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Momo's face went pale when the green haired man brought up the question of who the father was. Despite her silence it didn't take long for Nami to figure it out. "Y- Yes." She was silent for only a moment before she began to explain. When I was nineteen. The captain requested I come see him in his quarters immediately. It was that day when he... He forced himself on me... A few months later I found out I was pregnant with Nivie. I told him and every single day, until the day I gave birth, he would beat me. He'd push me down the stairs on the ship, throw me against the mast. Punch me as hard as he could in my belly. He did everything he could possibly could to try to kill her. When I gave birth to her I managed to convince him to let her stay on the ship. That I was the only one who would take care of her. I thought maybe... Just maybe he had a sliver of a heart and was letting her stay... But he just wanted her to be a harlot for his men..." She looked down at her food.
  Momoko / PotatoPirate / 2y 29d 1m 2s
"That doesn't explain the kid," Zoro pointed out, "She is obviously yours but who fathered her?" The question got him hit in the back of the head by Nami followed by her telling him not to be rude. "We can't help unless we have all the details Nami."

"She's his," Nami asked, "Isn't she?"
  Luffy / Juleka / 2y 29d 15m 19s
Momo blinked in surprised when the black haired man spoke. When they all spoke taking her side her eyes began to water and a smile had finally crossed her lips. "T-Thank you... It'll be the first time in ten years that I'll be safe... And first time in her life that Nivie will be."

When the red haired woman asked if she knew where they were heading she nodded. "They mentioned stopping at Ardouin briefly then mentioned heading further north to Doegma.

She turned her attention back to the black haired man. "His name is Blake... he's the captain of the Sea Serpents." She left out the part where he forced himself on her and that's how Nivie was conceived since it only brought back horrible memories for her.
  Momoko / PotatoPirate / 2y 29d 20m 46s
"Who are they," Luffy asked, now irritated after hearing her story and seeing her cry. "I don't care who they are, I'll kick their ass."

"Luffy," Nami blinked in surprise.

"It doesn't matter what your going through, selling your child for money is no excuse."

"Not to mention it's highly disturbing for grown men to talk about a child like that," Robin added. "You'll be safe here and well taken care of."

"Do you know where they were headed next," Nami asked as she rested her elbows on the table. "If we know which island they are headed to we can avoid them. It's best not to get into a fight until we know who we are dealing with. "
  Luffy / Juleka / 2y 29d 38m 11s
When the question was finally asked she went still for a moment before a small sigh passed through her lips. "For freedom. I was sold by my parents to a pirate crew when I was young. I was their slave, did all of the cleaning and less desirable things that other crew-members didn't want to do. I have never had a good memory on that ship... Until after Nivie was born. As much as I hated it there her smile kept me going. A few days ago when I was heading back to our room... I heard some men talking. The captain was with them. He said the only reason why he hadn't killed Nivie was because once she got older if she matured like me... he was going to have her... have her be the ships Harlot." She felt tears coming to her eyes. "And like hell I'd let them even come near her! So that night I took one of the dingys and what food I could gather without waking anyone and I took Nivie and we left that god forsaken ship. They can abuse me all they want. But I'd never let them do that to my daughter. What kind of mother would I be..." She went quiet again then silently took another bite of her soup. "S-Sorry."
  Momoko / PotatoPirate / 2y 29d 2h 7m 45s
"There will be plenty," Sanji replied as he and the others say down at the table, save for Chopper who returned to the child. "What were you doing out on the open seas like that?" As much as his instinct told him to flirt he was more concerned about her wondering and why they were in the state they were when they found them.
  Luffy / Juleka / 2y 29d 2h 17m 51s
"Y-Yes I'm her mother. My name is Momoko and that's Nivie." Momo gently shook his hoof before he began leading her towards the kitchen "A-Are you sure we should leave her alone in her state?"

Chopper nodded. "Once I bring you to the kitchen I'll be going back to check on her. No need to worry. She needs rest at this point."

Momo was hesitant but she nodded. "O-Okay."

Chopper opened the door to the kitchen and led Momo inside. "Sanji do we have something warm for our guest?"

Sanji smiled dashingly as he approached the woman. "Of course, it's already prepared, right this way milady."

Momo was hesitant but Chopper nodded and she nodded in response and took a seat at the table when she saw the soup in front of her the smell alone was making her mouth water. "Wow this smells delicious."

