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It had been a week since Salazer sent out his spy after the "escaped prisoner." A lot had happened in that time as well. Intel had started coming back and troops had started moving. How every he did this as quite as possible. Small groups around the area. No one large army had been moved. He didn't want enemy spy thing that he was taking much action. He did this by his giving order to only trusted men he known for years and giveing out false infomation to others. He knew that they had spys around them as well as saboteur. Lucky no one had been hurt. As of yet but someone came close. He belived that he had a spy in his higher up but he had no proof. Something had also changed with Aisilyn. He couldn't tell what but something was diffent.
  Salazar / Mended / 68d 8h 47m 31s
"I don't remember the last time I slowed down. So much rush, and it's done so little in my life. Suppose that's the greatest tragedy of my life," Aisilyn said reflectively, looking past him towards the wall, reflective at the wall. The silence wasn't bad. Wrapping one arm across him she could only get flashes of the memories. It was punishment, she knew that, but it was necessary.

Too deep...that made her smile in amusement. That wasn't like her in the least bit. "Oh? Same goes to you. Everyone I love dies...screw love..." She said before feeling herself fade off for what seemed a few minutes.

When waking up she stood up and went to clean herself before dressing. She would at least look around more during this time and return. She didn't mind more quiet time.
  Overlord / Faust / 74d 19h 55m 45s
He looked over at her before say. "That fine but I'm just going to lay here for a while." He then closed his eyes. He didn't say anything for a while fighting his inner demons. "I want to warn you. Getting in to deep with me might hurt you again. Just a head up." And with that he slowly fell asleep listening to her sweet breath
  Salazar / Mended / 74d 23h 56m 6s
Seeing him like this made her pause her thoughts. Giving a small sound of thought she moved to rest next to him. Resting her head against his chest she looked towards him. "I think I'll spend some time with you," Aisilyn said softly. "If you'll have me that is."

There could be a moment here she just knew to hold back. "It's not the...ideal start but perhaps there's something we both need for a while."
  Overlord / Faust / 75d 36m 0s
Salazar came out of the shower in cloud of steam. "Good morning." He smile notice she was awake. He thought he notic something off but when he blinked it was gone. He laid back on bed closing his eye. "I'm to tried to do anything today. So your free to wonder around the castle and town if you like. Just take Morgana with you if head to town. She needs to get out more anyways. Just be back around evening for you class."
  Salazar / Mended / 75d 10h 11m 40s
Sleep like that hadn't came in a long time. It so seemed good until late in the morning that scene played out again, this time it seemed worse. Waking up out to breath she had to look around to know she wasn't in the tent and he was gone. The people responsible still sitting pretty. Letting out a few shaky breaths she sat up leaning forward to try and repress those emotions.

"It's in the past," Aisilyn told herself softly, repeating the daily mantra. "There's only tomorrow."

At least Salazar was in the shower when this happened. She did not need him seeing this emotionally vulnerable part. That was how people got in and stayed in. That would be a start of something real.
  Overlord / Faust / 76d 8h 51m 24s
Salazer awake late the next day tired. His body was heavy as he gently set her down Aisilyn. Careful not to wake her he got up and headed to his shower. Last night had been a lot of fun for him. How every the next morning something felt off. At first he couldn't tell what. However, as he stood there hot water running down his face it clicked. His heart wasn't in it. Much to his surprise that he still had one. Their relationship would always be one of lust and not of passion. He doubted that could have anything more than that. He wasn't much of a caring person anymore and she didn't seem to be one to settle down easy.

It bothered him in the deeps of his stomach. Could he every have a real relationship again? He didn't think he could. Not after what he had become. Only a few knew about his condition and even less knew that it could kill him. Could he drag someone feelings around like that? No he couldn't that why it was easier just to have lust. Aisilyen would leave soon and he could probabley find some one else. At least until his life was end. Other by demons inside of him or a blade to the chest. "I will die alone like I should," She said to himself.
  Salazar / Mended / 76d 9h 41m 50s
Aisilyn wasn't truly experienced but had heard a bit growing up. Actually using the information for practice. It had felt amazing and even having the wiggle room to have a little control. Willingly she rested her head on his shoulder, panting. At least they also connected like this.

"Good night, Salazar," Aisilyn said leaning up to kiss his cheek. What was said about her heart was true. While she was comfortable it didn't mean there would be deep feelings.
  Overlord / Faust / 77d 4h 21m 18s
"There is a awful sense of humor with you. It could be corny, though," Aisilyn shook her head before looking him with a smirk. Moving a hand down his chest she gave a small sound. "Hmm...I'll calmly say lending. I do enjoy the sex though."

