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Alastor dressed up for the occasion. It was his night to entertain after all so he dressed up in a black button up shirt and pants to match, all of his silver jewelry shining. He actually did his hair with some ancient pomade that still smelled divine and oaky. He put on his dress shoes and even put on a snow white tie. He had been saving this nice silk tie for a very special occasion. Now was the best time to do so.

He set out to the bar where he normally went expecting Jayce in his gusto to already be there. He left about the same time he expected Jayce to leave so they would arrive at the same time. He did not believe in being "fashionably late" nor would he ever be too early. Same time was always best. On time. And he arrived on time to see Jayce in a fist fight with a regular drunk. Jerry he believed the man's name was. He was always picking fights with new comers. He tried to pick a fight with Alastor and that was why his front left tooth was fake. It was also why the bartender was in love with him. He watched Jayce sit down with a bloody smile and Alastor's dead heart skipped a beat.
"[b That is one way to make an entrance.]" Alastor said, the calm, silk like tone returning to his voice. He noticed the bartender coming over but Alastor raised a hand and turned to him.
"[b Don't bother. It's not a big deal.]" He flashed him a smile, half fake and noticed as the bartender slowly backed off, taking in Alastor's body as he went. He returned the favor, feeling especially risqué this evening before returning to Jayce.
"[b Thanks for being here. I would offer you a drink but...]" He gave Jayce a little wink and rubbed his still healing wounds gently through his shirt. "[b Instead, let me take you to my house.]"
He wanted to offer Jayce his hand but he felt that would be too much for the kid. He wanted Alastor's head on a plate after all. They walked out of the bar, the bartender giving Alastor a small nod which he returned.

The night air was cool and felt good against the little bit of exposed skin Alastor had. They walked in silence most of the way, Alastor just taking in Jayce's physique and dimensions. He hadn't before, hadn't taken him seriously enough but now... now he didn't miss a detail. The muscles that laid almost hidden under his clothes and lean frame. They were there for those who knew how to look. His jaw was strong, chiseled even but still slanted ever so slightly like a boys. His eyes were dark, clouded, haunted and still the brightest green Alastor had seen in a long time.

They arrived at Alastor's home not too long later. He opened the door and invited Jayce inside, holding the door like a gentleman would. As Jayce walked in with Alastor close on his heels, he pulled the pipe he had hidden on his porch and brought it down on the back of Jayce's head.


It was not long later that Alastor had returned the favor of strapping Jayce to a chair using only rope this time. He was in the center of his living room, plastic sheets all around the floor and furniture. He had bought them special. The sound they made as he glided across them was like music.
"[b Jayce... Jayce are you awake yet? I have so much to share with you.]"
He uncapped some bathsalts and waved them under his nose, waking him from his stupor. He smiled at Jayce and opened his arms to show him.
"[b Voila! Welcome to my home. It's not as grand as yours and I don't have many hobbies... well, save one.]"
Alastor pulled a knife from his pocket and flicked it open, the blade gleaming in the bright white light of his lamp.
"[b It's a lot like yours and yes, I know I am not the first. You made that wonderfully clear.]" He cooed, rubbing his stitches again. "[b Who knew you'd grow up to be a monster like me.]" He smiled again and circled behind Jayce, running the knife blade across his chest to his back. It wasn't enough to cut and it might not have even been enough to scare him but Alastor was just testing the knife against his skin.
"[b Do you like it? I thought the irony of it would be like dessert to you. You love a good meaning don't you? A meaning? A memento? Like those decorations on your statues.]" He drug the knife quickly across the back of Jayce's neck making a shallow cut. He drug his finger through the new blood and dried blood, the colors making a mosaic on his fingers.
"[b You must tell me more Jayce... before I get so utterly bored.]"
  Alastor Akuji / Avix / 329d 4h 42m 53s
[#b4fdbe Jayce] sighed softly when he didn't hear anything back. Then he began to worried what if Alastor didn't make it home? There were wild animals they lurk around this part of the forest. He sighed softly as seeds of doubt spread in his mind. [#b4fdbe "There no away that he could be dead..."] he told himself. [#b4fdbe "That man is a monster, a few petty wounds like that would kill him. Right? Of corse he isn't dead!"] he said to himself with a smile. His excitement grew for this little game they were playing.

Then the thoughts of reality sunk in. For either one of them to truly be happy one of them had to die. That didn't sit well on Jayce mind, deep down he just wanted to have a friend who actually care for him. Even monsters need love right? Jayce sighed softly as he went back to working on more sculptures. This week seem like a it was going to be a long week. He had so many people that wanted his sculptures. It was becoming rather tiresome.

Jayce started at the gray slab of clay for a while. Until he heard the sweet sound of his phone. He had gotten a text message. He smiled softly as he quickly unlocked his phone after he seen who the message was from. He was happy to see that it was from Alastor. How exciting, that he want him to come over to his place in a week. What in the word could that male have in store for him. Jayce smiled as he thought about what it might be. Jayce began sculpting, only to find himself making another sculpture of Alastor. [#b4fdbe "Damn it..."] Jayce said in a soft mumble to himself.

