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[i No one knows when or how it started. In the year 2073, people with the ability to shape shift started to appear. These people who had gained these strange powers were quickly branded as 'Shifters'. People quickly came to fear Shifters due to the fact that there was a chance Shifters would suffer a sudden change in psyche and become a monster known as a Hollow. Hollows are Shifters who have been consumed by their abilities and turn into creatures of incredible power.

The government did not waste a moment to set up an anti task force to take down Shifters and Hollows alike. However, in 2085, the amount of Hollows on the rise had suddenly dramatically increased. The anti-Shifter/Hollow task force was being overwhelmed and the government was having trouble thinking of a solution. What a shocker.

That is when a scientist who started specializing in Shifters ten years ago spoke up. Romano Ferrus, a specialist in genetics of 20 years. He theorized that the hunt for Shifters caused them to enter a state of mind that caused them to turn into Hollows more easily. Romano then suggested that instead of hunting Shifters, the government should take them in and take care of them, and in exchange have the Shifters take on the Hollows.

It was in 2086 that the 'Shift' organization was born. Its job was to train Shifters on how to use their powers and prevent them from becoming Hollows. I was lucky enough to join such a 'fascinating' organization.]

[h3 Rules]

1. Basic ES rules

2. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE AVAILABLE AND ARE DRIVEN TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE RP. I'm tired of people joining the rps I work hard on only to flake out on me 3 posts in. I am looking for hardcore rpers who knows what it means to be a good rper. Only join if you like to write and will make time to rp. Please do not join on a whim. That is all I ask.

3. Anime or Art pics only please


5. Also, please don't forget to communicate with me. If an issue arises or you have a question, pm me. My pm box is always open and I am always willing to help. Don't just sit there and suffer in silence >>.

6. Just FYI. I want you guys to have fun. Just, I want to have fun too. Otherwise enjoy ^_^

[h3 Posting Order]

So, this is important because it stops people from falling behind and allows you to know when to post. Now, to be more specific, I do something a little different in terms of 'order' than what you see in most rps on here.

What we will be doing is not posting turn by turn but by 'cycle'. what I mean by that is that each cycle will begin and end with one of [b MY] posts. Once I post then everyone will have to post AT LEAST once, but can post to a maximum of 2 per cycle. In other words, if you post 2 times before a cycle ends, you have to wait for a new cycle aka everyone has posted at least once. Other than that you can post WHENEVER you want or can. However, I will not wait to long, maybe a week or so for you to post before I just push the rp along. Pm please if you do not get how the posting order works.

To simplify, I post, then everyone has to post at least once. Just keep in mind that I can still post twice per a cycle as well. I will put "End Cycle" at the end of the post that signifies the end of the current cycle.

[h3 Shifter/Hollow Types]

There are different kinds of Shifters and Hollows. Please note that the powers listed below are only an example of some of the powers that each type has. You can add your own unique flare later on as long as its not outrageous >.>

[h3 Demon Type]

Demon Typers are the type where there entire body is a weapon. They can shape shift limbs and body parts into weapons of their own design. Their full body transformation is usually in the form of a powerful attack and the shifted state only lasts a few moments.

[ Link]

The pic shows what a Demon types limb looks like when they transform it into a weapon.

[b Demon Type Perks]

* Their more malleable bodies allow them to shape shift on a higher level allowing them to create a variety of weapons with their limbs.

* They can expand the range their weapons reach due to their ability to shape shift

* They can't shape shift long range weapons, but they can make any melee weapons

*They naturally regenerate wounds faster than any other shifter

[h3 Soul Type]

Soul Types have the ability to shape shift themselves on the inside. They can shift their muscles to increase strength, or the strength in their legs to increase speed. Their full body transformation usually is a total transformation, such as create a full body armor.

[b Soul Perks]

* Souls can maintain transformations for a long duration of time.

* Soul can deactivate their shape shift powers and force their body to enter a regenerative state.

[h3 Parasite Type]

Parasite Type are the types that use their surroundings to transform. They can merge with objects and cause a transformation based on the object they combined with. For example, they can absorb a gun and turn their arm into a gun arm of sorts. Their full body transformation is being able to take over something entirely. This can be a person or even a car.

[b Parasite Perks]

* The only type of Shifter that can create gun type long ranged weapons.

* They can easily shift from one object to the next.

*They can absorb objects instead of infecting them to heal themselves.

[h3 Gluttony Type]

Gluttony Type is similar to a Parasite type in the way that they use objects to shape shift. However, Gluttony Types eat the objects and shape shift depending on what they ate. Instead of shape shifting the object, they shape shift themselves based on the material eaten. For example, if they ate enough metal, they could turn their body into that of metal, or imitate a Demon Shifter and create a sword arm.

[b Gluttony Perks]

* They are able to launch whatever they eat back out of their body as a projectile

* Instead of absorbing what they eat, they digest it to heal themselves.

[h3 Hybrid Type]

Hybrid Type are types that have the genetic structures of two different types of Shifters. However, they cannot achieve full body transformations due to the split in the genetic structure of their powers. However, they have the Hybrid state which allows them to combine their powers to a higher degree.

[b Hybrid Perk]

* They can easily transform several parts of their bodies.

* They can shape shift faster than other shifters

[h3 Hollow Ranking/Appearance]

Mainly, higher the level the more dangerous they are

[h3 Rank 1]

Rank one Hollows retain their human form. However, their skin turns pitch black and their eyes glow blood red. Recently turned hollows may still be able to talk, but the ability to communicate will eventually vanish, usually a day or so after the transformation.

[h3 Rank 2]


Rank two Hollows start to lose their human form and are at the early stages of turning into a monster.

[h3 Rank 3]

[ link]

Rank three Hollows are when the Hollows have become complete monsters and have gained enhanced powers and abilities.

[h3 Rank 4]


Only one Rank 4 has ever been seen and it was in a constant shape shifted state. The true appearance of a Rank 4 Hollow is unknown nor is it known how powerful they really are. All that is known is that they are incredibly power and dangerous.

[h3 Skeletons]

Account Name:
Age: 18+, I mean, the characters are technically soldiers >.>
Shifter Type:
What kind of Hybrid?: Only fill this in if you are a Hybrid type
Personality TRAITS: Notice traits in all caps? I don't want a short bio. Just list off some traits. Are they Energetic, greedy, etc.
How and why you joined Shift:
Pic: Post the web address only! Don't link it
Everything Else: Let me learn in the rp

[h3 Tyasuke]


Nick Name: Zero, due to the fact no one knows his name, but he was the first Shifter to join Shift.
Age: 20
Shifter Type: Hybrid
What kind of Hybrid?: Demon Soul Type
Personality Traits: lazy, easily distracted, intelligent, prone to boredom
How and Why You Joined Shift: Zero ended up meeting Romano in 2080 after he broke into Romano's house to steal food. He became Shift's first Shifter due to that encounter.

[h3 JakeTheHybrid]


Name: Daud
Age: Roughly 28
Shifter Type: Parasite
Personality TRAITS: Stragetic Mind, Arrogant, Judgemental, Determined, Decisive
How and why you joined Shift: Daud was the second member to join. He had been on the hunt for Hollows before then.

[h3 Aoki-chan]


Name: Jaehee Choi
Age: 19
Shifter Type: Demon type
What kind of Hybrid?: Nada

Personality TRAITS: Joyfully crazy, masochist, nice, morning person

How and why you joined Shift: Fuck shit up and living on the edge plus she was recommended to join. The family's got a history of military service.

[h3 Valkyira]


Name: Shiori Yom
Age: 20
Shifter Type: Soul Type
Personality TRAITS: Laid back, Bragger, Arrogant, loyal, Over confident
How and why you joined Shift: She claims that a close relative of hers turned into a hollow and only she has the right to put them in place. It could possibly be a lame lie; However, she believes the Shift need her abilities.


