, that was probably the main reason she studied so much was so she wouldn’t miss him. Pushing her brother to lay down Suze curled up on his chest and closed her eyes wrapping her large angelic wings around them before falling back into the darkness of sleep. Mason was surprised at his sister when she pushed him down, but then smiled and stroked her hair until she fell asleep then he sighed and closed his eyes hoping to sleep as well.

A few hours later both woke to a knock at the door and they both squinted through there eyes seeing their godbrother standing there smiling. [b “Hey you two sorry to wake you, but we’re headed to the station and we were wondering if you’d like a ride or if you were going to fly yourselves?”] he asked and Suze shot up looking out the window how had it already gotten this late? The girl quickly got up and rushed to get dressed and Mason grumbled but got up as well basically answering the man’s question. Once they were all packed into Harry and Ginny’s minivan Mason fell back asleep and Suze opened one of her new textbooks to get a head start on this year’s studies.
Once at the station the twins went ahead onto the platform while the Potter’s said their goodbyes and Suze quickly found her friends on the train and sat in their car while Mason wondered a bit until he found a car with a few first years and he barged in and made a rude ass of himself by flopping down on the seat that wasn’t taken and stretching out on it then used his magic to go through the first years bags making fun of all there clothes and stealing any food he found.
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The Burrow was the home of the Weasley family, located on the outskirts of Ottery St Catchpole in Devon England. About a half mile away from the main house sits another magical dwelling nestled amongst rolling hills and fertile meadows. This was the home of Kendra Weasley and her family,father Ron, mother Hermione, and younger siblings. It was the day all the children had been waiting for all summer. This morning they will all be heading to Kings Cross station and enter through platform 9 ¾.

Kendra rushed down the stairs the small Red Fox "Fleur" scampered down after her. She found her Western Screech Owl "Kasper" perched on her chair screeching at her mother. Hermione had her back turned at the stove fixing breakfast for the family. She was the first of her siblings to reach the kitchen table for breakfast. There were three of them Kendra was the oldest then Rose, and finally Hugo who was the youngest.

She sat down taking a muffin from the plate in the middle of the table.[+red "Good morning."] she said while taking a bite of the muffin. Her mother replied to her oldest daughter cheerfully without even loosing concentration on what she was doing. As Kendra ate her muffin her father and siblings slowly made their way into the room. She quickly finished it and made her way from the table back upstairs to her room getting ready for the day.

Pulling out her trunk Kendra started filling it with clothes and essentials for the school year to come. All of her robes,other clothes,books, and the things for Fleur and Kasper all fit nicely into the luggage. Kendra could now hear her siblings running up the stairs towards their rooms to get ready. She folded a single robe nicely and tucked it into her backpack along with her wand. Grabbing Kasper's cage and the trunk she rushed excitedly out of her room and back down the stairs.

Kendra stood by the front door impatiently.[+red "Let's go."] she said bouncing up and down.[+red "Hurry."] her father walked over and fluffed her hair smiling down at her.[+blue "Patience love."] he said softly as the rest of the family began to gather by the front door.[+blue "There we go."] he said opening the door and walking through. The family followed pilling in the car.

Ron started the car and it lifted off traveling towards the train station.Kendra got out of the car when they arrived Fleur on her shoulder and Kasper hooting cheerfully in his cage. The Weasley family started making the trek with all the luggage into the station towards platform 9 ¾. One by one they each ran through coming out on the other side into the hustle and bustle of wizards and witches boarding the train. Kendra scratched Fleur's head as she pushed her cart towards the train car that she would enter.

She looked around at all the faces as she went. There were many new faces as well as old familiar ones. Looking back Kendra could see her family in tow. Hugging and kissing her parents goodbye she took the hands of her siblings and boarded the train. Finding an open cabin the three went inside, closing the door, and sat down.Kendra sat on the left side of the cabin while Rose and Hugo sat on the opposite side.

There was still room for a few more people to sit with them. Kendra hoped she would stop someone she knew to occupy the empty seats. She could see her parents out the window and waved at them. The two waved back at her and smiled. They would stand their with her other family until the train left the station.