Jayce decided to go a head an continue with the sculpture. It wasn't like he didn't know what Alastor looked like. He image was burnt into his brain. Once he was finished with the sculpture he clean up his studio then head home. He had a lot on his mind. Once he got home he sat down on the sofa and started to think. He couldn't want for this week to be over.

As time pass thought build into the male's mind about what would happen and the curiosity was getting to him. Finally the week was over. It had been a long week. Jayce had made over 10 sculptures that week for art exhibits and for other people that were just dying to have one. It was nice but it was also a pain dealing with all those people. Jayce sort of like this popularity. It was actually really good for business.

Jayce smiled softly as he looked over the message a couple of times. He would do as it said in the message. He went to the shady looking bar. To meet Alastor, he was wearing some what nice clothes. His neck was once again wrapped in bandages. Jayce has a arrived a little earl to the bar. He sighed softly as he looked around the bar how annoying people were starting at him.

He could hear them whispering. It was annoying, Jayce reach into his pocket and pulled out his phone to look at the time. Maybe he changed his mind? There was no way that he did. He sighed softly as he pulled out his cigarette and lit one up. He too a deep breath in then let out puff of smoke. Jayce yawned then hear foot steps he looked over to see a tall man standing before him. The two just stared at each other until the male finally blurted out what he had to say.

[i "Your cigarettes are disgusting!"] he said. Jayce just left out a huff [#b4fdbe "If you don't like it then just stay away from me..."]he said. The man didn't take wall to what Jayce said. The tall man grabbed a hold of Jayce by the collar of his shirt. He pulled Jayce up to his feet. Jayce cringe at the smell alcohol. Clearly the male was dunker than a sunk. [#b4fdbe "Look buddy I'm waiting for someone so if you would kindly just put me the hell down..."] he said with a smile [i "You think I will put you down with that kind of attitude you arrogant little prick..."] the male said.

Jayce just smirked as he let out a puff of smoke in the male's face. Things were about to get a little messy. The male punch Jayce in the face, causing him to lose his cigarette and his bottom lip to crack open. Blood drip down his chin and he just smiled. Jayce broke out of the male's grasp, after he return the favor and kicked the male roughly in ribs. The man dropped Jayce as he gasp for breath. Jayce fixed his shirt, and hair. He smiled softly as he licked his lips. He looked towards the male smiled a crooked smile. It wouldn't be to hard to take this man but he didn't want to start a huge fight. Not to night, he just wanted to wait for Alastor in peace.

[#b4fdbe "I'll let this slide this time but try something like that again you will surely regret it."] he said as he looked toward the male who was on the floor. He went back to sitting alone at the table. Waiting for Alastor with a bloody smile on his face.
  Jacye Lovell / Surikizu / 363d 10h 51m 18s
Alastor sat in the bathtub for hours until the water became almost room temperature. His fingers pruned and he sat there, the water becoming almost as still as he was, the only ripples coming from his slow but steady breathing. He didn't know how much time had passed when he finally got up from the bathtub. He stripped his sopping wet clothes off and left them inside the draining tub as he wrapped a towel around himself and walked towards his room.

A small ping stopped him though, muffled. He looked towards the tub and dipped a hand into the bloody water. He pulled up his pants and in his pocket. His phone. He looked at the locked screen.
"[i Hey it's me....I accept your invitation...just name place, and time.]"
Alastor went to unlock it and the screen jolted to black. He snarled, closing his fist around his phone and threw it against the bathroom wall. It thudded against the wall, a small dent in the plaster and clattered to the ground, heavier than it should have been.

Alastor walked into his room, wincing slightly when he turned to look around. He needed a new phone now and part of him blamed Jayce for that. Alastor had been so weary from blood loss he climbed into the bath to preserve himself. Blood loss because of Jayce cutting into him with such reckless abandon. When it was Alastor's turn, he would show Jayce just how to mutilate someone.

Alastor walked slowly over to his bed and sat down first before falling backwards, letting go of the towel and just laying on his bed in all his glory. He let his body rest again, his wounds to air out, the water not making them any better. He knew this but he sat in there anyway. He couldn't get over the piece of his past that scrapped through the cracks of his mind.

It wasn't like he had forgotten it all. He remembered his younger childhood, his time spent in hell. His father, his mother, almost everything up until that fateful night. Something powerful happened that night, something so powerful after he fell asleep that he didn't remember anything, anything at all until his first kill. He came alive that night and from then on, he remembered every detail. He thought that what he [i could] remember was all that mattered.

He couldn't believe he had forgotten Jayce. He wondered if maybe it was better that he had forgotten Jayce. The boy with the talented hands. Alastor let his hands graze across his stitches as he thought of the paint splattered sculpture. Talented hands indeed.

He forced himself to stop thinking just for the evening. He was falling into sleep and he let it take him, knowing that death wasn't knocking, not yet anyway.


Alastor woke the next morning and got dressed. He dressed up a little. A dress shirt in a dark red, just incase of any pulling. He put on a black tie and dress shoes. He decided to forgo a jacket and consider his outfit complete. He was only out for a phone today anyway. Wouldn't want to keep Jayce waiting.

