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[#b4fdbe Jayce] smiled softly as he handed the water Alastors. He was happy when he took it. He notice him reach for the cap. Perhaps he should of put it back on. [#b4fdbe "Sorry I took the cap"] he explained. [#b4fdbe "Caps are just a pain open sometimes"] he then heard the male ask about the bathroom. He pointed the way to the bathroom.

He sighed softly as he closed his green colored. Prehaps the male though that something was up. He bit his bottom lip, what was he going to do if the male didn't drink the water. What if his plan failed? Jayce sighed softly, Once Alastor got back before starting up again. He smiled softly as he watched the male drink the water. It wouldn't be lone before he fall a sleep. Once he did the fun would began. Jayce smiled softly as he often peek back at Alastor every once while. Once he seen the male breathing patterns change, he would take over. Alastor was like a helpless little butterfly trapped in the hungry spider's web. He would devour him.

Once Jayce knew for sure that Alastor was a sleep he hand cuffed tightly him to the arms of an uncomfortable wooden chair. It wasn't to hard moving the male to the chair. It was slightly annoying, he had to be so careful. Alastor seem so peaceful when he was sleeping. If only that setative would have given him nightmares. Jayce sighed softly as ran his hand softly under Alastor jaw line. His skin was so soft. He was almost like an angel. It was to bad that was far from close this man was no angle at all he was demon. No! He was worse. Jayce made sure to tied his legs tightly to the chair. Alastor was going to have a hell time breaking free. If he did he wasn't going to get out of this hell alive.

Of course when Alastor finally became conscious again he find that his sculpture was done down to every little visible detail. It was prefect except for the red pain that Jayce had splattered and smeared on it. Jayce was nowhere to been seen. That was simply because he was standing right behind Alastor. [#b4fdbe "Well what do you think? Perfect right?"] he said with a soft smile.

[#b4fdbe "I'm glad you are wake....To bad you just didn't just die..."] he said with a cold growl. He then changed his cold icy to a sweet and eerie one. [#b4fdbe "I suppose that's okay...because now we get to have even more fun together."] he said with a sweet eerie smile as he came into view. [#b4fdbe "I have a wide variety of toys to play with"] he with a sweet chuckle. He ran his fingers over some of the throwing needles. He had other weapons hidden. Other ideas he dream about doing. It took him five years to hunt this bastard down. All those horrible thought he kept to himself. Thinking, dreaming now reality at last.

He walked over to where where was once sculpting. On the dark wooden stand, was a off-white colored cloth wrapped in that close was one of his favorite things to play with. Throwing needles, they weren't exactly good for killing but they were perfect for torture. Jayce smiled softly as he closed his green colored eyes.

[#b4fdbe "Hey do me a favor tell me if this these are sharp enough"] said with a flick of his wrist he threw shuriken needles at the male. One of them missed pierced the chair. The other two where a direct hit. The needles stab Alastor shoulder. The sound they made as they pierced the skin made Jayce smile. They two weren't life threatening but , Jayce's had more.

He planned to do more than just stabbing him with needle, why not make him cry. He need to suffer at what he had done. How could Jayce ever forgive him. He was going to break him. Then when that brat finally begged and cried to be for given he would tear out his throat. Surely that be enough to kill him right? Jayce smiled softly as the thought about putting on his metal claws. Those were his favorite thing to kill with. His claw were long metal talon that were gloves. They were easy to slip into. Sadly they did do much damage at once. So he couldn't use them yet. They were still hidden, stained with blood.
  Jacye Lovell / Surikizu / 1y 44d 9h 48m 45s
Alastor looked at Jayce's tattoo, his eyebrow raised in questions. He admired artwork such as Jayce's and had a personal preference towards geometric black and white pieces himself but he felt it would be counter productive for him to leave such an easily found mark on himself. If anyone of his victims managed to see it and get away or a passerby saw it, it would identify him immediately. It was with deep regret he didn't get one of his own but that didn't stop him from appreciating other's.

Jayce disappeared into the kitchen, reading off what he had. It seemed like a normal fridge for someone who lived alone. Was that right? Did Jayce live entirely alone? How intriguing. Alastor smiled, leaning forward slightly, his back popping as he did. Jayce came back in with a bottle of water and handed it to Alastor. He accepted it with a polite "[b Thank you.]" and went to open the bottle. When the cap opened with no seal resistance, Alastor froze. He was still only for a second before asking in a calm voice, "[b I apologize but might I use your bathroom quickly. Now that I stretched a bit I find myself in need of one.]"

He waited for Jayce to point it out and left with a small smile, expressing his thanks. He walked to the bathroom and went inside, shutting and locking the door behind him. He opened the water bottle he brought with him and sniffed just inside the rim of the bottle. If it had been anyone else, it would have been untraceable. The hint of a rare sedative, powerful, potent and nearly untraceable. Alastor couldn't help but smile.

This man had no idea with whom he was dealing, what kind of monster Alastor could really be. Jayce had set this all up, he had grandiose plans for Alastor this evening and it didn't involve clay. Alastor put the water bottle down and looked into the mirror. He took a look in the mirror and saw his reflection staring back, a pierced pale face with demon eyes. That's what his mother and father called them. Now he knew why. He took the water bottle in hand and chuckled darkly to himself.

How many years had it been since Alastor was put under the knife? He had been shot, stabbed, pepper sprayed, scratched, and even beaten. He had never been tortured. He shuttered gently weighing his options. He could go out and just end it. Kill Jayce and be done with it, make it look like self defense, he had a good enough story for it. But there would be no fun in that, not after months of starving himself. No. He would play along for now. He wanted to see what the budding artist was capable of on a new kind of medium.

