Guardians of the Elements: The New Age

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The elemental guardians have lived in the peaceful world for many years, and even some have ventured out of their domains to seek for humans to possibly mate with them. Crystallis is no different than that, but she is the fairest of the guardians in the world.


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Skylar Kept snapping away getting lost in what he was doing. He didn't realize how close he was to a dragon until he looked up from his camera and gasped. Backing up a little bit he tripped over a rock and fell back.
  Skylar Lovegood / Zaida / 3y 36d 10h 23m 49s
Crystallis moved past the meadow that she was so used to being in with her fellow guardians, and approached the summit of one of the mountains, where the human was, but Crystallis was unaware of this at the current moment, and was surprised by the human's presence.
  Crystallis (human form) / SilentHiller / 3y 75d 3h 5m 7s
Climbing to the top of one of the mountains he started taking pictures again. This time of the animals and of the water fall that was a few feet from him. He made sure not to make any sudden mover, he wanted the animals to feel safe around him.
  Skylar Lovegood / Zaida / 3y 75d 19h 37m 5s
Crystallis walked around, not paying attention that her outfit was a combination of cloth and what looked like medieval armor, a rapier strapped to her waist. [B I wonder how much the world has changed in the past years...] she said to herself, not used to leaving her cave that often.
  Crystallis (human form) / SilentHiller / 3y 75d 21h 18m 42s
Skylar looked up at the sky and smiled the sun hit his face just right. He loved the warmth of the sun and how it felt on his skin. He spent most of his days in the woods and the mountains. So that's where he was today. Taking pictures of the sky and everything around him he started walking not really knowing where he was going.
  Skylar Lovegood / Zaida / 3y 75d 21h 37m 7s
Gemcutter's Cave...a subterranean land of beauty and gems in every color and size, was the home of the crystal guardian, Crystallis. But the years have bored the young female dragon, causing her to venture from her cave and change to a human form, with shimmering blue hair, shining white skin, and amber yellow eyes, wearing an outfit that shined and sparkled in the sunlight.

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