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[center [h3 RP Search]]
I'll let you know now that I usually play as some type of creature. I use both male and female characters, but usually will play male. A good amount of my creatures do have human forms.

I mostly do fantasy, sci-fi, modern fantasy
I love action/adventure, fighting and battles keeps me interested
Though small lulls are nice now and then
[center [h3 Specialties]]
As I mentioned before, I enjoy playing as some monster or creature. The best creatures I play are dragons, that would be my strong point.
If anyone needs a creature for their RP, I'm one of few I think who is actually very capable of playing an awesome beast

So now that you know this, just post below or PM me
[center [h3 Recent Urges]]
Charries/RPs I would like to use/do:

[http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=253577 Prince Fuego Dahaka -] Dragon Prince

[http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=246135 Reaper Dragon - Either one]

[http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=227081 Annie -] Weregoat
[center [h3 Other Stuff]]
~I prefer group RPs, but I'm willing to do 1x1's
~I use anime/illustrated pics, but you are welcome to use what you are most comfortable using
~I tend to use multiple charries, though will always focus on the mains for the RP
~I don't really do Yaoi or Yuri
~How much I can type depends on what I'm given to work with. It all varies
One certain thing though: I don't like one-liners.
I just can't stand them
~You are more than welcome to look through my characters and choose one that you would like to RP with
~It usually takes me a few days to post
Daily life comes first
~I prefer typing in 3rd person POV

