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[#0eaccd - t h e k i l l -]
It was just the beginning - the first of more to come, but nobody seemed to be able to find a motive. Some speculated that there [i was] no motive. Others pegged it as revenge.

[i Maybe it was.]

Somewhere in the world, someone was getting wronged every second, of every minute, of every hour, of every day.

With so much hate... how wrong could it be to purge the world of just a little?

Yeah - that was the more noble side of it.

But what if his intentions were not? What if the only cause that mattered, was pure satisfaction - to sate a craving beyond control?

[i It’s not always so easy to tell what’s lurking just beneath the skin.]

[#0eaccd - p l o t -]
Your character has posted an ad in the paper advertising for a roommate, and that's when my guy comes along - quiet, clean, clearly keeps more to himself - and very much needing a place to stay.

This is basically a plot following our characters and all of the crazy things that happen once they start living together.

Romance is welcome but not required! There are going to be [i dark themes] in this plot, fair warning, and the main characters should both be [i male].

[#0eaccd - f i n e p r i n t -]
The age limit on characters for this will be about 24+, and as I said, they should bot be male. They're going to be roommates, basically, living in a two-bedroom shared flat.

[#0eaccd Interested?] Drop a [http://rp.eliteskills.com/pm.php?u=52081 PM] titled [i [b [#0eaccd dark]].

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[Kodchasan [Center Boethius jumped as he heard the knock on the door, his mind was filled with anxiety and nervousness as he threw the last bit of his dirty clothes into his hamper. He raced over to the door, smelling like picked cherries as he opened the door to see Ezechiel. He let out a breath as there was a second of silence between the two.

[#FF4500 "You are Ezechiel right? I'm Boethius like we said earlier." ] Boe said, extending out his hand for a handshake. He was at least trying to be very formal at this point so that Ezechiel did move in with him.
[center Ezechiel had luckily taken his time, content with his scenic escape until it came time for him to disembark at his stop. There were very few bodies traveling the rails tonight, so he was happy to find that making his way back out to the roadway wasn’t too much impeded.

As he made the trek to the proper address, he took note of the nearby cafes and the cute little patisserie. There was an authentic Chinese kitchen as well as a Russian pub. Definitely an interesting strip. Nail salon, pet grooming, antique shoppe, all quite randomly placed, but I somehow worked.

Soon he had arrived at the building and was politely let in by a chap responsible for the door. The front desk directed him over to the lift, and upon stepping in, he was pleased to say he had made reasonable time arriving. Hopefully, Boethius was ready for him.

Ezechiel stepped out, his pace unhurried as he approached the door, and without further delay, he firmly laid knuckles just below the number. That would suck if the man had somehow fallen asleep, or worse, someone else poked their head out to scold him for the noise.

  e z e c h i e l / Zuckerbiene / 335d 10h 38m 15s
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[Kodchasan [Center Boethius jumped up in his chair as he felt his phone go off in his pocket and he slipped the smartphone out. He looked down at the text and replied with an "okay." and a smiley face. He then looked up from his phone and his jaw dropped at how much he let his apartment go.

There were dirty cups, shirts, hoodies and everything you could think of scattered around. He had grown used to having the mess but he thought that it would be bad if he seemed messy to his new roommate.

He began to clean up with speed, racing to beat Ezechiel before he got there at the apartment.
  [ᴛʀᴜᴇ ғʀɪᴇɴᴅs] / Catharsis- / 340d 16h 42m 47s
[center [font "Century Gothic" "Sounds like a plan. I guess I'll be seeing you later, then." He chimed amicably, uttering a pleasant goodbye before ending the call. Now to wait... By the time he got this food into his body he was going to be a hundred years old.

With this in mind, he impatiently awaited his dinner. It was a struggle to find something to keep busy with in the meantime, but he settled for cleaning. Well- light cleaning. He wasn't trying to perish here.

Soon enough, he had dinner out on the breakfast bar for himself and ate standing up. Truthfully, he was too anxious to sit and eat properly. He was planning to try to get over to the apartment by a decent hour to have a look, and truthfully, the prospect made him a little nervous.

