Dead By Daylight: Killer's Hatred

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The Nurse has grown weary of the people who keep intruding on her territory...the first order of business for the survivors is to get the generators running, while keeping each other alive at all times, and to avoid the killer at all times...but the killer is nothing like they've ever dealt with before...this killer can teleport over a distance...but a moment after she appears after teleporting, she is stunned for a few seconds...but she will not stop until they have all been sacrificed, or until they manage to escape. Can the survivors escape, or will the Nurse give them the checkup of their life?


Bio :
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Username: SilentHiller
Name: Nurse Willow Ann Reed
Age: ???
Gender: female
Nationality: ???
Bio : not much is known about the Nurse before she became a killer.
Items: hacksaw
Pic : [pic]



1. No cybering, or you get kicked from the rp
2. Cursing is allowed, just do not use it every other word
3. No killing off characters without consent, but use ones that you will kill off occasionally.
4. Respect others and their posts, so no giving people shit about their posts.
5. Expect others to not always be able to post at all times, we have lives outside of ES as well.
6. Most of all, HAVE FUN!

Other things:

to join me, use the skelly I set up, and send it to me titled [B Survive Until Daylight].


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