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She pulled out a nightstick and pressed a button the the handle making spikes pop out and hit the crawler over the head, making grayish blood spray on her face.
Sam smiled and put his guns away and ran his hand through his hair again.
  Winchester brothers / Zaida / 1y 93d 13h 39m 2s
She pointed her shotgun at a Crawler and shot it with a corrosive bullet, it shrieking in pain as its flesh began to melt.
Sam jumped out of the moving car and pulled out his pistols.
  Winchester brothers / Zaida / 1y 93d 13h 49m 44s
She jumped down and started to walk towards them then heard a chattering, dirt and grime already on her face and clothes.
Dean nodded and Sam waved like his had was going to fall off. "[#ff00ff Oh give me a break.]"
  Winchester brothers / Zaida / 1y 93d 13h 55m 3s
She was sitting on top of a salvaged car drinking a soda and waved to them.
The brothers where on their way in no time. Sam ran a hand through his wet hair.
  Winchester brothers / Zaida / 1y 93d 14h 2m 38s
She was escorted to the rift and had her shotgun on her shoulder loaded with corrosive liquid filed bullets and had other bullets in pouches that was around Her belt and had 2 pistols on her side.
Sam jumped in the shower and Dean cleaned their guns.
  Winchester brothers / Zaida / 1y 93d 15h 45m 2s
"Alright bye", she says as she hung up and cocked her other guns and sighed.
"Yeah I know We will be careful." He said as he stood up and walked into the bathroom. "See you in twenty."
  Winchester brothers / Zaida / 1y 93d 15h 50m 36s
"I'm serious...most of the people who lived in the Rift have either became the undead, cannibalistic or mutated in some way", she explained
"Basically Dean gets to hit things?" He asked as he kicked him.
  Winchester brothers / Zaida / 1y 93d 15h 59m 30s
"If you want but be careful cause The Rift can be very dangerous, plus Blood Drive is going on and Crawlers are all over the place", she explained as she cocked her gun.

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