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[b Of course it would be the camping trip...]
[b Who actually survives those, anyways?]
A flock of average teens go camping for the week one summer break.
A fun slasher 1X1 where the characters will be hunted down and have to deal with one another as well.

[#7fda34 Antonio Vienne - A real friendly fellow, pretty daft but easy to get along with. Dotes on his sister frequently.]

[#52234b Daryn Brant - Your typical well off jerk-bag, comes from a wealthy family and acts over confident.]

[#8a130a Lilly Vienne - Antonio's younger sister, smart but naive. She puts on a tough act to try and bluff her way out of situations.]

[#c63969 Ette Blanka - An exchange student living with Lilly and Antonio. She is quiet, but cheerful typically.]

[#0a128a Al Forman - A Bookish fellow, intellectual from a wealthy family. Kind of a sarcastic smart-ass.]


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His grin grew as he watched the campers argue among themselves. [+blue "And now the real fun begins..."] He said, his voice floating on the night breeze as he watched Daryn stalk off into the woods. He followed him at a distance, moving like a ghost. He knew that no one would believe Daryn no matter what he said... So why not give him something to help him sleep?

At the car, he stood just within the trees, glaring at Daryn. He wanted to leave? That wasn't allowed... He stepped forth from the trees, pulling himself up to full height as he grinned at Daryn. [+blue "Daryn is it? I heard you guys fighting back there bud. Not a good way to win a girls heart."] He said, winking. His grin was that of a wolfs, fangs sitting on his bottom lip as he sat on the edge of the hood. [+blue "Now see... I have a little problem... I can't let you leave... I don't want to kill you... Not yet at least, so why don't you run on back to camp ok bud?"] He said, his eyes glowing a dull blue in the shade of the trees.
7003 wanted Daryn to be scared senseless so that by the time he got back to camp, he would be doing nothing but rambling!
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[center [i A noise - Sudden as sudden could be.]] Lilly flinched up, quickly turning her head in the direction of the unsettling sound which filled the nearly quiet camp. The brunette would pull herself up from the log which she had reclaimed since Ette's departure to help Al with the tents, a small stick which she had drawn in the dirt with clutched tightly in her small hands.

[i [#8a130a "Antonio?"]] The younger girl called out, her voice shaky and uncertain as she peered past the trees and into the darkness surrounding them. It had gotten late much quicker than Lilly had noticed and a sense of unease filled her as her voice was met with only the sound of wind going through the trees as a reply. Another step brought Lilly forward, curious of her surroundings.

[#0a128a "Lilly, wait!"] Before Al could even stand to stop her,
Lilly saw in the dim light a carving that could only be meant for her:
[center [i "Beware the dark little one."]]

[#52234b "Hey, what's everyone looking at?"] A voice on the opposite side of the clearing alerted the group, they all turned to see Daryn and a rather sleepy-eyed Antonio had returned, arms full of firewood.

[#8a130a "Darwin..."] Lilly stared, her tiny heart thudding a little too fast. [i Yes, this was Darwin's handy work. It had to be.] [#8a130a "Grow up, jerk!"] She shrieked, stomping her foot down before diving for her tent.

[#7fda34 "Oh, dude, don't pick on my sister... So mean."] Antonio scolded, watching as his sister went running into the tent. [#7fda34 "Lilly, honey come back! I'm sure he didn't mean anything by whatever he did..."] The teen placed down the twigs recently gathered for a fire and followed after his panicked younger sibling hoping to console them.

[#52234b "What? Wait, I didn't even do anything yet-- I mean c'mon you've been with me all day man!"] Daryn called after his disappointed friend before glancing over his shoulder to where Lilly had been prior - Ette and Al now stood around a tree, Daryn would slide up next to them and read the warning with a small laugh. [#52234b "What this? This wasn't me... Christ this sounds like something a middle-schooler would carve, c'mon.... Give me more credit! When would I even have had the time to have done this?"] He looked pleadingly between Ette and Al.