Nami chuckled softly. "Just wait until you taste it. Sanji is the best cook in the whole sea."

Momo listened to Nami give such high praise then nodded before taking a sip of the soup. Her eyes lit up as she savored the flavor. "W-Wow! I-I've never had anything that tastes so rich with flavors. Sanji, was it? Is-Is there any left for my daughter when she wakes up?"
  Momoko / PotatoPirate / 2y 29d 2h 44m 25s
"Are you her mother," Chopper asked as he saw the tears followed by her words. "Let's get your something to eat while she rests. It will give you a chance to introduce yourself to the crew and explain your situation." He opened the door and smiled, "My name is Chopper, nice to meet you." He took her have in his hoof and began leading her towards the kitchen.
  Luffy / Juleka / 2y 29d 2h 51m 35s
Momo sat silently on the chair in the corner of the room whiles the Raccoon dog-ter was working on Nivie. When he finally turned and spoke to her her blank expression turned into a thankful one. She stood up and walked over to the doctor and smiled. "Thank you... so much. You have no idea how much of a relief that is... she's going to be okay." Her vision blurred for a second before she realized that she was crying. She tried to wipe away her tears quickly before the doctor could see them but her mouth started moving on its own. "I was... I was so scared I was going to lose her... I didn't have any medicine on board for fevers so I tried my best to keep her warm so it would prevent her from catching a cold but I didn't help. I'm so glad... I'm so glad you found us when you did." She was kneeling beside the bed that Nivie was on and she gently held her hand. "Nivie means the world to me."
  Momoko / PotatoPirate / 2y 29d 2h 56m 35s
Chopper made sure that the girl was covered and had a cool cloth on her forehead to bring the fever down. He'd even gone ahead and administered some medication to help as well, then he say at his desk. "She'll need to stay here for a while until her fever breaks," he told the green haired woman, "But she is in the best possible care."

Before he began writing in the new file he had pulled for the child he turned and looked at the woman. "You're lucky we found you when we did, she wouldn't survive otherwise."
  Luffy / Juleka / 2y 29d 4h 4m 35s
When Momo saw something come towards her she was a bit shocked when she realized it was a stretchy arm. "What on earth?" She held on tight to Nivie and the arm and when they reached the ship she let out a sigh of relief. But as she held her daughter she looked at the crew before her. "Please, my daughter is sick. Can you help her?" When a small raccoon dog walked up she was surprised yet again but he nodded.

"I'm the doctor on this crew. I can help her but we need to act fast."

Momo nodded then felt a hand on her shoulder. "R-Right."

She was hesitant but then followed Chopper down to the infirmary where he was checking on Nivie.


Nami looked in the direction of the infirmary then sighed softly. "If anyone can save that little girl it's Chopper, we just have have to have faith in him. Sanji, can you make something warm for them? Who knows the last time they had a proper meal."

Sanji nodded. "Already on it Nami."

Nami nodded with a small smile.
  Momoko / PotatoPirate / 2y 29d 7h 45m 0s
"Luffy," Nami called when after heard the call for help, "You're up!"

"Right." Luffy shot his arms out and wrapped them around the woman and girl, pulling them in.

Once they were on the ship, Zoro and Sanji dove in the water to attach ropes to the boat and Franky pulled it in. "Alright everyone, let's get inside," Nami shouted before helping Chopper get the two strangers down to the infirmary. [I The child looks sick,] she frowned and watched as Chopper looked them over. Once he was done she placed her have in the woman's shoulder, "Let's get you something warm to eat. Chopper will take good care of her."


"So who do you think they are," Usopp aged as he sat at the table. "No one would be crazy enough to be out here in just a dingy."

"Who knows," Zoro crossed his arms, "But that kid doesn't look like she'll make it."

"Nonsense," Robin shushed him, "Chopper will make sure she is okay."

"From the looks of their best, they were running," Franky said as he entered and say down. "There were enough supplies to last then another day or two."
  Luffy / Juleka / 2y 29d 10h 10m 13s
Momo was holding Nivie on her lap trying to keep her warm. The nights had been colder than she expected and it didn't help that the skies were dark with clouds. [i If this means there's going to be a storm... I don't know if we'll make it...]

She saw a large ship in the distance and when she noticed it was getting closer she started to panic. [i Crap! I don't think they see us!]