Account Name:Valkyira
Name: Gerhard Gert 'GG'
Age: 24
Shifter Type: Hybrid
What kind of Hybrid?: Parasite/Gluttony Type
Personality TRAITS: Hyper, Ultra Optimistic, Brave, Heart Of Gold, Sadly slightly Simple minded, Follower type, Low self-esteem, Feelings gets in Way of Logic
How and why you joined Shift: Before he realised he was a Shifter, he was educating in Police Academy since he always wanted to help the innocent. But then in one of the tests he simply absorbed his gun and that was a ticket to be fired from the academy because he was already counted as a criminal. Poor man was even considering suicide-So he wouldn't become a Hollow in furture and hurt his grandma- when he was informed of this awesome Shifter Organization and he did not hesitate the slightest to have himself in.

[h3 Lusami]


Name: Preacher Ward
Age: 19
Shifter Type: Hybrid
What kind of Hybrid?: Gluttony/Demon Type
Personality TRAITS: Savage/uncivilized, calculating, perceptive, reserved, combative/violent, maladjusted, curious, instinctual. Apprehensive. Obedient in return for food. Mostly illiterate.
How and why you joined Shift: A life of torture via international human trafficking and illegal foreign fights made a literal predator out of him. He joined/stays because he has nowhere else to go.

[h3 Kasier]


Name: Kalua Tel-Ash

Age: Twenty - One

Shifter Type: Demon Type

Personality TRAITS: Quiet, Cruel, Narcissistic, Cynical, Judgmental, Distrustful, Hot-Headed

How and why you joined Shift: Kalua had been arrested for a crime that will not be said at this time. She was about to be punished when Romano swooped in and gave her the option of working for him. Of course she accepted, though it didn't mean that she liked it.

[h3 Kikido]

Name: Catalea "Cat" Everdene
Age: 21
Shifter Type: Parasite
Personality TRAITS: Flirty as hell, intelligent, pretty easy going but can get annoyed if someone keeps pushing her. When completely focused, she's considered the most deadly.
How and why you joined Shift: She needed to protect her little sister, but only the higher ups know about the child, who isn't a shifter at all.

[h3 Saphirehope]


Name: Fura Sinclair-Hatton
Age: Twenty- Three
Shifter Type: Gluttony
Personality TRAITS: Friendly, Elegant, Gullible, Determined, Sneaky, Easily Impressed, Low Self-Control
How and why you joined Shift: It was an escape from a home she likened to a prison. When she heard news that an organization like Shift was starting, there was no doubt in her mind about what she had to do.

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Stopped by his supervisor, Gert has no choice but wait by the other officers who are more than glad that somebody is going to take the whole responsibility of the roaming hollow in the abounded building. But Gert really preferred to follow Daud in and give him a hand. It is unfair to let him face the danger alone. What if he gets cornered?! What if he is wounded by now? Gert shakes his head firmly at the negative thoughts raiding his nervous mind. [i This is Mr.Daud we are talking about. He always knows what he is doing even if he is acting against teamwork policy.] So he glued his shoes to the ground and just stiffly stayed in his place as dog being told to 'stay'.

But easy to say, hearing the commotion from the temporary battlefield make his muscles tense and a pang of guilt strikes him thinking if he has to disobey and run to his rescue. Daud has zero tolerance for breaking his laws and Gert is smart to know when he says a hallow is his, It is. Though he is quite curious why Daud cares to take him along yet leaves him there waiting. Maybe change of mood or something?

Man, he is so shady and complicated!

Time is ticking he is getting more and more convinced that maybe something has not gone according to plan and back up is needed but finally he hears whispers of dread and he looks at the front of the building to see his superior walking out silently. Unlike the officers who are clearly more frightened by the suspicious Shifter, he runs to the masked guy and worriedly looks him over. "Are you alright? Man I was hardly standing on my feet this whole time! Mr.Daud, stop doing missions on your own. It can be too risky. We are a team, remember?" He tightens his fists in an encouraging manner before he notices that the hollow was once a little girl. His pumped up pose drops immediately and hint of sorrow and regret wave in his gaze.

"Poor little one. What pressed her too much to force her into such a thing?" She had so many years ahead but now...Gerhard sighs and rubs his face. Even if the threat is gone, he still sees it as a failure. Sometimes he wishes there was a cure for this change.

Anyway, they have to go back and Gerhard silently follows Daud. He suddenly remembers the purple haired girl he met earlier. "Ah, Mr.Daud? About the new volunteer, who is she? She seemed a bit shy and hesitant. Didn't she join us willingly or is she just disappointed?"
  GG / valkyira / 96d 20h 18m 38s
Liz slowly steps back from Zero and wipes away her tears. "Thanks Zero," She smiles sadly at him, "I know you had it pretty hard as well. I can't even imagine what it's like to be in your position."

Zero sighs and glances back at Shiori to see the expressions on her face before he looks up at the sky and pockets his hands. [b "It's a pain in the ass to say the least, but someone has gotta do be in. Mind as well be me,"] Zero says as he looks at Liz, "How is Emily holding up?"

"She is even more of a wreck. Her and my brother Jeff were soulmates after all," Liz teases a bit with a pained smile. The girl is obviously trying to keep herself together.

[b "Were there any changes in his life? Turning into a Hollow in a month from his state is, legitimately impossible."]

"I honestly don't know. He was doing the same thing he does everyday. He goes to class, goes to workout, then heads home to be with Emily. He has done that for the past four-," Liz cuts herself off as she takes a moment to think.

[b "Anything will help Liz,"] Zero says in response to Liz's sudden silence.

"Well, lately he has been talking to a new Professor who was recently hired. Jeff was smitten with his ideals and philosophy. To almost a terrifying degree."

[b "Who is that Professor and where is his office?"] Zero asks and Liz merely points at the four story tall building that stands behind both Fura and Shiori. [i 'Well, that's a little convenient,'] Zero thinks to himself.

"His name is Professor Makavoy," Liz says in a soft tone.

Zero notices the subtle tremble of Liz's body. It is a weak sign of fear. He knows exactly why she felt it, and he did not blame her either. After all, it was not a fear of Shifters that made her tremble so. [b "Thanks Liz, that's all I need for now. If you or Emily need anything, you know how to reach me,"] Zero says as he turns to walk back toward Shiori and Fura.

"Zero, she doesn't blame you, she just can't face you the night after watching you..." Liz trails off as she is not able to bring herself to say it.

[b "It's fine Liz. I am the one who killed her soulmate, and your brother after all,"] Zero says in a monotone voice.

Liz grabs her right arm realizing Zero noticed her fear as well. Liz bows her head and begins to walk off.

Zero manages to arrive, walking up behind the two girls just as Shiori is running her mouth again. However, the moment she takes it to far, Shiori feels a sharp pain in the back of her head as Zero smacks her over the head. [b "Be nice Shiori. Socializing is never a bad thing."]

Zero says, [b "Fura seems to be grasping hold of what it is that I am expecting of you two, despite the fact she is not fully aware of what I just had her do."]

[b "Listen you two. There is one thing you need to remember. Hollows are not just mindless monsters. Every single one has their own story,"] Zero says as he looks up at the sky.

Zero begins to walk way toward the Science and research building behind the two girls. [b "I wonder if you guys can figure out what the job I am preparing you guys for is before I tell it to you,"] Zero says as he stops in his tracks, [b "Fura is on the right track, just one step short of the whole picture, and Shiori, you are to follow Fura and learn how to socialize without pissing off every person you meet."] Zero says with a sigh. He continues to walk ahead until he disappears into the science building.

[h3 Note:]

My Romano post will be in a separate post
  Zero / Tyasuke / 123d 7h 29m 20s
[b Poisonous Painkiller my ass. You are just stingy.]

Shiori rolls her eyes at the almighty Zero when he suggests to sooth down the annoying migraine herself. Well, it is a waste of breath to just argue about it so she obeys like a good subordinate and closes her eyes, telling her neurons to just cut out the crap and stop producing the transmitters through her system. Shiori manages to do it but only so slightly, just decreasing the pain not killing it completely. Another need-to-practice skill is added to her list.