[#0a128a "Before inviting us out here, after all [i you] brought us out here."] Al gave a rye smile as Daryn squirmed under the mass scrutiny. He would shake his head and head back to the center of camp to get a fire started. [i That wasn't Daryn, that cut was fresh.] As the fire started up without too much trouble , Al took in a deep breath and decided one of many things in that moment: [i He would need to convince the others to leave.]

[#c63969 "This is cruel... Even for you."] Ette stared at the carving while listening to the silence of Daryn attempting to save himself socially before her. Blue eyes sparkled out of sight. [i Who really did this?] Ette's mind went rampant with the possibilities. [i This doesn't add up for it to be Daryn's.] Daryn was shifting, running his hands through his hair and just about completely red in the face before he finally turned away, hands in the air.

[#52234b "Whatever!"]

Ette rolled her eyes as Daryn stormed away from her. Alone here by the ominous message carved deeply into the once pristine oak tree, Ette could relax and really go wild with her theories. The blonde went from cultists out in the woods all the way to violent, child eating crypids in a matter of seconds. [i Oh how exciting!] She brought her hand up to trace the recently carved letters. [i Poor Antonio, having to console his sister...] A pang of jealousy hit Ette rather hard causing her to bite her lip. [i And of course poor Lilly... Maybe the cult, yes the cult, has scouted her as a potential member? But should a hungry monster want her... Who could stop it?]

After a few minutes of thought Al took a peek around to see where everyone had gone, deeming it at least a bit practical, that if they were in any real danger, to stick together. Aside from Lilly and Antonio who had escaped to the safety of the tents, Ette remained at the caved tree and Daryn nowhere in sight.

[#0a128a "Hey Ette, did you see where Daryn went?"] Upon receiving no answer Al stood and took a better look around. Daryn was nowhere to be seen. [i Damn it.]

Down the path the lot had come from, Daryn huffed with annoyance. [#52234b "Blaming me for some other jackass, tch, well we'll see how they feel when I leave them here without the car!"] He would jangle the keys smugly in front of himself. True, Daryn went for the car but he didn't mean what he said. He was mostly just blowing off steam... But perhaps this time he meant it, he would decide when he got there.
[i Ette couldn't be successfully courted if he left, after all. More was on the line than just his friendship with a chipper dumb guy and his brat sister.]

Antonio brought a blanket around Lilly and rubbed her back, a concerned look in his eye as he felt her shaking, if only a bit.

[#7fda34 "How are you holding up, Lil?"] A soft smile accompanied Antonio's question.

[#8a130a "I'm pissed!"] Lilly squeaked, feeling herself shaking.

[#7fda34 "Hey, hey... Language. Good to know you're just shaking with rage. I'd be worried otherwise, now what exactly happened?"] Antonio spoke gently, a bit of a nervous laugh escaping his lips.

[#8a130a "Daryn carved something into a tree, and he like threw a rock or something when you two were heading back, or something..."] Lilly took a deep breath, slightly calming herself down with this story. [#8a130a "I bet he was going to try and scare me-- Well I'm not scared at all!"]

[#7fda34 "My, my... You are brave! You've always been so brave!I'm so proud of my proud baby-sister!"] Antonio doted in jovial tone. Lilly would smile and shake her head, happy to see that Antonio wasn't all that worried-- [i but he didn't hear the sound.] Lilly would bite her lip and exhale through her nose. [i It was Daryn, if not Daryn then someone he payed!] She reasserted this into her mind, a comforting thought. [i Nothing goes seriously wrong on vacation trips, after all.]

[#8a130a "I'm going to go to bed early tonight, then we can fish in the morning, right?"] Lilly asked, pulling the blanket over her head and plopping down onto her sleeping bag.

[#7fda34 "Ah, good idea. I'm actually really tired too, believe it or not!"] Antonio yawned, recalling his exhausting conversation with Daryn on the way back. [i I expected Daryn to pull a mean joke, not this early though, oh well.]

[#8a130a "Goodnight brother..."] The child wriggled to get comfortable in her sleeping bag, nearly forgetting her fears as she realized this would be the first time she actually slept in a sleeping bag.

