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[b Your welcome, Alina. As I said when ever you wish.] He said and smiled softly.
  Nygone / Darkelfprincess / 58d 19h 26m 25s
She held onto his hand and kissed his lips softly. Listening to him speak she nodded. [b Thank you....Nygone...] She smiled warmly at the mention of his name.
  LunaLucisCaelum / 58d 19h 39m 50s
He smiled. "I just thought to give you the option, my love." He said and kissed her gently. "We can wed when you are ready."
  Nygone / Darkelfprincess / 58d 19h 43m 43s
She shook her head. [b The ring is a simple of your love, how could I ask for that to change?]
  LunaLucisCaelum / 58d 20h 6m 6s
He smiled and stood up, sliding the ring on her finger. [b I love you. And if you don't like the ring we will get another one.] He said softly, worried that the ring wasn't to her liking.
  Nygone / Darkelfprincess / 59d 17h 49m 33s
She watched as he knelt down to the ground. A spectacular ring flourished and shined from a small blue box. Looking over she could see sincerity in his eyes. He really did care for her. Taking a deep breath she nodded before smiling. [b Yes]
  LunaLucisCaelum / 59d 18h 54m 20s
He smiled and reached into his pocket before standing up. He knelt down next to the bed and pulled out the box. "Will you marry me?" He asked and opened the box to reveal the ring.
  Nygone / Darkelfprincess / 61d 18h 25m 1s
Looking up at the white haired man before her, her eyes trickled with wonder. [b The queen of angel turned queen] nodding her head in agreement she turned her body to face his. [b you've been the only one to show me any bit of love and grace...I'll stay with you...forever]
  LunaLucisCaelum / 62d 2h 29m 10s
"Then stay with me. I will treat you like the queen you are." He said softly.
  Nygone / Darkelfprincess / 62d 18h 31m 43s
[b That's a misconception, he's righteous, no forgiving] she sighed in his arms [b Even so, her I am sharing a bed with you, this act would be punishable as well. ]
  LunaLucisCaelum / 63d 3h 36m 55s
"Your soul is not weak. Your god is. I thought he was all forgiving." He said toftly and pulled her into his arms and kissed the top of her head.
  Nygone / Darkelfprincess / 63d 4h 43m 23s
[b No....I have a feeling it was before that...] She closed her eyes and shook her head. [b I must have a weak soul]
  Royal / LunaLucisCaelum / 63d 11h 56m 51s
"I am so sorry princess. Was a kiss really that much to make you fall from grace?" He asked softly, now feeling bad.
  Nygone / Darkelfprincess / 63d 18h 34m 18s
Shaking her head she looked away as he held her. [b They abandoned me] she whispered. [b The reason why I was never saved, and never will be...was because I sinned.]
  Royal / LunaLucisCaelum / 63d 21h 28m 0s
He held her close. "What is wrong my dear?" He asked in a soft tone knowing there was an issue.
  Nygone / Darkelfprincess / 64d 18h 25m 3s

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