The train horn blew giving the final boarding warning before it was to take off to Hogwarts. Kendra leaned back in her seat stroking the fox in her lap and watching the owl preen his feather in his cage that hung from the cabin sealing.She smiled thinking about all of her classes,seeing friends, and playing Quidditch. Kendra would of course miss her parents terribly but they needed their time and the kids needed theirs. She looked over at her siblings and spoke.[+red "Are you excited for your first year Hugo?"] her brother looked at her with a very nervous look on his face.

[+orange "What If I don't get into Gryffindor?"] he asked in a whisper. She smiled at him [+red "No matter what happens we will always love you. Right rose?"] she asked looking at her sister who smiled hugging their brother.[+red "Everything will be just fine."] Kendra could remember how nervous she felt on her first train ride.This year was her sixth year already.

Her time at Hogwarts was coming close to an end. Fleur was stretched out on her lap napping now and it seemed that Kasper was doing the same already. Kendra looked out the windows of the cabin doors watching all of the students that passed by them.She was hoping to see her friend Jenson Moore. They were both in the same year and had been friends since the beginning.
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Rose woke up to the sound of little feet running heavily through the house her door opened fast slamming against the wall soon hearing her foster mother yelling to be careful not to damage anything or she would dock it from their monthly income. The red head went to sit up when two smaller figures jumped and tackled her kissing her on each cheek. [b “Mworning Swister rwos.”] The younger twins spoke as Rose hugged them both.

[#F08080 “Good morning you two im surprised you both are awake this early. Also we cant damage madams home she was kind enough to take in us children okay. For the two weeks you two will have left here behave okay until you knew mommy and daddy come get you okay?”] She kissed both of their foreheads. Rose was quiet happy that the twins were being adopted meant that they wouldn’t have to live with this woman they called foster mom.

Rose doesn’t remember anything from before 4 years ago she doesn’t even remember if she lived with parents or if she always had been in foster care. What she did know was whomever cared for her before this mess had left her money in her Gringotts vault and they continue to give her a monthly salary. Rose has always been afraid to use that money but was brave enough to use it for school supplies what if it was for someone else and not her.

Rose looked through her closet picking out her uniform and her best non-torn clothes. The long haired red head stood and searched through her clothes packing some in bags and then walked down stairs to great the woman who took care of her. She did not agree with the Hogwarts school but she got paid extra during the time she was gone so the woman allowed her to go. [b “Only a couple more years and your out of here right so do not come crawling back her once you graduate I don’t want to see you after that miss Pathetic.”] the woman held a grin on her face.

[#F08080 “Yes ma’am I understand, may I take a shower?”] She asked politely the woman nodded and shoed her away. Rose petal entered the bathroom starting the shower. The girl looked at her messy hair in smiling softly. The girl was happy that she was going to school it was her get away and it was also the only time that her companion could be off his leash and be fed regularly.

After the girls shower she began to lug her luggage down to the front porch before going to the back yard grabbing River wood. Then used the phone to hail a taxi.

She kissed april and Autumns head before leaving the taxi already having everything in his car ready for the girl. [#F08080 “You two behave with your new parents write to me and ill have someone deliver them to me okay?”] She spoke out the window as the taxi drove off.

It took about 30 minutes to get from the place she called home to kings cross so she would make it to the train in time. Once on platform 9 ¾ she waited till the conductor took her cart and she picked up her red fox entering one of the carts bumping into a silver haired male. [#F08080 “Pardon me, you may go in first. And if its okay with you may I sit with you?”] she asked the male said yes so they sat together waiting for the train to head to the school.
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A boy with messy bed hair looked up from under the sheets, glaring at the frog before seeing the clock on the wall. He shooed away the spotted amphibian and slid out of bed to bathe. Today was supposed to be the day every single student from Hogwarts crammed together onto one train and hauled back to school.


[b "I'm not running late. So what if there's no time to eat."]


[b "Screw you."]


[b "Fine, I didn't mean it. Geezis."]

Seth Skeeter was not going to be late; that stupid train was his only way out of here. Because he always packed the night before, thankfully he has never missed it. Preparing everything in one night did mean the possibility of only sleeping a few hours, but it wasn't like they could afford servants with only one income from a single parent who struggled to sell her articles if they weren't "interesting" enough.