[#7fda34 "Sweet dreams, Lilly."]
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7003 sat in his perch, glancing down at them now and then, listening in on the conversation. [+blue "They seem... Tense..."] He said, giggling quietly, the sound drifting down to them on the breeze. He sighed and slid down the tree slowly, making as little noise as he could. He wanted to make them paranoid before he dared show himself fully. He stood just outside the camp, mostly hidden in shadows. If one of them looked closely, they might pick out the shining claws, glimmering in the darkness and gentle moonlight. His eyes settled onto Lilly. [+blue "Her... She seems like a good starting point... Get her riled up first..."] He muttered, stalking away from the camp, working his way around to get behind her.

After making it around the camp unseen, he leaned on a tree that was about 25 feet away from her back. He stood there, staring intently at the back of her head the way a wolf would its prey. He smirked, one of his claws sliding down into the locked position, making a quiet click as they did. He turned to the tree he'd been leaning on and began carving into it slowly, tearing away bits of bark.
By the time he was done, it read, "Beware the dark little one." 7003 smiled at the message and then turned and slammed his claws into the trunk, a loud crunch being heard through the camp. After doing so, he turned and slipped into the forest, bushes rustling and branches snapping as he did.
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Hardly without a care, Antonio began gathering whatever sticks he could find. He went slightly ahead of Daryn frequently, but would come running back with more sticks for his bundle eventually. The entire gathering mission went like this, with not a single clue whatsoever of being watched earlier or even now. Antonio could have never thought someone would [i stalk] him, let alone want to [i kill] him, after all what had he ever done to anyone, aside from scold a few of his sisters classmates for fighting.
The brunette walked, once more in silence with his friend who had the honor of calling this camping ground [i his discovery.]

[#52234b "You don't mind that I'm putting the moves on Ette, do you?"] Daryn had spoken suddenly, breaking a silence. [i An awkward silence.] Daryn was in fact the smaller of the two, which showed in his bundle which he now adjusted carefully, something kept stabbing into his shoulder. [i Don't tell me I picked up something with a spiky little barbed weed.]

[#7fda34 "Of course I don't, if you really like her.] Antonio smiled nercously, feeling this topic to be a little uncomfortable for him. [#7fda34 "She's like another sister to me, honestly."] He would explain, clearing his throat.

[#52234b "I'll treat her good, don't worry!"] Daryn didn't seem to notice, or really, wasn't paying attention to Antonio's discomfort. He had to make sure it was okay and that Antonio wasn't going to be an obstacle of some kind.

[#7fda34 "I'm not too sure she enjoys your teasing too much though, hah!"] Antonio felt his legs pick up the pace a bit. [i Did he really feel the need for my blessing?]

[#52234b "I don't know, I think she thinks it's cute?"] Daryn pulled his pace, keeping at Antonio's side now.[#52234b "Anyways, I was thinking of asking her out sometime during the trip? What do you think?]

[#7fda34 "Uh-huh..."] It would seem, to Antonio's dismay, this would be the topic of conversation all the way back to camp. Luckily they weren't too far, however that wouldn't stop Daryn from pressing the matter and for Antonio to be too nice to shut him down. He couldn't even think of a change of conversation that wouldn't be too obvious as avoiding the original topic. [i Man the sky sure is blue... You know through the trees? No. Did you see the last episode of Red Lightning on... No. No, he hadn't even seen it yet. Damn.]

[b ~Back at Camp~]

Lilly, soon fed up with Ette's silence kicked herself up and off the log. The small girl would pace to face her on the other side of the log. The wind blew her hair, as well as the leaves adorning the trees causing a roaring rustle which caused Lilly to purse her lips and reapply herself to the situation.

[#8a130a "You aren't [i trying] to ignore me, are you?"] The brunette cocked an eyebrow, she leaned forward with her arms on her hips.

[#c63969 "I'm sorry, I suppose pouting is rather [i immature,] as you would put it."] Half lidded eyes looked to Lilly, speaking in a melancholy. Ette would then take in a deep breath, counting to three in her head before pulling on a cheerful grin. [#c63969 "Thank you, for checking on me."] Lilly felt a chill go through her, she could not understand how adults could wear emotional masks as easy as they did.