Then Zero-[b sensei] actually starts giving her useful advices. A lyric huh? Well, it is acceptable as a hint. Come to think of it; Has he really mastered the soul type skills? That is insane. Maybe one day he can even read her venomous thoughts. Uh Oh.

Hope she learns how to lock her mind until then.

Shiori watches him leave his temporary throne to walk up to a timid looking girl who looks like she can just melt down any time. Well, maybe she is a part time stripper and the Zero Hero wants his money back? Unlikely. But a potential story.

The fluffy princess is still busy flirting around with the nerds. What is she even asking them? About their shampoo maybe?

So back to training, Shiori closes her eyes this time determined to slay it like the 'Shiori' she is. Shiori-ness.

She just focuses on a song. A very familiar song with a generous amount of curses and taboos in it. It is not a masterpiece but she used to sing it loud along with her father when he still could drive and she was way too innocent to understand the words she was screaming out from top of her lungs.

If she just tries to rhyme up the noises around her with the beat she has in mind...slowly the noises become less annoying and more in control. Shiori opens her eyes and gazes at the scattered students around her. So many choices she has to eavesdrop on but then she notices that the timid girl and Zero are getting quite emotional over there. Well, time to put her newly learnt feature into use. She focuses on the two, trying to pick their lyrics out of the background music.

The unwanted noise starts fading and soon She can hear them talk.

Well, that is quite unexpected.

She is in his arms crying her eyes out and he is trying to be there for her. They don't say much but Shiori just puts the pieces together. She is a 'victim' of a Shifter's poor choice. They put him down and now she missed him. Zero was acting like a caring friend for her, the two making quite a pathetic show.

All of it.

If this girlie really cared about him, if she really was close to him, she could find out his anxiety sooner. She could get help. Maybe she was the problem. Shifters are not born to be monsters. Hollows are the creation of these selfish self centered humans. She just watched him lose his sanity and now dares to act like a victim?

Hey sister. The Shifter was the one who died and you are not the suffering one. The Shifter was.. he could feel himself changing but let it corrupt him. He was so get this stupid idea and he paid dearly for it and now this useless woman is shedding tears.

Just some weeks later and she will forgot all like her dog died. Yet more and more Shifters are sucked in their darkness.

[b Wipe your fake tears. They are no use for your 'loved' one anymore. I can't believe this Zero guy actually buys her crappy feelings. Oh well. Good thing he is doing it himself.]

Shiori loses her focus on them and finds her fists clenched. Well, how sensitive she has become. She exhales deeply and tries to forget about the whiny weak bitches surrounding her. Fortunately she snaps out of it quick because the princess of friendship is back.

Oh, how long she has been here? Shiori turns towards her, really wanting to ask what exactly was her point of training and does she even feel accomplished? But who she is to talk. Zero himself ordered her to.

The goofy grin is an alarm for Shiori that she is going to tell joke as a fact in her dreamy life.

Well, she does not disappoint her a bit.

"..." Shiori stares before suddenly grinning widely at the innocent girl before her. "Oh, the result of your hard work was being invited to a disk...Hove you not ever been into one?" She tilts her head and steps closer to the poor thing with the mischievous grin plastered on her face. "You know how will you end up if you go there with that pure judgement of yours? 'Filling in an abortion form'." Now Shiori has gone too far but she likes messing around. Seriously, Fura is the perfect fish to catch in a heated disk.

"But yeah. That will be fun. But I guess our Zero is way too dramatic now to let us just chill."
  |Shiori| / valkyira / 142d 8h 49m 38s
[i “…so things like newspapers and news channels aren’t as useful as they used to be. Makes them kinda obsolete. Waste of paper and air time if you ask me.”]

Fura never had the desire to punch someone until that day. Maybe it was Shiori’s personality rubbing off on her, or maybe it was the annoying lilt in the girl’s voice as she criticized her beloved media, that caused the sudden influx of violent energy, but she pushed it down, because it was not polite to punch people, and that would probably create way more problems than it solved.

[#006478 “Thanks! That’s all I needed to know.”] Fura’s saccharine voice dismisses the girl and she turns on her heel immediately to talk away. Her notepad was filled with scribbles that she glanced over once more before closing it and putting it away again. She could ponder the notes and their meanings later, for now she was more interested in what the others were doing while she was chatting away like she was just another university student. She hurried forward before she noticed Zero and a girl she had never seen before chatting. She debated approaching and introducing herself but could pretty easily read the mood of their private conversation, and also snippets of their lips as they formed words out of earshot. Fura knew it wasn’t any of her business, and she decided to follow that feeling for once. Instead, she slid up to Shiori with a look of curiosity. She noticed the other girl looked a little worse for wear, a little less chipper than usual, and Fura wondered what happened during her short absence. She decides to stay quiet for now, not really knowing how to handle the situation, so deciding not to handle it all for the time being.

She takes out of her phone as a way to preoccupy herself and sees a message she had missed, though she wasn’t surprised at all to see it.

[b Hey, this is Kara!]

They had traded numbers, even though ninety percent of what Fura had chatted about with her had been false. Fura didn’t know why she agreed to share her number with the other girl, but it was nice to know there was someone willing to be her friend. Someone who didn’t have to deal with the whole Shifter knowledge. It was a familiar feeling, being invisible in that way. Fura enthusiastically typed a message back.

[i Hi again! it was rly nice to meet you today]
[i thnx for answering my questions]

She paused deciding how far she should go with this. She remembered Al telling her [i Go big or go home], when she was deciding to seek out Shift or just start sneaking out from time to time. Fura started typing again.

[i i totes owe you a coffee or something]

There was a minute where Fura wondered if that was too forward. Who knew if she would even get the chance to ever come back to the university, and if she did, it would probably be for work. But there was the thought of friends, ones she didn’t have to fight for, both literally and hypothetically, that clouded her mind with daydreams.

The phone buzzed in her hands and she nearly dropped it.

[b I might have to take you up on that sometime! :)]

Fura’s face lit up as she shot back a quick response before pocketing the phone and looking to Shiori with her previous inhibitions forgotten. A goofy grin covered her face. [#006478 “Hey those kids, I mean, students, are throwing a disk around. I’m not quite sure what it is, but doesn’t it look fun? We should join them!”]
  Saphirehope / 145d 7h 45m 7s
[font "Century Gothic" The monster retreated further into the darkness of the barn as Daud ambled up to the barn door. He raised his right arm and pointed the shotgun barrel to the barn door. A loud crack erupted, and the door splintered open. Lifting a leg, he kicked open the entrance and casually strolled in. He could hear the crunching and chewing. The beast was feeding, preparing for him. The dark creature was using the shadows to hide her form, but it wouldn’t last forever. Daud slowly walked toward the center of the barn, listening to the beast stuffing its face. He couldn’t see it, but he knew it was in here with him.]

[font "Century Gothic" [b [#223d58 “Where are you?”]] He mumbled lowly. His eyes behind the mask continuously scanning for it.]

[font "Century Gothic" A small gruff voice echoed all around him, cackling at him, mocking him. [#8b0000 “Meat. Fresh meat. Delivered. He he he! Special Delivery.”] It laughed at his expense, but Daud was not shaking like the other victims. There was an air of confidence about him. [#8b0000 “Meat wants to play. Play first then eat supper. That would be rude to the guests. Guests must have a show first. A grand play! Lucy likes plays.”]]

[font "Century Gothic" The voice echoed to his right, but movement distracted him to his left. Daud raised both of his arms defensively. This Hollow had gone mad it seems. The increased hunger couldn’t be controlled. It consumed the creature and made it unholy. He could feel eyes examining him, sizing him up. It was trying to find his weaknesses. Swiftly, he shot at a pile of hay behind him, but the explosion of material did not reveal the beast. A small dark figure scurried up to the rafters as Daud shot a buck shot at the quick figure. His misses caused the creature to laugh.]