Being honest in your writing as a professional seems nice, but doesn't work out realistically as an adult. Unless of course you like being unemployed. And if she didn't have a job, they probably wouldn't be able to live in this house and Seth wouldn't be attending Hogwarts for his fifth year. When it came to survival and needing money, morals were perpetually stuck in a grey area. He was sure they weren't the only family in this position. Just perhaps one of the more disliked. He had to understand from a young age that what's "right" is more subjective than the world wanted to admit to kids.

Seth collected all the items on his desk, tucking his wand into his sweater and shoving everything else into a third bag. She was getting on in years now; the best thing for him to do right now was just do what he's always done. Be an adult, don't make her worry, don't ever ask for help if you aren't required to. Not that his mother was even allowed to set foot in Hogwarts anymore. She did once express a desire to come watch his Quidditch matches, but Seth never asked permission from the headmaster and then lied about asking.
It was easier if she thought they were denied permission instead of knowing her own son didn't want her there. [b "King's Cross please."] he said, taking a seat in the back of a taxi. His pet frog tried wriggling out from underneath his pocket, clearly not liking the location. Seth gently pat his friend's head. The sooner they made it to the platform, the better both of them would feel.

Just like himself, the amphibian couldn't stand feeling trapped either. Of course being a frog, Krory didn't have a reason to hold back. Within the first year of owning him, it was made quite clear he would not agree to behave unless promised freedom at all times. It was interesting, how even if Seth hadn't seen him all day, the amphibian would show up promptly if called. And every morning he'd be woken up early instead of being allowed to sleep in and face consequences. Ironically he'd feel more thankful about it if he had slept.
The car drove off after all the bags were unloaded and payment was received. Krory emerged from his hiding place and sat on Seth's shoulder after they walked through to the platform and boarded the train. [b "I can't place a charm on you until we get to Hogwarts, so don't get stepped on if you go off by yourself."] he whispered to the frog. His stomach decided to start growling as they walked down the aisle to find a seat.
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[center Aleksi sat at the table like he did every morning while he was home it was normal for him. He watched as his mother Asahi walked in the woman stood strait wearing heels that made the five inches four inches taller her blonde hair laid straight down her lower back. [b “I see your up child. Have you packed your bags for this year? You’re not going to start problems, again are you? You mustn’t lose your spot as captain of the team you hear?”] she spoke and Al yawned nodding.

[#008000 “What every you say Mother, if I keep my position how about you call me either son or even call me by my name? how about it Asahi?”] He grinned from ear to ear before her hand left a mark across his face his grin. It stung yes but he wasn’t going to complain because it would have just gotten worse if he continued to talk to her. The blonde male stood up straightened his tie then walked to his room.

He gathered his things into a trunk and suitcase his mother would be sending his broom to him because he didn’t feel like carrying something so expensive. Al whistled and his Augurey came flying and landed on his shoulder. Before departing the male grabbed his robe folding it nicely so it wouldn’t wrinkle while he carried it. Aleksi would wait till he got to the train to even put on his robe on he wouldn’t want to bother telling the Muggles why he was wearing it.

Aleksi grabbed onto his wand leaving the room heading back to the common room of his mansion tapping his foot waiting for his so-called mother who wasn’t coming down the stairs. [#008000 “Mother, where are you we will be late…”] He hissed not hearing her bitching which she usually did. One of the house maids came to him ushering him to the car.

[#008000 “What do you mean she left on important business. I don’t care what she had to do the least she could have done was send me off. Stupid wh…”] he stopped biting his lower lip causing it to bleed. [#008000 “I need to learn how to hold my tongue around her, she already hates me don’t want her to hate me even more”] He watched as the buildings passed by them. The car had stopped at a small coffee shop in the middle of the town.

[b “Would you like a coffee and something to eat I know you didn’t eat anything this morning because of your quarrel with your mother. We have time for me to run in and get you….”] She spoke before being interrupted.

[#008000 “Are you stupid or something, you do know that the train has food and drinks I will just get food from there driver keep driving the less time I spend with this woman the better.”] Al detested the maid she was a muggle that knew about magic because she was his father’s ex-lover before he met his mother. He easily tossed the woman to the side because the fact that she was a muggle and his mother was a Pure blood.