[#8a130a "Yea... Whatever."] Lilly, now with Ette's attention felt a feeling of a spotlight hitting her. [i Is she really watching me so intensely?] Ette would tilt her head which felt wrong to the child. [i Something felt very wrong.]

[#c63969 "Where... Did your brother go? He didn't wander off, did he?"] Ette asked, a sweet smile playing her lips. [i It would be like [b Antonio] to wander off, although he would have brought his sister. His sister did mean everything to him after all.] Ette wasn't mad at Lilly, she didn't even hate Lilly, not even for calling her creepy behind her back. Ette didn't see how she could even begin to be perceived as [i creepy.]

[#8a130a "No, Al sent him to get firewood with Daryn."] Lilly would watch Ette closely.

[#c63969 "Oh... Okay."] Ette would cross her arms over her lap and look down, hair falling over her eyes. [i [b Of course.]] No, no Ette didn't hate Lilly. Dark blue eyes, shaded by fallen blonde locks watched the perceptive girl. [i But oh was she absolutely [b annoyed] with the child.] Yes, annoyed, being annoyed with her was perfectly understandable. It had to be. [#c63969 [i "You didn't go with him?"]]

Lilly blank, Ette's tone was accusatory and as sudden as a slap.

[#8a130a "Uh, no... I wanted to stay behind with you. I was worried."] Lilly quickly lied and noticed Ette's shoulders droop noticeably.

[#c63969 "I really am sorry... I guess I'm just feeling moody this week."] Sudden as sudden could be, Ette had Lilly in a hug. [#c63969 "I really didn't mean to sound so... So cruel."] And in no time again, Lilly was free.

[#8a130a "It... It's fine."] Lilly really wished her brother would hurry back. Ette stood, her body language far too inconsistent and quick-paced for her liking. She watched on, concerned.

[#c63969 "I'm going to go and see if Al needs any help with anything."] Although Ette knew it would have been wonderful had Antonio asked [i her] to come along with him, it was still a relief to know that Lilly didn't hate her for barging into her and her brother's lives. [i It's okay to be annoyed. There is nothing wrong with being annoyed.]

Al watched from the tents the entire scene, as Ette began walking over he inhaled through his teeth. [i Round two it is...]
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He had been down by the lake, washing his claws and hands, humming to himself. He had a crazed grin plastered to his face as he scraped bits of flesh from his hands into the water. [+blue "Another day, another kill!"] He said in a sing-song voice.

He had been part of an experiment to see how certain traumas affected people and after so much trauma, his mind had snapped and the workers that had been putting him through the trauma had to put him into a coma.
Once pulled out of the coma, he found that he was in some sort of large cage... He remembered stalking around the cage, peering through the thick bars at anything that moved. He had become an animal trapped in a mans body... At one point, some heavily armed men entered the room followed by a small woman in a lab coat. The way she looked at him made it seem as though she knew him personally. [+red "There's my big boy..."] She had said, her voice purring as she neared the cage. This tone caught 7003's attention and he crept forward. She extended one hand through the bars and held out the gauntlets he now wore. [+red "This is your reward for being such a good boy..."] The woman said, beaming at him. With some difficulty he had pulled them on, glaring at her. His mind was putting itself back together and he remembered her coming to him quite often to... 'de-stress'. He stood up straight and felt the claws slide out. [+blue "You..."] He said, his voice quiet. [+red "Yes? It's me! You can speak now?"] She asked, getting excited.

After that, all he could remember was violence. It was a red blur. Death, destruction, pure carnage. He was pulled from the memory by the sound of footsteps. His eyes snapped back and he could see two people, male from the looks of them, walking towards the lake. He growled and shot off into the woods, snapping branches as he went.

A bit later he stumbled upon the camp and realizing this is where the males came from, he scampered up a tree and looked down at the people still in the camp. [+blue "Two females and one male left in camp... Five people in total..."] He said, his eyes lighting up happily. He let out a pleased growl like an animal would that would have been easily audible down in the camp, but being hidden in the shadows as he was, all they would be able to see were shapes.
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[#7fda34 "Daryn brought fishing poles, we should find water somewhere out here and catch our dinner!"] Antonio rifled through a discarded duffel bag with escalating zeal. Lilly watched her brother with curiosity, taking care to stay close all the while looking over her shoulder and into the thick and shady treeline just outside of their clearing.