[font "Century Gothic" [#8b0000 “Bad. BAD! Meat is not quick enough! Lucy is getting impatient. They’re hungry for meat!”] This one seemed like the sound of its own voice, Daud noted. If he kept it talking, it would reveal its location. To his left, he could hear the squeak of the wooden floorboard overhead. He aimed at the source of the noise, but he didn’t have time to shot as metal projectiles whizzed past his mask, nearly scratching the material. He retaliated by shooting twice where the hollow was. He had to stop it from consuming more metal, else it would be even harder to kill.]

[right [pic]]
[font "Century Gothic" A small head of a person that couldn’t have been older than twelve or thirteen peeked over a stack of hay in the rafters. The blood red eyes glowed with maliciousness and hunger. The skin was black and almost feathery. The hair was cut short, most likely done on self, and ran wild on her head much like fur would. This was a hollow of a young girl. The hunger must have been too severe, and it consumed her instead.]

[font "Century Gothic" The gray sharp teeth poke out from a sinister grin. [#8b0000 “Fight! Yes? Meat is feisty. Wants to play! The guests will love a show before dinner. Yes? Meat smells so good! Mine. Mine. Mine!”] It screeched as it bounded between the pillars. Daud twisted his right arm and fired buck shots at the beast. The thing was too quick. He would have to slow it down. Trick it somehow. It’s only still when it eats. Therefore, allowing it to feast is the best approach.]

[font "Century Gothic" The small hollow scurried this way and that, trying to find more metal. It spat metal shards at Daud like bullets. He rolled out of the way and dashed to a stall for cover. The little creature cackled again, getting more and more confident. It lunged at the stall and took a swipe at Daud but dodged his blast. Once he heard munching on the wooden pillar, he rose from his spot and took two shots. Both went wide to corner the beast as he lunged with his dagger arm swiping downward. The creature screeched and crawled under Daud’s legs, scrambling away.]

[font "Century Gothic" [i Dammit.] Daud thought as he attempted three more shots at the creature. The creature was not wanting to attack him directly, so he would have to act more aggressive. He spotted a long wooden handle sticking out of a cluster of hay.]

[font "Century Gothic" [b [#223d58 “I spy with my little eyes…”]] He grinned. His left hand misted as his hand morphed back to its original form. He sheathed his blade and sprinted towards the hay pile. As he dashed towards it, shards of metal zoomed after him like machine gun fire. He dived for the tool and slung several more shots at the beast. A few shards tore at his jacket, but nothing landed a hit. Wrenching the tool from the hay, Daud smiled when saw the forked head. [i This will do.]]

[font "Century Gothic" As soon as he heard hissing, Daud launched the pitch fork at the small Hollow. As the thing was distracted, he struggled his way up the wooden ladder near the back of the building. His gun trained on any movement as he ascended to the rafters. He quietly stepped towards the pitchfork embedded into the wooden railing. His gun shifting to the rustling of the hay and the creaking of the board.]

[font "Century Gothic" He grabbed the metal head of the tool but was met with a metal firing at him. A shard clipped his right arm causing him to fall backward. The thrill of the hit was confirmed by the short burst of pain from Daud's mouth. The little hollow growled as it flung itself at the rafter where Daud had been. However, the fresh meat was not where one had left it. The fresh meat had vanished?]

[font "Century Gothic" While the creature stood confused about her prize, Daud rushed up behind and body slammed the beast to the ground. His hand, now resembling the head of the pitchfork, pinned the hollow's neck the wood floorboard with the teeth locking it in place. Daud straddled the creature, putting his weight on its arms and legs so it couldn't lash out at him. The black monster struggled against him, but it did not eat enough to gain more strength. Gray teeth gnashed and hissed at the masked figure, but Daud was too calm to be threatened by this lower being. He brought the barrel to the creature’s forehead and whispered, [b [#223d58 "Checkmate."]] before blowing the head to oblivion.]

[font "Century Gothic" Blood splattered everywhere, and the body went limp immediately. The head was no more, only leaving bits of skull fragments and brain mater in wide exploded aftermath. The neck exposed spine and muscles. The white expressionless mask dripped with the fresh coat of war paint. He sat back on his heels and exhaled. The deed was done. This place was cleansed of its taint. He could rest easy now.]

[font "Century Gothic" Daud released the shot gun and the pitchfork from his hostage as the tools fell to the ground. His normal hands and skin uncovered to the elements. They trembled terribly now. Tightening his grip, he whispered to himself, [b [#223d58 “Aquila pennata, the booted eagle.”]] The shaking continued as he took deep breathes. [b [#223d58 “Buteo jamaicensis, the red-tailed hawk. Haliaeetus albicilla, the white-tailed eagle.”]] He looked down at his hands. The shaking was slowly beginning to cease. Daud cracked his knuckles and his neck as he stood up. He retrieved the shot gun from the ground and began to make his way out of the building.]

[font "Century Gothic" When he stepped out, he wasn’t met with applause or cheers. He wasn’t the star of the show like Zero. Gasps and whispers followed him everywhere he went. Nonchalantly, Daud walked up to one of the officers to whom he had burrowed his weapon from and handed it back, blood soaked and all. [b [#223d58 “Thank you for the assistance. May I have my gloves back, please?”]] He asked cold and even as always. The officer looked absolutely mortified at the man standing before him. The agent shook their head nervously as they gingerly gave the gloves back to the masked shifter. [b [#223d58 “Tell your superiors that the glutton hollow is no more. Someone’s daughter is no longer missing.”]] He commanded as he slipped on his gloves.]

[font "Century Gothic" [i Zero is going to be quite upset when he hears about this.] Daud thought to himself as he wipes his mask with a tissue.]
  The Survivor / JakefromStateFarm / 148d 1h 49m 7s

[center [Nanum+Gothic [size13 Kalua silently followed Daud as he led her to one of the lounge area's that the shift center had to offer. Thoughts of what Mr. Mask had planned ran through her head, was he going to give her some sort of training? If he was then why bring her to a place like this, wouldn't the white room have sufficed? So many question with absolutely no answer. A sigh slipped past her lips, watching with slight annoyance as Daud sat down on a plush chair and spoke. The way the words came out of his mouth only made her more and more irritated. Yes she could understand where he was coming from but he could have at least made some sort of attempt at sounding human...not this half-assed work.]]]

[center [Nanum+Gothic [size13 Thankfully she didn't have to deal with the 'robot' for long because only minutes later some blonde-haired dude showed up. He was very loud and very in-your-face, things that she really didn't like. He was like a golden retriever that had way too much sugar in his morning kibble and the way he kept sucking up to the robot just made her want to puke. As if it wasn't bad enough he then had the audacity to grab her hand and force her to shake his, the look that was plastered on her face could kill an elephant. She was not happy nor amused in the least.]]]

[center [Nanum+Gothic [size13 Moments later Kalua found herself alone in the lounge, Mr. Robot mask man just up and left with the puppy dog. She was super confused at the fact that he had just up and left her there without any instruction. It was super unprofessional in her opinion...leaving like that in the middle of a supposed lesson. All kinds of annoyed, Kalua left the lounge in a huff and began to search around for the Professor - she was going to give him a piece of her mind. He was the one to suggest she come to this place and all that's happened is jack shit.]]]

[center [Nanum+Gothic [size13 She searched for probably an hour without an results and her frustration was only increasing. She was ready to punch a hole in the nearest wall when she spotted a sort of familiar nurse walking down the hall. The purple-haired girl stormed up to her, stepping right in front of her without a care as to where she was going. [b [#9400D3 "You were with him earlier, do you know where Professor Romano is? I want to speak with him - [i now]."]] Kalua refused to be nice about anything at this point. She was tired, annoyed and felt like she was going to explode with all the emotions that were building up inside her.]]]
  [Ashes] / Otter / 170d 5m 56s
Zero looks at Shiori and replies, [b "I'm considerate enough not to bring them. Painkillers are the same as poison to Shifters. You are a Soul Shifter anyway. Just close your eyes and focus on healing for a bit and the pain will pass."] He looks in Fura's direction who is probably getting close to finishing up her task.

