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[+Maroon “Father that is quite enough with his pass if I was to decline him he would never have another mate I am that One and only of his now and I am pretty sure he isn’t stupid enough to toss aside his mate..] Jessa says looking over at Bubba hearing him growl she places a hand on his arm to calm him her wolf whinning at his attempting to send over a calming feeling.
  Jessalynn Johnson / MidnightJuniper / 66d 12h 44m 43s
Her father shook his head "Jessa darling do you know how many girls in the pack lost their virginity to him then got tossed aside. I just don't want you to be another of those girls."her father said

Bubba growled as her father brought up his past conquest."sir she is not like those other girls"he said
  Micheal Moran (bubba) / kenbloodmoon / 66d 18h 43m 38s
"Daddy! yes i know that and you know that when mates are to be together you can't change that."
  Jessalynn Johnson / MidnightJuniper / 87d 21h 9m 31s
Her father looks at her shaking his head "this is the alphas son you know that right?" Her father asked concerned about how many girls in the pack who had lost there virginity to bubba.
  Micheal Moran (bubba) / kenbloodmoon / 90d 18h 19m 42s
Nodding her head jessa tries sitting up again. "Yes daddy this is my mate and there is no reason for you to go and look him over like that now" Jessa replies softly.
  Jessalynn Johnson / CyberAlienPrincess / 91d 11h 19m 26s
"Hi princess so this is your mate??" Her father says looking bubba over quitly
  Micheal Moran (bubba) / kenbloodmoon / 93d 15h 14m 48s
Jessa jolts awake sensing her father being in the room. Looking up she smiles meekly "hi daddy" she says addressing her father.
  Jessalynn Johnson / CyberAlienPrincess / 94d 5h 10m 43s
He smiled at her laying down beside her right as his father and jessa father walks into room
  Micheal Moran (bubba) / kenbloodmoon / 94d 12h 34m 17s
Smiling jessa looks up at bubba and closes her eyes falling back to sleep to allow her body to heal inside her wolf is happily growling with contempt at her mates words.
  Jessalynn Johnson / CyberAlienPrincess / 94d 21h 17m 4s
"You got a few busted ribs but otherwise your ok and no she's not I banished her from our pack"he said gently rubbing her arm
  Micheal Moran (bubba) / kenbloodmoon / 94d 21h 26m 25s
looking at bubba Jessa chuckles and looks around. "how did i get back here and how bad am i injured exactly?" she asks trying to breath without it hurting her to much. " Is she gonna continue bothering us as well?"
  Jessalynn Johnson / CyberAlienPrincess / 94d 23h 13m 35s
"Amber kissed me when I was ordering her to stay away from us and you snapped beating the shit out of her but she did get a few hits on you to so just stay laying down."he said looking at his mate with concern and worry for her
  Micheal Moran (bubba) / kenbloodmoon / 94d 23h 31m 11s
Amber smiles wickedly glancing over at jessa before shifting back to human form and stepping towards bubba as he speaks she leans forward and kisses bubba cutting him off. Upon seeing this jessa's wolf lets out a low growl and then shifts to human form, walking over to amber she grabs her by her hair and starts to beat the crap out of her and then she blacks out. when Jessa comes to she is in her mates room and he is sitting next to her looking at her. "is there something on my face and what happened?" Jessa asks timidly trying to sit up and winces laying back down.
  Jessalynn Johnson / CyberAlienPrincess / 94d 23h 46m 0s
Amber growled and shifted to her wolf form and lunged for Jess. Bubba was done with training at this point and walked up on the two she wolves in his wolf form he grabbed Amber by the tail pulling her away from jessa. He growled at Amber then shifted forms. "Amber I order you as your alpha to never come near jessa or me again unless it's about another pack member now leave."he snarled at amber.
  Micheal Moran (bubba) / kenbloodmoon / 95d 20h 10m 17s
"Bitch you are fucking crazy he doesn't want you now that he has found his mate." Jessa Snarls lunging at Amber and grabbing her by her hair and pulling her out the door and down the hallway and into the main hall before opening the front door and dragging her outside and tossing her into a puddle of mud before transforming into her wolf form and growling menacingly and standing above Amber.
  Jessalynn Johnson / CyberAlienPrincess / 95d 23h 40m 27s

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