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For a moment her expression changed to amusement, if she spoke as she wished then the flood gates would open and never close again. After all, there was a long list sitting there. Instead her expression changed back to neutral. Well, as neutral as she could. "To what avail? I don't want to waste my time," Aisilyn shrugged. She really just wanted to get away, though he acted amicably she felt something else from him.

Looking between his hand and him. She rose her brows to him. "No," she said simply. One conversation didn't replace a collar around her neck or what he was. "Is there anything else?"

Yes, just accepting this and letting him do what he wanted would be easier. She still had her dignity.
  Overlord / Faust / 136d 5h 58m 28s
He gave a charming smile. "Aisliyn. What a beautiful name." He then looked over the crowd to make sure none where paying them any attention. "I can tell you have more to say. Speak freely I'm not as weak hearted as not to take some verbal abuse. Though do keep you voice low. I wouldn't want the other think ill of you for speaking to me." He looked down at her. "I know you probably don't like me or what I'm doing. However, I'm not the one that put you into slavery. Nor do I wish any ill will against you. In fact, I will release you once your time is up. So don't I get some benefit of the doubt." About that time the music changed to a more slow beat. Salazer stood up straight. "Would you care for a dance?" He reacted out a hand in offering. He wouldn't try anything sneaky. He just wanted a normal dance. A test of her resolve to say.
  Salazar / Mended / 136d 10h 34m 29s
Salazar, the overlord of this castle, that she knew. She had watched him upon first coming and now somehow he was talking to her. Why? Being who she was, she had issues hiding most emotions unless she put her mind to it.

"Hm, I suppose so," Aisliyn said. Of course, she had her dancers body, agile and lithe. That question was just loaded, the woman had to bite her lip in order to not say anything and that was hard for her. "Well, thank you...Salazar. This is the time being a slave, it's new."

Oh, her tongue wanted to lash out but she had to contain herself. It was showing though in her body language but she a strong will.
  Overlord / Faust / 136d 18h 36m 34s
Salazer nodded. "Morgana the one that picked out everyone job has an eye for talent. She can guess what's the best path for you." He leaned against the wall and crossed his arms. "Your body language says you're nervous or on guard. Dose my presents frighten you?" He cocked his head to the side. "I'm nothing to be concerned about. I just wanted introduce myself. I'm Salazer and I must say that you are quite beautiful. May I have your name?" He reached out his hand to shack.

He just had to be patient wait til she dropped her guard. He guessed that she wasn't just some stupid girl this would take more than smooth words. The way she held herself held some kind of deep spirit. That would make it all the better to brake. To see the eyes of a broken spirit. He didn't often or ever do this, but something about her made him want to.
  Mended / 136d 19h 23m 8s
Slowly the ruffled fathered look was replaced with confusion as that guard was taken away. That was puzzling indeed. Even in the lawless ranks of the gypsies that never happened, unless it was the leaders girl or family. It really was up to the members to defend themselves to a point.

Looking to the tall man she didn't move, only brushed herself with dignity. Weariness entering her body language. This never was a good set up no matter how kind those words were.

"Thank you," Aisilyn answered slowly. "It's what I used to do, dance and perform."

While this could be innocent, she really wasn't trusting anything beyond this point.
  Overlord / Faust / 136d 22h 17m 31s
Salazer watched as one of the guard unwelcoming touch one of his dancer. He sighed the new guys never listen. He made a motion to one of the other more trusted guard. The man nodded back then with another guard help the guard out to another part of the castle. Where he would be punished. 'If they don't follow my rule they will learn,' He thought to himself as they dragged him away.

Salazer had taken a liking to the new dancer. She wasn't perfect, but he didn't expert her to be. Be new she had some leeway. She also had defiance behind her eyes. One that felt like she couldn't be controlled. He had taken it as a challenge. He hadn't taken any girls for a while. She would offer a challenge and could be fun to break. Yes a pet would be fun.

So, he stood up and walked over. "Your dance his very good." He started with a seductive voice. "Where did you learn," He would need to separate her from the public eye. Couldn't have them knowing what he was about to be doing.
  Mended / 136d 22h 38m 28s
Other than the exchange with the guard, she was pleased that there was little attention. A dancer. That wasn't terrible at all, even though she knew that brought more attention. Movement activated the imagination which motivated men. That would never happen again.

Three days in, with only some quarrels, she was doing okay though Red was sticking. The performances brought her back, though without her magic it felt empty.

During one nights performance, just a few days after arriving, she had been performing when she slipped up. That same guard she had argued with before touched her the wrong way as she went past.

"It's rude to touch when not invited," she stopped giving a glare. "Don't touch me."

She was a slave, and this was getting attention but damnit she still had her dignity and wouldn't be touched or used as such.

Ignoring the looks from others she stepped away prepared to go back to dancing.
  Overlord / Faust / 137d 28m 17s
Salazer entered with two other. One an old man with a white beard, and an elf in a long maid dress outfit. The maid had a clipboard, and ink quill. "Before we start, let me give you the rules of the castle," The elf said walking in front of everyone. "First you are not allowed to hurt any of the other working or residence. Second, you will refer to any and all residence as sir and mam. Third there are many place you are not permitted to enter. Stay out of them. Any other rules will depend on where you get placed. I don't know what story you heard about demons and monster, but I will tell you now to forget them. What you can expect from obeying the rules ate that you will be protected. No one is allowed to hit you or touch you. If they do they will be punished to our master rules. If you behave and follow the rules for the next two years you will be released from you bond. However, if you don't follow or disobey the rule you will be punished by our master." She finished.

