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"How do you know that we won't get totally bored of each other?" Aisilyn asked. It was really a good question. Why was this a serious thought to her? It bothered her deeply. Still, she was wondering inside how deep it went. It couldn't go too deep.

Giving a sound between a moan and a chuckle before she closed her eyes. "Hm...what bet?" She asked with a smile. Before she knew it she moved her hand down his chest. The next part surprised her. "I'd stay...without this collar on."
  Overlord / Faust / 52d 18h 18m 22s
"You better had becareful before I choose to never let you go and keep you locked up here til the end of your days," He said returning the kiss. He laid there not moving. He raised his own hand to her face brushing a strand of hair out of her face. He was getting arousal with her so closes to him. Hopeing she wouldn't he shift so she was lying on his chest. He smaller body rested easy against his chest. Leaning up to whisper in her ear he said. "I think you won that bet. But, I don't even care." He then started softly biting her ear.
  Salazar / Mended / 52d 18h 44m 59s
Aisilyn looked to him with those curious blue eyes. Even after this time, there was still that impression she was just watching down from some cloud to the people waiting. Waiting for what, she didn't know, a sign perhaps. Maybe just to settle and find a home with or without a partner. Drying off, she started on her hair, running her fingers through some of the already forming tangles.

"The powers are that important to you then?" Aisilyn asked already knowing the answer. "Well...you could use them to your advantage with me. I'm sure it's a good prize somewhere along the way. Though, there is a reason it's called wild magic, it doesn't follow the same rules."

Moving by him, she gave a small stretch before the kiss. Surprised at her own slight arousal there. "I'll do my best not to get too lonely," she said, though knew herself better than that. Moving over she kissed him moving one long hand to his cheek.
  Overlord / Faust / 52d 19h 42m 56s
He laughed at that. "That it is that it is. How ever their are some part that our fun." He dries himself as thought on how best answer her question. "Because I hate see good thing go to waste. You have so much power that most people could only dream of. Normal it would take years for other to be on the same level as you. And when we first meet you didn't even understand it yourself. But as you learn more and more about it you learn more about yourself. And no I have my own power so don't worry about that. I just don't want to see anyone but myself have you."

He handed her a towel as he walk out and returned to his bed. Laying down he wait for her to exit. "Sound fun I would be interesting to train with you again. He wait for her to join him before wrapping is arm around her. "In a few weeks I will leave to take care of that human kingdom. So you will be on your own. Try not to get to lonely when I leave." He leaned in and kissed her neck.
  Mended / 53d 5h 20m 59s
"Your job is entirely boring, you know, talking to people and just meetings. No wonder you're so stressed all the time," Aisilyn said. The water did feel amazing, it was those moment she could slip back into memories without feeling the after burn. "You seem very invested in my powers. Why does it matter so much?"

To her they were just a part of her, she loved it, but she didn't care. "You aren't planning on using them to your advantage are you?" She asked in a casual tone, though she wouldn't put it past him.

The week hadn't been miserable for her though she was feeling that grow again. She had trained herself to reign in that desire lest she would have ended up in hotter water. After that she looked to him thoughtfully. "Sure," she said before straightening, slowly stepping out. "Maybe tomorrow we could train, that was fun."
  Overlord / Faust / 54d 18h 16m 27s
"Most of my day was full of meeting with people. Some about issues in the kingdom mostly land disputes. Others about what people need in their areas. Even an overlord isn't over listen to his people about the state of his kingdom." He wrapped one of his arms around her as he sat in his lap. With the other he petted her hair and was running his hand through it. "I can tell your magic has come a long way since I first got you." He then sat there enjoying the closeness of her while petting her hair. Before tilting his head look over her.

He was getting a little hot in places but he wasn't going to start this time. He wanted to wait and see how long she would wait until their next night. They hadn't done anything for a week so far. He was wanting to ravish her again but he wanted to see if she would beg for it instead of him taking charge. After about thirty minutes he stood up. "Well I'm done how about you?"
  Salazar / Mended / 54d 21h 2m 13s
It took some adapting in clothing. While it wasn't what she wore in her youth, she had found a balance between both worlds. Starting with the pants, she did so slower feeling more languid today. Catching his look she gave a small smirk before thinking on some of those words.

"That can be the con of it. There are several ways. The hardest is to do everything asked, gain trust and then do the big move," Aisilyn said thoughtfully. "I have no intentions on doing that. Far too much work, and this is funner."

Taking off the rest of the clothes she moved into his lap comfortably. "It wasn't terrible. The magic teacher is slightly sadistic, though. How was your day?"

What was happening to her? She had become a pet. The idea was horrifying but not so much. Burying the thought she shook her head at it.
  Overlord / Faust / 55d 2h 45m 6s
He carried her to the bathroom before setting her down to undress. He undid his belt and removed his shirt befor sitting down in the hot water. She water felt amazing as always. He felt his muscles relax as well taking most of the ach and pains with it. It also help as he watched Aisilyn undress. He loved the way her body looked in the steamy room. His eyes was drawn to her legs. Her smooth legs had always attached him.