Alastor flushed the toilet without having to use it and took a moment to wash his hands. He looked at his knuckles, gently marred with the scars of all the fist fights he had gotten into during a rather difficult time of finding who he was. They faded now, just a tad darker than the rest. You would have to look for them to find them. Most of his scars were like that now save a few. He wondered how many more Jayce would add tonight.

He walked back out of the bathroom and sat down in the chair, opening the water bottle he had sealed and taking a couple drinks out of it. He tasted nothing, he was very impressed with Jayce. He sighed out.
"[b That was ... wonderful.]" He said slyly, reclining back into the chair. I wouldn't be long now. "[b I can't wait for you to show me just how talented you really are.]" He smirked and felt his eyes growing heavy. Even for him, this was fast. He must ask Jayce for his supplier. He loved this stuff. That was his last thought before darkness overtook his eyes and he fell asleep in the chair.
  Alastor Akuji / Avix / 1y 46d 58m 18s
[#b4fdbe Jayce] smile softly as he closed his hazel green eyes. As he walked past Alastor his back came into view. He had a beautiful vibrant tattoo of a tiger. The tiger looked as if it was ripping out of his skin. Most you seen were it's bright green eyes and it sharp claws. Bits of it's orange colored fur. What was probably the most interesting about it how the blood look and the torn skin.

He walked over to a small dinning area that was slightly out of view. The sound of the fridge door could be heard as he pulled it open. [#b4fdbe "No I don't need any help...What would you like to drink? Do you want cherry soda, mineral water...or there is whisky ? I guess that all a really have..."] he said with a soft sigh. He should of stalked the fridge up before he came. He really wasn't think about that he only had one goal in mind. That was to torment the living shit out this guy that sat there before him.

His heart as racing as he felt around his pant pocket. Perfect the sedative that he brought was still in his pants pocket all he had to do was make Alastor consume just a little bit he would pass out. He smiled softly as he stood there silently peering into the refrigerator. He wonder what the male would like? He figure he probably wanted water. What was nice about this water it came in a nice glass. Jayce smiled softly as he pulled two water out of the fridge he open them and place them on the counter that was out of view. He reached into his pocket pulled out the small vile that contained the sedative. He open the vile and pour the white colored powder into one of the waters.

Once the substance hit he water it disappear as if nothing was there. He smiled softly as he came back and handed the male the cool bottle of water. [#b4fdbe "Here I figure you might be thirsty for some water but if you do want anything else please tell me."] he said with a sweet smile. He then walked back over where he was before. He set his water down on the wooden stand. He looked over at Alastor smiled softly. [#b4fdbe Do you want to get up and stretch your legs? "] He said with a soft smile.

[#b4fdbe "I hope you aren't getting to bored over there. All I have left is all those fine little details."] he said with a soft smile. He smiled softly as he looked toward the male. He was getting excited. Any moment the male would drink the water soon. Very soon this man would become his prey.
  Jacye Lovell / Surikizu / 1y 47d 8m 0s
Alastor sat calmly, resuming his original position and listening as Jayce spoke to him. He listened as Jayce spoke of how he didn't care about the past anymore, how silly his actions yesterday had been. Alastor took great care in refusing to laugh.

The past is what made people, it was what made him. If it wasn't for his past, Alastor would be a completely different person. He blinked slowly, the fateful scream ringing in his ears. Years later and he still remembered that beautiful scream. After that it was all a blur, most of Alastor's childhood was forgotten. The last thing he remembered before being put in a stable high school was being taken from his Mom after she tried to kill him again. From seven to seventeen, everything was almost forgotten. It was strange to Alastor that so much so be so blurry. He remembered things here and there, about how he was trying so hard to learn how to be like everyone else. Some trials and errors and how he perfected his style of killing. Those were fond memories. But despite his beliefs of the past, he didn't like to dwell on it too long.

He sat still while Jayce's full attention went into carving into the clay. The earthy smell filled the room as time went on and Alastor found him inhaling the intoxicating scent. He hadn't spent much time around clay or art projects. It seemed like a waste of time to him but then again, everything seemed a waste of time to Alastor except for books. If he couldn't be learning something useful then why do anything at all? He had to keep forwarding himself, getting better or else he lost his reason to exist. That was how a couple people met their end. He was feeling lost but he found himself arm deep in a woman's ribcage, looking for her heart to see if female hearts were truly bigger than male hearts. Fond memories.

He let out a small smile as Jayce repositioned himself, showing off how he was now shirtless. Alastor gave him the once over and found it impossible to deny that Jayce had grown up well. He was toned for sure, no sign of weakness in his natural physical form but his arms were cause for a little squinting. He had bandages wrapped up his arms and neck, hiding something from sight. He was about to open his mouth to ask when Jayce cut him off, asking him if he wanted some refreshments.
"[b You know, if you don't mind, I think I will take something to drink. Is there anything I can help you with?]" Alastor said, making making sure he said all the right things. She thought about standing for a moment but decided not to until Jayce gave him permission. Didn't want to ruin the sculpture would he?
  Alastor Akuji / Avix / 1y 47d 1h 42m 14s
[#b4fdbe Jayce] smiled as he let the male in and gesture for him to sit down. He was even polite enough to offer him a drink. He was really hoping that the male would taken his offer for a drink. It would of made things a little easier. What the hell things were boring when they weren't a little challenging. Jayce sighed softly as he closed his green colored he then open them again as he stood before the large slap of clay.

[#b4fdbe "Well if this piece turns out I'll let you take it home"] he said with a sweet like honey tone. He peer around from behind the large slab of clay. He smiled softly as he looked at Alastor. His face said one thing but his eyes said another. His green eyes looked dangerous. Almost like a large cat staring directly at it's prey. [#b4fdbe "I guess I would of never known you like my pieces so much..."] he said softly. He disappeared back behind the large slab of clay. He picked up the sharp sculpting tool from the small little stand that sat beside him.