"Now we will place you into sections where you will work out the next two years," Morgana said walk to the first person in line. She asked names and birth year. After that, she looked up and down the person and then gave them the titles of their job. Most seem simple like maids, cooks help, gardener. Other less common worker, fighter, mostly the men and entertainer. Only two people got that job a small girl with pink hair and slightly larger girl with red hair. The pink hair one was told singer and the red dancer. After everyone was given a job, Morgana had one last thing to say to the group. "Last thing you will all be given a collar. This will let our master know if you have broken any of the rules as well as let him know if you're being mistreated. It has a three purpose, but if you behave you won't find out what that is." With that she was done and other entered to get their new help.
  Mended / 137d 1h 34m 41s
There was something to be said about this dialogue, she couldn't help but feel like it was the lining of cattle to decide who had the best meat for winter. It wasn't worth bristling over, Aisilyn told herself knowing she was one of the worse ones aside from another male at the end of the line. Those two had been the biggest challenges that Marcus had. Aisilyn would take feats where they came from.

In this moment she followed as directed, where there was fresh water and clothing. It was better than what she had been wearing. Some of the others had been slaves for longer, they were beginning to wear thin while she was lithe but still had her curves.

As much as she hated sleep, it called quickly on the hard bed. Aisilyn gave her gypsie prayers to Mateo and her parents before falling asleep quickly.

The next day was the true test, in her mind she wanted to remain as calm as she possibly could in this situation. Become just another face and she'd go off once the time was done.

"You go here, Red," a guard grunted, one ugly son of a bitch, placing her in spot.

"Did you think of that all by yourself?" She asked dryly. She hated being called Red.

"What?" He asked confused and not amused by her tone.

"Red. Did you think of that on your own? That's impressive," Aisilyn gave a small smirk before mentally kicking herself. Her mouth was a head of her brain.

"My Lord likes them clean...there will be a time..." The guard said moving along.

Gods, let this be over and she could just attempt to avoid being tortured. Death was okay, what was there left? Torture, that seemed a lot of suffering for nothing.

Sucking in a breath, she waited chanting stay cool in her head this whole time.
  Overlord / Faust / 137d 19h 51m 10s
Salaze yawned as he walked into the hall. It had been a long day of meeting after meeting. One of the three human kingdom had declaring war against all monsters in the world. Saying that they were a blight on the world that would be cleansed. Funny considering most had nothing to do with them in the first place. Most monsters lived far west of most human settlements in small kingdom of their own. Like the one that he himself ruled over currently. He had kept his distance from any settlements as not to bring aggression against his people. This didn't stop the other outside his kingdom from doing so, but it helped with some of the aggression. Plus anyone fools enough to think they could attack him normally didn't last long. Being that they didn't raid village the death rate was low. However, most monster had low birth rate. Mean that they need other species to breed so they had work up some idea. One was to use prions of conflict. Though that thought that they could attack them and then failed. Most had been turned into workers. The other was to buy slave from slave traders. This also helped and most of the time gave slave a better home then most other place. Salaze had set rules in place to help them get use to their new home.

Today was one of the days. Waiting for him was several other including the slave and the slave traders themselves. Most of the slave where women, but they had a few men. 'Good we need new workers.' Salaze thought to himself as he walked up to them. Most looked beaten and bruised, but nothing life-threatening. "Marcus," He said in a deep commanding voice.

The leader of the group walked up to him. A tall man with a short black hair and a crooked smile. "What do you think your grace? I brought you some of the best looking and strongest this time."He said

"I can tell. However, what have I told you about damaging my goods," Salazer said not bothering to look that the man.

Marcus flinched. "Well your grace you see. We all don't all have magic to control them so some time force is necessary."
"Next time you bring me a group make sure they are look better then this or I will deduct your pay for damaged good." He then tossed the man a coin purse. "Now leave I must attend to my new workers." He walked up and down the line. Some elfs human and even a dragonborn. He then turned to one of the people in his groups. "Morgana. Take them and get them cleaned up and take them to the beds for the night. I will assign them roles tomorrow when we get them cleaned up and properly clothed." Morgana notice and call for some other maid to help her as she started leading them out.
  Salazar / mended / 138d 3h 11m 50s
It had only been a month ago, yet it felt longer. The woman stretched out one long leg, wondering if she felt more dirty than she looked. While visiting the past was not how she preferred to spend her time, it was the only to not think on the situation.

It had been after the first performance in Mercia when the ambush had happened, it wasn't clear what or who did it. She'd find out though.

They thought she'd be a good slave, they were wrong, she mortally wounded the first human owner when he had tried to have her. The second had been also attacked for other reasons. Now, she and twenty others were off to be sold to demons.

"What's the matter? Don't want to touch this?" Aisilyn smirked to the slave owner that began dragging her at a distance.

"You'll have your punishment here," he glared but made no move towards her. Lined up like the slaves they were, the trader explained the slaves to the small audience of demons.

Aisilyn smirked at the her earned slave name, which was simple, Fire. It was perfect. Before taking in the hall with only some attention. From one warring kingdom to another- life was perfect when she didn't have to deal with these pesky wars.
  Overlord / Faust / 138d 4h 44m 16s

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