He made his way down the street, walking taller than usual, turning a couple more heads than usual. He paid them no heed though he saw everything. He was set on his path, his mind racing again.

He was wondering what wonders he was going to show Jayce. He was torn, split down the center. He wanted to show Jayce his own insides when Alastor slit his gut from ab to ab or to show Jayce how to properly cut a throat so that you can see the insides moving as a victim tried to call for help. He wondered if Jayce had seen either before. He shivered at the thought and cleared his mind as he pushed open the door to the phone company.

"[i Good day sir! How can we help you?]"
"[b I recently broke my phone. I am here to get a new one.]"
"[i Absolutely sir! Might I ask how the old phone was damaged?]"
"[b Waterlogged.]" He said with a half smile, half grimace at the boy who was starting to push. He was thin but tall, almost as tall as Alastor. He was younger, only in his early 20's, acne still a problem. He didn't have glasses but the redness in his eyes suggested contacts.
"[i Well good news for you sir, we got in this new phone, top of the line technology for bottom of the line price...]"
"[b I am into simple.]" Alastor said cutting the boy off, walking over to where the heavily discounted phones were. He looked at them, some of them flip phones even, minutes only. He smiled at the memory of his burned cells that he need to use. Perhaps it was time to pick up the burned phones again.
"[b I want something simple but secure. I don't like the flashy buttons and extra folders.]"
The kid was silent for a moment before offering another cellphone away from the ones that he was looking for. Alastor resisted rolling his eyes and just smiled at the boy.
"[b Thank you. I'll take this one.]"

It was an hour later and Alastor almost dirtied his hand early ready to throttle the kid. What a menace. He was constantly trying to upgrade him dispite how many times he politely refused him. It took a steely gaze to get the kid to unpackage the phone and finish set up for him. He told the kid to get all the old contacts for him and almost plunged his knife in the kid's eye when he said without the SD card, there was nothing he could do. He thanked the kid through his teeth as he walked out.

His phone vibrated as he walked out though, a familiar message popping up.
"[i Hey it's me....I accept your invitation...just name place, and time.]"
Alastor smiled and ran his fingers over the new keyboard.
"[i [b Come see me in a weeks time. Where we met anew. I'll take you home.]]"
He locked the phone again and put it in his pocket with a pat. Oh did he have some preparing to do.
  Avix / 1y 5d 7h 4m 33s
[#b4fdbe Jayce] sighed as Alastor left out the front door. This was not how he planned the night going. Jayce leaned again the wall and slid down to the floor. He was worn out, he needed to clean but he body just wouldn't let him move. Jayce sat there in silence for hours. Until he finally got up. He got to cleaning, once he was done. He let out a sigh, as he looked at his phone to see the time. Cleaning took him about three hours to do. He really made a mess. He went home after packed in metal claws in nice leather case. He smiled softly as he turn off the lights and locked the door.

Jayce went to his nice little car. He got in and then headed home. Once he he got home. He yawned as he walked thought door to a dark house. The sweet meows of a meowing cat could be heard as he enter the house. Jayce smiled softly as he picked the black and white cat up. He snuggled the cat after he closed the door behind him. He held the cat in his arms thought back to what Alastor said about inviting him over.

It was very risky to accept such and invitation like that. In fact it would be stupid if he did. He wanted to see Alastor again. How could he not see that man again after what he did to him. If Alastor wanted to he could of gotten Jayce into big trouble. That wan't like Alastor, he would always see things through until the very end. Jayce smiled softly as he felt a close moist nose again his skin. He pet the cat and realize she was probably hunger.

He filled the cats bowl and check to make sure she had enough water. Jayce then decided to take a shower after he stripped out of his clothes. He was sore from were Alastor hit him a few time. Jayce sighed softly as he made sure the water was nice a hot. He hated cold shower, what he need was some heat to get rid of the pain. Once Jayce was finished cleaning himself he went straight to bed. His mind wonder back to Alastor. He wanted to beat that damn bastard again but part of him wanted to be friend. Maybe even more than just friends.

Jayce thought back to the times when they were younger. Now that thick fog that polluted his mind had clear he could remember that day. That day that Alastor bit him, he return the favor. Jayce blushed softly as the thought of his neck being bitting. How stupid it was of him to be thinking of the good old days. Jayce blushed softly as he thought about giving Alastor another bite mark scar. Jayce shook his head, he rolled over and face the wall. He need to cool his head. He need to sleep, by the time he did fall a sleep the sky had grown light. Jayce slept late into the afternoon. He woke to the sound of his phone ringing.

Jayce sighed softly as he looked to see who it was. It was just his friend. He left it got to voicemail. When he find got up he had seen that he had missed 4 text and 3 phone calls. Jayce sighed softly as he text his friend back. [#b4fdbe [i "Sorry I just got up..."]] he said as he sent the message. Jayce went to missed call section his phone as he open them to clear them he seen the unsaved number.