Thanks ^^

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[h3 [center Sample Post #4 - Ragnor & Eve]]
The male sat behind the large desk. He was in a massive building where outside of his room and in a different area many creatures sat in cages or rooms. This place was considered a magical gathering hub of sorts so to speak. Witches, wizards, you name it, many often could be found here.
Though, back to the beasts and such, many of these would be auctioned either for mostly companions, guardians, familiars, or something other. The creatures ranged from your average fae, to a dangerous demon. Only those specialized with dangerous creatures and had the right papers, could own such beasts. Though there were also the few rare creatures, or the unknown ones.
This is where the man specialized in; unknown creatures and beasts. He lived outside in a rather secluded area, running what humans would call a 'Wildlife Sanctuary', but his sanctuary wasn't for the ordinary animals.
This was Ragnor Barron. He leaned back in his chair, sighing softly. He was flipping through a couple papers, looking through them. A soft flutter barely was heard as he felt something lightly land on his shoulder. Ragnor turned his head to see his familiar settled down.
The small creature gave a chirrup, reaching out with its mind, voice feminine in his mind [#3cb371 [i ~I think I got the other papers taken care of Ragnor~]].
The male smiled softly, using a finger to lightly rub the small creature's head. In response, it gave a soft purring noise as he spoke softly to it, [b "Alright, thank you Eve. Hopefully someone will come around and maybe hopefully take in Damascus."]
Ragnor moved his good hand, settling it on his forehead as he continued to look through the papers. Eve's small voice suddenly spoke in his mind again, as telepathy was the only way the small familiar was able to speak with him.
[#3cb371 [i ~Oh I do hope so. I feel sorry for the poor guy, no one has ever wanted him...~]].
A frown appeared on the man's face, [b "Yea...how many years has he been with us on the sanctuary?"]
[#3cb371 [i ~I believe it'll be 7 years now~]].
Ragnor shook his head, [b "Been too damn long, and I know he really just wants to find someone to serve. I know damn good and well he'd be one of the best companions someone could ask for. Hell, he is always happy to help around the sanctuary with the other creatures. He'd be good for even a beginner...though guess no one really wants an unknown beast."]
He scoffed under his breath, [b "Most want the creature's abilities right there and then. No adventure whatsoever to see what their beast will be able to do or even evolve into. I'm certain with the right conditions, Damascus will be one of the best damn familiars a witch, wizard, whatever, could ask for."]
  'Big Boss' / Dragoncita / 1d 8h 10m 43s
[h3 [center Sample Post #3 - Lady Octavia]]
Octavia's yellow gaze never left the other dragon, watching him closely. She remained in a low position, her tail curling between her legs. The dragonelle's wings remained slightly unfolded from her sides.
However, the massive dragon still showed no hostility whatsoever towards her. Octavia instinctively retreated backwards, lowering herself even closer to the ground when the other dragon stretched his wings. Probably a bit of an overreaction, but when you had once been attacked and nearly killed by another dragon, it was reason enough to fear for your life.
Though, as the large dragon settled down, did the dragonelle stand a bit again. She started to frown at first when the other didn't reply right away. Her words must've reached him though, for he replied. As he responded, Octavia listened. The breeze rustled her mane ever so slightly, yellow eyes glowing.
As the dragon explained he had been flying and landed to rest, Octavia felt slightly relieved. Her own head tilted to the side, pupils becoming a bit rounder in her yellow gaze, showing a more relaxed state. The dragonelle still remained a bit tense. The other soon introduced himself, Ierdarrot.
Once again Octavia found herself shifting her paws every so slightly, tail remaining tucked between her legs. Yet there was still a curious glint in her own gaze.
[#008080 [i ~Ah, yes, sometimes one can only fly and stretch their wings for so long before they must rest. Well, territory can also mean little to some...~]].
Her nostrils flared, a forked tongue flicking out of her muzzle to test the air. Naturally, she was still slightly wary.
[#008080 [i ~A powerful name, Ierdarrot~]] the dragonelle bowed her head slightly in respect, then lifted again [#008080 [i ~ I am Lady Octavia~]].
[#008080 [i ~It is not very often I get visitors...though I hardly leave here as well...~]].
The dragonelle seemingly trembled a bit, but shook the chill away that had run down her spine. She didn't like to think about what had happened. The scars, her crippled leg, and the loss of her voice was enough of a reminder...
Her eyes opened again, glancing towards Ierdarrot [#008080 [i ~Do you often travel? I cannot say I have seen or heard of you before~]].
  ::Dragon Lords/Ladies:: / Dragoncita / 217d 8h 17m 3s
[h3 [center Sample Post #2 - Prince Fuego Dahaka]]
One moment he was facing Yasha, the next a weird individual was now in the giant's place. The red dragon pivoted, his wings unfolding slightly in response. His lips curled back, showing his fangs. A sudden chill ran down his spine. A chill which even his heat didn't chase away.
[#FF0000 [b "How about you get the hell outta my way instead."]]
Then before he knew it, the other was gone. The prince was left in a bewildered state, until he felt the presence behind him. He never even had a chance to try and attack, instead getting a swift kick under his tail.
The force was enough to send him tumbling head-over-heels across the sand. Fuego didn't find the most graceful of landings. His tail swung out, trying to find balance, wings flaring out behind him. The few torn places in the membranes didn't quite catch the air right, instead causing him to fall on his chest.
Well, his anger was starting to rise again. It was such a spastic change. One moment the Dragon Prince would seem 'calm', if you could call it that, and then in a heartbeat he was a raging inferno. Fuego brought his arms underneath his body, pushing him back to his feet. He spat out the grit of sand that got in his mouth during the tumble. The male lifted his arm, wiping the corner of his mouth with the back of his hand.
Fuego's eyes were glowing brightly, slowly his energy returning. In response, small wisps of flames started to appear along his horns. The Dragon Prince released a loud growl, the blade in his other hand sparking.
[#FF0000 [b "Damn fools! When my flames return, I'll be sure to burn every single one of you bastards into nothing but ash!"]]
  Prince Fuego Dahaka / Dragoncita / 217d 20h 2m 24s
[h3 [center Sample Post #1 - Lamonor]]
Large, yellow eyes with flecks of blue slowly opened in the darkness. The grayish beast slowly lifted his head with a yawn, showing rows of sharp fangs. The spine along his back was completely flat, showing his relaxed mood.
Lamonor, as was the name this dragon went by, slowly stood. His wings remained folded neatly against his sides as he stood to his fullest. The large dragon seemingly stretched, then started to move. Claws clicked on the hard rock, scales scraping lightly against the stone in the cave he called home. Lamonor was one of few dragons who did not call the massive Mount Draconis a permeant home, preferring a more solitude life away from the hustle and bustle of the mountain the Dragon King resided. Besides, unlike many, Lamonor didn't really mind the humans, even occasionally helping a few.
He soon reached the entrance of his gave, overlooking a small cliff to the outside world. The dragon's head lifted, forked tongue flicking out of his muzzle, testing the air. His eyes seemingly narrowed, pupils becoming thin slits. The spine along his back rose ever so slightly, but still remained mostly relaxed.
[b "Hm, these visions I have had...they have been blurry...hard to understand...then again I am no true prophet..."] he mumbled under his breath.
Lamonor released a sigh, smoke rising from his nostrils. His throat felt dry, thirsty. The dragon crouched low, wings flaring open. With a leap upwards, he was soon airborne. The beast circled once overhead, then quickly took off, his wings thrusting him forward.
It didn't take him too long before he soon came upon the small stream that ran through his territory. Once again Lamonor started to circle downwards. His back legs settled down, soon followed by his front. The large dragon slowly walked towards the running water, coming to sit down on his haunches.
He then proceeded to lean his head downwards, forked tongue flicking in and out, lapping up the cool water. Lamonor seemed unaware that he could very well be receiving a visitor, and quite soon.
  Lamonor / Dragoncita / 222d 6h 49m 28s

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