Meeting new souls seemed to only ever go two ways with him. Either they hit it off right away, or there was no chemistry what-so-ever. He was really hoping it would be somewhere closer to the former with this Boethius chap. Especially if he was planning to live with him.

Once his plate had been clear, every last crumb polished off, Ezechiel rinsed it, stuck it in the dishwasher, and went to fetch a jacket. His feet went into a pair of Armani boots, and the moment his fingers snagged his keys, he was out the door.

A quick text was sent to Boethius to let him know he'd be on his way, and to give the man a bit of time, he opted to take the metro. He did always love riding around the city at night, honestly.]
  e z e c h i e l / Zuckerbiene / 341d 18h 48m 27s
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[Kodchasan [Center The boy hesitated for a moment before finally giving in as he opened the microwave to get his food. He too had never had a roommate before and he was hoping that this person was really nice and kind. [#DC143C "Y-Yeah!" ] He finally said as he scrambled to get the address of his apartment since he didn't know it off the top of his head.

[#DC143C "1137 Haven Street, eighth floor, door 16." ] He finally said as he looked down at his address scribbled in the newspaper a few feet away from him. He said as he placed the plate of leftovers on the table and went to grab a fork, turning around with dance-like movements. He sat down and put his fork on the plate, waiting until he was off the phone to eat.

[#DC143C "Okay! I'm fine with that, I might be here all night just in case you do want to come." ] He finally said, placing his elbows on the table as he stared down at his food, slightly drooling at the smell of it.
  [ᴛʀᴜᴇ ғʀɪᴇɴᴅs] / Catharsis- / 341d 22h 34m 22s
[font "Century Gothic" [center "No, actually - it wasn't in the add. Mind giving it to me now?" He queried, fetching a small paper pad and pen. "Boethius... got it." And he also waited for the address as well, ready to pen it down in his elegant script whenever Boethius was ready.

"What time is good for you?" He followed up with, checking his roast as he waited for the man to relay him the information.

Over the phone, he sounded nice enough, but he guessed he would see when it came down to spending actual time with him. It was rare he spent time with anyone these days with as busy as his schedule got, but today was one of the few days he'd been let off the hook earlier.

"I should mention that I have a roast in the oven and will be sitting down to dinner soon, so any time that doesn't fall within the next two hours or even another day, perhaps, would work just as well."

After all, he didn't want the man to feel as though he had to wait up for him. It was only polite to at the very least take into consideration that he might've had a sleeping curfew.]]
  e z e c h i e l / Zuckerbiene / 342d 22h 2m 33s
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[Kodchasan [Center [#DC143C "Yeah, we can meet. Do you have my address? I'll stay here for a while for you." ]

The boy said into the phone as he pulled out leftover dishes from when he had ate out with someone. He pilled the food onto the counter, starting to open each of them and putting them on a paper plate.

He eventually looked back into the open living room as the TV began to play music, starting off with a slow paced song and he turned around and looked into the room next to his. It was kinda large, almost as big as the master bedroom. It had a balcony and it's own closet but there was only one shared bathroom.

He turned back towards his food as Ezechial introduced himself and he sighed. [#DC143C "My name is Boethius. Most people call me Boe." ] He finally said, smiling as he opened the microwave and plopped the food inside, setting it on three minutes.
  [ᴛʀᴜᴇ ғʀɪᴇɴᴅs] / Catharsis- / 343d 22h 34m 45s
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[center [font "Quicksand" [center Which was interesting, considering Ezechial happened to be the opposite. It just didn't sit well with his body not to have something that was freshly prepared. Contemplating for a moment more, the brunet at last said. "Mind if we meet? I'd like to have a look at it before moving forward, if that's all right."

After all, he had possessions to consider. Once he had the chance to look at the room and the flat overall, then he would decide whether or not a) his things would fit, and b) he actually wanted to live there.

Plus, a meet and greet would give him the opportunity to get a better impression of the male at the other end of the line.

"I'm Ezechial, by the way. You are--?"

Silly, he should have done that the other way around. Greet, then make his demands.