The blonde didn’t understand why his mother kept the woman around long after his father had died maybe she was just torturing her reminding the woman that she was the one the man loved and that she was nothing more than someone he could play with from time to time.

The car soon reached the train station where Al told the woman to stay inside the car he wouldn’t dare be seen with her at the station. [#008000 “Hey, hold out your arm for a moment and hold Liz while I put on my cloak.”] He spoke to the driver whom did as he was told. The bird landed on his arm while the tall blonde put his cloak on wearing the button up vest while shirt with the sleeves rolled up, the standard black shoes and pants.

The Greenish bird flew over briefly landing on his shoulder while he walked the driver pushing his cart down to the platforms before Aleski took the cart running in between the two platforms arriving to platform 9 ¾ one of the conductors took his things to put them on one of the carts.

Aleski made his way to his normal cart scaring of some first years before making himself at home in the little cart hoping someone his year or anyone besides the first and second years would come talk with him of course he preferred his own house.]

[center [pic http://share-fastly.picmonkey.com/prod/photo_posts/esgUnNcL4MU_14949873.jpg]]

[center Ivan’s emerald eyes stared upon his wall before the sudden flapping of his room. [#1E90FF “Iris your up very early today.”] He spoke as he sat up to glace the birds’ way while he flapped its wings rapidly. [#1E90FF “Okay okay I get it. Is it the letter for this year? Or is it From Father and mother?”] His emerald eyes never left the owl as he approached taking the letter. The envelope was sealed by his father’s seal this year was going to be the same as all the years before and he was not going to even wish him good luck this year.

To his surprise when the teenager opened the letter it spoke of how his mother and him would be waiting for him at the platform. The male jumped as soon as he heard the door open, [b “Good morning young Master come it’s time to get your things ready and packed up, right? I heard Iris come in Early today did he Bring some good news for you?”] Ella asked. Ella was Ivan’s, well the Family’s Maid she has taken care of Ivan since he was a child while both of his parents where off doing whatever they did for work.

Ella picked up the clothes that were all over the floor Ivan didn’t care much to pick his own clothes up he didn’t see a point Ella had a job and it was to care for him he wanted her to do motherly things for him and this was motherly things was it not? Ivan watched as the woman picked up his things his Emerald eyes not leaving her. [#1E90FF “Mother and Father will be at the platform waiting for me to send me off, you will be coming to drop me off too will you not?”] Ivan spokes in a monotone voice.

[b “Of course young Master now time to get things ready and get your things packed the car will be here in about 30 minutes.”] The woman spoke before leaving the room so Ivan could change. Ivan slowly put on his clothes the normal ravenclaw uniform Black robe, Greyish black vest, White button up shirt underneath his tie blue white and silver to match his House. His pants and shoes were also black the uniform he wore was pretty plain besides the blue and the ravenclaw crest. Ivan always wondered on how he got into that house he had always thought that he would have been a Slytherin.

Ivan picked out everything that he was going to need this year then put his arm out for his owl before setting him in his cage and then left the room letting the butlers take his stuff to the car. He sighed thinking about the last time he saw his mother let alone his father and they wanted to see him today he wondered why? Why were they taking off their time to come see him?

Ella walked behind Ivan as he pushed his cart through the train station looking around to make sure no muggle was watching when he went in between the nine and ten stations 9 ¾ to be exact. It would freak out a muggle to watch a wizard run through a wall to get to his station so Ivan made sure no one was watching didn’t want to get yelled at for letting one see.

The tall male ran through the wall no problem Ella right behind him to no surprise his parents were not there yet. [#1E90FF “I shouldn’t have got my hopes up to high, I already knew that they would not show up. Ella, you may go now I’m going to get onto the train. I’ll send my parents a letter once I get to the school.”] He turned around facing her, even though Ivan was sixteen almost seventeen tears welled up and filled his eyes. Ivan grasped her holding the maid tightly in a warm embrace this woman was like his mother.

HE soon let her go then got onto the train most of the carts were full so he knocked on the door of some Ravenclaw students. [#1E90FF “I’m sitting in here okay? We are part of the same house.”] His face seemed gentle and the girl immediately blushed he also made one of the younger male’s blush as well. They all nodded scooting over to give him room. Ivan sat quietly the whole ride listening to their boring conversations.]
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