[b "Alright, you probably have about enough time to try one more time,"] Zero says as he closes his eyes and leans his head back. [b "A bit of advice. Treat the sounds you are hearing as music,"] Zero says only to see Shiori look at him with tired curiosity. [b "A song is a mixture of sounds, that when put together creates an overall sound,"] Zero crosses his left leg over his right as he pockets his hands into his hoodie, [b "However, when listening, you aren't trying to focus on every single sound being made. You aren't listening and keeping track of every note played, every sound that is made, but instead are listening to the general sound that the many mixtures of different sounds create."] Zero looks back up at the sky. [b "Now, imagine a song you really like. A song you like to sing and jam out to. Well, when learning the lyrics, all the other sounds take a background position while you focus on only hearing the lyrics alone. This hearing enhancement is the same deal. Focus on only the sounds you wish to hear."]

Zero grows quiet as he sees a girl standing a few feet to the left of the bench. He gains a solemn look as the long haired brunette offers a pained smile. Her green eyes are blood shot and puffy, the obvious signs someone has been crying rivers. The Shifter rises up from the bench and looks at Shiori, [b "Keep practicing until Fura finishes. Then you two wait here until I finish."]

[b "Eliza,"] Zero says in a soft tone as he approaches the girl. The moment Zero is in arms reach, the girl throws her arms around Zero and hugs him tightly as she buries her face into his right shoulder. She begins to tremble as she silently cries into his shoulder. Zero closes his eyes as he hugs Liz, and rubs soft circles into her back. [b "I guess that answers how you are holding up."]

"Sorry Zero, just, it has probably been one of the hardest nights of my life..." Eliza says as she lifts her head up and takes a step back. She wipes away her tears.

[b "You guys knew as soon as you saw him on the news, didn't you?"] Zero asks as he pulls out a packet of tissues from his right pocket.

Eliza nods as she wipes away her tears, "We did. The last few days have been incredibly... horrid."

[b "What happened? He was completely fine when I check in last month,"] Zero asks softly. However, he could see the girl is choking up again and holding in her tears. He gently sighs and hugs the girl again, [b "You can cry all you want Liz. One of the reasons I am here is to help those who suffer at the event of losing someone because a loved one became a Hollow."]
  Zero / Tyasuke / 171d 23h 30m 36s
[font "Century Goth" If Daud wasn’t wearing his mask, then it would be very apparent that the arrival of one Gerhard Gert was incredibly inconvenient and undesired. With a heavy sigh, Daud stood up, bag of cookies in hand. It seems that his quiet place of reflection was now ruined. [b [#223d58 “Mr. Gert. Late again, I see.”]] Daud’s muffled voice did not hide its perturbation. The poor chap was a hard worker and so desperate to gain Daud’s respect. That he would have if only he put more focus on his obligations and not on 5the sensitives of everyone else. This was a profession, not an office drama. Working as a Shifter for an organization required those with that ability to strive to keep one’s emotions under control, something the boy needed more practice in. Mr. Gert was, indeed, a worthy Shifter in his own title; however, he put his feelings before his duty. Today’s excuse was his grandmother, as it often was. [b [#223d58 “Mr. Gert, I understand that you have an obligation to your grandmother, but you also have an obligation here. The welfare of the city rests on our shoulders and the reputation of the Shift organization relies on all of us to walk a very thin line. Do you understand?”]] Daud scolded for a moment before releasing the pressure of the boy’s clear disappointment. [b [#223d58 “You’re here now, and that’s all that matters. We have a lot of work to do.”]]]

[font "Century Goth" As Daud and Gert exited the dormitory, the masked figure received an emergency report from the office. A Hollow alert was signaled from the southern district. It seems to be a Rank One for the moment. Underneath that expressionless façade was a deep grin. [i Finally, some exercise.] It appeared that it was Daud’s time to take care of a pest problem. [b [#223d58 “Mr. Gert, you will be accompanying me on this task. We need to see if you are field tested.”]] Daud explained as he began walking out of the dormitory building. He did not slow in his pace for anyone at this moment. There was work to be done and monsters to slaughter.]

[font "Century Goth" Arriving on the scene, a short number of ASHF members were present. Their numbers dwindled every day against this hard fight. It took every single officer to have this [i thing] backed into a corner. The creature took its frustrations out on the building itself as the walls barely stood in its place. Daud could hear that retched creature growling inside. It was saving its strength. The glowing eyes peered out at him through cracks in the bricks and wood. The Shifter held up a hand to stop Gert in his tracks. [b [#223d58 “Stay here. This one is mine.”]] Daud’s muffled voice sounded strangely menacing while he kept contact on the Hollow inside.]

[font "Century Goth" The other officers that stood by glanced at the masked figured apprehensively. Guns still raised, they began to whisper amongst themselves. This Shifter named Daud seemed more demonic like up close. It’s a wonder Shift bothered to take that one in. He seems too dangerous. Why does he wear that mask? Is he going to kill the Hollow or us? These were all frightened thoughts of peasants and wary people that cannot comprehend the ominous person before them. He didn’t carry the appearance of someone there to help. He was here to finish a job, a job he gladly took. He was here to cleanse this area of scum that didn’t deserve to live. If they could not control their powers, then they didn’t deserve to have them.]

[font "Century Goth" Walking by one officer that had a shotgun trained on the dilapidated warehouse’s front doors, Daud placed a hand on the Kevlar padded shoulder and spoke softly, [b [#223d58 “May I borrow your weapon for a moment?”]] The officer nearly jumped out of their skin as they nodded cautiously removed the hand from the trigger and held the barrel skyward. Daud removed both gloves to reveal his tan hands. Red scars and old blisters were etched from his wrists up to his thumb knuckles on both hands. It was a small hint to what could be underneath all that gear. The white mask’s soulless eyes looked up at the officer that was caught staring. Daud did not speak another word as he took the shot gun from the officer. [b [#223d58 “It would be wise to retreat several paces.”]] That was the only warning the person needed to step back feverishly. As Daud faced the peering glowing eyes again, the cold metal in his hand became absorbed. His skin bubbled and black mist leaked from the sleeve. The hand and the gun became one entity. The tan human appendage was now gone and replaced with an upgrade. A single barrel pump-action shot gun was now a full extension of Daud’s arm. His left hand reached underneath to his back and pulled out a long dagger weapon seemingly out of nowhere. The black mist seemed out from his clothes as he arms were not complete weapons, one ranged and one melee.]

[font "Century Goth" [i Ready or not…] Daud thought. His boots crunched on the ground as he drew closer to the barn. The glowing eyes withdrew from the peep hole and a hiss could be heard followed by scrambling and chewing. The gluttonous bitch would die by his hands. [b [#223d58 “Here I come.”]]]

[size10 This is Part 1. Part 2 coming soon.]
  The Survivor / JakefromStateFarm / 190d 1h 22m 4s
[b Yeah. This is my problem. Orphans are offended way too easily. Bet ya didn't become Zero the Hero by the money of those cookies genius.]

Shiori looks away from the cold eyes suddenly Zero gives her, hiding her discomfort and a bit of regret for triggering this dramaboy with an annoyed 'Tsk'. Anyway, he quickly goes back to his less annoying personality and mentions that he is a dictator who doesn't give a shit about volunteering. This does not surprise Shiori at all because once they signed the paper to join It, they handed over their will to the Shift.

Oh, rest for 20 minutes? Maybe Zero is professional at quick naps but it takes a lot for this girl here to just be cool with going a mission/training she has no idea what it is about. She entertains herself by counting the trees. It is a kind of self torture but amazingly works for killing time. She notices the well known orange sign and is more confused where could they possibly be going to.