"Yes I trust you to handle it. You never done anything to make me not trust you." He settled into a comfortable position. "Plus you have more experiences in it then I. You will report to me nightly after we both return to the room." He felt like this would fun to watch when she meet the men that would help her and report to her. This was the first step in a long plan he had for her. "Now enough of work how was your day?" he asked her watching her every move.
  Salazar / Mended / 55d 6h 12m 34s
It didn't escape her attention that there was a form of routine, even dare she say relationship of a form. There was some predictability to them. She would find a way to harness more of the fire from inside, train, and learn. Some days she'd be more invested in learning about the new home and other days she had no interest in it whatsoever.

The idea that she started a counter wave on her own discretion was amazing. The fact that he placed any sort of trust in her was amazing, she did blatantly say how she grew up, and she was not interested in most of this.

"You trust me enough to do that?" Aisilyn asked surprised before her rose lips twisted into a humored smile. "That'd be fun, I'd like to do that, yes..."

Hearing the question she resisted a happy smile before nodding. "Yes, that sounds wonderful."
  Overlord / Faust / 55d 17h 49m 29s
Salazar ran his fingers down her hair after she sat with him. He had grown to like having her around in his room. She help him cool down after a hard day of work. Her style in clothes was nice as well always. He had also started sucking off he mana as he found it more enjoyable to do then wait for his to restore sometimes. She almost seem to have an unending supply as he always ended up full before he felt even a dent of it gone.

"Then I'll will leave it upon you to find them." He said again kissing her head. "I got so may thing going on that would be easier for me to let you handle it. You seem to to have an understanding stand of it so I'll leave it to you. I will assign some new guard under you to help with the investigation as well as have Morgana help you. The guard as I said are new so they will only know you as someone that works for me so there should be no lip to you. If they do you can ruff them up just no permanent damage."

With that he stood up and held her bridal style. "I require a bath. Would you care to join me?" He asked
  Salazar / Mended / 56d 8h 31m 13s
"This might require more than pointing fingers and giving commands. This situation might call for more...guile...than anything else. Either way there's more than one," Aisilyn moved over to him moving to sit on his lap. Some small part of her reviled herself for having gotten comfortable with the situation. Regardless she was a phoenix and this was her rising out of the ashes of her old life.

"In my parents troupe there was a leader, I don't remember his name, but I did find him dead. Anyway...if he sensed any waves, he'd start with the lowest of members and persuade or terrify them and they'd do the work. He always said ants were the strongest links."

It was sad to think that she really didn't have a childhood whatsoever. That's what she'd do, a place with no games, just a calm place.
  Hollywood / Faust / 58d 17h 9m 4s
Salazar shrugged. "It would have let me know if they had been in an area they not supposed to be in. Most servents are limited to certain area. The only two that aren't are you and Morgana. And as you had been with me and Morgana is as loyal as they come I believe that it is a resident." He then turn laid on his bed sighing. "I'm to tired to think who. All this planing has been giving me headaches."
  Salazar / Mended / 61d 4h 27m 52s
Her long finger stroked the stone on the mantle piece, as she watched the fire thoughtfully. The thoughts seemed so far away when she looked into the fire like that. "What about servants? That was an old passage for the servants, wasn't it? " Aisilyn asked thoughtfully. Giving a small look to him she thought on that. It would piece together a greater puzzle. Guards, servants, some sort of chain going on. "If they opened the door, it might not trigger it."

At the personal question she looked to him with that half smirk that she found herself doing when evading. "I don't know. I guess we will see in the future."
  Hollywood / Faust / 61d 18h 45m 52s
Salazer looked over at her from his desk. "I would have to agree with you," he said as he lend back in his chair. "It was to easy for them to sneak in. Our home is one of the most guard place in my kingdom. It could have been impossible for them to get that many in." He brought his hand up to his chin. "But, the question is who could it be. It couldn't be one of the servant as they all have collar that would trigger if someone tried anything against the castle. That only leaves the guards and the other residents. The guard would know the patrols how ever most wouldn't know about the magic trip wires I have set up. So that only leave the residents." He stopped for a minutes to think. "I just don't know who would do it."
He then turned his attaion back to his papers. "Do you have any idea on who it would be?" He asked as he countied to wright out order. He had to set up the finally steps of his plans. If all when well he would have the land in only a number of weeks. "Also what our your plans after this all?
  Salazar / Mended / 62d 21h 3m 2s
It was likely that Aisilyn would remain here for some time. Either by losing the bet or just having no will to return to her old world. The situation was comfortable and there were perks. At the moment she was beginning to wonder what more was going on than she knew about.

Taking upon herself to explore the new home, she studied just about everything she could, either book or watching. As they fixed where the initial break in had happened she was thinking more of this was an inside job.

After dinner, she joined him, still lost in her thoughts as she finished brushing her hair. "Salazar, I've been taking in the new...situation. The ambush that happened, I think it was an inside job. I only care because I don't want to be back in those kingdoms."

Not that there was anything left, she was starting to welcome the emptiness.
  Overlord / faust / 66d 17h 44m 49s

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