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In her troupe there had been a magic woman who was in charge of training the young ones. She had tried with Aisilyn for a while before she had passed on. In these days she remembered the fire dance. That had not been completed yet.

Wrapping a blanket around her form, she sat in front of the fire watching the flames move and dance. She wasn't sure how long she had been there for only that it was peaceful. This has been what Yisla had tried to instill in her but she had been in such a hurry.

Then she felt something, someone warm. Then it was gone.

"Thank you, Mateo," she whispered softly. Still not moving, she had her chance now.
  Overlord / Faust / 115d 4m 22s
Salazar awoke the next more tired. The nightmare had been worse then before. Slowly he got out of bed and changed out of his old outfit and into a new one. He then looked at the sleeping figure on his bed. Sighing he cancel the magic on the chain keeping her lock to the room. He would have time to play with her anymore not after what had happened. He then left heading to a throne room.
  Salazar / Mended / 115d 2h 41m 29s
In so many ways, Aisilyn was closer to fire than humans. It was fickle, it moved a lot, and it left damage wherever it went. From that destruction, there was life that grew afterwards. In most of her years she always moved, always doing something, never in one spot. She was confined to a room now and that brought back memories.

Her mind fixated on the past particularly one memory of a woman in her caravan who had been with the caravan leader. That conversation played in her head over and over again, until she got some message out of it. This wasn't her old world anymore, this was a new world, and it had different rules. She had to play those rules to win.

When he collapsed and fell asleep, she smiled happily, there wouldn't be anything else tonight.

Having a clear path in mind, she sat by the fire watching it move and flicker yet remaining dedicated. That was what she'd need to do beyond this point.

Stretching, she moved to the bed, laying down but not close to him. It wasn't there yet.
  Overlord / Faust / 117d 17h 53m 50s
It was late when Salazar returned he beat. He knew thing where getting bad but now it was even worse. Enter his room he feel face first onto his bed. Forgetting that he had someone else there. He had fallen asleep befor he even hit the bed. His sleep was still hontes by nightmare. But this time their was a face laughing at him in the back round.
  Salazar / Mended / 118d 2h 7m 52s
Perhaps it was her childhood, or the fact that some defiance made her feel alive, she didn't know. If she looked deeply she couldthink it was because every psrt of her hid behind some fiery aspect. The three people that had gotten behind that was dead. It hadn't even bothered her.

"What? That I'm a playtoy now? What makes you think I truly care?" Aisilyn answered almost in a dead tone. The fiery tone was gone just something dead pan. "Of course, this is expected."

She moved to sit up, she'd still stop him, but if he did she would make it miserable for both of them.
  Overlord / Faust / 119d 22h 33m 33s
Salazar backhanded her he im then grabbed her by the neck. You think your so funny don't you maybe you don't see the predicament your in," he then smacked her again nothing would leave scars or hurt that much but enough to send a message. "No the training will begin now." He said throwing her on back on the bed. "We should see if you bit is as big as your bark and as I said first lesson is humility."
  Salazar / Mended / 120d 26m 26s
Why did these chambers have to be so damn cold? It wasn't as if she had actually slept at all. Her neck ached and her body was stiff. Salazar seemed to wake up in a terrible mood barking out orders.She really had to piss though.

"Woke up on the wrong side of the bed, did you?" She asked stretching before frowning. Humility, that was a good one giving a smirk. 'It sounds like a plan to bore me to death until I beg for you to take me. It's not bad."

There was little to do here. "So, I suppose that means no training then." She moved, not caring about the clothes to urinate before returning sitting on the bed and crossed her legs looking to him daringly.
  Overlord / Faust / 120d 2h 25s
Nightmare flooded Salazar dreams Luke they did most night. Dream of his past his failures. Monster demon madman was just some of the words the voice yelled at him. 'How could you do such a thing. She trusted you we trusted you. To think we called you family.' The voice range out from different side. And under all of the that he could hear a little voice saying 'no it wasn't me. Why won't you listen.'

