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[#0eaccd - l i e s -]
They both told lies, too many to count, to everyone but each other. It was wrong... and they knew that, but when it came to such an addiction, how could you just [i stop]?

[#0eaccd - p l o t -]
#01 The basis of this plot is two men meet after Muse A moves locally for a teaching position at the nearby university. They meet by chance and become fast friends, but there is something much more brewing beneath the surface.

The only problem? Muse B is married, and before Muse A came along, very much thought they were happy.

And this is where their complicated relationship begins - where all of the secrets, lies, and exploration take hold.

#02 These two characters have been in an on/off relationship of sorts for years. This can follow two routes; they would be caught up in a whirlwind of emotion and chemistry, but one of the characters is trying to make a relationship work elsewhere, caught between something less destructive and the love of their life.

[#0eaccd - f i n e p r i n t -]
1. This is an M/M role-play. Yes, it involves mature themes.
2. Anything sexual will be time-skipped/omitted, or if preferred, taken off site. Gotta abide by them rules!
3. Characters must be 25+, please!
4. There will be no defined 'roles' per se, unless discussed. It'll all come down to personalities in the end.
5. Be willing to play multiple characters. I certainly will be, because I think it definitely adds to the story to include other figures, even if they're only briefly involved.
6. Have fun, damn it. This is a role-play, after all; so let's play! It's not meant to be a struggle. Well... not for us, anyway (ha).

[#0eaccd Interested?] Drop a [http://rp.eliteskills.com/pm.php?u=52081 PM] titled [i [b [#0eaccd l i e s]]].



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