He smiled to himself as he save it to his phone. He thought about calling Alastor but was sure he need a few days of rest. But the least he could do was tell that he would be delighted to come over to his place. Why the hell not? It wasn't like he had anyone really special in his life that he cared about. The only person he truly did care about hated him most likely wanted him dead. Jayce sighed as he decided it would be easier to text Alastor. [#b4fdbe [i "Hey it's me....I expect you invitation...just name place, and time."]] he said as he quickly sent the message. Jayce had sickening feeling in his stomach. How embarrassing, he shook his head as he try to clam himself.

Jayce waited to hear a response from Alastor. His heard was racing when the male didn't get back he just simply sigh as he started at the ceiling. Eventually Jayce forced him self out of bed. He was hungry wanted some thing to eat. Jayce went down stair into the kitchen. He looked around his fridge and sighed softly. He was going to have to go shopping. He open a pizza box. Luckily enough there was still in it. It still smelt good, he had order pizza about 3 days ago. So surely it was still good. Jayce heated it up and then sat down at the table as he ate his meal. He just couldn't quit thinking about last night and Alastor.
  Jacye Lovell / Surikizu / 1y 18d 5h 1m 11s
Alastor shook his head as he listened to Jayce go soft asking why he left. Why did he leave? Alastor's mind started to pull him back under but he snarled and pushed it away. Didn't his past belong in the past? He took a step towards the door when the Jayce that was just trying to kill him came back.

"[i You're it.]" is what he said. Alastor smiled and straightened himself up. He loved it. How playful the tone was. The anger and rage was still there. They used to be friends for sure but now...

It was hard to deny the lust for Jayce's blood on Alastor's knife. He wondered how Jayce's blood would taste now. The taste seemed to echo on his taste buds. He stopped himself from reaching for his lips.

"[b You're right Jayce. It's not over. Why don't you come to my house next? I will be sure to be as gracious a host as you were.]" He smiled coldly and contemplated hard what to do next.

He wasn't defeated. If need be, he could fight. Every muscle in his body was screaming to fight. He never left a kill unfinished, never. But there was something stronger inside him that night, something that didn't want to kill to be over so easily. Perhaps the memory that had invaded his mind, or the fact that Jayce was a killer, much like himself. He shuttered gently. I didn't relish the label. Killer, murderer, serial killer. They were no where close to describing what he could be. An artist, a monster, an animal, perfect and lethal in every way. Perhaps, he would have to show Jayce just what he could do before spilling his rubies all over his floor.

He slowly backed up before standing straight and giving a little bow. "[b My most formal invitation. You have my number.]" He winked and turned, ears perked for any sign of Jayce going back on his word to let him leave. But he walked out, and headed home.


It took him two hours to walk home and when he finally did, he swayed in the doorway, blood loss making the world spin in and out of view. He laughed to himself as he slammed the door behind him, damned who hears him now. He stomped up the stairs, tripping only twice before making his way into the bathroom. He grabbed the medical supplies and threw them next to his bathtub before turning on the water and crawling in, clothing and all. The water that hit him was hot at first but he changed it, unable to find something between hot and cold that didn't burn or freeze him. He chose something closer to freeze and let the water start to fill the tub. He went about grabbing the medical supplies from the ground and with shaking fingers, threaded the needle and began sewing up his shoulder and hands. He only winced once, the motions second nature and the pain, the pain more than bearable. He had stitched himself back together more than once. When it was done, he dropped the needle and sat back in the water, sighing out.

Jayce. His thoughts were of Jayce. How he brought back the forgotten times, he didn't know. That scar. He touched his own gently. It was the first one given to him by someone other than his father. It meant something to him too. He didn't know what, but he continued to move his fingers along the grooves. He hadn't thought of that mark in so long, always telling people who asked different stories until he had lost track of the real one. Jayce reminded him tonight. He shivered in the cold water and turned the heat on instead. He wondered what else Jayce would be responsible for uncovering and how much he could take before he slit Jayce's throat.
  Alastor Akuji / Avix / 1y 19d 6h 44m 5s
[#b4fdbe Jayce] froze for a moment when he felt Alastor teeth press again his neck. It cause him to shiver. How dare he touch such a sensitive place, he shiver more when he felt the male's hot breath on his skin. It sounded like he said something. What was that bastard talking about now. He glared at Alastor before he could do anything he was pin against. The wall how awkward. Jayce didn't like these odds. When the male shove him into the wall again the picture that hung their came crashing down. The glass shatter and the frame cracked.

Jayce averted his gaze on the broken glass. Jayce heart was pounding in his chest as if it was going to burst out. The table had turn so easily, when he was so close to being victorious. He watched as Alastor when he raise his shirt to to show off a familiar scar. How odd they both had bite marked scars. When Alastor said something about them use to play it all came back. That thick clouded haze that polluted his memory seemed to vanish.

Tear started to form in Jayce's glass eye. How could he of forgotten his best friend. [#b4fdbe "Alastor...why did you leave?....You never said goodbye...Why just disappear... I though we were friends..."] he said in sad remorseful tone. This was no time to be getting emotional. That bastard didn't care at all.

Jayce step forward he wanted to reach out for him. He wanted Alastor to stay. Then a painful throbbing head-ace came over his mind. He grab his head clutching his hair tightly. His nose started to bleed, blood dripped down his face. A voice in Jayce's head spoke [+DarkGreen "Forget him...You don't need him. You don't need ANYBODY"] [#b4fdbe "But I don't want to be all alone anymore..."] he muttered.