Whatever the case, he was curious to see whether or not the man would agree to meet with him. It only made sense, logically, but some were not keen on revealing themselves to strangers right away.]
  e z e c h i e l / Zuckerbiene / 343d 23h 6m 1s
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[Kodchasan [center [#DC143C "Actually, the room is still free. Do you want it?" ]

The young man's distorted voice came from the phone once again. The boy leaned against the fence of the balcony, the wind ruffling his hair. He looked down at the street below him, finding the sight somewhat calming to him. He went back inside just to go into the fridge to get some left overs.

He wasn't much for making food from scratch.
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[center [font "Quicksand" Emo, no, but French Chic, yes. By nature, Ezechiel was drawn to a very streamlined aesthetic, with the occasional exception of his hair, which was cropped and tastefully layered. Made for a nice variety of hairstyles depending on the outfit of the day, that was for certain.

"Good evening... I was actually calling about your advertisement in the paper here; I wonder - is the room still up for grabs, or has it been claimed already?"

Better to ask and be disappointed than to not bother at all. That would have just screamed of laziness, but in the event that it was no longer available, he would simple have to find a new place to move into.

So long as he could leave his current abode, he'd be happy to go through the typically grueling process of flat hunting. Still, there was a speck of hope here that he wouldn't have to go to the trouble, but who knew.

Waiting patiently for some response, Zech gathered all the makings of a salad and laid them out on the counter, wooden cutting board fetched for veggie prep.
  e z e c h i e l / Zuckerbiene / 344d 23h 52m 25s
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Kodchasan]
[Kodchasan [Center [#DC143C "Hello?" ]

The young man's voice came from Ezechiel's phone, the voice being very smooth but kinda distorted. On the other end of the phone was a tall adult male that seemed to be struggling with getting out of his emo phase. His voice was smooth but full of confidence, it was kinda surprising.

Boethius was standing on the porch of his apartment building, staring out at the moon and starless sky. He was unlike Ezechiel really, he lived his life at nighttime and he loved it, swear to god. He was a local singer, wanting to get famous and he'd sing at the local bars to finally get someone to notice him.

He had pale skin along with red floofy hair and amber eyes that seemed to be filled with pride. He was the loud and proud type of person, always begging for attention and being in the spotlight. He didn't know what was up with it but he did indeed love it. He was sure he was going to give away his extra room in his apartment.
[center What a ridiculous day. At every turn there had been some problem or another, but by the end of it, at last, all had been sorted out. Working with interns sometimes was true hell, but at the very least, no one had ended up burning themselves or spilling toxins all over the floor of the lab. A notable improvement over the previous months all-too-frequent mishaps.

The most terrifying explanation he had ever gotten as far as 'what happened?' was 'I don't know', but vigilance appeared to be at the very least one lesson learned here.

Ezechiel melted into a soft leather wing chair, fingers moving automatically to loosen the tie at his neck. His machine had been playing voicemails for the past ten minutes, and he wanted no more than to slide into bed. But dinner was in order, and a shower, too.

He was fairly strict about taking care of himself, and laziness only led to more bad habits. So, here he was, hauling his tired ass off chestnut coloured heaven to cross into his kitchen.

The small roast he'd set to marinate was tender to touch, aromatic as he placed it over a bed of prearranged vegetables and poured the remaining marinade in.

Good. Now he had a solid hour to get his shit together.

After a shower that must've lasted a century, he'd set up shop at the breakfast bar in a set of comfortable house clothes, hair still shedding water onto the towel resting about his nape.

His fingers danced over the screen of his phone, tapping the speaker option last as he awaited an answer. Typically, his search for a new place didn't tend to involve any periodicals, but something about this ad had caught his eye. Gave him a good feeling somehow.

Okay, maybe that was bullshit and he was being illogical to think that a newspaper could be sending him any divine messages, but regardless, he'd been seeking to get out of this place and finally have his change of scenery for months.

A roommate also didn't seem too bad an experience. Granted, he'd not dealt with anyone in his living space since Uni, but living with someone by choice and not so much out of convenience seemed like an exciting prospect.

Hopefully, whomever it was that picked up had yet to give away the second room.
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