[#0a128a "That would mean getting wrist deep in fish guts... You realize that, right?"] Al would frown, sitting on a log Antonio and Daryn had rolled over by where the fire pit would soon be, for future sitting and marshmallow roasting. [#0a128a "I feel like maybe you forget the in-between of catching and eating a fish."]

[#7fda34 "Well yea, you just cut it's head off and put it on a stick... right?"]

[#0a128a "To cook a fish you have to [i descale] it, as well as remove the guts..."] Al explained with very little emotion in his tone.

[i "Ewwwww!"] Both Antonio and Lilly looked to one another and whined in repulsion.

[#0a128a "Aside from fish..."] Al trailed on, considering putting a plan together and then quickly dropping the idea quickly. [i They wouldn't follow it to begin with.] [#0a128a "We will need firewood, and of course to decide where we'll all be staying. There are only three tents."]

[#7fda34 "Well I guess since she's my little sister, I'll be staying with Lilly."] Antonio would glance to his sibling, getting a confident nod back. Suddenly there was a gasp from directly behind Antonio and Lilly which caused the younger of the two to flinch back.

[#c63969 "So... There aren't enough tents for everyone?"] Ette winced, crossing her arms over her chest. [#c63969 "This feels like... A set up of some kind!"] The blonde glanced now in the direction of [i Daryn.] Ette in reality wasn't annoyed by the lack of tents, or the fact she might end up sharing one. Ette was really annoyed that she might share one with [i Daryn] of all people, that should she actually get the one tent to herself she had a sneaking suspicion that in the dead of the night [i Daryn] might place himself in her tent.

[#7fda34 "It's all good Ette!"] Antonio smiled, stepping over and placing a hand onto his fretting friend's shoulder. [#7fda34 "You, of course can get the one tent all to yourself, if you want!"] Ette looked up to Antonio's beaming face with a look of horror and confusion which snapped into a false smile right back.

[#c63969 "Oh... Well... That is too kind."] Ette now spoke through her teeth. [i There it fucking was, just what Daryn wanted.] [#c63969 "Thank you."] Antonio patted her held shoulder heartily before sauntering back over to the bags and Lilly. Ette stood, feeling completely too light to be in this plain of existence. [i Great.]

Daryn was just finishing up pitching one of the three tents, listening in on the conversation with a soft smile which he turned to look back with. Ette looked his way, a sweet smile on her face which reminded him a lot of their first meeting. Ette was polite, kind, and absolutely adorable... And, not that he would say anything but her accent sent shivers through him. He couldn't wait to one day bring Ette home and show her off to his parents. [i How's that for being more worldly, mum!] Lost in his own daydream, Luke nailed the tent down unevenly

[#0a128a "And... You aren't even listening to me. No surprises there."] Al, to his annoyance had come over to warn Daryn of tent-based mistakes the entire time he stared at Ette now-- longer than Daryn would have thought he had been staring. [i Yea, you have to feel bad for Ette.] And he did. Sure Ette was kind of an airhead, but she was far from home, with strangers she had hardly gotten to know is these last few months of being here. He just assumed she was anti-social and took longer to open up, much like him. Al certainly felt she didn't deserve this kind of attention, but then again neither did this tent.

Al would, after trying to snap Daryn out of his perverse delusion of having a [i girlfriend] or [i love interest] of sorts one more time, would soon give up and retreat back to the somewhat comfort that was the rolled over log where Ette now joined him in silence. There wasn't enough light to read comfortably, not with the shadow of the trees looming as they were. So between the two sitting on the log there was only a silence that just seemed [i awkward] somehow. Al took a chance to peek over at the girl beside him, she was turned looking away with a vibrantly pink jacket on and other than that he couldn't tell anything else about her really. [i It's probably her favorite color or something.] Al thought, now just trying to come up with something to say... But there was nothing.

[#c63969 "Shouldn't you help pitch tents?"] A rough, uncharacteristic voice came from Ette.