The small wooden stand was cover with sculpting tool that were rather sharp and pointed. Jayce slowly be again to carve the clay, bits of gray clay fell on the tarp making a small sound Jayce heard Alastor speak. It was hard to see his beautiful face. That man was like an incubus. Beautiful and charming but heartless. [#b4fdbe "I suppose you are right it is hard to see your face...but your simply are beautiful you will a perfect piece for my collection."] he said soft smile. He need play this cool. He couldn't just lash out and attack the male for no reason.

[#b4fdbe "You want to be honest with me? Want to give me closer? That all just sounds like a beautiful lie..."] he said dryly. [#b4fdbe "It sort of hard to believe that you out of all people would want to have some sort of closure...Look it really doesn't matter anymore. It was silly of me to act so coldly towards you the other day.."] he said as peek out from behind the clay.

Jayce smiled softly as he continue to thing to himself. He need to play it cool. After about an hour the clay start to take form. It was being to look more human like rather than a thick block. It still need more work. More details before he could ever call it perfect. Jayce sighed softly his body must of been warm, he was started to sweat just a little. It was as if the room heated up. It must of been because he was trying to hardest to hold in his excitement. His dark and murderous thought slowly started to drift into his mind.

[pic http://i1074.photobucket.com/albums/w410/Ookami841/Moon/Suiren/Lovelust/d59c4c48-6081-4c5d-b2cc-4c2b3d78a9bf_zpsb2efqeo5.png]
Jayce shook his head, no he need to stay focus. Jayce place the tool down. Jayce slipped his hooded jacket. He tossed it over to the side it land on of of his sculptures. Jayce was now shirtless. It was only because he didn't want to ruin any more shirts of his. If Alastor ask he would always make up a quick lie that he was just so flabbergasted that he was coming over that he forgot to dress properly. It was easy or so he thought anyway.

He smiled softly as he picked the tools to sculpt a little more. He listen to Alastors every sound, or words that he spoke. He even listen to the male inhale and exhale. It was as if he was paying attention to every detail. That was normal for artist right? Jayce smiled softly as he put the sculpting tool down and step out from behind the formed clay. He reveled his shirt-less torso. He was muscular bit still some what slender. What alway the attention away from his torso was his arm. Both his arms were covered in bandages from the first knuckles on his hands all the way up to his elbows. There was even a bandage around his neck.

His neck didn't have any open wounds but a very particular scar that he always hid. A scar that he had gotten many years ago. It was hard to remember but he could remember that pain. His friend bit him hard on the neck it left a very strange shaped scar. Anyone would stop being friends after something like that. Jade didn't he stay that boy friend of corse after he bit him back. He could remember biting the boy's pale skin. The way it his teeth felt as they pierce his friend's pale skin.

Jayce sighed softly as he looked of to the side. It wasn't the time to be getting lose in his own thoughts. He need to take care of his guest. [#b4fdbe So Alastor are your thirsty or anything? I think I have some candy laying around her some where if you want something sweet."]
  Jacye Lovell / Surikizu / 1y 47d 11h 7m 22s
Alastor got the address and time not too much later. He decided to get a cab, not owning a car of his own. He didn't like dealing with too many things in his name and living in a city setting didn't make for useful car travel. He liked things he could pick up and dump fast. He called for a taxi to come and get him and set off towards the address.

It took a little while to get out to such a remote location. Alastor's heartbeat sped up as he looked around. Jayce's studio was secluded, out in the middle of no where.
"[i [b Where no one can hear you scream.]]" Alastor thought to himself as the taxi pulled up in front of Jayce's studio. He paid the driver and got out of the car.
"[i Need me to wait?]" The driver asked. Alastor waved him off.
"[b I will be fine.]"
The driver huffed at Alastor's flippant attitude but at the moment, he couldn't care less. He was almost shaking as he knocked on the door to Jayce's studio, waiting for the man to come answer the door.

The door opened, heavily swinging to revel the man from the bar last night. He looked the same if not more at ease. They were on his turf, his rules, exactly the way he wanted it. He motioned Alastor inside with a coy smile, something that made Alastor's heart beat and a small smile creep onto his own face. He had not been this excited in months. Not since his last kill.

He looked around Jayce's studio and marveled the same way he did all those years ago at Jayce's talent. The sculptures were life like and yet ethereal, as if people became angels. The ones that wore human clothing captured his eye first. The clothing looked worn, a small detail that only peering eyes could catch. Alastor began to wonder slightly what that could mean when Jayce interrupted his thoughts.
"[i So Alastor way don't you take a seat of there.]"
He motioned to a rather comfortable looking arm chair. Alastor raised an eyebrow and nodded with a small smile on his face. The chair sat on a tarp, probably to catch any falling clay pieces but it reminded Alastor of other things.
"[i Would you like a drink to sip on before we start this?]"
"[b I appreciate your hospitality but I am fine for the moment. Perhaps when we get further into the process, I am rather excited. You may not believe me, but I was always a fan of your work.]" His tone was even, disproportional to his excitement. He wondered what Jayce was going to do now that they were here, alone, in the middle of no where where no one could hear you scream. He shivered gently as he sat down in the armchair, crossing his long legs like a delicate female and resting his hands on his knees.

Alastor was never one for traditional gender roles. If anything, the way normal people split gender was one of the most confusing things to him. They would call women weaker, but his greatest fights were against women who refused to give in and die. The way they conducted themselves with such grace and elegance struck humility and awe into Alastor much the way the raw power of some men made him long for that kind of power as well. Why they were separated by nonsense gender roles was beyond him. They would be stronger together. Perhaps he should be grateful for the separation. It was easier when they were alone, untrained.