Surely Jayce had to look insane talking as if someone was there when clearly they were the only two in the room. The pain worsen and blood began to run down his chest. [#b4fdbe "Your right I don't need anybody...] His eyes averted back to Alastor that was trying to get away. Perhaps he would just let him, this wasn't going to be the last time that he met the bastard. [#b4fdbe "Of corse I won't go after you...Because your it! ...When your ready you will come after"] he said with a snicker. [#b4fdbe "It can be like old time sakes right buddy?"] he emotionless.
  Jacye Lovell / Surikizu / 1y 23d 13h 42m 44s
Alastor had never been so slow in his life but nothing had even taken him by surprise like the falling of Jayce's bandage did. It stopped him for a moment, long enough for Jayce to get the first move in. Alastor did dodge it with ease but he was too preoccupied with Jayce's new scar to dodge the second one that pulled him in close to Jayce. With his face so close to Jayce's flesh, Alastor's eyes went blurry and a sound rang in his ears...

[i "Come on Alastor. Let's go play!"
"I don't want to."
"I said no. Leave me alone."
"But you said!"
Alastor turned on the boy and sank his teeth into the boy's neck for coming too close. He bit down as hard as he could, blood filling his mouth until he released him choking for air. It was disgusting, the taste of the fleshy, wet, metallic slime that coated his throat. He spat it out and wiped his face, looking at the boy who's face was already wet with tears from the pain.
"I told you to say..."
But Alastor never got to finish. The boy pushed him over onto the grass and before Alastor could get up, was on top of him, his face close to Alastor's hip, on his side, bitting down just as hard. Alastor screamed at first but then the pain almost faded replaced by a feeling Alastor had never known could come from pain before. The scream died in his throat as the boy lifted himself back up, blood dripping from his neck and his face. He smiled at Alastor and chuckled a little bit.
"You get me, I'll get you."
"You're so weird, Jayce."]

Alastor snapped out of it, slowly coming back to the painful reality of Jayce's blades pressing into his back. He looked at the scar and gently opened his mouth, pressing his teeth along the grooves and ridges of the scar. His mouth fit perfectly.
"[b Mine.]" He muttered into Jayce's shoulder as he grabbed both of his arms and pushed Jayce back against the wall, pinning his weapons to the hard surface.
"[b How could I not have known?]" He said still breathless from both the pain and the memory. He released one hand, his eyes icy cold in warning of Jayce moving and slowly he brought his shirt up, showing Jayce the teeth shaped scar that decorated his left side.
"[b My forgotten childhood.]" He laughed only gently before pulling his knife and holding it to Jayce's throat. "[b How we played...]"
Alastor's breathing was heavy and his mind divided. He still could not remember more from his time with Jayce. Their childhood relationship lied buried with the rest of his childhood but there was a slight feeling of fondness that he couldn't shake. It both sickened and comforted him. He growled and pressed the knife a little closer to his jugular vein.
"[b How could I not know it was you...]" He repeated, sure he was not making any sense. Did Jayce even remember when they were kids? He shook his head and dropped Jayce after pushing him roughly against the wall again, knocking him around a little bit.
"[b Come after me and I will have no problem slicing you open!]" He almost roared. His eyes never left Jayce, completely weary of what Jayce would do. Alastor's eyes darted for the door and he slowly started inching his way there.
  Vi Sixx / Avix / 1y 24d 4h 49m 14s
[#b4fdbe Jayce's] friend hesitated for a moment when he heard the loud thud. Jayce jumped slightly as the sound of the smashing chair. That annoying prick was trying to get free. Jayce held in his anger as he squeeze the knife that he held tightly. As soon as he kissed his friend he knew his mind was shot, so he shoved him out the door. All this worries seemed to melt away. [#b4fdbe "I'll call you later"] he said in a sweet cheerful tone. He locked the door behind him and sighed softly as he glance over at Alastor that was now standing.

[#b4fdbe "Well... I guess I should of caged...My bad! "] he said in a cute but snarky tone. Out of anger he threw the knife he was holding at Alastor. He was lucky that the Alastor didn't take his claws. He smiled softly as he stepped over to the kitchen counter, slipped the glove back on. He calmly walked toward Alastor. Mindless Jayce itched at his neck with his claws. The bandage that were around his neck fell to the floor. Leaving his neck bare. One the right side of Jayce neck there was an odd shape scar. It looked like someone bit him and the wound just never heal right leaving behind that hideous scar. That scar actually meant a lot to him.

[#b4fdbe "I should of known beast like could easily break free."] he said with a growled [#b4fdbe "You might escape from your chair but....You wont be leaving this house alive it a pity that people will only remember you for your gorgeous looks. To bad that wont know what you really are....a monster....Your a FUCKING MONSTER"] he said with a growl. Jayce watched Alastor closely he need to stay clam. He needed to think of this as part of this fun game they were playing. It just got even better the fear of losing what he worked so hard for was at stake. [#b4fdbe "Alright lets end this once and for all he"] he said as we waited for Alastor to make his move.