[#0a128a "I suppose I should."] So much for the [i somewhat comfort] of the log. Al stood, he hurried away; joining up with Antonio and Lilly as they set up another tent. Daryn still seemed lost in a daydream. [i Weird, but she was being harassed. She's probably just scared.] Pushing his glasses up, Al grabbed hold of where Lilly had been working and straightened it. [#0a128a "Think you and Loverboy could head out for some firewood?"]

[#7fda34 "Oh, definitely!"] Antonio stood up from tent-work, looking over Al. [#7fda34 "Everything okay with you, you seem... Bummed out, more so than usual?"]

[#0a128a "Oh yea, the fresh air might be poisoning me is all."] Al tried on a rye smile to cover up what had just happened. [#0a128a "I'll finish up here, but we definitely will need sticks and stuff to set up the campfire."]

[#8a130a "Can I come with? Please!?"] Lilly had listened patiently for a break in the conversation to get in her request. [#8a130a "I can help carry back lots of sticks too!"] Al looked from her, to Antonio, then sneaked a glance back to where Ette was left.

[#0a128a "Probably best to stay close to camp, it'll be dark soon."] He interrupted Antonio who now looked over with big eyes. [#0a128a "Besides, someone needs to [i protect] base camp, hm?"] Al tried his hardest to make it sound fun, stifling a laugh in the process.

[#8a130a "I'm far too mature to play such games!"] Lilly glared up at Al with a pout, half turning. [#8a130a "But I guess you would probably need my protection... Fine... I'll stay and keep camp safe."] Antonio came over and ruffled his sister's hair.

[#7fda34 "That's the spirit, you keep Ette and Al safe, kiddo!"] Antonio beamed, taking steps towards Daryn and enlisting him into collecting firewood. As Lilly watched Antonio go into the woods she looked around... She couldn't believe how the shadows had pulled themselves into such intimidating ways. Taking in a breath Lilly went to sit by Ette. [i Great.]
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7003 had been snoozing in the small, run down shack that he called home when he'd heard two voices getting a tad close to his humble abode. His eyes popped open, glowing a brilliant blue as he sat up slowly, yawning. [+blue "Someone way out here? Exciting~"] He said, an evil grin plastered on his face. He shuffled to his feet, the long claws attached to his wrists flicking out and then back into their sheaths. [+blue "Time to have a bit of fun!"] He said with a grin. He pushed open the rickety door of his cabin and heard the two campers footsteps stop dead. [+green "Jacob... Did you hear that? Is there someone there?!"] A girl cried out, sounding nervous. [+red "Probably just some animals hun, you don't need to worry! Nothing can get past me anyway!"] He said, flexing for her, causing her to giggle.

The two had walked on with 7003 close behind them, but these were his woods. He knew everything about this place backwards and forwards. Finally, when they had reached a semi-large clearing, 7003 grinned and let out a growl that could only be described as bone-chilling. [+green "Jacob.... I wanna go back to camp... i'm getting scared..."] The girl said, hugging onto her boy-toys arm. [+red "Nah we're fine. I'll get a fire going and nothing will want to get close."] He said, setting their camp stuff down. [+red "Set up our tents and I'll get some firewood."] He said, turning to walk off into the woods.

After about half an hour, She heard familiar footsteps approach the camp. She had crawled into the tent to hide from the dark. She was still convinced there was something out there, but she knew she would never convince Jacob that there was. She could see someone walking around the camp, setting down firewood and then sitting down next to the fire pit. She climbed from the tent and saw that it was Jacob sitting there with his head down. [+green "Jacob, are you okay baby?"] She asked, reaching out and gently touching his shoulder.
As she touched him, his body fell onto its side, deep gashes running across his chest. He was dead.
The girl screamed and began crying, falling to her knees next to him. [+green "NO! JACOB!"] She yelled, beginning to panic. At that time, 7003 began to grow bored with this game and walked from the shadows, placing a hand on her shoulder. [+blue "Hun... You've got a lot bigger problems then him..."] He said, winking at her. He had long sharp teeth that he'd filed to be able to rip into things easier. The girl began to shudder and shake as she looked into the eyes of her own death. [+green "Please... Don't hurt me..."] she said, her voice a squeaky whisper.
[+blue "Ohh see... I would let you go... But I can't do that, now can I?"] He said with a chuckle. The long blade slid from his wrist gauntlets and he grinned. [+blue "Alright, it was nice talking, but I have things to get to..."] He said, slamming the blades down into her chest, dragging them down her torso.

