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She sat down and sighed, covered in scars and tattoos then looked around at the other people waiting to see the doctor and covered her mouth as she coughed
"You are not dying." Tyler said rolling his eyes. The woman at the desk handed him a room key without question, it was obvious she was a mutant. He took her to the doctor on site.
  Tyler / polkadotrocker / 269d 17h 46m 3s
"I dont mind dying...ive lived a good and very long life but I just want something to take the edge off", she says as she smiled.
"Theres someone here that can help you." Tyler said walking inside. "Hes a doctor for mutants."
  Tyler / polkadotrocker / 269d 17h 48m 45s
She smiled "ive never been treated this nice before", she says quietly then started to go into a Coughing fit, grabbing a rag to cover her mouth
  Amyumino / 269d 17h 51m 8s
"And I don't want to see anymore lives lost because of my father." Tyler said opening the door to the small run down hotel. It would be a place to stay with running water to shower and food until they were 100% okay. "I know when they're coming and I know how to throw my father off. Trust me."
  Tyler / polkadotrocker / 269d 17h 55m 20s
She smiled as she looked at him then at Tyler "I don't want you two to get hurt", she rasped as she heard people talking
  Amyumino / 269d 17h 58m 9s
Tyler looked to her and picked up his 3 year old son. The boy was asleep in his arms..."my son is like you too."
  Tyler / polkadotrocker / 269d 18h 5m 46s
She looked around as she got out of the car, coughing into her hand then grabbed what little stuff she had
It was another one hundred and fifty miles until they stopped at a hotel. Hidden well in the mountains,,occupied by mutants and only mutants.

"My dad tried getting this place shut down but he could never find it and gave up."
  Tyler / polkadotrocker / 270d 14h 42m 11s
She ended up passing back out, her breathing slightly raspy sure to the heat and her body slowly being poisoned from the inside out, mumbling/rasping stuff in her sleep, twitching every once in a while as she keeled her head to the side slightly.
Tyler's son fussed in the passenger seat. The three year old didn't like long car rides but he was keeping him safe as well. "Rain will cover our tracks."
  Tyler / polkadotrocker / 270d 15h 1m 7s
She leaned back on the seat and mumbled something as she listened to what was one the radio then heard the sound of thunder "its gonna rain soon", she says as she looked at him
"About a hundred miles north of where we were, I'm trying to get you away from where they're looking." Tyler said sighing.
  Tyler / polkadotrocker / 270d 15h 9m 25s
She looked at the slash marks and seen they were nothing but scars and sat up, looking around groggily "where are we?", she rasped as she looked out the window as she coughed.

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