He was actually surprise Alastor didn't hide amongst all the clay figures in the room. Even if he did he would cut them down. Nothing was going to get in his way, Alastor was his prize. Soon this horrible monster would be dead. Jayce growled as he swung his left hand at as Alastor he was getting tired of waiting for him to make a move. As he thought Alastor would easily stop his claws from hitting him. That was exactly what he wanted. Jayce use his right hand to swing around behind to Alastor back. He tore Alastor shirt more as his claws poked into Alastor's back making Alastor jolt forward. The two were incredible close. Alastor got the honor of seeing his hideous scar up close and personal. Jayce's claws pressed deeper into the male's back.
  Jacye Lovell / Surikizu / 1y 28d 14h 14m 33s
Alastor's breath hitched raggedly as the metal claws left long lines down his chest. They were razor sharp and took almost no pressure to pierce his skin. He was impressed at the condition that Jayce kept them in and how they cut through his skin like butter. The pain was almost bearable compared to the nail. He had gotten plenty of cuts and scratches throughout his life. It was the ease at which the metal entered his skin that worried him, not to mention it was just more blood to be lost.

A ring rang through the house. Alastor's head perked up slightly at the sudden sound. Jayce growled and left the room, taking a knife with him.
"[b [i Good...]]" Alastor purred in his own head. He waited for Jayce to leave the room and for the footsteps to recede before he put his plan into action. It was a very simple one really.

Alastor wobbled the chair back and forth until he was ready to fall backwards. He used all his muscle to jump up and slam his body down the the ground, breaking the chair and effectively knocking the wind out of himself as well. It came out in a sputtering rush and he laid there sucking wind for a couple seconds. Only the adrenaline of the kill finally being on caused him to pull hard with his arms and legs, freeing himself from the broken bits of wooden chair. He quickly got on his knees, his hands still in cuffs and poles still stuck to his legs. He reached into his shoe and pulled out his own knife he was carrying, slicing through the ropes to free his legs before using the needle that was on his lap to quickly pick the cuff locks too. He was free, bloody and winded but free.

He looked up at Jayce knowing that both he and whomever was at the door heard the sound of him breaking free. He paused for a moment and a million thoughts dashed through his head. He could call for help, make Jayce's friend involved, that could get messy though. He could kill him but people got ... unstable when people they cared about died. He waited for Jayce to look at him and a cold smile passed over his lips as he shook his head and put a finger to his lips.
No ... this was between him and Jayce. They started it, and they would finish it too.
"[b [i Come on Jayce... Our fun isn't done yet.]]" He thought to himself.
  Vi Sixx / Avix / 1y 31d 6h 6m 34s
[#b4fdbe Jayce] smiled softly at the out come of the nail. It hurt him, finally he was able to see the male in pure and utter agony. He smiled softly as he looked down at Alastor. By the time the male had finally spoke he had already had his gloves on. He smiled softly when Alastor said he wasn't his first. That was correct but why bothering answers questions pointless. [#b4fdbe "Why bother answering a question you already know?"] He said with a soft snicker.

[#b4fdbe Just so you know your the only one I have ever tortured. The rest I put out of there misery. I didn't want them to suffer, it was quick and easy. You on the other hand deserve to suffer."] He said with a growl. [#b4fdbe "But now I'm getting tiring of looking at your beautiful face! Maybe I will just kill you now."] he said bluntly.

[#b4fdbe "Then again I only have one chance to hear you scream..."] he said dryly. He set closed to Alastor he was ready to dig his sharp claws into to the males throat. Instead he destroy the male's shirt. Ripping pretty much the whole front of it off. When he tore Alastor shirt he pulled out some of the pins making them fall to the floor. One of them landed in Alastors lap which he didn't seem to notice.

Alastor had beautiful skin despite the fact that he had a few scars here and there. It looked soft he wanted to touch but he refrain himself from doing so. Instead he softly ran his metallic claws down Alastor's chest. His claws easily left long jagged scratch down the male's chest. Jayce just smiled softy how exciting it felt as his claws ran along Alastor's skin.

Jayce smiled softly as he was ready to take another swing a Alastor. He heard a knocking on the door. He let out a small growl. Hoping that who ever it was they would just go away. What did they want. It was almost 10:30pm. It was getting late. The knocking continue until Jacye backed away from Alastor. He slipped his gloves off but took a knife with him. He hid it behind his back when he open the door. He open it only slightly. He seen his friend.