As he looked at Jayce who was getting ready to sculpt, a small smile crossed his face. He would just have to see what kind of person Jayce was, alone and untrained or something new and exciting.
"[b So, you must have questions for me. It can't be easy seeing my face again. I have to thank you for letting me come here to talk face to face. In return, let me offer some honesty, closure even to the past.]" He leaned forward, resting his head on his hands, waiting to see what Jayce would ask him.
  Alastor Akuji / Avix / 1y 47d 15h 22m 23s
[#b4fdbe Jayce] smiled softly to himself as he hung up the phone after he said a quick goodbye. Jayce texted the male the address and the street name. He sighed soft as he thought to himself. Maybe he should of went and picked Alastor up? His studio was kind of out in the middle of know where. It was easy to get lost on all those side ride that mostly led to dead ends.

Jayce sighed softly as he ran a hand thought his blonde colored hair. As he waited for 7 pm to roll around. Once it got closer to 7:00 his heart-beat picked up. He smiled as he listen for the closing of a car door. He smiled softly as he thought about how he was going to do this. Just how was he going to do this. He had everything he need ready but how was he going to tie him up. It wasn't like the man would willingly let himself be tied up.

Jayce thought about nailing Alastor in the back of the head with a blunt object but decide against it. It was messy and too much work. There was alway a risk that the blow would kill him. He couldn't have that. Not until he made that man suffer. Not until he begged for to kill him. Then maybe he be merciful and put and end to his miserable life.

Jayce smiled softly. He figure out just how he was going to do it. He would offer Alastor a drink and in that drink have a strong sedative in it. That would knock the male out. Once he was was blacked out he would make his move. Like a predator going in for the kill. He would tied that bastard to the a chair or something. There were many dark thoughts that ran thought his mind. He just wanted to ravage that man. His lust for hurting him was just getting stronger.

When he heard a heavy knock on the door he smiled softly. His facial expression brighten even more. He walked to the door and open it to see that tall seductive figure standing before him. He smiled softly as he let Alastor in. The studio was quiet nice and open. Except for all the sculpted figures that were place around the room. Most them were dull and quiet except for the one that Jayce decided to dress. Some of them where his cloth other were things that he had stolen from his victims that got to close.

Jayce sighed softly when he realize he step on something and it crunch. He also had a bit of sweet tooth there were often candy wrapper left floating around the room. The white colored walls were mostly bare except for one that had a single picture on it. The glass was shatter and cracked so it was quiet hard to see what the picture was. The picture was also stain with blood. Despite all that the picture was just valuable to just thought out. So there it remain on the wall. It often hit until it clatter to the floor. Jayce had to repair and repaint that wall quiet often.

[#b4fdbe "So Alastor way don't you take a seat of there."] he ofter for him to sit down in a nice chair that had a cushion for your back and bottom. The chair was sitting a large plastic tarp. There was a large block of clay before the chair. Jayce smiled softly. [#b4fdbe "Would you like a drink to sip on before we start this?"] he said as he ran his bandage hand a crossed the cold slap of clay.
  Jacye Lovell / Surikizu / 1y 48d 23h 33m 9s
Two days. Two days and his phone never rang. He had gone to work twice, eaten dinner alone twice, he had drank at the bar twice, and still the phone never rang. He growled to himself, clutching his phone in his hands, pacing the floor of his apartment late the third day. He had the day off work which was lucky for him because if anyone talked to him, he would have to take the closest sharp or blunt object and ram it into the closest orifice he could find.

For the past two days, his coworkers had given him a wide birth. A couple asked what was wrong or if he was okay. It was easy enough for Alastor to reply with "[b Family issues.]" to get most people to leave him alone. No one knew about his family or dared ask him and it was apparently a social norm to leave people alone when they were having family issues. It was both amusing and infuriating to Alastor how much [i family] meant in modern society. Thinking about that was almost enough to take his mind off of Jayce's missing phone call but instead of distracting him it just made him more angry.

He was sure Jayce would have called by now. He was always able to read people, always! Jayce's hate and anger were clear as the fucking sunshine or blood on a fresh wound! How could he not have called? Alastor clutched his phone in his hand, his whole body shaking slightly. He hadn't killed, hadn't taken a life in so long. His skin had begun itching [i before] he had met Jayce and now his whole life was on hold for this.

"[b Why won't you call?]" Alastor screamed, throwing the phone against the couch and watching it ricochet off the seat, to the back, and onto the floor with a loud, violent clatter. His ringtone went off but he just chalked it up to a accidentally pressed button as he began to walk out of the room.
[center That was when it rang a second time.]
Alastor was on it in a moment, swiping to answer and putting the phone up to his ear.
"[b Hello?]"
"[i Alastor do you want to come over for a little while? I could really use a new muse... I think you would just be perfect.]"
"[b That would be lovely.]" Her said with a hint of the same purr he used last night. "[b Why don't you just text me the address and the time you'd like to meet and I'll be over. Sorry, you just caught me at an odd time.]" He said ambiguously with a hint of fake embarrassment, embellished with a timid chuckle. The two exchanged farewell formalities and Alastor pressed his screen to hang up the phone. When he picked his finger up, he saw a finger print of blood on a cracked screen. He looked at it with interest, his blood smeared across the blinking number that belonged to Jayce.
"[b Oh if that is not a sign.]" He purred to himself, resisting licking his own blood off the screen. He put the cracked phone in his pocket and began walking to the bathroom to get ready for Jayce's text.

