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Something felt different about her tonight. Salazer couldn't tell what. He air around her was different as well. What had happen in the time he had last seen her. He took off his clock and hung it up. He then sat down on his bed and looked at her. He liked it but something was drawing him in. He knew he shouldn't play with fire but we didn't care about being burn. Giving a smile he watch her. "When every your ready."
  Salazar / Mended / 80d 19h 36m 42s
It was sad actually. The one loyal female wasn't viewed like that, instead was viewed differently. Aisilyn still wasn't completely sure what was keeping him fascinated with her, truth be told she was feeling the same fascination. Back in the room she found a blue dress without sleeves that was loose in most parts, perfect for what she wanted to do tonight.

"Hello," Aisilyn responded, sitting in the chair her legs draped over the arm of the chair. Looking up she gave a thoughtful look. "I'd like to show you something, what I call the fire dance. Only...it's more sacred."

Why not try? If she was free she'd have no place to go and continue to be be lost and angry. Here was comfortable for now.
  Overlord / Faust / 80d 20h 5m 25s
Salazer was happy to be with done with the days event. Not just for what awaited him back in his room, but moreover the damage had been repaired. The dead had other been burned or buried. The wounded had been taken care of and any mayor damage was repaired. With that made his life a lot easier. He returned to his room with a sly smile. Soon his spies would be in place as the general would escape tonight with fault info. With end the week he would have control of more land to spread his rule. "Hello," He said entering
Morgana nodded "I will be back tomorrow for more lessons try to have a nice night and thank you." She then left to return to her other duty a small smile on her face.
  Salazar / Mended / 80d 23h 20m 15s
Aisilyn was more than surprised when she found herself listening and caring to a point. She could be free earlier? That didn't make her happy considering she had nothing left. "Thanks Morgana. I'll keep this in mind," Aisilyn nodded. It was strange to think that he could actually be happy. "I think he knows how you feels."

She would need to return now, even more confused now. "Thanks. I'll hopefully see you soon."

She made the slow return back, finding the right outfit. She'd show him something special then.
  Overlord / Faust / 81d 9m 51s
Morgana tilted her head a little. Her facial expression hadn't change much during there talk. "What I suggest maybe a little odd but try to connect with him. He been much of a shut it before you came along. So just be you he likes it. He been more happy since you showed up. You might find out you like it. The only reason he want to be control is because he wants you to see him before you leave. He talked about letting you go early as a final thanks for helping." She then looked out the window "I shouldn't tell you this but he's could die any day. His powers are a double edged sword. If he lowers he's guard for even a second a demon could take control of is body and mind. If that happens he will no longer be him. That why sometime he so aggressive at points thoughts are his bad days." She then stood up. "Take it from an woman who has lost two husbands to elven wars. Your not betraying him. Would he really want you to be lonely the rest of your life?"
  Salazar / Mended / 81d 3h 1m 50s
It was good knowledge, Aisilyn loved to learn and never had the chance before. Rather, she had the chance but had been completely stupid and missed it. Giving a small nod she looked towards Morgana curiously. It seemed she was the lucky one here, that thought did cause a brief smile.

"I had a fiancee. He was opposite of what I was, helped after I thought I lost everything. Then I lost him during an attack. The idea of being touched by anyone but him feels...like a betrayal. It's stupid, I know," Aisilyn gave a small dry chuckle. "Salazar isn't terrible, nor is the situation. Well...I suppose he wants what he wants to break. What do you suggest I do?"
  Overlord / Faust / 81d 3h 49m 13s
Morgan show up shortly after Aisilyn Return holding a few books and a scoll. "How are you this day." She said in a low monotone voice. She set the books on the desk before grabbing one books and sitting on the edge of the bed. "Shall we begin?" She start cover the more advanced coverage of mana control.

An hour later she finish instructing her in the art. "That is all for today," she said brushing her green hair to the side. "If I maybe so bold how are you holding up. It maybe not fair to say this but I wish he paid me that kinda attention as he dose you. Despite what you may think most don't care for him as I do. The people love him but they set him up so high that they don't try. I can think of a way for him to notice me."
  Salazar / Mended / 81d 15h 41m 11s
"They don't want to be. If there was a chance...they would join a society and play by it's rules. No, there's another matter that you seem to miss entirely about me and anyone of will," Aisilyn licked her lips before leaning in a little closer. "It's not about position, power, or any perks. It's about the heart and more."

There was a strange feeling knowing more people like her could possibly drawn in. Others would be easily seduced. Only she had a true taste of life.