Nivie coughed as she snuggled closer to her mother and that's when Momo noticed how red her cheeks were. She placed her hand on her daughters forehead and her eyes widened. [i She has a high fever. I have to get help... Well... they're the closest help I can get...] She gently picked up her daughter and held her tight while waving at the ship. "Help us! Please!" She called out as the ship got closer.
  PotatoPirate / 2y 29d 10h 21m 6s
On an island, somewhere in the grand line, the Straw Hats were stocking up on supplies before as the next island was several weeks out. Once we everyone was back on the ship and Nami and Sanji were done taking inventory, they set sail. It wasn't long before they were well on their way and night had fallen.

Nami had left the kitchen shortly after dinner and quickly took now if the change in the atmosphere. "There is a storm coming in," she mutered as she turned to go back inside. However something caught her eye some ways from the ship, [i What is that?]

"Huh," Usopp noticed Nami stop right inside the door, "What's up Nami?"

"There is something out on the water but I can't make it out."

At that Usopp got up and went to look, "Looks like a dingy with a woman and child on it." He noticed Nami look back at the sky then mutter something about a storm, "They'll die if a storm is coming, won't they?"

"Yeah." Nami turned her attention to the crew, "Guys, we need to get them on this ship fast."

"On it," everyone said at once as they filed out of the kitchen to rescue the [i suspected] castaways.
  Luffy / Juleka / 2y 29d 10h 40m 1s
She couldn't remember the last time she felt safe. Maybe back when she was still a child the days before money got tight and her parents sold her to pirates to make a quick buck. Told them to use her as they wished since she belonged to them now. She still had nightmares where she screamed out to her parents to come back for her but the last memory she had of her parents were of them smiling as they counted the payment that they had just received for their only child.

She lived on that ship with those filthy pirates since she was thirteen. They would leer at her as she washed the deck and did all the chores that no one else wanted to do. As she grew older she also matured she grew into a curvy woman with a perfect hourglass shape. And the Captain of the crew decided he had needs that needed to be fulfilled. When she was eighteen the Captain requested her presence in his quarters and he forced himself onto the woman. She tried to resist but he didn't give her a chance to escape. She was just an object to him. Nothing else.

Within a few months she found out from that night that she had gotten pregnant. The Captain beat her every chance he could to try and kill the child inside of her but it didn't work because nine months later a beautiful baby girl was born with dark blue hair and big brown eyes.

She managed to convince the Captain to let her keep the baby. She would take care of her and he wouldn't even know the baby was there. She raised the child on her own and taught her to read and write with what they had available. And the small girl learned quickly to only speak to her mother and no one else unless she was spoken to. Five years had passed and this is where the story begins.


Momo sighed softly as she wiped the sweat from her brow after she got done scrubbing the ship down for the third time that day. It was rather dark out so most of the crew was asleep. As she headed down to her own room she heard voices behind one of the doors and the only reason that she stopped was because she heard someone mention Nivie.

"I'm surprised you haven't thrown that little brat to the fishes yet boss." One man spat.

"Yeah, I mean it's just another mouth to feed. Waste of room and supplies." Another man retorted.

Then the final man laughed. "I have my reasons for keeping her. And since you lads are so eager to see why I'm keeping her, I guess I'll tell you. If she's anything like her mother... when she gets a bit older I'm planning on having her be the ships harlot so you lads don't have to keep spending your beli on the ones in the villages."

The two men laughed and grinned perversely. "I knew there was a reason we followed you Cap'!"

Momo's face went pale. [i Like hell I'll let you use my daughter!]

She headed to the kitchen quietly and took some bread, fruit and cheese along with a canister of water. She rushed back to the room she shared with her daughter. When she opened the door she saw her daughter reading.

Nivie looked up when the door opened and she smiled. "Welcome home Mama!"

Momo smiled softly before walking over to her. "Sweetheart, I need you to pack up all of your stuff okay. Put it in this bag."

Nivie tilted her head. "How come, Mama?"

Momo smiled and pressed her forehead against Nivie's. "Because we're going to find a new home. But we have to be quiet so we don't wake anyone, okay?"

Nivie smiled and nodded. "Okay!"

After a couple hours Momo walked around the deck to make sure that everyone was asleep. Then when the coast was clear she went back and grabbed the bags and Nivie and headed for one of the life boats. She lowered it into the water and started rowing. Anywhere would be better than that ship.
  Momoko / PotatoPirate / 2y 29d 23h 56m 16s

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