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Salazar nodded. "And knowledge is power. I can understand why your cautious this is only our second day talking. However, I hope in time you will tell me more about yourself. It not often I meet someone of your beauty and knowledge." He gave another charming smile. "I will ask about thought what do you mean by you don't have people. We all have people even us demons have some. Did you loss them or did they discard you?" The question did pick his interest.
  Salazar / Mended / 126d 23h 12m 56s
It was hard to comprehend that a demon acted quite normal, and probably was that normal. It was puzzling to attempt to figure him and this situation out. Either way, it wouldn't matter much. Naturally she ate light but often, it meant more energy.

"The wardrobe is so expressive here. Thank you though," she said before thinking on that. "I won't answer most of that question, it's not wise to give people knowledge about yourself. I dance, I have no people, and travelled a bit."

She didn't want to know about him, well, she did but didn't want to be on the lure.
  Overlord / Faust / 127d 2h 17m 10s
After a quick shower he dressed in one of his more formal attire. He had a few meetings after lunch so might as well as be ready. After he was done and dressed he made his way to the garden. I was use to light lunches so he mostly had sandwiches laid out before him as well as some biscuits and jam.
He pulled out the chair of her when she arrived. "I apologize for being a little over dressed but I have some meeting to attend after this so I wanted to be ready. And I must say you have a fine eye for clothing." He then sat in his own chair. "So tell me a little about yourself."
  Salazar / Mended / 127d 3h 50m 0s
"Most just call it insolence and, well, sometimes bitchy. I never once argued with them," Aisilyn gave an amused smile. She wouldn't argue with what was the truth. Underlying it all was a great loyalty and passion. Interesting, at least that was right.

There wasn't any special clothing she owned, if she did she would wear it. But cleaning the sweat out of her hair and and on her body felt good. Finding her way to the garden, she might amuse him for a bit with her company but not much more than was necessary. Though, he had some good looks, it didn't change anything.
  Overlord / Faust / 127d 16h 57m 41s
"I will not lie I don't." He said as he started walking. "I only do if I find that the person is interesting or not. If I had not found you interesting during our first meet I many not have invited you here today. However before I even talk to you I saw something in your eyes. I haven't found out what it is yet but I will hope you will let me get to know you and find out." He gave a charming smile before bowing. "Let us meet at the garden in 15 minutes after we both have freshen up."
  Salazar / Mended / 127d 22h 40m 22s
Some part of her couldn't help but wonder if she had known more of these skills would he have died? She knew the answer but she would amuse herself with the answer she hoped for. Tired but not exhausted, she had built up strong stamina over the years. Wiping off she looked to him wondering what he was up to.

Either he was this friendly or after something. She was hungry after all that training. "Okay," she said slowly. While there was still distrust it wasn't as strong, there was still weariness. "Are you always this polite to your slaves or just the ones you find fascinating?"

It wasn't unique but she was careful when she felt like someone wanted something from her.
  Overlord / Faust / 127d 23h 58m 29s
After a short spares. He adjusted her style. "Don't try to use brute force. You body not meant for it. Try being more agile with your movements. Almost like when you dance keep moving and having your opponent guessing your next move." He showed her the basic in a new fighting style. He felt like she was getting but it would take time and practice. By the time he was done it had been about two hours.
"That should be enough for today." He tossed her a towel before wiping his own face. "If you worked at it I think you could become quite the fighter." He complimented. He then looked at the sun postion. See it was around lunch time. "Would you care to join me for lunch?" He asked. "I was plan on eating in the garden today and could use the company."
  Salazar / Mended / 128d 55m 28s
"Others would call that recruitment by offering incentment," Aisilyn said thoughtfully, giving little care to her words. It sure looked like that and seemed to be working. Rubbing near the burn she gave a knew that she'd need to do magic. That was her secret card though.

Listening to the tid bit of his story she gave a slow nod, understanding some of that. There was some relaxation in her face but she was still wary. "I really don't remember much of what he taught me with swords onlyhold on to one end and stab with the other."