She is soon answered when they pull over at a fancy University named Owl. Why Owl? Did they study at night? Or just because the founder was creepy? Shiori is not a fan of University mostly because they did not accepted her in. Her grades sucked because she had better things to do than studying. Like...fighting, drinking and being bitter about everything.

Oh no. Are they going to study in a library or...Nope.

They are going to do some sort of spying. Interesting. Does Zero usually gather information himself? She always thought he does the action and the rest is for the less important members.

He sends Princess to find...some personal information. Though Shiori believes it is not how it is done. You need some bottles of good alcohol and a damn good body to just make them get on their knees and confess their darkest secrets. Okay, She is not possibly going to do that.

The Orphan Hero steps in front of Shiori and she is all ears to what he is going to tell her to do. It is about expanding her Shifter abilities which is sure cool and acceptable for her. Some process it is. Anything to make her stronger is great.

Well, this is new. Shiori stares as he enhances his ears. Until now, Shiori believd she is limited to physical muscle and bone strengthening. So now she could easily listen to whatever people around her whisper? This is so nasty and awesome at the same time.

"Yeah cool. I will give it a try." For once in Shift, Shiori is eager to obey. She closes her eyes and focuses on her ears. She just hopes she won't end thickening her ear muscles or something like that. She has to focus on her inner ears because...Duh biology. Slowly she hears someone telling, nobody is talking to her. They are talking among each other and as Shiori opens an eye she sees three boys talking four meters away.

- Yeah the party sucked last night. I just got wasted and found no cuties...
-Nobody did, dude. Everyone were so lame there. This is the last time I go to Jackie's place.
- Though I saw Kevin going upstairs with Daisy...
- Pffffft! No way! Ya sure they were not rushing to bathroom to throw up?

Okay too boring...too boring...Now to expand her circle...More voices rushes to her since it is more crowded...

-Professor gave me minus D! Can you believe it? All those efforts!
- So yeah I am broke could you-
- Have you studied for-
-I am getting fa-
- You bitch-

Those annoying voices all mix up together and strike her right through her brain. No no no...It is getting out of control...But she cannot decrease the circle. The noises boom in her ears and she ends up with a terrible headache spreading in her skull. "Ow! Ugh dammit!" She holds her head, losing focus as the darkness in her ears fade and she wobbles around before throwing herself on the bench, bending over slightly.

" I almost had it! Ow!" She groans and rubs her temples, gazing at Zero next to her with a scowl. If he just dares and mocks her...she cannot do anything. She only gets more toxic. "Forget it. I'm fine. Just lost my focus...from the stupid shit they said." She stubbornly stands up again and again shuts her eyes tightly, feeling more and more noises...But! She bites her tongue and forces herself to listen individually through the waves of nuisance noises thrown at her.

GDJSHSJSJSJJS..ghnsnskhwuiwmn....Did you see the news last night? Another hollow...
Right? I was terrified...what if one of them attacks here...
All those shifters are nothing but trouble...
Hey, I have a feeling professor Moneer is a shifter...
Shut up. No way.

Shiori presses her lips together and kind of wishes that Professor is really a Shifter to rub it in their faces.


The headache hits her again and Shiori is unable to focus again as she sits back with a sigh.

"Not sure what my range was but yeah cool...they are all bunch of racists and hopeless pervs...Tsk." She rubs her forehead, frowning because of the pain.

"Not like I am in much pain or anything but...are you considerate enough to bring some painkiller pills?"
  |Shiori| / valkyira / 217d 14h 45m 43s
[i [b Oh no, no, no! I am late! They must be so disappointed! I have to make it up for them!]]

Running across the streets like a careless cat and probably learning new words from the generous drivers is a blond man, his face so stressed like he is going to miss a big sale somewhere. His well built body is covered in sweats from running five blocks. It could go much smoother if the traffic was not heavy in this hour. He simply left his car and chose to run.

In his right fist is a paper bag as always, the cookies in it shuffling loudly. He just hopes there won't be just crumbles of the cookies once he arrives.

Fortunately, He is athletic enough to keep running in the same pace until he sees the amazing Shift building. Just looking at the centre of his life, makes his heart leap. Glory radiates from this huge organization and it is an honour for him to be a part of it . He stop in front of the entrance and bend over to catch his breath for some minutes before his heart rate is back to normal. He then raises up and runs a hand through his short hair. Okay, here it comes. Another wonderful and fruitful day in Shift. He waves for the security guards at the entrance with his usual big smile which is ignored of course because the guards are too used to this lively man to care.

The young man enters the lobby, keeping his lips stretched in a smile. He seems so off and out of place among the busy, serious and often scowling employees. But nothing could change his spirit. He marches to the front desk, the chubby lady in charge organizing some files.

"Good morning! I mean...noon...Haha...I am sure late and I must confess my excuses ate not good enough-"

But he is cut with her indifferent voive even though she has a [b polite] smile. Polite.

"Oh Mr.Gert. Good [i afternoon].You can relax, nobody fetched for you while you were absent."

Ouch. That hurts. Hurts really bad. Mr.Gert's smile falls for a minute then with a full he tries to wash down the disappointment. "Oh..haha...I am so so lucky then." He winks and hesitates before asking a bit weaker than usual. "So, Mr.Zero..."

"I am sorry. He just left to train the newbies."

"Newbies? They have finally started their real training? This is perfect! I am so jealous of them, to be trained and supervised directly from Mr. Zero..." He sighs dreamily, not noticing that the lady is already trying to make herself look too busy to listen to his nonsense.

"Well then, What about Mr. Daud?"

"Hm? Oh. Yes yes. He is available-" The lady hums, staring at the monitor of her system, starting to type.

"Well, I will go say hi. Hope he won't scold me too much. Wish me luck, later!"


Gerhard Gert rushes to the elevator and once he gets in, realises that he does not know where Daud is. Normally, especially if there are newbies, he would be in the Shift room. Nodding to himself, he pushes the minus button and hums, tapping on the bar attached to the wall as the elevator smoothly moved down. Of course he is not straight at the place. Gerhard, despite the prejudice of the people who see him for the first time, is not new around here and has some good months of experience in here. So maybe he is not much of a nuisance. His shoes click on the floor as he head to the incredible part of the Shift. He meets the engineers and scientists at the back room first and unfortunately realises that Daud is not there.

Shoot. He is not here, He is not in a mission. Where is He? Well, maybe he is in his dorm. Unlike most of the shifters Gerhard chose to live at his own place beside his grandmother. He highly believes being with family is very effective on controlling negative feelings. Well, at least [b he] is lucky enough to have someone who still cares for him.

Gerhard is once again in elevator, this time going to the dorm. Going to Daud' s place is quite a routine for him he is barely allowed to enter but still yelling out greetings behind the locked door works too. And he has never ever forgotten to bring him some cookies. Who doesn't like cookies?

"GOOD AFTERNOON MR.DAUD. I AM SORRY I'M LATE. DID I MISS ANYTHING?" His voice echoes though the hallway and he grins, holding out the same bag of cookie. answer. Normally Daud replies or reacts to just shut him up.

"Could be he is not here?" Gerhard scratches his head and then shrugs. Maybe he is just taking a shower. Or listening to music. Or in restroom. Or whatever. Aw man.

The disappointed Shifter sighs and then thinks maybe a snack can help him cheer up. He loves sweets.

