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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/EhEYc7D.png]] [google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Josefin+Sans] [josefin+sans [size14 When August had told the news to Daamaris, she didn't seem surprised, and didn't ask question's "Christopher Silvers, huh?" He followed her to the computer. They found a public website 'Oldest Magic in New Orleans', and he's twelve? he would have been impressed if he didn't kill his friend.]]
[josefin+sans [size14 When Damaris suddenly slouched into the chair; he frowned, wondering what was wrong with her.]]
[josefin+sans [size14 Anyway, after looking at the web page, he asked, "What do we do now?"]]
[josefin+sans "[size14 Well it's obvious, isn't it? We have to go." she then showed them the picture of the witch and the address.]
[josefin+sans [size14 When Damaris was finished, he said "but what if it's a trap?" as they were invited. And what were they going to do once they were at the ball? the witch was immortal.]]
[josefin+sans [size14 Then she offered them a smile. He tried to smile back. But it was strained. As he was worried about the ball. The oldest magic of new Orleons against four demigod's. They would have to be careful.]]

[josefin+sans [size14 "Our time zone is only, like, an hour ahead of that one, so if we leave now, we should be able to settle down into the city for a bit before going to crash the party. I definitely don't have anything ball-worthy so I might stick out a little, you know? But what kinda person really keeps extravagant ball gowns hanging around their house?"]

[josefin+sans [size14 August agreed. He knew he didn't keep extravagant ball gowns or suits around the house. But he knew who did.]]
[josefin+sans [size14 His Father.]]
[josefin+sans [size14 He once had a Mansion the Mortal world. And still does. But he decided to stay in Mount Olympus and not do anything about the Mansion. Since he is a God.]
[josefin+sans [size14 "Well, I know someone who does. But i'm not sure if it's still there. So I think i'll be going there before New Orleons." he stated. He would have told Damaris. But he wasn't sure about her trust. He didn't want to give her one of his Mother's dresses if she was going to betray them again. Also that place would be where he was staying until the party was over.]]

[center [josefin+sans [size14 Several hours later]]]
[josefin+sans [size14 Luckily one of his Fathers suits fits, and so he made his way to New Orleons, when he had arrived. He saw Christopher standing at the entrance.]]
[josefin+sans [size14 After his introduction. Maximillian walked inside the house. He could barely move. He wondered where the other's were.]]
[josefin+sans [size14 What was he supposed to do until then?]]
[josefin+sans [size14 He decided to look around. If he could. See if he could find James.]]
[josefin+sans [size14 But as soon as he got to the stairs. He saw two pieces of rope attached to the landing. So he didn't.]]
  lumos- / 13h 26m 21s
When Norsad ignored her, Freya wondered why. But then she remembered. She was not here to fight a God. She was here to fight the Old One's.

Anyway, as the enemies charged at them. Freya wondered why the Human's would be so foolish as to charge at them without knowing the enemy. And now that she thought about it, what happened to the old one's? she thought she was exacting revenge on them. Not the heroes of Sparta.

At any rate, she followed. Revealing her weapon and shield from out of no where. Perhaps she could use her power's for herself?
  freya / constellation / 3d 5h 2m 14s
[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/EhEYc7D.png]] When he had heard the voice, Max jumped. He wondered who he was. But then he knew. The Devil.
When he had made himself at home, he was about to object. But then didn't. As he knew who was in charge here.
"Keeping yourself healthy, I see. Getting some fresh air and time to clear the head. I mean, it isn't every day you get a visit from a demon after making a deal to live forever!"
He wasn't getting some fresh air because of the deal, he was getting some fresh air because he had just been brought back from the dead.

Then the devil began to stretch out onto his bed. "Hmmm... comfy" He tried not to sigh. As he would probably have to change the sheets again due to his shoes.
"Thank you, but could you not sleep on my bed?"

He tried not to look annoyed as the devil ignored him, "So have you made your peace with what you need to keep your end of the deal? I mean, you have some time. You're immortal now, to some extent, but I can always take it back if you don't want it, or if you're not willing to pay the price."

"Well not exactly, as I was brought back from the dead without my consent. But I am willing to do whatever it takes to keep up my end of the bargain." His enemies were still out there.
  aυgυѕт / constellation / 4d 3h 19m 26s
The Goddess of Death had set her feet on the mortal realm many times. As she was the Goddess of Death. When she had landed, she saw many of the mortal's wasting their energy on a God. Didn't they know that he is immortal? Freya looked at the war disappointed.

"My lady. As you see the mortals have been understanding adaptation which your brother wishes to give them the most of. But what they lack is the understanding of the enemy, or the forces in which march upon them yet." She watched as he pointed over the horizon. "The enemy brings in Calvary to run down whatever is left of the men or to flank them in some way."

"They will have to pass through here if they wish to flank the men, However our king has said no one is to help man in their godly form." That made sense. Otherwise the cavalry would attack them.

Freya wondered why Norsad was telling her this. After all, when she was not a Goddess of death, she was no help at all.

"We could distract the God," she said. Then transformed herself into a person of Sparta. Even if she was not built for battle.
  freya / constellation / 5d 19h 27m 43s
He found it after a fight gone wrong, slipping in despite the eeriness to escape his assailants. He blinks blood and rainwater from his eyes, suddenly surrounded by books, with which he is immediately enamoured, and he begins to return each day, pleased to have found a place, a thing, to look forward to.

I was aching all over. The fight had gone on for several minutes. But then more of them showed up.
I stood up. Wiping blood off my nose. Where did these guys come from?

I didn't panic though. I stood there calmly.
  constellation / 1d 8h 31m 58s

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