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It was a very different place. She had traveled quite a bit through many citites and towns. It was nice here, though she was noticing with the noticeable demons. "Wherever there's clothes. I don't mean to do more than our deal," Aisilyn said before looking to Salazar curiously. "I had an idea for the general you have prisoner. It's unconventional...but in this case...it might work."

It wasn't as if she had any loyalty to Salazar. Compared to the ones that had captured her, she preferred him.
  Overlord / faust / 83d 16h 13m 2s
Salazer noticed Aisilyn walking up to him. Finishing his conversation he dismissed the man with a wave before walking over to her. "All right then let us be off." In a flash of smoke his body shrunk a foot and his horns disappeared. "I don't really want people see me out and about today," He said shrugging. He wanted a realizing day and if we was walking around town people would want to talk to him and give him thing. He would do that another day.

The walk to the village wasn't very long as it only sat near the bottom of the hill. It was a large with many people human elves demons the like walked the street. No hostilities seemed to flow form anyone as they walked along the street. Many store lined the streets with happy story keeps selling many diffent items. "So where would you like to go first," He asked looking around.
  Salazar / Mended / 83d 16h 34m 59s
Sleep wasn't easy. It was plagued by different memories, images and the situation at hand. Waking up groggy and slightly kinked. Alone. That was good, she took a breath to regain her bearings. There was a plan in her head and she saw a

Finally willing herself up she dressed in what had been given. Aisilyn found him approaching casually as he talked to another male. They seemed busy, then there had been an attack though.

"I'm ready whenever you are," she approached casually. This ought to prove interesting. There could be an agreement made here.
  Overlord / faust / 83d 17h 22m 4s
Salazar woke early the next morning still bracing he human in his arms. He had forgotten what it was like to hold someone so small was like. Marketing sure he didn't wake he he untangle himself for her and start get ready for his day. He left a note by the bedside say when she was ready to come find him to go shopping.

After leaving his room he start work with some of the other general. They had to fix up and clean up the damage that was caused for yesterday fight. Most of the body had been removed but the blood and the damage had not been. After they had finish he and the other start plans for an invasion of the human that had caused this. He would need to find a way to keep the civil in check.
  Salazar / Mended / 84d 16h 1m 54s
"I don't know...cats can be terrifying...I've discovered that out most of my life. There may be a scar on the ankle from a cat that was around the caravan," Aisilyn gave a smile, the ease of the conversation was growing. That was something to be concerned about on her end. The next action brought the usual rise of panic in her chest. That was something she was getting used to.

Was she really being used like a teddy bear to him? She was not a teddy bear person, she wasn't even that warm of a person despite having fire. "Oh? I do?" She asked adjust to be comfortable as well, before listening to him fall asleep.

Too tired to give this much more thought, after getting comfortable she fell asleep, for once not dreaming of that day.
  Overlord / Faust / 85d 15h 50m 34s
Salazer laughed a little. "You are not one easy to control. I would call you more of a dog. You have a nasty bite that is just as bad as your bark." He then reached over and start running his hand though hair. Slowly caressing her hair like one would a cat. "Plus the only one allow to have you is me. However, if he is gathering so many mages it concerns me. I will send out some spies to investigate what he is up to. Then, I will deal with him. No one attacked me or my servants and gets away with it."

He then reach over his other hand and pick her up. Bring her to his chest like a child would a teddy bear. Slowly he wrapped both his arm around her stomach. Her warm body felt nice against his bare chest. He lightly rested his chin against the top of her head. He laid there taking taking in her scent. "You smell like the flower from my hometown." He said in a low tried voice. "It's been so long since I smelled them." After pulling the cover around them, he slowly drifted of to sleep. Hold her tight almost like he was afraid that she might disappear if he let go.
  Salazar / Mended / 86d 12h 54m 29s
Smiling in vague amusement, Aisilyn felt her mind slipping between two different time periods. The only true effects of finding the person who killed the love of her life, was on her hands. It was supposed to feel different. Enlightening, perhaps. Instead it felt hollow. That was disappointing.

Keeping that smile up she closed her eyes lightly. "It seems like they are gathering magical forces, while ridding what they refer to the gypsy scum, away. What could that ruler do with an elite group of magic users when they seem to be fading..."

It would have sent shudders down her spine if she didn't feel so disconnected. "Mateo truly never owned me, just found a way to...manage..." She gave a small laugh of true amusement. "He said it was like owning a cat...can't argue with that. Not that it matters now. It's over."
  Overlord / Faust / 86d 16h 34m 32s
Salazar lay back on his bed looking up at the ceiling. "Human will never truly understand magic." He said not turning his head to look at her. "They will try to control it and use fear to limit it users. They would rather be scary of it like a group of children then learn how to control and harness its power. People like you and your power will alway be seen as a threat and will try to control you. I have even learn that. You are one who doesn't like being control and wants to do things your way. It why I go after you I like your free spirt and wish to see if I can control it."
  Salazar / Mended / 87d 18h 51m 14s
"I have been told that's what people say when they hear something sad or unfortunate. Even gypsies can follow traditional rules of etiquette though it's not how we act within our group," Aisilyn gave a small sound. "I didn't say it to fill the space, it's because I meant it."