Whistling, he shoves his hands in his pockets and head to the lounge room where the snack machine is and then Tadaa.. Guess who is there? Mr. Daud...along with a purple hair stranger. "Mr. Daud! There you are!" He grins and does not give him a chance to pull away as he grabs his gloved hand and stares into his masked face. "I am very very very sorry for being late! Had to take grandma to her check up! I know I know, we have important things going on here but when she asked me to do It for her...I could not just refuse. Here, special double choco cookies as apologize!" And he drops the bag onto the unamused man's lap before turning his attention to that new girl with a kind and interested look. "You must be new Here, huh? Awesome! I am Gerhard Gert, kind of old here. So ask me anything you need! By the way, Mr.Daud is awesome. Treasure your training moments with him!" He winks and forcefully makes her shake hands too, not minding her....murder gaze. She is just shy and nervous that's aaaallll....
  GG / valkyira / 188d 18h 44m 6s
Fura giggled openly at Shiori’s response, but her chuckle quickly dies down at Zero’s response. She hadn’t really thought much about the others and there past. To her it barely registered that they were people with families and lives before Shift, not that she really understood why she thought this way. It made her very interested in everyone’s past all of a sudden, but she kept her nosy urges at bay for now. What she couldn’t keep down, however, was the slight tinge of homesickness that tugged at her. It started with her considering how sad it must be to not have parents and then led to her thinking of her own who loved her quite a bit. Sure, they could mean, critical, or controlling at times, but she knew deep down that they really cared for her and she felt guilty for taking advantage of that familial love.

Her face softened, trying not to let her pity show through. Deciding that if any of them ever needed a maternal figure, she would do her best. Anything she could do to help the others and pick up her slack, she would gladly do.

And then it was official. They be working together on… whatever it was. She wished there was a bit more explanation as to what they would be doing, but didn’t complain. She reigned back her questions and instead took a peek at her phone which buzzed for the third time since she had entered the car. [i Oh yeah, Al.] She thought, remembering they had been in the middle of conversation, reaching into her pocket at fishing around for a second before finding her cell.

[b Maybe you should just ask for his autograph. I know you want to.
If you’re too embarrassed you can say it’s for me.
Furraaa? What noww?]
[i sorry stuff’s happening
i gotta go now
super secret mission stuff ya know
jk but srsly ill ttyl]

And then she was pocketing her phone, only feeling slightly bad for cutting Al off so suddenly again. She wondered if this would become a trend. She tried to relax the rest of the drive like Zero said, but some things are easier said than done.
[center ⁂]
Fura’s first thought when they got out of the car and began walking was, [i is this a conspiracy, why are we at a university I don’t wish to go to university.] She scanned the courtyard were people skittered about from building to building. A few people sat in the grass with books open that they were mostly using as pillows. It really was quite charming, though she hated to admit it. When they finally stopped, Fura directed her attention to Zero, intently listening to every word as if it was delivered from god himself.

[I The training is very… interesting, to say the least.] [#006478 “I guess that doesn’t sound too bad.”] She shrugged, still not fully understanding the purpose behind the exercise, a fact that frustrated her. But if it was just talking, she could do that without much effort. That’s something she has been doing all her life, when her parents let her leave her room. Talking was the foundation of the bureaucracy her parents participated in. Needless to say, she had charisma to spare. Fura would be lying if she said she wasn’t disappointed that her task was something so accurately tailored to herself. Where was the challenge? [i I guess it’s good to use the skills were already good at, but I wonder what this is really training me for.] For a brief second Fura had a dream-like vision of espionage- James Bond, The Man From U.N.C.L.E, Kingsmen. She let the fantasies get the better of her, allowing it to drive her forward in what would otherwise be a trivial task.

Fura decided to dive right in, not quite sure what was expected of her, but honestly, at this point, too afraid to ask. She started walking down one of the paths intersecting the grass, quickly formulating a plan as she took a place in one of the more traversed sidewalks and pulled out her phone, opening up a notepad app. [i If I knew this was coming I would have been more prepared. This would be more believable with a notebook or something.] Fura mentally kicked herself for not thinking to throw her notepad into the pockets of the calf-length, moss green dress she had changed into. Not that there was anyway she would have known it would come in handy, but from now on she would ram it in her pocket with everything else.

[#006478 “Uh, Excuse me!”] Fura called out finally to the first person who walked her way without immediately averting their eyes. It was a young girl with a messenger bag stuffed so full, Fura worried she would develop neck problems in her later years as a result. The girl stopped at Fura’s request, and then the shifter was off on a spiel she hadn’t devoted any time to fabricating. [#006478 “Hello, my name is Fura, and I’m doing a quick survey, for,”] her eyes flicked up and down the girl as she noted a few pins for medical based student orgs. [#006478 “For Communication Arts 465. I was wondering if you’d have time to answer a few short questions?”]

“Yeah, of course! I think my roommate’s in that class.”

Fura blinked blankly before rectifying the situation. [#006478 “Did, I say 465. I meant 571. Sorry, that was last semester.”]

“Oh, okay,” the girl shrugged in acceptance, and Fura let out a breath she didn’t realize she was holding. “I’m Kara by the way, so what’s your survey about?”

Fura didn’t need to think this through, the lie had built itself up the moment she began the conversation. She needed something she was knowledgeable, and there weren’t many things besides dance, high-society, and [#006478 “news stations. They’re declining and I want to know why, so I can stop it.”]

And thus Fura started survey where she took actual notes and felt a little to invested in, considering it was all fake.
  Fura / Saphirehope / 225d 20h 34m 8s
Zero looks out the window as he leaves the two girls to their thoughts. In the distance from the road side, he can see a large bright orange sign that says Vitality. It is a very well known sign for it is the sign of Vitality Hospital, the best hospital in the city. He hears Fura's response first, but does not show much reaction. However, Shiori's remark about orphans causes Zero's eyes to look at the two girls.

[b "Have an issue with an orphan charity Shiori? I hope not, considering I was an orphan before becoming 'Zero the Hero',"] Zero says in a mocking tone, but his eyes are ice cold. Zero suddenly claps his hands together, suddenly erasing the intense tension in the air. [b "Anyway, I'm glad you two accepted the offer. Would have been weird to tell you guys you didn't have a choice anyway later on,"] Zero says with an innocently sly smile.

[b "Now, sit back and relax. We have about twenty minutes before we arrive at our destination,"] Zero pulls his hood up over his head as he leans back in his seat. He looks outside the window again, but this time, instead of seeing the bright orange sign, he sees a bright green sign that says Vital. He takes out his phone and takes a picture of the passing sign. Zero looks down at the picture to see the sign is its original orange and reads Vitality. He looks back outside only to see the green sign once again. [i 'This has been happening a lot lately,'] Zero thinks to himself.

[h3 Later...]

... the three Shifters are standing at the center of a large beautiful courtyard at Owl University. Zero pockets his hands as he looks at the two girls. Students of the university continue about their business completely ignoring the three shifters.

[b "The job I have for you two is not an easy one,"] Zero says as he talks to the two, [b "Normally, I work on it alone, but my increased work load has made it difficult to keep up. I'm going to start teaching you the basics you'll need in order to do the 'job'."] Zero says as he purposely keeps the actual details of the job hidden. [b "Fura, the job I have for you is, I want you to walk around, talk to people. I want you to find out at least one thing about five different people that you would not normally learn in a first conversation with someone."]

Zero waits for the girl to walk off and begin the training issued to her. He looks at Shiori next and says, [b "As for you. I'm going to take a guess and say you have yet to fully explore the extent of Soul Shifter powers."] Zero pulls his hood down and he takes a step in front of Shiori . [b "So, I'm going to show you something cool,"] Zero cups his hands over his ears. [b "Soul Shifters have the power to enhance any feature of themselves."]

The veins in Zero's ears turn pitch black as he closes his eyes. Slowly, the noises surrounding him begin to amplify little by little. Zero begins to hear the all the conversations occurring around the courtyard loud and clear. [b "Soul Shifters can also enhance their senses. However, this skill is incredibly high level due to the fact that, the moment you enhance your senses, you also increase the amount of information you are taking in from your surroundings."] He drops his hands and pockets them once again. [b "I want you to enhance your sense of hearing, and try to focus it until you can clearly hear all the information coming in. Keep the range to about half the size of the courtyard."]

