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[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/BE0vWqh.jpg]]
[center [h3 RP Search]]
I'll let you know now that I usually play as some type of creature. I use both male and female characters, but usually will play male. A good amount of my creatures do have human forms.

I mostly do fantasy, sci-fi, modern fantasy
I love action/adventure, fighting and battles keeps me interested
Though small lulls are nice now and then
[center [h3 Specialties]]
As I mentioned before, I enjoy playing as some monster or creature. The best creatures I play are dragons, that would be my strong point.
If anyone needs a creature for their RP, I'm one of few I think who is actually very capable of playing an awesome beast

So now that you know this, just post below or PM me
[center [h3 Recent Urges]]
Charries/RPs I would like to use/do:

[http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=246250 Mikhail - Lunaro Dragon]

[http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=240596 Reyzuken - Light/Air Dragon]

[http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=253577 Prince Fuego Dahaka - Dragon Prince]
*Would really like to do something with this guy

[http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=247079 Zera - Dragonkin]

[http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=247000 Shira - Wolven Demon]
[center [h3 Other Stuff]]
~I prefer group RPs, but I'm willing to do 1x1's
~I use anime/illustrated pics, but you are welcome to use what you are most comfortable using
~I tend to use multiple charries, though will always focus on the mains for the RP
~How much I can type depends on what I'm given to work with. It all varies
One certain thing though: I don't like one-liners.
I just can't stand them
~You are more than welcome to look through my characters and choose one that you would like to RP with
~I can usually get a few posts in a couple times a week
Daily life comes first
~I prefer typing in 3rd person POV

Thanks ^^

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