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Out of all the reactions there was she had decided a laugh was warranted. Mostly the laugh was because she knew that this had been why he picked her out. Squirming against his grasp, she knew, she also knew that she couldn't go down without a fight. "It doesn't matter the probability of winning, just as long as there is a fight. I won't go down without a fight," Aisilyn growled.

Fearless and probably stupid. It didn't really matter to her, at the touch she squirmed more trying to get away. "This is still my body no matter where I may be."

That touch both enraged but there was something else. She was curious about this. It wasn't good nor bad it was just different. If if he picked up on any of that he'd use it, he'd be a idiot not to.
  Overlord / Faust / 121d 23h 22m 11s
He grab one of her hand then pulled in into him. Then wrapping her with the oth so she couldn't escape. "I now lots about magic as it why I'm alive." He too a minute to take in her smell. "What make you think you could stop me." He towers over her almost completely surrounding her body. "This is by domino I'm in control not you. Why not let go I don't want to hurt you your to gorgeous to hurt. But I will have you I garnet you that. He start sliding one of his hands around her body until stoping just under her shirt.
  Salazar / Mended / 122d 46m 13s
"You recognize it?" Aisilyn asked curiously, though still on guard. The shirt would be good enough now. Calmly placing one arm in she gave a small sigh. It was a nor ancient technique to tattoo magical power, gypsy to have the spirit animal. "It's not what is to be told. Though I'm surprised the slave trader didn't say anything."

Moving her arm away she glared. "You're not getting anything from me." She said in a low voice, though attempted to keep her temper down. Just the other arm despite the texture.
  Overlord / Faust / 122d 2h 5m 51s
"Nothing much," he said lazy taking slow steps towards her. That quite the tattoo you have their. "I underestimate your magical abilities. I had no idea that you had a Phoenix." He then stepped up to her. It was easy to tell she was on guard so he was ready to counter any assault against him. "Your body quite beautiful even with the scars." He ran his hand down her arm. He let her feel his heat even let he feel a portion of his power. "Are you scared? Dose my persons make you feel uneasy?"
  Salazar / Mended / 122d 2h 25m 48s
Scrubbing he last of the puke off of her skin, she began cleaning cleaning shirt. It was useful as a traveler to know. Satisfied that it was clean enough she ringed it out before the lights went out. Frowning, she stood up placing on the undershirt but left the other off, it was wet and the texture would be annoying.

Remaining calm she reached for whatever was next to her. "Can I help you?" She asked calmly. There wasn't much to use, it hadn't stopped her before though.
  Overlord / Faust / 122d 2h 50m 10s
Salazar was tired when he came out of his last meeting of the day. He hated how much people argued over the stupid of things. He headed to the dinning area. He need a way to wined down. After several minutes of think the thought of an idea. After setting up a spell he stood up and walk to find Aisilyn. It was time he thought to have a little fun with her. The spell was just to make sure no one would interrupt his play time. As he found her he cast another spell to lock the doors and to knock out the lights.
  Salazar / Mended / 122d 3h 1m 29s
The rapier type was much easier than the other. The woman was taller, but also willowly in her frame. Aisilyn found where hadn't been used and used that spot. Aisilyn hated the fact that she was like that with sweat or anything gross with the body. Still she had learned to control her reaction.

"Hm, okay,"Aisilyn shrugged in a noncommittal manner. She didn't want to but there was a bet to win. "Then I'll see you at dinner, then. Good bye Salazar."

Dancing was relatively boring, she performed the dance even when that singer attempted to change the time. Of course, she was counting on a calm evening when instead by a patron.

Waving away his apology she went to the back area immediately taking her top off to clean herself up muttering in her native Gypsy language. On her back was a large tattoo from her shoulder blades to mid back. Most did not have tattoos in this time. The Phoenix was outlined in black wih yellow eyes. Three stars lined it's back.

While having the tattoo there was old burn marks that healed over. Still she had that partial tan and smooth skin.
  Overlord / Faust / 122d 3h 49m 26s
Salazar smiled as he noticed Aisilyn. "Good morning," he said handing he a new practice sword. This one was more in the shape of a rapier. He then worked her thought the basics of fighting. After two hours of practice he called it a day. "That enough for today." The then wiped the sweet away with a towel before offering it to her.

"Sadly I have meetings for most of the day so I won't be able to spend it with you but I may swing by around dinner to see you if your not busy." He then smiled. "Tomorrow not so busy though and I was planning on taking a ride in to one of the towns would you like to join me?"
  Salazar / Mended / 122d 4h 38m 22s
It was a fools errand. As she thought that night, she knew it was, Aisilyn knew that her quick nature had fooled her. Of course, why on earth would she care? What was left for her in any place? The worse punishment in her life thus far was surviving when she ought to have been killed.