Alastor walked upstairs and opened his wardrobe, an array of clothes stared back at him. While he couldn't take pleasure in the immaterial things that people loved so much, he took much pleasure in material objects like clothes. He picked a tight fitting shirt with no sleeves but zipped up the neck. He chose a pair of pants to match, black jeans with a pair of black sneakers. It was laid back but Alastor thought he just slayed in it. In fact, he probably had once. He smiled and sat back on his bed, picking the tiny shards of glass out of his finger while he waited for Jayce to text him about today's plans.
  Alastor Akuji / Avix / 1y 49d 2h 23m 18s
[#b4fdbe Jayce] sighed softly as he step out side into the cold night air. It sent a shiver down his spine. Jayce made sure his friend got a taxi that would take him home. He paid the cab driver, he watched as the golden colored car vanished into the night. He then head to his own little four four-doored sedan. It was nothing fancy but it was nice. He started it up, then took off towards home. That was right in the center of the city.

Once he got home he park his car in the parking garage. He then walked into the warm building that often smelt strongly of lavender. The land lord love the smell of lavender was often flooding the building with it's strong scent. Jayce walked up the stair once he came to the four floor. He walked down the hall with a small smile on his face. He unlock his door, when he reached the door that read 404.

He smiled softly as he step inside. He took his shoe off on the mat that was at the door then. His jacket came off. The small slip of white paper flutter to the floor. For a moment Jayce just star at it before picking it up. He sighed softly as he walked to his bed room. Where most like his pet cat was sleeping. Sometime he would be wake and waiting for him. It was quiet cute seeing his kitty greet him with a sweet meow.

Once Jayce got into he room he was disappointed seeing the sleeping cat. He must of been tired. He sighed softly as he yawned himself. He had thought about picking up his cell phone and calling Alastor but he was going to yet. One it was the middle of the night. Two why not make him wait a little. He need time to plan everything out. He wanted things to got perfectly.

After 48 hours, Jayce decided it would be time to give Alastor a call. Everything was in his place. Today would be the day he would take Alastor to his studio where he sculpted. His studio was secluded there was hardly any one around. It was quiet peaceful. There was a beautiful lake that was close by. It was just breath taking in the morning. Watching the sunrise over the water. Jayce sighed softly as he picked up his cell phone. He dial the number that Alastor gave him. He really hope that the male would pick up. Part of him wonder if they man gave him a fake number just to piss him off more.

When Alastor picked the phone up all those thoughts went away. [#b4fdbe "Alastor do you want to come over for a little while? I could really use a new muse... I think you would just be perfect"] he said with a sweet like honey tone. He really hope that he male would agree to come.

Everything was set up perfectly. He made sure his studio was cleaned spotless. Everything had to be in it's place. Even the flowers that were around the room had to be perfect. He plucked off every brown colored petal that he seen. He smiled softly as he waited for the males response.
  Jacye Lovell / Surikizu / 1y 50d 1h 22m 32s
He was surprised the man accepted the invitation to catch up and hang out, almost disappointed even. Though watching him shatter that glass in his hand gave Alastor all the answers he needed to any question he would have had. He almost smiled at the amount of raw anger and hate that man had for him. But it was the mention of sculptures that made him remember the man's name.
"[b Jayce.]" He purred to himself as he grabbed his jacket and walked out of the doors of the bar. He didn't bother to put his jacket on because then that would be two articles of his clothing that smelled like cheap beer. He ignored the cold and walked down the street remembering every inch of Jayce's face. My how he had grown up. He was so thin and weak in school. It was easy to understand why the other boys picked on him, why it was so easy for Alastor to get under his skin. He still remembered the day of the sculptures.

The boy had talent. He remembered that. He remembered actually liking his sculptures, the detail and attention put into them were marvelous. But Alastor had to remain part of the status quo with his friends and they all planned on breaking them. They had even gotten cold feet, wondering whether or not to push them over. It was Alastor who did it first. He didn't see what the big deal was, why it was such an issue. He still remembered Jayce's face. The heartbroken look. It was something he had never seen before in his life or ever since.

Alastor quickly pushed the memory from his mind with a wave of his hand. He didn't like thinking of his past. It was as the people said now a days "cringe worthy". He continued home, pinning his hands against his sides for warmth. It wouldn't be long home now. He found himself thinking of Jayce again. It was odd that he would fixate like that. He found himself thinking of the way his face filled out, became harder and less soft. He liked it. His voice and body were hard too. He could see it beneath his shirt and in the way he shattered that glass like it was nothing. He almost hoped that wasn't just the adrenaline and hatred. Perhaps the kid really grew a steel set in all these years they had been apart.

Alastor came upon his apartment and unlocked the door, walking inside and locking it back up. It was dark inside save the flickering glow coming from the living room. He walked over and found his "friend" passed out on the couch, an empty tub of ice cream in his lap. Alastor pulled his lip back in disgust and placed his face in his hands.
"[i You do not stab your 'friend', you do not stab your 'friend'.]" He chanted to himself as the muscles in his arm twitched. This is one of the many reasons why he hated it when people stayed over. Mess. They all left mess. Alastor kept his apartment spotless. It was a way to pass the time when he was allowed to be alone and it allowed him to make sure everything was in it's place, everything was as he wanted it, and no one could find anything he didn't want them to find. He ignored his "friend" and turned off the T.V. he was sleeping in front of and walked upstairs.

He made his way to the bathroom and stripped down, throwing his outfit in the laundry basket, making note to wash them the very next day. He stepped into the shower, turning the water on after he was inside. The icy water blasted him, making him gasp in discomfort before the hot water began to pour over his body. He groaned instead, standing inside the heat and the steam. It hurt his frozen fingers and toes but slowly was warming him up. This was one of his favorite places, it was the perfect amount of noise, he was clean, everything was clean, he could control everything about his surroundings in here and it was the only place he could relax. No one came into his bathroom but him. He was finally alone.