It was a curse to be unable to truly tell a lie, only get away with it halfway. Thinking on those words she gave a wry smile. Either way, something always caught up.

"That general...he's from the Alcean Empire. We were traveling through, though warned not to, there's a story that his son ran off with gypsies. Completely untrue since by nature we don't trust those of high positions...We were ambushed...Mateo was killed trying to defend us. Those deemed 'useless' also killed. Those showing any ability captured such as myself..." Aisilyn began slowly, her eyes remaining distant but her hand played with the blanket more, the true signs of emotions. "I believe...that my fiancee was killed over a king's desire to maintain a control over magical abilities."
  Overlord / Faust / 88d 16h 22m 7s
"You have nothing to apologize for," He said standing up and walking a few feet away. "You didn't rape her. You didn't set me up. You didn't leave me to rot away in some forgot hell hole. The only thing you're guilty of is being a victim of my anger." He then turned to her. "After that day, I told myself that I would never be weak again. I said that if you want a monster I would give them a monster. Now I'm on top I set the rules and no one tells me no. I take want and don't apologize. I'm just going to watch this world burn until the day someone ends this pathetic life of mine." He then looked at her eyes with a sad smile. "Maybe be today maybe tomorrow, but until then I will do what I want.
  Salazar / Mended / 88d 16h 41m 52s
Even the smallest leeway changed little. There was a small strand connecting them. The detached Aisilyn refused to let it sway her heart. She had doubt if that thing would work after the recent events, anyway. Laying down on the bed, she moved to lay down on her side using her hand to support her head.

"You can become a demon?" Aisilyn questioned. It was a stupid first question, it was just new to her. How curious. It was impossible to actually picture him as anything but a cold asshole but it was a sad story, anyway.

"That's awful, I'm sorry," she said softly, almost reaching out to touch him before deciding not to.
  Overlord / Faust / 88d 17h 20m 13s
Salazer didn't move he just listened. "And I did her until she was taken from me. Long before I became the demon you see in front of you I was just and wondering man. I was an adventure like most. I then meet someone along the road and we became friends. As the years went by we became close, but those around her didn't like it. They said I was worthless and was holding her back. I wasn't a strong fighter back then. I was weak. I couldn't really fight and they took advantage of it." His eyes went soft as he recalled the memory. He had no idea why he was telling her any of this. Maybe he was tired. Maybe it was because he need someone to talk to. Maybe he just didn't care. Whatever the reason he was telling her about his past.

"One night I visited her to find that her house was broken into her home. I found her half dead and raped when I tried to bring her to a doctor I was attacked. I tried my best to fight them off, but I was defeated. I was taken to somewhere and was put on trial for the attack and rape of my lover. No one knew and she couldn't talk as her injured were too great. No one would listen to me so I was found guilty and imprisoned. Shortly after I found out that I was set up and they had framed me. I was called a monster. After the I escaped and became what I am today."
  Salazar / Mended / 89d 16h 47m 35s
"Then we actually have something in common, Salazar," Aisilyn said in vague amusement, though there was more to voice and expression in that moment. It took everything to wipe away those memories and emotions- only to have it crash back.

"I've only been with one man, well now, other than you now. I loved him," Aisilyn admitted quietly before shaking her head and looking towards her hands. It was worth it. To crush his soul would be better. Still, there wasn't tears coming, she remained calm through years and years of practice.

Shaking her head as to get her senses back she moved to where she would settle down.
  Overlord / faust / 89d 17h 42m 25s
Salazar looked up at her as enter. "This is my first time." He said looking tilting his head back. "I haven't really found anyone interesting to take back." He then laid back. He was on the edge with both his feet still set on the ground. He had changed in to long black pants but left nothing his cheat. "I have only had one other and that was long before I became overlord.
  Salazar / Mended / 89d 17h 59m 22s
Throughout the holding an odd thought occurred to Aisilyn. Was there a chance that this demon overlord was lonely? Aisilyn hadn't moved nor had she relaxed into him. This was curious, indeed. The sound of the announcement of the clothing broke the train of her thoughts. Salazar was still a puzzle to her.

"Thanks," Aisilyn nodded. That end of the deal was at least being kept, no going around naked anymore. Nodding, she remained another five minutes, mostly to formulate a plan and the will.

After drying she came out and dressed casually. Looking back to him she moved the red locks to braid up her hair. "Do you do this often? Take one of your slaves to your chambers?"
  Overlord / faust / 89d 19h 6m 1s

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