If anyone were to come across them, they'd find two young lovers ripped to pieces in their own camp.
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Weeks ago Daryn had scouted out the perfect camping trip. Weeks ago Daryn devised a genius plan to impress his friends and his [i girlfriend], and by god would his plan not be stopped by his best friend of three years sleeping through his own [i damn] alarm.

[#52234b "Tony,"] A tapering, and rather disgruntled blond man sat in the driver seat of his Mercedes which was parked and still in the garage, door open and ready to back out onto the road. Leaning back in his seat Daryn held one hand constricting the steering wheel. Dark green eyes darted from behind a pair of aviator shades to take role of his luggage. Daryn would clear his throat, taking a rather harsh tone with his cellphone. [#52234b "It is Seven-Thirty, you and the girls were supposed to meet up at my place an hour ago. Pick up your phone."] After leaving a quick message Daryn slipped his phone away and pulled out of his (dad's) driveway.

After a short drive, Daryn ended up in front of the Vienne Family's home and was surprised to see Antonio lugging bags outside and onto the lawn.

[#7fda34 "Ah, hey there!"] An auburn haired boy with a rather stocky build called out to Daryn as he stepped out of his car. Antonio was nineteen, sure he was a little bigger than Daryn, but he also had child-like wonder in his eyes and chubby, baby-face cheeks that made him hard to take seriously. He couldn't hurt a fly!

[#52234b "Hey man, didn't you get my calls? You were supposed to meet me at my place."] Daryn spoke with a cold, matter-of-fact tone.

Antonio brought a hand up to his head. [#7fda34 "Damn, sorry man. I thought you were going to meet us here!"] He let out a sigh. [#7fda34 "As for my phone... It's been dead for awhile, the power went out at our place last night-- You should have seen it we had to use candles and everything!"] Despite this turn of bad luck, Antonio smiled as he explained.

[#52234b "Tch, whatever... Is everyone ready to go?"] Daryn had already begun walking for the front door, hands shoved into his jacket. [i Leather, of course.] A smile crept onto the man's face as he pushed the front door open.

[#7fda34 "Uh Ette's still upstairs I think, but Al and Lilly are ready. I've already put Lilly's stuff into the truck, Al's packing light."] Antonio called, tossing what Daryn assumed to be his own bags up onto the trucks cargo bed.

Daryn's smirk wasn't just because Antonio's smile was infectious, or because things were now back on schedule with Al already being here;
It was because one of his favorite games was just a staircase away.

Walking inside, a musty smell hit Daryn which almost made him recoil. [i Damn, they really need air fresheners or something if they can't afford to run the air.] Daryn knew that had Antonio been less of anything: attractive, friendly, [i anything] that Antonio would be someone that he would especially look down on for his [i lifestyle] alone. Antonio had said the power had gone out, and Daryn had a feeling that it wasn't because of some power surge either. Daryn pitied Antonio, he didn't know but the child sitting on the stair steps looking up at him certainly did.

A little girl of ten wearing baggy clothing for the winter who had her brown-red hair pulled back into pigtails watched Daryn closely with wide green eyes. Lilly didn't say a word. [i If you don't have anything nice to say... Don't say it at all.] It wasn't often Lilly listened to this advice, though.

Daryn walked past Lilly. [i I can't believe we have to bring along the brat.] He took note that her bags were all in order, Daryn pat Lilly's head on his way up the stairs. She flinched away with a sour expression on her face.

Lilly didn't like this man, his cars roof could open up whenever and she just didn't like that, not even going into the fact she felt he drove much too fast for her liking. In fact Lilly had looked up [b Convertible Accidents] once, and she was then, forevermore convinced Daryn was trying to kill them. The girl, with tears in her eyes had once brought up her concerns to her older brother but was only met with mockery. Lilly hated being taken so lightly, especially about what she felt to be something fairly important.

