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He reached wrapping his arm around her waist pulling her into him. He pulled so she could rest comfortably against him while at the same time he could feel her warmth against him. He then let his rest lightly against her. If she wanted she could easy escape from his grasp. He wasn't trying to force her at the moment. He just wanted to feel her warm. "Yes," He said as closed his eyes again.

"Tomorrow I will take you shopping and you may pick out whatever clothes you want." His breath was slow almost as if he had fallen asleep. After about ten minutes he stood up grabbing a towel. "I must rest. When you are done come to bed. There should be several nightdress left for you by Morgan if you want one." And with that he left returning to his room.
  Salazar / Mended / 96d 5h 9m 12s
It was perplexing the changes in his behavior. Moreover, the best decision from here. There had been fight thus far. It was about time for another approach. Aisilyn did feel relieved that she would not be used for that tonight. Giving a sound of annoyance she moved over slowly remaining a few inches away.

"Is that better?" Aisilyn asked stoically. It was the best way to go right now, not that it'd change her reaction when it came to physical relations. It was easy to claim a body, but not the heart.
  Overlord / Faust / 96d 21h 44m 59s
"Do not fret. I am to tired to take you this night I only wish to have you close. Plus you act like you have a choice." He pointed at the caller around he neck. "I promise no funny business. I just want to make sure you are safe and that is easiest when you are close."

The attack today had proven that his defense where not in penetrable and that need to be first. Plus he had new plans for her and that meant keeping her on a short leash for a while.
  Salazar / Mended / 96d 22h 26m 34s
A sound escaped her lips when she entered. The water was amazing, it helped her hands quite a bit, the rest of her was just a little sore. It did help under the collar where the magic was most ticked off. Aisilyn heard words he was saying before giving a small chuckle of amusement. They knew little of each other, only that he desired her for various other reasons.

"It may have occurred to you already that I'm different from the others that come through here. If they have magic, they are taught one way. I was taught, quite literally through fire. That fire touch...I was forced to learn it a certain way for those that...didn't obey the rules..." Aisilyn began looking to her hands. The blisters was already settling down, tomorrow it'd be nothing. "It was either perform or be consumed. And I don't give in."

Placing her hands back in the water she looked to him. Growth. At that her expression grew distant. Amazingly she didn't give an answer to that before hearing his request. Of course.

"I'd rather not," Aisilyn answered warily. It wasn't the first time, but it wasn't what she'd prefer to repeat.
  Overlord / Faust / 97d 19h 25m 10s
Salazer lend back spreading his arm wide. He could feel the hot water doing wonders for is muscles. He could even start to feel is right arm again. He laid his head on the concrete. "Still you have a beautiful body you shouldn't scare it up like I have," He said talking about the numerous scares across his. "They may heal this time, but next time you might not be so lucky next time. You have a great power if you learn to control it you could be unstoppable. As I said before I will help you while you are mine, but when you leave it will be up to you how you grow." He then lifted his head to look at her. "You may not like me for what I have done, but that doesn't mean I will stunt your growth."

He then closed his eyes and sunk up to his head in the water. He had always enjoyed soaking in his bath, but being about to bath with a beauty like this made it even better. She may never understand about it but to the men around her she was a rare gem. It also helped that she had the touch girl act. He had always wanted to brake someone like her. Most just did as he said very few put up a fight. He finally sat up and opened his eyes. He waited for her to finsh cleaning herself before saying. "Come over here."
  Salazar / Mended / 97d 20h 19m 30s
"Yes, you do," Aisilyn finding it more than pleasing to have a choice in clothing. It wasn't as if she was wanting expensive clothing or finest material. Only ones that covered her body but let her move when and if she ever was allowed to continue with training. No doubt that he'd find use in her now.

It had felt so amazing to do that, to have the answers she had been wanting since the attack happened. It didn't make her feel any better though, only more empty. That life was truly gone. What was she supposed to do now?

"Of course," she sighed, she slowly taking off the clothes. She was just getting used to them. Looking to her hands, she realized it would look bad but it didn't hurt that bad. "It looks worse than it is. Of course, that method is not what you use everyday. Only on special occasions..."

The bath did sound amazing though, she felt dirty after everything today.
  Overlord / Faust / 101d 17h 34m 25s
Salazer could feel someone around him as he heard a voice. "That it has," He said standing up. He was back too normal. "And they only feel like they are going to get longer." He stood up rolling his shoulders and neck. He needed to unwind a bit. Decided a long sock was the best choice of action he headed toward his personal bath. "I guess I owe you clothes then." He had no idea what kind that she would want as most of his fashion was basic around black.

He started to undress as he entered the door drop his clothes in a pile. "Come join me," he said in a low, but stern voice. He said it as more of a command then a suggestion. "You did well today, but you must learn to control your powers better so you don't hurt yourself. The water has healing properties so you should feel better after a while."
  Salazar / Mended / 101d 20h 7m 57s
Never before had there been such a battle happened in her head. The man must have suffered a great deal of pain due to the fire. She did notice that the right suffered worse than the other side. The fire touches, as much as it hurt her, hurt him more. The idea of killing him was too tempting every time she was close she felt stopped.

When done, she placed her hands under ice water. It was curious the information she got. It also was numbing, even to her. Returning back to Salazar's room .

Noting he was already asleep, she frowned wondering what she was supposed to do with this knowledge now. Salazar was odd, either he was interested in attempting to break her or had nothing to do with her. If it was one way or the other all the time she could live with it.