[i "Jayce...Jayce I have been trying to get a hold of you for hours....is everything okay."] He as as he looked at Jayce with a worried gaze. [#b4fdbe "Everything is fine now you should go back home get some rest"] he said sweetly. He clutched the knife tightly in his hand. If anything went wrong he would hesitate. He kill his friend if he had to. [i "That just the thing I had this horrible dream that something bad was going to happen to you..."] he said franticly. Jayce smiled a sweet smile and he kissed his friend softly as he pushed him out the door. [#b4fdbe "Nothing is going to happen now go back and get some rest."] he said. He quickly closed and locked the door.
  Jacye Lovell / Surikizu / 1y 31d 16h 14m 46s
Alastor stared defiantly at Jayce as he remained so close to him. It made him uncomfortable but in a way that wasn't entirely bad. He couldn't describe it. He almost missed Jayce's movements when he plunged the nail into Alastor's hand. He called out before bitting his lip. The pain shot up his arm and immediately into his head, making his vision fuzzy. He called out again and each time as the nail was hammed through his hand into the chair. He had forgotten how much something like this hurt. His head was spinning, his stomach turned as well. It was a familiar feeling.
"[b [i Like riding a bike from hell with no seat]]" He thought to himself as he tried to regain control from the pain. Slowly he felt himself starting to regain control, his vision was evening out and his stomach was settling, only slightly. Next sharp pain would send him spiraling again without something else to stop it.

Alastor made sure to sit up straight in the chair, his breath hitching every other breath as he tried not to move his hand. He was thankful that Jayce didn't pick a rusty nail because if he had gotten an illness from all this, he would dig up Jayce's dead body and throw him off a bridge into traffic. He fully planned on getting out. He just needed to come up with how. He looked around for Jayce and found that he left the room for a moment. Alastor pulled on the arms of the chair and listened as they groaned slightly but didn't pull all the way. It was a good wooden chair but, it was still wooden. Alastor just needed an opening, a moment when Jayce was gone, and he knew what he would do.

He relaxed a little bit, knowing how he was going to get out. Now, he just needed to read Jayce. Watch for signs of him losing it. Jayce came back in with another toy, a special one by the way he carried it. He uncovered a pair of gleaming silver claws, something of a special design and definitely not a household item. Alastor couldn't drag his eyes away from it. It's silver gleam had so many stories behind it, he could easily tell but it screamed one simple truth.
Alastor was not Jayce's first.

Alastor watched him with more weary eyes now. Jayce was not just a spurred high schooler. Jayce was like him. A killer and he had it out for Alastor. This was much more dangerous than Alastor had originally thought. He narrowed his eyes as he stared down Jayce again, his vision burring as he did so.
"[b This isn't your first time ... is it?]" He said as evenly as he could, the hitching in his breath sometimes messing up the words.
  Alastor Akuji / Avix / 1y 33d 6h 34m 47s
[#b4fdbe Jayce] just smiled softly as closed his green colored eyes. He felt the male jerk his face away only to be sarcastic and say such cold bitter words. So he wanted to have more fun. That could easily be done, he already had a sharp nail in his hand. [#b4fdbe "Alright "] he said sweetly.

It was quiet odd seeing Alastor face when he touched him. Perhaps he should slapped him. Or gorged on if his eyes out. His eyes were so beautiful. Even his was beautiful and soft skin. After a moment of thinking his resume back to what he was doing. It didn't matter how familiar those heterochromia eyes were.

He smiled softly as he took the nail he was holding. He stabbed the top of the male's hand before hitting the head of the nail with hammer. Making it dig and go deeper into Alastor's hand. He made sure he hit hard enough that it pierced the wooden arm or the chair. He smiled as he seen blood drip to the floor. He was sure that this would make him scream? Maybe just as little?

Jayce smiled as he looked at Alastor's face with a smile. Surely he would be feeling quiet a bit more discomfort. Alastors was starting to look more and more like a pin cushion. How boring the thought to himself what else could he do to him. What else could he do before he completely rib this male to shreds. The thought of skinning his sharp metal claws into the male's flesh.

Just made him smile. [#b4fdbe "You know what this is boring why don't I get my favorite toy of all.] He said with a soft smile, [#b4fdbe "I promise to be careful."] he said with a snicker. If he wasn't to careful he could easily kill Alastor. That wasn't what he wanted yet. No he need Alastor so suffer more. He wanted to see that male brought to tears. Jayce smiled softly as he vanished from site he came back holding something wrapped in an off white colored cloth. [#b4fdbe "Let have some real fun"] he said as quickly tossed the rag aside.

[pic http://i1074.photobucket.com/albums/w410/Ookami841/NightFox/8W3n2i4Q_zpsvbrwwf6t.jpeg]
[size10 ]
  Jacye Lovell / Surikizu / 1y 36d 6h 52m 58s
A dark grin stretched across Alastor's face when he heard Jayce talk about suffering.
"[b [i As if you know about suffering. I can show you. Oh I can show you.]]" He thought to himself, his muscles tightening for a second as he thought about all the things he could do. He relaxed again a second before more of the sharp needles pieced his body. He grunted again, this time hissing a little as well as one of them cut his neck. It was close to something that would bleed a lot.
"[b Fuck]" He breathed gently, almost a whisper as he felt the blood leaking out slowly. He had to be careful about how much blood he was losing. He could pass out and Jayce did want to kill him. He would need enough blood in his body to fight him eventually. Having that sedative inside his blood wasn't very helpful either though. He remained still as Jayce came and pulled the needle away from his neck, "threatening" him with more pain as he pulled his face up to see him.