[#8a130a "Do you want to die in a horrible one-eighty degree car flipping accident?!"] Lilly had cried out, her brother picking her up and laughing.

[#7fda34 "Come on now, don't be silly. That could never happen!"] He had comforted her, but to Lilly it felt more like he was patronizing her, or worse [i making fun of her...!]

Lilly watched as the blond man disappeared upstairs to torment their house guest. She was just glad to have him gone for the moment... Although maybe it didn't hurt that he went to bother [i Ette] who Lilly wasn't exactly crazy about either.

[#0a128a "You have to feel bad for her, sought after by the resident horndog."] A chuckle came from the couch, followed by the flip of a page.

[#8a130a "No I don't."] Lilly replied in a stern tone which earned another soft chuckle from Al as well as a shake of the head.

Upstairs Ette Blanka hummed along to Édith Piaf's [i La Vie En Rose.] One earbud hung from the plump blonde's ear, the other hung loosely as she zipped up her jacket and looked herself over in the mirror. Immediately she pushed her bangs to the left of her face in a messy attempt to cover an old, but fairly small scar which she had begun to pick at in the night. [i It won't stay small if you keep picking at it.] Ette winced. [i Then you'll be deformed. Unlovable. Hideous.] A second, or maybe third knock at the door startled her from gazing into her own reflection.

[#c63969 "Un moment!"] Ette fumbled onto her bed, hurrying to stuff her boots onto her feet. [#c63969 "I'll be right out, so please..."] Although her accent wasn't heavy it was still there, almost comforting that it was. [i Imagine opening your mouth to have something that isn't you come out... What a horrible thought.] Without another seconds notice the door was pushed wide open, Daryn took a step in, arms outstretched.

[#52234b "Oh no... The door. Wow, how weird! It must have been a ghost. Run to me and I will protect you!"] Daryn announced, only to be pelted by a pillow. This did not wipe the smirk off his face.

[#c63969 "I could have been changing!"]

[#52234b "Oh dang... Any chance we could try that again--"] This time a book came flying just by his head, hitting the wall and making him flinch towards the door.

[#c63969 "Get out!"]

[#52234b "Alright! Alright, I just came to tell you we're getting ready to go!"] And with that Daryn was out the door, which Ette took no time to slam behind him. [i She's so cute.] Daryn would chuckle before heading back downstairs.

Ette would grab her bags, face flushed a deep red. She knew now she would be in a car with him for a good portion of the day. She dreaded the next six hours

It came time for everyone to pile into the car.

After a few stops, and more than a few seat swaps they finally pulled into a dirt road which birthed the vast ocean of trees which made up the forest. The first boots out were of Ette, who had eventually convinced Antonio to take a break from driving and instead allow Al a turn behind the wheel so that he may hold his little sister in the back and get some rest. Al of course complained, but obliged.

[#c63969 "Belle vue..."] Ette took in her surroundings, appreciating the lush vegetation around her and wondering what more could be hidden within. A feeling of curiosity crept into her mind. In a country that isn't her home, with people she hardly knows, in a place with very few people in general. Ette felt the danger of it all in a small burst of adrenaline, but what really hit home was a sense of adventure and wanderlust.

Next came Antonio, carrying Lilly.

[#7fda34 "Wow, would you look at that..."] Antonio closed his eyes and took in a deep breath [#7fda34 "And smell that air. This is going to be fun!"]

[#0a128a "You say that now, until you're setting up..."] Al smirked, the last to climb out of the safety of the vehicle. [#0a128a "Then you'll get sweaty, and tired, and--"]

[#7fda34 "And then it's time for bed!"] Antonio bounced Lilly up before putting her down. Al winced in Antonio's direction.

[#0a128a "The work better be done before then."]

[#7fda34 "No promises!"] Antonio chuckled with delight.

Lilly now stepped closer towards the trees, looking out in wonder at the vastness. She became sure it would be very easy to walk into these woods and never come back, lost [i forever.] She became hyper aware of her surroundings, the distant call of a bird, which she could have sworn sounded like a scream scared her into shuffling back to her brother's side.

[#52234b "C'mon, let's go get camp set and be done with it already."]
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