Alastor felt his thoughts coming back to Jayce as he stood under the hot water. He knew they would see each other again. He had such strong feelings about Alastor that there was no way he wouldn't call him. Alastor smiled, watching the water run down into the drain. They would get together soon, and Alastor would see where it would lead. Perhaps this would be his next one. Perhaps Jayce would be the next one to vanish into the nothingness. He groaned and leaned against the smooth, cool, porcelain wall. Maybe not. There were many people who saw them at the bar tonight and Jayce probably told someone of his hate for Alastor. They would know it was him should Jayce go missing. Perhaps Alastor could claim self defense? No. He didn't want the cops involved. They dug too deep, like nasty little thorns you had to rip out of your skin with your teeth.

Alastor turned off the water, resolving himself to waiting to see how the meeting went. He grabbed a towel and walked over to his dresser, pulling out a white tank and a pair of boxers and pulling them on. He laid in his perfectly made bed, staring at the ceiling. He placed his phone on his nightstand and began waiting, waiting for it to ring, waiting for Jayce to call.
  Alastor Akuji / Avix / 1y 50d 2h 37m 1s
[#b4fdbe Jayce] watched the Alastor stand up and looked at his friend. He was truly shocked that he didn't punch his friend in the face. Jayce eyes looked back over to his friend who was startled by the tall beauty before. Jayce sighed softly as rolled eye his eyes as heard Alastor speak.

Oh no. He was far from being hated he was despised. Wanted to badly to ravage him. Destroy any ounce of pride that male had. [#b4fdbe "Yes it really has been a long time."] he said dryly. He didn't bother to answer that last part because he still did hate him. He was beyond hate.

He listen to the male ramble on how he was sorry. It was all lie, this man wasn't sorry at all. It was all a beautiful lie. His charming voice sound just as lovely as ever. He always like Alastor voice it was very soothing. It still didn't change how he felt about him. It was foolish of him even think that Alastor was at one point in time attractive.

Jayce quickly hid his feeling behind a smile. [#b4fdbe "Oh it's so silly and childish of me to hold a grudge...but you destroy my art work the only thing that brought joy to my life..."] he said with a soft sigh. He took a drink of his spice tea that just left a horrible bitter taste in his mouth. He clutched the glass tightly. It slowly began to crack, then suddenly it shatter in his hand. Causing alcohol and blood to flood on he dark wooden table. Jayce's friend freak out slightly at the site of the blood. "Jayce! Jayce! he cried your bleeding". [#b4fdbe "Ah so I am I guess I accidentally held the glass a little to tightly."] He said with soft sigh.

Jayce didn't seem to care that his hand was bleeding. He just listen to Alastor go on. Then a smile came to his face. [#b4fdbe "You know I would love if we could catch up! Maybe I could sculpted you if your don't mind being my model..."] he said with a sweet smile. This would be perfect way to lure him into his web.

Jayce smiled softly he was handed the white slip of paper with the phone number. He took it and stuffed it in his jacket pocket. He then felt his bloody hand being wrapped in a cloth. He glance over at his friend, who looked panic. He sighed softly as he stood up it was time to leave. He need to get his friend home. [#b4fdbe "Well Alastor I'll see you around"] as he watched Alastor leave. They too need to leave, his friend was already drunk as a sunk.
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Alastor was on his third martini when warm piss came falling from the sky all over his back and hair. He didn't move much but his back tensed up and his eyes became dangerously dark. He turned slowly, eyeing the sloppy drunk who decided to spill his entire drink down his back. The man had flushed red cheeks and a sloppy voice that was a sure tell of how drunk he really was. Before Alastor could say anything a voice cut through that rang in his head like a far away bell. There was a vague memory in the voice that said "[i Oh don't even bother saying sorry to someone like him... He doesn't deserve it.]"

Alastor looked over at the owner of the memory and stared his past right in the face. The name didn't come to him immediately, but the images did. Grade school, he was still in foster care. It was one of his more permanent homes at the time. He remembered his face, so different back then. Always sad, always ready to be punched by someone with a little more balls. He had treated him poorly back then. He remembered that clearly. He didn't feel bad about it. He didn't know what he was doing. He knew it was wrong but somehow he couldn't bring himself to care.
Alastor looked at how the boy had grown into a man. Blonde hair, ruffled to neat perfection, piercings that accented his thin face and hard green eyes that made Alastor want to shutter. He grew up well, got some balls. Alastor liked the improvement.

He waved off the bartender who can come over to the commotion and stood up. Ignoring the drunk who stood, well swayed in front of him. He walked over to the man and for the first time in a while he let a little purr creep into his voice.
"[b My, my, my, it [i has] been a while hasn't it. I didn't know you still hated me so fervently.]" He watched the man's face for some form of response, trying hard to remember his name. There was something else nagging at the back of his mind. Something deeper and farther from grade school. What was it and how was it tied to the boy in his past? He didn't linger on it. He had to put up his facade again. Defuse the tension. If one of them showed up dead, it would be pretty obviously him. He didn't feel like getting caught after decades of being so careful.
"[b It was horrible what I did in grade school to you. I was following the boys, the popular kids, you know? Just trying to make it. Though, it doesn't excuse my actions.]"
Part of it was true. He was just following the popular ones, thinking perhaps this was how normal people acted. As he got even older though, he found that it wasn't how the majority acted. It was a mistake on his part. Though instead of seeing it as a mistake as some did, he saw it as trial and error. A natural part of his learning process.
"[b Perhaps we can catch up over a drink or some coffee some other time? I have to go home and change out of this shirt now.]" He gave him a small, fake smile. He wanted to go home and burn this shirt. He couldn't deny the anger at smelling like cheap beer. If only he could return the favor and pour some acid on the back of that sloppy fucker.