Salazar jolted awake. He was in a cold sweet. Wiping it away he strode up and when to his private bathroom. After washing up he got himself ready for the day. This was one of the few days he had off. Day that he planned to not do anything. No training no meeting nothing. Remember what he did to Aisilyn clothing he cast a spell on her so her body would no fell the cold around her. He then look are her. "I think I will keep you as pet for a while." With that he ripped off the last of her clothes. "And the first thing you will learn is humility. You will be limited to the confidences of this room and you will no longer wear any thing. You will sleep eat and drink with me from now on." He gave an evil smile. If people want to call him a monster he would be a monster.
  Salazar / Mended / 120d 2h 39m 34s
Relief flushed through her system for that second that he would not take her tonight. Aisliyn was worn out and the idea of being with another man, especially him, aggravated her. That was until being told that she'd be staying with him the whole night. Her stomach churned after that. There was some fighting on the way back, then there was that pesky chain.

"After all that, you just plan on sleeping?" She asked incredulously watching him get ready warily. Instead he just did that and was asleep. What the hell?

"I am not yours," she said finally, firmly.

She squirmed for a good hour before finding a comfortable spot and a blanket. She still was missing most of her clothes and it was cold, only half asleep, she still woke up here and there due to nerves. The last time she found herself cuddling against him. Moving quickly to try and make some distance she groaned. This was the worse night since the death of Mateo.
  Overlord / Faust / 121d 18h 43m 17s
M now I have work out my stress that was aggravating me so I will going to sleep." He then grabbed he a left her into a bridle style carry. "And you shall join me. The night get cold and my cold blood doesn't help I need a warm body to keep me warm." He easy could handle any kick she may do and chain would easy keep her close. As he enter his room is was plain. No art on the wall no statues of himself just a plain king size bed and a dresser. He throw her onto the bed then cast a spell. A small chain came from her coller and link to the side of the bed. He then moved to his dres and took off his cloak and boot. He changed in light shirt then ladies in bed. He then pulled her into him wrapping his arm around her waist. "You out now mine no matter how hard you try you out mine." And with that he fell asleep.
  Salazar / Mended / 121d 20h 22m 24s
"It hasn't been since I was captured I used it on that scale, at least when I did there was some effect," Aisilyn smiled to herself, she had killed at least six of the guards with that burst. It was disappointing that she hadn't done more but there would be marks. She still pulled against him not ready to give up.

Training her to control the wild magic, that seemed risky but she gave look to him turning her face away. Giving a sound of disbelief she shook her head. "For now. What is if that you plan on doing now?"

She was worn out from the mana but still had every intention on fighting him.
  Overlord / Faust / 121d 21h 2m 33s
"Done all ready?" He asked take a step up to her. "So much power but can't even control it. We will have to work on that later." He grabbed her chine and aim it up at him. "You ack so strong but your not you have no control can't you see it. Let me show you real control." He then lend in a stole a kiss. He only lenders for a second but he enjoyed her taste. "You are addictive as you are beautifully."
  Salazar / Mended / 121d 21h 37m 9s
It wasn't her own choice, once the collar was disabled the magic rose in her. While others had tame magic, she was cursed with wild magic. All but one had given up on taming it. Feeling it rise in her system this was the time. "I don't like being touched when I don't want to be, even by you," Aisilyn hissed before summoning fire balls. Only this time it swirled up to the roof before it started raining the fire.

"Huh, it's never done that before," she said thoughtfully before looking to him. There was little left of her clothes. That outburst wore her out along with the fighting. It was there visibly in her body language.
  Overlord / Faust / 121d 22h 21m 30s
He smiled. "Good I enjoy a good fight." He then let go of her and disabled her coler. "Working for something is so much more rewarding anyways so let see it." He could tell that she enjoy it but she hadn't released it yet so as he would dodged he could come close and touched her arm, legs stomach just to prove that he could he would wait to tire her out. He also started ripe part of her cloths off leaving her only in rages of her original outfit.
  Salazar / Mended / 121d 22h 41m 13s
He smiled. "Good I enjoy a good fight." He then let go of her and disabled her coler. "Working for something is so much more rewarding anyways so let see it." He could tell that she enjoy it but she hadn't released it yet so as he would dodged he could come close and touched her arm, legs stomach just to prove that he could he would wait to tire her out. He also started ripe part of her cloths off leaving her only in rages of her original outfit.
  Salazar / Mended / 121d 22h 41m 24s

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