"Right..." Aisilyn answered dryly. Okay, she could do this. Looking to him calmly, with little expression. "Well then, I'll see you tonight."
  Overlord / Faust / 81d 17h 50m 32s
"Speak softly and carry a big stick," Salazer said taking a bit out of one of the biscuits. "I will offer a hand, but I won't let it get bitten. It would be the first and won't be the last. People try to take kindness as weakness." He then looked over to her. "Remember even the most stubborn horse can be train if treated right. Whether that be with apple or a wipe. He will learn the rules and follow them." There food followed shortly after. He ate mostly in silence, after they finsh they started to trip back to the castle.

"Some men should have moved you in a dress you may put your clothes in there. Also, I wished to be entertained tonight so be ready," He said walking in the front gate. "I would like to see you dance tonight. Return to the room for know I have things to attend to." The last part was more of a command then a suggestion. "Morgana will be around shortly with some books to teach you more about magic."
  Salazar / Mended / 81d 18h 34m 10s
This was a unique situation for Aisilyn. There was new clothes as the deal went, which was surprising that he kept his word. Next was the lunch in the village. It was a charming city, one of the nicer ones she had been in.

Hearing his inquiry she gave a small smirk pulling apart the bread before thinking on it. "When I say my people...it's not really my people...gypsies are curs that travel in small groups. Each are very different. The few things in common is most distrust any sort of power."

Taking a breath she recollected her thoughts. "Some would love the chance at something else. Others would use that to their advantage and use, steal, and do whatever else it takes to get what they want. Most of the gypsies...cannot be trusted. You're more than welcome to try. Just dangle something shiny in front of them."

Tilting her head towards him, she ate the piece of bread. It was a question if she could be trusted , either.
  Overlord / Faust / 81d 19h 4m 16s
Salazer nodded as he looked at the clothes she had picked out. "If that is all," He walked to the countered and paid for the clothes before leaving. "Since we are out, lets us grab a bite to eat." He then led them to an open cafe. It was a little past lunchtime so it was mostly empty. A female demon walked over in a long green dress with long white sleeves.

"Welcome can I get you something to drink?" She asked with a polite smile. "I would like a lemon tea please," Salazer said. "Also some biscuits to start the meal." After Aisilyn had order, the waitress left to get their drinks started. "So tell me," Salazer started. "What will your people do I take over that kingdom. Will they leave and find another place or stay? I would be more than happy to give them their own land in return for not opposing my rule. I would also shield them from outside threats. Is that something your people would want?"
  Salazar / Mended / 82d 2h 27m 15s
"Haha," Aisilyn replied dryly. A cat, now there was an idea, of course he was unexpected. He did things out of the blue opposite of what he had said before. Giving a small smirk she leafed through the clothes. The idea of new clothes was strange to her and had a small thrill.

"Of course, I wouldn't have made it as far as I have if I wasn't. There's a reason they don't care for gypsies," Aisilyn smirked. At least she had been one, now she wasn't sure. Finding a few pieces of clothing, she called it good.

"Alright, I'm ready," she said with the items at hand.
  Overlord / Faust / 82d 17h 40m 40s
Salazer laughed. "And what a pretty cat you are." He then leaded back against the bench thinking. It would be easy send a few of the guard with false info. Have then fall asleep with the keys in range. It could work. Plus if he had someone follow him then, they could find out where the leaders are quicker. "You are quite the devious little girl." He went over the plan a few more times while she shopped.

After he was finished finalizing his plan, he just watched her walk back and forth. Something then crossed his mind. What would she look like with cat ears and a tail. There was a sub demon race called Neko that had just that. He also had a few around the castle as maids. He smiled as he thought about it. He thought it be cute on her however, he doubted she would. Maybe he would cast a spell on her tonight that would make her one for a short time. He was getting the urge again so it could be a fun night.
  Salazar / Mended / 82d 20h 47m 3s
New clothes. That was something, even as they traveled, she paid one of the people to make her clothes. While she could be vain and materialistic, she was also too stubborn to do extra work of any level to make the extra money to afford it.

"Very well then," Aisilyn nodded. "I can't do more. He killed Mateo, but Mateo wouldn't want me to do more than what I did. I'll honor his life that way."

There was a flicker of emotion across her face, the sadness was still raw at times though she knew it'd fade. Returning her attention back to him. "Have him believe that he escaped, maybe with false information, then return. Have the spy. There's something going on out there for the last two years. I've just never cared to figure out what it is, I still don't care. Also cat like, I guess. You're better than the last one."
  Overlord / faust / 83d 15h 7m 7s
Salazer nodded. "This one over here sells nice clothes form what Morgana told me." He had been shopping in a long time most of his cloth had been costume made. He also had people go out and get what he needed it. "O really and what would that be." He didn't have much that he would have done with them man. Most just rot away in some cell. "He is your prisoner. I'm just holding him." The store was filled with many diffent type of dress as well as outfits. "Seach until your heart content." Salazer said sitting a bench.
  Salazar / Mended / 83d 16h 5m 13s

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