Instantly, Alastor's body went hot and his muscles tightened. He was not often touched, not without his permission. It awakened something primal in him that was not all unpleasant. He snarled like an animal and torn his face out of Jayce's grip. He looked the male in the eye with a challenging gaze, the smile gone from his face. He wanted to see what Jayce was capable of but his touch through him off. It was soft, delicate even. It made part of Alastor's body hard. He waited for Jayce to come through on his promise, starting to come up with ways to escape. He just wanted fun, he was not ready to die.
"[b Come on then Jayce. You'll have to work harder to make me scream. Let's have some god damn fun.]"
  Alastor Akuji / Avix / 1y 37d 6h 9m 32s
[#b4fdbe Jayce] sighed softly when he didn't get the reacting he was excepting to get from Alastor. He didn't scream or cry. He wasn't even begging. He hardly made a sound at all. Perhaps he should of strip him a little. Displeasing thoughts ran through his mind why wasn't he screaming. This should excite full joyful moments yet it was dual and bland. Jayce let out a small growl.

[#b4fdbe "Either your incredibly strong or it was a lie...they're hardly sharp at all..."] he said with a pout. His green colored eyes burn with hatred. He need to keep cool. He couldn't end it just yet. He had to have a little fun with Alastor before he killed him. Before he ripped his vocal from his throat and shoved them back down his tatter throat. Jayce smiled softly as he looked at all his fun little toys. He could throw more needle at him, to maybe hammer nails into his joints. He smiled softly as he ran his fingers a crossed the long roofing nails. He was going to save that for later.

Jayce glared and let out a little growl when the male asked about him not being forgiven. It was quiet obvious it was all a lie. [#b4fdbe "Like I would ever forgive you...I hate you...I hope to make you suffer just as much as I did..."] he said as he stare at the white hair male. Out of anger he threw more needles at the Alastor that pierced into his soft skin. This time one of the pierced his neck. It look as if it had gotten caught on his clothing. So the most it did was scratch him.

Jayce would just have to take care of the at once. He couldn't have Alastor pulling any of the pin out. Jayce smiled softly as he grab some of the long roofing nails. He slipped them into his pocket. He grabbed the hammer off the wooden stand. He walked over towards Alastor smiling softly. He pulled the needle out of Alastor neck. [#b4fdbe "I'd kill you quickly but that would only ruin the fun..."] he said. Jayce smiled softly as he lifted Alastor's so that Alastor was looking at him. His green colored eyes display a dark hungry.

[#b4fdbe "But I suppose I could make one exception. Why not beg for me? Beg for me to kill you perhaps I will grant your wish... Not until I hear scream."] he said sweetly as lean close to Alastor face. He growl softly with excitement. Jayce reach into his pocket and pulled out of nails he a had brought with him. [#b4fdbe "Lets continue to have.."] he said with smile.
  Jacye Lovell / Surikizu / 1y 37d 14h 17m 38s
Alastor woke up and came face to face with himself. He thought he was dreaming looking into his own face. It was stoic, his gaze blank and aloof. He was staring at something beyond Alastor, something beyond what Alastor could see. Everything about him was rigid, cold except for the red the colored the dreariness. A bright, warm color to bring life to the stone.

It was truly Alastor.

He marveled at it a minute more before he heard Jayce's voice interrupt his thoughts. He asked him if it was perfect. It was. Alastor wanted to tell him it was. Something inside him that he never felt before pounded against his chest, hard, enough to wet his eyes for a moment before Jayce continued speaking. He told Alastor how he had hoped he had died. The blood on his face became paint and his skin became stone. He looked around and was chained to a chair, a sculpture of him in front of the chair with red paint supposed to resemble his pain. He sighed gently and sat back in the chair as Jayce went on, promising him fun and excitement.
"[b [i That's why I drank your water]]" He thought to himself as he said nothing. Jayce walked around him and picked something up off the table.

A thud echoed beside Alastor's head before his body even registers the two thunks in his chest. He groaned, the impact of the needles, causing his body to sit rigidly against the back of the chair. They were sharp, he was impressed. It felt like a large piercing to him almost. He wasn't a fan of any kind of dermal piercings though and these would leave some interesting scars. No more tank tops. He groaned again at the sacrifice and hoped that Jayce would make it worth it.
"[b Yes Jayce.]" He said quietly, hanging his head gently, rolling his neck. "[b They are very sharp.]"

He began to wonder what the boy would think. Alastor had no intention of dying or letting Jayce leave. Perhaps he would be able to take off the mask and show Jayce his true self; show him how life like his statue really was. He touched the cuffs that held him fast to the chair. These were hard cuffs, good cuffs. Jayce had taken all the percautions except for one. He didn't know who he was dealing with. Alastor would be able to get out of these cuffs if he needed to, it would just take him much longer than normal.

He kept his head hung, only rolling his neck back and forth until it cracked. He signed out and sat up, the muscles in his pierced shoulder screaming. He made a small face of discomfort. He had to give Jayce an A for Originally because this was something that he had never had done to him. He wondered what else he had in store.
"[b Why are you doing this Jayce?]" He egged on. "[b I thought all was forgiven and forgotten? You hate me this much?]"
  Alastor Akuji / Avix / 1y 38d 5h 49m 20s

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