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Normand - Sent away when he was 6. He's been away for 18 years.
Edeline was five when Normand was sent away. She may have some memory of him.
Genevive was five when Normand was sent away. She may have some memory of him.
Dedrick was three when Normand was sent away. He probably doesn't have any memory of him.
Eduard was one when Normand was sent away. He probably doesn't have any memory of him.
Garrick and Lise were not born yet.
  Mikaze / 2y 67d 5h 15m 2s
[center [font "batang che" photos are listed in the order of eldest to least for the siblings. click the photos to be taken to character profiles. it will have 'open' 'reserved' or 'taken' in large font on each profile.]]

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[b please note you're absolutely welcome to alter or change these characters. you don't need to stick to the information provided.] I've only written basic ideas for those who work better with character prompts and may need ideas for character interaction. Should you prefer going solo and coming up with something new, by all means take creative reign. You are welcome to change everything [b except] for the birth order and genders. I do prefer if you do not change names, but please ensure names/images fit with the general theme of the roleplay if you decide to change them. As a guide, all character names chosen are derived from German.

Normand Fritzi is the estranged eldest sibling, whom believes his Kingdom to have not changed from the time he left and knows nothing of the events that evolved his homeland. He is being cared for in a secluded castle with minimal servants, though more than enough for a single man. [b Male, 24, Alive.]

Edeline Fritzi is the second eldest of the Fritzi siblings and has taken her role to heart, in the absence of Normand - acting to the youngers as a parent and role model. She has been abducted and while there is no information on her exact whereabouts, rumours state she is en route to the Brem Empire with the Crown Prince. If married, by Brem custom of foreigners, she will never return home - or leave the castle. Her twin is Genevive. [b Female, 23 - Abducted but alive.]

Genevive Fritzi is a frail maiden and the younger twin to Edeline. In the absence of Normand and Edeline, she feels the command falls on her yet cannot control her siblings. Her initial desire is to locate her sister, whom she's heavily reliant upon as Genevive is partially blind - something that disappoints her Father greatly as it has chased away three suitors in the past. She struggles to classify herself as a strong woman. [b Female, 23, Alive.]

Dedrick Fritzi is known as one of the major troublemakers in the royal family. He enjoys seeing other individuals suffering and engaging in fights - mostly verbal, though occasionally physical. He dislikes being scolded or held back and belives that with Edeline gone, he is free to do as he pleases. He dislikes responsibility, which seems to have fallen to his shoulders as his younger siblings look to him instead of Genevive as she is too timid. He wishes to find Normand before Edeline, to settle internal matters of the Kingdom. [b Male, 21, Alive.]

Eduard Fritzi is the sibling who is nurturing, taking up a borderline parental role in watching over his family. Most especially toward Dedrick, whom he assists in leading - as well as whipping him into line. He didn't ask for the responsibility and the situation exasperates him, often causing fights with Dedrick. He's the tallest of the siblings who dwell in Fer'harel and is often believed to be the eldest. He wishes he were the smallest and could be seen as more cute and innocent, envying his youngest sister's position. He is conflicted between saving Edeline and his desire to meet Normand for the first time. [b Male, 19, Alive.]

Garrick Fritzi is the blatantly outgoing of the siblings with a high level of charisma. While he is also a troublemaker like Dedrick, his horrendous attitude and knack for physically abusing his servants has earned him the reputation of the least desirable Prince of Fer'harel. He wishes a war to consume the country, for his entertainment - yet, he fears for his father's life and strongly desires to seek him out above all else. He knows Edeline is capable of fending for herself and believes Normand to be irrelevant. To Garrick, there are six Fritzi children. [b Male, 17, Alive.]

Lise Fritzi [i will be played by Solaris and such was the intention for a long enough period of time, that I have not considered a base for her.] [b Female, 16, Alive.]
  Mikaze / 2y 67d 5h 15m 15s
[center [pic]]
Normand Fritzi
- thinks he's rlly cool
- is kinda cool tho but don't tell him
- understands nothing

[center [pic]]
Edeline Fritzi
- cinnamon roll
- is actual sass queen
- awake for 11 days straight

[center [pic]]
Genevive Fritzi
- fragile
- cries at confrontation
- am i a disappointment?
- is a disappointment

Dedrick Fritzi
- hello i'm not suffering but i will make you suffer
- fight me
- "eduard no"
- why am i suddenly in charge
- wants to kiss everyone he meets

[center [pic]]
Eduard Fritzi
- mom friend
- "dedrick n o"
- "ffs where's edeline"
- did not sign up for this shit
- really salty
- wants to fight everything
- loves attention but likes to be alone but also wants to fight you
- not smol but wishes he was smol

[center [pic]]
Garrick Fritzi
- rlly gay
- problematic fave
- actual sin but must be protected
- probably has crippling anxiety and would like to sleep to avoid problems

Lise Fritzi
  Mikaze / 2y 71d 6h 26m 18s

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