He walked over to the bar and reached over the counter, pulling a pen from behind the ear of the bartender with a wink. He could tell Jo was shocked for he stood there with a slight blush on his face. Alastor walked back over to the man and leaned over, writing down his cell number for him.
"[b I'll understand if you don't call. But I would really like it if you did.]" At his last sentence, the same purr crept into his voice and he gave the man a glimmer of a real smile. He stood back up getting ready to leave and wondering if the man would make a move towards him. This was an interesting night for the first time in a long time.
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[#b4fdbe Jayce] glared at the white haired male who was yet to notice that he was even their. Jayce growled low in his throat. He had to keep him self tamed. He couldn't stain Alastor red just yet. He had to be a good boy and act like a normal person. Jayce green colored burn with hatred. After all this time of waiting, searching. He finally had that heartless man in his site.

Jayce looked off to the side surely if he just stare at him it would cause attention. Attention that he didn't want. Jayce reach into his jacket pocked and pulled out a half empty pack of cigarettes. He lit one into deep breath in, smoke pour of his mouth. Jayce only smoked when he was stressed.

Surely his loving friend who was late would yell at him. Lecture him about horrible smoking was for his health. Sometimes he just need to cute lose. If he didn't things would become unstable. That was a level where no wanted to be. He was hazard to not only himself but for others.

Jayce sighed softly as he looked at his watch. His friend was already a half hour late. He wasn't going to leave, not when he had his pray in his site. He wasn't going to let this male get way what he had done. He was going to make him pay. He couldn't do here, not with all these people hanging around.

Jayce sighed softly as he closed his eye. The bar-tender was nice enough to check on him bring him spiced tea with whiskey. It was a good bitter drink. The tea helped with the bitterness but the slice of lemon or lime thats had sunken to the bottom of the glass just made it addicting. Perhaps this was the reason his friend love this shitty little bar so much. They knew how to make good cocktails, and other spiked drinks.

Jayce smiled sweetly when his friend shown up. He could hear his friend coming. He quickly extinguished his half-smoked cigarette. His friend was really a nice boy. He was very polite, Jayce could tell that the he had a crush on him. Jayce didn't feel that way towards him. Jayce hardly felt anything, except for anger. Tonight his heart was racing with excitement for what might come later.

He and his friend and him had lovely little chat but as the time passed. His friends mood suddenly changed. He got really clingy and flirty. He finally did as Jayce excepted. The boy had a crush on him. The boy asked him if he would go out with him. Jayce just smirked as he said a in a sweet like honey tone. [#b4fdbe "I'm married to my job..."] he said as he looked at his friend. The brown haired male seem depressed but he wouldn't admit that he was even if he asked.

Jayce sighed softly as he patted his friend shoulder [#b4fdbe "There are plenty of other fish out in the sea."] he said. His green colored eyes went back to Alastor. He was just waiting for the right moment to sink his claws into him. He was going to ravage him, not in the good way either. How was he going to get his attention. How was he going to him to even notice that he was there. He was he going to lure him away from all these people.

Jayce sighed softly as his mind wonder else where. It was then his notice his friend that gotten drunk mindless stood up with a drink in his hand. He lifted his arms to fast. The beer that was in the glass splashed Alastor. Jayce couldn't help but snicker a little. How careless of him, to just stand up so abruptly and dump beer on a stranger. His friend quickly said a sloppy slurry sorry.

Jayce narrowed his green eyes and watched Alastor closely. What was he going to now. Was he just going get up and walk away? No. That wasn't like him at all. He would mostly pummel his friend. Jayce was going to let that happen. It would be easy to take advantage of the up rising situation.

Jayce honey like tone seem to have vanished. It became corse and dry.
[#b4fdbe "Oh don't even bother saying sorry to someone like him... He doesn't deserve it. "] he said coldly. Why bother being friendly when all he was going to was lure him into web. Where surely he be devoured.
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Alastor walked down the street, his hands in the pockets of his pants and his jacket collar turned up to the biting wind. It had been a long day of pretending. He had pretended at work, giving people small smiles who deserved a bullet to the face much more than courtesy. He had pretended when his coworkers invited him out of a drink, laughing at jokes that made him want to stab them in the throat just to make them stop. He had pretended with his "friend", wanting to kill the dude's girlfriend just so he would stop bitching about her all the time.

Alastor had to put on all these fronts just to make sure that no one know who he really was. He had spent so long learning the ways of the world and how everything and everyone in it worked. He learned all the right things to say, all the right actions to do, the right job to have, the right look to wear, he spent most of his life learning how to be human.
[center And it was exhausting.]

Alastor listened as he feet tapped against the pavement of the sidewalk, a couple cars going by in the evening light. Headlights lit up the dim road in front of him, leaves of all colors flying in the turmoil caused by the car's created windspeed. Alastor normally preferred to have at least half of the day to himself. A chance to be home and not have to put on such a ridiculous face just to pass in the world. Today, however, was one of those unlucky days were home was not an option and work was the other half of his day. His "friend" and the "friend's" girlfriend, had gotten into another fight over something Alastor couldn't care less about. All Alastor knew was that his "friend" had been kicked out of his own apartment and came literally crying over to Alastor's place for a place to sleep and vent all his worries for the past two hours. Alastor knew it was two hours because he was paying attention to every second that passed in that unending torture and because he cut his "friend" off at exactly two hours of bitching with the phrase, "[i If she is that bad, just break up with her.]" What he wanted to say was "[i If she's that bad, just kill her.]" But appearances, appearances, appearances.