"It's been a long day," Aisilyn shrugged though could feel some impatience rising.
  Overlord / Faust / 102d 18h 45m 10s
Salazer had taken on the other two while Aisilyn dealt with her target. Neither of them where a real challenge as both died rather quickly when they attacked him with their blades. Even with only one hand both feel within a few seconds of battle. After he was done he watched Aisilyn fight. Even with what little he had taught her, he could see that she was using some of it. "There are always other," He said looking down on the man. "He is yours to do as you wish with. One of the maid can take him to the dungeon when your done." He started to walk out. "I will be cleaning up." He then left the room.

As he entered and closed the door he let out a low painful grown. "Dam this hurt," He said as he fell against his bed. "Maybe for a minute." He then let go of his demonic magic. The tall Salazer then turn into a small man with short black hair in a cloud smoke. No horns no over powering presence just a short man. He then heard a voice. "Do you really think it wise to show your turn form after an attack." No one was in the room, but he knew who it was.

"The attacks over and the others can handle the rest. I need to rest." And with that Salazer fell asleep against his bed. "Fool" said the voice said as a shadow feel over him and he wounds started to heal and then a quickly as it appeared it vanished.
  Salazar / Mended / 102d 20h 13m 46s
The memories felt so fresh, the wild magic pulsating, whatever enemy she ran across she did not killed but useless. Fire damage ruined the nerves, they were useless. Upon reaching the throne room she knew it was him. It was extensive fire damage.

"Yes, I'll see what's happening," Aisilyn stepped forward unleashing the fire balls, eventually using the melee skills she acquired. Disarming him she had the chance but she felt as if someone was stopping her. Mateo. She felt the fire simmer down before looking to Salazar. "Hes more useful alive..I know the language, I can question him."

"Traitor bitch," the man cursed her.

Feeling the flames she let it heat up before touching his cheek, instantly searing him. It was dangerousfor her to do that but she didn't care the sound of pain was worth it. "I won't kill you, but I will make you wish I had. You'll answer or this will get worse. Salazar?"
  Overlord / Faust / 105d 23h 49m 6s
"You can have your revenge," He said as he took the sword off the man he had killed. "I'm heading to the throne room. Follow in my shadow because he will mostly be there. I will take care of the other while you deal with him." He could still fight even with one arm. He had train for years for situations like this.

He started moving towards the throne room easy killing anyone that got in his way. From what he could tell most of his men where holding the line. After the shock was over, they had started taking the fight back to the intruders.

Entering then room he was great with the sigh of one of his allies being throne across the room. Her body hit the wall causing her body to hit the floor. Her body was cut up pretty good. Placing his had on her shoulder he told her to rest. He then turned back to the group. There was three of them one covering in scares and the rests in cloth mask. "Is that him he asked?"
  Salazar / Mended / 106d 11m 32s
"This will include a wardrobe. I'm very proud of my body, but I also love my clothing...more than I should...it's very vain but there is a point in everyone where there is vanity," Aisilyn gave a small shrug knowing her mind was drifting. It wasn't as if she liked this place, she intended on leaving it as soon as she could. Of course, she didn't want the outside world either.

Turning her mind to the situation at hand, that was when the attack happened, she nodded to Salazar. "Thank you," she said softly before frowning. "I know who they are...who their leader is...excuse me. I need to do something he won't be proud of."

Straightening her shoulders, Aisilyn stepped boldly to the next soldier setting a stream of fire towards him. She hadn't vowed exact revenge, it was just happening.

"It's the kingdom I was in when I was captured. I'll do whatever you want if there is a general that has a burn over half his body. I want to finish what I started."

Her voice was different, it was cold with fury, though her expression still slacked. She would enjoy this.
  Overlord / Faust / 107d 18h 3m 3s
At first he didn't say anything and just looked at her. Sighing he should have guessed that she would want to fight. Waving his hand he cast a spell and she was covered with a light color set of cloth and light armor. "Happy." he asked

Suddenly he noticed a man come around the corner behind her. He drew back a bow and took aim. Before he could fire he grabbed her, and pulling her into him. He took the shot as the arrow hit him in the shoulder. He let a grunt of pain out as the arrow hit him. He then turned to look at the man and blasted him with another spell. "Are you hurt?" he asked pulling the arrow out. It had made his arm lip. It wouldn't work until he got someone to heal it. "Go help the guards they need your help more then I do."
  Salazar / Mended / 107d 19h 18m 5s
There was a commotion, that she head, taking what she made into makeshift clothes. She was still lacking in that department but what she had mostly worked. Aisilyn could hear running and curiously she tried the door surprised when she could step out. When did that happen? A smile broke out on her face before she noticed a guard rushing past before seeing Salazar.

"Someone is attacking, aren't they?" Aisilyn asked calmly. The chances of him coming to see if she was okay was highly unlikely. Wanting to use her abilities was more likely. "If you want my help, I want clothes. With color."

This was a moment and she'd seize any moment she could from him. That and it could be fun to try and do something for once.
  Overlord / Faust / 112d 19h 4m 24s
As Salazar was finishing some work when an exposition rocked the castle. He looked up in shock as he wounded how anyone had gotten so close to his castle with out tripping one of his alarms. Suddenly three men in dark ropes attacked him. He barely had time to dough as they attacked. He was pressed on the defensive as he had to by time to muster a spell.

After killing them he wounded how they got in then a thought hit him. She was still in his room unarmed and could use her magic. He then rushed back to his room. Sending a mental message to all his general that the castle was under attack
  Salazar / Mended / 113d 20h 51m 54s

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