Arriving on time, she watched from the entrance as he trained another. This could be beneficial if she ended up being far more skilled than she already was. Perhaps finish that fire training that had been denied in the past.

Moving forward, she looked towards him calmly, the plan of action was set in her head.
  Overlord / Faust / 123d 18h 38m 10s
Salazar was happy she had taken the first step into coming under his control. However it would still take time as he was sure she wouldn't fold easily. The rest of this day past uneventful as she went thought the everyday mostion of being a ruler.

In another part of the castle someone paced back and thourt. "Who was she ? Why was he talking to him? Calm down calm down, she new he can't know her like he knows you." He asked her a number lunches and dinners. So maybe she was overthink it. "She just some dance nothing more." She told herself. "And he likes singers like me. So he wouldn't be interested in her." Then why hadn't he noticed her yet. The other part of her said. "Because he very busy man and don't have time to show me." Right?

The next day found Salazar training on his own for while he wait for Aisilyn. He was training with one of his generals and he as good. Most of the match he was on the defensive waiting for his opponent to make his mistake however the attack just kept coming. "Dam I forgot how much stamina you had." He grunted as deflated another attack. He had agreed not to use his magic to make the match more challenging.

"You don't pay be to be a half ass sword fighter." The half human half fox spirt answered. The dance continues on for several more minutes until finally Salazar had enough and started pushing the assault. After a few second he managed to hit the man knock him down. "Dead" Salazar said hold the blade to the man neck. Before helping him up and both men congratulating each other of the high points of the match
  Salazar / Mended / 123d 19h 55m 36s
If he did not know what she was then he was doing good job. While the other females entertained themselves with men she spent time with the men gambling. What was there to lose? She had no family nor loved ones. She was alone in the world so she had all the freedom in the world.

"If you like wine," Aisilyn answered thoughtfully before giving a smile. While there should have been thought in this decision there was not. "I accept the terms. I'll see you tomorrow."

This actually could be a great deal of fun for both of them.
  Overlord / Faust / 124d 21h 57m 57s
He gave one last smile before leaning back in his chair. "Maybe you don't but wine get better with time my dear." He then stood up and pushed his chair in. "I must go sadly but I hope that I will see you tomorrow in training if you do so choose. However I never underestimate anything I do. Let's us though play a game then. If I have underestimate you and you make me give up I shall free you on the spot and send you on your way. However if at some point you think that I am worth of yourself then I win and you will become my personal dancer until the end of your time." He said.
After her answer he left for his meeting not noticing someone looking in on the conversation from a far.
  Salazar / Mended / 124d 22h 26m 37s
That was quite some observations, it was just about spot on. There was some amusement that crossed her face now but also the same weariness. Still she gave a laugh folding her hands together. "That is impressive," Aisilyn said before shrugging. "A wine that interesting? You underestimate me. I don't care to be tasted and I've demonstrated that to more than one person, why do you think I'm here?"

It was bothersome that she had this problem more often than she liked. Finishing her light food, she looked to him trying to see what he would do next.
  Overlord / Faust / 124d 23h 15m 57s
"You know more then you let on." He said leaning in. "You try your best to not let it show but I see it. The way you walk the way you move the way you talk all hint at a deeper understanding. Like you understand magic. Most don't know about it but when I said something you look thoughtful that another under stood what it was. Show that you use magic to some degree. You try to also hide your emotions but over the time we have talked you have slowly shown how little your in control of them." He tilted his head a little. "You also find it odd why I haven't given up talking to you. I can tell by the way you sitting uncomfortable and your speech. However you're the reason why. Your like a new wine I tasted and now I want the whole bottle."
  Salazar / Mended / 124d 23h 35m 11s
Aisilyn tilted her head curiously towards him, the auburn hair tilting into her face. He seemed to know a bit without her saying much. Even excused it or rationalized it. That was ruining the game for her. Normally they were annoyed or not interested at this point. She'd just have to try harder.

"Yes, it really is the second day. I doubt a third will make a difference," Aisilyn answered before raising a brow. It was true though. She traveled for almost all of her life. She knew things and people, an active intelligence. "How are you so sure that the knowledge part?"

Taking a breath she thought on that before looking to them. "They're either dead or captured. Probably dead at this point." Even as she said there was some emotion expressing, but it wasn't too much. Though she visibly recoiled trying to press back that memory right now, she just couldn't think it.
  Overlord / faust / 126d 18h 13m 28s

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