Alastor made his way up to his destination of choice, the Hop Skip. A run down, horribly named bar that sold liquor that Alastor liked at prices he could afford. The bartenders liked him there, sometimes a little too much but it was easy to get strong even discounted drinks depending on how much he pretended with them. Sometimes it felt like a game but tonight, Alastor knew it would feel more like a chore. He opened the doors and stepped inside. At least the warmth was real. He rubbed his arms a little before taking off his jacket. He had on a tight turtleneck tonight that was generally worn by women. It hugged his frame, showing off his slender but muscular form. It got people to stare and generally this was the outfit that got him the most free drinks. The only reason real reason why he came here. He walked into the smokey atmosphere and sat down at his normal chair at the bar and rested his elbows on the counter, his fingers resting against his lips.
"[u Well look what the cat dragged in.]"
Alastor looked up, only moving his eyes. It was Jo tonight. He was a flirty, closeted homosexual who had quite the thing for Alastor. He liked Jo best. They were both hiding something and Alastor could relate but at least Alastor knew how to actually hide something.
"[b A day you wouldn't believe.]" Alastor said evenly. Jo chuckled and leaned on the counter in front of him.
"[u Try me.]"
"[b How much time do you have?]"
"[u As much time as you need.]"
"[b In that case, I'll take a drink first. My usual.]"
"[u You got it my man.]"
Jo left his perch and Alastor closed his eyes, taking a deep breath in and sighing out. He hoped the bar got busier in the next couple minutes so Jo wouldn't have time to sit and listen to Alastor pretend to be exasperated over his "friend's" misfortune. Maybe he would just ask Jo for some advice and turn him out while he spoke. That might be the best idea he had all day. He opened his eyes as Jo set down a drink in front of him, a vodka martini straight up, dry and with a twist of lemon. He picked it up and took a drink. It hit him almost immediately, the sour notes of the vodka making the lemon almost sweet inside his mouth. He resisted the urge to shoot it back, knowing too much at one time made him sloppy. He made a dramatic sigh of approval and gave Jo a thumbs up.
"[b Excellent as always my man.]"
Jo just chuckled and looked towards the other end of the bar where he was being haled too.
"[u Hold that thought okay Al?]"
"[b However long you need.]" Alastor said taking another sip. "[i Take forever if you need. I don't give a shit.]" He thought to himself, making it a gulp instead of a sip. He would need about three more of these tonight to make sure he didn't slip a knife into his new roommate's side while he slept. Fighting or not, someone was bound to notice if he never came back. Perhaps he could say it was a suicide? He could string him up and watch him dance. A little entertainment before bed.
Alastor let these thoughts dance around inside his head as he swirled his martini in his hand, unaware of someone being him, watching him intently.
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The memory was faint but still there. There was once a special person in Jayce life. It was his closest friend, but one day his friend just disappeared. Jayce was heart broken. The two were close or at least he thought they were. They would often go to the park, scared girls, or go fishing. As time past all those fun loving memories disappeared. It was getting harder and harder to even remember what that boy looked like. Who he was, what they used to do for fun.

Jayce grew up that day he started high school. He was often bully by this white haired boy, named Alastor Akuji. Jayce couldn't pretend that he wasn't attracted to Alastor. He was quiet beautiful, heterochromia eyes were just to die for. He was a beautiful boy but his personality was just a turn off. Alastor was heartless and cruel. As time past his hatred grew for Alastor.

Jayce was pretty good at most subjects expect for math. He struggled with math. What really sucked, was Alastor was in that class with him. He would often get teased about not knowing how to do fractions other simple things. Jayced just hated anything that had to do with math. Once it got to his senior year he didn't have to worry about math class. He was able to focus on things he really enjoy like art.

Jayce loved art, he learn many things from his teacher, but his favorite things was sculpting. He became quiet good at it. His teacher normally praised him for being so good at sculpting. That didn't stop Alastor from smashing his pride into the ground. One evening Alastor and a few of his friends smashed Jayce sculptures. When Jayce finally found some happiness it was all stolen way from him.

He was heart broken seeing his art shattered to bits. He felt broken just how they were. After that day he wasn't the same. It was like something inside him just snapped. He started stay way from his after school activities, and the friends that he did have. Which was very small amount.

Jayce swore that someday he would get his revenge. He was going to let Alastor just get a way with hurting him. Crushing his every ounce of pride that he had left. He was going to destroy him someday. Years past it had been a long time since he had seen Alastor. Jayce often search for him but he always came back empty handed.

It seem that Alastor was gone, but that male still left a marks that never seem to disappear. His hatred for Alastor burn like lava. Jayce became quiet a famous artist. People came from all over to see he beautiful sculptures. There was still a side of Jayce that the public didn't know about it. It was the side that he called Jaden. Jayce had run into quiet a few people that try to take advantage of him. He easily disposed of them. It was only months later that people would find their mangled bodies.

There was never any leads. No knew that beloved sculpture was a murder. It wasn't like he purposely meant to do it they just crossed the line. They made him snap. They made him remember the pain he felt so many years ago. Even though he had killed a couple people here and there. It never eased the pain. He still hurt, his main desire was skin his claws into Alastor. He wanted to destroy him.

How? How was he going to destroy him. How was he going to attract him. How was he going to skin his claws into him. These were thoughts that often ran thought his mind at least once a day. He sighed softly as he rain a hand through his blonde colored hair. His hazel green colored eyes burn with pure and utter hatred. Tonight was going to be a simply and easy night. He was going to be meeting his friend at a bar where he would be getting a drink. Maybe he get Alastor off his mind.

When Jayve got to the bar. He let out a small sigh. The bar was slightly run down, it looked shay to him. This was were his friend wanted to meet. He step inside the bar and sat down at table. He waited for his friend to show up. Jayce eyes danced around the bar. It was then that he spotted him. Sitting not to far from him, his heart raced with excitement. Tonight was the night that he finally get his revenge.
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