She could torture him as much, it would be a game. She would not make it easy on him or give him exactly what he wanted.
  Overlord / Faust / 79d 2h 42m 1s
Salazar laughed as he ended the spell. "And when have I ever been about giving something out with out working for it." He climbed over her shadowing her hold body while on his hand and knees. "I like to tease and draw things out. I want you to want it." He ran one of his hands up and down her sides. Lightly touching her skin. So say, it scream it. Tell me that you our mine to do with." He leaned down and nibble on her neck softly biting it.
  Salazar / Mended / 79d 3h 17m 31s
"Do I look like a purr in any instance?" Aisilyn asked flatly. The analogy of the cat went along with the attitude and willingness to lash out at will. Adjusting the tail, which really was uncomfortable to lay on. Much to her surprise it twitched like a cat did when annoyed. "I really hope you weren't wanting a warm kitty, that's not what I am."

Couldn't he just get to it like others did? The games bored her. Looking up to him cocking her head to the side, silently asking what he would do next.
  Overlord / Faust / 79d 6h 10m 51s
He chuckled as he wrapped her with one of her arm. I had several thing in mind. He cast his spell that he had thought of early that day. It took a second be for two red ears and a tail appeared on Aisilyn. Both the same color of her hair. It was adorable Salazar then pick her up in both his arm. With one hand he undid he dresses straps. Pulling it off he laid his new kitten on his bed. "Well then kitten will you pure for me." He asked standing at the edge of the bed. Scratch being one of her new ears as well as under her chin.
  Salazar / Mended / 79d 7h 37m 2s
Much to her surprise, the Phoenix didn't attack or move away from it. For a creature of pure fire it was touchable unless the creature didn't like them. Instead the Phoenix made some noises before stretching it's wings almost as if communicating with her.

Smiling softly she didn't even feel the fire on her arm of the fire creature. It felt like water to her. It felt good to share that with him even if she was not completely trusting him. "I do owe it to my parents to perfect the dance. My mother's...it was beautiful...a water horse and it would gallop around."

Feeling her magic starting to flicker she looked to the bird before speaking in her native tongue. The bird was offended naturally. Opening her hand again, she watched him go in the air before all the fire faded. "That did feel very good," she gave a small happy laugh. Looking to him it was almost pleasing to see that reaction.

"Now, what were you thinking?" She asked, turning to him finding herself actually wanting to do more. She moved one hand absently over his shirt.
  Overlord / Faust / 80d 57m 4s
Salazer wasn't worry to much about her burning his room down as most of the wood around the castle was made to be very hard to burn in case of a siege. However, he added a few ward in case something should happen. He watched completely infatuated with the dance. He movement with the heat of the fire was like nothing he had every seen before. The Phoenix was beautiful it was like nothing he had ever seen. He didn't break eye contact with it for several moments.

He slowly stood up and walked towards them. His eyes switching between her, and the magnificent bird. As he stopped he reached out with his hand and petted the bird on its head and under it chin. "A beautiful bird for a beautiful girl." He finally said turning to look at her. Slowly he bent down and gave her a kiss on the lips. "You surprise me every day you know that." He then turned his attention back to the bird. "You should keep him out more often he's a part of you. You should hide or suppress something so beautiful.
  Salazar / Mended / 80d 21h 5m 31s
"We will need wards...just in case...it's been some years since I've done this," Aisilyn slowly rose, one leg before the other in a languid manner. After some wards, just in case, as she said. For the Fire Dance there had to be calm, nothing, to bring it out. Taking a moment to gather herself she began with the slow dance, no fire coming yet. But as her mind grew calm and empty the fire began in her wrist before moving more around her like it was ribbon.

At the climax the fire formed in a ball over her before she stopped placing out one palm to call the fire back to her. The fire ball slowly changed into the form of a fire phoenix. Dutifully it came to her arm but pecked like an angry bird.

"I knew that would happen, he doesn't like being contained for long," Aisilyn grimaced before cooing and speaking to it in her birth tongue. "In my families troupe, if there was wild magic, they placed you in a building for three days on a sacred spot. There they would wait for you to either die or find your spirit animal. Once you have the animal, the animal is tattooed on your back as a reminder and to intimidate. I never understood why he came to me...until now...they fall and rise...again, and again until they are perfect."

She used the other hand to gesture for him to step forward if he wanted to see the phoenix more up close.
  Overlord / Faust / 80d 22h 1m 57s

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