Zero sits on a bench behind Shiori and pulls his hood up. He leans his head back and sighs to relax as he says, [b "Just be careful to not get sensory overload. It causes one hell of a headache."]
  Zero / Tyasuke / 248d 20h 53m 52s
[font "Century Gothic" Escorting the disgruntled youth and the overly nice mentor to a better suited training area, Daud plotted out his methods of pulling Ms. Tel-Ash out of her… “inability to fulfil expectations”. Unlike her, the masked figure never had trouble performing under pressure, at least not to his knowledge. She had to keep in mind was that this problem occurred quite often to young Shifters such as herself. It wasn’t anything to be ashamed of. Ms. Everdene’s assistance should provide some insight to Kalua as to how to overcome her mental blocks. Ms. Everdene was quite phenomenal at mental stability. Perhaps what the trouble purple-hair woman needed was another woman to show her the ropes. A gentle-touch could achieve more than a strict hand.]

[font "Century Gothic" Daud did not take the women to the Shift Room, no. He felt that Kalua needed some more safe and comfortable surroundings. The large white cubed room could appear to be more intimidating to the newer ilk. This time, he led them to a small lounge area in the dormitory building. It was a little cove on the ground floor underneath the stair case. The laundry room was through the hall to the left and a snack machine and comfy couch to the right. The running dryer machines roaring its ambiance.]

[font "Century Gothic" [b [#223d58 “This is where I often find myself gathering my thought. I assume that a more safe and relaxing environment will help with this exercise.”]] Daud spoke as he rigidly sat down in a leather lazy-boy. [b [#223d58 “Ms. Tel-Ash, our goal today is to help you overcome your performance anxieties. There is no shame in admitting to one’s faults.”]] Daud paused as he motioned to Catalea to sit with him. [b [#223d58 “Ms. Everdene is here to instruct you on how to connect to your abilities without the strain of battle.”]] Leaning back, Daud propped his head on his knuckles and rested his calf on his knee. Outwardly, he appeared a lot more loose and relaxed than usual. Whether it was the chosen atmosphere or a sudden shift in attitude, the masked figured seemed less robotic and more of the person behind the mask.]
  The Survivor / JakefromStateFarm / 283d 4h 42m 59s
It happens. Rarely something really gets to her but still happens; And what more humiliating and intolerable than failing lamely infront of a strict, discipline lover mysterious but boring guy as a first impression? So everything has been just pushing her to her mental limits and she finally lost it. Shiori usually doesn't regret her words but when she feels the shadow of MMM on her and the medic man pausing and just getting himself away from the tense atmosphere makes her think again about what she just said. Yet she doesn't want to act timid like the princess wannabe partner of hers so she looks up and feels the sense of regret once again but more powerful. His expression is hidden behind the mask yes , yet his eyes are burning through her and the one who claimed eyes are gateways of energy was damn right.

Shiori really likes to look away or even get herself out of the room far far away from the scolding superior. Her pride doesn't allow this and she keeps stubbornly staring at his face, burning from inside.

[b Otherwise, I will come after you and personally put you down.]

She really tries to act indifferent but her face loses some color. Sure, She herself was full of empty warnings but this guy...believes in each word he says and his serious tone just confirms it. Now Shiori is the one retreating for once. She feels that she is shrinking under his gaze. But what he says next is the finishing blow.

[b If you all don’t start cooperating, then you will doom us all.]

This strikes her right through heart, where she can't shield it with her Shifter ability. Whatever happens, Shiori prefers to die rather than dragging down her team. She wants to be the one in the lead, not the one who dooms them all. She finally look away and presses her lips together, no more having the wild, stubborn look in her eyes. She barely notices when he left and just stands up silently, walking with Fura who...still is on clouds for some odd reasons. What is she made from? Cotton candy and chocolate syrup? How can she be positive any time?

Shiori is afraid she might not have enough bitterness to shut her mouth so just glances up at her with the least interest, feeling even more sick seeing that smile of hers.


Right; And Preacher is a poet.

"You don't have to be great." She finally groaned. "You are already great in your castle and Me, I am absolutely great as long as I'm not stuck with you." There, she stings Fura finally. Don't mess with Shiori when she is pissed.

Or mayyyybe a bit jealous of Fura.


Verrrrry Jealous of Fura.

Expecting not to have anything on her schedule after this failure, Shiori is surprised to be informed the great Zero Hero has called them. Oh no. Anything but another speech.

Especially from the lazy, part time awesome Zero.

She is dragging her legs out, thinking of some good answers if he asks anything. She sees him and he doesn't look bothered at all. Maybe he hasn't heard anything yet since the Caveman is also with him. Maybe Zero is going to ask Caveman to eat them both. Fura is going to delicious for sure but Shiori is quite worried about herself being spat out immediately.

There is also a nice looking car and then it is not nice anymore because Zero irresponsibly ruins it, breaking a bald man's heart. Shiori's heart is broken too. They could sell the car for good money and buy some clothes for Preacher.

Selfish boss they have.

And he wants him to run after the car like a hunter dog. The flag was not needed at all.

Zero is evil.

Shiori hesitates before getting in the car. She unconsciously keeps looking out of window to make sure Caveman is still on their tail. Goodness, He doesn't even need a vehicle to travel with the speed he has. He really deserves to have Cotton Candy Fura for dinner.

She quickly forgets about him when Zero tells them about a side job which sounds like slavery. Merciless hours and stuff. It has one positive thing and it is working under his command directly. Wow. If Shiori had a tail she would wag it for him. Of course Princess doesn't even think twice to accept. Girl, she has never been into a job interview, has She?

She feels her eyes on her relaxed form, sprawled on the seat with a grumpy face.

Shiori sighs and just hopes she is not going to regret this, since she has been regretful today way too much.

"Fine. As long as we are not going to sell cookies for Orphan Shifter Charity."
  |Shiori| / valkyira / 303d 13h 15m 7s

[center [size14 [Barlow Kalua had to admit, she was actually enjoying herself. At first, sitting with the children and painting with her fingers seemed idiotic and childish, but the way the kids were fascinated by everything she was doing made her smile. She was enthralled with the children that she didn't notice Zero walking up to the gate behind them. [b "Oh, so the tough Kalua has a soft spot after all?"] His voice cause Kalua to jump in surprise, she didn't know why but she suddenly felt embarrassed. perhaps it was because she tried to put on a tough exterior, but here she was finger painting. Many of the kids left the table and ran over to the fence, feeing Zero question after question.]]]

[center [size14 [Barlow As she was contemplating leaving, the male spoke and suddenly the kids were surrounding her, their arms outstretched wanting to hug her. The look on her face was one of horror, tiny little fingers grabbing at her as they yelled about wanting the [i "Free treat"] she was supposed to give them. She was overwhelmed, what the hell was she supposed to do in a situation like this?]]]

[center [size14 [Barlow Because she was dealing with a horde of children Kalua jumped when someone said her name. Looking up she saw Daude and the girl who had similar eyes....wasn't her name cat or something? Though when Daud spoke she couldn't help but roll her eyes, did he have to sound like a goddamn robot? The guy needed to learn how to loosen up a bit. Though she had to admit, she was thankful for the distraction, it was a good way for her to get away from the kids who still expected something out of her.]]]

[center [size14 [Barlow [#66CDAA [b "Ah yea, lets do that."]] She turned to the kids, putting on a fake smile, she was honestly relieved. [#66CDAA [b "You hear that guys, I gotta go!"]] They complained and asked her not to, she was half-tempted to just leave them hanging but decided against it. [#66CDAA [b "Sorry but I've gotta, but I promise I'll come back later with a treat!"]] She played on their whims of liking treats. It seemed to work because they allowed her to leave without any more hassle. A sigh slipped past her lips as she shut the gate behind her, relief washing over her now that she was out of they're tiny little fingers.]]]

[center [size14 [Barlow [#66CDAA [b "Alright, lead the way Mr. Robot."]] She said with a dramatic flair, crossing her arms over her chest as she waited for the oh-so-great Daud to take them to wherever she and Cat were doing training. She was curious to find out what it was they would be doing exactly.]]]
  [ᴀsʜ] / Tsumu / 323d 2h 51m 4s

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