This he being her father, Mateo had been a pacifist. It did him well in the end, she thought bitterly.
  Overlord / Faust / 128d 19h 58m 29s
Salazar smiled at her response. "Nothing is as it first appears. Everyone losses at some time or another. I just try to help out thought that do and in return I get work and servants. I can't stop slavery but I can help thought around me. I don't believe there should be a devider between people yet other do." He look up for a moment stopping.
"I lost someone once because I wasn't strong enough to stop people from harming them. So after words I build me a please that I had control over and that while under my control no else had to either. I then started to see that I could also help other by buy and using slaves. Why waste a resources while you can improve it. You may not understand it you may not like it but it the world I built here."
He then grab two practice swords. "Then show me what you know. Let see how much training you had."
  Salazar / Mended / 128d 20h 18m 49s
It took everything to not relive that moment when the ambush happened, even more to not visualize the bodies of those she had cared for. It wasn't as if it was in her nature to be open in the first place. Listening she wondered if this was really something more than slavery.

"There is only three years, training, and a certain amount of kindness. This almost seems more like recruitment than anything else," Aisilyn responded slowly. Looking to him the same weariness but also confusion. "I don't understand why."

Magic, it wasn't common anymore. She looked thoughtful before letting that slide. "Alright then, I'll take some training. I'm not magical though."
  Overlord / Faust / 128d 21h 4m 46s
"Everyone should learn how to defend them selfies." Salazar said point to the group he was with. "They you to be farmers. They got captured by badits and sold. They never learned to fight so they couldn't stop it. So once they learn that I would teach them they jumped at the opportunity."he started walking around the edge of the area. "As for training in magic. Most are afraid of magic. They don't understand it so they shun thought that do know. I treacherous people that magic is apart of us and that you should be afraid of it. Knowing is the first key to understanding."
  Salazar / Mended / 128d 21h 25m 40s
While being a gypsy didn't make one current in events- she had heard bits and pieces. These demons attacked, the humans retaliated and back and forth. The one thing that was constant was that they were talented. Aisilyn watched him curiously. It was a habit for her to watch and remember what was important.

"Good morning," Aisilyn slowly responded. It was bothersome being addressed like that, only one person had meant that. Rubbing beneath the collar she could feel where it had burned her, she hadn't even meant to use magic, it had simply happened.

"Why would you train a slave? Or allow them to use magic?" She asked slowly. Her mind screamed magic but that was best left unknown. "Participate I suppose. I don't know much though aside from small weapons and the bow. Light magic."
  Overlord / Faust / 131d 18h 33m 55s
Salazar was train some new solider along side one of his trusted allies. "Keep your guard up, don't let it fall just because your tired. Your enemy will use any advantage over you. If he dose you will die." He yelled as he kick one then in the chest. The other two charged him trying to use there number against him. How ever it don't work and both men were sent sprawling across the floor. "You can't swing wildly. You need find the patent in their attack and use it against them." He then notice some in the connor. "Take a brake boys and get some water."

He then walked over. "Good morning beautiful," he said with a light bow. "It seems I piked your interest then. Are you here to watch or participate?" He asked "We do all kinds of weapon and we have teacher in magic of all kinds."
  Salazar / Mended / 131d 20h 53m 13s
Well, that was unexpected.

Watching after him, she was left puzzled wondering what the hell he was up to. That wasn't common, she didn't even think that it was natural. There was that annoying voice that said that this was possibly not a trap. The more she thought on it, the more she had a headache. Rubbing her temple she gave a sigh.

Still, her curiosity was piqued and there was little else to do. Arriving at the arena, it was hard to not be amazed though, that shut up the voice telling her she was incredibly stupid.

What else was she going to do in her time?
  Overlord / Faust / 135d 19h 49m 14s
He smiled as he dropped his hand. "No you may return to your activities." He then started to walk way, but then looked back. "You shouldn't think as this as a waste of time. I'm sure you could learn a lot in your time here. Come out to the area tomorrow and I will show you." With that he left her.

Patience would be the key. At the moment she was wary of him. Which was understandable. He was her master and a demon at that. Who wouldn't be on guard. So it would take time for her to lower her guard even a little,, but when that time came he would attack. An evil grin came across his face. And it would be wonderful.
  Salazar / Mended / 135d 21h 22m 12s

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